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#hope mikaelson
terraknives43 minutes ago
Hope : Why are you so tall?
Lizzie : *jokingly* Would you prefer me on my knees?
Hope :
Lizzie :
Hope : Yes.
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alyssaslahey3 hours ago
So we get Methan/Finsie/Cleope, Dorian screentime, Hope being a badass once again, Finch being a werewolf, the Banshee plot line, Lizzie playing matchmaker with Jo, finding out Cleo is a Muse, and Jed being the hero again this episode?
This episode was a major success for me. Rating: 9/10 taking a point off because Kaleb wasn't there
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absailer3 hours ago
didnt watch the episode yet but sth popped up on tumblr and is landon really dead again?XDD
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dreamerdiving4 hours ago
as a josie stan: Two Weeks Without This Episode Is Too Much.
also as a josie stan: if my precious child gets hurt i will rain HELLFIRE down upon the writers. also i鈥檓 literally so excited for this episode i love it when it鈥檚 a josie-centric episode
bonus points if we get:
saltzman twin bonding
hosie angst
finsie angst
at least One reference to kai
landon/josie brotp
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dreamerdiving4 hours ago
sick of these dumb twins lying to each other cause they think they know best for each other BABES we鈥檝e been over this it was only a season ago where y鈥檃ll agreed not to do this??? does no one remember 2x06??? god i love them
the weird dude monster thing is definitely clarke he鈥檚 back and i鈥檓 sick of him
ethan... is just so lonely. give him a boyfriend. give him mg. although the mizzie angst this episode was excellent!
yknow i just i love cleo so much, like her being a muse isn鈥檛 something i expected but it鈥檚 definitely something i needed.
hope聽didn鈥檛 die like i expected her to and i am infinitely glad cause seeing my comfort character die would send me into ruins but i wanted tribrid hope :(
landon鈥檚 been on a good streak for these past few episodes. he won鈥檛 get any hate from me today. the weird monster definitely has something to do with it though
thoughts: will they drag out the josie/finch secret thing for a couple episodes before josie inevitably finds out, or will we see finch transferring next episode? also thoughts: after the next episode, where we will get dark jo for one (1) day only, finch and josie make up and start going out after finch reveals her secrets. HOWEVER after the next full moon, josie sees how much finch doesn鈥檛 fit in at mystic falls high and they have a teary conversation, as legacies does, wherein finch transfers to salvatore. then they will inevitably break up, and finch will leave, as legacies does. keep at least ONE of josie鈥檚 female love interests on the show pls. just one.
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jadedxwritings4 hours ago
Title: Heartbreak Fandom: Legacies Characters: Hope Mikaelson, Josie Saltzman, Penelope Park Pairings: Hope/Josie, Josie/Penelope Rating: General Word Count: 250 words Summary: Hope plans to tell Josie she has feelings for her. Notes: Written for femslash100100 (zeroes table, prompt 002 鈥渉eartbreak鈥). Takes place at some point before season one of Legacies.
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dreamerdiving4 hours ago
wait she changed back shouldn't she be naked by all accounts?
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dreamerdiving4 hours ago
ad break so here's what i thinks gonna happen:
def don't know the specifics but hope's gonna sacrifice herself since this is the mid season finale and danielle mentioned the entire show changing around episode 12 so definitely a possible
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dreamerdiving5 hours ago
y'all hope just got a good SANE friend and for the sake of a toxic relationship she might force cleo to leave??? not liking this
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whitefluffyyeti5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Legacies聽鈥淎ll鈥檚 well that ends well鈥
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dreamerdiving5 hours ago
CLEOPE PICNIC DATE!! they're so babey <3
cleo is a SIMP
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humaninprogress835 hours ago
I鈥檓 sorry; I love you Lizzie Saltzman, but what on earth you on?
You sister doesn鈥檛 have game?
Your sister that made the tribid have a crush on her?
Your sister that made Penelope blindly fall in love with her, in a way it was even to much?
Your sister that *gags* made Landon start dating him?
Your sister that made a vampire why older that her be interested in her?
But to be honest, none of that makes sense for the simple fact that Josie was able to date with the most ominous, self confident, head of the witches from the school Penelope Park; for a year, and then Break up with her; being able to make said Penelope to still have feelings for her and continue to be in love with her for another year.
Ma鈥檃m your sister is a pro. A little doubt about herself because of all the dark side of her thing, but she can pull off a date.
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hibiscxs5 hours ago
ric: we have to get the banshee out of jed before he turns
me: ah, it's a full moon. raises the stakes!
finch: i can't tonight
me: werewolf! werewolf!
finch: tomorrow night's not good either
me: oh, uh, not a werewolf?
landon: you don't need a locator spell. you're a werewolf
me: wolf Hope! wolf Hope!
finch: *turns into a werewolf*
MG: *gets ready to get stabby with a wolf*
me, knowing there are TWO werewolves out in town right now: MG gonna kill Hope?
wolf!Finch: *is visibly a different color than wolf Hope*
me: thank FUCK
wolf!Hope: *actually appears in the episode and pounces on someone*
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awesometothe3rd5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淲hy do you think it ran away?鈥
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