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omgilovecuteanimals · 27 seconds ago
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Just adopted this old lady and I'm in love ;~; Sushi, 9 years old via /r/cats
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justcutepics-daily · 5 minutes ago
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spooky-spyce · 12 minutes ago
idk how to have quiet sex im always moaning and groaning
i be screaming like im possessed by the dick
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khyrrn · 17 minutes ago
There’s this really cool animatic person-dude-girl-maker-thing and I love their art!!! Shoutout to Matt Douangmala!! I know this was posted three-ish years ago, but it’s rare to find such underrated MCU artists with how little there is in the fandom animatic-wise!! Even if you don’t ship winterhawk, I still think it would be nice to give it a look and show your support (⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)
Leave a like and share with your friends so that this person gets the attention they deserve!!
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ashiaanddavysprocket · 17 minutes ago
This is me and Zardy drawn by @kiwi56 so enjoy of the picture
Tumblr media
Zardy belongs to SwankyBoxYT
Ashia/Mystery Girl belongs to me
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drarrily-we-row-along · 18 minutes ago
Day 9: Nose Kisses
"Teddy!" Harry called as he opened the door to Andromeda's, long past the formality of knocking before entering. "It's your favorite uncle!" he called.
"Unca Draco!" shrieked the little voice as the toddler came running to the door, giggles pealing out of his mouth.
Harry shook his head at the little boy whose hair had turned itself black before he'd even entered the room, giving away his fun. "Uncle Draco?" Harry asked with mock outrage. "Uncle Draco?!" He scooped up the giggling boy, tickling him until he burst into shrieking, hysterical giggles.
After a moment he set the boy back on his feet and said, "Well, I guess if Uncle Draco's your favorite, I'll save this," he said, dangling a little sweet he'd picked up on the way, "for my own favorite nephew."
His eyes went wide and he smiled at Harry, that big, innocent smile that made Harry breathless and somehow sad all at once. "Just joking," he informed Harry. "You're both my favorite."
Harry pretended to consider that for a moment, then caved. "Alright," he said, "I guess you're my favorite, too," he added with a wink, handing over the treat. "Go ask nana if it's okay for you to have it now."
"Nana," he bellowed, racing away once more.
Harry shook his head.
"He always eventually caves and says I'm his favorite when I bring him a treat," a voice informed him. Not just a voice, Harry supposed, that voice. The voice that found its way into dreams, that he found interrupting his thoughts during the day.
(More below the cut)
Harry stood up quickly, suddenly feeling a bit embarrassed that they'd had an audience. "Yes, well," he replied, mouth a bit dry suddenly as he took in Draco's appearance; tight jeans and a loose (yet somehow flattering) tshirt that left part of his collarbones exposed. He was barefoot, shoes and socks abandoned completely, his ankles peaking out just below the cuff of his jeans. There was something about Draco barefoot that made Harry ache with longing.
"Admitting defeat so easily?" Draco asked, smirking.
"You know," Harry said, forcing his brain and his mouth to start working once more, "You could be nicer to me, at least today."
"And why would that be?" the other man teased, his smile warm in a way Harry never would have imagined it could be when they were younger.
"It is my birthday," Harry replied.
Draco took another step toward him, "Is it really? I had no idea. Is that why you bought Teddy a present?"
He rolled his eyes, "Well I wasn't going to buy myself a present." he replied.
"Why not?" he asked. "I always buy myself a birthday present. Birthday presents are important."
"What did you get me then? If birthday presents are so important?" he teased, refusing to think about all of the times he'd tried to tell himself just the opposite as a child and teenager.
Draco just grinned at him, "I guess you'll have to wait and see."
Andromeda called them a few moments later, telling them to come to dinner. Dinner was light and fun, full of good natured teasing and a bit of bickering. Andromeda made his favorites and Teddy filled all of the silent spaces, filled all of the holes and sadness that Harry still struggled with sometimes.
There was cake and then presents; Teddy gave him a lovely (messy) painting of the two of them holding hands and Harry knew he was going to frame it to bring to work to hang on his wall. Andromeda gave him a new pair of gloves to wear when he went out flying. Then last came a package that Draco handed over a bit shyly.
Harry smiled in spite of himself, "You didn't have to-"
"I wanted to," Draco assured him before he could finish that thought.
He peeled back the brown paper to find a candle within the wrappings. Harry opened the lid and sniffed; it smelled like fresh air and sunshine, like the handle of a broom stick, like the pages of magic books, and just a little like strawberries. A memory of taking Teddy out flying one afternoon with Draco sprang to mind.
"I made it myself," Draco said before Harry could get the full memory to play out so he could figure out why it made him think of Draco.
"It's such an interesting smell," Harry said, smiling faintly as he held it up to sniff it again. "What is it?"
Draco shrugged one irritatingly elegant shoulder, "You tell me."
"I hate tests," he said before sniffing and saying, "It smells like summer. Like open windows and sunshine. It smells like the handle of a freshly polished broom. A bit like books," he added. "Maybe a little bit like freshly picked strawberries?"
The other man's brow furrowed, "Interesting," he said.
"What was it supposed to smell like?"
Draco said nothing, but pulled a notebook out of his pocket to jot down Harry's answers.
"Alright, young man," Andromeda said and Harry jumped to attention before realizing she was talking to Teddy. "It's past your bed time."
Teddy groaned, "Just a little longer?"
"Not one moment more," she replied steadily.
"Can Unca Harry and Unca Draco come up?" he asked.
"Yes," she replied, pressing a kiss to his hair.
Harry followed after Teddy and Draco followed after him. They'd done this before, many times at this point, in fact. They had the routine down; Draco got out his pajamas while Harry helped him brush his teeth, then Harry picked out a book while Draco helped him change into pajamas, Harry read a book while Draco dimmed the lights, then Draco sang him a song.
It went perfectly smoothly, as though they'd been doing this for years. And in fairness, they had been, Harry supposed. When they finished with everything Teddy held out his arms to Draco, "Huggie and nose kissies."
Draco obliged him, "Good night, Teddy."
"Nigh-Night," he replied, before reaching for Harry.
Harry bent over him and gave him a hug and brushed his nose back and forth across Teddy's a few times. "Good night, sweetpea, Uncle Harry loves you," he whispered.
"Love you," Teddy replied. "Happy Birthday."
"Thank you," Harry replied, feeling a little misty eyed as he pulled back. "I'll see you tomorrow, okay? We'll go have lunch at the park."
"Unca Draco, too?" he asked.
"Yeah, Uncle Draco, too, if he's free."
"Oh, I suppose I could squeeze you two in," he replied, giving Harry's arm a gentle tug toward the door.
"Sleep tight, bug," Harry called, casting a few floating baubles of dim light over Teddy's bed before following Draco out of the room.
They headed downstairs and Harry said, "Well, sorry I can't stay to chat. I'm supposed to meet Ron and Hermione for a celebratory pint. Ginny's over at theirs, hanging out in case Rose wakes up."
"Yes," Draco said, "And I've still got some work to finish up at home."
"Oh," Harry said, frowning at him, "I was going to see if you wanted to join us."
He shook his head, "Weasley doesn't really-"
"But it's my birthday," Harry interrupted.
"It is," Andromeda agreed, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "Draco you should go out. You're too entrenched in your work." She kissed his cheek too, "You boys get out and enjoy yourselves."
"I'll walk you out," Draco offered and Harry really wished he'd change his mind.
When they got outside onto the top step, Draco hummed, "Well, Happy Birthday, Harry."
"Thanks," he said, "Are you sure you can't-"
"Did the candle remind you of anyone?" Draco asked suddenly, interrupting Harry's thoughts.
Harry frowned, "Only you," he said. He looked up, catching Draco's gaze, he repeated, "I only thought of you."
Draco stepped forward suddenly, crowding into Harry's personal space to place a hasty kiss on Harry's lips. He backpedaled quickly and started do the stairs.
Harry only barely caught him before he got away down the steps.
"Where are you-? What do you-?" Harry managed, unable to form a coherent thought, before he pulled Draco back into him and returned the kiss. "Don't run," Harry whispered before pressing his lips to Draco's again.
"Harry," the other man murmured, melting against him and wrapping his arms around Harry's shoulders.
They kissed for a long moment and Harry was flying, lighter and freer than he could remember being in years. He pressed Draco back against the wall and stroked his hands slowly up and down his sides. At this point, Harry never wanted the kiss to end.
But the couldn't kiss forever and Draco pulled back eventually and said, "You should know I cheated."
"Sorry?" Harry asked, still far more focused on the way Draco's lips had felt on his and on the way Draco's lips turned cherry red when they'd been kissed.
"The candle," he elabroated. "There's a little bit of amortentia in it, so it-"
"Smells like the person I love," Harry finished.
Draco flushed but nodded.
Harry thought about this for a moment, wondering if he should be mad but unable to feel anything except giddy that the other man had kissed him. "If you didn't love me too, I'd be pissed."
The other man leaned in close and brushed his nose over Harry's, "I had to be sure," he whispered.
"I'm sure," Harry assured, pulling Draco in to kiss him once more.
He was late to meet Ron and Hermione at the pub, but the hand he clasped tightly in his was more than worth the teasing he got for being late.
Day 8: Chickens | Day 10:
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thehumorbot · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This kitten followed me home like 8 blocks and then after that, she broke into my house back in July of 2019. I wasn't even mad I decided to keep her and I named her Shadow because she always sneaks up on people. She's such an awesome friend to me. 😆 via /r/aww
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cutelaw · 20 minutes ago
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alltheadorables · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This kitten followed me home like 8 blocks and then after that, she broke into my house back in July of 2019. I wasn't even mad I decided to keep her and I named her Shadow because she always sneaks up on people. She's such an awesome friend to me. 😆 Follow for more cute posts!
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britneyspearsuniverse · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
At Shu-Sushi House in Los Angeles - March 2007
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kittygallore · 27 minutes ago
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She has been sorted. Gryffindor!
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