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heatherswritings · 8 hours ago
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Loving my time spiral shirt from The Dark Crystal. Unboxing video out later this week on my YouTube
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vintagehomecollection · 11 hours ago
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The spectacular view in this elegant study is highlighted through the use of heavy, generous drapes chose, for further emphasis, to match the fabric on the chairs.
The Complete Book of Home Decorating, 1999
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homepaketo · 18 hours ago
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Library PWF-0431 pakoworld in white-natural color 120x19,5x109cm #Indoorfurniture #Bookshelves
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booksandfantasies · a day ago
When you realize that in order to fit more books on your bookshelves you have to organize them in a way that isn't aesthetically pleasing.
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qqueenofhades · a day ago
Starting to pack for the move (3rd time in 21 months and not even the last time this year ahahaha lord) and I... think I have too many books. Or at least, let me rephrase it, just the right amount of books pending more entirely correct additions and not enough bookshelves.
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listentothestories · a day ago
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taylor-reads-books · a day ago
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Happy #shelfiesunday y’all! I’m just hanging out with Chairman getting ready for the start of my summer class tomorrow and snuggling my owlcrate pillow. The Masters dream continues! •——————————————————————————————• #shelfie #bookshelfie #bookshelves #bookshelvesofinstagram #bookshelfstyling #bookshelf #bookshelfdecor #readingnook #readingchair #booksandcats #librarygoals #homelibrary #bookishlife #bookishlove #bookish #booksbooksbooks #beautifulbooks #reader
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My copy of the anthology arrived today, and it is STUNNING! Even before I opened it, it looked so beautiful (the GLOSS!) and was clearly packed with so much care <3 I have only started reading through it, but it is just so high-quality and gorgeous -- the cover, the spine, the printed inside cover pages, the dedication... I love it even though I haven't read it yet. The art perks are also AMAZING. Thank you for all your work to put this together!!
WE ARE DELIGHTED TO HEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Thank you so much!!! We tried our best with this book and we're really glad it shows!
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