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sohannabarberaesque · an hour ago
Conversation in a Trollish dive pontoon in some Troll County "divin' hole" spring
PIXLEE TROLLSOM, somewhat spontaneously inspired: I assume you still recall, Blitz, that time we managed to find some "treasure" in the middle of Troll Island--only to have such turn out to be a million dollars--
BLITZ LUMPKIN: And to have the whole implode when the idea of having to divide the same about eight ways became too much for even the TrollChoppers to handle!
PIXLEE TROLLSOM: So much so, in fact, that they all swam away from the island in shock! [A short pause] Meanwhile, Blitz ... have you realised in the time since that sometimes, finding treasure sometimes doesn't always have to rely on the material, as with the Troll Island debacle?
BLITZ LUMPKIN: Isn't there always the companionship of you and some close friends of ours as are quite an informal circle of sorts, taking up the odd trollventure or two?
PIXLEE TROLLSOM, brightened by that remark: Now that you mention it ... how about we suit up for another dive?
BLITZ LUMPKIN: Not a bad idea, even if it's just wearing ourselves....
PIXLEE TROLLSOM: About as Troll as it can get, and rather natural besides ... and who knows, we might even meet a mertroll as well!
[Whereupon a mertroll surfaces to just above the waterline and greets Pixlee and Blitz in their own manner.]
A MERTROLL, somewhat seductively: I'd just love to go diving with you two!
[I assume you can picture the rest]
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houseoflines · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
no frame / frame 2
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houseoflines · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
no frame / frame
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sohannabarberaesque · 19 hours ago
[Mise en scene: Conversation at the Rex Beach cabin bivouac of Huckleberry Hound, where he and Peter Potamus are sitting on the porch in conversation, sipping on iced coffee all the while.]
PETER POTAMUS, with that certain degree of fascination inherent to his sort: Have I ever mentioned where many of my dives in Polynesia Uncharted have been of a pearl-diving sort?
HUCKLEBERRY HOUND, somewhat surprised in a way: I never knew you were much into pearl diving, let alone diving just for the experience of it.
PETER POTAMUS: On quite a few occasions in my adventures across those uncharted parts of Polynesia that few like myself seem but to know, some of the dives I've had included finding pearls in clam or oyster shells on the bottom. Usually with the help of native divers in their nakedness, who can't resist the experience!
HUCKLEBERRY HOUND: Which, I swear, must have been a fascinating experience, especially when you two managed to find some rather beautiful pearls in the depths!
PETER POTAMUS: And I assume you know about those giant clams that can trap an innocent diver unaware if they try to extract pearls? I myself was able to learn a few secrets from some old Polynesian divers some years back to actually disable the lockhold just enough to extract the pearl and be on the way ... rather fascinating and yet unbelievable!
HUCKLEBERRY HOUND: And what exactly does that entail, Peter?
PETER POTAMUS: I've been asked to keep it secret. But I can assure you that me and my Polynesian diver buddies have managed to find plenty of pearls in such wonderfully coral-strewn waters, some of the better such kept by the local chirftains for the sake of tribute and me getting many of the pearls collected as gifts--which I manage to sell to jewellers on the side, and get decent prices for them in the bargain!
HUCKLEBERRY HOUND: About on average, what would your typical Polynesian-type pearls look like in size?
PETER POTAMUS: In general, they're your typical peral necklace size, that of a small pea, but we've found a couple about the size of tennis balls during these dives ... such usually kept as tribute by the local chieftains.
HUCKLEBERRY HOUND: And what sort of persons might these diver-type fellows be?
PETER POTAMUS: Many, I will admit, being quite young, in their teens and well into their 20's, although one time, an eight-year-old girl guided me to some pearl beds admidst a rather beautiful coral reef about 20 feet down ... and boy, what pearls and what mother-of-pearl shell we managed to find that afternoon! Between us, we found some 60 shells and found as many pearls in the process ... not to mention "seeding" many of these same shells so they could generate new pearls on their own over time!
HUCKLEBERRY HOUND: I sure have to admit where those Polynesians certainly look beautiful underwater in their nakedness!
PETER POTAMUS: And no doubt fascinating as well, whether the dive is for pearls or for the fun of it ... and to dive just wearing yourself can't help but feel oh so wonderful! (If, at times, a little funny between the legs, which they accept as pretty much natural!)
HUCKLEBERRY HOUND: I can certainly believe that!
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mega2wheellife · a day ago
of songs sung low
she loved she loved
Morrison of the Jim kind
& I
was more into Van the man
that Celtic melancholy
biting deep
while she felt Jim’s words
sinking his lizard king lyricism
hook right in
& we
were wasteland kids
born in dark years
of a love fleeting & gone
like our very own
two years & done
& to think of then
becomes more
of songs sung low
the clinging together
of separate souls
shipwrecked on rocks
created in another dawn
not of our choosing
neil benbow
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mega2wheellife · a day ago
what are you thinking?
she wants to know
is asking
what are you thinking?
& I get wistful in silence
there were days in places
I used to know
had a piece of land
spent long times in
where my heart is sure to go
putting in an orchard
watching spring flow
winters in my chair
hearing the trees creak sway
noise like a storm
& she asks again
I’m there in the snow
evening sun
long rains
& all she will hear
I’m not with her
neil benbow
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ringofendlesslight · a day ago
Ode to NYC, Part II
The city was screaming at him, but he did not care.
Not anymore. 
For a brief moment, he appreciated how much he had improved from his teens. He used to be sensitive to sounds, and this city did nothing to assuage his weakness. From dawn to dusk, the city never relented in its production of kinetic noise, and all he could do was adapt. Go with the flow. Take it easy. 
So he did. And he was rewarded. 
His therapist had told him, he was a fighter. And he most definitely was. He had a unique story to tell the world, and his trauma didn’t break him but created who he was today, a pillar of strength for his family and a role model for kids who wanted to be worth more than their traumas and brokenness. 
And he didn’t need God or anyone to tell him what to do. He knew what to do innately, his intuition and acquired wisdom leading him towards his future. 
He had broken his faith when he was eleven, and he never believed in God since then.
Such a shame… you good looking boy… such a shame…
Those words echoed in his head, and he almost winced. 
He put down his Boosted board and started to ride it. It was like surfing, only instead of the waves, he was coasting the streets. 
He was exploring the concrete jungle, as trite and overused as that term was. 
But NYC was the opposite of cliched. It was diverse and unique and colorful. 
It demanded to be noticed. 
Just like him. 
So he rode the streets, daring anyone and everyone to stare at him, for he was the god of the city. 
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eggbreadboi · a day ago
So usually I’d be fine with fixating on a single song. It’s not exactly a new thing. But I’m under the weather(so my eyes are watery) and the last thing I need is Let Me Down Slowly looping in my head and making me cry more
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sohannabarberaesque · a day ago
In a Troll-type submersible peering into the durky mepths--er, murky depths--of Troll Ness Lake, hoping to uncover some secrets about the Troll Ness Monster
[With the floodlights on and two Troll scientists in same essentially researching some unlikely prospects about the monster's existance--if that.]
A TROLL SCIENTIST: The way things look, I just can't sense anything murky or cloudy about the waters of Troll Ness Lake; it just seems unusually clear and bluish-green looking....
[As if in trollgreement, the scientist's associate notes that the Troll Ness Monster is swimming close beside the submersible ... and for some reason, the monster looks rather cheerful.]
ANOTHER TROLL SCIENTIST, obviously a female for not so much appeasing network desires for "gender balance" or even the Obligatory Sexpot as for--well, it's probably a Troll thing anyway: And is it just me, or--why IS the monster smiling, almost so happy like?
A TROLL SCIENTIST: I think I remember vaguely somewhat about Pixlee Trollsom appeasing it with some fresh-baked cookies almost out of friendship that one time, only to have some rather illogical notions come up about the same being destructive--
ANOTHER TROLL SCIENTIST: Perhaps correct me if I'm wrong, but it may be possible that a breeding pair of monsters might exist ... could it be that the smile suggests as much friendliness as perhaps some satisfaction in maybe having mated just recently?
A TROLL SCIENTIST: I think the mating angle could be a fascinating one ... and could you just picture the likelihood of such "monsters" mating, and how it would look like, to begin with?
ANOTHER TROLL SCIENTIST: Obviously taking place underwater more than anything, considering its bulk and its size ... and perhaps at considerable depths.
A TROLL SCIENTIST: Clearly, though, such a possibility into the love life, or what passes for it, of the Troll Ness Monster might be worth some serious study.
ANOTHER TROLL SCIENTIST: Awwwww ... isn't she wonderful to behold, to swim among besides?
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sohannabarberaesque · a day ago
In a conversation during a stroll between Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo somewhere in Jellystone Park
BOO-BOO, somewhat seriously: Yogi, have you ever mated with any female bears other than Cindy during the mating season, or at least considered the prospect?
YOGI BEAR: I'm one step ahead of you, Boo-Boo my lil' bruin buddy; in fact, I've mated with plenty of female bear types here in Jellystone Park on quite a few occasions in past ... and Cindy, in her turn, has had her share of male ursine companionship mating-wise as well!
BOO-BOO: I certainly think having some sexual variety during the mating season is a good idea; at least it spreads the love around without serious risk of inbreeding, and should it so happen that one particular sow may not be to your liking, you can easily move on!
YOGI BEAR: Is it any wonder that the fire in my loins needs definite satiation, even if it means that I come across someone other than Cindy to so satisfy my ursine romantic needs? And boy, do this bear's romantic needs NEED satisfaction!!
BOO-BOO: I won't hold it against you needlessly, Yogi ...
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mega2wheellife · 2 days ago
this was love
every night he’d be there
end of the bar
sipping slow make his money go
waiting until the bar closed
see his whore home
unless she had a customer
& he’d slink off alone
be there the next night
hoping against hope
he could take her home
he’d asked her to marry him
met the aged parents
brood of kids needing food
& knew
they needed her money
keep the sinking family afloat
as they knew too
if he married her
took her away
they wouldn’t last long
& we told him find another
end this tragedy
but no
this was love
neil benbow
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mega2wheellife · 2 days ago
wrong band
Sunday morning rehearsal
everybody dark & slow
having had the good night
that very long evening before
we set up in silence
letting the crackle & hum
start the blood flowing
we whipped through a couple
just to see if we remembered
the bacon sandwiches coffee came
mr. rhythm man says
have you heard this one?
starts a chug chugging riff
I put a walking bass behind it
my favourite round of threes
loose lyrics started to flow
began feeling the groove
& the lead shouts out
hang on wrong band
guys wrong band
that’s not the kind of shit we do
yer coffee & sandwiches
are getting cold!
& now I don’t remember the riff
the groove the sound the words
but I did know for sure
I was in the wrong band
neil benbow
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heatherswritings · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Season 2 of Carnival Row could be out later this year. I can’t wait to see what happens next! The politics shifted in a such a way last season that you know life in the Burgue will change drastically. We got a taste of that in the finale and, whoa. Philo and Vingette have finally confessed their love and told each other everything, but what will they do now? What are they capable of as a team?
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sohannabarberaesque · 2 days ago
Outside the motorhome as is also the shortwave worldcasting station and transmitter of Honey and Sis, prior to one of their surprise worldcasts
MAGILLA GORILLA, spontaneously joining in on the conversation: My apologies for intruding there, gals, especially should you have a worldcast coming up--
SIS, interrupting and being apologetic as well: We don't mind you joining in, Magilla ...
HONEY: Just curious, but just what kind of a name is "Magilla," to begin with?
MAGILLA GORILLA: A somewhat wild and crazy gorilla, to begin with, who's gone through a lot of wild and crazy escapades besides--many such by way of the front window at Peebles' Pet Shop, until he retired all of a sudden ...
SIS: And I understand you're also something of a diving type, being part of Peter Potamus' crew....
MAGILLA GORILLA: And I do have to admit the diving experiences can be pretty fascinating--imagine, just being in that other-worldly sort of experience known as the underwater, just being fascinated at a world you probably never knew existed....
HONEY: Now that you mention it, you might like to know that we've done a couple of our shortwave worldcasts underwater!
MAGILLA GORILLA: And what exactly was the reaction like?
SIS: Over 500 QSL reports from that one time we did a worldcast in special SCUBA getup as allows for conversaation underwater--and we even talked to your diving friend, Peter Potamus, by mobile phone underwater!
MAGILLA GORILLA: Uh, what exactly is a QSL report?
SIS: Magilla, in the world of radio, a QSL is a reception report, to see how far the signal of our station reached and how clearly the signal came through.
HONEY: You might be interested in knowing we've received QSL's from 52 countries, as if the United States and Canada weren't good enough an audience!
MAGILLA GORILLA: How impressive can things get anyway?
HONEY: Would you be interested in guesting on our next worldcast?
[Imagination can best supply the rest, especially for such fond of creative fanfiction involving shortwave radio.]
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sohannabarberaesque · 2 days ago
At Peter Potamus' diver's camp, in conversation over his favourite blend of coffee and cake
SYLVIA BARBANNA, the former child actress "Twinkles Sunshine" herself, just out of curiosity: Peter, what exactly fascinates you about such undiscovered parts of Polynesia you love writing about in those volumes curiosal of yours?
PETER POTAMUS: Sylvie--if I can call you so--
SYLVIA BARBANNA: I don't object in the least.
PETER POTAMUS: Sylvie, the fascination I crave for those parts of Polynesia such as are still uncharted (at least to the "civilised") is one rooted in as much paradisacal fantasies we've likely had long before puberty, for the most part, and a sense of discovering the unknown--such as I picked up from my late father, Perry Potamus, as introduced me to such strange and yet fascinating islands in that region ... islands as have yet to feel the destructive effects of "civilisation" on their peoples as much as their culture and folkways traditional!
SYLVIA BARBANNA: By "destructive effects of civilisation," I take it you mean colonisation, missionary work and trade.
PETER POTAMUS: However did you know? At any rate, Sylvie, such unmapped parts of Polynesia just have a special magic all their own, with the natives practically happy and relaxed in a nakedness such as Nature intends, to begin with ... a rather candid openness about sex and sexuality ... and such a closeness to the water, you might say, as explains such friendliness that the dolphins and sharks have for them, especially while diving among the reefs!
SYLVIA BARBANNA: Obviously naked, I assume.
PETER POTAMUS: And how comfortable such a diving experience feels ... how incredibly natural, even! Especially when a rather lively dolphin is in on the diving escapade, perhaps finding a new stretch of reef ... or even discovering certain mysteries of life!
SYLVIA BARBANNA: I assume you've had plenty of coconut oil rubs and romantic adventures there as well....
PETER POTAMUS: In my circumstances, and given my particular closeness of affectation to such natives whose model of Health and Efficiency is as natural as it gets, who wouldn't be entitled? And believe you me, such coconut oil rubs on the back certainly feel wonderful enough to get you in the mood for some serious Polynesian-type romance!!
[Chuckles abroad]
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mega2wheellife · 3 days ago
I kissed her
on a street in Paris
but her heart
was elsewhere
needing coffee
a meal
I did not have
on offer
our now
hers & mine
were different
& now
this being the first time
I’ve thought of her
in a long while
& no
there is no
neil benbow
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mega2wheellife · 3 days ago
pour a taste
these habit things
rituals we do
pour a taste
out there on the ground
to our ancestors
those who have gone on before
what we owe
what we were given
by those we loved
them that taught us no
difference between
right & wrong
& I’m happy to do this
pay my respects
but lately it seems
I’m crowded out by nothin’
anybody else can see
when I’m pouring
out on the ground
neil benbow
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