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#wolfstar fics
of-stars-and-moon · 8 hours ago
The ghost of the past
Happy Birthday again @holy-shit-its-wolfstar 💛💛 Since you love the black brother so much, here's a fix-it fic for you where Regulus is alive! Hope you like it!
Platonic ship: Regulus and Sirius
Word count: 3k
Summary: Sirius Black had lost everyone he loved in the first war, and now with the second war brimming around them, the last thing he expects is seeing someone from his past again
Sirius didn't know how many times he had dreamt or hallucinated about his brother. During the war, when they had heard of his death, it was followed by countless nightmares and on some rare merciful nights, dreams made up of past memories. Then, in Azkaban, it was a never-ending nightmare and the good memories were far and few in between, slowly being sucked away. During those lonely hours though, there would be a trick of light and he would think he saw his brother, faded like a ghost, only to disappear with a blink. With years, the hallucinations became stronger, his deluded mind giving rise to images that would stick for hours; Regulus sitting in a corner, James leaning against the wall, Lily staring out of his tiny window. It was a small mercy at least that those illusions were of them alive; Regulus’ cheeks rosy and not pale like Sirius had seen in nightmares, James grinning his charming smile and his eyes not dead like that miserable night Sirius lost everything, Lily’s hijab perfectly wrapped around her head and not unraveled like that night.
He had never seen Remus. He didn't know if that was another mercy or not.
Since he had left Azkaban, it was easier to remember the good memories again. Most of them were dull, but they weren't being taken away from him now. And being in hiding gave him time to try to think about them. None of them held the same happiness though, and he wondered if it was because of the dementors or because thinking of them reminded him of how much he had lost.
But he wouldn't let them take more. Those fucking idiots had lost their minds organising the triwizard tournament and then letting Harry take part too even though it was obviously a trap. If Sirius found out who put Harry's name, he would kill them with his bare hands.
But for now, all he could do was try to advise Harry and go to Hogsmeade to meet him. It was risky going towards Hogwarts, but he had to do it. He spent the days travelling in his animagus form and the nights in some old huts or caves.
But today, something was wrong.
The whole day, Sirius had felt like someone was watching him and since his senses were heightened as a dog, he could smell a distinct scent that a part of him felt like he should know, but couldn't place. He was getting closer to Hogwarts so he knew that it could be either someone from the Ministry or Death eaters. He didn't know which one would be worse.
"Sirius?" he heard someone say as he was standing outside a hut.
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jeguluswhore · 17 hours ago
I literally want a girlfriend who looks like Remus so we could be Remus and Sirius <3 like pls i need affection :’(
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megthehouseelf · a day ago
so i have a ton of little one shots i write when im bored (mostly wolfstar, some dorlene) BUT ANYWAY i was thinking making a series of them on ao3 just for fun bbhsbhdj
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maraudorable · a day ago
When you’re reading a long slow-burn fic and the characters just got together and are happy and everything is going so well, but there’s still half a fic left
Tumblr media
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theblacklupins · a day ago
TW: panic attacks, mild blood
It wasn’t really a secret among the Marauders how Sirius got regular nightmares that usually drove him to Remus’ bed. Sometimes it was Remus who’d hear Sirius sobbing quietly and would crawl underneath Sirius’ sheets and hold him close. Of course it worked, the werewolf’s warmth always comforting, but nobody was there to calm him before, during and after the full moons. Remus was much to exhausted and in pain to comfort another, and Sirius didn’t have the heart to bother him, even though Sirius was the only one who wouldn’t irritate Remus when the full moon was nearing.
Said full moon arrived again, and Sirius couldn’t be there for Remus because the werewolf had told him to catch up on his homework (Sirius was much too whipped to say no). He woke up with a start, shivering as he clawed at his skin. Flashes of his nightmares went through his mind, and he couldn’t fucking breathe.
He whimpered, stumbling into Remus’ bed but panicking when he found that the werewolf wasn’t there. Where did he go? Did he leave? When? Why? Did he leave because of Sirius?
Panic muddled his mind and he choked on his breath, lungs straining to get in air. He clawed at his skin, feeling blood taint his fingertips and slice through the numbness. Fuck. He couldn’t fucking breathe.
Tears found their way down his cheeks and didn’t— couldn’t — stop. He was shaking, blood already making its way to stain Remus’ sheets. Through the panic, he felt guilt at ruining said sheets. He was such a disappointment. No wonder everyone left him.
His sight blurred and blacked out, the last thing he remembered thinking was how mad Remus would be at his ruined sheets.
Remus thanked Madam Pomfrey as he walked out the healing centre, and up to the dorms. He craved a good doze on a Saturday, especially with Sirius with him. He just hoped the boy didn’t have too much of a hard time sleeping without him.
He climbed the stairs to the boys’ dorms and noticed that Sirius’ bed was empty. He frowned. That was usually a sign that Sirius had another bad night.
He opened the curtains to his own bed and found Sirius curled up like a car underneath the blankets, breathing oddly ragged.
“Sirius,” Remus whispered, climbing into bed with the said boy, jostling him slightly to wake him from a possible nightmare. “Sirius— oh fuck.”
Remus noticed the deep cuts on Sirius’ thighs when the sheets slid down, and the heavy amount of blood that darkened the previously white, pristine bed covers.
“Sirius,” Remus whispered, careful not to touch his thighs for the possibility of hurting the other boy. “Sirius, darling, please wake up.”
Sirius’ eyes opened jarringly, pupils dilated and immediately began shaking. Remus pulled him in for a hug, avoiding his thighs as he stroked his hair and whispered sweet, calming nothings. Sirius buried his face into Remus’ neck and started sobbing.
“I thought you left me,” Sirius whimpered, hands clutching and Sirius shirt. “I... I got into your bed, and you weren’t there, and I thought you left, and I thought it’s because of me, you don’t want me, I made you leave—"
“Hey,” Remus murmured, pressing soft kisses onto the top of Sirius’ head. “You know I would never leave you. Why would I ever leave you?”
“Because I’m not worth staying for.”
“Bullshit,” Remus scoffed. “You’re the only reason I still hang out with James and Peter, those idiots, because you’re always with them, and I always want to be near you.”
Sirius’ breathing calmed down at Remus’ joke, and his shaking lessened.
“And I would never leave you, for any reason. Because you’re my sunshine, you’re literally the only thing I look forward to every day because hell, if you think I like going to school and studying—"
Sirius giggled, the soft sound already relieving Remus.
“There’s my baby boy,” he whispered. “I love hearing you laugh.”
Sirius sighed tinily, breath tickling Remus’ neck. “Tell me.”
“When you’re with James, your laugh is loud and contagious, making me laugh too, sometimes for no reason.” Remus continued to pepper Sirius’ head with kisses. “When you’re with other people, you have this low chuckle. It’s so fucking hot.”
Sirius hummed.
“But when you’re with me, you giggle. You giggle softly, so innocently. And it’s so cute, to the point I feel like my heart would burst.”
Remus murmured under his breath, smiling satisfyingly when the wounds disappeared within a few seconds. It was a spell he’d done on himself numerous times, and found out he could do it on other people too.
“You’re my world, Sirius Black. I love your everything, I love you.”
And everything was quiet, except for the beating hearts of two lovers beating in sync.
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wordsxstars · 4 days ago
what's your favourite couple to read fics about on ao3?
gotta stick to my roots here lmao probably stevetony because jesus Christ the stevetony writers on ao3 are on something else,,, there’s this weird godly writing GENE that some of these fics seem to have been created by so!! yeah!!
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edwardkaspbraks · 5 days ago
just remembered it’s the anniversary of remus lupins death..... dhmu🙁🤚💔
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mania-mono · 5 days ago
I am simultaneously reading Lord of the Rings (the novel) and Harry Potter fics, mostly Wolfstar fics. Must be why I find so many shadows of similar characters and too many pairing ideas.
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ourloveisforthelovely · 6 days ago
Broken Glass Part 1
Regulus Black AU 
Summary: You had grown to accept Regulus' death. You didn't know that you were told the wrong story. Now years have passed and things have changed. The question now is how will things in the future change? Will it be for the better or the worse?
Pairings: Regulus Black x Reader 
Rating: M 
“So...this is it as dark and depressing as you could have imagined?”
Sirius said as he looked around 12 Grimmauld Place with an amused smile. He turned to grin at his younger brother. Regulus was looking around the dreary kitchen with a frown on his face.
“I never thought that I would be back here again.”
Sirius sat down on the counter. He wanted to say a lot of things to Regulus at the moment. After finding out that his younger brother faked his death, he wanted to punch him then hug him (and do it over and over again until Regulus saw “the light.”)
“Yeah, well, neither did I. Now that I know that I have been going to a cemetery and talked to an empty grave for the past 14 years...I feel a bit put out.”
Regulus sighed. He knew that he was going to face hell on wheels when it came to coming back home.
“Sirius I told you, I have been away taking care of things…”
Sirius held a hand up.
“I know...the horcrux thing right.”
“It isn’t just a thing, Sirius.”
Regulus commented coldly. He hadn’t spent the past 14 years of his life going all over god’s grand creation nearly being killed for nothing. Regulus had only come back to offer help after hearing that Voldemort was back. Now he was beginning if he really should have come back at all? If Sirius was just going to make him feel guilty it probably was going to be a huge waste of time.
“Okay, sheesh, lighten up. Oh wait, look who I’m talking to...the control freak king. There is no lightening things up for you. Anyhow, I need to talk to you about something.”
Regulus questioned before going to step outside to light a cigarette. Sirius followed him like an overgrown puppy.
“Y/n is here.”
Regulus’ eyes rolled up hearing your name. He knew that you would be there. Why wouldn’t you be there?
“Considering the two of you are raising the Potter brat together.”
Sirius raised an eyebrow.
“You know if you want Y/n to consider looking upon your sorry ass again calling her nephew the Potter brat probably isn’t the best approach. Don’t tell me that you have something against the kid because you have some rage against James.”
Regulus took a drag on the cigarette before daring to glare up at his older brother. It wasn’t Harry that he particularly had a problem with. The kid, after all, was not born and couldn’t help it that his father was a pile of scum-sucking male garbage. It was James Potter that completely ruined Regulus’ life.
If James would have stopped his meddling and didn’t tell you about Regulus’ “extra activities” with the death eaters then you would have never broken up with him. James just couldn’t accept the fact that his younger sister fell in love with his rival. He had to go and put his nose where it didn’t belong. Regulus could have taken you with him when he left and the two of you could have lived happily ever after but no. Why would he have any luck?
Regulus had thought that he was so lucky the moment that you looked his way. You were the first girl that really had given him the time of day and wanted him for more than just his looks. Thanks for big brother James that was shot to hell.
“It isn’t the kid’s problem that his father was a pig.”
Sirius sighed. All of the passing years had obviously not eased Regulus’ bitter petty nature.
“How about we just stop this conversation before it starts? If you would have gone and gotten a dark mark on your arm then Y/n wouldn’t have had to break up with you. You know that James told her because he was scared for her safety. If we had a sister and the shoes were on the other feet, you would have done the same thing...and you know it.”
Regulus flicked what was left of the cigarette off of the porch before turning his back to Sirius.
“Yeah, whatever. That doesn’t mean that I stopped having feelings for Y/n.”
Sirius slid off of the porch banister that he had planted himself off.
“Reg, she has moved on. Not to another guy, I mean but she’s happy. She has made a good life for herself. Harry is very protective of her too.”
Regulus fought the urge to call the kid a brat again. If he had to deal with the kid to get to you then that would be just fine. Regulus could shove the kid in some random corner and give him a good threatening.
“Sirius, it isn't your place to tell me if I can or can not love Y/n. You act like she is your wife or something. I’m sure Remus would love to hear that.”
Sirius scowled at Regulus.
“I’m protective of her because it has been Y/n and I for the past 14 years. Everyone thinks that she is my wife soo…”
Sirius fought the urge to laugh at the expression of fury on Regulus’ face.
“I really want to rearrange your face right now.”
Sirius laughed for a moment before stopping. He stared out into the darkness before taking a breath.
“She still loves you.”
Before Regulus could reply, your voice came from inside the house. Sirius’ face went pale as he realized that he had no clue as to how you were going to react to seeing Regulus alive again.
“Go to the dining room while I talk to her.”
Regulus didn’t argue. He knew that the last thing that he needed to do was just waltz into the room and say
Hi, honey. I missed you.
That would be the wrong way to approach the problem. Sirius, meanwhile, hurried into the kitchen as you stepped in with Harry behind you.
“Hello, stranger.”
You said as Sirius grinned awkwardly (automatically telling you that he was up to something). Raising an eyebrow, you glanced over your shoulder to Harry, who looked as confused as you.
Sirius said in a higher-pitched voice than normal. Taking off your coat, you took a breath. Surprises really were not your thing and Sirius knew it.
“So, what’s going on?”
You questioned as Sirius hugged Harry. Sirius grinned again.
“Nothing. I haven’t seen you in a few days.”
You nodded.
“I have been wondering where you were. When you didn’t come by to raid my refrigerator every few days and bitch about Remus I begin to worry.”
Sirius laughed again. He had absolutely no idea how he was going to tell you about Regulus being on the other side of the wall. Maybe he could mention that Regulus was alive and actually did some good stuff. He could also tell you that you didn’t have to worry about looking at that horrid dark mark on his arm anymore. Maybe mentioning that Regulus had gone out and had his arm covered in tattoos to cover that hideous brand would make you feel better?
Who am I kidding? She is going to freak.
Sirius thought before running a hand through his hair.
“Sorry, I was on a job. What have the two of you been up to today?”
Harry was the first to speak.
“We went to get my school stuff.”
Sirius quickly faked some enthusiasm to try to keep you off of his trail until Harry left the room.
“Oh yeah, that’s coming up. 5ht year...good year. It's hard to believe that you are growing up so damn fast.”
You sighed from across the room. It was hard to believe that your boy was growing up as fast as he was. Even though he was James and Lily’s son, he was as good as yours. You couldn’t help but feel a bit sentimental when you thought about how freaked out that Sirius and yourself were the first weeks as “new parents.” Any time that Harry made a peep, the two of you almost screamed too. Now the two of you had figured things out and were (in your mind) pretty damn good parents.
“It was pretty funny, Sirius. The witch at the book shop called Y/n Mrs. Black.”
Sirius turned his attention to you with a smile. You rolled your eyes as you moved to put a carton of milk in the refrigerator.
“Everyone thinks that I’m your wife.”
Sirius hopped up on the counter with the casual elegance that made you roll your eyes in jealousy.
“Ah, you’re as good as...we just don’t have the romantic part.”
Both harry and yourself scowled at Sirius after that comment.
“That would be like kissing my brother. I might as well just have my name changed to Mrs. Black. It would make things easier. People would also quit talking.”
Sirius put his hands over Harry’s ears.
“People would think that we were in a throuple relationship with Remus. That would bring all the more stares.”
You put the rest of the groceries that you were holding down before giving Sirius a grossed-out expression.
“What in the sweet chocolate Christ is that?”
Sirius lowered his hands from Harry’s ears after deciding that he was old enough to learn how things were in the world.
“It's a relationship with three people.”
You quickly shook your head.
“Oh hell no! Nope! No, no, no! My last relationship was a disaster. I couldn’t date two other people...I would probably curse Remus and yourself somehow.”
Harry stood up to help you with the groceries. He gave you a look that eerily reminded you of James.
“Aunty what happened with Regulus wasn’t your fault. You can’t help it that people make stupid decisions. Y/n, you are a quality woman and it's time that you start seeing it that way. You have been single since I was born. I want you to be happy too.”
Sirius nodded and motioned to Harry. He couldn't bring himself to look into the dining room where Regulus stood. He knew that his brother was pissed without looking over at him.
“Listen to the kid, Y/n. He’s the smart one.”
You reached out and patted Harry’s cheek. The boy always knew how to make you feel better.
“Yes, he is the smart one. That is Lily coming out in him. I’ll think about it, Harry. Now go find Ron and Hermione. They are around here somewhere.”
Sirius waited until Harry was upstairs before turning to you. It was probably best to get this conversation happening before Regulus finally lost his temper.
“So...remember 14 years ago when you lost something very valuable to you because it was doing something stupid?”
You raised an eyebrow. What was about Regulus day? You hated days like this because it made you feel more miserable and realize how pathetic your life had really become. It had been 14 years since Regulus had died and you missed him as much as you did the day you found out that he died.
When did I become this bitter old woman?
You thought. Old wasn’t really accurate. You had just turned 32 and had plenty of years to find someone...but they wouldn’t be Regulus.
You couldn’t help wondering if you had handled your relationship the right way? Part of you said, no. James had been on your ass for months about ending things with Regulus. He hated the fact that you were dating Regulus and started throwing around the “death eater” comment quickly. You never believed him until the night that the two of you were making love and you saw the dark mark on his arm. That was the night that your life fell apart…
“ Sirius, Regulus is dead. Unless your family buried him in a cursed pet cemetery I foresee him staying dead.”
Sirius pressed his lips together before taking a deep breath.
“Y/n, better ring Stephen King.”
“Stephen King...what the hell?”
Your mouth dropped the moment that Regulus stepped into the room. For a moment, you wondered if you were seeing things. Everything about this man was right...but how? There were the same grey eyes, serious expression, mixed with deliberate changes. He looked older but still had the same headful of curls that you loved so much.
“No way…I’m seeing things...I’ve officially gone around the twist.”
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astrarche-x · 6 days ago
ughhh I can't believe there's so many people with brilliant, thoughtful and informed takes on Wolfstar who write extremely good and creative fics and Polish Wattpad community is like "naaah, gonna stick to the overused characterizations from The Shoebox Project and make all fics sound literally the same"
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heirofgryffindorsblog · 7 days ago
Someone please recommend me any good wolfstar fics with some angst on wattpad or ao3 that aren't atyd and sweater weather
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of-stars-and-moon · 9 days ago
just a cliché amortentia scene XD and some flying
The potions class was filled with whispers and giggles as they were working on amortentia today, which Adam had learned was a famous love potion. It was supposed to smell like the things you liked the most, so as students completed their potions, there would be curious inquiries about what it smelled like. Gryffindors and Ravenclaws were paired in one row and Slytherins and Hufflepuffs in another, and as luck would have it, Adam was paired with Ronan Lynch, which was both a good and terrible thing.
Good because, despite hating classrooms and studying, Ronan was very talented, so he was good to partner with if he decided to cooperate, which he thankfully did today.
Terrible because, as their potion was nearing completion, it was smelling more and more like Ronan and Adam’s composure was slowly and slowly slipping, because his feelings for Ronan weren’t supposed to be anything, let alone strong enough for a goddamn love potion and this was terrifying and why the hell did they have this class?
He was trying his best to distract his thoughts to other things like the fact that Henry- paired with Neil- and Noah- paired with some Slytherin- had said that their potions smelled like each other as soon as they had finished them, or that Andrew and Neil kept glancing at each other, Neil with a smug smirk and Andrew with a blank face which was however given away by how red his ears were.
But today was not a lucky day, as Tad sauntered over to them, neatly ignoring Ronan’s glare and asked, “What does it smell like to you, Adam?”
Keep reading chapter 6
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jeguluswhore · 9 days ago
Wednesday Fic Rec 💬
Personal Favourites Edition.
“Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You”
- here —> <a href="
Remus works at a primary school. Sirius owns a gym and tries to hide his relationship with Remus from James. James tries to hide his crush on Regulus from everyone. Regulus has something to hide, too. Lily is too smart for these boys. A Wolfstar & Jegulus AU fic!
Personal Note: My absolute fav of them all. It has Jegulus and Wolfstar and the context is so nicely and it’s realistic. It’s a Modern AU, still on going but updating regularly. Y’all should check it out. <3
“Ask Away”
- herw —> <a href="
Regulus Black always liked to keep things separated, work and life, friends and relationships, his life before walking away from home and his life after. Nothing got mixed up. But then a stranger texts him, a stranger called James. Who makes Sirius puns and asks him about a million questions. And suddenly the whole separate thing doesn’t seem so easy anymore.
Personal Note: Complete. It’s a good nice texting fic and I love the relationship they have. It’s really nice and worth reading. Check it out!
“The Other Black”
- here —> <a href="
Regulus gets a text from an unknown number who appears to be looking for his brother. Instead, the two of them soon become friends.
Personal Note: Completed. It’s so nice and the plot is amazing. Check it out!
“An Infinite Ocean”
- here —> <a href="
Remus Lupin knows two things--working and caring for his son, Teddy. When his babysitter sets up crowdfunding so Teddy can go swim with the sea turtles at the local animal rescue, Remus doesn't realise how completely their life is going to change. Especially when he meets Sirius Black, the weekend merman in the aquatic show, and someone who might convince him of love at first sight.
Personal Note: One shot. This one made me so euphoric for days and I keep re-reading it. Wolfstar is so nice presented here. Check it out.
“The Daily Grind: Black Coffee”
- here —> <a href="
When Orion Black orders his son Sirius to go undercover at one of his cafés, Sirius is not pleased. All he wants is to head off on a tropical holiday far away from his family. Unable to say no, Sirius is forced, for the first time in his life, to work. Flailing, he's certain it's all going to come crashing down until he realises his co-workers are more than just co-workers. They're family. But how will they react when they learn the truth?
Personal Note: One shot. Another Wolfstar that is absolutely amazing. Characters presentation is so nice and I love it. Check it Out.
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okay but hear me out-
WWII Wolfstar AU
With Jewish!Remus hiding away in the Potter’s basement (plus Sirius because he lives there too) and then it turns into a slowburn wolfstar
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littleturtle95 · 12 days ago
Hey - yo, everyone!
I have been through rough times, I’m struggling with a writer block and I have officially completed 20 fics on AO3 -
– so this is my 20 fics celebration!
Send me a ship (you know the ones I write for, but I’ll put them in the tags anyway) + an emoji + a number and I’ll write a short fic with the ship, AU, and latin quote you chose!
🦄 – Fantasy AU
🧙🏻‍♂️ – Hogwarts AU
📚 – High School AU
💫 – Soulmates AU
🦸🏻‍♂️– Superhero AU
Nec sine te nec tecum vivere possum – I can’t live with you nor without you
Odero si potero. Si non, invitus, amabo – I’ll hate you if I’ll be able to. If not, I’ll love you unwillingly
Nos quoque floruimus, sed flos erat ille caducus – We blossomed too, but that flower was destined to wither
Militat omnis amans – Every lover is a soldier
Quid verus amor tenuit, tenebit – What true love once held, always will hold
P.S. the HP ships and characters tagged with Hogwarts AU will be canon compliant.
Please, signal boost 🥰🙌🏻
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