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#language learning
blacklinguist · 2 hours ago
favorite kreyòl phrases the past 3 days
m' pral aboli jandam
m' te travay
lete ap vini
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another-heckin-langblr · 7 hours ago
Welsh Numbers 1-12
quizlet link
un - one
dau - two
tri - three
pedwar - four
pump - five
chwech - six
saith - seven
wyth - eight
naw - nine
deg - ten
un ar deg - eleven
deuddeg - twelve
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warmstudies · 8 hours ago
wednesday, april 14th, 2021
Tumblr media
psych: did a vocab worksheet
health: did a cpr worksheet
codebusters: took a test with my partners and finished the practice they wrote me
fossils: reformatted our principles/dating notes to make it more concise and finished combing our plant notes. also worked on combining our vertebrate notes again but didn’t get much done
depop: listed the earrings i made yesterday and did some general shop/inventory organization
japanese: did two duolingo lessons
🌻 grateful for my boyfriend, i always look forward to talking to him at the end of the day and since the side effects of the vaccine have been hitting me hard i was especially happy to watch some netflix together after a long day
📖 you are here by thich nhat hanh, page 19
🎵 leisure gardening ~ lullatone
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rachelingly · 8 hours ago
Learning (Day 8)
On April 14th, I improved my 4th-grade math from 95% to 97%, my 5th- grade math from 84% to 86%, and my trigonometry improved from 89% to 91%. It's interesting how the more proficient I become, the harder it is to improve my score.
On April 14th, I began reading Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin in Russian. I read alongside an audiobook that is. The book Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner recommends this method to become familiar with cadence and pronunciation. I still find that I am still nervous to speak in general, but this method makes it less intimidating, I just have to stop getting excited when I recognize a word so I don't miss the next 8! Lol. I think a good idea would be to reread the book after I finish this first reading.
On April 14th, I did my second lesson in French. This lesson was mainly on adjectives, gender, and some more pronunciation practice. I did learn the verbs for to look for (chercher), to call (appeler), and two others I can't remember! D: I plan to review them by listening to the lesson at least twice on my commute home today. However, I did well conjugating them and matching the adjective to the appropriate gender and number.
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warmstudies · 8 hours ago
tuesday, april 13th, 2021
Tumblr media
psych: did an assignment and read an article on implicit bias
health: watched a video on the importance of cpr
chinese: did an ap mc practice
lit: did an ap mcq practice
apes: did an activity on greenhouse gases
embroidery: worked on the mushroom girl tote for a little while when i woke up. also, taught my mom the lazy daisy stitch and french knot so she could embroider some overalls :))
depop: listed the overalls my mom embroidered and made some earrings to list later
fossils: took two tests with my partner
codebusters: wrote my partner a practice test and worked on a 10 question practice she wrote me in return
japanese: did a duolingo lesson
errands: got my second covid vaccine and picked up my new glasses
🌻 grateful for the privilege to get vaccinated! and for the really kind healthcare workers i met today and the beautiful countryside we drove past to get to our assigned hospital :))
📖 you are here by thich nhat hanh, page 16
🎵こころ ~ yujiro kodu
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bookshelvesandbracelets · 11 hours ago
Hot Take: Learning Languages purely out of Spite is 100% acceptable, good for you.
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lovelybluepanda · 15 hours ago
3 important (study) reminders
Your best varies from day to day. Don't overwork yourself. "Your best" doesn't mean exhaustion.
You can't go back to your best habits after a long break. Baby steps, otherwise you'll hate everything including yourself. It's just not alright to jump to 10hours of studying after weeks of doing nothing.
Consistency is built with habits. Habits can mean either do sth for 5min regarding your studies or have a full study session. (Or anything in between) Consistency doesn't equal doing the same thing, the same complexity or the same amount of hours daily. It means doing something so strive for the minimum activity when you're tired, demotivated etc.
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underwaterfoxes · 16 hours ago
Most memorable and awkward language exchange
Polish guy: Okay, so I'll go through this word list, and you help me with pronunciation and meaning. Also I live in a small appt with my wife and young children.
Me: Kay.
Guy: "to get off"
Me: It's a legal term!
(Abbreviated & paraphrased)
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nihongowithren · 17 hours ago
Quitting Duolingo’s Japanese Course
So after giving it a go for at least three months, I’ve decided to drop Duolingo’s Japanese course. The main reason is there were too many sentences cropping up that were somewhat incorrect or even fairly archaic.
This would basically contradict my main sources of learning the language so it seemed counterproductive to my overall studies to continue using it. It was especially frustrating when it wants you to only construct sentences one way when you know you could actually word a sentence in another way and it would actually also be correct.
If you’re currently using Duolingo as a source to learn Japanese, I guess just keep that in mind if you start taking classes, using textbooks, and other learning materials so you’re not completely thrown off. But I definitely would recommend using other sources to learn Japanese and not solely using Duolingo.
What will I be using in place of Duolingo?
First, I’m going to go back to using Memrise more often, specifically JLPT Bootcamp’s JLPT courses. I don’t think they’ve been updated in awhile but since they’re actually geared towards the JLPT, they’re going to be that much more useful in helping me with the vocabulary and kanji side of studying.
The other sources to keep up at least with vocabulary and kanji is going back to using Anki shared decks and the Japanese Class website.
I do need to spend some more time going back and going over grammar as well, but keeping up with vocabulary is the easiest thing I can squeeze into even while I’m at work on a 15 minute break.
Anyway, just wanted to give my thoughts on it and give a little update where I’m at.
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german-polygot · 19 hours ago
wrap up a2 level notes
-It is mostly used in newspapers or articler or in story telling. Not in a spoken language.
-It is used in some action that has no effect the time it is written or told.
-The regular verbs usually take -t
-The non regular verbs differs.
Beispiel: geben -> gab
bringen -> brachte
wissen -> wusste
haben -> hatte
glauben -> glaubte
trinken -> trank
fahren -> fuhr
essen -> ass
gehen -> ging
kommen -> kam
sein -> war
It is important for us to not to use this in daily spoken language because it is weird.
Beispiel: Gestern lernte ich für die Prüfung.
-Wann genau fuhrt ihr nach Italien?
-Jeder glaubte, dass die Wetterhexe das Wetter machte.
-War en die Hägelkörner gestern nacht gefährlich?
-Im Winter 2011 schien es kaum.
-Die Familie fand grosse Pilze.
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allthatglitters2020 · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
As always, thank you to @nordic-language-love for hosting this langblr challenge!
Spanish translations of today’s word
‘FAVORITO / FAVORITA’ (noun or verb depending on use and context)
5 Sentences using today’s word
Pruebas estos platos, porque los mi favoritos - try these dishes, because they are my favourites
Cerveza no es mi bebida favorita - beer is not my favourite drink
Dónde está su ciudad favorita? - where is her favourite city?
Yo voy a mi restaurante favorito manaña con mi marido- I am going to my favourite restaurant tomorrow with my husband
Que es tu favorito? - what is your favourite
5 Synonyms for today’s word
Mejor - the best
Preferido/ preferida - preferred
Màs - most
Maximo - most
La mayoría - the most
Antonyms for today’s word
Peor - the worst
Menor - least
Mínimo - least
no deseado / deseada - unwanted
desfavorecido / desfavorecida - ill-favoured
10 phrases to add to a sentence about your favourites
Es Muy bello / muy bella - is very beautiful
Me siente feliz - I feel happy
Siempre soleado / soleada - always sunny
A mí me encanta - I love it
Es sabroso / sabrosa - is tasty
Es sano / sana - is healthy
Es divertido / divertida - is fun
Es relajante - is relaxing
Es cómodo / cómoda - is comfortable
Es guapo / guapa - is good-looking
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nakwon · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
안녕하세요! 오늘 내 방 꾸몄어요! 방탄소년단을 사랑해요 💜 이번주는 너무 스트레스 받고 힘들었어요 ㅠ 활동 안해서 미안해요!!!
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studitorium · 23 hours ago
I was looking for language practice partners but I only found LOTS of boys flirting. Disappointed.
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sukunasfingy · a day ago
This is low-key kinda hard 😀
Tumblr media
I think I'm done for right now lmao
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sukunasfingy · a day ago
Boutta finally use the Japanese workbook that my sister got me ☺️
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sagittarius-studies · a day ago
Tumblr media
sure, being married is nice, but have you ever watched a show in your target language with subtitles in that target language?
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thepowerfulskull · a day ago
If you think your language is weird, our has different letters for literally the same sounds and we have to learn which one do we use for different words because sometimes there’s rules and sometimes guess what? Exceptions
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studyjapanesewithme · a day ago
Day 3 of writing a 日本語の日記!
今日は私は弁当とおにぎりを食べました。🍱🍙 美味しかったです!(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
弁当- べんとう- bento (Japanese lunch box)
美味しい- おいしい- delicious/ yummy
妹- いもうと- younger sister
一緒- いっしょ- together
犬- いぬ- dog
散歩- さんぽ- walk
行く- いく- to go
見る- to watch
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