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#warriors au
zombiepaw · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
fun little warriors au where ashfur’s siblings, elderkit and tulipkit, live!
elderkit becomes elderflame, named after their sun-bleached fur. tulipkit becomes tuliptwirl, named after the fact that he tends to skip and twirl whenever he’s walking about!
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rainstone420 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
I still like this design a lot but i made him more blue :]
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dustpaw-was-a-kittypet · 13 hours ago
So... this may be a dumb question, but seriously, when was DARKSTRIPE apprenticed?! Like I'm trying to figure out if he'd be apprenticed to Tigerclaw his whole time as an apprentice, partially trained under Tigerclaw before their exile, or trained by a different cat entirely.
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firepaw-cant-count · 17 hours ago
ThunderClan Families
(Cats labelled with * have a biological parent who is a loner or have unknown biological parents) 
BLUESTAR is the aunt of Whitecloud, mate of Rosetail, and aunt of Graypaw
REDTAIL is the brother of Spottedleaf, father of Sandpaw, and mate of Shrewfoot
SPOTTEDLEAF is the sister of Redtail 
LIONHEART is the son of Speckleflower and Sunstar, mate of Frostfur, father of her kits, uncle of Lynxkit and Swiftkit
TIGERCLAW is the mate of Goldenflower, father of Lynxkit and Swiftkit, and grandson of Sparrowpelt 
ROSETAIL is the mate of Bluestar 
WHITECLOUD is the nephew of Bluestar, mate of Willowpelt and father of Graypaw
DARKSTRIPE is the son of Willowsong*
SHREWFOOT is the son of One-eye and Dappleface, father of Sandpaw, and mate of Redtail
WILLOWSONG is the sister of Brindleface, mother of Darkstripe and Graypaw, and mate of Whitecloud
BRINDLEFACE is the sister of Willowsong, aunt of Darkstripe and Graypaw
MOUSESTORM is the daughter of One-eye and Dappleface*
DUSTPAW is the son of Fuzzypelt and Robinwing
GRAYPAW is the son of Willowsong and Whitecloud
RAVENPAW is the son of Fuzzypelt and Robinwing
SANDPAW is the daughter of Redtail and Shrewfoot*
FROSTWING is the daughter of Patchpelt*, mate of Lionheart, and expecting his kits
SPECKLEFLOWER is the mother of Goldenflower and Lionheart, and grandmother of Swiftkit and Lynxkit 
GOLDENFLOWER is the daughter of Speckleflower and Sunstar, mate of Tigerclaw, and mother of Swiftkit and Lynxkit
SWIFTKIT is the son of Tigerclaw and Goldenflower, grandson of Speckleflower, great-grandson of Half-tail, and nephew of Lionheart
LYNXKIT is the daughter of Tigerclaw and Goldenflower, granddaughter of Speckleflower, great-granddaugter of Half-tail, and niece of Lionheart 
HALF-TAIL is the grandfather of Tigerclaw and great-grandfather to Lynxkit and Swiftkit
SMALLNOSE is the father of Willowpelt and Brindleface and grandfather to Darkstripe and Graypaw
PATCHPELT is the father of Frostwing and grandfather to her kits
ONE-EYE is the mother of Mousestorm and Shrewfoot, grandmother of Sandpaw, and mate of Dappleface
DAPPLEFACE is the mother of Mousestorm and Shrewfoot, grandmother of Sandpaw, and mate of One-eye
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sandstorm-x-princess · 17 hours ago
hey guys! decided to drop the family tree link :] it goes through the whole au & has 400+ characters, so feel free to give it a look:
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twilighthiro · a day ago
"Why are you acting like that?"
"Acting like what...sir?"
"Like I'm going to f-”
Canvalure was interrupted by a green glow between him and Warriors.
They stepped back, with Warriors merely watching the glow as if it were normal and Canvalure warily watching it.
First appeared in the air, blinking before locking his eyes on Canvalure.
“Good morning, Warriors. Who’s this?“ he asked casually.
“This is his gra-Canvalure.“ Warriors replied, stumbling over the king’s chosen title, “He is Legend from another world.“
First hummed, slowly scanning Canvalure whilst the royal was visibly becoming uncomfortable.
Then he smiled.
And laughed.
First twisted in the air, laughing all the while.
Somewhere Warriors caught a plan, and so he excused himself to gather the others.
First returning was certainly a good reason to gather everyone.
Meanwhile Canvalure remained in the courtyard, somehow getting tangled in First’s semi-sentient cape and cursing more than sleep-deprived Wind.
“I’m... gonna..“ First wheezed out once they’d arrived, ignoring the muffles of Canvalure and Warriors getting the royal out of the cape.
A moment passed and First finished his sentence:
“Break... the... universe.“
“Would you mind not doing that?“ Time asked, “I doubt we need more of our counterparts here.“
First fixed him with a slightly-off gaze.
“Yes we do and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.“ he hissed.
His cape fully released Canvalure and spirit energy surrounded him.
Something audibly broke, and then there were seven more Links standing around, confused.
Time sighed, spotting their Legend in the middle.
“Welcome back, Legend. First broke the universe.“
Legend appeared from the mass of Links, “Oh, of FU-“
“-ING COURSE.“ he growled, “Is Warriors going mad over king me?“
“Not quite, but he is jumpy.“ Time simply replied, welcoming Legend back into the Chain, “Your royal other-selfness is nicknamed Canvalure.“
Legend frowned, “Such a mouthful.“
“That it is. But what can you do.“ Time shrugged.
“I’m going to bed.“
“We won’t stop you.“
Legend left the courtyard.
“Canvalure,“ Time stepped forward, catching the royal hero’s attention, “would you mind catching your group up on things?“
Canvalure nodded, and his Chain gathered around him.
Time giggled at his counterpart’s hysterical expression.
This was going to be fun. At least, for him and First.
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Tumblr media
Image: A Riverclan craftspaw making a necklace with stones
“Craftspaw” is not an official rank in the clans, but is still a commonly used term. Craftspaws are cats who are skilled with crafts, whether it be with leather goods, den weaving, or making jewelry. Craftspaws often show interest at a young age, and are given additional training during their apprenticeship. Typically, there are between two and three craftspaws within a clan. It is common for matriarchs to also be craftspaws, though warriors can also be craftspaws. It is rare for medicine cats to be craftspaws. Out of all the clans, craftspaws are most respected in Riverclan, due to Riverclan highly valuing art and creativity.
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ravenheart4 · a day ago
Shadowclan! Firestar AU
I’ve been planning on writing a warrior cats AU for a loooong time, but recently, I’ve felt pretty inspired to write an AU where Rusty joins Shadowclan instead of Thunderclan. I really enjoy rewrites of the first arc, so I figured it’s my turn now!
Im going to reblog some art of how I want the characters to look, though no credit will go to me!
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mallowstep · 2 days ago
(If she had asked, the answer would have been, “Because I, and my mother, and her mother, and her mother, have yellow eyes, and I want to give you something to remember us by.” Most seers’ names are gifts like these. Trinkets and tokens of families they will one day part with.)
grieving for the living
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rockyfeather-rewrite · 2 days ago
Suffix list
Note: Suffixes are written with their most common meaning. Occasionally, suffixes can be given with slightly different meaning, based on special circumstance. Sometimes body suffixes are given to honor a significant physical characteristic of a cat, but the cat themself must specifically request for this. Other times, a cat may request or be given a specific suffix in order to honor another cat. 
-belly: a good natured cat with a sense of humor, or a motherly cat
-berry: a medicine cat with strong skill with herbs, or a small and kind cat
-bird: a cat especially skilled with hunting birds, or a pure-hearted cat
-bite: a skilled hunter, or a skilled fighter, especially with fangs
-blaze: a fierce cat, a strong spirit, brave/bold
-bloom: an optimistic cat, a cat who is young at heart
-blossom: a kind-hearted cat, an especially beautiful cat
-bolt: A quick moving fighter, and/or an energetic and quick moving cat
-bramble: a protective cat
-branch: a cat that has gone through a period of growth
-breeze: a fast runner
-briar: a protective cat
-brook: an easy-going cat, and/or an elegant cat
-claw: a skilled fighter, especially with claws
-cliff: a risk-taking cat, a daredevil
-cloud: an easy-going, relaxed cat, a patient cat
-crawl: a stealthy cat, or a skilled hunter
-creek: an elegant or graceful cat
-dance: a graceful, energetic cat
-dawn: a calm cat, meditative
-dove: A peacemaker, and/or a cat especially skilled with hunting birds
-dusk: a stealthy cat, or a calm cat, meditiative
-dust: A calm, laid-back cat
-ear/ears: a cat with great hearing and/or a good listener
-echo: a medicine cat with powerful visions, or quick learner
-eye/eyes: a cat with great sight, attentive to detail, observant
-face: an honest cat, and/or an especially beautiful cat
-fall: A graceful, hardworking cat, or a cat skilled at attacking from above
-fang: a skilled fighter, especially with fangs
-feather: a cat especially skilled in hunting birds, or a graceful, innocent cat
-fern: a lively, youthful cat, and/or an optimistic, hopeful cat 
-fin: A great swimmer and/or hunter of fish
-fire/flame: a fierce cat, a strong spirit, often quick-tempered
-flight: a good jumper, or a free-spirited cat
-flower: a kind-hearted cat, a nurturer, a motherly cat
-fluff: a soft (emotionally) cat, and/or a motherly cat 
-flurry: a busy, active cat
-foot: a good runner, or a cat skilled with their paws
-frost: an even-tempered cat, not easily phased, a “cold” cat
-gaze: a cat with great sight, or a medicine cat with powerful visions
-hawk: a fierce cat, or a skilled hunter
-heart: a pure-hearted cat, a cat with strong sense of justice
-heather: an independent, confident cat
-holly: an aggressive, combative cat, or a greatly defensive cat
-ice: an even-tempered cat, not easily phased, a “cold” cat
-jump: a cat who is skilled at jumping
-leaf: an especially skilled medicine cat
-leap: a good jumper
-leg: a good runner and/or jumper
-light: an optimistic cat, a cat who brings joy to those around them
-lily: a deceptively delicate-looking cat who is a dangerous fighter
-mask: a deceptive cat, a cat great with laying traps or ambushes
-mist: a stealthy cat, or a shy cat
-nettle: An aggressive, persistent, sharp-tongued cat
-night: a stealthy cat, and/or a cat that works especially well at night
-nose: a cat with a great sense of smell, and/or a skilled tracker
-path: a skilled tracker
-petal: a kind-hearted cat, an especially beautiful cat, gentle
-pool: a calm cat, clear-minded
-pounce: a great hunter, a good jumper
-puddle: an even-tempered cat, gentle
-ridge: A determined, hard-working cat
-ripple: a calm cat, clear-minded
-rock: an even-tempered cat, loyal and dependable, immovable, often strong
-root: a medicine cat skilled at healing, or a wise cat with an “old spirit”
-rose: a kind-hearted cat, an affectionate cat, romantic, gentle
-scar: a cat with a notable scar, a survivor, a strong spirit 
-shell: an artistic cat (Riverclan)
-shade: a stealthy cat
-shine: an optimistic cat, a cat who brings joy to those around them
-sight:  a cat with great sight, or a medicine cat with powerful visions
-sky: An open-minded and/or creative cat 
-snout: a skilled tracker, or an especially curious cat
-smoke: a stealthy cat, and/or a cat with a “smoke-like” presence
-snow: an even-tempered cat, or a cat with special skill in snow
-song: a charismatic cat, or a cat with a soothing voice
-spark: an energetic cat
-splash: a skilled swimmer, and/or fisher, and/or a lively and playful cat
-spring: a good jumper
-sprout: a lively, youthful cat, or a cat who has gone through a period of growth
-stalk: a stealthy cat, or a skilled hunter
-step: a stealthy cat, or a fast runner
-sting: A sharp-tongued cat, or a quick, fierce fighter
-stone: an even-tempered cat, loyal and dependable, immovable, often strong
-storm: a passionate cat, a free-spirit, often quick-tempered
-streak: a quick runner and/or fighter, agile
-stream: an easy-going cat, and/or an elegant cat
-strike: a skilled fighter, especially a quick fighter
-tail: a cat with great balance, and/or a great climber
-talon: a skilled fighter, especially with claws
-teeth/tooth: a skilled fighter, especially with fangs
-thistle: a resilient and/or prickly cat
-thorn: a sharp and cunning cat
-throat: a charismatic cat, and/or an honest cat
-tongue: a deceptive cat, a skilled liar
-trail: A great tracker
-watcher: a cat with great sight, attentive to detail, observant
-whisker: an observant cat, a cat with great senses
-whisper: a stealthy cat, or a charismatic cat, or a soft-spoken cat
-whistle: a stealthy cat, and/or a soft-spoken cat
-willow: a beautiful, somber cat, and/or a philosophical and insightful cat
-wing: a cat especially skilled in hunting birds, or a great jumper or climber
-wish: A medicine cat with a strong connection to Starclan
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cinderheartss · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I told you there would be more and I’m not stopping here. This is so silly and fun and I’m really enjoying this little project.
part 1 | this is part 2
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rockyfeather-rewrite · 2 days ago
Prefix list
Note: Prefixes are listed by the clan they are most common in. However, prefixes are typically used by all clans. List will be under the cut.
Acorn: Thunder, All
Adder: Thunder, Shadow, All
Amber: All
Ant: All
Antler: Thunder, All
Apple: Thunder, All
Arch: Shadow
Ash: Shadow, Thunder
Aspen: Thunder
Badger: Shadow
Bark: All
Bat: Shadow, All
Barley: Wind, All
Bee: All
Beech: Thunder, All
Beetle: Shadow
Berry: All
Birch: Thunder, All
Bird: Wind, All
Bitter: Thunder, Shadow
Bittern: River
Black: All
Blizzard: Shadow
Blossom: All
Blue: All
Bog: Shadow
Bold: Thunder
Bone: Shadow
Boulder: Shadow, All
Bounce: River
Bracken: Thunder, Wind, All
Bramble: Thunder, All
Branch: Thunder
Brave: Thunder
Breeze: Wind
Briar: Thunder, Wind
Bright: River, All
Brindle: All
Bristle: Shadow, all
Brown: All
Brush: Thunder, All
Bubble: River
Buck: Thunder, Wind
Bumble: River, All
Buzzard: Shadow, Wind
Calm: Thunder
Cave: All
Cavern: All
Cedar: Thunder
Chestnut: Thunder
Cherry: All
Chickadee: All
Cinder: All
Cinnamon: All
Claw: Shadow
Clever: Thunder
Cloud/y: All
Clover: Thunder, All
Cold: Shadow, All
Constellation: River, Wind
Courage: Thunder
Creek: River, Thunder
Cricket: Wind, All
Crow: Wind, Shadow, All
Curl/y: All
Cypress: Shadow, River
Daisy: All
Dance: River, Thunder
Dapple/d: All
Dare: Thunder
Dark: Shadow, All
Dawn: River
Deer: Thunder, Wind, All
Desert: All
Dew: River
Dive: River
Doe: Wind, All
Dove: Wind, River, All
Down/y: River, Wind, All
Drift: River
Drizzle: River, All
Droplet: River
Drum: All
Duck: River, Shadow
Dune: All
Dusk: Shadow, River
Dust/y: All
Eagle: Shadow, Wind
Ebony: Shadow, River
Echo: River
Eel: River
Egret: River
Fading: River
Falcon: Wind, All
Fallen: River
Fallow: River
Fawn: Wind, All
Feather: All
Fennel: All
Fern: Thunder, All
Ferret: Wind, All
Fidget: River
Fierce: Thunder, Shadow
Finch: Wind, All
Fir: Shadow
Fire: Shadow, All
Fish: River
Flame: Shadow, All
Flash: Thunder
Fleet: Thunder, All
Flint: Shadow, All
Flood: River, Shadow
Flower: All
Fluffy: All
Flute: All
Flutter: River, All
Fog: Shadow, All
Fox: Shadow, WInd
Freckle: All
Freeze: All
Frog: Shadow, River
Frond: Thunder, All
Frost: All
Frozen: All
Fruit: All
Fury: Shadow
Fuzzy: All
Gallant: Thunder
Gentle: Thunder
Ghost: Shadow
Glory: Thunder
Gold/en: All
Goose: River, Wind, All
Gorse: Wind
Grass: All
Gray: All
Hail: Shadow, All
Hare: Wind, All
Hawk: Wind, Shadow, All
Haze/y: All
Hazel: All
Heather: Wind, All
Heron: River
Hollow: River, Shadow
Holly: All
Honest: Thunder
Honey: All
Honor: Thunder
Hoot: All
Hop: All
Horn: Thunder, All
Hound: Shadow, Wind, All
Humble: Thunder
Humming: All
Hunt/er: Thunder
Ice: Shadow, All
Ivy: Thunder, All
Jagged: Shadow
Jay: Wind, All
Jingle: All
Juniper: All
Justice: Thunder
Kestrel: Wind, Shadow, All
Kind: Thunder
Kite: Wind, All
Lake: River
Larch: Shadow, All
Lark: Wind, All
Laughter: Thunder
Leaf: All
Lichen: Thunder, All
Light: River, All
Lily: All
Little: All
Lizard: Wind, All
Loud: Thunder
Love: Thunder
Loyal: Thunder
Lynx: Shadow, Wind
Lyre: All
Magpie: Shadow, All
Malice: Shadow
Maple: All
Marsh: Shadow
Meadow: All
Milk: All
Mink: Wind, All
Minnow: River
Mint: All
Mist/y: River, All
Mole: Wind, All
Morning: River
Moss/y: All
Moth: All
Mottle/d: All
Mouse: Wind, All
Mountain: All
Mud/dy: All
Mumble: Thunder, River
Murmur: River
Mushroom: Shadow, River
Nectar: All
Needle: Shadow
Nettle: Shadow, All
Newt: River, Wind
Night: Shadow, All
Nut: Thunder, All
Oak: Thunder, All
Osprey: River, Shadow
Otter: River
Owl: Shadow, Wind
Pale: River
Patch: All
Patient: Thunder
Perch: All
Petal: All
Pigeon: Wind, All
Pike: River
Pine: Shadow, Thunder
Pool: River, All
Poppy: All
Pounce: All
Prickle: All
Pride: Thunder
Proud: Thunder
Puddle: River, All
Quail: Wind, All
Quick: Thunder
Quiet: Thunder
Rabbit: Wind
Raccoon: Shadow, Wind
Ragged: Shadow
Rain: All
Rapid: River
Rat: Shadow
Rattle: All
Raven: Shadow, Wind, All
Red: All
Reed: River
Ripple: River
Roach: Shadow, All
Roan: All
Robin: Wind, All
Rock/y: All
Rose: All
Rowan: All
Rubble: All
Rush: River, All
Russet: All
Rust/y: All
Rye: All
Sage: All
Salamander: River, Shadow
Scorch: Shadow, All
Sedge: All
Seed: All
Shade: Shadow
Sharp: Shadow, Thunder
Shatter: Shadow
Sheep: Wind
Shell: River
Shimmer: River
Shining: River
Short: Thunder, All
Shred: Shadow
Shrew: Wind, All
Silent: Thunder, Shadow
Silver: All
Skull: Shadow
Skunk: Shadow, Wind
Sky: River, All
Slate: All
Sly: Thunder, Shadow
Small: Thunder, All
Smoke: Shadow, All
Snail: All
Snake: Wind, Thunder, All
Snow: All
Soft: Thunder
Song: River, Thunder
Soot: Shadow, All
Sorrel: All
Spark: All
Sparrow: Wind, All
Speck/le: All
Spider: Shadow, All
Spike/y: Shadow, All
Splash: River
Spot/ted: All
Spruce: Thunder, All
Squirrel: Wind, Thunder, All
Stag: Thunder, Wind
Starling: Wind, All
Stoat: Wind, All
Stone: All
Stork: River, Wind
Storm: Shadow, All
Strong: Thunder
Swallow: Wind, All
Swamp: Shadow
Swan: River, Wind
Sweet: Thunder
Swift: Thunder
Tall: All
Talon: Shadow
Tangle: Shadow, River, All
Tansy: All
Tawny: All
Thistle: Thunder, All
Thorn: Shadow, Thunder, All
Thrush: Wind, All
Tide: River
Tiny: All
Toad: Shadow, All
Trout: River
Truth: Thunder
Tumble: River, All
Tulip: All
Turtle: River, Shadow
Twig: All
Twilight: Shadow, River, All
Vine: All
Violet: All
Vixen: Shadow, Wind
Vole: Wind, All
Vulture: Wind, Shadow
Wasp: Shadow
Wave: River
Weasel: Wind, Shadow
Web: Shadow, River
Weed: All
Wet: River
Whisker: All
Whisp: Shadow, Wind
Whisper: River, Thunder
White: All
Whorl: River, All
Wild: Thunder, All
Willow: River, Thunder
Wise: Thunder
Wolf: Shadow
Wood: Thunder, Shadow
Woodpecker: All
Worm: All
Wren: Wind, Thunder, All
Yarrow: All
Yellow: All
Yew: All
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eibisuwus · 2 days ago
MaxGriff Fantasy Reunion Scene
"Oi shut your trap, kid." Max teases, playfully punching Ash's shoulder. Ash laughs it off, rubbing the spot where he was hit and pretending it hurt. It's… Nice. It wasn't everyday Ash got to hang out with actually decent adults. He knows Max so well from Griffin's letters— so many letters— that he has a pretty good idea of how Max would react in most battle situations. Even with his newfound magical abilities, the warrior instinct never faded. He's a good asset to their ragtag team, and a good parental figure to everyone.
If only Griffin could see Ash right now… No, Ash can't reminisce on the past now. They still got a few miles before the next inn and everyone needs to be focused so they can get there and sleep in actual beds for a few hours. It's sometimes hard to tell when the trees all look the same, but a few travelers from before carved directions into some of the trunks in case people found themselves off the path. Ash has never been so thankful for good samaritans before.
It's not until they find a tree that says Almost there! that they hear it. A soft crackling of firewood in the distance, someone who decided to set up camp instead of searching for an inn. Not exactly odd, plenty of people do it, but Ash watches Max stand straighter. Of course, he still thinks Griffin's alive. Ash gave up on that hope a long time ago, and it hurts to see Max still holding on to something impossible.
"You kids stay here. I'm gonna go look." Max tells them, already following the sound and the smoke above the trees. Eiji and Shorter make their protests but Max has already disappeared. Ash goes over his options before signaling them to follow. Worst case scenario is Max finds someone unsavory. Best case is…
Best case will never happen. Ash has to remind himself that as he navigates his way through the trees. He sees Max hiding behind one of them, eyes focused on the hooded figure in front of a small fire. It isn't blue, so that automatically rules out the idea of a mage. But there's something almost familiar about the way they move. With the glow of the fire, Ash can recognize the material of the back of the hood. A cleric, or someone who stole a cleric's clothes.
An unusually powerful gust of wind almost kills the fire. Ash can hear Shorter clutching his hat behind him as the strength of the wind knocks back the cleric's hood, revealing long and messy brownish hair. Wait…
"Griff?" Max whispers, voice shaking ever so slightly as the figure turns around, revealing an older but very much alive Griffin. He's alive… he's alive! Ash lets out a gasp as Griffin stares at Max and Ash in confusion and excitement.
"Aslan? Max?" He sputters their names out as a smile forms on his face. "Wha— how are you, wait, why are you— oof!"
Ash can barely figure out how to form a response. Max takes the opportunity to tackle Griffin, laughing so hard there's tears as he wraps his arms tightly around Griffin, almost lifting him off his feet.
"I knew it!" Max cheers. "I knew you were still alive!"
Ash watches the scene in front of him, his brother laughing and holding onto Max as the two spin around the slowly burning out fire. He can faintly hear Eiji whisper "Aslan?" and he knows he has to explain himself. But right now, he doesn't care. Max and Griffin stop twirling around and Griffin extends his hand to him. Ash doesn't even think before running up to him and hugging him tightly.
Right now, he's home.
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moodlesmcdoodles · 3 days ago
!!! for the ask game, ravenpaw 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦!
Tumblr media
I’ve talked about this before, but in my AU, Ravenpaw and Dustpelt are brothers for real and not just in the website family tree, but their parents are OCs!! Here’s them with their mother Crowcall, who dies before they become apprentices, leaving Dustkit and Ravenkit to be raised collectively by the Thunderclan queens until then
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spaghettisometimes · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
HER So DeepSchool (ShadowClan) is supposed to have the ability to go see through when threatened by predators/in stealth mode, so i tried to represent that here! still working on the concept,,,, YellowFang!!!! She comes to work as the ThunderSchool medicine catfish after her nasty son BrokenWave kicks her out >:Cc She dies in the destruction of a patch of the coral forest after a human boat crushes it ;-; She saves two elders on her way out tho, like a girlboss. One of FireWaves many moms,,,
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spaghettisometimes · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Fishy Au: Brightheart!! BrightFin and SwiftFin are attacked by TigerWave’s Leopard Sharks >:C 
Luckily, she has a solid support system,,,,, after the Thunderschool is lead by FireWave, BrightHeart spends quite a bit of time in the leader’s/deputy’s company- FireWave goes to her whenever a scouting mission is needed, as her body has become hypersensitive to sensing sharks! She becomes the offical safety consultant, and it becomes commonplace for BrightHeart to attend warrior assessments to watch over the apprentices and judge their ability to remember the rules and respect clan boundries. 
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