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the3catlovers · 9 minutes ago
I don’t know if this theory has already been said but I just thought
What if Ghostbur was the 5th member of the syndicate? He didn’t remember what happened at L’manburg that much or what Alivebur did (I think), but what if he joined because of seeing the effect of nations and their downfalls & the impact on his friends?
The good side of the creator didn’t want the same thing to happen again with the destruction and loss?
Only problem is I can’t remember if Philza knows who the 5th member is, or if it’s just Techno???
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dadzathechaosgod · 11 minutes ago
So Phil didn’t want to do lore because he’d have to leave the vc because Ranboo and Tubbo were talking about nukes but in their defense
nuke-talk in snowchester isn’t out of character
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freakinhorse123 · 26 minutes ago
Dsmp characters favourite jumpers/sweaters:
It’s yellow and knitted
It was made by by Phil when Wilbur was younger
Phil wanted Wilbur to have it for a long while so he made it really big and so he was practically drowning in it when he was younger
He hardly ever took it off up until L’Manberg was formed and he wore his presidential uniform.
He wrapped Fundy in it when Fundy was a baby and Fundy’s hair is still on it.
It was left in his office in L’Manberg when he and Tommy were exiled.
Fundy managed to grab it before Schlatt got into his office and it’s now gathering dust in a drawer in his house.
It’s dark green like his hat and really soft to hold.
The ends of the sleeves are frayed from baby Wilbur chewing them and grabbing them
That sweater is so so soft
He wears it a lot but will always hand it over to someone else when they need it.
Ranboo was wearing it when he moved into the antarctic anarchist commune.
Tommy wore it a lot during the racooninnit arc
Techno clung onto it like a lifeline when he first left the nether as a child.
Lots of people have sowed patches onto it.
Tommy sowed tiny discs onto the sleeve (very neatly, to everyone’s surprise)
Wilbur spent ages finding a guitar patch to sew on the shoulder
Techno sewed a crown onto the sleeve very messily because pigman hands aren’t good for sewing (Phil refuses to take it off because he likes it)
Ranboo noticed the patches on it and decided to sew one on himself. It was a grass block that he sewed at the bottom, right near the hem. His long ass fingers weren’t good enough for sewing so he asked Tubbo to help him sew it on.
Tubbo sewed a bee next to Ranboo’s patch whilst he was helping him. Neither of them could sew particularly well (Tubbo only learnt the basics and Ranboo’s fingers aren’t shaped for sewing) so they called Tommy over to help them.
Fundy sewed on a fox right next to Wilbur’s guitar.
It’s a pink zip up hoodie that’s really really REALLY fluffy on the inside.
The hood is quite big.
He pulls the drawstrings so the hood goes tight over his face a lot.
The ends of the drawstrings are gold. He tugs at them quite often.
He loves that hoodie with his entire being
It was the first piece of clothing that was his outside of the nether
He has won several tournaments in that hoodie
He played the entirety of mcm in that hoodie
The voices really like the hoodie
It’s how he calms the voices sometimes and it’s another reason he likes the hoodie so much
The hoodie is so big that people close to Techno sometimes just worm their way into it whilst he is wearing it!
Wilbur did it the most when he was younger and before his mental decline
Tommy saw Wilbur pulling himself into the hoodie and then started doing it himself
He did it when he was scared after the exile arc.
Bench trio:
The reason these three don’t have their own sections is because they basically share hoodies
They have matching dino hoodies that are red, black and green
If one member of the bench trio is cold then he will immediately be shoved into all three jumpers even if he protests
Tubbo drowns in those hoodies because they fit Ranboo
Tubbo and Ranboo wrap michael in their hoodies sometimes
Tommy doesn’t only because he doesn’t see Micheal a lot and his hoodie is a comfort item to him and he doesn’t trust michael not to rip it (no offense michael, but you’re a baby piglin with very sharp nails I don’t want you to rip this)
Tommy’s hoodie was the first one he wore after being ressurected
He ran straight to his house to go and get it after getting out of the prison
Tommy and Tubbo had matching hoodies before the server
They’re that big because Tommy claimed he would need one that big when he was younger because he wanted to have it forever and Tubbo copied him
Tubbo made one for Ranboo when he joined and was feeling lonely
Tommy didn’t have his hoodie through the exile arc because he left it in his house
He’s glad in retrospect that he left it there because Dream might have destroyed it or taken it, but on lonely nights in logstedshire it was one of the things he wanted the most
Tubbo never told anyone but sometimes during the exile arc he went to Tommy’s house and hugged the jumper because he missed Tommy
He has an orange jumper with gloves that have lil fox paws on them
Wilbur made it with help from Phil (and Tommy much to Wilbur’s dismay) for Fundy’s 12th birthday
He stitched Fundy’s name near the bottom along with a fish patch next to it for Sally
He left it in a drawer during the election arc because he knew Schlatt wouldn’t approve of it.
He started wearing it again after Wilbur died a lot
Niki sewed a patch onto the bottom for her, Wilbur and Eret next to where Fundy’s name had been stitched
Phil and Fundy regularly compare the patches on their jumpers to see who has better ones
Fundy secretly adores the lil fox paws on the sweater even though he pretends he doesn’t
He will not lend anyone his jumper. Absolutely not. Someone might get it dirty or messy and no way in hell will he ever let that happen.
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onamitaro · 35 minutes ago
“*gasp* hi chat”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dadzathechaosgod · 54 minutes ago
Only ranboo would accidentally stumble upon ancient debris right underneath the path to Techno’s portal, which has been there for months
main character energy, dude
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alixglume · 56 minutes ago
im bored so send me some clingyduo or beeduo hcs y'all have :]
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flowery-king · an hour ago
So many of y'all saying it would scare the crap out of Techno if Ranboo were to ever cryptid his way into his room, pretty fuckin bold for you to assume Techno isn't a cryptid himself
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esclapo · 2 hours ago
can we bring back that bit that tubbo did in like december where he pretended ranboo's real name was mark
can we bring that back it was funny
like it could 100% be real but we'd never know and it would never be confirmed and i for sure don't believe it (due to the fact that no 'mark' exists under the age of 27, they spawn in at that age) but i loved seeing the idiots on twitter thinking they'd struck gold and figured it out
/lh /hj
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milasn-uh-ok · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hey guys look at my two tiny tunic cubes that I ripped the stickers off of
Ranboo cubes
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stuffthatireblog · 2 hours ago
To the person who said Ranboo is tweeting to distract us from the fact he's on a plane heading to the uk... stop🤚 don't get my hopes up 😭
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territorii · 3 hours ago
what is happeniny
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beeduo-updates · 3 hours ago
Ranboo tweeted this!
Tumblr media
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ryuuhogo-sha · 3 hours ago
Man Ranboo's been tweeting aloT on the past hour... What is he on?? /J
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tomble-by · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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