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kingandfireheart · 10 minutes ago
everytime i try to write fic i feel like i can never achieve the casual and amazing je ne sais quoi of Rowan calling Aelin "fireheart" or Casteel calling Poppy "princess," like how can i ever write a term of endearment again?
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starf1ower · 15 hours ago
sick and tired of seeing human firestar designs being ginger
bluestar saw a child in one of these and decided the prophecy must be about him,
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yabookaddiction · a day ago
Day One ➝  Throne of Glass
Over the next few days, I will be linking Instagram Guides full of my favorite book fanart for all of you! Enjoy!
Throne of Glass Fanart Part I
Tumblr media
All art was compiled with the artist’s permission!
All character belong to @sjmaas​
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I still really can’t bring myself to carer every time Puma shows up... so far he has just been a constantly boring character stuck on repeat.
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space-pilot-3000 · 2 days ago
Fireheart visits the Moonstone.
Yes another chapter already! I wanted to get back into Tuesday weekly updates
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mallowstep · 3 days ago
Cinderpaw trills, standing and pressing her head under Fireheart’s chin. He purrs, startled.
grounding of a foot uncompromising (i’ll believe the wind is calling me, ch. 3)
cinderpaw! is just! so cute!
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shrimp-sushi · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
pov: you enter the strange village near the woods and these 3 young men greet you, wyd
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berrybram-wcdesigns · 4 days ago
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you might know me from my main blog berrybrambleshade but im going to be posting my designs here! ive been doing these for over a year (most of the old ones are bad though) and theyre A LOT of fun :) but yeah ill turn asks on so you can suggest designs i can do (its likely i wont do them though sorry). so uh yeah? idk
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nivriti · 4 days ago
Judge: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in this court of justice?
Aelin: No.
Judge, whispering: What do I do??
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