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#vocab list
vocab prompt: dream
sueño - dream - der Traum
soñar - to dream - träumen
deseo - wish, desire - der Wunsch, die Begierde
dormir - to sleep - schlafen
la pesadilla - nightmare - der Albtraum
ensueño - day dream - der Tagtraum
popando moscas - lit. catching flies, to day dream - tagträumen
la fantasía - fantasy - die Fantasie
el fantasma - ghost - der Geist
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sheepfroggy · 5 days ago
LGBTQIA+ Vocabulary in Welsh!
Hey, everyone! Since I'm a queer Welsh person, I figured it was important I share some of the common queer terminology we use in our day to day lives, but in Welsh! Enjoy!!
Lesbian - Lesbiaidd
Gay - Hoyw
Bisexual - Deurywiol
Transgender - Trawsryweddol
Pansexual - Panrywiol
Non-binary - Anneuaidd
Queer - Cwiar (Can also be seen just as queer)
Questioning - Cwestiynu
Tumblr media
All the information on this post has come from Stonewall, who's page has more terms than what I'm sharing here. Please take a look if that interests you. Also, feel free to share any additions or corrections! <3
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formyfrench · 7 days ago
your 20s in french
hi! it’s been a hot minute... since the last time i posted on here i’ve been through a breakup, started a new uni year, almost completed the french part of my degree (one more paper to go! can you imagine?) and so i thought i’d circle back here for nostalgia’s sake. and because i’m feeling nostalgic, here’s a fresh vocab list because that’s what i used to create in high school - but now that i am well and truly into my 20s, i should probably learn to talk about it!
twenty - vingt
to learn - apprendre
to be in a relationship - être ensemble
to love (someone) - aimer
boyfriend - copain (m)
girlfriend - copine (f)
partner - compagnon (m), compagne (f)
lover - amant (m)
heartbreak - chagrin (m)
laughter - rire (m)
money - argent (m)
university - université (f)
degree - diplôme (m)
to study - étudier
exam - examen (m)
flat-share - colocation (f)
flatmate - colocataire (m/f)
to work - travailler
career - carrière (f)
job - boulot, emploi (m)
to drink - boire
to dance - danser
to party - faire la fête
nightclub - boîte (f)
instant noodles - nouilles instantanées (f)
takeaway - plat à emporter (m)
kebab - kebab (m)
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babilonias · 7 days ago
langblr wotd april - beach
Today’s post is based around La isla a mediodía, by Julio Cortázar. Give it a read, and review this little vocab list :)
> la franja - strip (of beach)
> el Egeo - Aegean Sea
> la orla - border (in the sense of decoration)
> el arrecife - reef
> la caleta - cove
> el puñado - handful
> la gruta - grotto, cave
> punzante - sharp, biting
“Ese día las redes se dibujaban precisas en la arena, y Marini hubiera jurado que el punto negro a la izquierda, al borde del mar, era un pescador que debía estar mirando el avión. «Kalimera», pensó absurdamente.”
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babilonias · 10 days ago
langblr wotd april - path
Today’s post is a vocab list from El jardín de los senderos que se bifurcan (The Garden of the Forking Paths) by Jorge Luis Borges. Give it a read, then review these words :)
> el catedrático - professor
> el níquel - nickel (metal)
> la aniquilación - annihilation
> la imprenta - printing press, printing house
> la albacea - executor (of an estate)
> el pormenor - detail
> el meandro - meander
> postergarse - to postpone
> correr la misma suerte - to suffer, face the same fate
> sopesar - to feel the weight of
> interrogar - to interrogate
> acaballado - horse-like
> atroz - atrocious
> inextricable - inextricable, unsolvable
> recóndito - remote, hidden
“Leí con incomprensión y fervor estas palabras que con minucioso pincel redactó un hombre de mi sangre: Dejo a los varios porvenires (no a todos) mi jardín de senderos que se bifurcan. Devolví en silencio la hoja.“
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studynlangs · 10 days ago
some french vocab from a certain book 
abîmer - to damage, wreck, ruin
baisser - to lower 
disloquer - to break, take sth to pieces
germer - to germinate, take seed, grow
mettre fin à - to put a stop to 
s’effondre - to collapse, fall apart
survenir - to occur, arise
tarder (à faire qch) - to be slow, late
tramer - to plot, weave 
travestir - to distort, twist 
voir le jour - to be born, see the light of day
m. complot - plan, scheme
f. contre-vérité - falsehood, lie
m. tapage - splash, disturbance, excessive noise
f. Union sovétique - Soviet Union
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malayalamnotebook · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Namaskaram 🌼🤍
So, this is officially my first post lol. It's a bit confusing because Maybe I'm not very organized nor consistent with language learning, but I'm still trying.
I've been struggling with Malayalam alphabet for some months and when I noticed everything was turning into a snowball and I couldn't remember anything I decided to start all over again.
This is my attempt for the very first letters of the alphabet: അ «a» and ആ «aa». Malayalam, as well as other Indian languages, has an alphabet system comprised of single and double letters. The vowels are called സ്വരങ്ങൾ (svaram). The direction of writing is left to right in horizontal lines.
I'm using materials for now.
The words are:
അമ്മ: mother
അന്ന: Anna
ആന: elephant
ആമ: turtle
I'll be uploading other letters as my practice progress 🌼
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a-french-hoe · 11 days ago
Brick-By-Brick Challenge:Day 3
Tumblr media
l’abstention abstention: not voting, abstención
l’âge légal pour voter: voting age, edad legal para votar
le suffrage: the vote, el voto
le droit de vote: right to vote, el derecho a votar
le Parlement: the Parliament, el Parlamento
le premier ministre: the prime minister, el primer ministro
le président: the president, el presidente
le Sénat: the Senate, el Senado
le sénateur: the senator, el senador
la démocratie: the democracy, la democracia
un gouvernement: the government, el gobierno
la loi: the law, la ley
un parti politique: a political party, un partido político
conservatif/conservative: conservative, conservador/a
libéral/libérale: liberal, liberal
le socialisme: the socialism, el socialismo
le capitalisme: the capitalism, el capitalismo
le communisme: the communism, el comunismo
Tumblr media
le roi: the king, el rey
la reine: the queen, la reina
un seigneur: a lord
un prince: a prince, un principe
une princesse: a princess, una princesa
la noblesse: the nobility, la nobleza
un /une noble: a noble person, un/a noble
l’aristocratie (f): the aristocracy, la aristocracia
un / une aristocrate: an aristocrat, un/a aristócrata
la monarchie: the monarchy, la monarquía
un monarque: a monarch, un monarca
la dynastie: the dynasty, la dinastía
l’empire (m): the empire, el imperio
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multilingualpotato · 12 days ago
Easter Vocabulary in Czech
Hey guys,
Easter is here, so I thought I would share with you some Czech Easter vocabulary. Some of these words may not make sense to you (in connection to Easter) if you are not familiar with Czech Easter traditions... but you are lucky, because I plan on doing a post about Czech Easter customs tomorrow, so stay tuned!
Veselé Velikonoce to all of you <3
Tumblr media
Velikonoce (n) - Easter
Veselé Velikonoce - Happy Easter
Zelený čtvrtek (m) -  Maundy Thursday (lit. Green Thursday)
Velký pátek (m) -  Good Friday (lit. Big Friday)
Velikonoční neděle (f) - Easter Sunday
Boží hod velikonoční (m) - also Easter Sunday (lit. God's Easter Feast)
Velikonoční pondělí (n) -  Easter Day (lit. Easter Monday)
ukřižování (n) - crucifixion
zmrtvýchvstání (n) -  resurrection
pomlázka (f) -  braided whip made from pussywillow twigs
velikonoční vajíčko (n) - Easter egg
kraslice (f) - painted eggshell (a specific type of Easter egg)
velikonoční zajíček (m) - Easter bunny
beránek (m) - lamb
mazanec (m) -  Easter sweet bread
mašle (f) - ribbon
čokoláda (f) - chocolate
bonbón (m) - candy
básnička (f) - poem
* f = feminine, m = masculine, n =  neuter, lit. = literally
Tumblr media
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