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#vocabulary list
my-name-is-dahlia · 4 days ago
Vocabulary (pt.dcccxcv)
Words taken from Now You Know Canada by Doug Lennox:
heavyweight (n.) a weight in certain sports, in the amateur boxing scale over 81 kg but differing for professional boxers and wrestlers.
bantamweight (n.) a weight class in certain sports between flyweight and featherweight, in the professional boxing scale not more than 118 lbs. (53 kg) but differing for amateur boxers and wrestlers.
welterweight (n.) a weight class in certain sports intermediate between lightweight and middleweight, in the amateur boxing scale 63.5–67 kg but differing for professionals and wrestlers.
ephedrine (n.) an alkaloid drug found in some ephedras, causing constriction of the blood vessels and widening of the bronchial passages, used to relieve asthma, hay fever, colds, etc.
pseudoephedrine (n.) a dextrorotatory compound commonly used as a nasal decongestant.
equestrian (adj.) ❤ of or relating to horses and horseback riding.
rhythmic gymnastics (n.) a form of gymnastics emphasizing dance-like rhythmic routines, typically accentuated by the use of ribbons or hoops.
biathlon (n.) sport. an athletic contest in cross-country skiing and shooting or in cycling and running.
biathlete (n.) an athlete taking part in a biathlon. [x]
Thomas (Tom) Charles Longboat (1887–1949) Onondaga long-distance runner from the Six Nations Reserve near Brantford. One of the premier runners of his age, he won the Boston Marathon in record time in 1907.
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my-name-is-dahlia · 8 days ago
Vocabulary (pt.dcccxci)
Words taken from #avLatinGreekRoots:
antiseptic (adj.) counteracting sepsis especially by preventing the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms.
antagonist (n.) an opponent or adversary.
Antarctic (adj. & n.) of, relating to, or denoting the south polar region  or Antartica. 
arteriole (n.) a small branch of an artery leading into capillaries.
atheist (n.) a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.
atypical (adj.) not typical; not conforming to a type.
anesthetic / anaesthetic (n.) a substance that produces insensibility to pain etc.
apology (n.) a regretful acknowledgement of an offence or failure.
apostle (n.) any of a group of followers of Christ made up of the twelve disciples and Paul and Barnabas, sent out to preach the gospel after the Resurrection.
amphibious (adj.) living both on land and in water.
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trying-for-100times · 10 days ago
Useful French expressions - vocabulary list 🥛🔗📚
à â ç è é ê ë î ï ô ù û ü
au sens propre - literally
au sens figuré - figuratively
au sens large - in every sense of the word
au sens strict - in the strict sense of the word
par analogie avec qch - by analogy with sth
désigner qch - to refer to sth
dériver de qch - to stem from sth
être doté de qch - to be equipped with sth
un sous-ensemble de qch – a subset, a subsection of sth
le courant – trend, movement
la colonne - row, line, pillar, column
l’étendue de qch – scope, range
important – considerable, sizeable
l’aire (f) –  area, zone
l’opinion publique le pense coupable - people believe him to be guilty
a minima*- at the minimum
en italique - in italics
en romain - in upright letters, roman letters
franciser - to adapt into French
tendre à qch – to aim to do sth
à titre de point de repère – as a point of reference
trotter dans la tête - to run through one’s mind
la notoriété - fame
un phare - a beacon of light
de renom - renowned
emblématique - representative, symbolic
voué à qch - destined for sth
axé sur qch - focused on sth
un aperçu de la vie de quelqu’un - a glimpse into one’s life
les hauts et les bas - ups and downs
dénoncer qn (à la police) - to report sb (to the police)
railler qn - to make fun of sb
Je suis pris(e). - I’m busy.
Les grands esprits se rencontrent. - Great minds think alike.
volontiers - gladly, willingly
l'aumônier - chaplain
la droiture - uprightness
une lueur d'espoir - a glimmer of hope
la prise de médicaments - taking meds
le juge d'instruction - investigating judge
la remise en liberté - act of releasing sb from prison
la chambre du conseil - council chamber
la vérité éclate - the truth comes out
la presomption d'innocence - presumption of innocence
la camisole chimique - antipsychotic meds
la préau - courtyard
être obnubilé - to be obsessed
déchanter - to become disillusioned
à tort ou à raison - rightly or wrongly
l'amertume (f) - bitterness
une illusion - delusion
une quête de qch - pursuit of sth
la divergence - difference of opinion
névrotique - neurotic
à la limite - at the limits of sth
imbu de soi - full of oneself
insipide - bland
effleurer = passer par la tête - to cross one’s mind
accablant - overwhelming, damning
l'obnubilation - brain fog
pointer qch de doigt - to point fingers
le verrouillage central - central locking system (in a car)
livide - pale
rebelote - once again
saisissant - striking
être pris sur le fait - to be caught red-handed
déverser - to spill (eg. tea)
avoir un coup de blues - to feel down
ivre mort - dead drunk
* - Latin expression that aren’t considered to have been adapted into French  deentirely tend to be written in italic.
Follow me for more! I also take suggestions as to possible vocabulary range I could make a to do list on (French and/or Spanish vocabulary lists)✨ 
I will be doing a series on French and Spanish idioms soon :)
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Random but common words in Faroese 1.0
bóndagarður : farm djóraansari : zoo keeper floghavn : airport gás : goose klokka : bell lummapengar : pocket money lykil : key mál : paint ongin : nobody skrivstova : office sterk : strong svani : swan ung : young vinnari : winner vinur : friend
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