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#mike wheeler
fropibyer · an hour ago
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you-said-yes · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
el just found out they have superpowers and, with the help of their comic-book-loving best friend, decides to become a superhero
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incorrect-hawkins · 7 hours ago
El: what does thot mean?
Mike: a umm thoughtful person
El: hey Max can you pass the salt?
Max: sure *passes salt*
El: thanks! You are such a thot!
Max: *starts choking*
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byler-incorrect-quotes · 14 hours ago
Eleven : have you seen the way Mike and will look at each other?
Max : the way they look at each other? I'm pretty sure if both had to take a wine shot everytime they crushed on each other, they'd probably be dead by now
Eleven secretly shipping them : Also, the number of time they stared at each other's lips
Max : LOL true ..
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byler-incorrect-quotes · 15 hours ago
Mike : I dare Everyone to go and slap their crush and see what their response is
Will : *goes ahead and slaps Mike*
Mike who didn't know will had a crush on him : Did you just-
Meanwhile El and Max : *being super proud of will*
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you-said-yes · 18 hours ago
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wheelclair ghost-hunting au intensifies
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you-said-yes · 19 hours ago
wheelclair ghost hunting au
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you-said-yes · 21 hours ago
i was driving and listening to abba, as one does, and was like halfway through the second verse of sos when i realized that is 100% a song mike would put on his secret missing-will-in-a-gay-way mixtape
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you-said-yes · a day ago
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stranger things 4 merch
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alreadycrazysstuff · a day ago
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itwasaseven · a day ago
so now that it’s basically confirmed that mike goes to the byers’ house… is it time to start placing bets on whether they use smalltown boy or not
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fluffami · a day ago
Recently on instagram, I asked subscribers to give an idea for Byler (for many requests, they want Byler) and this is the first idea!
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I still try my hand at drawing kisses
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1980shorrorfilm · a day ago
I just saw an anti byler post where the person was trying to defend m!leven and they said that El was the first person to show Mike love and that Will didn’t care about Mike. It’s almost funny to see the byler antis reach so far, because really that is the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Whether you think their love is platonic or romantic you cannot say Will didn’t love Mike. Because it makes total sense that Will didn’t love Mike all the years he was Mike’s best friend. You don’t even have to ship byler to see how obvious Mike and Will love each other. And also how can you say nobody showed Mike no love. Lucas? Dustin? Nancy? Mike has been shown love. Dustin and Lucas have been best friends with Mike for years and it is very obvious that they all love each other. Even though it’s evident that Nancy and Mike bicker quite a bit Nancy still loves her brother so much. I don’t mind if other people don’t ship byler, but by saying complete rubbish like this just gets me so mad.
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