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imposterogers · 9 hours ago
yk how thor's kinda a himbo, esp abt earth culture, but also weirdly knowledgeable abt history and science having lived through so much? you know how bruce is a straight up nerd? here's my crack concept: thorbruce clueless au
similar energy: thorbruce legally blonde au
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justasociallyawkwardgeek · 14 hours ago
Thor: Hello Bruce, I have returned from the store. In the fruit and vegetable section I found these flowers I thought you might like.
Bruce: *awkwardly takes them* Thanks Thor, that’s very thoughtful of you. Except… they don’t sell flowers in the fruit and vegetable section. *smells them* Yeah this is cilantro
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wowitslowki · a day ago
Pinned intro post since it seems needed.
Oliver-18-He/They-Transmasc Super new to Marvel, like,, a couple weeks ago new.  I ship Lokius and Thruce VERY hard, they bring me lots of joy. VERRRRY RAGNAROK CRITICAL,,,, the only good thing to come from that film was the Thruce content. The only thing I trust Waititi with is Thruce, outside of that, he should not be trusted with Thor or Loki’s characters at all imo lmao
I tag Loki series spoilers based on episode number, like “Loki episode 1″ or “Loki episode 2″ so blacklist them if you dont want spoilers.  I DRAW!!! check my #my arts tag!!! Reblogs > likes on my art posts <3
DNI Truscum/Transmeds-Pro-shipper/Anti-Anti/Minors in kink/MAP/NOMAP Thorki shippers-Tony x Peter shippers
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Bruce: I’m a piece of trash
Thor: Bruce, we’ve talked about this
Bruce: Sorry, honey
Bucky: I’m a piece of trash
Steve: As someone who cares about the environment, I’m obliged to pick you up
Steve: Is seven okay?
Tony: I’m a piece of trash
Stephen: I know but I can’t find an effective way to get rid of you
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uhthor · 3 days ago
Hi!! I’m new to following your blog, but love thorbruce, and it looks really cool <3 I was just wondering if you could @me when you post your thorbruce analysis?
hi hello thank you so much, that means so much!! glad you love thorbruce <3333 i absolutely can @ you when i post it, that’s no problem!
if anyone else would like to be @ when i post it, like this or let me know?
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Thor: Truth or dare?
Bruce: Truth
Thor: Your face is beautiful
Bruce: That’s…
Bruce: That’s not how the game works
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flightsofwonder · 4 days ago
tom hiddleston for the average white man rating bc who else would i ask for
just like old times 😘
Yikes, I Don’t See The Appeal || Not My Type || He’s Alright || I See The Appeal But I’m Different™ || Cute But On Alternating Wednesdays || He Has A Kind Face And That’s Good Enough || Pretty || Gorgeous || I— I Love? We Don’t Deserve Him.
im mostly here for the voice, when is this man gonna make a podcast
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Thor: I turned out perfectly fine!
Bruce: Thor, this morning you thought a ghost made your toast.
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Thor: Man, I only ever see you awake, do you ever shut down or stop running?
Bruce: Oh, I’m always running
Bruce: The question is from what
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sciencexthunder · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bruce's reaction when Thor praises his flight abilities
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Thor: I’m going to fight the next person who insults my boyfriend
Bruce: I hate myself
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thatonegreyghost · 6 days ago
Aight, day 15!
Favorite LGBTQIA+ ship:
Honestly.... I don't have one. I really like Lumity from Owl House, I love Stucky, Stony, Thruce, and Clintasha(I headcanon Nat is ace) from Marvel, and because I've been jumping back into Star Wars, Codywan, Skysolo, Dinluke, Stormpilot, Kalluzeb, and whatever the heck Ahsoka has going on with her lesbian ass.
Also, if anyone has cute polyam ships from those respective Fandom, can yall share? Pretty please? I know Barbershop quartet, but like, I want others? Please?
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Thor: All of my capes keep disappearing, it’s strange
Bruce, using one of his capes as a blanket: I wonder where they could’ve gone
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blueeyesblazing · 6 days ago
I don’t know where this came from but I have a sudden and inescapable need for fic involving Bruce cooking an amazing dinner after noticing the roast that Thor had sitting on his windowsill for a month. Sigh.
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