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#thor x bruce
peterbparkerth · 14 hours ago
The Cloaked Rose ~Chapter 5~
Tumblr media
*The Cloaked Rose Masterlist*
Summary: What happens when a Psychic Nexus who feels anybody’s energy comes in contact with the Avengers but most importantly someone she thought she’ll never find.
Bucky X OC!Character
Avengers X Platonic!Character
A/N: The main character’s personality is based on myself and she’s not like Wanda just imagine the main character to be a different type of nexus and Wanda being just a witch not a nexus. Also it starts after Thanos dies meaning the falcon and winter soldier time but Tony and the rest are alive and Steve is a Nomad but the government is okay with him since He gave the shield to Sam. John Walker aka the US agent still exists but he’s on the down low. Loki is also an avenger now so chill.
Chapter 5
Alara’s POV
I was happy that Bucky pulled me away from the dance floor as I was very uncomfortable dancing with a stranger.
When Nat left the booth, Bucky sat on the counter chair and I did the same. “Alara” he said and cleared his throat to speak again “you need to stop dancing with strangers, they can be harmful to you. I don’t want anything to happen to you..” he sighed and then continued “You mean so much to me Al, so much ” he then looked at me. I only nodded letting him know I agree with him.
He took a deep breath and after a while he spoke “I care about you Alara, you can say that I even like you”, his confession made me realize my feelings for him. “I care about you too Bucky and trust me I feel the same” I finally said, he smiled at me and held my hand softly. He shouldn’t have touched me because the moment he touched me I felt being in deep pain the pain being too much for me, I looked at Bucky as he knew something was wrong, but before he could say something I ran away from him. “Alara!” I heard everyone call me but I kept running towards my room.
I had no idea when I slept but I woke up in my room in the same dress from last night, I quickly changed into casual clothes but didn’t want to go to the kitchen. Just then Wanda knocked on the door and said “Alara we need to talk about what happened last night”, I sighed and turned to look at her “okay Wanda get in.” She nodded and sat on the edge of the bed, “so why did you leave last night in a hurry. Bucky must be feeling his worst today” she said. I coughed a bit and then told her “When Bucky touched me last night, I felt a lot of pain from him and I thought he was not being truthful to me”.
Wanda nodded and replied “I understand how you feel Alara, but give him a chance if you feel the same way. Maybe it’s your powers telling you to take all that pain away from him”. I looked at her surprised “you think that?” I asked and she nodded smiling. I got out of my room and walked to the kitchen. “Where’s Bucky?” I asked Steve when I walked in the kitchen. “Well morning to you too Al, he’s in the training room” he replied and I ran towards the training room.
I saw Bucky training his shooting skills with Nat and jealousy hit me a lot. I opened the door and ran to Bucky. “Bucky!” I said as I ran to him, he turned around and was immediately hugged by me. He chuckled “Doll, how are you feeling today?” He asked as he hugged me back, “sorry I left without saying anything, I’m sorry” I said but all he did was kiss my forehead to calm me down. “Want to go have breakfast with me love?” He asked me and I blushed as I nodded.
Within a few minutes we were sitting on the dining table having our lunch when suddenly Clint switched on the news, it showed how someone with powers escaped the prison only to get to another dimension. “This is bad” I said, everyone else looked at me needing to know more.
“MTF captured that prisoner after such a hard fight. If he escaped there must be a dangerous reason for it” I said. “What do you mean dangerous?” Loki and Thor asked at the same time and then looked at each other.
Before I could say anything, a portal opened in the middle of the lounge and in came Ryan clearly in stress. “We have a big ass problem Alara” he said, I rolled my eyes and walked to him “Just because Derine escaped, it doesn’t mean the world will end Ry” I said and let him on the couch.
“Who’s Derine and what’s his story?” Peter asked as he got into the lounge “Peter, he is one of the men of Kalike who is just like Hydra but in other dimension” I let him and everyone else know.
“No, he’s not.” Zaire suddenly came to the lounge with other MTF men. I looked at her and smiled “Derine not only work for Kalike but they both are the soldiers of Voltron” she said and I looked at her “Voltron who’s that?” I asked her.
She looked and me and sighed “Voltron is the destroyer of dimensions, the worlds we live in. He’s after Alara’s powers” she answered me. “What does he want from Alara?” Tony asked
“She’s powerful and he just wants to take her powers” Zaire said before she handed Ryan a confidential file and left the lounge. I looked at Bucky “I’m just a psychic that controls the portals” I said.
“If your safety is at stake you should go live somewhere for a while” Natasha said, everyone looked at her “well that’s not a bad idea after all” Sam said and nudged Bucky who then said “I’ll go with her and she can be under my supervision” Steve and the rest smirked at me and I rolled my eyes “I’ll see what’s the easiest way to get you out of here” Tony said and told Friday to look for early flights to any country.
“Dubai will be much better for Miss Alara, Mr Stark.” Friday responded and I sighed then went to my room to pack for Dubai even if I had to leave after a week. Bucky came into my room and said “Doll, don’t worry once everything is safe, I’ll bring you back”. I looked at him and smiled “I trust you Bucky” I said as he hugged me.
Third Person POV
While Alara and Bucky were planning to travel to Dubai, there was someone else who was travelling. But he was travelling dimension to dimension, why? Just for Alara.
Voltron has always seemed to want to control the flow anything that’s different. He never liked different beings, but on the same time he wanted power and superiority amongst others.
“Did you find her?” He asked his men “No sire, we’re unable to find her on earth 242” one of the men said. Voltron got out of his throne like seat and walked out to see the begging faces of the people of earth 242. “Where is Alara Kaymak?!!” He shouted at the captured people.
“She’s not here with us” one of the local men replied, this angered Voltron as he signalled his men to “Kill them” right after he used his powers to tear one of the locals piece by piece. “Find her and bring her to me!!!” He shouted at his men as he went back into his plane.
“Master where should we travel to now?” The plane pilot asked, “Earth 355, you fool!” Voltron growled at he used his powers to throw one of his men from one place to another, just for fun.
As Voltron continue his journey to find Alara, no body questions him “Why Alara?” Well that secret will soon be revealed.
@exmachina187 @httpscarletwitch @madisondelstan @amayatheowl @motherbarnes
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cool-abed-filmz · a day ago
I can imagine like Loki falling in love with mobius and how he tells mobi that they love him and it kinda goes like this
“So you know how my brother fell in love with that Mortal? Jane foster?”
“Yes I do what about them?”
“Well for the short time I knew her before I faked my death the first time I never really understood why,, she was just like every other midgardian women,, and their were plenty of women on Asgard Thor could have fell in love with,, why chose her?”
“I have no clue why,, love words in mysterious ways”
“Well um,,,since shortly after I met you,,,,I think I’ve been starting to understand why my brother fell for a mortal”
“Well I think I’m starting to understand why Jane fell in love with a god”
And then they kiss
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secretlypeggycarter · 2 days ago
Peggy’s Masterlist
I stared writing some ideas down, and I thought I should start a page where I expand on them. Obviously the Masterlist isn’t going to be full when it’s first posted, but it gives everyone some ideas on who they can request and who I’m going to write for. 
If there is someone you do not see on here, you may still request for them. I just didn’t want to clutter this list, really. 
Started: July 18th, 2021
Last Updated: July 18th, 2021
Tumblr media
Tony Stark
not yet :/
Steve Rogers
not yet :/
Natasha Romanoff
not yet :/
Bruce Banner
not yet :/
Stephen Strange 
not yet :/
Thor Odinson 
not yet :/
Loki Laufeyson
not yet :/
Peter Parker
not yet
Bucky Barnes
Dream A Little Dream of Me
Pietro Maximoff
not yet :/
Wanda Maximoff 
not yet :/
Sam Wilson 
not yet :/
Helmut Zemo
not yet :/
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dreamy-clousds · 3 days ago
𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐉𝐨𝐲
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐒𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧
↳ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 | uh fighting? Lmk if anything.
↳ 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 | 2124
𝐚/𝐧 ~ sorry I haven't updated this story in a while. But I'm back now!
masterlist | series masterlist | taglist
Tumblr media
<- previous chapter
After a couple of days, Rory kinda got used to her new "home." Since Tony didn't know how long it would be before they went back to California, and with Pepper gone, they decided it was best if Rory just took a break from school.
Rory did eventually grow to like her new room. She was not allowed to leave the current floor, so she basically just spent all of her time there. Tony was gone all day and didn't get home until very late at night, meaning Rory had to have food delivered. She didn't mind, though. She figured that if they end up staying, she'll be able to tell Tony what all the good restaurants are.
Tony never told her anything about why they were here with the exception of, "Daddy has business."
So in order to pass the time, Rory would read or watch movies. She even took up drawing which turned out to be something she isn't too bad at.
This morning, Tony was already gone by the time Rory got up, so she got dressed and migrated to the living area. She sat on one of the couches near the large window and began sketching the tall buildings surrounding her.
As she finished the shading on one of the skyscrapers, she peered back up to see a tall man with long, black hair dressed in what looked like a Halloween costume standing on the terrace. Rory put down her sketchbook and looked closer. He was very tall and had large, golden horns that decorated the top of his head. She had no clue as to why this man was standing outside of her window on her father's building.
Rory looked to her right and noticed her father, in the Iron Man suit, land on the landing pad. The man just stood there, watching as machines swiftly removed the armor from Tony's body.
The strange man made his way into the room from the balcony. The room she was in. Rory didn't know what to do. She was frozen, scared. Instead of running away as any sane person would, Rory remained in her chair.
The large man entered the room. He studied his surroundings, his eyes eventually landing on Rory. "Who might you be?" He asked with disdain.
Rory could do nothing but blink at him, too afraid to speak. He opened his mouth to say more, only to be interrupted by the presence of Tony. "Rory, come here," Tony said blankly.
Rory immediately dropped her things and ran to her father's side. Tony wrapped his arm around her protectively, hoping to shield her with his body.
The man watched this all happen before finally speaking, "Please tell me you're going to appeal to my humanity." He spoke as if she weren't there.
"Actually I'm planning to threaten you," Tony responded. Rory couldn't sense any different emotions other than his natural sarcastic tone.
"You should have left your armor on for that," the man bantered, walking closer to Tony and Rory.
"Yeah," Tony pushed Rory behind the bar. "It's seen a bit of mileage, and you've got the glow stick of destiny." Rory crouched down below the bar and pulled her knees into her chest. She couldn't help but let tears stain her cheeks, afraid of what was happening. "Would you like a drink?" Tony asked the man as he walked behind the bar, actively trying to ignore you in hopes you wouldn't become a target.
Rory heard the other man laugh. "Stalling me won't change anything," he said. If Rory knew what it meant, she would describe their conversation as passive-aggressive.
"No, no. threatening." Tony began making himself a drink. "No drink? You sure? I'm having one.
"The Chitauri are coming. Nothing will change that." His words sounded like gibberish to Rory. "What have I to fear?"
Rory watched her father casually make a drink as if nothing was wrong. "The Avengers. That's what we call ourselves. We're sort of like a team." Rory had no idea what he was going on about. ""Earth's mightiest heroes"-type thing."
"Yes, I've met them."
"Yea," Tony's smile helped calm Rory down. He had to have the situation under control, right? "It takes us a while to get any traction, I'll give you that one. But let's do a headcount, here. Your brother, the demi-god," demi-god? "A super-soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend." He secretly slipped a metal-looking band on each wrist.
"A man with breathtaking anger-management issues, a couple of master assassins, and you, big fella," none of his words were making any sense. "You've managed to piss off every single one of them."
"That was the plan."
"Not a great plan," Tony walked past you and out from the bar. "When they come, and they will, they'll come for you."
"I have an army."
"We have a hulk."
Rory finally gathered enough courage and stood up carefully. She peeked her head over the bar to watch the men while also trying to stay out of the way. Tony was approaching the man as they spoke; the man keeping his ground.
"I thought the beast had wandered off," the man said.
"You're missing the point. There's no throne," Tony's voice rose slightly. "There is no version of this where you come out on top. Maybe your army comes and maybe it's too much for us, but it's all on you. Because if we can't protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure we'll avenge it."
Tony took a sip of his drink while the man took a few steps closer, a scowl spreading across his features. "How will your friends have time for me when they're so busy fighting you?"
For the first time since this scene began, Tony looked scared. The man brought his scepter-looking thing up and tapped it against Tony's chest with a clang noise. The man's face dropped for a second before he tried a second time, and then a third. "This usually works."
Tony didn't look scared anymore. "Well, performance issues, it's not uncommon. One out of five--" his sentence was cut short when the man forcefully grabbed Tony's throat and threw him onto the floor. Rory squealed and then immediately covered her mouth.
The man turned his head in Rory's direction with a puzzled look. He turned away from her as soon as Tony stood up and went for his neck again. "You will all fall before me," he said.
"Deploy!" Tony called before the man threw him out the window, shattering the glass. Rory screamed with all her might. Did she just watch her Dad be murdered? What was he going to do to her?
Rory hid behind the bar once more, watching and listening closely to her surroundings. A loud sound rippled through the room causing Rory to throw her hands over her ears to block out the noise. She peeked over the bar and saw nothing but more shards of glass and broken furniture.
The man stared Rory down. "Who are you?"
Rory gulped, "who are you?"
He chuckled. "I am Loki, of Asgard. I'm surprised you have not yet heard of me." His tone was a lot softer with her than it was with her father. "What is your name, little one?"
"Rory," she nervously answered his question. "My name is Rory."
"Let me guess; Stark's child?" She didn't say anything. Rory simply nodded. "Ah I see," he gave you an almost heartwarming smile. "Come here, Rory."
Fearing she had no other choice, Rory walked over to Loki and he crouched down to meet her gaze. He smiled at her. Rory watched her father fly up behind him. She was more than thrilled to see her father alive and more tears fell from her eyes.
"And one more thing," Loki's face dropped and he spun around to face Tony. "Get away from my daughter!" Tony shot at Loki, sending him flying backward. Rory jumped out of the way, too stunned to do anything else. With Loki knocked out, Tony looked towards his daughter, "Rory go hide, now!" He flew away into the sky, and Rory wasted no time in running to her bedroom.
She slammed the door shut and locked it. She looked around her room for anything that she could put in front of the door to make it harder to reach her. Rory tried to move the couch, but it was no use. It was too heavy for a ten-year-old to manage. She tugged on her roots as she spotted her desk chair. Once it was securely tucked under the knob, Rory ran over to her window to watch what was unfolding.
Rory couldn't help herself as she began to sob. She was afraid and she was alone. There was nothing she could do to help. Tons of thousands of aliens flooded the skies and streets of New York as Rory sat up in her bedroom, watching. She was sobbing uncontrollably as she pressed her face and hands into the large window.
More loud noises were flowing from the living area into Rory's bedroom and Rory could do nothing to stop them. She hoped that the man who called himself Loki was gone and that her Dad was alright.
At this moment, Rory really felt like a child. She felt small and helpless. Lonely and afraid. There was nothing else she could do except watch. She had no clue as to what she was watching either, which was not making her feel any better.
At long last, the aliens seemed to dissipate and things seemed to calm down. It looked to Rory like the fight was over. But who won?
Rory was drawn away from her thoughts by the sound of her father's voice calling her name. She nearly sprinted out. She ran up to Tony and engulfed him in the tightest bear hug she could manage. He was still in his suit and covered in dirt, but neither seemed to mind.
"I was afraid," Rory murmured into his neck.
"I know, bubs." They pulled away from the hug and Rory got the chance to really see the other people in the room.
There was a giant-sized man with green skin, a man with a shield, a man with a bow and arrow, a man with a red cape and long hair, and what looked like Natalie, only with shorter hair. They looked odd. As if they were straight out of a movie. She noticed Loki in handcuffs. He looked angry and sad at the same time. Rory didn't really know what he did, but she knew he lost and her dad won.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Tony held a silver case in one hand and Rory's in the other as he walked alongside the other Avengers waiting to send Loki away. Tony had made it very clear that from now on, Rory would not be leaving his side.
Rory let go of her Dad's hand to let him deal with the case. Thor, as he had told Rory to call him, led Loki a few feet away from everyone else. He waited for Loki to grab hold of the glass container for the Tesseract. Before she knew it, the pair had disappeared in a storm of blue.
Once everything else was settled, Tony reached for Rory's hand again and walked her over to the rest of the Avengers. "Rory there's some people I'd like you to meet," he motioned to the team. "That's Capsicle, Legolas, Jolly Green, and the Triple Imposter. This is Rory." The others shook their heads at Tony's nicknames.
"Steve," the tall, blonde man smiled and Rory shook his hand.
"Bruce," the shorter man with grey hair politely smiled and waved.
"Yea," Nat showed you a friendly smile to which you returned. "Nice to finally meet you, officially."
"And I'm Clint," the last man with spiky hair and sunglasses introduced himself.
"Hi," you said, shyly and waved at them all.
"Bubs, you go wait in the car I'll be there in a sec," said Tony.
"Okay. It was nice meeting you all!" You said as you walked to the car.
"You ready to go, kiddo?" Tony asked as he got in the car and fastened his seatbelt.
"Are we going home? Like, back to Malibu?" you asked as he started the car and pulled out.
"Yea," he smiled. "I think we deserve a break."
"What about the tower?"
"We're working on it. It'll be fixed in no time."
"Good," you sighed
"I don't mind it anymore. I don't think it would be so bad if we moved here."
"Really?" He raised his eyebrows.
Next chapter ->
🏷 ↴
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Tony Stark:
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lunarevans · 3 days ago
Pretty Little Thing Prologue
Tumblr media
-  Venom flowed freely from her veins as blood flowed from her mouth. The pointed canines no longer resided uncomfortably on her tongue. She hated the way he looked at her, like he was golden and she was yet another monster for him to defeat. Maybe she was.
“Close your mouth,” he directed pointedly. Such a good captain. Tony and Natasha were right in some respect. Those broad shoulders held a certain power to them. He was definitely a leader. 
“Oh, but sweet малыш, I’m such a pretty little thing like this.” 
Nadezhda Komarova’s been through hell. Hydra’s notorious experimentation has turned her into a creature of nightmares - mostly her own. The Avengers are a safe haven. Well, except for Steve Rogers, who absolutely cannot stand her. This rift causes tension not only in the compound, but even on the battlefield. He hates her, and doesn’t care if she knows it. Oh, but she’s such a pretty little thing.
STORY WARNINGS: eventual smut (18+ minors dni), blood, (light and nondescriptive) gore, mentions of torture, nightmares and scary visions, slight allusions to depression and suicide, and finally, nasty thoughts about steve. 
sidenote: this is not endgame cannon like at all lol fuck that. this story will also be up on ao3 or wattpad if yall prefer to read on those sites. i’m so excited for this one guys.
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geevampire · 3 days ago
thor odinson and bruce banner r in love thank u
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icesnaps · 3 days ago
Icy Master list
Last updated: 3:38 on 17th June 2021
The original trilogy: part 1 part 2 part 3
The hair series: curly hair, man bun, long hair, braids hair, hair dye
Wandavision series: part 1 part 2 part 3 final part
Anorexic reader
Buff dawk reader
Winged reader
Shy assassin reader
Traitor reader
Merman reader
YamiKawaii model reader
Running away
Yandere with best friend reader
Yandere with brother reader
Dead by daylight
Breaking up with killers( shape, huntress and hillbilly)
Yandere with co-worker(trapper, ghostface and felix)
The Hillbilly
The shape
David king
Love letters
Safe and bound
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breathinfive · 4 days ago
Warning: English isn't my first language so I'm really sorry about grammaly mistakes.
AN: anyways stream måneskin they're perfect.
Tumblr media
Tony Stark: I wanna be your slave
He's a fuckboy what do you expect.
I mean, he literally would play this song in the whole tower.
Also he gonna play it in loop.
Always sing the lyric.
And always hums it when he's doing robot stuff yk.
He love måneskin sinces he's know about them he is a TOTALLY #1 FAN OF THAT PERFECT ITALIANS.
Everyone in the tower are tired of him and the song but COME ON THAT SONG IS GOLD.
I bet u that he will bring the band to the tower for a private concert.
And he did it, pay me. 😎
Bruce Banner: Coraline
Thanks Tony, he know who is måneskin (and everyone in the tower btw)
He's is a emotional baby soooo the song represents him. The other guy problem we know.
That song makes him feel so in calm in his way.
Is his comfort song omg.
I 100% sure that Bruce heard the other songs from the band but makes his nerves grow up when he did it so 😫 (except for vent'anni, his other favourite song)
He was so excited when måneskin arrived at the tower, and very kindly asked them to play coraline. He's to cute cmon I wanna hug Bruce aaaaah.
Clint Barton: Lividi sui gomiti
He doesn't understand the lyric but he's into the beat gjkfkdjfk.
He love the vibes that the song spread.
He feels like a rockstar.
A completely a mood when he listens the song with headphones.
You can see him training normally but in his mind he's daydrevibes with the song.
When the guys plays that song in the private concert he's got insaneeeee.
Rockstar dad vibes.
Thor: Immortale
He loves the vibes that the band gives.
He wants to take them to Asgard and show them to Loki.
They remind him to Loki aaaaw.
Anyway, Immortale is he's favourite song because "they sang about immortal things and I am immortal" :D Thor words.
When the song plays he move his head at the rhythm.
That song put a smile on his face.
He literally teach Loki about måneskin, teach him EVERYTHING.
A such fan as Tony.
Natasha Romanoff: Chosen
Black widow vibes.
That song gave her comfort.
Loves måneskin but she keeps it to herself.
A fan but a calm one (not like Tony and Thor).
She knows all the lyrics of the all songs.
Loves chosen album.
She feel proud when knows that måneskin wins eurovision.
When she training puts chosen in loop cuz give her confidence to fight.
My pretty widow has a crush on Victoria ;) who's dont I meaaaan- Victoria supremacy 🛐
Flirts light with the guys when they're in the tower.
Nat is a rockstar so enjoy the concert a lot.
She take some cool pics with the band. And also with the other avengers but then shes cuts them, gave her moment 😤.
Steve Rogers: Torna a casa
Nostalgic vibes for the old man.
He likes the calm genres of music but måneskin have a place in his heart.
That particular song makes him feel things that can't explain for himself.
He like the rhythm of the song.
He plays the song when his alone reading a book or drawing some doodles.
He put the song in this 21th century favorite songs playlist. (Created by Tony)
He is a fan of måneskin but kinda hide it for his partners, prefers keep it from himself as Nat.
But that doesn't mean he didn't enjoy the private concert.
Oh boooooy, he sang the songs that he knows with Thor and Tony.
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i-writes-things · 4 days ago
The Secret.
Part 7 Finale pt.1
Avengers x Fem!reader
(+ \) Platonic, Angst
summary- The newest Avenger keeps a big secret from the rest if the team....
Warnings- swearing, mentions of death, Gunshots and torture 
Tumblr media
I made this gif*
"Who are you?"
"Who am I? ha! I am Zemo, Baron Zemo. I hear you are a Avenger now?" he asks "no?" he asks again
"Well if your not going to talk to me then you just might respond when we put your son, Jake on. hmm, how does sound."
"I'm not telling you anything!" You shout at Zemo
Natasha speed walks down the halls of the Compound into the kitchen, stopping to talk with them about you.
"Nat, glad you could make an appearan-"
"Y/n is missing, and I think I know where." she says worriedly
There are many responses to this, but mainly concerned faces
"No that won't work it's Hydra-" Natasha responds
"Knew it!" says Steve pointing to Tony
The team comes up with a plan and heads to your last known location, which funny enough is where you are.
"Aggh!" You scream as the electricity runs through your nervous system, leaving you extremely exhausted.
"You feeling ready to talk yet?" Zemo asks politely, but his demeanor only makes you more angry with him
You hesitate, but shake your head "no" you snap at him
"Well we have tortured you enough physically." He chuckles and walks out of the room, leaving you to be confused.
Two men enter and slap duck tape over your mouth and tie your hands together as tight as possible, they lead you out of the room.
Hearing only the silent footsteps of the two men and your breathing
You know now isn't the best time, but probably the only time you will have the chance.
One of the two men would be luckier than the other in this situation.
Knocking one to the ground and kicking the other in the groin, both going to the ground but that wasn't enough, they would get back on there feet any second, you had to think fast...
It felt like hell, but you kept pulling your hands through the rope, giving you a burning sensation in your hands as you kept going, one of them was getting to there feet.
"Com- Come on" you groaned to yourself
The guy pulled you away from the hook on the wall that you had the rope on trying to pull it off of your hands.
But in his doing so, your hands slipped through the rope and you got straight to work, elbowing the man and pinning him against the opposite wall punching the shit out of him, he fell to the floor unconscious.
The other man still on the ground holding his groin in pain. You hit his groin again over his hands and punching him in the face, knocking the lights out of him. You finally put the two in a closet together and left..
"So, Hydra really has her?" Thor asks in disgust
"I think so." Natasha says giving him a sad look.
"And her 'son' what about him, is he here?" Tony asks.
Steve is looking at Natasha for an answer.
"That, I don't know." She looks down, mad at herself for not trying to find him first for you.
The east wing is quiet. Should it be this quiet Romanoff?" Steve asks through comms
"For Hydra, they sure as hell know how to hide." she responds
"It seems the western side of this 'base' is also quite soundless." Thor says quietly
"Hey, Natasha there are a few life forms coming up ahead, they look pretty immobile, though." Bruce says obstervantly looking at his screen from the Quinjet
"Ahead, where?" she asks Bruce "The closest closet, up to your left."
She opens the door, gun in hand.
"They're unconscious, Banner. Could Y/n have done this?"Natasha asks the team
"Maybe." Tony sounds sure
"That silly misguardian, what has she done now." Thor says lovingly
"A total possibility." Steve responses with everyone else
"She sure as hell tried." Clint says finally speaking up "I was going through Hydra's camera footage, and there is some alarming stuff going on, in the North wing, I-" He grunts, taking a few steps back "I'd love some team spirt, and some help..." He says almost yelling with heavy breaths over comms
"On our way Clint." Steve reassures Clint, as everyone heads to the North wing in the HYDRA base
"Clint watch out!" You yell going to tackle him out of the way, but instead he gets sucker punched in the face by non other than Revenger Steve. You end up tackling him instead. You both on the ground, you go at him punching the shit out of his "pea brained asshole!" type of face, but before you are able to do enough damage, another Revenger pulls you off Steve. Throwing you against the opposite wall.
"Th- thor is that you?" You say head swirling.
"No. I am ThunderMan." Revenger Thor says steadily, picking you up in the air by your throat.
"Wel- your-" You gasp for air trying to break his grasp around your neck
Finally. The rest of your team was making there way into the room, slightly confused.
Natasha didn't waste time she charged Revenger Thor and got him off you in seconds.
Gasping for breath you thank her.
"Nat. They have- Robot versions of all of us.." You breath out "There clothes are different colors though."
"Is your son here?" she asks, kneeling over you
More Revengers come crashing through the ceiling as she shields you from the ruckus.
"If they do, I know where. I'll be fast." You say fast
"No. Your not going alone." Natasha says stopping you, giving you the look knowing it was her or you weren't going at all.
"Me and Y/n are headed to find her son, we'll be back Rogers." She smirks, running with you out of the room and down the hall.
The chaos that was now behind you and Natasha, knowing the guys would be fine without you, you relax, not fully though your son was probably in danger.
"Y/n/n?" Natasha asks you innocently
"Hmm?" You look over at Natasha walking with her down a long hallway
"Why didn't you tell us?" she was looking at you now
"I didn't want the world to know about him, the danger this job brings to me, is so great already. I couldn't pull him into that danger, the thought that he might be kidnapped at any moment, that's too much stress for me.." You chuckle looking at the tiled flooring ahead of you
"So I'm guessing, all the late meeting arrivals and being so stressed on missions. They all pertain to him, Jake?" She asks and you look up to her at his name.
"Yeah." You chuckle it off again, but there is only silence from her "Sorry. For everything. I should told you guys so much earlier about Jake and I just didn't, it was a shitty mistake, I'm sorry Nat." you say flatly turning a corner, finally realizing where the room is, before Nat could say anything else to you, you were going at a run to the sadly familiar door.
"Y/n?!" Natasha shouts at you as you stumble to open the door
"They- kept him her-" The door swings open with a loud slam against the wall.
You couldn't believe the site. Jake was sitting a chair, in a large glass tube, looking extremely scared til he noticed his mommy was in front of him.
Natasha is shocked walking up next to you.
"Is that-?" She asks shaken
"Yes-" You breath out
"Momma!" Jake shouts in joy
"Momma look!" He pointed to his head
"Hat!" He had a hat on, one you knew too well.
"No!" You shout and run up to the glass, breaking it after a few good punches to a weak spot.
Zemo runs in yelling, shots are fired, but from who and at who you don't know yet, all that matters is that Jake is alright..
He is crying by the time you pick him, holding him close, telling him "It's ok... It's ok, baby. Mommy's here." You hold him and seeing that Natasha had shot Zemo a few different times and took out 5 or so Hydra minions, She looked at the site of you with your son, she was happy for you, but all of you had to leave. Now.
"Tony? Are you Tony or are you Tony?!" "It's me Sir Captain O captain!!" Yelled one of the Tony's waving there arms in the air, Steve immediately obliterating that Tony.
"How'd you know that wasn't me, Cap?" Tony asking now fighting robot Thor.
"You don't talk like that, Stark." He says breaking off Revenger Nat's full left arm and hitting her with it to the ground.
"You know Rogers, I didn't think you would betray me this fast." Robot Natasha says flirtatiously to him as Steve finally pulls the cords out of her head.
Her voice breaks up and finally goes off line, as Revenger Steve picks up Steve and pushes him up against a wall.
"You touch my girlfriend again, I'll kill you." Revenger Steve exclaims
"She already is big guy." Steve says upsetting Revenger Steve further, and punches Steve full force leaving him stunned and trying to regain his strength, but the kicking, punches and shield body slams are not helping at all.
"Clint you seem to be quite out breath?" Thor asks him trying to hold Revenger Hulk away from everyone
"Yeh, I am one of the only Avengers that doesn't have a super power, so yeah I'm getting tired Thor." He says flatly, shooting a few arrows at Revenger Hulk.
"We could use Banner, right about now!" Tony yells "Where is he anyway?"
"He's out in the Quinjet. Tony you literally were the one to make him stay there." You say over comms rushing down the long hallway back towards everyone, Natasha stops you in the middle of the hall.
"Go. Get Bruce for us will you?" She looks down at Jake and back up to you. "Get Jake..." Jake looks up at Natasha at his name "..and yourself safe in the Quinjet, we can handle this." she says pointing her thumb to the chaos that was right ahead.
She smiled sincerely at you, something she hadn't done in a long time. You returned it quickly. Yelling over your shoulder to not die at Natasha as you and Jake leave to get Bruce.
On your way out you hear someone groaning in pain.
You walk into the room, the same room you had just taken Jake from.
Seeing Zemo lying on the ground with a shot in his leg and two in his stomach, blood flooded the ground
"Y/n. Help me." He groans out
You look down at him, hand over Jake eyes so he doesn't have to see the gruesome site that is a dying Zemo.
"No." You say steadily "Hydra will die, as with you." you says flatly and leave
"Bruce! Bruce! They need the Hulk. Now." You say running into the Quinjet
"You have a so-??" You set Jake down to push Bruce out of the huge jet, watching him run off, turning into The Hulk and jumping over the building to go fight.
You quickly make sure Jake is inside the jet before putting it on lock down.
After a few minutes
"Mommy?" Jake whines
"What's up?" You ask him looking over the controls of the jet.
"You were all gone." he says upset that you weren't there for him.
You stop what you were doing and pull him in for a kiss on the cheek "I know I was, and they won't ever get to us again, ok?" he nods in response and you hug him close hearing the faint crash of Hulk breaking into the base
"AAAGGGGGGG!!" Hulk swings in crashing a new hole in the ceiling towering over the other smaller Revenger Hulk, Smashing him to bits in seconds.
He didn't know the difference of who was who, so Barton and Stark almost got smashed, but Thor was the one to throw the Revengers at Hulk so he could just smash them, this worked for maybe 10 minutes before he smashed Thor into the ground.
Leaving everyone horrified, Hulk yelled and jumped out of the large room, hearing him stomp on the floor above them, dust falling from the ceiling as he went by.
So far only Natasha, Hulk, Thor, and Tony was down on the Revengers, and only Clint and Steve to go which was a very unfair fight, but there robots why would they care.
So they fought. It was a quick fight, Natasha fighting Revenger Clint to the ground, and Steve punching the fuck out of em. Thor threw his hammer at Revenger Steve, which turned out he caught it. Throwing it back at Thor, knocking him out. Clint shot the last strike to his Robot. Revenger Steve was going to be a bit more trouble, once he got sight of Natasha he melted thinking that was his girlfriend. Steve got jealous of himself. Steve finished Revenger Steve off in a matter of minutes.
Finally done battling, they all rushed to the Quinjet.
Everyone walks onto the Quinjet wrapping you and Jake into a group hug.
They all went there separate ways to clean wounds or get the Quinjet out of here, you go and sit the launch bay, It was quiet there. Jake needed to sleep, after being up for almost 2 days straight.
Natasha had finally found you.
"You know, I have missed you." She says and you look up at her
"Well, I haven't been very far." You look back down at your sleeping son
Nat comes sits next to you
"I'm just glad your safe, Y/n/n"
"I'm just glad we are on good terms again Nat."
She gives you a side hug
"I'll leave you two alone, and Tony said he was having a party later tonight, I don't know why in gods name he would have a party right now, but it's Tony so." She slightly smiles at you, doing the same you watch her leave
Finally looking down at your sleeping son, Jake, you smile
"Were finally safe." You say quietly to him and kiss his forehead
Your secret was safe, with the Avengers, you knew they would protect you forever.
Ahhhhh!! ‼️ This story was very fun to write and if anyone has any requests I would love to hear them I mainly do platonic stories!! ❤️❤️ I can try to write for any marvel character but the ones on my master list are the characters I am most familiar with!
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tsmukanii · 4 days ago
Off Her Rocker
Tumblr media
Hope you guys like it!
"Hurry, she couldn’t have gotten far", Hearing those words made you stop in your tracks to survey your options. 
Trying to think quickly over the blaring alarms, you ran down the corridor desperately trying to find an exit. Unfortunately, luck was not on your side as you turned left and came face to face with numerous armed guards.
“There is no way out of here Zero. Just calmly put your hands behind your head and get on your knees.” The Doctor spoke. You were not going without a fight. For the time being you played along, knowing you had to pick your battles, you slowly got down on your knees and held your hands up.
While guns were still trained on you, four guards moved forward cautiously to restrain you. Letting them, they forced you to your feet and made you walk. You stared straight ahead as you thought through your escape plan.
Sitting up quickly, you try to make sense of what you saw. Unknowingly to you the quick movement you made alerted Tony and Bruce you were finally awake. As soon as you passed out, everyone thought it was best to move you to the infirmary to make sure you were ok. After making sure you weren’t injured and were stable, the others thought it was best to give you space, not wanting to overcrowd you when you woke up. 
Rushing towards you, you finally focus on the two of them, knowing they were going to ask too many questions about what happened. “Welcome back Y/N, glad to see that you’re ok.” Bruce said relieved. “Yeah but also, what the hell was that?” Tony asks while handing you a glass of water.
Not wanting to worry them more you tell them “It’s something I’ve dealt with as a child. When I get too overwhelmed or excited, I blackout.” Looking at their faces, you can tell that they don’t believe you. 
“It’s gotten worse obviously, but I have an appointment to get checked out for it tomorrow I swear.” Hearing you say that calms them both immensely, but their expressions still show that they are worried.
“You just really scared everyone kid. Especially Peter.” Tony tells you. At the mention of Peter, you perk up and start to move off the bed. “I’m sorry I worried you guys, but I will be ok.” 
Not leaving them room to say anything else you walk out of the room to see Peter slumped beside the door. As soon as he heard it open, Peter snapped his head up. Seeing it was you, he leapt to his feet and hugged you as tight as he could. 
“Oh my god Y/N you scared the hell out of me.” Peter’s voice cried out but it was a bit muffled with his head in your shoulder. You held the boy close to you just as tight while looking over his shoulder to the rest of the Avengers who had been waiting to see you also.  
All of them have concerned but relieved expressions on their faces but more so Natasha and Wanda which surprises you. When Peter finally lets go of you, the others take that as their cue to hug you as well. That makes you a little uncomfortable seeing as you just met them but you understand that they were scared for you. 
“Thanks guys, I’m sorry to have worried you.” You say but Steve dismisses your statement. “Trust me Y/N it’s not the first time something like this has happened. We’re just glad that you are fine now.” 
At his words you smile a little. You haven’t had so many people care about your wellbeing before. Glancing down at your watch, your eyes widen at the time. “Oh shit, we better get home Pete. It’s a school night.” You smile at Peter teasingly. Rolling his eyes at your behavior, he starts to say his goodbyes and you do the same but you are pulled over by Wanda.
Nervous that her touch would cause you to black out again you quickly pull your hand away from hers but seeing the slightly hurt look on her face makes you regret it.
“I-is everything o-ok?” You stutter out, inwardly cursing yourself for how stupid you sound. Wanda gives you a small smile but her expression turns serious as she asks you a question.
“Did I cause that? When I touched you during the game?” Sighing at the question you form a response that doesn’t upset her. 
“Of course not Wanda. It was just a freak accident.” You tell her reassuringly. “Are you sure? Because I still lose control over my powers a little when I get too excited or-“
You place your hands on her arms, effectively cutting her off. “I promise Wanda, that had nothing to do with you.” Soothingly caressing her arms to calm her down. 
Nodding at your words, she slowly pulls away from your touch and you both walk back over to the group. As you finish saying your goodbyes you and Peter head home. 
“Sooo what do you think?” Peter asks as you both walk up the steps of your building. “They seem nice.” Is all you say to him while shrugging your shoulders. Peter looks at you incredulously. “You have got to be kidding! Thats all you have to say?” Peter all but yells at you. 
“Dude, what am I supposed to say? Even though they are heroes, they are still people too.” Shaking his head in disbelief at your nonchalant attitude, Peter just walks straight to his apartment, wishing you a goodnight over his shoulder.
Laughing at his reaction you head into your apartment as well. 
Walking back into your bedroom after finishing taking a shower, you let out a shriek as you see a figure sitting on your bed. Gripping your towel tightly, you let out a relieved sigh as you see it is just Natasha. It should worry you how she got in here but then you remember that she’s a spy.
“What the hell are you doing here?” You ask her. Seeing that signature smirk on her face, you roll your eyes. 
“I came to make sure you were really ok.” She says suddenly serious. “I told you guys I was. Also you could have at least knocked” You reply. Natasha seemingly ignores your words as she stands up and walks over to you slowly while eyeing your body. 
“Well maybe I wanted to come take care of you. You know, keep you company.” She says seductively. Shivering at her tone, you search her eyes to see nothing but lust but you let her make the first move. 
Raising her hand to your towel, she removes it while keeping eye contact with you. Deciding to say screw it you move forward, your hands grabbing the sides of her face and smashing your lips against hers. 
Moving her back towards your bed, you didn’t care about anything else. You just focused on this moment with her. 
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syiano · 4 days ago
Avengers x Male!Reader
Marvel Preferences: Gamer Boyfriend
Tumblr media
Steve is confused and has to idea what you're playing or what you're talking about even if you would explain. He still watches you play sometimes, but most of the time he's more of, well, watching you, because he likes your reactions and how much you're enjoying this.
Tumblr media
Bucky is a little shy at first and he perfers to just watch you play for a while until either you offer him to play or he finds one particular game interesting.
Tumblr media
PFFT, Tony completely goes all out for you; he buys you a gamer chair, headset, the best microphones, and pretty much anything a gamer would want, really. He either watches you play or says you need to 'get good' when you keep failing the same level over and over again.
He's most likely going to be as skilled as you in certain videogames, such as strategy games. (Or he will hack the game and cheat)
Tumblr media
Sam is the kind of guy  who would taunt you and become all playful and cocky when you would challenge him (it's the wii sports he's talking about). When you're winning, he tickles you just to cheat, honestly.
Tumblr media
This goes two ways - either Scott constantly tells you where to go and what to do (while being incorrect and trying to 'correct' you even if you already know the game), or he's overly dramatic playing videogames, especially when he wins (eventually).
Tumblr media
Peter is all about it. He's always recommending the best games you can play, and pretty much has every skin and weapon. He's nearly as skilled as you are when it comes to videogames, actually. Since you two lose track of time, Peter will probably fall asleep on you from staying up late.
Tumblr media
Bruce isn't really interested in videogames, but he listens to you if you want to take about your favorite game or character. He's most likely watching you play or letting you just play by yourself while he works.
Tumblr media
This will take some explaining to do because Thor is either confused or he takes the whole videogame thing the wrong way because he sometimes thinks everything that's going on in the game is real. He makes insensitive (but hilarious) comments towards the characters (especially the ones you hate) without realizing it and it can be awkward sometimes, depending on how you look at it.
Tumblr media
Loki finds it interesting and perfers to watch you play until you keep asking him to join you. He catches on pretty quickly when you teach him how to play (wow a perfect k.o on the first try), and thinks your reactions to all of it is just hilarious.
Tumblr media
(Bad idea lmao) First off, Pietro is a sore loser so playing any fighting games with you will result in an annoyed speedster who claims you're cheating or that he was going easy on you. Other than that, he always wants to play videgames with you and will complain about it being single player (and then volunteer to take over instead).
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headcanonthings · 4 days ago
Bruce: Thor texted me “your adorable” so I texted him “no, YOU’RE adorable”
Valkyrie: And?
Bruce: And now we’re dating. We’ve been on 6 dates. All I did was point out a typo, but I like him so I’m not gonna say anything.
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tiredlittlecrab · 5 days ago
Little bird
Just a little something to set the ball rolling
Pairing: Avengers x (platonic) reader
Warnings: brief allusions to torture/kidnapping
Tumblr media
A little bird alone in her cage, trapped in her thoughts, alone but at peace.
The bars that encased her cell were a grim reminder of how close her freedom lay, and yet how far away it was.
As she lay on the cold floor, her mind soared beyond those bars. To her family, their warmth, their smiles.
She thought of Tony, who had taken her in when she had no one.
Of Bruce, Thor and Steve for their endless smiles.
Of Clint and Natasha for that moment in Budapest.
They were her peace and her salvation in the desolate hole that was her mind. The calm in the whirling thoughts that threatened to drag her down and drown her in their depths.
It was peace that she felt when her eyes closed, and she murmured her goodbyes to a wall that didn’t hear them.
The same wall that heard their cries when her family found her.
A faint heartbeat… a promise of hope, it seemed to be.
Now it seems the little bird, no longer alone in her cage, she’s finally free.
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moonlit-imagines · 5 days ago
Is That What You Wanted?
Avengers x teen!reader
warnings: death!! guns, blood, alcohol ment
a/n: this is not good lmao
prompt: anonymous: “Hello! I was wondering if you could write an avengers one shot where the reader is an avenger and is pretty young (maybe peters age) and the other avengers dislike her because they think their “useless”, and then one a mission the reader ends up passing away, and then the other avengers feel really guilty? Ik this is pretty and if you can’t write it then that’s 100% fine! 💕💕”
Tumblr media
The Avengers didn’t have you for long, but for the time that they did, they did not like you at all. You were young, which was already a bogey. All you heard Tony go on about was “child labor laws and endangerment” and how he “didn’t want to go to prison because of you.” Apparently the whole team was on thin ice because of you, and for what? Your powers were mediocre, you simply controlled the air.
Truthfully, you weren’t using your powers to the fullest. It was a bad idea, they scared you. You’ve hurt people in the past, so now you were destined to be a walking air conditioner and a severe burden. And seriously, you’ve been used as an A/C unit before. Missions in this climate could get very warm very fast.
“I bet you all feel lucky to have me right now.” You chuckled while circulating air through the armored vehicle taking you to your final destination—the most risky fight of your life. There was a vast desert surrounding you and your fellow teammates and god, were you bored…
No one answered your little comment, either. Not even a chuckle or a sly remark. It truly made you feel as useless as they had seen you, and you wondered why they even kept you around. Maybe they saw potential in you and were just using tough love, or maybe Cap didn’t want you to feel such a harsh rejection, or maybe the team just needed you as a loyal errand kid.
You actually stopped the breeze inside and waited for someone to notice, and it wasn’t long before someone spoke up.
“Hey, what’d you do to the air, y/n?!” Clint snapped at you and the whole group began to stare holes right through you.
“I—I just got a little tired. I can start it up again.” You sighed and began to use your powers once more.
“I don’t even know why we keep you around at this point.” He propped his feet up on the seat in front of him and you stared at him in disgust. “Do you need something?”
“Yeah, I need to get out of here. Christ’s sake.” You muttered before standing up and opening the back doors of the moving vehicle.
“Y/N, sit back down, right now.” Nat commanded, but you hopped right out and began to fly overhead, using your wind to slam the doors behind you.
“You guys should really be nicer to them. They’re just a kid.” Bruce chimed in without looking up from his book.
“The enemy doesn’t care if they’re just a kid, Banner.” Clint told him. “Besides, if they can’t use their powers to ventilate this thing, how are they gonna use them to fight?”
“Y/N’s more than just their powers.” Bruce closed his book and set it aside.
“Well, y/n isn’t a scientist with seven Ph.D.’s now, are they?” Nat smirked back at him and watched him roll his eyes.
“Not what I meant.”
Meanwhile, you flew ahead with Tony and Thor, who were surveying the upcoming area for threats before the team reached their destination.
“What the hell did I tell you, y/n? I said ‘stay in the truck.’ Jesus, you never listen, do you?” Tony started to argue with you immediately. “I mean, we told you it was dangerous out here. Thor and me are allowed out here because I have this armor and he’s a god. What do you have? A little bit of wind?”
“Stark, it isn’t that big of a deal. Y/N is apart of this team, are they not? And if you want to get rid of them so bad, why not let them go on the dangerous mission?” Thor explained, making your eyebrows raise at his boldness.
“Because, genius, I don’t want to go to prison on a child neglect charge. What is so hard to understand about that?” They bickered back and forth as you all flew forward, but they stopped paying attention, which would be blamed on you in the moments to come.
“Guys, we’re coming up on something.” You told them as a base came into sight, the one that you’d been searching for all day. It wasn’t long before they spotted you, either. Or before they launched missiles in your direction. Tony and Thor hadn’t exactly been paying attention enough to do something, so you acted fast to create a gust of wind so powerful it acted as a tornado and spun and launched the missiles back to where they came from. “Can you two get serious now?”
“That was lucky, y/n. Real lucky.” Tony rudely replied to you and boosted his suit to win the “race” to the base. You landed on the vehicle that some of your team was on in order to protect it from any more heavy fire. The rest of them would be on the other transport just a couple hundred meters back. Luckily, they wouldn’t be the target thanks to the heavy-duty fliers in the field.
“Are you guys ready?” You poked your head into the cabin after opening the door a bit.
“Stop getting distracted, y/n. We’re fine.” Nat waved you away and began to adjust all her gadgets for the fight.
“Just trying to help. You guys are kind of the worst.” You laughed and slammed the door shut before flying to the second car and asking the same question.
“Yes, y/n. We’re fine. Why don’t you go ahead and do some work for once.” Sam shot back to you while powering up his wings.
“We’ll be there soon.” Steve added. You just sighed and flew ahead to join in on the action. It was already loud up there, but what did you expect from the God of Thunder and flashy rich boy?
“Need any help?” You asked while swooping onto the scene.
“From you? Not really.” He flew past you and blew up a defense tower. You were getting really sick of this, but you were also scared to prove yourself. Using your powers the wrong way could have some really awful consequences. Suffocation, trauma to the body, catastrophic destruction, and even (un)natural disasters. Was it really worth the risk?
As the rest of the team arrived, all hell broke loose. It was a trap, they were expecting you, and now you were all in the same place, completely surrounded.
“I need you guys to cover your faces. I’m talking eyes, mouth, nose.” You warned them without explanation. “Or hide on my mark.” They all stared at you like you were crazy. “Sam, Thor, Tony! On the ground, now!”
“We don’t take orders from you, kid.” Sam stayed in the sky as you enacted your plan. A sandstorm that would be sure to cause unrest. It wasn’t long before grains of sand overwhelmed everyone on the base, a good enough distraction to save your team. While the enemy braced themselves for your power, the Avengers evacuated to the transports without you, waiting for you to finish up.
“Y/N, get out of there, that’s an order!” Steve shouted to you as you eased up on the storm. The team was surprised to say the least. You’d never used your powers to such an extent before, but you did it for them. Only, it’d been so long since you’d even attempted such power, you were to weak to go on.
“Someone needs to get them.” Bruce told the team, but no one volunteered. “Seriously, any day now!” While they argued about who would go back into the settling sandstorm, you hobbled onto your feet and slowly, weakly walked to your transport in a daze, then noticed a red light shining across your torso. You didn’t even have time to react before realizing what it was before a bullet flew through you. The bang of the gunshot startled the rest of the team and you watched all of their heads swivel to you as you stood alone, gripping your stomach.
“Guys?” Sam asked in disbelief before seeing a dark red stain grow more prominent on your suit. You dropped to your knees and onto the ground just seconds later and the whole lot came running for you as Sam and redwing analyzed the trajectory and found the shooter, ending him without another thought.
“Y/N? Hey, eyes open, alright?” Nat snapped her fingers at you and watched them flutter open. “Good, that’s good.”
“There’s no way I’ll make it through this one, you know it.” You chuckled out of fear and groaned as Nat flipped you over to plug the entry wound with something from the first aid kit, then laid you down again and pressed on the exit wound. Tony landed beside you and exited his armor.
“Come on, kid. You gotta pull through. I can’t go to jail.” He sort of begged while Bruce checked your pulse.
“Not now, Tony. Just don’t.” Cap sternly told him while Sam worked to call the Quinjet.
“Quinjet is en route, should be here in five.” Sam told you all and you knew you wouldn’t even make it that long.
“It’s fine. I did my job. Went out a hero, I guess.” You quietly spoke to the group as Bruce offered you some water. “Thanks…anyways, I saved all of your asses despite your constant mocking and mean comments. Who knows where you would be right now if it weren’t for me.”
“We’re lucky to have you, y/n.” Steve assured you as he placed his hand on yours.
“I hope so. And I hope you remember this. Forever.” You told him with a wavering voice.
“Y/N, you must save your strength.” Thor pointed out, but you’d rather get this over with.
“You can all be horrible people, you know? No wonder this team is so fucked. They abused a teenager until they needed them to sacrifice themselves. W-What—does that say…about you?” You took one last breath and went completely limp, sending the Avengers into peril. There was no saving you, no way to help at all, just watch your corpse lay still until they could bring you home.
The ride home was quiet. Natasha was still covered in blood on her hands, arms, and stomach. And she and Bruce sat with you the whole time. Steve stared from afar, wondering where it all went wrong. Sam sat beside him with tears in his eyes, already mourning a bit. Clint sat away from everyone, thinking about what could have happened if you weren’t there and how many lives would have been lost if not for you. Thor was thinking of what he could say about you, but kept it to himself. Tony was staring out the window while crying to himself, he got a kid killed and they didn’t even think twice about saving him. And he was going to have to answer to someone about this.
Once they arrived at HQ, your body was covered in a white cloth and transported inside via stretcher. Never had the Avengers felt shame quite like this. You were right, they were fucked if the life of a child was put on the line in order to save their skins.
“We need to talk.” Steve told them as they gathered their composure inside.
“I’d rather not.” Tony rubbed his temples and walked to the bar to grab a drink.
“Y/N was a good soldier and a valuable member of our team. We have to honor them in some way.” He explained to the still silent group that couldn’t be bothered any more. “They saved our lives, something we’ll never be able to repay or forget.”
“Oh, I won’t forget it.” Tony said before taking a long swig straight from the whiskey bottle. “No, I won’t forget their last words. The ones that’ll haunt me until it’s my time.”
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cool-abed-filmz · 5 days ago
Imagine if Thorbruce and lokius where real,, it would just be two brothers and their tiny boyfriends I love this
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