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alidafirtup · 36 minutes ago
tony: i feel like we're starting to lose the 'b' in our 'bromance', bro
stephen, pausing from kissing tony's neck: hmph?
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kiki-shortsnout · an hour ago
Ironstrange- Cuddling please 😁
Thanks for the ask! Especially for a cute one like this!
IronStrange Cuddling: How do they like to cuddle?
My headcanon for these two is that while Tony doesn’t mind touching people (shaking hands, pats on the back) he’s not really used to cuddling much. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like it, he’s a total cuddle monster in bed, to the point he won’t let Stephen go. Like Tony, Stephen isn’t one for hugs, he finds them awkward and he’s not really the touchy-feely type. But with Tony? Behind closed doors, he’s more than happy for Tony to drape himself all over him, to rest his arm on Tony’s shoulders and hip when they hug, but he never initiates it, not sure how to.
But after nightmares about his time in the Dark Dimension he’s desperate for reassurance, and Tony never questions him, never talks about it, he just scoots across in the bed and rolls Stephen over, acting as the big spoon and holding Stephen until he stops trembling.
After sex? Tony flops on Stephen’s chest and Stephen enjoys resting his head on top of Tony’s, stroking his hand up and down his spine, just basking in the afterglow and closeness.
Thank you once again! These are really fun and a great motivation for more IronStrange fanfics!
Tumblr media
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stark-strange-love2 · 2 hours ago
Stephen: Can I speak to the manager, this service is terrible
Ebony Maw, in the middle of torturing Stephen: can you please shut the fuck up
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third-siren · 2 hours ago
I'm scared for Stephen
Every single series preceding MoM has some emotional breakdown moments.
WanVis: Wanda cries a lot
SamBucky: Bucky cries, too. The notoriously mighty Winter Soldier cries.
Loki: ain't that Loki series without him crying for his family or homeland about Stephen 😭😭😭😭
We need to prepare ourselves before watching it.
And pls have a reminiscing scene with Tony pls😭😭😭
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ofstarsandfireflies · 4 hours ago
Another night, another song!
Tumblr media
It had been a stupid desicion to dive in after Stephen when he’d been dragged through a portal by god knows what to god knows where, but even though it was stupid, it was one Tony would make again without a second thought.
He couldn’t wait around for Rogers to give him orders, and he couldn’t expect the portal to stay open forever.
It was either fly through and find Stephen by himself, or potentially lose him forever, and Tony had always been the possessive type.
Checking around for any threats, his display showed him the location of where Stephen had been taken thanks to the tracker he’d personally made for him.
Scanning around one last time, Tony began to make his way to him, ready t to kill anything that stood in his way.
January, February, May
Missed a Day? Catch up here!
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15
Day 16
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stark-strange-love2 · 5 hours ago
Stephen: if you think about it uptown girl is just billy Joel singing about his sugar mama
Tony: so am I your uptown boy? 😉
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ok I didn’t post my fatws prediction and now I have no proof about how right I was (very) so I’m gonna post my Loki prediction rn and then delete it if I’m wrong and deny this ever existed. but if I’m right put the apollo giving the gift of prophecy meme.
- Loki ain’t gonna be evil at the end. He’s gonna be like, chaotic good/neutral, connected to-
- the TVA is gonna be fucked up/destroyed as Loki convinces at least Mobius, and maybe some others, that this whole “determining the singular ‘‘‘‘true’’’’ fate of every last being and world in existence” is bad actually, and Loki, god of chaos, will introduce true chaos into the universe via the multiverse and true free will. this will lead to ...
- the actual multiverse
- Loki/Mobius/Lady Loki threesome
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ir0nstrange · 11 hours ago
Stephen : I'll take care of you.
Tony : It's rotten work.
Stephen : Not to me. Not if it's you.
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funkylittlebidiot · 12 hours ago
Chapters: 7/? Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Doctor Strange (2016), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Tony Stark/Stephen Strange Characters: Tony Stark, Stephen Strange, Peter Parker, Harley Keener, Other Avengers, Original Child Character(s) Additional Tags: Irondad, Tony Stark/Stephen Strange Parenting Peter Parker | Supremefamily | Strange Family, it's a triquel so you know what to expect honestly, so self-indulgent, Author does whatever she wants Series: Part 4 of About Them Summary:
Parenthood is about one thing; preparing your children for the future.
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*I listen to “White Flag” by Dido* *I listen to “White Flag” by Dido 12 times in a row* *I add “White Flag” by Dido to all of my ship playlists* *I listen to “White Flag” by Dido-*
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skiplo-wave · 15 hours ago
Stephen, driving: I'm close, where are you?
Tony: Oh, I see you.
Stephen: Are you the guy in the middle of the road?
Tony: Yeah, floor it.
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justasociallyawkwardgeek · 16 hours ago
Tony: *sleeping*
Peter: *wakes him up* Hey so um I may or may not have drank three bottles of shampoo for a dare Harley gave me, and I was wondering if you could help
Stephen: *sitting up next to Tony* What the f-
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stark-strange-love2 · 19 hours ago
Christine: so… who exactly are you looking for?
Stephen: oh you know… someone handsome… and charming… with a huuuuuuuuuge-
Christine: Woah! Hold up!
Stephen: -trust fund!!!
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sazisbored · a day ago
just one more second - stephen x tony
Tumblr media
(some things to note: Tony and Pepper aren't together, Stephen never looks at the possible realities and doesn't know he was supposed to give Thanos the stone)
The cold metal penetrates Tonys side. The damaged nano-suit doesn't rebuild in time. Thanos was faster. An indescribable amount of pain shots through Tony's body. Fighting death with every breath he takes.
Stephens blood freezes at the sight of this happening. He tries to call out Tony's name but his vocal chords seem to have disappeared. All this fighting, all this planning. Was winning this fight really worth it if Tony wasn't with them? With him?
He tried to fight looking at tony the past few hours. He couldn't stop looking at his lips. Thinking what they might feel like. Sure, it was inappropriate considering they were planning on how to defeat the universes biggest threat. He hated Tony for his arrogance and his self-centred thinking. But at the same time he saw how much he was in pain. How much he was just trying to make up for his mistakes. Yes, he had done his research on Tony. Stephen always had been interested in Tony past, even before he became master of the mystic arts. he had always despised him for his mistakes. But now, with him fighting for the next breath everything is different.
Thanos puts his gigantic hand on Tonys head: "For what its worth, i really am sorry."
He's going to kill him.
Stephen sits up straight, takes a deep breath and makes his decision final by saying it out loud.
"Spare his life...And i will give you the stone." Tony turnes his head clearly having to bring up a lot of effort to do so. Their eyes lock.
Don't do it.
You know i have to.
Thanos looks at him for a few seconds. "No tricks."
Stephen takes a shaking breath. He has sworn to protect the stone with his life. No he's giving it up for someone else's. He makes it appear, taking it out of its hiding spot and slowing sends it floating into Thanos's gauntlet making him smile slightly and adjust to the immense power of this stone.
"One to go." He says as he disappears into some. sort of smoke.
Complete silence. Stepehen doesn't dare to look at Tony. What must he think of him. He has explicitly said he would give up Tonys and Peters life if it came down to it, then he did this.
Tony coughs up loudly and uses some type of biological foam to seal his wound and stop it from bleeding.
They lock eyes again. Both not daring to say a word for a few seconds its like they are alone on this foreign planet.
"Why did you do that?" Tony asks weakly.
Strange tilts his head lightly and gets up. He walks towards Tony and kneels down opposite to him.
"I- I don't know. I guess i couldn't let you die."
"Now he's going to get the next stone and then we're all fucked. We are fucked Strange." Tony says louder than before with pain filled in his voice. he tries to get up but Strange keeps him down.
"I did not save your life just for you to die because of something stupid you did afterwards."
"saved my life..." he scoffs. "You may have saved my life now but what is going to happen in about 2 hours when he's gotten the last stone. You didn't think this true-"
"yes...I did think this trough!"
"You cannot possibly have thought this through. We lost. We lost Strange. What kind of plan do you think we have. We are stranded on a huge destroyed planet billions of miles from earth with now ticket back."
"I have you." Stephen blurts out. Tony stops his rant and just stares at him confused.
"You are alive. That is all i wanted. I know giving Thanos the stone was irrational I'm not stupid Stark. I couldn't let you die. Not afterr everything that happened today."
They just stare at eachother for a moment. Stephens breath speeding up rapidly.
It's clichee, but at this moments he questioned if you could actually have butterflies trapped in his stomach.
"I like you stark. I like you a lot. I know that is crazy we've known each other for one day but...god damn it what am i doing." he says and hides his face with his hand.
Saying it out loud felt right, but still. Tony doesn't like him like that. In fact, he doesn't like him at all. At least that is the impression he made sure to give off.
Tony grabs Stephens hand and sighs.
"I'm not good with this stuff" he says and removes Stephens hand from his face making him look at him.
"I hope i didn't give you the impression i hated you. Even tho that was precisely what i was going for that's not how i feel at all. I like you okay, i just cant always show it and i hate being vulnerable with people in genera-"
His rambling is interrupted by Stephen pressing his lips against Tonys. They are warm and soft. He taste like blood thanks to Thanos beating him up. Stephen puts his hands on Tony's cheeks, pulling him in even closer.
They part their lips and smile slightly, leaning their foreheads against one anothers.
"That was... wow. That was something." Tony laughs quietly. Stephen joins him.
"I liked it." he says and they lock eyes and go in for a second one. Maybe you can get your happy end by fighting for it,Stephen thinks.
Maybe not everything has to be bad, Tony thinks and loses himself in the deep kiss even more. Slowly Stephens lip fade away again.
As Tony opens his eyes, he sees Stephens face disappearing, full of panic he looks into Stephens eyes. They are peaceful. Resting.
"Stephen." he calls out trying to grab his hand but as he does he misses it by just a second.
And just like that, he is gone. Like he never was there. like nothing even happened. If they only had had one more second, maybe they could have been happy.
please ignore any mistakes i might have made English isn't my first language. I hope you enjoyed it tho!
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descaladumidera · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Tinder AU nobody asked for. But as I’m a little gremlin, you’ll get it anyway.
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stark-strange-love2 · a day ago
Stephen: I’m really glad you came on this date with me today…
Tony: really?
Stephen, pushing the bill forwards: Yep! Because this is for you!
Tony: do you really think all men should pay on their first date?
Stephen: No! Of course not! I think that all men should pay for *me*
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stark-strange-love2 · a day ago
Stephen usually: eat the rich :)
Stephen when he sees Tony: eat the rich~ ;)
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