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#the boyz
edolieeh · an hour ago
you asked what our favorite groups were, so be prepared this will be a long list not in any particular order but also kinda like- who i listen to the most, etc, so like, not in order but they are, lmao-
The Boyz - i bias changmin (q) and kevin, and if you're talking ot12, i love hyunjoon (hwall) (as you can tell by my pfp)
Seventeen - mínghào, seokmin, and jihoon (the8, dk, and woozi)
ATEEZ - seonghwa and mingi are my babies
Stray Kids - seungmin and jisung (han)
Monsta X - changkyun (i.m)
Everglow - i don't know them super well, but so far i like mia
SHINee - honestly all of them, but if i had to pick it would be taemin
ITZY - ryujin. just. i love that woman and i would trust her with my LIFE
Red Velvet - irene! i used to really like wendy as well, but I've heard she's said some problematic stuff so uh, yikes-
NCT - ten, lucas, and jungwoo mainly, but i also have other biases
Like A Movie - joha and domo
Pentagon - kino (hyunggu) and yanan
Twice - same sort of boat as everglow, but i like tzuyu
EXO - chanyeol, minseok (xiumin)
BTS - taehyung (v), yoongi (suga), jimin :))
there's a lot more but this is all i can think of right now
Honestly I prefer longer answers so dw♥️
Tbz: I still don’t think Ik them well enough but I think for now the guys that interest me the most are Kevin, Eric & Chanhee (New).
Svt: Ot13 but I get bias wrecked by Vernon and Seokmin a lot
Atz: Ot8 bc this is one of my ults — however, San been wrecking me in crop tops lately🥺
Skz: I don’t have a bias anymore but I usually get wrecked the most by Felix and Jeongin
Mx: I can’t decide between them bc ceveryone has been my bias at least once but MAYBE Changkyun (I.M) for now
Everglow: I also don’t think Ik them well enough either, but Jiwon (E:U) from day one bc I thought she looked so badass and then when they came back w/ Adios and she RAPPED—🥵 but Yoorim (Aisha) wrecks me a LOT bc she’s cool when she raps and she’s strong and also I like that she’s tall yet a bit shorter than me🥺🥺♥️
Shinee: OH MY GOD! I cannot pick. At first it was Taemin bc I knew him from his solo work but since I started listening to their old songs I no longer can pick a bias!
ITZY: Lia🥺🥺🥺 But Ryujin has been wrecking me right b4 their upcoming cb so who knows what might happen
Rv: Sooyoung (Joy) is one of the only idols I’ve ever been loyal to, and by that I mean I’ve never had another bias in Rv + I consider her to be one of my ults overall. I just love her so much and I’d 100% go sub for her— Anyway, Yerim wrecks me a bit every now and then especially bc I love her cute laugh sm it makes me rly happy☺️
(I’ve also heard abt Wendy’s problematic behavior but Idk enough info on it tho eh)
Nct: oh fuck— I’ve had so many different biases over the years but I think the only consistent ones have been Mark, Donghyuck (Haechan), Lucas & Jungwoo. I get wrecked by everyone all the time but these days mostly by Jaehyun, Johnny, Jaemin & babie Shotaro🥺
Like a movie: I don’t know this group but I searched up pics and I find Joha and Domo the most attractive too lmao
Ptg: I’m actually pretty sure it’s Yanan and Kino — and wtf we have the same biases😂
Twice: I love this group so much ugh. I consider Chaeyoung and Nayeon to be two of my ult idols in general, but the members, especially Mina and Tzuyu, wreck me here and there. If u wanna get to know them or if u want me to send a list of my favorite tracks by them, send an ask :)
Exo: I’d consider Jongin (Kai) and Sehun my biases
Bts: Jimin was my first bias and I’ve always thought of him as my bias, but Taehyung (V) has wrecked me so much all these yrs so I might as well just call myself Vmin biased
Thanks for the ask!
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gothicfairytale · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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📫 ⩩𝗪𝗘𝗟𝗖𝗢𝗠𝗘  ⡪჻⡪჻ ! #/layouts  💢🎋  𓂅̸
📬 like if you save & don't repost pls❕ 🏯 ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄*₎◞
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hyuckvore · 2 hours ago
thank you guys so much for 300 followers!!!! i feel like i was saying thank you for 100 just a few days ago. i have a good amount of things in my inbox to work on and i hope to get some out and posted super soon!
i do have something for sunwoo that i’m planning on posting tonight, so look out for that!! again thank you so much i love you <3
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smiling-yuta · 3 hours ago
Catching up on the Kingdom performances and everyone is phenomenonal. Incredibly talented and crazy!! Like I always say : as a multistan of all the groups on this show I'm here for the talent and the interactions. I'm so proud of them all 🥺 No matter what the rankings are... Or who gets the crown... they have all done amazing so far and continue to give it their all :')... I just hope that they have fun and stay safe ❤️👑💕💗
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lepuffpuff · 3 hours ago
ikon and sf9 with their stairs and mirrors watching other teams performing
Tumblr media
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