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#sebastian stan dream
harryinthecountryside · 8 days ago
it’s your display name like what people see as your name when we click ur page like sebastian is dating dn which means your display name do you
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Someone out there is living my dream
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threefoothobbit · 16 days ago
It’s Oscar Sunday. One of my favorite days and I got me day dreaming. I don’t know if Chris is a member of the academy but for this little drabble it doesn’t matter. I was thinking of chris receiving his acting ballot in the mail and him and seb opening it and getting excited for all the films they get to watch. So they take one weekend, just the two of them and doger of course, and cuddle together on the couch for a movie marathon. They playfully argue and get into heated debates about who chris should vote for. Popcorn ends up everywhere. They drink too much wine. But the night ends with a sealed ballot and doger shut out of the bedroom.
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duskamethyst · 17 days ago
Ok so I had the best fucking dream about gojo three days ago and I can’t stop thinking about that. I had a dream where he wanted to teleport me in Malaysia bc he said there’s a party throwing there w all all the jjk people except geto,Toji and choso and so he hug me out of no nowhere he carries me bride style and we were flying in the sky?💀 so then I got turned on by his scent and his lips so he told me this “like what you see???” I SWEAR THIS BITCH and idk why but I bite his lips and suck on his LIPS? So his eyes widen and kiss me BACK? OH GODDDD and then we end up fucking in a hotel on THE FLOOR? So after that we arrive at Malaysia everyone is there so I hug Nobara when I see her then everyone question why my legs shake and I was like um it’s nothing💀 then at the party I was hugging Nobara tightly I had skirt on and it was short so gojo sees that and turns away to us bc he was talking w Mei Mei he takes my hand and fuck me in the bathroom💀💀💀 then after that I come back and he kiss me in front of his students and Nobara gets disgusted by that and told gojo to get a room💀
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the other three weren't there cus we were having a foursome.
i- i've no words luv. u wild.
and omg your dream had proven that gojo is a horndog after all.
Tumblr media
if gojo ever gets involved with my dream world, i hope he's there to get punched.
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Yunno a part of me is like thank GOD I’m not an actor and another part of me is like we’ve missed our opportunities to meet hot co-stars
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miss-m-and-her-blog · 21 days ago
@one-time-i-dreamt that Sebastian Stan was my boyfriend and we had a very toxic relationship but we were crazy for each other, like we would kiss in the rain, and all of that sh*t. But he kept cheating on me with other girls and I keep on catching him with them every time. Then one time I caught him after a threesome with two models, I told him it's over between us, but nu-uh! He chases me along a boardwalk in the night, told me to go back home with him because curfew's at 8pm (it's still pandemic even in my dreams); I refused and tried to run away from him. Out of nowhere, he pulls out an engagement ring and proposes to me because he said he can't lose me. I said yes to it and we went home together.
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t3a-bag · 28 days ago
I had a dream with Sebastian Stan and Megan Fox and lemme just say I woke up sweating
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yourbuckies · 28 days ago
~30 min interview where Sebastian interviews/has a conversation with Oscar nominated director Alexander Nanau about his documentary Collective, which “follows the efforts of investigative newspaper journalists who uncover healthcare fraud and corruption at the highest levels of the Romanian government.”
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ave606 · a month ago
Another random arse dream:
Sebastian and Anthony bought me birthday gifts but they were gag gifts like Michael Jordan socks and crap and then Sebastian left and I got made b/c he didn’t say bye. 😹
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vibraniumsergeant · a month ago
Tumblr media
sebastians birthday wishes to jessica chastain.
{via @/imsebastianstan on instagram}
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vibraniumsergeant · a month ago
Tumblr media
I'd love for this scene to be him seeing Rebecca again.
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whathefuckishappening · 2 months ago
Let me guess, are these also the same people who think Seb’s also in a committed relationship with a Spanish ‘actriz’ ?? // probably mod 😂 he can’t stand her but people think they are in love 🙄 and that’s also mackies couch ffs 😂
Some people will believe anything...
These people are the prefect prey for publicists.
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Quarantine has slowly made me revert back to my 13 year old self. When I got to Highschool I dropped a lot of my hobbies to focus on school. But now I'm back to reading until 3 am. Fangirling over 40 year olds and constructing multiple dream au's in my head...I regret growing out of these. I like it here:)
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hottimetubmachine · 2 months ago
Hi hi! I forgot how fun Tumblr can be so here I am lol. You can call me Maki! I’m using this as an outlet to express my thoughts, mostly my fandom-related ones, and maybe dump my writings because I’m not committed enough to write full fics in AO3.
I’m looking for mutuals/people I can talk to too, so if you’re in the following fandoms, feel free to chat me! (I’ll edit this list as I get into more fandoms)
Marvel (MCU, Into the Spider-Verse)
Musical Theater (Hamilton, Heathers, DEH, Hadestown, Beetlejuice, Mean Girls, The Prom, etc.)
Percy Jackson
The Owl House
Steven Universe
Voltron: Legendary Defender
Monster High
Ever After High
Winx Club
High School Musical
DC (mainly Batfam)
Look at the tags for more details 😎 Hope to see you all soon!
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