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#roger doofenshmirtz
wildshadowtamer · 13 hours ago
My HCs for PnF Characters (Pt. 3, Adults)
and the final part to this trilogy, the adults!
Picrew by @thewolfofthestars​​
[DNI: Transphobes, Queerphobes, Exclusionists, Anti-Mogai, Cringe/Flop Accounts] (and everything else, but those specifically for this post)
Tumblr media
Heinz Doofenshmirtz is a Bisexual Polyamorous Catflux Trans Man that uses he/him pronouns!
Tumblr media
Perrin Fletcher is a Pansexual, Grey-Asexual, Pan-Demiromantic, Polyamorous, Intersex Trans Man that uses he/him pronouns!
Tumblr media
Charlene Doofenshmirtz is a Trans Lesbian that uses she/her pronouns!
Tumblr media
Francis Monogram is a semi-closeted Pansexual, Polyamorous Trans Man that uses he/they pronouns!
Tumblr media
Peter Orso is a pansexual, pan-demiromantic, polyamorous trans man that uses he/him pronouns!
Tumblr media
Professor Mystery/Miggs Ortega is a gay bi-curious polyamorous gender-non-conforming trans man that uses he/him pronouns!
Tumblr media
Lyla Lolliberry, although 19, is still an adult, and a Bi Polyamorous Trans Lesbian one, at that! she uses she/her pronouns.
Tumblr media
Roger Doofenshmirtz is a closeted grey-ace, autigender, gender questioning and sexuality-questioning gay man with he/him pronouns.
Tumblr media
Aloyse Everheart Elizabeth Otto Wolfgang Hypatia Gunther Galen Gary Cooper von Roddenstein is a closeted bisexual, questioning, polyamorous trans man that uses he/they pronouns (although uses he/him publically) (gonna be honest, this doesnt match the hc i have for him in my head, but this is canon rodney, not my headspace rodney)
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qasalvatore · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Mistreating only one kid in the family may cause conflict and jealousy between brothers, just to remind you Mrs. Doofenshmirtz.
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judedeluca · 23 days ago
An opportunity I think they really missed with Doofenshmirtz and his brother Roger would’ve been if Roger had kids too. They were always juxtaposing how Roger was the favorite son and more handsome and successful than Heinz ever was, yet considering the show went out of its way to prove Heinz was a good father, it’s surprising Roger was never shown to be a bad parent.
Like considering it was abusive of the Doofenshmirtz mother and father to favor Roger over Heinz while Roger got all the attention, what if he had picked up on the ways his parents raised him and unironically employed that towards his own children. He has two kids and history repeats, with him favoring one child while the other’s neglected.
And let’s say Uncle Heinz sees this and tries to act as a parental figure to his ignored nephew/niece because even if he has his own daughter and tries to not commit the same mistakes his parents made, he sees his brother doing it all over with his own kids and refuses to let his nephew and/or niece go through the same thing.
So Heinz’s nephew/niece starts taking after their uncle and it’s like Vanessa has a younger sibling instead of simply a cousin, but Heinz makes an effort to include Vanessa just like before because he’s capable of giving enough love and attention to two children.
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quetanto · a month ago
Headcanon: Part of the reason Phineas and Ferb have only local fame instead of truly international fame is because the Tri-State Area is basically the Mad Scientist Capital of the US. It holds a similar place in local mythology as Gotham or Metropolis–nice enough place to live if you like the decor, but there’s all these rumours of rays in the sky, robots and rollercoasters across the city, and of course Bigfoot’s cousin Uzz. So of course there’s going to be permits in the building office for constructing massive things, and more spare parts than a lunatic asylum for out-of-work actors, and an aerial warning to keep at least 20 miles clear of Danville from the air, and Fireside Girl manuals with time-travel instructions and a medieval siege weapons section. Because it’s just that crazy.
Which leads me to three (now four) further conclusions.
Phineas and Ferb’s things are a nice change from the usual mayhem of Inators and Izers and Omatics, and that’s why people like them quite as much as they do without giving them away (because what if they stopped and had to go away? Who’d replace them? Do you remember when Dr. Diminutive was growing up down the street? Nobody wants to go back to that time...).
Roger Doofenshmirtz became top dog in a city of supervillains. He manages to keep his position as Mayor despite any number of utter whackos with the power to rewrite the laws of the universe, not just his own brother. Looks like the Doofenshmirtz tendency for evil may have passed down properly after all...
Linda may just be so utterly used to crazy stories about her hometown that she is perfectly willing to ignore anything that looks out of the ordinary. And Lawrence? Well, there’s got to be a reason he moved to Danville, and the Fletchers have worked for mad scientists before...
OWCA largely seems focused on Danville, right? But there’s a Canadian branch of the organization. Which means, somewhere up here, there is at least one more Danville. (Only we don’t really have room for a Tri-Province Area, so...)
Tumblr media
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wildshadowtamer · 2 months ago
My Phineas & Ferb Rarepairs
there’s not many of them but oh boy do i have some
1. Rodney x Doof (Roddenshmirtz)
2. Doof x Monogram (Monoshmirtz)
3. Carl x Monty (Moral)
3.5. Carl x Monty x Vanessa (Vamoral? tbd)
4. Roger x (Human AU) Professor Parenthesis (Banana Bread)
5. Professor Mystery x (Human AU) Peter The Panda (Pandashrine)
6. not sure if this is a rarepair but Buford x Baljeet x Ferb (Buferbjeet)
7. Carla x Lyla (if its staying on the list is tbd, Carlyla)
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fereality-indy · 2 months ago
Doofenshmirtz Brothers Annual Dinner
Roger: Well, that was scrumptious. What are you in the mood for now? Heinz: Alcohol. Quite extraordinary amounts of alcohol.
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ginnyweatherby · 3 months ago
we all know Heinz' parents are The Worst, but it seems particularly messed up that he's 47 years old and still has nightmares about the bedtime stories his mom used to tell
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dumbausfromdanville · 4 months ago
Ya ever just be sittin’ there, mindin ya own business...
When out of freakin nowhere, you get this idea - Danville has gotten a lot more crime recently. Ever since Mayor Roger Doofenshmirtz was re-elected after losing twice previously, he has lost his charming political persona, and criminals now run free on the streets of Danville; there’s hardly any justice being served. Phineas and Ferb know what they need to do today - they need to protect the city they love. Like hell they’ll let lazy politics ruin their home from the inside.
So the two, now in their junior high summer, decide to take up mantles - masks, to hide who they truly are. Their friends join them. They become a vigilante team who operates only under the knowledge that criminals must be brought to justice, all the while Mayor Doofenshmirtz is pushing for these vigilantes to be arrested. 
And Perry is wondering why Doofenshmirtz is all of a sudden trying once more to take over the Tri-State Area, but not because of some petty grudge - and not with Inators, but through political sabotage. The doc has a new goal. Save Danville from the inside.
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genders-for-cactus-man · 4 months ago
kinlist time kinlist time
Leorio Paradinight
Heinz Doofenshmirtz
Jason Voorhees
Chop Top Sawyer
Stuart "Stu" Macher
Edward Scissorhands
Cannibal Dakota
Haruhi Fujioka
Dwight Schrute
Richie Tozier
Fred Jones
Shaggy Rogers
Nuka (lion king 2)
Daffy Duck
Dustin Henderson
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ginnyweatherby · 5 months ago
I saw something that said Roger Doofenshmirtz is a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger and I don't know to feel about it
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