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#buford van stomm
Buford: Look, Baljeet, I'm not gonna waste your time with some lame excuse about why we left you behind, all right? Just the truth.
Buford: Isabella and I were taken hostage by an Armenian biker gang and thrown on a cargo ship heading to Asia, but we're back now. Don't worry about it.
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iowntheworldandyou · 12 minutes ago
Does this to you
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Buford: I have a complicated relationship with zombies.
Buford: They're dangerous, but I love their swagger.
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During a Sleepover
Phineas: What does ’take out’ mean?
Ferb: I associate it with food.
Isabella: That works, but I still think it means dating.
Buford: No, you're both wrong! It means destruction, duh!
Baljeet: So... just to be clear... you called me in my dorm at 3 AM... just to ask me WHAT THE TRUE DEFINITION OF 'TAKE OUT' IS?!?
Ferb: Yes, yes we did.
Baljeet: *hangs up*
Phineas: He didn't answer the question.
Buford: He probably doesn't know.
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wildshadowtamer · 13 hours ago
My HCs for Pnf Character (Pt. 1, Kids)
SO i’m here with actual, somewhat original content.
Specifically, headcanons for the characters of Phineas and Ferb. This will be split into three parts, Kids, Teens, and Adults, because wow it would be long otherwise. I will give their full (or as much as i can be bothered to write) name, full identity, and pronouns.
Picrew by @thewolfofthestars​
[DNI: Transphobes, Queerphobes, Exclusionists, Anti-Mogai, Cringe/Flop Accounts] (and everything else, but those specifically for this post)
So, up first are the kids! (this is a human au and Norm is a robot child)
Tumblr media
Phineas Flynn is Pangender, Pansexual, Grey-Asexual, Aromantic, Polyamorous, and a label/pronoun hoarder. He uses any/all pronouns.
Tumblr media
Ferb Fletcher is a Bisexual, Polyamorous, Queer Demiboy. He uses He/They pronouns.
Tumblr media
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is Bisexual, Panromantic, Polyamorous, and Genderfluid! She uses she/her, he/him, and they/them depending on the day, but her gender only really changes from girl every few months, instead of daily.
Tumblr media
Buford Van Stomm is a Semi-Closeted Gay Biromantic Polyamorous Transman that uses he/they pronouns! (top flag is the bi gay flag)
Tumblr media
Baljeet Tjinder is an Omnisexual, Demisexual, Polyamorous Trans Man that uses he/she pronouns! 
Tumblr media
Iriving Du Bois is a gay cis man because i dont like him but its impossible to ignore his implied gayness. Uses he/him pronouns.
Tumblr media
Norm is Omnisexual, Biromantic, Libramasculine, and uses he/him pronouns!
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Eating Experiment
Phineas: We’ve been conducting an ongoing study to see what Buford will and will not eat.
Isabella: Grass? Yes!
Phineas: Moss? Yes!!
Isabella: Leaves? Oh yes!
Phineas: Rocks? Usually nah.
Isabella: Shoelaces? Strange, but true!
Phineas: Baljeet’s cooking? Inconclusive!
Ferb: How did you… test this?
Phineas: You just hand him stuff and say ‘eat this’ and if he eats it, he eats it.
Ferb: ... I don’t know how to feel about this.
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He’s Got a Point
Buford: There’s no ’i’ in team, but there is one in ’pizza’.
Baljeet: So I presume you are not going to share?
Buford: I’m not gonna share.
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Guess What They’re Playing
Buford: I‘m gonna put down my A to make ”A”.
Phineas: I’ll add my T to make ”AT”.
Baljeet: I will put down my R and add it to your ”AT” to make ”RAT”.
Ferb: ...
Ferb: *adds on all of his letters* I have made your ”RAT” into ”BIOSTRATIGRAPHIC”.
Buford: Vote to kick Ferb out of the game for using his complex British mind tricks to win?
Baljeet: Seconded.
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authenticcadence18 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@bethiebunnie did the lineart and I colored it!!
For context, Ferb decides to take a “me day” for himself to escape all the “unrequited” crush drama in the friend group….only to come back and realize Phineas and Isabella got together while he was gone🤣🤣🤣. He missed a lot!
THANK YOU SM BETHIE!!! I had a blast coloring your lineart, your style is so good!!!!!
also!!! I didnt draw the backgrounds, I got them off the Phineas and Ferb wiki😂😂😂
See below the cut for the original meme:
Tumblr media
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bethiebunnie · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me and Cadence were talking about how Ferb has to keep everyone’s secrets and crushes, and how he’d need a “me day” and then that day everything he kept happens all at once 😂😂
Meme reference:
Tumblr media
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Meet The Originals
Phineas Garcia-Shapiro-Flynn - 31, Renown Inventor and OWCA Engineer, father of 5. Queerplatonically married.
Ferb Tjinder-Fletcher - 32, Renown Inventor and OWCA Agent, father of 6. Married.
Candace Johnson-Hirano-Flynn - 37, Lawyer and Professional Buster, mother of 3. Married.
Baljeet Tjinder - 32, Professor at Danville College, father of 6. Married.
Buford Van Stomm - 33 Gym Owner of 'Wedgies 2.0′, father of 6. Married.
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro - 31, Fashion Designer and Fireside Girls leader, mother of 5. Queerplatonically Married.
Perrin Bartholomew Periwinkle Doofenshmirtz-Fletcher - 54, OWCA’s best agent and Highschool Teacher at Danville High, father of 4. (counting vanessa and norm), Open Married.
Heinz Doofenshmirtz-Fletcher - 69, (nice) Highschool Teacher at Danville High, father of 4 (counting Vanessa and Norm), Open Married.
Vanessa Doofenshmirtz - 38, Horror Writer, mother of 4. Married.
Jeremy Johnson-Hirano-Flynn - 37, Singer and Guitarist, father of 3. Married.
Stacy Johnson-Hirano-Flynn - 37, Politician, mother of 3. Married.
Peter Ortega-Orso - 55, Second Best OWCA Agent, Highschool Teacher at Seattle High. Father of atleast 4. Married.
Miggs Ortega-Orso - 52, Inator Scientist for OWCA and Highschool Teacher at Seattle High. Father of atleast 4. Married.
Monty Monogram - 39, On-Field OWCA Major, Father of 4. Married.
Carl Monogram - 39, Commander of OWCA. Father of 4. Married.
Pinky Garcia-Shapiro - 38, Full-Time OWCA Agent. Father of 1. Single.
Lyla Lolliberry - 41, OWCA Agent, mother of 2. Married.
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Shout out to @authenticcadence18 and FrsdGirl for writing some of the most INCREDIBLE Phinabella fics out there, do yourself a favor and check their works out on Archive of Our Own!
Isabella gave up on Phineas after he got hit by a “Forget-about-it-ilizer-which-was-my-idea-not-Doofenshmirtz’s” (courtesy of Rodney) RIGHT after she confessed her feelings for him. Again.
The only people she directly told, other than the ex-Fireside girls, is Ferb because she accidentally left her group chat messages open while he was returning her right-handed flange tuner that they’d borrowed for a project.
Phineas‘ realization that he had a crush on Isabella came about more gradually. It started when she came to his backyard less often because of her many many extracurriculars, but he couldn’t quite figure out why that was more upsetting than Baljeet rarely showing up because of college, or Buford missing out because of his extracurriculars.
One day, Candace makes an off-hand comment about how Phineas talks about Isabella so lovingly and so often, they might as well be dating. Her slumber is later disturbed by a panicked phone call from Phineas at midnight, because he’s finally realized his own feelings. Our boy’s in pain.
Phineas takes Isabella out for ice cream every year on her birthday, and at least one member of the staff will refer to them as a couple on a date. Cue the blushing and denial.
Phineas and Ferb once built a machine that grants your greatest desire during their sophomore year, and it was Phineas’ turn when Isabella arrived. He claimed that he didn’t get anything from the machine, but everyone else was silently cracking up because they knew what he really wished for 😉
Phineas once got hit by a ray that turned him into a dog and spent the entire afternoon with Isabella because she mistook him for Pinky. An hour later, he reluctantly left her house so that Ferb could turn him back into a human. Isabella still won’t believe Buford when he says she was cuddling with Phineas that afternoon instead of Pinky.
Isabella and Phineas once fell asleep on each other during a long plane flight and Ferb has photographic evidence. He’s waiting until the wedding to use it.
Speaking of Ferb, he and Isabella started referring to each other as ‘milord’ and ‘milady’, respectively, after they worked on a medieval school project together during their freshman year, which made Phineas wonder if they’re secretly dating even though he knows that Ferb wouldn’t do that to him.
Phineas almost asked Isabella out to prom- he went as far as putting her favorite flowers in her locker as a surprise- but chickened out at the last second.
Dakota and Cavendish accidentally hypnotized Isabella into thinking she was 10 years old again during a trip to Danville High School (they were trying to find the Milo gang, but got lost), so she spent the day pining for Phineas. Luckily, the ex-Fireside girls and Ferb figured this out before any major damage was done, and Ferb built a device that would undo the effects. Unfortunately, Phineas thought that mAybE Isabella liked him back and was disappointed when the next day, everything was back to normal.
When Baljeet (college freshman at the time, only 14) and Zack (also a college freshman, but he’s 18/19) bump into each other between classes, he finds out that Zack and Melissa have actually been dating since the end of their high school freshman year, and passes this information off to Buford, who brags to Ferb that he should start referring to Phineas and Isabella as a couple, because then they are guaranteed to get together. It worked with Zalissa, after all.
To talk him out of it, Ferb had to tell him about Isabella giving up and Phineas’ newly-found crush, and threatened to pinch him if he told anyone without Phineas or Isabella’s permission. Buford never brought it up directly after that, and Baljeet didn’t know about the ‘situation’ until AYA because of this 👀
During their senior year, after Ferb went on a date with Vanessa, bailing on his movie plans with Phineas and Isabella, the aforementioned duo ended up going to the movie together. Just the two of them. They had a VERY good time, and there may have been some slight armrest sharing.
Phineas wrote a song- for himself and the Ferbtones to sing- about Isabella, and it’s the sweetest but most embarrassing thing ever. It’s currently hidden in Phineas’ binder because he still doesn’t want to show it to his girlfriend but he doesn’t have the heart to throw it away.
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So I know it's not exactly the most creative idea but I still wanted to share it: the origins of how Baljeet and Buford became such good buddies (apart from the bully dynamic but let's be real that's part of their friendship cuz its not malicious) like was another bully trying to bully Baljeet, and Buford just sprung into action like "ah hell naw that's MY nerd ya bastahd!" or something like that jdfkhjdfkjdf
I can totally see that omg 👀 I can totally see that happening shortly after Raging Bully. Buford's already kinda decided that Phineas and Ferb are His Friends™ and he knows that Baljeet is their friend which means Baljeet is His™ too (it's PEMDAS or some shit), and no one gets to bully His Baljeet but him!
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fereality-indy · 7 days ago
A Real Knee Slapper
Isabella: No one thinks this is funny, Buford. Buford: Well, someone probably thinks this is funny. Buford: And that someone is me.
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Buford: I’ve done a lot of dumb stuff.
Phineas: I witnessed the dumb stuff.
Isabella: I recorded the dumb stuff.
Ferb: I joined you in the dumb stuff.
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Baljeet: I can't be swimming around with a bunch of five year olds! They can be so cruel when they sense weakness.
Buford: That's why on the first day, you have to beat up the biggest one in the yard.
Isabella: Buford, that's prison.
Buford: Only if you let it be.
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the-huffle-buddy · 11 days ago
Day 1 of proving that the cartoons must be seen and are made to be seen in Latin Spanish dubbing; 'cause Latin Spanish dubbing is superior >>>>>>>>>>
Day 1: Phineas and Ferb: Somebody give me a grade 🤢🤮😔🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️❌❌❌<<<<<<<<<
Like... sorry but I don't understand why Baljeet's voice is very high pitched. although I know it is the "original voice" I don't like his voice in English, sorry not sorry.
Phineas y Ferb: Yo quiero mi graduación🥰♥️😭✔🔝🔝👍🏼😎💕🛐>>>>>>>>>>>>>
THISSSS IS EVERYTHING THAT IS RIGHT IN THIS WORLD I mean, his voice is also high pitched in Latin Spanish, but not that high. And I also feel that the energy of the music fit perfectly here with his voice and WOW it's art, yes art
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Buford: Man, you go through life, you try to be nice to people, you struggle to resist the urge to punch em in the face, and for what?
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phineasandferbtheories · 11 days ago
Buford and Isabella are best friends. Isabella and Ferb are also best friends. Buford and Ferb are those friends that are only friends because of their friends in common. Great trio right there.
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