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#prank day
itsreaditandwow2 · 16 hours ago
👨‍👦Charles Green (Angry Grandpa) 👨🏻‍🍼
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samanthadalton · 7 days ago
but really though being born in april fool are you a prankster? because yes i joke about people saying they are married on april fools but like i tried to prank my friends multiple times that I’m dead by sending them RIP messages to see their reactions🤣 - it worked once and i kept laughing for a week 😭🤣🤣🤣
i mean i think i’m like built with an extra sense of humour bc i’m literally the funniest person i know- and i laugh at everything and anything but i’m also super funny
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Today was more about seeing people (my people. I missed these people) then stuff. But because Casta is one of my people, I went and got more henna.
Now my hand is a preetty flower!
Tumblr media
Also someone anonymously sent me a rose. Which, aww that's so sweet.
Tumblr media
But also Hey Show Yourself! (I'm not even going to try and guess, because there are too many possibilities).
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hatchetfieldtheories · 8 days ago
If you still do the ridiculous theory thing,
So the entire show of TGWDLM was a very elaborate prank pulled on Paul and Emma.
I definitely do, lovely.
"No, guys, this is gonna be so funny, you'll see."
Bill looks at Ted with reservations. "Remind me again why we can't just tell Paul to ask her out? Why do we have to do a full on apocalypse edition of Punk'd?"
"Uh, because its hilarious. Look, Bill, all you need to do is look at bit scared, we'll hide in the trash cans, and eventually they'll run into each others arms, at which point we - boom- pop out and yell YA PUNK'D!"
"Ok, Mr Kutcher but I really don't think we'll get Mr Davidson in on it."
2 hours later
Ted looks at Bill with pride, "wow Mr Davidson must have done a really good job, Paul went running from the building. How did you get him in on it?"
Bill looks at Ted confused. "I thought you spoke to him?"
Melissa peeps around the door and asks one of their other co-workers, Colin, to go in and see Mr Davidson. 10 minutes later, Colin comes out singing.
30 mins later
"Ted how many people did you get in on this?"
"I dunno, I guess word got around and people want to get involved?"
"Right... so the hiding in the trash cans is for the surprise and not because you're actually scared right?"
"Well no duh, Bill."
At that moment a group of Hatchetfield residents they definitely didn't know danced past, led by a girl in a Greenpeace vest.
"Strange things are afoot in Hatchetfield."
Ask: Send me a ridiculous Hatchetfield Theory and I'll make it make sense
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carltonlassie · 9 days ago
what if, shawn drunkenly calling lassie at 3am just to ramble,, and accidentally confesses,,,, hnnnnngh
Oooh god!!
Shawn prank called lassie so many times during the day (“prank call” but really he just wanted to hear his voice 😳), that Lassiter started ignoring them by the evening. Telling him that keeping a police officer’s phone line was obstruction of justice didn’t help (why would it, Shawn would make fun of him more just for that)
Shawn kept on calling and calling, and 3am was Lassiter’s limit. Lassie finally answered it to yell at him!! Went into a shouting monologue, but the line stayed silent, so he was like “Spencer?”
And Shawn’s like Lassie, this is not a prank. I love u, pls come over, I’m drunk and I’m stupid. You have such great voice. Did u know that I love hearing it? Please manhandle me like u do at the station. Do u want head? Maybe we should make out when we see each other next time. Oooh and your eyes are so blue and I want to get lost in it. I’m kissing you on the mouth mwah <3 Thanks bye!
And lassies just like
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shadeswift99 · 10 days ago
3rd Life but it's just one of those elaborate site-wide games at a summer camp the Hermits went to
#3rdlifesmp#no salt no scars no permanent trauma or relationship issues#just some of the hermits being slightly dorkier than others and packing up between seasons to go LARP with their buddies#the other hermits laughing at them a little but getting just as excited as they are when they come back and enthusiastically say how it went#helping them pack and unpack bags and stuff#and the Hermits who killed or betrayed each other being Lightheartedly Outraged all through season 8#but in the exact same way as a person pretending to hold a grudge when their buddy gets them out in paintball or something#just really playing it up but unable to keep a smile out of their eyes as the victorious friend laughs and teases them#and doing stuff like 'hey Impy you owe me quartz because you shot me in 3rd Life'#'Tango that was three weeks ago and also you know you enjoyed giving that dramatic revenge speech -'#'yeah it was three weeks ago and also i forgot about it directly after until this very moment when i am suddenly Very Sad :((('#'and Very in need of quartz :((( free quartz is the only thing that will make me feel better about this horrible pain you have -'#'fiiiine I'll give you some quartz'#'thanks man you're the best :)'#and just all kinds of interactions like that#the vibe between Bdubs and Etho would be insufferable in the best possible way#Fake rivalry and pranks for days#but yeah....I just like the idea of 3rd life as an especially ruthless yet very low stakes game between friends#i think that fits its vibe best#and yes i very much want to say and hear and think about more ideas like this i am having so much fun with this#all my Villainpulse analysis through this lense immediately becomes still slightly terrifying but in an absolutely hilarious way#because i can SO see it djfbnfjs#especially if you go more the paintball route#just this really nice dude who's still really nice but also has like a fifteen step plan with five backups cause he Must Dominate Paintball#and just nobody expects that and they're all a little bit in awe when they realize what's going on#but in awe in like the 'wow I've really got to congratulate him afterwards i didn't realize he'd be so good at this in this way' kinda way#and not the 'I've been legitimately betrayed and deeply wounded by this side of someone i thought i knew' kind of way#it's just so fun and it makes me really happy and i think it accurately reflects that; drama or not#the 3rd life players just had a really great time going a little feral with their friends :)
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iwannaban0nym0us · 12 days ago
I'm trying to come up with insane signs to post around campus and I've run out of ideas. Here's what I have so far:
On a scale of refrigerator to kitchen sink what is your favorite color of the alphabet? Email your response to your grade dean with the subject line “Quiz Solution” for a chance to win a prize!
If shower was a turtle what equation would the sun be? Email your response to your grade dean with the subject line “Quiz Solution” for a chance to win a prize!
Wednesday has been postponed until further notice. Time travellers have been warned.
REMINDER: The 5th floor has been moved to the basement.
ATTENTION: Free Boba for 13th to 15th graders, please go to the space station for more information
Hello, Just a reminder the water from the toilets will be used for hydroponic potato plants. Thanks for your cooperation
NOTICE: Starting on August 1st 2021, all students must wear our new [school name] uniform at all times, including after school, weekends, and vacations. Failure to comply will result in expulsion.
I figured tumblr would be a good place to turn for insane ideas. So if anyone has any ideas that are along similar lines please let me know!
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glitradora-week · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
GLITRADORA WEEK DAY 6: PROMPTS (SATURDAY 12 JUNE) -> pranks/jokes -> anniversaries
some ideas to get you started! - out of the three of them (or the four of them, if you're also writing for glimbow), who's the most prank-inclined? do they have any inside jokes? do individual couples/pairings have inside jokes? who's the most likely to break out the horrendous puns? - do they have one collective anniversary, or different anniversaries for different couples? how do they celebrate? do they celebrate their anniversaries at all (and if not, why?)?
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unordinary-analysis · 16 days ago
I want an Adrion and John friendship so bad,, however unrealistic, I think I would properly lose my shit seeing them being best friends and doing best friend things and everything ,, </3
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clairerocksmith · 17 days ago
A Clayden Day (Short Story)
Ayden: Hey guys, it's Ayden and today, we're filming a normal day in my life.
Editor: Really? No prank, challenge, nothing?
Ayden: Yup.
Editor: Oh wow.
Ayden: Anyway, lets get into it.
Claire: Hey Ayden, wanna go get some boba?
Ayden: Sure. You know I'd go anywhere with you.
(Claire blushes and smiles)
Editor: You guys are so cute.
Claire: Come on, let's go.
[...later at boba...]
Editor: So we're at Boba with Clayden. I really didn't believe Ayden when he said there was nothing going on today but, oh well, we'll see.
Random Girl: OMG!!! It's Claire and Ayden! I'm your hugest fan and I love you guys and I'm happy you're here and...can I get an autograph? Sign my shirt.
Claire: Ok...sure. Who should I make it out to?
Random Girl: Make it out to Claire. Hi I'm Claire.
Ayden: Well, we have to be going. Bye.
Claire: Yeah, bye!
[Claire and Ayden order their boba's and sit down]
Ayden: Claire, can I ask you something?
Claire: Yeah, sure. What is it?
Ayden: It's a hard question to ask so here it goes...Will you be my girlfriend?
Claire: I-i, I-um...I'm sorry but I'm not ready for that yet.
Editor: Ohh...
Ayden: Oh, I get it.
Claire: I'm really sorry.
Ayden: It's ok. Really,
Claire: It is? But it isn't. How?
Ayden: Because...It's a prank!!!
(Piper, Lev and Emily appear at the scene)
Piper: It's a prank!!!
Lev: Prank!
Emily: That was so good.
(Claire's cheeks are a bright shade of red)
Claire: Ayden!!!
Ayden: Uh-oh, Make sure to like, subscribe and turn on those post notifications. Also, follow me on Tiktok, Instagram and book me on Cameo. Thanks for watching!
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angelicamerlinbarnes · 18 days ago
Regulus and Severus take care of Remus after the Prank, like saving him a spot at their table for meals and helping him with notes and even giving him advice about Sirius. Of course he ends up back with the Marauders in the end, but from then on he always has two Slytherins he can count on for anything.
(And they eventually become Animagi and join Moony’s pack, too.)
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187days · 19 days ago
Day One Hundred Seventy-Four
So... I didn’t teach much today.
I mean, in World I proofread some projects, answered a few questions, helped students find sources, stuff like that... But in GOV? I didn’t do anything.
See, the seniors did their prank today, and I knew they were going to, so I didn’t plan to do anything. At around 8:30, they all got up, left their classes, took over the stadium, and threw themselves a party (music, yard games, soccer balls, frisbee, food....) I thought this was hilarious and excellent, as did The Principal and the campus safety guys, who offered a joking, halfhearted, “No, stop, go back to class” before letting it happen. 
The party went on for the entire block. How fun is that? 
And, by the time the last block of the day rolled around, all but two of the students in the second section of GOV had gotten dismissed. So I let the two who were there work on their final projects, or on whatever else they needed to do, and that was that. 
I also didn’t coach much today because the lone sprinter who’s qualified for MoCs sprained an ankle at an AAU soccer practice, so The Head Coach sent her in to get checked out by our athletic trainer rather than doing a workout. It’s tempting to write a giant rant about how much I hate AAU sports here, but it’s too fine a day.
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so, I have this headcanon that on Fred and George's first day of Hogwarts, when Fred was called for sorting, George went up instead, and the hat realised, and told him off. George ran back to Fred sniggering, and the kids found it hilarious, and the teachers just rolled their eyes/facepalmed at what they'd have to put up with for the next 7 years.
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