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#just depressed
nicksmac · 5 days ago
You've got to learn to show a happy face
Although you're full of misery
You mustn't show a trace of sadness
Never look for sympathy...
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emma-frxst · 3 months ago
I ain’t dead
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utonn-made-real · 4 months ago
Sorry about vanishing for a hot minute, I was diving in way to soon, but now I have evolved and could probably get something going
I'm currently not working on anything special, but I do want to get myself out of this art block and back on track
Tumblr media
I'm also willing to take art requests, just to get warmed up *wink wonk*
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heckedy-peg · 5 months ago
In the depression pit. It's so sneaky. I'm just folding clothes and thinking self-hating thoughts and suddenly I wonder what people normally think about when they fold clothes. Probably other things they have to do that day? Normal shit? I don't even know, but I would very much like to fold clothes in silence without it escalating to scary places and half a Klonopin to nip it in the bud.
I feel like I have to constantly be listening to music or audiobooks, or watching youtube or have a movie or show on. If I don't, that bully creeps in, saying such cruel things.
I just want to fold clothes.
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askprinceelias · 6 months ago
Just a rant
Sometimes I feel like others will be better off without me in their lives, I just mess up everything. They always seem so happy without me anyhow, maybe why they keep more distant from me. Even my family has became more distant to me... I just feel like giving up a lot of times...
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peachysmoothie · 8 months ago
Was called...
Pretty company...
And 'unique'.
2 separate times
Different people i dont know
Perhaps I just hate
But if anyone remembered what
It was like
To go outside and talk to people
I wouldnt be forced to
Suffer like this
-a poem (a really bad one)
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harryinafield · 8 months ago
are you okay?
Tumblr media
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fainlin · 8 months ago
One day I’m not going to be so lonely, I always tell myself.
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alliibabbii · 10 months ago
I literally cannot wait to finally fade away. I wanna die so bad but just can't seem to do it. So I'm gonna starve myself into oblivion. That'll show 'em.
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ivebeenthearcher · 10 months ago
What did I expect from people that didn't have time for a fucking FaceTime during a global pandemic
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zimniiyvolk · 11 months ago
Well, the place of business where I work is shutting its doors next week, and I am going to be joining the rest of the quarantined masses. Too small of a place, and mismanaged and too many losses from Covid-19. Just thought I would have more time to pay bills. I will be online alot more now. As long as I can pay my internet bill.
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shejustcalledmeafish · a year ago
Fuckity fuck
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nicksmac · a year ago
Just Thoughts
I’m such a failure.
I’m a fucking mess.
There’s nothing good in me.
I just wanna die.
I’m annoying and depressed.
Nobody wants to be my friend.
Nobody even wants to be around me.
I’m like the plague.
I’m a disgusting disease.
I just ruin everybody’s lives.
I deserve this pain.
I deserve every fucking thing.
I just wanna wear out my chest,
Take my heart and smash It like a boiled potato.
I wanna become numb,
Just like a robot,
Then I’ll take a high jump in this ocean of sorrow and anxiety
And I’ll slowly sink in the dark and comfortable water of the death.
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raven0fthenight · a year ago
I don't want to sleep because sleeping means I have to wake up
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whatif-today · a year ago
Tumblr media
I. Feel. Like. Shit.
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ratchet-saturn-girl · a year ago
Annnyywaaaay I’m off to go contemplate my suicide 😬😬😬
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fuckasoulll · a year ago
Sometimes I wonder if I really did fuck up so bad that I deserve every negative thought that comes across my mind.
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rk800isalive · a year ago
Tumblr media
I haven’t had much motivation to do much of anything lately. My depression has been hitting me lately. Been watching stuff online to cheer me up and you can find me mostly on discord for a bit.
Just tired mostly, I’ll gain enough spoons to rp soon. My depression just has ups and downs. Also doesn’t help that an crazy ass stalker tried to follow me. Gotta love that... Blocked them but man one would think after blocking all their damn blogs they would get the damn hint. 
Anyway! If you want to chat with me on discord you can find me in my mixed fandom rp server or ask for my personal discord. I’m not going on hiatus just... slow ass replies more the usual. I’ll be more picky too about which threads I answer to. Nothing against anyone just... depression brain isn’t great brain.
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