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#depressing shit
ohshitididntnotice · an hour ago
Querido diario:
Nunca toman mi opinión en cuenta pero sí protesto se molestan y me hacen la culpable.
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hourglass-babydoll · 3 hours ago
Someone please talk to me, I need a friend. Over 18 only please
Needing ana buddy and someone to chat with about anything at all.
Send help 💕💕💕
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marasart53 · 3 hours ago
If anyone wants to snap and show each others cuts dm me😁
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maria-manzana · 3 hours ago
Será verdad que estar constantemente pensando en el pasado es igual que estar hiriéndote a ti mismo ?.
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grief-driven-writer · 3 hours ago
tuesday :/
woke up to my little brother fighting my mom on going to school. She needed my help, I could tell him yelling at her was making her sad. I tried to comfort her the best I could while simultaneously getting him ready for school. After dropping him off she seemed to feel a bit better, sadly he has put a bit of a strain on my relationship with my mom. School was a but more productive today, I wish I could focus better and work harder. I just always get distracted or feel like crying at random intervals. I think I might have Bipolar disorder but I have not been diagnosed yet. I hopefully will be getting help soon. 
A song a listen to while writing this was domestic bliss by glass animals. Might make a full post on why I love that song so much and how I interpreted it and how It suits my family situation.
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byegirl07 · 4 hours ago
I’m so lonely
it seems that I don't belong anywhere 
I’m tired 
I want to be gone 
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byegirl07 · 4 hours ago
Someone please
I just need someone that gives me love 
Someone to talk to and that actually replies to me , someone that hugs me , someone that gives me advice... 
I just need a little bit of love 
Not given by my family, friends, teachers , classmates, no one.... am I so bad? Am I this disgusting human being that doesn’t deserve anything?
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rottenwh0re · 4 hours ago
Why I'm always the second choice?
Why I'm never enough?
Why they always leave?
Am I really hard to love? Or why does nobody loves me? Why is it so hard for them to stay?
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innetthoughts · 5 hours ago
I wish I could live my life unapologetically. Instead I apologize more times then I breath. Just for being alive.
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sociallyanxiousshawty · 5 hours ago
weeping blue
Weeping Blue
(trigger warning ⚠ : slight mention of wanting to unalive and mentions of anxiety)
As I write a candle is lit, the lavender and sage aroma filling my small room.
The room is illuminated by my laptop screen and the dancing flame on the candle.
It’s the first night of Ramadan.
So much happened
My minds in a tizzy
My heart weeps
Out of fury
My friends have achieved so much
While I have so little
During our video call
I was silent
The person who spoke was not me
It was someone else
The perfect someone else
My voice high on helium
And my laugh as sweet as caramel
If only they knew
The tears that flood my face the day before
My friend asked me why I disappeared from classes
I told her I was shy and lazy
I just have really bad anxiety
My heart wept
The moment I entered the call
I wanted to leave
But I wanted to stay
I love my friends
But I can’t show it
They befriended the sweet me
The nice and funny me
Not the real me
Sad thing is
I don’t remember the real me
I can’t remember my own laugh
Or smile
It’s all fake
I’m scared
Every time I talk to someone
I overthink words
And sometimes I want to die
But I can’t
I’m a cowered
I hate pain
But I feel it every day
I want it to end
But I don’t know how
My heart weeps
And beats a plea for help
My heart races the moment I step outside
I cover my face
I don’t eat
I care about what people think of me
I want to be my own person
I want to laugh
And be happy
I want to smile again
A real smile
I want to be able to go outside with the confidence my 10-year-old self had
I miss the old days
now I dream about disappearing to another world
A fictional-verse
With superheroes, and shinobi
With sorcerers and pirates
But that’s all in my head
In reality
I’m alone
In my home
In my room
Weeping blue
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khaisafranco · 7 hours ago
So today I’m 4 days late of my period... yes I have a histtof 3 miscarriages and if Im pregnant again I have a high chance of a repetitive miscarriage... the thing is.... he doesn’t approach me... because number one he already said to me that we have to do the withdrawal method... but I dont want to.. basically i just want to have our own baby since Im turning 35 this year..... im really rushing to become a mom.... since we have a time bounded frame for us to bear a child.....
Yah I know his mad at me because I always insist what I want....
Because if I don’t do that notthing will happen to our future... I’m really aick and tired of the relationship.. Im really felt forgranted... ignored.... and unloved we’ve been boyfriend and girlfriend 16 years now.. and still like this...
He’s mad at me because if i have to miscarry again we don’t have money to go to the hospital....
I just want to be dead....... sorry but I’m really having suicidal thoughts every fucking aingle day since I had a miscarriage last 2016. 2017, 2019 and possible by june 2021 this year..
I just wish we haven’t met.... I just wish she found another girl that can bear a child normally... I just want him to be happy with other woman.... the pain that I feel everyday with him is very heavy.... ignored and not prioritized.... always answers a problem with a problem....
It really hurts a lot..... to feel that you’ve been ignornored by the one you loved the most....
I want to be with my family who already migrated in the states.. I want to be with them... I don’t want to be alone...
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thinittowin · 7 hours ago
I may keep up with recovery people on social media as a form of thinspo? Mainly I look at how they look. But I dont really take in their message. Oops?
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sheiscandescent · 7 hours ago
I’ve been in a rut...I haven’t been writing. I want to be uplifted and motivated but I’m fighting to follow thru. I’m tired of disappointing myself.
First, I will forgive myself for losing to sloth. Allowing my flesh to become comfortable at being comfy in my own mess. The only thing that can stop me is me.
For too long I’ve complained about not feeling loved/ not being noticed...but was I noticing myself?? Was I loving myself?? How can I give to others when I don’t give to myself first? How can I expect this from others when I can’t do it for myself. I’m in serious need for an attitude and perspective adjustment.
The desire to create burns deep within me but my fear has kept it locked inside. Devouring me ever so slowly destroying me from the inside out. I am in control, or so I thought. For far too long I’ve danced with this illusion. Today the music stops.
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lost-cloud-in-the-sky · 7 hours ago
Don’t you worry, I ain’t worth it anyway
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restless-little-spirit · 7 hours ago
For the past three days I've felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown and I don't know how to snap out of it
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