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#it's been a long long time
5ummit · 2 minutes ago
Does everyone in Madripoor thinks Zemo still has control of the Winter Soldier? Did they not know about everything that happened with Bucky post Civil War? They think Zemo escaped and reactivated him? That Zemo destroyed the WS program so he could keep the only one but still got caught and the WS was a hidden sleeper agent until he got out? The WS should be capable to get him out of a German prison no problem but Selby still doubts it even tho still totally accepts he is Zemo's pet. So weird!
Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but here’s my understanding of the situation and what the “general public” in the MCU knows.
At the end of CATWS, Natasha releases a bunch of classified information and exposes Hydra to the world, which includes files on the Winter Soldier. A lot of the data was encrypted, but post-CATWS it seems like the public, at the very least, knows that the WS exists/existed and is tied (or suspected to be tied) to a lot of past assassinations. We know this because when Zemo frames Bucky for the UN bombing in Civil War, the news reports identify Bucky and seem talk about the WS as if its general knowledge. Then there’s that chase and Bucky get’s pretty publicly arrested (along with Captain America and Falcon).
Now at this point Zemo triggers Bucky’s WS programming, we find out what we think Zemo’s after, there’s an Avengers throw down at the airport, they track Zemo to Siberia, Tony finds out the WS killed his parents, and Steve and Tony officially break up. I don’t think the general public knows about any of that. 
In fact, I doubt the public knows anything about Zemo or his motivations at all. The most they might know is that he was the one who framed Bucky for the UN bombing (or maybe they think he was controlling the WS but the WS still did it?), which is how he ended up in prison. It’s not clear, to my knowledge, exactly what the public was told about this. Zemo activating the WS after Bucky was in custody for the bombing? His goal of destroying the WS program and dismantling the Avengers? That would be extremely classified information.
So my understanding is that anyone who does actually seem to personally know Zemo in Madripoor, knows him from before the events of CACW when he was a shady kill squad commander and a baron. They do not know the details of what he was actually trying to do in CACW, so him being with the WS would not be as contradictory as it appears to us. As for how much the public knows about the WS programming? Selby at least seemed to understand that the WS could be controlled with the right code words, but it’s unclear if the general public knows that much (doubtful) or its only something that people who specialize in intelligence (like Zemo and Selby) would know.
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crimsonblackrose · 3 minutes ago
I struggled so hard to come up with a list of pitches. But I did it and sent it in. Between family stuff, fatigue from *gestures at the universe*, and my allergies kicking my butt (thanks a lot botanical sexism and one stupid book from the 40′s) I need a head pat and a treat.
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crazyw3irdo · 24 minutes ago
my theatre hyperfixation has been coming back and i have watched so many sweeney todd analysis vids in the past two days and one of them mentioned that sweeney’s backstory was inspired by the count of monte cristo and i’m just like “I KNEW IT”
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xamassed · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’ve spent the last few days really trying to crank out replies from my inbox and my drafts, and I think that’s a pretty good number. If you’ve sent me an ask / replied to a thread, it’s probably in there.
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exrayspex · 4 hours ago
hutchie has had horribly itchy ears despite not having mites or an infection for a while now, and we tried changing his food (didn't help), giving him kitty doses of benadryl (he would NOT take), and allergy shots (didn't help).
so. i've been reading what various vets have said about treating it online and fish oil is recommended by several! it makes sense, it works as an anti-inflammatory for humans too, but it seems almost too good to be true if it does work--he'd gladly lick it up so administering it would be a breeze. just need to get some in liquid form instead of capsules so i can measure out the correct dose for my little guy
anyway fingers crossed it helps him! poor thing has several little scabs from scratching so much. and from the potential treatments i've been looking at it seems like it'd be by far the easiest to give him
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hufflepuff-skank · 11 hours ago
Bruh I haven't been able to do anything all day, why do I feel so physically bad. My body is stiff and sore and fatigued and i feel vaguely nauseous and dizzy and i just,,,, do not like this at alll. Literally have not been able to even listen to music let alone look at a screen or read or message friends or something. I feel so bad, but I dont for sure know why, and I just want it to pass, whyyyyyyyyyy.
#i was finally able to talk on the phone and play videogames for a short bit earlier after I got some sleep but it didnt last long#i just#feel#bad#i cant explain it#but my elderly cat Hector is comforting me#my tummy isnt one of the things bothering me today so he's able to cuddle me in his favorite way which is by lying on my belly/chest#hes purring so much#he lob me#ok stream of consciousness rn-- im ordering a bunch of flavors of instant rice noodle packets (like typical ramen) bc i had some recently-#-and it was the fucking bomb and im so excited#theyre not heavy in the stomach and Ill have a variety of flavors to choose from so i wont get bored or grossed out like i usually do when-#-I eat the same thing over and over again#im hoping itll be a good small meal for me when im not feeling my best#which ugh im getting a headache. imma take some pain pills and go to sleep. which also?? ive been sleeping so much today??#it's really similar to when i was feeling REALLY bad in the hospital with the weed thing. s2g i did nothing but sleep and vomit during-#-that time. the sleep was partly bc i just didnt want to be conscious for the agony but also bc i literally like/// could not even think or-#-exist or do anything normal. it was unbelievable. but yeah this excessive sleeping im doing def feels at least partly involuntary#im probably about to reach tag limit so im gonna leave and get those pain pills so i can get some sleep#i might eat a teeny tiny snack so i dont wake up from hunger later. but not too much food bc then ill be really uncomfortable-#-trying to get to sleep. i really am just so fuckin sensitive to bodily sensations. ...and emotional sensations 😂 Im just a fussy baby#tags
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taibhsearachd · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes MMOs are fucking great actually.
#world of warcraft#video james#context: [What A Long Strange Trip It's Been] is a meta achievement#that requires you to complete MULTIPLE achievements for each major holiday#so it takes a year to get in itself#but usually much longer than a year BECAUSE of this [School of Hard Knocks] achievement#which occurs during Children's Week#(other holidays are multiple weeks long btw this one is a week)#and requires you to take the orphan you're babysitting into four different PVP battlegrounds#and achieve an objective in each of these battlegrounds#like capture the flag or defend a point... that sort of thing#WHILE everyone else is also trying to complete that objective so they can get the achievement#and while the other team is trying to murder you bc it's PVP of course they are#so one week a year many people are doing battlegrounds while not actively trying to win the battle?#bc their major goal is to get that damn achievement#many of these people don't even pvp the rest of the year they're just going for this achievement#no person in their right mind would go into a bg during Children's Week looking for a normal bg experience#but EVERY TIME there's at least one person in a battleground shrieking about how their team isn't playing to win#they could literally take one week off playing battlegrounds and never have to deal with this#but no#they actively choose to enter battlegrounds and allow this to somehow ruin their day I GUESS#...anyway I'm delighted that I pulled off this achievement after four years in WoW#AND managed to absolutely enrage one of those people at the same time#it would have been satisfying anyway but my god this elevated it to a whole other level
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luminnara · 17 hours ago
It’s Been a Long, Long Time | Ch 7 18+ NSFW
Warnings: nsfw, sexy sex, abo, knotting
Part 6 | part 7 | part 8
Tags:  @kyrah-williams williams @oceanmermaidwitch @shawnie--jo @super-cape @ferxaniti @namjoonwatcheshentai @fandomsstolemylife00 @youngblood199456 @nightlygiggless @darlingely @bluemoon-icecream @kaz11283 @jenjen8675309 @dollfacev8 @witchinpractice @mystical-b3ar r @sukeraa @momc95 @book-lover-2006
Bucky was still reeling from finally getting to hear her name. While the omega explored his apartment, he sank down onto his couch, his head buzzing with thoughts of her and him and his past life with HYDRA and how her name felt so, incredibly, impossibly right.
It didn’t sound familiar to him, and he was pretty certain that he had never known it before. That made him feel a little bit better about everything, a little less guilty for almost completely forgetting about his omega. He hated how much less he remembered about her than she remembered about him, even if it wasn’t his fault that HYDRA scrambled his brain up so much all the time. No matter how many times he told himself that it was okay, that he was already doing his best, he couldn’t help but feel like he was a bad alpha.
But when she looked up at him with that smile and those eyes, so trusting and happy and comfortable...well, a lot of those negative thoughts flew out the window again.
“So you live here? Like, for real? Like, all the time?” She asked as she inspected his tv.
“Sure do.” He chuckled, sitting on the couch to watch her. “Whaddya think?”
She spun around in a little circle, taking it all. “It’s...perfect.”
Bucky smiled. “I’ll have to find some more blankets for you.”
Amoretta paused, looking at him curiously. “For what? I don’t think I could ever be cold with you around. You’re like a furnace.”
“ you know.” He was feeling stupid again. She wasn’t even thinking of nesting with him around, was she?
“So I can what?” She seemed puzzled.
“You know...make a nest…” he mumbled. “Isn’t that what omegas are s’posed to do? I’ve heard Bruce makes them…”
Realization dawned on her and her jaw dropped a little. “Oh. I haven’t gotten to nest” She laughed. “HYDRA never let me.”
“...oh.” Bucky cleared his throat.
“But now that I’m thinking about it, that might be nice.” She glanced around the room, already looking for a good spot. “Maybe there? Ooh, no, I don’t want it out in the open, do I? Or maybe I do…”
“Hey, FRIDAY?” Bucky asked.
“Yes, Seargent Barnes?” The robot replied, her voice sounding from somewhere in the ceiling.
Amoretta jumped. “Can she see us right now?”
“I monitor everything in this tower,” Friday said. “Tony has designed me to run all necessary systems.”
“Yeah, yeah. Tell someone we need more bedding. Blankets. Lots of ‘em.”
“I will let Miss Potts know right away, Seargent.”
“Thanks, FRIDAY.” He said, kicking his shoes off to rest his heels on the coffee table.
“Of course, Seargent Barnes.”
“’re a Seargent?” Amoretta asked, making her way over to sit on the arm of the couch.
He stretched his arms back behind his head. “Seargent James Buchanan Barnes. World War II. I was with the 107th.”
“Is that how you know Steve?”
He smiled, his head. “Nah. We were always friends. Grew up in Brooklyn together.”
She sat up a little straighter. “Brooklyn?”
“Born ‘n raised, doll.”
“I wanna go!” She bounced down onto the cushion next to him, both hands pressing into his thigh as she suddenly leaned up towards his face. “Please?”
“Uh, sure.” He was a bit taken aback by her sudden movement, but he wasn’t complaining about how close she was now. “Mind tellin’ me why, though?”
“You mentioned it once.” She rubbed her nose against his neck, sighing happily as she scent of cloves filled her senses.
“...I did?”
“Mhm.” Amoretta snuggled up against his side, fitting next to him perfectly. “I don’t remember everything from back then, but I remember that.”
“What’d I say?” He brought on of his arms down to drape around her shoulders, hugging her closer.
“I think I asked you what kind of life we’d have outside of HYDRA.” She rested her cheek on his chest. “You told me we’d live in Brooklyn, in our own house. And…” she trailed off, blushing slightly.
“And what?” He asked, curious.
“You said we’d have lots of pups.” She chewed her lip, looking away from him in embarrassment. “It was probably just your rut talking, though, you know...i-if you don’t want that now, it makes sense. I mean, you’ve got this whole life now, and…”
She trailed off as she noticed that his chest was rumbling with a loud purr. When she finally brought her eyes back up to his face, she saw that he was watching her, features relaxed into a soft, thoughtful expression.
“ want pups?” She asked, heart leaping hopefully.
“Always used to want a whole little family.” He pulled her up to straddle his lap. “Didn’t think I’d get the chance to, but now…hey, I never sired any for HYDRA, right?”
“Not that I know of.”
“Good.” He sounded relieved. “That’d be a fuckin’ nightmare.”
“They made sure my heat suppressants kept me infertile.” Amoretta said. “They didn’t have a program for breeding super soldiers ready yet.”
“Good.” He growled. “No pups of mine are ever gonna grow up in a place like that.”
She reached up, running her fingers through his hair. “You really want them now?”
“Course.” He pulled her forward, wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing his face against her scent gland. “Maybe not, like, now, now, but…with you? I do.”
Amoretta’s eyes widened, a happy little keen leaving her throat. “I’ve waited so long to hear you say that…”
Bucky tugged her back so he could face her. “I’m gonna court you properly. Do it right.”
“But you don’t need to—“
“I don’t care.” He interrupted. “I’m an old fashioned guy. I’m gonna court you.”
She grinned, a hand trailing down the side of his neck. “How old fashioned, exactly?”
He raised an eyebrow. “Why?”
“Too old fashioned to have a little fun?” Her hand slipped down to press against his chest.
His purr turned into a growl, his hands moving to hold her hips. “Doll, all you gotta do is ask…”
Amoretta brought her lips to his ear. “Will you fuck me, Bucky Barnes?”
It only took a moment before his lips were on hers. He was gentle, but he was hungry, devouring her in a kiss that left her breathless and would have made her knees weak had she been standing. With his hands slowly sliding down to her ass, Bucky was perfectly content to take his time; he wanted to feel her, inch by inch, until he had memorized every curve and dip of her body.
Her skin was so soft beneath his callouses. He nudged her sweater up a bit, his hands slipping underneath it to grab at her tits. She couldn’t help but let out a whine against his lips when he brushed a thumb over her nipple, her nails digging into his shoulders as she held him.
When he broke away from the kiss, he gave her lower lip a sharp bite. “Bed. Now.”
Amoretta practically launched herself towards his bedroom, scrambling onto the bed without a second thought. Bucky followed at a much slower pace, enjoying the view as she shed her clothing.
“Hey, maybe I wanted to do that,” he teased, crawling over her. His lips found her neck, his fangs scraping her skin.
“I-I wanted to make it easier for you,” she gasped, back arching as he gave her scent gland a gentle bite.
“I wanna take my time with you, sweetheart.” His voice was husky and low, his breath hot against her throat. “I wanna enjoy every second…”
She sighed as he nipped and licked at her, her hands slipping under his shirt. Her fingers ran across his abs, feeling the way they flexed beneath her touch as he ground his hips into hers.
“You’re overdressed,” She said, tugging at his hem. “Let me see you.”
Bucky broke away from her neck and grabbed his shirt, shucking it off and tossing it behind him. “Better?”
“Much,” She hummed, taking in the sight of his naked torso.
“Good.” He took hold of her hips, leaving a trail of kisses behind as he made his way down to her pussy. “God, you smell fucking amazing…”
Amoretta trilled happily. “So do y—oh my god…”
His tongue was already lapping at her. She couldn’t remember anyone ever eating her out before, but Bucky seemed determined to make up for lost time. He acted like he was starving, sucking and nipping at her clit while he sank a finger inside of her.
Her hips bucked against him, his vibranium hand holding her down while his human hand played with her. She was already soaked, slick running down her thighs, and her scent was driving him wild.
“Fuck, I want you…” he growled, adding a second finger. “So wet, so willing…and you smell so delicious….” He inhaled slow and deep, savoring it. “I think I’ve missed this…”
“D-do you actually remember all the t-times you rutted with me?” Her voice hitched with little gasps as he stroked her inner walls.
“Yes and no.” He admitted, leaning his cheek on her thigh and looking up at her. “But I know this scent…”
“What scent—ah!” She bit her lip as he crooked his fingers a few times, warmth mounting in her belly. “K-keep going, I’m—FUCK!”
She shuddered as an orgasm rolled through her, electricity tingling in her limbs.
“The scent of my omega, all drippin’ wet, just for me.” He pulled his fingers away, licking them clean. “I wanna fuck you, doll…”
“Please,” she whimpered, scooting back up toward the pillows as Bucky stood.
Amoretta’s eyes were glued to his hands as they unbuckled his belt, his movements quick and determined. He was tired of waiting around. He wanted her now.
As he shoved his pants down off of his hips, she bit her lip again, rubbing her thighs together. She could remember how good he felt inside her, and as she thought about the way he always used to snap his hips into hers, she felt another trail of slick running down her legs.
At the sight of his cock, she was practically a waterfall.
Before he could get back to her, Amoretta was flipping over onto her hands and knees, presenting herself for him with her ass up in the air. She peeked back over her shoulder at him, watching as froze and then stiffened, a low, impossibly loud growl rumbling in his chest.
“Good girl,” he praised her, his cock already rock hard as he crawled across the bed towards her.
Amoretta gave a little wiggle, trying to convince him to hurry up. When his hands grabbed her hips and jerked her back against him, she squealed in surprise, the sound melting into a moan as he rubbed his cock against her.
“Please,” she whined. “Please, please just fuck me, Alpha, I need it…”
“How bad?” He leaned over her, nipping at her shoulder.
“S-so bad, please, just—“
She interrupted herself with another moan, her hands clutching at the sheets as Bucky finally gave her what she was craving so badly.
He pressed himself into her slowly at first, waiting to feel some resistance. She was so soft and warm that he almost came then and there, his teeth sinking into her shoulder as he forced his hips to still. Fuck, how could someone feel so good? Her pussy felt perfect around him, gently squeezing his cock as he pulled back out and then thrusted back in, already balls deep inside her. He could tell why he had liked her so much during his ruts, but he had no idea how he could have managed to fuck her for more than thirty seconds during one.
When he started moving again, Amoretta turned into putty. She was absolutely melting, angling her hips so that he could sink in deeper and deeper, slick running down her thighs.
“You like my cock, baby?” He asked, voice muffled by her neck as he dragged his lips over her skin. He wanted to be as close to her as possible, and he didn’t care if that meant both of them being a tangled mess of limbs and sweat. He just wanted her.
“Y-yes, Alpha,” she gasped, slowly sliding down until her chest was squished against the bed. He felt even better than she remembered, his cock rubbing against every single perfect spot inside of her. He was stretching her out comfortably, her slick providing more than enough lube to ensure that his size could never hurt her.
Fuck, he was perfect. He was made for her. They were made for each other.
Bucky was pressed against her back, shielding her with his entire body. He didn’t want anyone else to see his omega. The sight of her there, beneath him, taking his cock so well was for him and him alone, and he was going to make sure it stayed that way.
“Want me to fill you up?” He asked, licking her scent gland.
“Y-yes please,” she moaned, leaning her head back for him.
“Want me to breed you, over ‘n over, ‘til you’re full of pups?” He bit at her jaw.
“Yes!” She cried, whines and trills all flooding from her throat in a symphony of needy sounds.
“Say my name,” he panted, his knot already beginning to swell.
“B-Bucky,” she moaned as she felt it catch on her. Fuck, she had forgotten how good it felt to be stretched and feel it filling her.
He let go of her hips, his hand finding hers. “No, my real name…”
“J-James,” she gasped, intertwining their fingers together. “James…please knot me...”
That was it.
Hearing her gasping and moaning his name sent him over the edge, and before he could stop himself, he was exploding inside of her. He snarled, biting her shoulder again as he held her down, his knot locking him in place as he pressed his hips forward.
Amoretta sighed happily at the feeling, relaxing as Bucky’s weight fell onto her. He was panting hard, trying to catch his breath.
“Fuck,” he sighed, kissing the already-healing bite marks on her shoulder. “Sorry ‘bout the bites.”
Amoretta grinned at him as he helped her turn onto her side. “I like your bites.”
“Oh yeah?” He pulled her up against his chest, settling in to wait for his knot to go down once more. “I’ll remember that.”
“Super soldier, remember? Built to withstand you at your roughest.” She snuggled back.
“Guess I’ve got something to thank HYDRA for, after all.” He chuckled, drawing lazy circles on her hip. “You didn’t cum when I was inside you, did you?”
“No, but that’s fine.” She shrugged. “I did before.”
“That’s not enough,” he growled. “If my knot wasn’t so swollen right now, I’d be fucking you until your legs shake.”
“Is that a promise, Sergeant?” She asked, a mischievous glint in her eye.
“It is.”
“Well, then…” she held his jaw in her hand, leaning up to whisper in his ear. “I can’t wait for your knot to go down.”
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theres-still-me · 19 hours ago
oh I’m very in love with nina
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synthezcid · 19 hours ago
You know what's such a fascinating notion? The whole idea of being like. Done with a character. Not out of boredom or disinterest but like 'I told my story I exhausted every ounce of creativity and I'm done and I'm content' and you still love that character and could talk for hours about them but you're also like. Free to put it aside, if that makes sense.
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spideyhexx · 20 hours ago
Why is my dad so rude to me like I don’t think he even realizes half of what he says is mean? And he never apologizes. I don’t think he intends to be mean, but idk. It’s the tone of voice, me constantly telling him to stop mocking me but he does it anyways. Whenever I tell him about problems I’m having, all he does is go “well I have to deal with this and that and this” and it makes me feel like my problems are idiotic for having :( it’s like he’s guilt tripping me for being upset at things when it’s simply just shit I have to deal with and he doesn’t so he doesn’t understand and I don’t think he even understands that this is what he’s doing
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