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I am doing a lot of research on maternity care and pregnancy in the 20th century and now all my targeted ads are for birth control
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babylawyeroq · 2 months ago
A Late Night Rendezvous
Where Steve and Peggy sneak down to the war room after hours and have some smutty fun for her birthday. 
They shouldn't be doing this. They definitely shouldn't be doing this and they shouldn't be doing this here.
They didn't do this for a long time because Peggy was worried about her job, her reputation, about giving any credence to the rumors about her sleeping her way to the top.
But that was before she indulged for the first time, before she lied to herself that she could just kiss Steve once, before she swore it was just some canoodling, before one thing led to another and they were both breathless, wet and dishevelled from the hot, grinding friction between them.
They've gone so far past that. Gone are the days where the limit was wandering hands, where the limit was clothing removal, where the limit was heavy petting.
They haven't had sex yet, they've managed some semblance of self-control—though most days when he's parked between her thighs she'd like to throw that out the window as well, and feel him atop her, around her, inside her. If Steve wasn't Steve, so hellbent on making an honest woman out of her, she'd have broken by now, would have begged him for what she wants so desperately.
But he has never done that, and he wants it to be special, and though she's sure she could make it worth his while, she is willing to wait. She wants him, them, to have that perfect romantic experience he keeps telling her about. The one that only makes her want him more every time he describes it to her.
Steve Rogers is too good for this world. And he is hers. They may have started out as lingering glances and unspoken feelings, but they've grown into stolen moments and whispered words of affection when no one's around.
Everyone may know, and they know that they know, but Steve and Peggy still like to think of this as their little secret, pretend as if Steve hadn't broadcast it to the world and all their superiors when he flashed her picture in that compass. If Colonel Phillips was content to pretend it meant nothing and just give them knowing looks, so too could everyone else.
The Howling Commandos are more likely to make comments, but those started well before she and Steve were actually a thing, and before they realized that she understood them just fine, no matter what language they choose, and was steadfastly ignoring them.
So yes, she's indulging her attraction to Steve, lets him kiss her breathless when no one is around, or more often will pull him down to her and kiss him breathless when she has ascertained there's no risk.
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taylorsrockalbum · 5 hours ago
i rmr sometime in the last couple years someone saying steve doesn’t deserve peggy and i was annoyed but more than that i realized it is in fact the reverse and she doesn’t deserve steve
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This was, without an absolute doubt, a reawakening of some sort in my life. 
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37 people have read the first chapter of my fic today. It took a week and five chapters for that many people to read my Bridgerton fanfiction. AM I DOING SOMETHING RIGHT????
This is going to my head. 
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'Eat shit, Howard.' Peggy answered
notanotherpeggycarterblog “Isn’t it Perfect?” draft
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First Chapter, leak? idk read it if you want. I am still far from finished with it.
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anngiry · a day ago
How can anyone believe after everything Peggy says and does throughout the MCU, that she was willfully taking chances and going gray morally? How can we assume she knew about Bucky, about Zola, about Isaiah, and about Hydra, and just let it all happen? Furthermore, how can we know that *if* she knew, that she agreed with these actions, and didn’t risk her job trying to go against them?
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jo-lmao · a day ago
anyone else remember when I used to write smut? lmao me neither.
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lavellenchanted · a day ago
Hi! Can you do 10 and 85 for Steggy? Please and thank you!
10. Airport/Travel AU + 85. Innocent Physical Contact
After finishing her A Levels, eighteen year old Peggy decides to take a gap year before heading to university and what seems to be the inevitable corporate grind and travel as much of the world as she can. She walks along beaches in Thailand, visits Machu Picchu in Peru, sees stunning sights in New Zealand and Australia - but what she's note expecting is for her favourite part to end up being a twenty-four hour layover in New York right before she finally heads home.
It's complete happenstance; she reaches for her bag at the carousel only to find another hand there already. And that's how she meets twenty year old Steve, who has a bag the exact same brand and colour as her own. He's just flown back into the city, after having had some of his paintings displayed in L.A. There's an instant connection between them, and they pack as much into the next twenty-four hours as possible. Steve takes Peggy to his favourite places in the city and shows her New York as she never imagined it.
When they finally have to say goodbye, they make a deal: in ten years' time they'll meet back at JFK airport and go on another adventure together.
Ten years later, Peggy's a successful business consultant and everyone has heard of artist Steve Rogers. Peggy's followed his career with interest, and wonders if he thinks of her every now and then or if he remembers their promise.
She doesn't expect anything to come of it - it was so long ago, they were kids, and both of them have busy lives - but then she gets invited over to do some consulting for Stark Industries in New York, and she realises with a jolt that if she goes she'll be there on the day she's supposed to meet Steve again. When she arrives, she sees posters and billboards advertising a special Steve Rogers exhibition opening that week in Brooklyn with the artist himself in attendance, and as each day ticks closer she keeps asking herself: if she goes there, will he be waiting?
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jamesbi-canonbarnes · a day ago
Steve when he decided to go back in time and erase Peggy’s kids from existence
Tumblr media
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chaossmagic · a day ago
After Endgame, even Steve and Peggy in TFA just makes me mad and annoyed because there was no build-up whatsoever or any kind of serious romantic storyline developed between them in that movie, nothing to suggest it was a tragic love story or that they were soulmates or anything of the sort. At most, it was a crush and a mutual interest that never went anywhere, Peggy kissed Steve first and he only promised her her dance because he knew he was going to die and he wanted her to not be sad as he was dying. And he was being polite. He liked her, but that was all. Nothing says he loved her, never mind that he held onto that love for 70 years.
For fuck’s sake, Marvel.
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jamesbi-canonbarnes · a day ago
Ok maybe y’all are putting the cart before the horse a bit here: the point is that (even if, for argument sake, Steve was Peggy’s husband all along), Steve would not have known that when he chose to go back to her. All he knew (that we saw) was that Peggy had a husband and children and a life she loved. So did he just say “fuck that guy, fuck them kids, it’s my turn”?
I would add that the Avengers’ explicit understanding of time travel is not the closed loop theory that would allow Steve to have been Peggy’s husband all along, it’s very clearly the branching timeline time travel logic and I don’t think anything in the movie supports that both logics coexist here. So even if they do, Steve should not have believed that they would.
And if Steve was not the husband all along, and we accept that he created a new timeline, did he know that he was creating a new timeline when he did that, and how confident was he of the consequences of doing so? My impression from the films is that creating branch timelines is exactly what they were trying to avoid by returning the stones and mjolnir etc. Obviously some changes (removing an infinity stone) create more dangerous situations for that branched reality than others. But it’s impossible to know exactly what will change under the butterfly effect. I consider it rather irresponsible to spawn new timelines for selfish reasons, with a limited understanding of the consequences of doing so. Whether or not the TVA in fact has an issue with it after all is said and done has nothing to do with my judgment of Steve’s choice to do it based on Steve’s knowledge at the time he made the choice.
I do think there is some element of selfishness to be considered in the idea that he disregarded any risk there might have been in doing what he did, and the fact that he took that risk to others for himself and himself alone. It does require a certain amount of arrogance to rewrite Peggy’s future for her. It categorically does not matter that the Peggy in his original timeline still got to experience that life. The fact is that the Peggy he spent his life with never will experience those things, and he made that decision for her. I don’t mean to take away the dignity of Peggy’s choice to accept him in the past rather than turn him away for a future she couldn’t see, but just to present that choice requires a type of confidence that leaves me breathless.
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avengeclintasha · a day ago
Though Peggy Carter doesn’t realize it, some of the most significant moments of her life have occurred in the living room, most on the floor.
A series of moments in Peggy’s life told in three parts. 
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Hi! Please comment your best Steggy fics or authors. Thanks!
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marvelsimp · 2 days ago
Acceptance Timeline 1
Read on AO3
Read Acceptance Timeline 2
My Masterlist
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Bucky x Steve, Steve x Peggy, Bucky x Sam
Warnings: Sadness
Summary/Request(none): When returning the Infinity Stones Steve decides to stay in the past which has some repercussions during the present.
Word Count: 825
All that he had wanted to do was tell him how he felt. That’s it he wanted to tell Steve that he was in love with him but then Steve told him what he was doing. Where he was going or when to be more exact. Steve said that he could come with him but Bucky knew that he couldn’t go back… he wasn’t that person anymore and he couldn’t act like he was.
“Steve, you only knew her for a year. Are you sure you want to go back?”
“Yeah… she’s all that I can think about. That dance. I owe that to her at least. Maybe more if she wants but you get it right? Do you get it… why am I doing this?”
“I don’t know. Sort of I guess? But how can you leave this life behind… how can you leave everyone behind?” How could you leave me behind?
“You didn’t know her… Nat. She was brilliant and kind and the strongest woman I’ve ever met, including Peggy. I just don’t know how I could stay here without her. I don’t think I could stay in this time without knowing she’s out there somewhere.” There was silence. Long. Dreadful. Most of all sad. Tears were flowing down Steve’s face and Bucky was fighting his which were wheeling up in a dam that was about to burst. “I just, you weren’t here those five years… they were hard and lonely. Nat had her own way of dealing with it and I had mine. I know that if she was still here that I wouldn’t leave, couldn’t leave. But if you want me to stay I can. If you want me… to stay with you I can.”
“No,” he paused, realizing what he was saying, telling the man he loved. “Go be with her. Go get your happy ending. You have that right. You have that right to be selfish this one time because you damn well deserve it!” That’s when the floodgates were released.
He knew what this meant Steve on the platform, they already said their goodbyes but none of it was processing, none of it was okay. With that Bruce sent Steve back to the past. “He’s gone, '' Bucky thought. He’s going to live the rest of his life without him. Bucky turned and started to walk towards the lake… there was an old man, Steve.
It’s been months, almost a year since then. Steve had moved on now, Bucky was growing closer to Sam who was now Captain America. They had been working together for a while now, becoming friends and bonding over the loss of the Steve they knew, the scrawny kid from Brooklyn, Captain America. The guy who always did the right thing.
It was after a mission they had caught some bad guys and were exhausted. But Bucky couldn’t stop thinking of Steve. How could he leave? They had always been together. How could he live without him?
“You alright?”Sam questioned, he was obviously concerned.
Tears were dripping down Bucky’s face, he hadn’t even noticed until Sam started talking. “Yeah… yeah. I’m fine.” He wiped off his tears and cleared his throat, turning from Sam.
“Bucky. You can tell me anything. I’m your friend, remember? I won’t judge you.”
Bucky sighed, why couldn’t he think of anything else? He was so tired of this! Why couldn’t he just let this go? Why couldn’t he let Steve go just like Steve had done to him? “I don’t… I don’t think I’m ready.”
“That’s alright,” Sam said, putting his hand on Bucky’s shoulder in an attempt to comfort him in some way. “I’m here when you’re ready.”
“I loved him.” He blurted out. His face turned red.
Sam was frozen for a second or two processing, “Steve?”
“Yeah,” tears poured down his face like a waterfall. “I'm in love with a man who time-traveled to be with a woman that he knew for a year!”
“That sucks.”
Bucky laughed through his tears, ”Yeah it does.”
“Did he know?”
Bucky collected himself a bit, new tears were no longer flowing down his face. “I don’t think so. I at least never told him.”
“Why didn’t you?”
“Why didn’t you tell him before he left? Like didn't yall have a whole conversation before, where he told you what he was doing and that he was going to give the shield to me?”
“I mean I did-we did talk about him going but,” he paused for a second. As if wishing what he was going to say was something different… something better, “I didn’t, I couldn’t. I couldn’t have that be the only reason that he didn’t leave. He asked me to come with him but I told him I couldn’t and then he asked me if I wanted him to stay and I… I told him it was his decision. That he deserved his happy ending.”
Sam put his hand on Bucky’s soldier, “I’m here.”
Read Acceptance Timeline 2
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bettylikesmarvel · 2 days ago
Hey y'all! I will most likely never write a fic or anything but, if anyone ever wants to talk about Marvel, Marvel ships (any!), potential theories. Or if you just need to talk and rant, I am here! (p.s we can also talk about Jenna Marbles, Shawn Mendes, even Musicals! I love musicals!)
Tumblr media
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incorrectsteggyquotes · 2 days ago
Steve: So we not gonna discuss that you just pinned me against that wall?
Peggy: Oh, right. Sorry, I heard the enemy and didn't have time to explain. Did I hurt you?
Steve: N-No, I just...
Steve, clears throat: You didn't have to throw yourself on me like that.
Peggy, laughing: Sorry, did you like it too much?
Steve, turning red: What are you talking about?! Of course not!
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