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fuzzychildchopshop · an hour ago
Ruca, Iria- Tales of Innocence by a745
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moonzdrop · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Palestinian kids rescue their goldfish from the rubble after their home was flattened by Israeli air strikes
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yesiread · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
But what really happened? The answer is simple: the lovers survive and flourish.
Atonement by Ian McEwan
An immensely sad story that’s beautifully written. I find myself often thinking about the main characters and the questions the book raises. I do wish the story moved a little faster, especially the first half of it but nothing short of a modern classic.
Would recommend to those who love: Romance Historical fiction
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talesfemslashweek · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tales of Femslash Week is back for its fifth year!
Taking place from July 18-24, 2021, this is a fandom week celebrating the variety of wIw ships in Tales.
For every day of this week, fans can post a work of art or writing of any kind following that day’s prompt (fic, art, graphics, couple cosplay photos… anything!). Tag it with #TalesFemslashWeek2021, and we’ll reblog it here provided it follows our guidelines!
Whether you start on your works now or later, if you’d like to participate in Tales of Femslash Week 2021, please read about + guidelines page here first.
See you in mid-July!
We’re on Twitter too, under the @ TalesFslashWeek (tag your stuff if you post on Twitter, too!)
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midnightdhamphir · 16 hours ago
Who’s the hottest Belmont and why is it Leon?
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ballgagg · 19 hours ago
8 and 39!
8: want any tattoos?
TONS. I want to be covered in tattoos everywhere. but my bank account is telling me no rn.
39: my favorite ice cream flavor.
ooof that’s tough. it’s between mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough. or birthday cake. 👀
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boobberries · 22 hours ago
okay another idea: much more experienced step family + being inexperienced
like, imagine dream teaching you what different kinks are, and helping you test how they feel bc you have such a good relationship, and hes just being a good step brother, right? nothing else, right?
imagine sapnap teaching you how to kiss properly because you were watching a movie and he commented on how the kiss was way too sloppy, and youre just like "okay so how do u actually kiss?"
what about puffy teaching you about your body, helping you learn what feels good, and then you asking, oh so innocently, about her, and how she would feel with certain touches.
or imagine even techno, teaching you about his favorite books and encouraging you to read your own, and you take one of his recommendations, but grab the wrong one so it turns out to be a sex book. going to him and asking him clarifying questions and hes extremely flustered,,,
~☕ (nah idk guys, i dont think im attracted to being taught or teaching sexy shit, not at all /s)
no uh.... god tier concept. i think this really fits the dream/puffy/foolish stepfamily concept we were working with? but oh my god... sapnap teaching you how to kiss????
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sokkagatekeeper · 23 hours ago
i think gyatso is so incredibly important to aang not as much as a father figure but as a support system. aang is so obviously an airbending master by the time he gets cracked out of the iceberg. he is so obviously and tragically a master by the time he’s first told he’s the avatar. throughout the show he displays an impressive comittment to the preservation of his culture and his beliefs solely through him, and the weight of this responsibility is only shown as such when he has to actively choose it over something else; aang is practically the most mature person in team avatar. so infantilizing aang is obviously wrong. however, the show makes a point to show that despite his impressive emotional maturity, his bending prodigy tendencies, say, a hundred and twelve years, aang is still biologically just a twelve-year-old child. and it’s very interesting to me the way this idea is introduced properly for the first time by gyatso, of all people.
upon finding out he’s the avatar, we see aang being expected to learn, train, perfect his airbending techniques, and pressured to do this by the other monks. the news of his avatarship, to give it a name, result in him being isolated from his peers, having only these people who are constantly chasing after him for him to become a child soldier as soon as possible, with the best intentions in mind, but still pressuring. so it comes to a point where aang can only turn to gyatso to be a child again. he cannot play with his peers anymore; he’s expected, as a master and the avatar, to behave more like an adult every day. but with gyatso, aang can play boardgames, he can make pies, he can vent, he can find a shelter and a safe space to act his age and trust an adult to do the same. gyatso values aang’s status as a child as much as, maybe even more than, aang’s status as an airbending master and the avatar. and unknowingly, he passes on those values and beliefs to aang.
so aang runs away, gets caught in a storm, wakes up completely alone except for two kids more or less of his age who act so much like how adults are expected to act, and he’s just like, this is wrong. so he takes katara penguin sledding, so katara can play with aang, she can have fun with aang, she can have a safe space to act her age around aang. and he continues to crack sokka out of his chell and encourage him to have fun, and he continues to wonder if zuko can have friends, can be better, if zuko even has a safe space to be child. so while yes, katara had sokka to shelter some of her hope and somewhat childhood innocence, sokka’s idea of masculinity and adulthood is deeply flawed thanks to isolation and a lack of perspective, and zuko may have the support of iroh to be able to act his age around him, but it’s not a space he understands. so katara still has the weight of a culture on her back, sokka has katara and his entire tribe, zuko is literally a trained soldier since he was thirteen. aang, for a change, gives all of them the same space gyatso gave him to act their age and be the children the war and the adults around them didn’t allow them to be in the first place. aang reassures katara of what she already knew: her childhood was stolen from her and she deserves and wants to be a kid; aang gives sokka a new perspective on maturity and responsibility and introduces him to the idea of actual fun; aang inspires zuko enough to chase him all over the world which brings him to realize he is just a kid, and that he didn’t deserve all that cruelty and isolation. because aang wants to be a kid, and aang wants to take responsibility, and aang didn’t deserve all that isolation, and aang had gyatso. aang knows, these kids have no one but him.
the way aang is able to preserve his own childhood while giving others their own, i believe, is in part shaped by the way gyatso took care of him and gave him so much room for his childhood on the first place.
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outlawiism · a day ago
I see the positivity train! Sending you some positive vibes cause you deserve em! And thank you again for your really nice posts because you don’t have to do them, but you do, and they can really brighten up someone’s day. They mean so much. Keep being awesome, but like you’re gonna stop! XD
askdjhfkj thank you so much kanami you are so sweet  !  and pls you all deserve to see nice things on your dashes considering how wild the world has been the past year or two plus it helps me too, win-win ;u; ilysm i hope you have a wonderful weekend and that something nice happens to you  💞
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everydayeveryday · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“If you’re all right, then I am too.”
“I’m so lost, Mom.”
“Don’t worry about me and look after yourself.”
Innocence (2020) Drama/Crime Park Sang-hyun
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everydayeveryday · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“A child just needs her mother in the toughest of times.  But I couldn’t protect my own child. I didn’t recognize my child’s pain”
Innocence (2020)
Drama/Crime Park Sang-hyun
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