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#rq!dark steve
(Rainbow Quest)
Sabre: If corals get stressed, they die. So if I was a coral, I'd already be dead.
Dark Steve: What do corals get stressed about anyway?
Time Steve: Current events.
Dark Steve: Ooh- I sea.
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(Rainbow Quest)
[Sabre has a broken foot and Shadow Sabre has a bloody nose.]
Dark Steve: What happened?
Sabre: I tried to let go of my anger and threw a rock at my foot!
Dark Steve, to Shadow Sabre: And what happened to you?
Shadow Sabre: Oh, I laughed so hard I burst a blood vessel in my nose. It’s fine.
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 2 months ago
Ridiculous (Rainbow Quest)
Sabre: Any of you handsome brothers ready to go kill a big hunk of demonized darkness?
Dark Steve: I’m ready.
Shadow Sabre: I’m hungry.
Professor Red: I’m tired.
Void Steve: and I’m Void Steve.
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 2 months ago
(Rainbow Quest)
Rainbow Steve: What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?!
[scene cuts to Rainbow Steve wearing a grass skirt, flower lei, and a flower tucked behind his ear]
Rainbow Steve, singing: LUAU! If you’re hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat, eat my buddy Gerald here because he is a treat! Come on down and dine! On this tasty swine! All you have to do is get in line! Aaaare you achin’
Gerald, telepathically: Yup, yup, yup
Rainbow Steve, singing: Foooor some bacon?
Gerald, telepathically: Yup, yup, yup
Rainbow Steve, singing: Heeeere’s a big pig!
Gerald, telepathically: Yup, yup
Rainbow Steve, singing: You could be a big pig too. OI!
Gerald and Rainbow Steve: *screaming as they run from Darkness*
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 3 months ago
(Rainbow Quest)
Sabre, talking about humans: All our teeth fall out as children and then they grow back stronger.
Dark Steve: Okay, I mean...that definitely sounds fake, but...okay.
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 4 months ago
Dark Steve, teaming up with Sabre: Oh, come on, you can’t be asleep!
Sabre: *is confirmed passed out*
Dark Steve: *pulls out bow and aims at Sabre*
Dark Steve: *puts it away*
Dark Steve: *aims again*
Sabre: *looks at him* You done yet?
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 6 months ago
(Rainbow Quest)
Dark Steve: I’m a bad boy! I don’t take crap from anyone! I’m not nice!!!
Also Dark Steve: Well I can’t just leave this cart in the middle of the parking lot. I have to take it to the cart return. I’m not an animal. Those employees work hard.
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Thanksgiving! Please stay safe and I hope you have a great day!
(Also, does this drawing may or may not be inspired by this drawing... 8)   )
DeviantArt repost: x
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 7 months ago
I'm gonna sit here and stare at the flowers until everybody starts getting along!
Dark Steve from Rainbow Quest, probably
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 8 months ago
(Rainbow Quest)
A Yellow Steve, pretending to be injured: Call the ambulance!
[Yellow Steve morphs into Dark Steve, who has a laser gun]
Dark Steve: But not for me!
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illusion-reality-steve · 9 months ago
Reaction to Ghost Steve appearing in RQ way earlier than I anticipated (Discovering Ghost Steve!?)
Yes, I am very very late to watching this video, lol. Let me live and watch these at my own pace, please ;-;
So Ghost Steve was originally a Red Steve. Hmm, are all the non-Color Steves from SS (Plague, Galaxy, etc.) gonna become variants of the Color Steves in RQ, like Reverse and Ghost? That would create some nice consistency with the lore. It would also be fun to theorize which Steve was originally what of the 7 colors!
(I’m especially excited about the potential theories. I’m hoping RQ!Plague will be originally a Green Steve who merged with a Blue Steve. But I first have to see if Plague will actually show up in RQ.)
I liked that Sabre explained how Ghost Steve can exist when the World Beyond exists. That was a huge thing that bothered me in the Steve Saga, in how the Catacombs/Lost Steves and the Spirit World both existed. Oooooh, does the Spiritless World exist in RQ?
(I should clarify now that I haven’t seen the Ghost Steve episodes from the Steve Saga)
I feel like Sabre missed an opportunity to have Dark and Ghost bond with their crisis of not fitting to a Steve category. That would add to Dark’s character arc and give the audience something new.
I feel meh about the episode. I feel like Sabre added Ghost into the story just for the sake of nostalgia. If we removed Ghost from the episode, the episode would mostly stay the same. It would’ve been cool to see if Ghost and Rainbow Red knew each other, which would give hints to Rainbow Red’s backstory. But rn, it seems like Ghost doesn’t know him.
Just give Ghost some peace, Reverse! He’s a Red Steve. He must be super tired from all the studying he did when he was alive. He deserves the rest!!!
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 9 months ago
(Rainbow Quest)
[Nightmare Steve and Dark Steve steal resources while Sabre and Orange Steve are onto them]
Nightmare Steve: Ok man, I got the items that’ll power up the Darkness. Let’s go!
Dark Steve, in the middle of an existential crisis: But will letting the Darkness win really grant me self-fulfillment?
Nightmare Steve, confused and annoyed: What?
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illusion-reality-steve · 10 months ago
Reaction to RQ!Sabre adopting his first danger boi (Trapped with Dark Steve)
Alright, I’m pretty sure I have the unpopular opinion becauuuuuse...I didn’t like this episode.
On one hand, I’m glad that the episode exists. We need a non-action-packed episode that goes into the characterization, especially the villains. I’m glad we got an episode like this. But I ended up not liking it because I thought the execution was meh.
Sabre’s rambling kinda went in circles. And the dialogue felt generic. It would have been better if the dialogue was more specific to Dark Steve’s characterization (like how he deals with the fact that a Steve had to “die” for him to exist, him feeling uncertain about his loyalty (Assistant’s influence), etc.)
Couldn’t we at least hear Dark Steve’s thoughts about Darkness mutating/getting stronger thanks to Rainbow Red? How does he feel about that? Does he feel more out of place?
The dialogue felt very unbalanced. But I don’t think the writing is to blame. I think it feels like Sabre is dominating the conversation and not properly listening to Dark because Dark just lacks a voice actor, so he can only say a few things at a time.
The episode did advance the plot by foreshadowing a possible redemption arc and by getting Sabre back into the catacombs, but I feel like the episode didn’t properly advance Dark’s character arc. Sabre just suggested something for Dark to do, but didn’t tell him ways he can fight the bad thoughts or a new way to think things.
Again, just my opinion XD
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 11 months ago
Nightmare Steve: Why is my favorite chair covered in blood?
Dark Steve: Which one? The red one?
Nightmare Steve: Well it’s red now, yes
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 11 months ago
Nightmare Steve: Why do you go to sleep so late?
Dark Steve, looking off into the distance: There’s no rest for the wicked.
Nightmare Steve:
Dark Steve:
The Darkness: Cat videos. He stays up late to watch cat videos.
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 11 months ago
Dark Steve: You have a lot of nerve showing up here.
Orange Steve: You have a lot of nerve being alive.
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 11 months ago
[Nightmare Steve creating Dark Steve in Rainbow Quest]
Nightmare Steve: Give in to the hatred inside of you. Let it flow through you like a -
Yellow Assistant: But I don’t have any hatred. I’m just extremely passive-aggressive.
Nightmare Steve: Fine. Give in to your passive-aggressiveness. Let it flow through you like an extremely defensive river.
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 12 months ago
Dark Steve: What doesn’t kill me makes me real cocky about the next thing that tries that.
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incorrectstevesagaquotes · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Pride Month!
It took a while to get this done and the art definitely looks off. But anyways, I hope you guys had/are having a safe Pride Month!
Characters/headcanons featured from left to right:
First row/Rainbow Quest: Genderfluid Dark Steve, bisexual Nightmare Steve, pansexual Leader of the Orange Steves, gay Rainbow Red, demigender Yellow Steve (leather jacket), nonbinary lesbian Indigo Steve
Second row/Steve Saga: aromantic Guardian, polysexual Plague Steve, gay Rainbow Steve, asexual Purple Steve, agender Galaxy Steve, transgender Alex
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Hypno Steve from Steve Saga would totally find a way to break the 4th wall and enter Rainbow Quest’s world just to punch RQ!Dark Steve in the face.
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