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#psst look at the necklaces
g3tth3l00k · 23 days ago
[ ISSUE 2 ] [ LOLA CEP ]
And were backkkkk !!! If you haven't heard of this absolute fashion icon or the movie, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, go straight to disney plus and watch it ! Its cheesy, and I didn't know what to expect on my first watch but its quickly become one of my comfort movies and I watch it ALL THE TIMEE. And I mean that. SOOO without further a due, lets get into the analysis of Mary Elizabeth Cep (or better known as Lola Steppe)'s style :)
Tumblr media
Lola is definitely unique, and her style isn't really for the more casual so even if you wouldn't wear any of these iconic fits in their entirety, these are great examples of places to borrow little pieces and add them to your every day to spice it up a little !
I should mention that this is the section where I normally do a bit of intro about the person whose style we're analyzing, but since this is a movie character, their personality is very accessible in the film/show they are in since it's self-contained anddd there is only enough background info that is necessary to the plot ! okayyy let's get started
Lola's style is eccentric, as is her personality, and her outfits follow my favorite formula which is whatever she thinks looks good. The writer of the film states that she is a Pisces, and every outfit shows depth and thought put into it and exemplifies good style knowledge that is essential to making good outfits (psst. need 2 know more abt that ? I have a post coming out ;)
Let's looks at some key details of Lola's outfits !
Accessories! One of the most important parts of these fits is the accessories ! Lola is a sucker for a good hat (as am I) and my favorite type of hat right now is the baker boy/newsboy hat we see here. The grommets make it even better (one of my personal fav details rn) She wears other types of hats too though, including baseball caps, beanies, and scarves tied around her head. Accessories normally make an outfit, but her use of hats, belts, outfit-appropriate necklaces, and jewelry, commonly seen in large silver hoops, and of course her signature bottlecap necklace (you can make it! see link below) totally make most of her outfits.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Layering (Jackets !!) Lola wears many types and builds of jackets in this movie, my favorites being her army green zip-up, feather-trimmed mesh duster, and don't even get me started on the amazing patchwork leather jacket ! The outfits without these layers are okay but often her jacket is a statement piece and totally makes the outfit She also employs layering in her earliest outfits, layering the fishnet top over the "I <3 NY" tee I'm sure you've already seen on Pinterest and her first day of school outfit that is topped off with a scarf-like shawl tied around her shoulders
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Graphic tees/ Patterned tops Now if you hadn't seen the last image on Pinterest I'm 100% SURE you've seen this iconic photo. I love this outfit and the color story is dramatically made better by Lola's red and black simple graphic tee she wears with her green cargos that is dejavu to Freaky Friday (issue coming soon) This is the top she chooses from Stu Wolff's house nearing the end of the movie and colored metallic is so very early 2000's
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Customization I absolutely LOVEE customization (issue coming soon, geez how many times have I said that now lol) and it is a big part of Lola's outfits. This handmade-looking NY Knicks jersey is to die for and I'd like to believe she made it herself, and you probably could recreate or do something inspired by with materials from the thrift ! As you can see in some of the previous photos as well she adds her own decorative flair to all of her things, like the pins on her bag in the bike pic and her customized name hat in the same image.
Tumblr media
Dressing for the Occasion One of Lola's biggest fashions strengths, I think is dressing for the occasion/ situation she is put in. You can see this in her outfits for the "death" of her favorite band Sidarthur (not pictured, can't find for some reason), her audition for the school play (modern pygmalion), and this 80's workout fit she wore to dance practice. This makes her outfits seen on key and perfect for the event she is at, and she never seems out of place, just more dressed than the rest
Tumblr media
Last Call !! Makeup and Hair !
Lola's hair is Lindsay Lohan's natural orangey-red, but more blonde on top making it seem a bit sun-bleached (doesn't make much sense in context but still very pretty). She doesn't do many hairstyles in this movie, instead opting for hats when there is detail missing on the top of her outfit. This being said her hair is down for 99% of the movie, which means it's in loose spiral curls (Let's be honest nobody's hair does that naturally) so a blowout is probably necessary.
Her makeup is veryy minimal, but you can tell she is wearing some. To me, her character seems like someone who would experiment a lot with her makeup looks, but if anything it lets the outfits shine even more. I would guess she is wearing nude or pinkish eyeshadow, maybe a bit of brown to darken right under her eyes and where eyeliner goes on top of the eye. I also see a pinkish blush (choose what's right for your skin and undertones :) and most likely mascara with black eyeliner on both waterlines. Highlight could be added to make the look more modern but make sure it's light !
Lola's character is very outgoing and I think we could all learn from her a bit. She wears all of her outfits with confidence, isn't afraid of what others think, and believes in herself and her abilities. She is eccentric, sure, but very fashionable and isn't afraid of failure. She always gives it her all and I think that is very admirable.
TL;DR of this article :) aka. Basics of how to look like Lola Cep <3
Accessories!! Hats (baker boy hats, baseball caps, beanies, scarves, you name it), statement chokers, big silver hoops, belts, and her signature bottlecap necklace are key
Layering! Jackets and statement jackets are key, and also fishnet shirts and big sheer shawls
Graphic tees :) simple and cute, stick to 2-3 colors for maximum wear potential
Personalize your shit ! buttons, patchs, pins, custom jerseys and tees are perf
Dress for the occasion ! Play audition = dress like the time period the play was written, Athletics ? 80's workout inspired ! Death ? PAINT IT BLACK (respectfully ofc)
Hair is not that important, as it is in loose curls and down in 99% of the movie, and the color is also not too crucial but the original Lola's was sunbleached orangey red
makeup is minimal, neutral eyeshadow, mascara, pinky blush, and black eyeliner in the waterlines, maybe highlight to modernize it but LIGHT !
Tumblr media
Thanks so much for reading  !! dms are open for style analysis requests or just in general <3<3
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juminsmysticmc · a month ago
Hi! Im not really familiar with how to use tumblr but im trying to make a request :) can you please make some vanderwood headcannons? Or just more vanderwood content in general
Thank you:)♡
A mother’s instinct ! Warnings ! 
OneShot about kidnapping/ inappropriate touching 
Hello! At first I began to think about a short cute HC but then it came into my mind that I saved this One Shot as a draft for toooo long :) I finally came to post it thanks to you, hehehe! Tell me about your opinion please! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Four years have passed since you entered the RFA and got to know Vanderwood through Saeyoung.
It took you guys a year to fall in love and get to know each other and finally, after a marriage of two years and with a three years old son, you guys lived together in happiness. Yes, the two of you rushed into things, but you were never happier than now. Although, sometimes both of you were concerned because of Vanderwood’s past.
He came free from the agency though you didn’t know how and he didn’t want to tell you. But he often told you to never trust anyone other than the RFA since they could be everywhere. And indeed he was right, just that you didn’t know that at that time.
Well, maybe both of you just got carless after three years of happiness and calmness at home. ,,I will bring him to kindergarten!’’ you said and kissed Vanderwood who just stepped out of the bathroom with gloves. He was once again cleaning. ,,Bye,’’ he said and nodded in approval before he went back again.
Some things never change, you thought and walked your son to kindergarten. ,,Have fun, my hero,’’ you said to your son and kissed him as you watched him go into the room and play with his friend.
,,Hello!’’ a mother greeted you. ,,Hey,’’ you said and looked at her. You checked everything about her. You looked at the high heels she was wearing and the short black dress. You looked over to her hands and up to her neck with her beautiful necklace. You also looked at her long, straightened hair and beautiful make up. Something was odd, you thought. And so you decided not to be too friendly. ,,Is that your son?’’ she asked you to be friendly. ,,Mhm,’’ you answered. ,,Where’s yours?’’ you asked without looking at her. The lady paused a bit and looked into the room before she pointed at a kid. ,,Taeyoung!’’ she called him. The boy didn’t react immediately but then looked up. He looked at the woman who just called him and then to you. ,,Taeyoung, say hello to mommy!’’ she said again, finally making the boy wave back. Something was odd, you thought again.
,,I need to go. It was nice talking to you,’’ you said and bowed, but hesitated when she asked you something. ,,Yes, one moment, I thought that maybe Taeyoung and Hongjoong could play sometime,’’ she told you. You turned around and faked a smile. ,,Yeah,’’ you said and then walked off. As soon as you were outside, you leaned against the wall and called home.
,,Hello, Bunny?’’ you said your code word. ,,Yes,’’ Vanderwood said, knowing exactly that something happened and you were scared that someone would listen to your call. ,,I brought him in, but I forgot the doctor’s appointment. Was it today?’’ you lied, knowing that Vanderwood would for sure understand what was going on. This was a code for the both of you.
,,Yeah,’’ he answered and then cut the call. And this yeah was enough for you to know what to do. You walked straight into the kindergarten and grabbed your son, telling the teacher that you had to take him home again and then you rushed home, making sure that you would walk past every CCTV in the city, knowing that Vanderwood already informed Saeyoung to tell him that the agency found him.
They wouldn’t harm you in the daylight in front of CCTV. At least you prayed for that to be the case.
,,What happened?’’ Vanderwood asked you as soon as you came home, making you explain everything. ,,No mother wears high heels!’’ you hissed. ,,Are you sure that she wasn’t just going to work?’’ he asked you to make sure. ,,Vanderwood, I learned as a mother that high heels and a baby are two things you should never pair together. And she didn’t wear a ring! Of course, maybe she was a single parent, but no mother wears a necklace; not such a beautiful one! And her hair was perfect! Besides-’’ ,,Aren’t you looking too much into this? Maybe she was really a mother!’’ Vanderwood said, not believing that you would actually judge people that quickly. ,,VANDERWOOD!’’ you hissed, making him shriek at your sudden call. 
,,That woman was looking for her son. She was supposed to just bring him in! And then she thought about his name for such a long time! He didn’t even react to her voice! Something is odd!’’ you argued.
,,I don’t care if you don’t trust me, but my instinct is right! As a mother, I don’t intend to put my son in danger just because you won’t trust me!’’ Vanderwood didn’t even have the time to say anything before the door was opened with force. ,,Aha, Agent Vanderwood, you married a good one, but became carless, huh?’’ the woman laughed. You clenched your teeth as you observed the woman. You just prayed for your son to stay in his room and not come out. Hoongjoong normally could read situations… not this time, however.
,,Hongjoong, hello! I brought a friend and cakes!’’ the woman called with a friendly voice. You waited for a second and stopped breathing as you prayed for your son to just stay there. ,,Mommy…?’’ he however whispered and came out.
Doomed, you thought, you were doomed. Hongjoong was taken hostage while all doors and windows were closed. ,,So, Agent Vanderwood…’’ the woman laughed. ,,I will first make you feel real pain together and then I will make you die one by one…’’ she smiled. ,,Please, please, let him be. He is still so little and he will forget so let him go, I beg you…’’ you sobbed as she held your son. ,,Agent, you won’t get away with this,’’ Vanderwood hissed. ,,You think so? Let’s see…’’ she laughed and began to hit your son, making him cry in pain and fear.
,,VANDERWOOD, DO SOMETHING! DO ANYTHING!’’ you cried and screamed, trying to get free. However, a man hit you on the head, making you fall on the floor, face first. ,,Shut up, slut!’’ he laughed and looked at the woman, who nodded. ,,Don’t, don’t you dare!’’ Vanderwood hissed as he saw that one of the man was slowly grabbing you. ,,DON’T YOU DARE!’’ he screamed his lungs out.
,,Savior 707 here. Sorry for being late,’’ Saeyoung laughed, followed by Jumin and some bodyguards as well as Saeran. ,,Arigatou for waiting! Gracias amigos!’’ he laughed, making Vanderwood roll his eyes in annoyance. ,,I will take the kiddo, thank you,’’ he smiled and then pointed the gun at the woman. His eyes turned darker as he pressed it against her face, holding your son in his arms to console him.
,,So, turn around. Tell them to lay on the floor and don’t dare to move,’’ he smiled.
,,Vanderwood…’’ you called, as a private doctor checked on you. ,,Hongjoong,’’ you tried to say. ,,Psst… he is okay and sleeping next to you, see?...Rest a bit and I will stay here,’’ he assured you, making you fall asleep. ,,We need to talk,’’ Saeyoung called him while Vanderwood patted your hair. ,,I know. I will be right there, Agent 707,’’ he nodded. Another fight was about to come after all.
21.03.2021// 20:34 MEST
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chaniters · a month ago
Fifth Ash short, getting on a mask for the first time, and any mask will do! Also, first heroics!
Follow up to the last fic (Homesick)
No specific warnings
Spoilers for Fallen Hero Retribution.  ___________
“So how much for this one?” he asks, going over the many necklaces in the box and taking one. 
The owner tells him the price, and he puts it back, moving his hand to pick another… and there. There is the moment where his pinkie and his ring fingers snatch another, a small cross, hiding it from view. There is something intriguing about his method, just pure sleight of hand. A simple trick and nothing else, that’s all it takes.
The shop owner doesn’t realize what’s going on. You’re not even helping, it’s all Morgan doing this. Your role is to distract, talking about your imaginary girl that’s going to be so happy, while your uncle Morgan, helps you buy her jewelry so you won’t get scammed. 
In the end, you buy nothing, but the cross is still in Morgan’s pocket. 
“Well done kid, for someone so quiet you really talked that guy’s ears off!” he laughs walking alongside you. 
“Just some chit-chat,” you say. You could keep doing it for hours if you needed to. Providing distractions is your most basic training “What’s next?”
“Now we sell this little baby here, and maybe we get us hm… 200? Maybe 250? I’ll let you have a 30% cut this time because you were so good, how about that?”
“That’s more than fine you say,” trying to smile a bit. He expects you to be happy, so you have to act happy and smile. 
“We can get us a motel if we keep this up! Off the streets, as long as we can!” 
You nod, lightly, letting him go on and on with his plans. It was nice to pretend to have an uncle, if only for a few moments. 
“There’s a guy over at Richie’s, we’ll let him see the cross, and…”
You keep walking, but then notice he’s not following, and turn his way.
He doesn’t answer, staring at something in the distance. A quick scan and you realize something’s off… he’s not the only one that’s standing still…
At least 10 people have stopped what they were doing, eyes lost in the horizon.
Something’s definitely going wrong and…
“You look strong. Take this!” a guy wearing a weird blue robe cape, and yellow gloves says shoving a bag into your hands. On his head, a white mask with a purple spiral painted on its front, and a hood covering the rest. “Come on take it!” he says pressing a gloved hand to his mask.
You do as told, confused more than anything. 
“Follow me” he calls, and instantly, everyone starts marching behind him… and of course, you follow. What is going on?!
“Psst… Morgan” you elbow him, to no avail. He doesn’t respond at all. 
Enemy telepaths can be just as sneaky as yourself. You will not notice them if they are targeting someone else. So remember, ALWAYS  look for signs on others! 
Her words from training come to life with a scan, trying to figure out if this is what you think…
And of course, there it is… A compulsion, pressed against their minds, so frantic that you completely blocked is, thinking it was just a trail of loose hysterical thoughts bouncing against your shields. He’s literally screaming into their minds as loud as he can, telling them to do as he says…
Everything you learned not to do, he is doing. These people will remember being manipulated, will remember the voice of the one who did it, and they will become useless the moment they are let go…
You would have probably ended up recycled if you had ever been this sloppy. Makes you mad.
The man’s little caravan of the damned marches on towards the general bank… and the guards themselves begin to join the group.
You start walking slower, and slower, letting others go ahead, until you are out of formation, hiding your face from the cameras, until you manage to hide behind one of the columns inside the bank, next to a mother and her kid doing the same. The kid’s wearing a ranger mask, you don’t remember which.
There’s a big commotion as he starts his robbery, with several of his controlled followers locking the doors behind them.
“So, the name’s Overlord, and I heard you people were fixing your dampeners today, so I decided to show up, how about that?” he laughs. “Now everybody, be still! STILL, I SAY!” he orders with a mental command, freezing everyone in place. 
Morgan and the others begin bagging the money from the cashiers and all you can do is watch, because you don’t have a plan and you don’t know what should you do…
You could just wait it out. Hide and wait until it ends, because this is none of your business… You could just walk out afterward.
But that would mean leaving Morgan under this madman’s control. His control is pathetic, and he is forcing them too hard… he is hurting them.
The mother holds her kid close, shielding him from what’s happening…
“I’m going to need this,” you say taking the mask from him.
“Are you going to be like Anathema?” he asks. 
“We’ll see,” you say walking over as the mother pulls him from you. 
“Hurry up, I don’t have all day!” Overlord yells
“Hey,” you say tapping his shoulder.
“What the…” 
He starts turning, just in time to get your fist to the face. The mask breaks to pieces, leaving him confused. You follow it up with an uppercut to his stomach, leaving him breathless, and finally kick him down. 
“Release these people,” you ask, in a calm tone, standing tall above him. 
He crawls back, looking at your mask with a bloodened face, pieces of the mask still falling off.
“And who the hell are you supposed to be?!”
“Release these people now” you repeat, not going to answer stupid questions from this human. 
“Oh, you release them, if you can! SHOOT HIIM!” 
The mind-controlled guards move forward, guns in hand…
You pull their aims slightly off to the left, and sidestep a few times to the right, letting them empty their ammunition each time, repeating it to the right… left…Right...
“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Overlord struggles to stand up, but the four guards are out of ammo, leaving you a clear way to walk over and kick him down again. 
“Release them now”
“KEEP SHOOTING AT HIM!” he repeats, but you place your foot on his neck, as the guards keep pulling the trigger on their empty guns at you. 
“You do know you have to actually order them to reload, no?” you ask, disgusted by this man’s amateur approach to telepathy. 
“Who are the fuck are you?!” 
“You asked for it,” you say, bringing down your fist down on his face again. You can see teeth flying over the floor this time, and his concentration shatters, everyone around you holding their heads in confusion. 
“You can’t… do this…” he gasps.
But you’re done talking, thus you bring down your first once more, leaving him out cold. 
Nobody moves, everyone still confused after his control broke, so you walk up to one of the guards, who cowers pathetically, but you just take his handcuffs, and bind Overlor’ds hands behind his back. 
The kid in the back, the one whose mask you took starts clapping, along with a few other clients that weren’t controlled. 
You don’t pay attention to that, walking straight up to Morgan, grabbing him by the arm, and pulling him to the exit. 
“Let’s go,” you say. 
“Oof.. my fucking head… at least we got some money out of it,” he says in a lower tone, showing you the moneybag he was gathering from the cashier. 
You look down, snatching it from his hands, and tossing it at the guards.
“What?!” he asks
“We’re leaving” you don’t need the police looking for you later because the cameras show them your friend forgot to return the bank’s money. 
“Why did you do that?!” he keeps yelling as you come out onto the streets, where a few patrol cars are beginning to arrive. 
“Because it was reckless and you would have been caught”
“You’re a coward!” he says pushing you away. “You’re a loser, with those powers you have, it should have been you robbing that bank!” 
“... listen, Morgan, we couldn’t just…” 
“I don’t care! You’re on your own from now on kid! I don’t need some loser on my tail!” he yells walking away. 
“Get lost!” 
You watch him go, getting lost among the crowd that’s starting to surround the Bank.
You knew this was going to happen, but somehow It’s… 
You don’t even know what this feeling is. You’re not supposed to have feelings in the first place, but you can’t help it in here, surrounded by them.
It’s just another human who got tired of you, nothing special. Why did you expect Morgan to be any different?
They’re all the same, and you’ve always been on your own, so nothing’s changed, you say to yourself, rubbing the wetness of your eyes as you walk back to the bridge, to get your stuff before he returns from selling the cross and steals it all. 
You read his mind, so you know without a doubt that he was already planning to do so as he walked away. 
The video is playing on a loop, with the guards shooting, and the masked guy sidestepping them, over and over. 
“Am I seeing this right…? Did he just start dodging bullets?”
“Totally seems like he did. Jealous much, Marshall?”
“Nah… but I can’t stop watching it… it’s just… too sexy. Look at those moves!”
“It does have a certain rhythm to it, no? Wait here, I’ll go get Sentinel, he’s got to see this!” __________ If you want to read more: My Fanfiction:    DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fan fiction using characters and the setting of the Fallen Hero: Rebirth and upcoming Fallen Hero: Retribution games written by Malin Riden. I do not claim ownership of any characters from the Fallen Hero wold. These stories are a work of my imagination, and I do not ascribe them to the official story canon. These works are intended for entertainment outside the official storyline owned by the author. I am not profiting financially from the creation of these stories, and thank the author for her wonderful game/s, without which these works would not exist.
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babydaddyleorio · a month ago
you don’t know my name : hanta sero
Tumblr media
pairings: Sero x fem!black!reader
word count: 2,500 
summary: In which Sero wants to confess to the girl that doesn’t even know his name
warnings: slight cursing, mentioning of drug usage, grammatical errors
additional notes: this was heavily inspired from listening to Alicia Keys song “you don’t know my name”
Tumblr media
Sero stood behind the narrow counter with his elbow propped up on the smooth wood, eyes lazily wandering around the quiet restaurant. He decided to take this summer job to support his family since he didn’t have the priority of attending any classes or doing hero work due to school being out. The job had a lot of benefits since It paid well and It was right by his home, not to mention that Denki applied to work here as well. The only problem Sero had with this job was that he barely did anything except work the cash register, which was way too mundane for his liking. He sighed as he closed his eyes and thought about how lucky Denki got since he was able to work with the chef in the back, and as If on cue, their loud and boisterous laughter sounded off behind him as If to mock his lame position. Sero blew at the strand of black hair that had fallen on his forehead and smacked his lips at the lack of any excitement happening. Despite his day here being utterly uneventful, Sero still couldn’t front as If life was a complete drag for him because although coming here everyday was nothing short of boring, there was still at least one thing that he could look forward to.
The bell on the door suddenly dinged throughout the small space loudly, signaling that someone had just walked into the restaurant. Sero’s body perked up at the possibility of the customer being the person who he had spent the last hour anticipating, but his excitement immediately faltered once he saw that It was only an old lady walking towards him.
“How can I help you today, ma’am?” Sero asked politely to the old lady who slowly pushed her walker to a nearby table. The lady looked as if she just came from service with her long dress and unique church hat on.  
“I’m okay son, I’m just waiting until my grandbaby comes in before I order.” The lady smiled warmly at Sero as she slowly sat down in the booth and he nodded back at her with a smile. Sero shifted his attention to the magazine that laid on the counter beside him, admiring how cool All-might looked on the cover. Sero thought that he might as well read it since there wasn’t anything else to do anyway, and who knows? He might even catch sight of some of his classmates being featured. He thumbed through the pages until his eyes reached the UA section and Sero was so into reading the articles that he didn’t even notice Denki now stood in front of him with his body leaned against the counter and a smirk on his lips. 
“Slacking on the job?” Denki asked with raised eyebrows and Sero paused his reading and lazily looked up at him before rolling his eyes.
“Well there’s nothing else to do.” Sero shrugged and another ding reached his ears. This time he didn’t even look up at who It could be, not wanting to get his hopes up. Denki on the other hand made a psst sound at Sero as he poked his shoulder harshly.
“Hey man, I think your girl just came in.” Denki announced with a smug look blanketing his face. Sero immediately jumped in his spot and moved his eyes to the person walking through the door. And low and behold, there you were, strutting through the restaurant like you owned the place. He wasn’t expecting you to come through the door so suddenly, and If it hadn’t been for Denki, he probably would’ve missed seeing the way the sun shined across your brown face giving it the beautiful glow that he loved so much. 
“Well? Are you going to go serve her or just keep gawking at her like a weirdo?” Denki patted Sero on the back with a little more force than usual causing him to snap out of the trance that you had briefly put him in. Sero glared at Denki before clearing his throat and lifting up the top of the counter so he could shimmy from behind It. 
Sero took deep breaths as he walked towards you, rehearsing what he would say to you when he finally reached your table. It felt as If weights were attached to his sneakers as he moved across the vintage checkered floor and he had to take a big gulp to quench his already parched throat. As he approached you, he admired the way your high puff sat on top of your head, as well as how the gold necklace that was draped across your neck shimmered under the artificial light. You chewed on your bottom lip as you looked down at all the options of food.
Sero sucked in another breath.
Damn, you were just so gorgeous.
Sero now stood in front of your table, notepad in one hand and his pencil in the other.
“Hello, and welcome to our diner. What can I get for you today?” Sero asked, trying to keep his voice steady so It wouldn’t crack on him. You looked up from the small black menu in your hands, humming to yourself as you thought about what you wanted today.
“I’ll have the special.”
“You’ll have the special.” Sero said at the same time as you while looking down and jotting It across his notepad without a second thought. Sero then paused as he just realized what he’d done, completely outing himself of having already memorized the order that you got every time you came here. He quickly cleared his throat and looked up at you, internally flinching at your raised eyebrow. 
“Uh… I figured you wanted the special since that’s what everyone’s been ordering today. It’s great by the way, definitely one of my favorites!” Sero spoke hastily while nodding his head, trying to save his ass from the slip up he just made. 
“Yeah, I always end up ordering It so I guess It’s a favorite of mine as well.” You agreed while smiling at the waiter in front of you despite his still rather odd behavior.
“Okay well I’ll have that come right up for you!” Sero said with a bright smile, but as soon as he turned around on his heel, that smile was wiped off his face and a look of horror replaced It while he walked towards the kitchen.
‘Why did you say that, Idiot? She’s definitely going to think that you’re a total weirdo thanks to that.’ Sero thought to himself, clutching the notepad tighter as he picked up the speed in his legs. He finally was able to speak to you after waiting anxiously all day just for him to only make a complete fool out of himself when he took your order. Once he pushed through the big red doors that led to the kitchen, he was relieved to see that It was just Denki behind the stove and he took that as confirmation to sigh loudly and throw his head back.
“What happened man, did you finally lay It on her?” Denki asked while biting his lip and squinting his eyes, stroking his chin repeatedly. Sero groaned even louder and shook his head, extending his hand that had your order on it towards Denki.
“No, It was way more embarrassing than that.” Sero said, his voice low and muffled as he ran his other hand down his face. Denki looked at him with an eyebrow quirked and tsked to himself at how fragile his friend was being.
“Well you can’t just give up now man, go back out there and redeem yourself! You’re going to regret not shooting your shot when you had the chance.” Denki pointed out and Sero raised his head with a frown shaping his lips.
“I know man, but she’s just so pretty that I become a jumbled mess whenever I get close to her.” Sero said while plopping himself down on a crate that was in a corner. “She doesn’t even know my name...” He mumbled with an obvious defeated look, cupping his face with both of his hands. Denki looked at his friend with sympathy, wishing that he would just confess already. Denki was well aware of how long Sero had been crushing on you and to his knowledge, this traced back way before the two of them even got this job.
“You’ve had a thing for that girl ever since the party, Sero. Don’t you think It’s about time that you stopped watching her and actually make yourself known?” Denki tilted his head with expectant eyes as he put his plastic gloves on his hands. Once he heard those words, Sero’s mind suddenly took him back to last year, the day of Mina’s birthday party. He was now at a houseparty, standing in the corner of a room with an orange soda in his hands as he nodded his head to the rap music playing from the speakers. The living room was crowded and he had lost Denki and Kirishima ages ago, so he opted to find his own spot to just chill in. His eyes trailed across all the people filling the space, some dancing and some making out with the person next to them. Everyone seemed to blend and mesh together as he surveyed the crowd but that was to be expected in this type of setting. He lifted the aluminum can to his lips to take a sip of the beverage, but his hand stopped mid air once he saw a beautiful girl standing in the center of the room, laughing with her friends. The girl had gorgeous brown skin, and her neatly done braids were pulled into a ponytail. Her laugh was so intoxicating to him and her eyes shone brightly the more her lips moved to keep the conversation going. Sero felt his heart thump against his chest and he had to will himself to look away before It became obvious that he was staring at her. Just as he turned his head, he saw Denki and Kirishima come into his view and once Sero called their names they both looked over and waved at him.
“Hey man, we’ve been looking all over for you!” Denki announced while laughing loudly and Sero raised an eyebrow at his friend’s weird behavior. Kirishima rolled his eyes at Denki and quickly explained to Sero that the idiot had got contact high when they were walking through the back yard. Sero shook his head with a small chuckle at his zooted friend but couldn’t stop himself from moving his eyes back to the girl.
“Oooh, looks like someone’s got a crush.” Denki slurred while snickering to himself and as if hearing him, the girl shifted her attention from her friend to stare into Sero’s eyes. Sero immediately looked away and grew red in the cheeks, socking Denki in the shoulder at what he just did.
“Cut It out.” He fused, and Denki moved his hand as If he were zipping up his lips. Kirishima grinned at Sero because he too picked up on how he was eyeing the girl and he knew Sero well enough to know that he was catching feelings. Despite both his friends being able to read him well, Sero told himself that this wasn’t anything more than curiosity because he’s never seen you around here before. Sero hoped that you didn’t hear Denki for his sake, but for some foreign reason, a part of him also wished that had.
“Stop zoning out dude.” Denki laughed as he put the finished food on a tray. Sero blinked and remembered that he was at work, even if the flashback that he just had felt so vivid to him. Sero jumped up from the crate and ambled towards the counter to pick up the tray, nodding at Denki when he stood in front of him.
“You’re right. I’m going to finally do It.” Sero declared with a big smile that showed off his square teeth. Denki perked up and a proud expression morphed on his face.
“Atta boy, Sero.” He said while pumping his fist in the air and Sero nodded firmly before turning and strutting out the two doors. Sero no longer had wobbly legs or sweaty palms as he walked past all the tables because he was now being fueled by a newfound determination. Denki was right, he needed to make a move on you before It was too late and somebody else that wasn’t him came to swoop you off of your feet. 
You can do this, Sero. Just tell her how you feel.
Sero stood in front of your table and swiftly set the tray of food down in front of you, ignoring the goosebumps that had now appeared on his arms.
“Here you go.” He said and you thanked him before directing your attention to your meal.
Sero stood there for a brief moment, doubt somehow flickering itself in his consciousness. He then shook his head to rid those negative thoughts and sucked in a breath before he began to speak. 
“You probably don’t know me or that we go to the same school, but I want you to know that that’s not the case for me. I’ve seen you around and whenever I tell myself that I’m going to finally talk to you, I get nervous and promise myself I’ll do It the next day. I really wish I would’ve did this sooner… but I just can’t help the way that my heart picks up its pace every time I come close to you.” Sero said and your eyes shot up at his words. “And it’s funny because whenever I see you walk through those two front doors, I no longer feel bored out of mind and I suddenly look forward to my job. You always brighten up my day and you always look so beautiful when you walk past me to go to your table. I become so stuck on you that it makes me forget what I want to say next.”
Sero rubbed the back of his neck nervously while looking down.
“And… every time our eyes meet, I feel as If time has stopped and It’s just me and you standing in the room. Oh- when I say all this out loud it comes out really cheesy, but I promise you It sounded a lot better in my head! And I guess what I’m trying to say is, would you like to go out with me sometime?” Sero finished slightly panicked, quickly moving his eyes back up to look at you. He half expected you to be frowning, or to laugh in his face, or even get up and leave in disgust after confessing all that to you, but Imagine his surprise when he saw the big smile that was plastered on your face. You nodded your head at him and as if one cue, the sun peeked from behind the clouds and shone on your glowing face, and Sero had to keep himself from falling even harder than he already had as he stared wide eyed at the goddess that sat in front of him.
You sat your arm on the table, and put your cheek in your hand as you looked up at the boy who you had fallen in love with a long time ago.
“I thought you’d never ask, Sero.”
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The "Marinette is in charge of a class trip and has to suffer at her classmates whims, finally snapping and getting her cruel, well-deserved revenge on everyone" plotline can die now. I see it and I just want to yeet Saltinette out of the story so she can stop warping the world around her and everyone else can get a nice field trip arranged by the teachers and the school, as is canon, and Saltinette doesn't get to abuse her authority to make people suffer.
@flightfoot So! . . . My brain took this as a challenge apparently.
"Alright class! Settle down." Mme. Bustier clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. "Now, the school field trip to, uh, the beach?"
"Yeah, mine says beach too." Alya held up the script and nodded for the teacher to continue.
"Right! Remember to-"
"Juleka, that's not in the script." Mme. Bustier waved her copy for emphasis.
"Sorry, Mme. Bustier!" Rose supplied while comforting her girlfriend. "It's just- AHHHHHH!"
"That is it! What!? What is with the screaming!?" Chloe demanded.
Rose pulled one of her hands that covered her face and pointed at the script that had fallen open. "S-S-Saltinette's in the script!"
Pandemonium erupted as the class protested.
"Quick Markov! Run away before she reprogrammes you again!" Max yelled, holding the window open for his friend.
"Ugh! Why her?" Chloe pulled out her phone to post about how unfair it all was online. "She's even more intolerable than Dupain-Cheng! Always saying we're friends and telling me to agree with everything she says and-" she shuddered, "expecting me to be nice!"
Alya was shaking her head and making an ex with her arms. "Uh-uh, no way. This is not in my contract!" . . . Seeing Nino wavering in his seat Alya brought the trashcan over.
Nino emptied his breakfast into it as his girlfriend rubbed circles on his back. He lifted his head just long enough to say: "God, I hate her." And then buried his face back down.
Adrien stared off into space, eyes blank as his inner voices argued.
The one that looked suspiciously like a supervillain was grinning. "Aren't you tired of being nice? Don't you just want to Murder?"
The Chat Noir-ish one tapped his chin before pointing at the supervillain. "You know? He's got a point."
"Guys, guys!" Glasses Adrien protested, wrapping an arm around their shoulders. "We've been through this. Of course we're going to murder!"
"-Adrien? Dude!"
Adrien snapped out of his thoughts as he realized that the bane of their existence had entered the classroom. He turned toward Nino. "So we all agree that it's only murder if it's a person, right? Anthropomorphic embodiments of selfishness and revenge fantasies don't count?"
Saltinette draped herself dramatically onto Mme. Bustier's desk. "Oh! See how cruel and mean spirited my former crush is!"
Adrien rolled his eyes. "Get over yourself."
"Is this- Wait, hang on." Saltinette leaned her head back and held up an eyedropper. "Ah, there. That's better. Is this any way to treat your class representative?" Saltinette wailed with tears in her eyes.
"After I slaved away at fixing that old junkyard bus and raised enough money to pay the driver, 'cause he only accepts payment in quarters, by having a sale at the bakery and coordinated everyone's schedule so we could all go together!?"
Mme. Bustier flipped through the script. "It doesn't say that."
"Oh! How Lila has shone your true colors!"
Alix turned her head from left to right. "Dude, she's not even here!"
"Even Alix has turned her back on me!" Saltinette continued, holding the back of her hand to her forehead. "An unforgivable crime unless she gets on her knees and begs me for forgiveness and helps me ruin everyone else's lives and then maybe, possibly, eventually I will deign to give her the Bunny M-"
"Marinette SMASH!!!"
In the blink of an eye Saltinette went sailing through the window and disappeared into the sky with a twinkle of light.
Marinette brought her smoking fist, which she had just used to uppercut Saltinette out of the story, to her lips and blew on it.
"Sorry, I'm late!" Marinette stumbled before righting herself with a grin. "I needed a running start."
The classroom erupted into cheers.
Adrien smiled proudly at her. "Go out with me, My Lady?"
"Absldbsbdj! Adrien! That, um, isn't in the script!" Marinette protested despite having sent the "main character" into the stratosphere, cheeks tinting.
"Sure it is!" Adrien smugly flourished his copy of the script to the page they were on. He'd attached a sticky note to it that said, 'Adrien asks out his future wife'.
"Eeeeeeeee-" Marinette's face became even redder as her grin widened.
"Nice going, sunshine," Alya teased. "You broke her!"
"What a paws-itively un-fur-tunate occurrence."
Marinette blinked as a terrible realization dawned. "Oh, no."
Adrien grinned as he pulled her into his side. "Oh, yes!"
Mme. Bustier smiled at the new couple while throwing whole pages of the script into her new shredder. Right then. Taking out her red pen she began to make corrections for what remained.
"Ha! Ready to give up, handsome?" Marinette sent the volleyball back over the net.
"You wish, beautiful!" Adrien slid on the sand and managed to keep the ball in play.
"Heads up, babe!" Nino called as he shot it back to the other side.
"For me? You shouldn't have!" Alya jumped for the ball and sent it spinning onto the sand, to the groans of the boys.
"Aw, look at them!" Rose cooed from her spot next to Juleka. The bright pink towel and umbrella clashing with Juleka's black beach hat and swimsuit. "They're adorable even on opposite teams!"
"I know. Horrible isn't it?"
Rose giggled. Juleka sometimes liked to pretend romance was icky 'for the aesthetic'. Personally, Rose thought the matching necklaces her girlfriend had bought them were plenty romantic. But who was she to ruin Juleka's fun?
Her attention wandered to the water where Max and Markov were enabling helping Kim with something.
"You sure you're up for this little guy?" Kim asked.
"I appreciate your concern but I assure you my waterproofing will keep me quite safe!" Markov replied.
Max nodded, adjusting his prescription goggles. "Markov will time your swim and measure how well you've improved."
"Then what're we waiting for?" Kim plunged underwater with a splash. Markov following after him.
Ivan gave a warning glare in their general direction before turning back to Mylene. Who was floating happily in a tube float.
Sabrina gazed wistfully from where she held Chloe's tanning mirror. Chloe herself could be heard snoring.
"Psst! Sabrina!"
Looking around, she spotted Alix behind some large rocks. Blinking, Sabrina pointed at herself.
Alix rolled her eyes. "You see any other Sabrinas around here? C'mon!"
Sabrina stood, paused, opened up the Queen Bee themed umbrella so Chloe wouldn't sunburn and hurried to catch up.
Nathaniel chuckled from his perch on the rocks as he continued sketching.
"Okay, I have a plan." Adrien announced.
"Is it an actual plan or is it one of your regular plans?" Nino asked.
Adrien summoned as much indignation as he could- "Rude," -and turned back to the game without telling Nino the plan.
"Wait, bro, c'mon!"
"Too late!"
The volleyball flew back and forth as both teams went all out. Marinette saw her chance, reached for it and-
"Hey, Marinette."
Adrien's hair glistened in the sunlight, eyes smoldering as he gazed into her soul. His soft lips curling into a playful smirk and-
Marinette felt sand burst all over her hair as she fell.
Instantly she was back on her feet. "Cheater! I call cheating!"
Rose laughed good-naturedly, knowing that Adrien had just invited a reckoning onto himself. "Poor Nino."
Kim burst to the surface. "Ahhhhhh! What is it? Get it off!"
"Please hold still so I may assist you!" Markov zoomed around Kim, trying to use his arm to pull some brown thing off of him.
"Kim, it's just seaweed!" Max yelled.
The corners of Juleka's lips twitched. "Tragic." She clicked her pen and wrote something down in her notebook.
Rose smiled and offered a lick of their icecream.
Ivan narrowed his eyes at the commotion but just snorted and went back to making sure Mylene didn't drift off.
Sabrina straightened from where she leaned over a tide pool. "What was that?"
"Just Kim being dumb again," Alix replied dismissively. "Ooh! There's a good one!"
"Making Marinette angry is a terrible plan!" Nino panted.
Adrien just grinned. "How can she be angry when her boyfriend looks like this?" He struck a dynamic pose.
Marinette missed her swing. Again. Glaring at her smug cat of a boyfriend she rose to her feet. "That's it." Marinette pulled out her pigtails, letting her hair fall. "The gloves are off."
Adrien stared openmouthed as the next volley sailed centimeters past his face. A gleam entered his eye. "Game of cat and mouse?"
"We'll see whose the cat this time!"
"Uh, we're still here y'know," Alya reminded them.
Blushing sheepishly all four resumed their game.
Taking a sip of her non-alcoholic cocktail Mme. Bustier put the finishing touches on the script. That done she tossed it aside and smiled at her students enjoying themselves. All was as it should be.
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bush-viper-cutie · 2 months ago
I’ll be your Valentine
Pairing: young!severus X reader
Word Count: 7,350
Rating: T for teen
Plot: Severus is humiliated once more by his friends in an attempt to fit in. It was a miscalculation on his part, but he couldn’t have predicted how disastrous his mistake would be. It had taken you days, weeks, months to build up the courage to confess your feelings to your crush, but what did you expect to have happen when doing it on Valentine’s day?
Warnings: Bullying, kissing, slight angst
A/N: Happy valentine’s day everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day :D Wrote this just for today and took some inspo from @violet-knox​’s the Lion, the Snake, and the Locket series, (SPOILER: more specifically the locket! :D )
Posted: 2/14/21
(Y/n) = your name
~*~*~ = change in POV
 ~*~*~ = time skip
Tumblr media
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Severus was bent over his journal, quill scribbling across the pages at rapid speeds, feather dancing through the air as Professor Flitwick went on and on about the creation of information charms. Words like ‘impossible’ and ‘far too advanced’ only made him roll his eyes. If wizards like the Great Ciera Vela and Sir Wicksley Brightington could create inventions such as the early telling clocks or talking chips at mere fourteen years of age, then who gave Flitwick the right to deem it impossible for a seventh year to create one?
Severus jerked his head up at the sudden bang of the classroom door as it flung open, almost giving himself a horrible headache at the sudden motion.
Flitwick jumped on his stool and turned wrathfully. “Who is interrupting my lecture!” A little man, half the size of Flitwick himself, came storming inside just as annoyed with himself as Flitwick was of him, and held up a bouquet of flowers. “Ah… alright, alright, get on with it.”
The dwarf, dressed in a bright red robe with fake angel wings and a halo too small for his head, approached a Hufflepuff boy on the opposite end of the class. He pulled up his robe, which revealed his real clothes underneath – grass-stained trousers and steel-toed shoes – and took out a folded note from his pocket. “Oh Huegert,” he began in a raspy voice, reading out the poem as unenthusiastically as possible.
Severus groaned and sat back in his seat. His eyes narrowed in dislike at the Hufflepuff who didn’t seem to care that his admirer had interrupted class. As annoying as it was to hear Flitwick squeak away on a tangent about the creation of the type of charm they were learning about, he much preferred it than this.
The dwarf cleared his throat as thunderously as a rockslide down a mountain and bowed, ready to head out after completing his job.
“Psst,” a voice whispered from the back. “Snivellus!”
Severus ignored them, and turned to his fellow Slytherins instead. They all looked as annoyed as he felt and smirked when he caught their eye. The Slytherins had their own way of showing their “admiration” and it didn’t include embarrassing poems or gawky flowers.
“Snivellus!” The voices behind him snickered. “Where’s your flowers?”
“Doesn’t anyone like you?”
Flitwick went on with the lecture and Severus went back to writing feverishly until class was over. He packed his things and followed his friends out the door, keeping at their heels. He pulled out his scarf and wrapped it around once, twice, as the chill from the open arched windows blew through.
“Let’s head down to Hogsmeade. I heard the Three Broomsticks is serving red butterbeer today, bet it’ll taste different.”
“It never does. Not the green ones, or the purple ones – ”
Severus slung his pack over his shoulder and followed his friends down the corridors, out the castle doors, and down the frozen lawn. They talked about food, their significant others, and the gifts they’d given and received. Some had gotten golden cufflinks, diamond pressed watches with metal so smooth it could reflect a candle’s light from a mile away, while others had received nice ties or new shoes. They’d given expensive bracelets with dancing charms, glittering jeweled necklaces, and remarkable earrings that reformed with every wear so as to never be the same twice.
“So how’s it possible to make those woodchips talk to each other from anywhere in the world?” the tallest of them asked.
Severus pulled his eyes up from his scrappy shoes and looked at the Slytherin. He was referring to the talking chips. “They’re cut from the same wood, precisely from the opposite sides of the tree and bound with a complicated spell.”
The Slytherins around him nearly jumped, forgetting Severus was among them.
The tallest one, Zander Ervingwell, whose father owned the Daily Prophet, rubbed his chin and smiled. “That so? Then, could we chop any of these tree,” he motioned at the forest as they walked down the trail to Hogsmeade, “and make one of them?”
The others turned to Severus and he reveled in their attention. He kept his face straight and shook his head. “We could. If we could get the charm from Flitwick.”
Zander nodded thoughtfully. The rest reformed around him and they kept walking down the trail until they reached the popular little inn. They pulled the door open and were met by warmth, the smell of roast turkey, and wary eyes from the students of other houses.
Severus took his seat at the table they crowded around and refrained from ordering the red butterbeer they were all looking forward to. He pulled the strap of his bag over his head and shoved his patched up bag under the table.
“See? Tastes different.”
“I’d cut my tongue off and have Pomfrey regrow it if I were you – ”
Harold Binny and Regis Dunmarten always tended to natter about anything they could disagree on that held little to no importance. They never discussed anything with each other that could ever lead to an agreement, and Severus knew they took after their fathers, who were avid Wizengamot councilmen.
Zander looked to the others, Marcos Jugson – one of the many brothers – who was looking at a group of Ravenclaw girls, and Mumford Wilkes who stared impassively at the dark oak table. Zander turned to Severus. “You think you could make one, Severus?”
Severus stammered. “We wouldn’t be allowed to chop down any tree – And I’d need the charm…”
“If you’re so smart,” Mumford’s eyes pierced through Severus’ defenses and made him want to dissolve into the air. “Why don’t you make one. You’re always saying you can make spells but when we ask to see them they’re never ready.”
Severus wanted to disappear from the very seat he sat in. In this moment he much preferred his usual spot, behind them all, hidden from view of their scrutinizing eyes; but now every one of them looked his way, expectantly. “I can make one,” he said, as evenly as he could muster. They were all rich purebloods who could smell unease and weakness from a hundred yards away. “Easily.”
“You could get in trouble, expelled even, with the way information charms work. Sure you’re not scared?” Marcos folded his arms, eyeing him down.
Severus hated him. Almost as much as he hated Lupin and Pettigrew, but not nearly as much as Black and Potter. After all, Marcos had saved him on more than one occasion with his mere presence. And unfortunately, Severus knew what his words hid. It had been just yesterday Marcos had walked in on him pinned to the ground by a group of sixth years, three standing around with their wands drawn on him while their two ‘braver’ friends tried singing his eyebrows off. As soon as Marcos had hexed them off, the minute their grubby hands had released his robes, Severus had crawled away behind Marcos.
It was a stupid moment of weakness fueled by fear driven by the sight of the flames bursting out of wands so close to his eyes. A mistake he’d let himself make. Severus clenched his jaw and looked him steadily in the eyes. “Of course not,” he gritted out.
Distant laughter caught Marcos’ attention for a split second, and when he turned back his lips quirked up in a smile. “Why don’t you give us a taste of your bravery then? An assurance you’ll do it.” He jerked his head back, motioning at the table of Ravenclaw girls. “It’s Valentine’s day, so why don’t you ask one of them to be yours? Its only just midday. I’m sure one of them’s not yet taken.”
Severus kept his face even and hands clenched tight under the table, unwilling to let them see how badly they trembled. He risked a glance at Zander, who looked at him with folded arms and an equally level expression. Harold and Regis exchanged similar looks, eyebrows raised, and Mumford smirked. There was always a risk when hanging around certain groups of friends, and this one constantly pushed him to the brink of humiliation.
He stood and made his way around their table to face the crowded space of the bar. Everyone was distracted, talking to other patrons or spilling drink down their faces. There was a stool knocked to the ground between him and the girls who only knew he existed from either rumor or witnessing one of his countless humiliations at the hands of Potter or Black. They’d either know him as Snivellus, or as the Slytherin who knows as many curses and hexes as there were words in a dictionary – although it never seemed to matter how many curses he claimed to know, he was never someone anyone feared.
He took a step, and then another, and kept going until he stood beside their table. He cleared his throat but it was as if he was invisible. He cleared it again and the closest one to him, the louder of the bunch, glared up at him.
Great, he had their attention… Now what? He cleared his throat again, made awkward by their obvious attention to him. “Would… Would you want – ”
“Which one.”
Severus blinked at them. “What? Oh, err… Anyone?” The look on their faces made his own go red.
“Oh? Any of us? Doesn’t matter who?” The closest one to him said, looking back at her friends with raised eyebrows and a smirk, causing a chorus of laughs. “So what is it?”
Severus wanted to turn around and bolt out the door. This had been a mistake. A miscalculation. His friends had lured him into a trap and he jumped right on it. He couldn’t run though; they were still watching most likely. This was about him proving he wasn’t scared.
He swallowed what little of his pride he had left and opened his mouth. “Would anyone want… to be…” All he had to do was say it, no matter how humiliating, how embarrassing this was. “My valentine.”
Done. He did it, now he could turn around and go back to Zander, head held high. He didn’t really care what any of them thought. He already knew their answer before he even got out of his chair. He turned around as they laughed in his face, ready to face his friends and get back to business.
“Wait! Severus!” one of them called him back.
He stopped. Turned. And stared at the Ravenclaw who had stood up. She waved him back with a shy look on her face and his heart leapt into his mouth. He swallowed it down and walked back, feeling his blood rush into his cheeks.
“Severus,” she said, shyly twirling her finger around the mouth of her cup. “I haven’t given you an answer.”
“You’re answer?” He couldn’t help the tremble in his hands now. He started pulling on the loose stitching on his sweater.
She smiled up at him… And in the blink of an eye she snatched up her cup and threw its contents in his face. “Of course not, Snivellus!”
Severus gasped as the cold liquid splashed his face, drenching his sweater. He spit out cherry colored butterbeer and wiped his face with his wet sweater sleeve. He turned away from the laughter, but it circled him. He blinked through red-tinted droplets and scanned the faces of the crowd. It’d be easier to look for someone who wasn’t laughing because every face his gaze landed on was one that made his chest constrict.
He turned to his table, to his friends. They were all doubled over with pure glee, laughing as dignified as they could all while he dripped on the floor, the mock of the inn. He grit his teeth and closed his eyes, unwilling to let any more of this scene get stored in his brain. He stumbled through chairs and stools and pushed his friends aside to get his bag. He pulled it free and threw it over his shoulder. He stumbled some more as the laughter continued and threw his body against the door, throwing it open.
He ran out the door, out of the warmth of the inn and into the cold. The streets were nearly empty as wizards settled into homes or restaurants for lunch. He ran as fast as he could back to the castle, not caring about the sting of the wind as it scraped along his skin. His eyes burned and he felt tears begin to form as the realization of what had just happened began to bubble in the pit of his stomach.
He almost slipped on the bridge and as he reached its crest hands gripped his arms, stopping him on the spot. He blinked tears away and cleared his vision, looking up from the ground, ready to fight whoever had stopped him. He didn’t have to tilt his head up very far, easily staring into the eyes of another student, though he couldn’t immediately tell what house they belonged to.
“You almost bumped into me,” she said, releasing her hold on him.
“You should have cleared my path,” he spat.
She shrunk back and gripped the edge of her cloak. “Well I’ve been looking for you…”
Severus stared at her. He couldn’t possibly fathom why. He’d never seen her before, never talked to her before, and couldn’t imagine what she’d want from him. “I’m here aren’t I?”
She swallowed and nodded. “I… I have something for you…”
“Then hurry up,” he growled. It was cold and the butterbeer was starting to freeze.
He watched her open her cloak and noticed she wore a light red dress, almost pink. He wanted to hex it and turn it black from how sick of everything Valentine he was. The cloak pulled back further and she pulled out a single pink carnation with a green ribbon tying a note to its stem.
Her cheeks blushed as she held out the flower for him to take and he couldn’t help but stand there motionless, waiting for his brain to think something, say something, act and do anything other than gawk at her.
“Will you be my valentine, Severus?” she said, as if the flower hadn’t signaled just that.
He noticed his hand moving to take the flower while he remained stupefied, petrified, and perplexed. His heart, shattered and broken as it was, beat with immense longing as he pulled the flower to his chest.
“I… who are you?” He wasn’t sure why he wasn’t asking more important questions like ‘why me’, ‘is this another prank’, or ‘are you real’. He could feel the air changing around him as hope seeped into his soul, giving him a breath of new air that seemed to revitalized and mend the most broken parts of himself.
She smiled and stepped closer, making his breath catch in his throat. He could feel a warmth radiating off her, reaching out to him, banging on his walls, begging him to let her in. Her eyes looked up at his and he felt his legs go weak. He wanted to run, to apparate away and corral his thoughts, but he also wanted to stay and stare back into the depths of hers. It was different the way her eyes looked at him. He couldn’t see any hatred or disdain like so many others had in theirs when their gaze ever landed on him.
“(Y/n),” she said. “I’ve seen you around school and… Well I’m ashamed to say I’ve sort of been hiding from you.” She blushed and looked down at her feet. “Severus,” she whispered. “I’ve had a crush on you for quite a while.” She looked up at him then and gave him another one of her gentle smiles.
He accepted her words without another thought and regarded her truthfully, willing to open his heart to her. Her smile melted him, her eyes dazzled him, and, he realized finally with one long look, she was very cute.
“So, will you?” she asked again, taking another step closer.
He gripped the flower tighter and it finally hit him. She liked him. She really liked him. Someone had a crush on him and – Merlin, she was cute. Could he really be so lucky?
He opened his mouth when he realized something. She had broken his barriers and shields and so he hadn’t had the mind to analyze his surroundings. Laughter. He heard laughter coming closer. He turned and cursed the world for allowing anyone else but her and him to remain. It was the group of Ravenclaws making their way to the bridge.
“I – ” He couldn’t get any other word in before the group had reached the very spot on the bridge they stood in.
The girl closest to them spotted the pink carnation instantly, pointed, and laughed. They elbowed each other, making sure everyone had noticed him and the flower, and stopped next to them.
“Snivellus! Why didn’t you get us any flowers!” one of them guffawed.
The closest one stepped closer and crossed her arms. “(Y/n), don’t let him fool you into thinking you’re special. He just came from asking for any one of us to be his valentine. He didn’t even care which one.”
(Y/n) eye’s filled with tears and she looked up at him, expecting him to deny everything. Severus realized he’d never felt true heartbreak until now. He knew now that the shattering he’d always felt was nothing compared to the pain now, like stakes were being hammered into his still pumping heart one by one, emptying him completely.
He could lie to her. He could deny it all. But that warmth he’d felt radiating off of her… that’s what he’d imagined safety to feel like. If he could only step closer and feel it once more. If he lied, he’d be bringing thorns and barbs into something so precious and delicate.
He took a step closer to her and lowered his head, ready to feel her pull away that warmth she offered him. “I can explain it. Please listen – ”
She jerked back from him and the cold of winter swooped in to fill the air where the heat had disappeared.
~ * ~ * ~
~ * ~ * ~
The air was cold and dry, sapping the warmth from your hands that had, moment ago, been as hot as coals from the pure adrenaline that had coursed through your veins. The amount of courage it had taken to finally admit your feelings to Severus had taken you days to carefully collect. You had spent hours pushing away your fears, and now something much worse than rejection was taking place.
Your truest crush had asked out another girl, or many other girls, and your foolishness had landed you at the bottom of his list. Was what they were saying true? You didn’t want to believe it but… he didn’t deny it, no matter how much you begged him to with your eyes.
You closed them shut and sniffed. When you opened them again you marched right through the group of Ravenclaws, right passed Severus, and headed down the road to Hogsmeade. What a fool you were, charming your old dress into one you hoped would turn you into Severus’ dream. All those breaks spent following him around, hiding behind pillars and admiring him from afar, watching how he always pushed his long black hair behind his ear when he got ready to read… Or the way he bit his lip when he paused to think before jotting things down in his journal. You’d even swooned at the way he walked, like a sulking cat trotting from one shadow to the next hoping to remain unseen. You had seen him. You had seen him and loved what you saw.
When you reached the low lamp post right before town you turned and wished you hadn’t. Severus was watching you, with his dark glimmering eyes that very rarely ever looked up from the ground. He never gave anyone his attention, but he was giving it to you now. His large nose was almost pink and nearly-invisible lines trailed down his cheek. He stood there, tall as he was despite always slumping his shoulders, holding your flower to his chest.
You sighed heavily and turned, starting back on your way down Hogsmeade’s cobbled road.
~ * ~ * ~
~ * ~ * ~
There she went with his heart in her pocket. Was it possible? Could someone so suddenly appear in his life, shake his world upside down, and then walk away like she hadn’t just changed him forever? Love; now whenever that word would be spoken, he’d only think of her. Kindness; only her face would remind him of the definition. Safety, hope, happiness, dreams; her eyes, her smile, the softness of her curves, the allure of her scent, the wonder of what her hugs could have felt like, and that warmth that had melted away his armor. All his life… he’d never felt that warmth. Not from his mother, not from his friends, and not even from –
He winced as the numbness gave way to a heavy emptiness that hollowed him out. He began walking back to Hogwarts as if nothing had ever happened, except he’d acquired a single pink carnation. With every step he heard voices, familiar and sharp, that stabbed him with words he’d heard a million times before. He knew he was hated, despised, and unworthy of good things. He had just hoped, fueled by the encouraging gentleness of her eyes and welcoming smile, that he could finally be wanted.
~ * ~ * ~
Severus stepped into the common room and pulled on the strap of his bag, hearing several patches groan with protest as the seams threatened to come undone. He headed to the boy’s dormitory and slouched on the wall, unsure if he could make it another step without collapsing. He felt crushed, pulverized, like his life energy had been spent and he was finally coming to an end.
A door opened in the distance and he straightened, staring at the stone floor as his housemate walked by, ignoring him like a ghost in the corridors. He let out a sigh and dragged his feet forward until he reached his room. It was empty, save for a spoiled grey cat which slept on a bed.
He dumped all his things on his bed. He wanted to close his eyes and sleep until he could no longer remember how beautiful her name had sounded coming from her lips. He held out the carnation and rolled its stem between his fingers. “(Y/n).”
He set the flower down on top of his things and pulled his sweater over his head. He threw it into his trunk and toed off his shoes, settling into the bed. If he slept he’d be forced to replay the events of today in some horrible nightmare. He pushed things aside – keeping the flower close – and took out his charms journal.
He could work on the information charm and show Zander and the others how capable he was. Maybe then they wouldn’t try to humiliate him. They’d finally accept him. He pulled out his journal and reviewed his notes. All an information charm really was is an incredibly invasive bonding spell. A spell that tied two things together and forced an object to display information about the other. The telling clocks told its owners where certain people where, and the talking chips merely displayed what their partner chips spelled. As long as he kept it small, it would be easy.
For the next few hours he worked on his spell, thinking about nothing more than the charm itself. He sat on his bed, legs crossed, bent over his journal and books as he crossed things out and rewrote spell after spell. It wasn’t working. Everything he tried was too complicated. He could barely get information out of and of the objects he tried. His quills were too old to withstand the bonding spells, his journals gave too much information. He sat back into his pillows and sighed.
He needed something with more purity, something which he knew he didn’t own. He looked around the room, searching for some sort of unused object, some material that could withstand the spell to even initiate the charm… His eyes landed on the carnation he’d moved to his night stand.
Would he have been enjoying a romantic date right about now? Would she have tried to hold his hand? He would have been too nervous to do it himself but… He held up his hand and looked at it. What did it feel like to hold her hand? It would have been smaller than his, warm, and soft. He would have held on forever and never let go. What was she like? Would they have been perfect for each other? He thought of her smile and of her lips, supple and eager as she spoke…
He sat up fast as flashes of kissing her filled his head. No, he couldn’t endure this torture. He scrambled for new material and growled when nothing he owned fit what he looked for. He got out of bed and looked around, eyes glancing everywhere but the flower. He got on his knees and searched under beds until he found something gleaming and silver flashing back at him.
He rolled up his sleeve and stretched his arm under his dormmate’s bed as far as it would go. His hands found the cold metal and closed around it, pulling it back to him. It was a small necklace with silver metal beads that encased delicate diamonds. He remembered how it got there, thrown aside for not being flashy enough, or expensive enough for his crush.
He held it in his hands and sat back on his heels. It had a round charm, flat as if calling out to him. The surface would be a perfect spot to display something small… a single word… a name perhaps. He ran his tongue over his teeth and felt he was on the verge of something great. All it would take was a single spark of an idea and he could create something grand and – as Flitwick seemed to think – impossible for any Hogwarts student to pull off.
He groaned as he stood and made his way back to his own bed. He set the necklace on his knee, and on his other began to write. It took precious more hours of writing, scratching out, and re-writing until the spell was as condensed as possible; long spells never worked well, the shorter the phrase the better.
Now that he had the bonding spell perfected… what could he use? He stared at the necklace and knew the answer. He sighed and took the necklace in his hand again and began the spell. It was quick to read, and as he moved his wand over the silver metal the air began to shimmer. His lips moved carefully as he focused his intent and finally, at the last word he pointed his wand at himself.
He felt a slight breeze brush his skin and shivered. It was done. He and the necklace were bonded with him as the information giver and it, or more precisely the flat round charm, as the information receiver. He thumbed over the metal and squinted… but no word showed up. The spell was to force the metal to engrave the name of his crush… but her name did not display.
Maybe he got it wrong. He looked through his notes, flipping only the last two pages where he had condensed the spell, and frowned. It is as it should be, unless his logic was somehow flawed… but no, it rarely was. If there was one thing he could count on, anything or anyone in the whole world, it would be himself and his ability to reason correctly.
He stared at the charm again. It could be… He furrowed his brows and pinched his nose… It could be that he didn’t have a crush on her? Not a true one… not like he’d know what that really felt like. But he did like her, very much. He opened his eyes and fell back into his pillows, defeated. What was this even for? Would he really show this to Zander? Was he so foolish to believe Zander would look at her name engraved into this necklace and be impressed with him? No. He wasn’t.
So then… He sat up and looked at the flower once more, as if begging it to give him answers. Was he doing this for her? Did he really think he could fix what he’d done? Right the misunderstanding and win her heart? “I want to…” Then what must he do?
He pushed out of bed once more and dug in his trunk for a new sweater, pulling it over his head. He’d go down to Hogsmeade and find her, tell her the truth of what happened and then… then he’d kiss her. He swallowed and slowed down. Could he kiss her? …If he’d been brave enough to ask out a group of girl’s he’d never met before knowing full well what rejection awaited him, then he could ask out the kind and gentle girl who had offered him her heart so willingly.
He slipped into his shoes and headed out the door, out of the boy’s dormitory, out of the common room and ran up the dungeon stairs. He needed to find her fast before Hogsmeade hours came to an end. He ran through the castle and shoved open the doors, plunging head first into the cold February air. He sped down the slippery grass of the sloping lawn and nearly tripped out the gates. He caught his footing and continued down the trail, huffing and puffing at the exercise and hating the metallic taste in his throat and mouth.
He grimaced as he crossed the bridge and headed right into town. He checked the Three Broomsticks, she wasn’t there. He checked shop after shop, in alleys, behind houses, and even the lake’s edge and under every tree. She was not eating, shopping, wandering, or sitting anywhere in Hogsmeade. “Where is she?” he growled. Of course this is happening, he knew better than to believe luck was on his side. He walked back down the street slowly, and saw the door to Madam Pudifoot’s teashop open. A couple left, laughing and holding each other by the waists.
Severus swallowed. Was she in there with someone else? After she had realized her mistake in liking him, had she given her heart to someone else, refusing to let this day be a waste? He shook his head and looked away. He couldn’t give up hope, not this time, not with something so rare to ever happen to him. He had to believe the best of her, this (Y/n), who had so bravely confronted him and admitted to her long-standing crush on him. He knew very little about her, but he couldn’t imagine she’d give her heart out so flimsily.
He started his way back to Hogwarts, keeping at a slow and somber gait, and made it back to the castle just in time for dinner. He was too late. Valentine’s day was practically over. He filtered in with other students and took his seat at the Slytherin table. Zander was there, with a spot open next to him but Severus couldn’t take it. He had nothing to show him and after today… he didn’t know how he could show his face around him. Severus took a seat at the back of the table with some lower years and ate in silence, his hand in his pocket, thumbing over the cold metal of the necklace.
~ * ~ * ~
~ * ~ * ~
You tried keeping your eyes on your friends, on the food, on your plate as you ate, but your gaze kept lifting to the back of the Slytherin table where a gloomy boy with inky hair sat bent over his food, barely touching it. Severus looked sad, sadder than most days. His nose was pink still and his cheeks red. Had he been outside again? In Hogsmeade… maybe… maybe looking for you? You shook your head. Of course not.
All through dinner you watched him eat alone and away from his friends. Had something happened? When you met him at the bridge he looked a mess with his soaked sweater and hair plastered to his head. And that group of girl, who so readily laughed at him… Maybe… maybe he did have an explanation for what had happened.
Your heart began to beat again, slow at first, and then faster and faster as if hope had filled your soul once more and given you life. You wanted Severus so badly, so badly it hurt and, could you really have him? Was it possible to have the boy of your dreams? If you listened to his explanation would he fix everything and give you his heart in return?
You bit your lip and looked up at Severus once more. You wanted him so bad… It was a chance you needed to take.
~ * ~ * ~
~ * ~ * ~
As dinner came to an end, students filtered out of the great hall and into the entrance hall, making their way to their houses. Severus walked among them, defeated and empty. His arms swayed limply by his sides and his head hung low, eyes glued to the ground in front of him. He turned the corner and kept to the shadows of the walls. He didn’t want to be spotted or looked at or found by anyone. There wasn’t a single person in this prison he wanted to see, none except for (Y/n).
He dragged his feet as he made his way through the corridor and nearly yelped when two hands pulled him deeper into the shadows. He stumbled backwards and heard a door slam shut. It was dark and the thud echoed off the walls. He squinted and saw nothing. He fumbled for his wand – he always kept it on him, ready for anything – but someone pinned him to the wall.
“Lumos,” a familiar voice whispered.
Severus stared into the glittering depths of warm, kind eyes. “(Y/n),” he breathed.
Her face was pensive as she stood there, looking him over. She was unsure of him.
Before she could say another word he shoved his hand in his pocket and pulled out the necklace. “I-I made this for you… er, well the charm doesn’t work…”
She took the necklace he held out to her and looked at it carefully. “What’s it supposed to do?”
He heaved a quick sigh and looked away. “T’supposed to display your name… er – display the name of my crush.”
She regarded the necklace and gave a breathy chuckle. “Of course…”
Severus frowned. “Of course what?”
“Of course it doesn’t work. You don’t like anyone!” She laughed and stepped back, the wandlight illuminating more of the empty classroom she’d dragged him into. “You didn’t ask out a specific girl, you asked out that whole group. You didn’t care who it was, so long as someone accepted to being your valentine. And I’m…” She closed her eyes and sniffed. “I’m just someone who has a crush on you. That’s all you care about.”
Severus blinked at her for several long seconds. “(Y/n)… I… I want to like you.”
She scoffed.
“No! I mean – I – You – No one has ever liked me and – ”
She shook her head and reached for the door. Severus jumped in her way, desperate to continue talking, to clear everything up. He liked her, he did. She was nice and warm and everything about her made his knees weak and heart pound like crazy in his rib cage. She was pretty, far too pretty for him, and her voice was soothing, and she was perfect, he just knew it.
“Please let me explain what happened,” he begged her.
She stepped closer and placed her hand on the doorknob stubbornly. “I don’t need an explanation.”
She was so close to him, he could smell her hair, smell the piney scent of Hogsmeade blown into her clothes, infused by the wind. He pressed himself to the door and looked down at her. “Please.”
The look on her face told him she was done. She was done with him and she was done talking. He couldn’t keep her trapped in this room no more than he could make her listen. And yet, he still kept on the door, not letting her pull it open. She huffed and before he could think, she gripped his sweater and pulled him away from it forcefully, shoving him back into the classroom where he tripped and fell onto a seat.
He looked into her eyes. She was fierce. Not the gentle, delicate girl she first appeared to be. There was stubbornness and power to her being. No one could control her if she did not wish it, and the only reason she still stood before him was out of that same kindness that radiated out of her.
“I’m really sorry to have done that, Severus. You don’t deserve to be pushed around like that… but I want to leave… and I will.” She turned around and stepped out of the room, letting the door close behind her.
His heart beat harder than ever before. The way she shoved him, with a calculated caution that told him even when he’d gone too far, when he’d pushed her beyond her patience, she still cared for his wellbeing. She was kind, warm, strong willed, fierce, beautiful, and courageous. The more he learned the more he wanted to her to like him…
He sat there and stared at the wall. She’d been so close he could smell her. She’d grabbed his sweater and for an instant he’d thought – he’d hoped she’d kiss him. Merlin, he wanted to kiss her now. To press this fierce girl into him and kiss her long into the night. He didn’t know how to kiss, and imagined he’d be horrible, but every inch of his body told him he was craving her with an intensity he hadn’t ever felt.
He wanted her, and he wanted her to like him. Needed her to like him again. His hands found the ruffled part of his sweater where her hands had gripped it, and he closed his eyes, imagining her hands still there.
He heard the door and his eyes flew open. Someone stepped in and closed it.
A wandlight shined and he could see (Y/n) standing there, looking at the necklace in her hands. He held his breath, waiting for her to speak.
She looked up at him and turned to necklace so he could see, although he was still too far and the engraving would have been too small. “It says my name…” She stepped closer. “If this is a trick – ”
Severus shook his head and sat up. “It’s not a trick.”
She stared deeply into his eyes. “Please explain.”
He nodded quickly and licked his lips. “Ervingwell and his friends – they had me ask out those Ravenclaws to prove I wasn’t too scared to make an information charm… I don’t know why I did it. I thought, knowing they’d all say no, it would be an easy way to prove to Zander I wasn’t as pitiful as he thought I was.” He lowered his head.
There was a long silence, one that made him feel worse than he ever had. He really was pitiful.
“May I touch you?”
Severus jumped. He looked up into her eyes and nodded. “You can do anything you’d like.” His own words made him blush but it was true. She giggled and his heart felt lighter by the sound. Her hand brushed back his hair and he closed his eyes, focusing on the feel of her finger on his temple. “I’m sorry I hurt you. I would never mean to.”
Her fingers pulled back. “You’re saying everything I want to hear… It almost seems too good to be true.”
He stood up and slowly reached for her hand, giving her enough time to pull away, but she didn’t. His fingers hovered close to hers. “M-may I?” She nodded and he took her hand, soft and small in his. “I want to be yours, if you still want me.”
She wrapped her fingers in his and looked up at him. “Do you want me?”
“More than anything.” He couldn’t help but glance down at her lips. Did he want her? His whole heart, mind, and body screamed at him ‘Yes!’
He wanted her in so many ways. He wanted to know her, to have her friendship, to feel her caring ways, to feel her. He wanted her touch.
“I want you, Severus,” she whispered.
~ * ~ * ~
~ * ~ * ~
You breathed in the feint scent of ink and page. He was so close. His face lingered just above your and his eyes, those deep wells of pure darkness that looked your face over with lust that could not be hidden. You could tell he wanted you, and despite knowing he wanted your touch and, perhaps, to touch you as well, his eyes glanced up into yours with intensity; like he couldn’t keep himself from acknowledging your very being. You no longer felt like just a girl who had a crush on him… You felt important to him.
“I need you,” he whimpered.
Without thinking you got on your toes and kissed him hard. He didn’t need any more encouragement than that. His hands quickly found your waist and he pulled you into him with a wild neediness that made you melt in his arms.
His arms snaked around you and pulled you closer into his body. He was warm and your own hands wrapped around his neck, playing with his hair, pulling it as you pleased. He moaned and stepped back suddenly, and you almost gasped as you felt him falling back.
You opened your eyes but his hands gripped your waist and pulled you onto his lap. He sat in a chair and waited for your arms to find themselves around his neck once more. You leaned in and pressed your lips to his, tasting him, biting his lip, moving your head with his. His hands pulled you closer to him and he whimpered once more.
“I’ll be anything you want me to be. I’ll do anything to make you happy. I’ll – ”
You pressed your finger to his lips, quieting him. “Severus… I just want you to be you.” His eyes trailed down and he looked away. “I like you the way you are… You don’t have to prove yourself to me or do anything to make me like you… Just be… Mine. Just be my valentine.”
You brushed a tear out of the corner of his eye and pulled his chin up, meeting his eyes. He nodded and pulled you closer, pressing his face into your chest and sobbed. You held him close, rubbing your hands over his shoulders and back in slow gentle circles.
He pulled his face back to look at yours, as if checking to see he wasn’t ruining anything by displaying his feelings so openly. You bit your lip and smiled. Even with delicate tears trailing down his cheeks, he looked cute and dreamy, as he always did.
“I really like you.” You kissed his forehead, his nose, his cheeks, and finally, his lips.
He moaned and closed his arms around you again. “Will you be my valentine?”
“Nothing would make me happier.” You smiled and kissed him once more, feeling him draw you in closer.
“I’ll be your valentine, (Y/n). Yours and only yours. Forever.”
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
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Happy Holidays - BTS Style
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4. “It’s not much, but it’s ours.”
15. “Psst.” “What?” “You look pretty.”
Pairing: Taehyung x soulmate (from my series 7 Secrets)
When Taehyung heard what the other boys were getting their soulmates for Christmas, he began to worry. 
Everyone seemed to have great ideas and sentimental reasons. While Taehyung had been feeling pretty good about his choice in present, as he watched the other members exchanging gifts, he wanted to sink in on himself. Seohyun couldn’t stop smiling as she read through the letter Yoongi had written, the man in question bright red as everyone made fun of him. His hands were shaking a bit as he latched the necklace around Seohyun’s neck, the beautiful jewels engraved with their initials.
Beth was nearly in tears when she opened up her present only to see two plane tickets destined for Italy. Apparently the two of them had been wanting to visit some town there that was known for its amazing architectural design or something. 
Himari was laughing as Hobi tried to explain that he bought her a car, claiming that he only bought it for her because he hates to drive. As they cuddle on the couch, Taehyung can tell that they both know the real reason behind Hobi buying an entire car for her. Now Himari won’t have to worry about being mobbed on the streets when she’s walking home, an incident that has happened more than once over the past couple of weeks.
Jungkook looks a little shy as he thumps his foot waiting for Minsuh to unwrap her present. She’s too busy oohing and awing over Aera’s new sketchbook and amethyst ring that Jimin had engraved. Taehyung saw the receipt for those; it was enough to make his jaw drop. 
Finally Minsuh opens her gift, only to gasp as a small kitten pops its head out of the box and gives her a wary look. Taehyung was there when Jungkook picked the kitten out, he was on the search for something that Minsuh could turn to when she was especially stressed. The docile animal seemed like the perfect solution; and as Minsuh coos over it he can see Jungkook’s happy smile. 
Jin and Kyung-soon are in the far corner of the room, looking out over everyone with pleasant expressions. They make sure that everyone has enjoyed their holiday before turning to each other, the adoration in their eyes enough to make Taehyung remember that soulmates exist. 
Taehyung feels a little better about his own gift, albeit a bit confused, when Jin and Kyung-soon exchange their presents. 
They each give each other a single ornament. Everyone watches on with a quizzical brow as the couple smile down at the new ornaments they’ve acquired and amble over to the Christmas tree to hang them up. 
When it comes to those two, Taehyung has learned that it’s best not to ask questions. 
“Taehyung-ah, aren’t you two going to exchange gifts?”
Taehyung snaps out of his stupor long enough to look at Jimin who’s in the middle of sliding Aera’s ring onto her finger. Ichika, who was previously occupied with Minsuh’s new kitten, looks to her soulmate expectantly. Taehyung squirms in his seat, patting down his pockets before pulling his keys out. 
“It’s better if...” He fumbles for the right words, but Ichika immediately senses his uncertainty and stands up, taking his hand and leading him to the door. 
“I assume we’re going on a drive?” Ichika asks, shrugging on her coat while Taehyung does the same. The other couples watch on curiously, nobody even knowing what it is that Taehyung has for Ichika. 
“Exactly. You’ve got gloves?”
Ichika holds the gloves up. “Right here.”
With only a brief farewell to the others, Taehyung and Ichika walk out into the chilly Christmas morning. The pair is quiet as they pile into the car, Ichika not even noticing what’s in the backseat as she fiddles with something in her coat pocket. 
Taehyung can’t keep his eyes off of Ichika for very long. Her black hair is framing her face just so, her eyes bright with the light of Christmas. It’s in moments like these that Taehyung remembers all over again just how much he loves her. 
Ichika turns to him, her nose a little red from the outside chill. “What?”
Stretching one hand out to cup her chin, Taehyung gives his soulmate a deadly serious look. “You look pretty.”
Ichika hardly even blinks, instead opting to place her hand under Tae’s chin as well.
Taehyung fights a smile. “What?”
“You look pretty, too.”
It doesn’t take long for Taehyung to pull up to a large, snow-covered hill. He hops out, hurrying around to the other side to open the door. Ichika gives him a small smile.
“I know this may seem-”
“Everyone else had such great ideas-”
They both stop speaking, chuckling a little. Taehyung motions for Ichika to continue. 
“Right. I was just going to say that my present may seem a little underwhelming...but you were just talking about how you wanted a camera strap the other day and...yeah.”
Without saying anything more, Ichika produces a camera strap from her pockets, the beautiful leather engraved with the words, ‘Visual Director V’.
Taehyung takes the strap from her hands, face breaking out into a giant smile as he looks at the words. 
“This is amazing!” He exclaims, looking over every inch of the strap. “It’s perfect, Ichika. You actually listened to me.” He smiles warmly at his soulmate, pulling her in closer to him and planting a kiss on top of her hair. 
“It’s kind of lame but-”
“It’s not lame,” Taehyung objects. “You wanna see lame?” Without further ado, he opens up the hatchback and points to the present laying there. 
Ichika’s jaw drops as she sees a vintage Flexible Flyer toboggan with a red bow sitting there. The wood is shining, and the metal rails are painted red. 
That’s when she realizes why they’re at a snowy hill. Clambering into the back of the car, she gently removes the bow before turning to smile at her soulmate. 
“Let’s go!” She shrieks, hauling the toboggan out of the car, Taehyung hot on her heels as they climb the hill. 
After a few painstaking minutes, Taehyung and Ichika arrive at the top of the hill, looking out over the winter wonderland as they try to catch their breath. Taehyung comes up behind her, resting his chin on her shoulder as he runs his hands over the newly polished wood of the sled. 
“I just thought...this Christmas, we should sled. All day. When you told me about how much you missed sledding with your family, I thought that this would be nice.” He pauses, coming around to stand in front of Ichika. He sits on the back of the toboggan, patting the spot in front of him. “This is a vintage Flexible Flyer, I had to replace some of the wood on it and repaint the rails, but it’s sturdy.”
Ichika grabs hold of the railings, leaning back into Taehyung as she prepares to go flying down the hill. 
“It’s perfect, Tae.”
“Really?” The doubt is evident in his voice, he’s no doubt remembering all the beautiful and meaningful gifts his brothers gave. “I just thought that we should have something all to ourselves. A day, all to ourselves. Maybe make some memories, you know?”
Planting his heels in the snow, Taehyung uses all his strength to launch the two of them forward, laughing as he hears Ichika’s screams fly past him as they rocket down the hill. 
Ichika leans in closer to Tae’s grasp around her waist, laughing and screaming as the winter scenery races by. This is the fastest sled she’s ever been on, and she’s gone sledding a lot. It was a family tradition when she was growing up. 
Now, eyes half-shut as she feels Taehyung’s laugh rumble through his chest, she knows that she’ll remember this day for a long, long time. 
The sled is slowing to a stop when Taehyung leans up to whisper something in her ear. 
“It’s not much, but it’s ours.”
His voice is thick with doubt, but Ichika doesn’t let him give into that uncertainty for a single second longer before she's turning around and tackling Tae into the snow, peppering his face with kisses. 
“Best. Christmas. Ever.”
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cutie-booboo · 4 months ago
18 | He's Back
Series: Misunderstood
Word count: 2.2k
Warnings: Angst, Death
"Madeline, have you seen Potter around? I need to tell him something about the egg." Cedric rushes up to me. "Saw him on the bridge last. Wait, did you open the egg?" I ask him and he looks around before nodding his head. "Thanks for letting me know where he is." He smiles before going to find Harry as I head towards the library. "Maddy! Wendy is wearing the necklace and earrings from last night." Ava runs up to me. "She went through my stuff?" I get up following her. "Evelyn is trying to get it back." Ava speeds up in the direction of the Great Hall.
"Wendy give me Madeline's jewelry. It's not yours!" I hear Evelyn shouting at her. "She left it out." I speed up some. "No, I didn't. I put it up in the box it came in then put it in my trunk. That's not leaving it out for you to take without asking it's stealing." I walk up to her. "Okay, so I took it but we're friends and friends share things. Like tomorrow I want to wear this new bracelet." She takes the bracelet Draco gave me last night off looking at it closer. "Wendy, that's not asking. Now give me my bloody jewelry back." I reach for it but she backs away. "Pansy, this would look better on you." She hands her the bracelet pissing me off. "KNOCK IT OFF AND GIVE IT BACK!" I raise my voice at them. "I don't think so." She smiles making me pull my arm back and as I go to punch her someone grabs my arm. "Thanks." Wendy smiles playing with my necklace on her.
"Give her back her jewelry. All of it, the necklace, the earrings and the bracelet. Now." Draco lets go of my arm putting his hand out towards them. "You're joking right?" Pansy asks him. "Do I look like it? My mother gave her those, and I wonder what she will do once she finds out you stole it from her." He says being serious. They take them off and hand them to him and he gives it back to me before walking off with Crabbe and Goyle. Everyone starts to whisper about what Draco just did as I walk out to go put the necklace and earrings up. "I can't believe he just did that for you." The girls run up to me. "Probably just did it because his mother gave them to me."
"Harry, tell me again." Hermione asks as the four of us sit in the library. "Come seek us where our voices sound." He hits his head on the open book. "The black lake, that's obvious." I say as he wakes Ron up handing him the egg. "An hour long you'll have to look." Harry recites the clue. "Again obvious, though I must admit potentially problematic." She tells him. "Potentially problematic? When was the last time you held your breath under the water for an hour Hermione?" He asks getting upset. "Look Harry, we can do this. The four of us can figure it out." She sits next to him as Mad-Eye Moody appears. "Hate to break up this scholar session but Professor McGonagall would like to see you in her office. Not you Potter, just Weasley, Granger, and Lewis." Mad-eye tells us. "But sir, the second task is only hours away and..." He cuts her off. "Exactly. Presumably Potter is well prepared by now and could do with a good night's sleep. Go. Now!" The three of us leave.
Tumblr media
Suddenly I'm gasping for air as Cedric and me emerge above the water making the crowd cheer. "Why was I picked for you?" I cough as we swim back to the deck. "I was surprised to see you too." He helps me out of the lake. They wrap towels around the two of us as we stand with the crowd. "They should have picked your girlfriend." I say making Cedric laugh. "True, but I knew and cared about you first. You're a special friend." He smiles and I see Hermione and Krum come up. We both huddled together trying to keep warmth while Ron and Fleur's little sister come up too soon Harry too. "Here." I give Ron my towel and he takes it, "Thanks." He wraps it around him. "Here Maddy." Neville wraps his scarf around my neck. "Thank you Neville" My teeth chatter.
"Attention! Attention! The winner is... Mr Diggory!" Cedric and his friends cheer and I clap my hands. "For showing unique command of the bubblehead shark. The way I see it, Mr Potter would have finished first had it not been for his determination to rescue not only Mr Weasley but the others as well. We've agreed to award him second place! For outstanding moral fibre." We cheer while the Durmstrang boys get grumpy. When we get back to land from the boats I give Neville back his scarf thanking him again. "Here Maddy." Evelyn rush's over to me putting her beanie on my head. "Thanks." I wrap my arms around me to keep me warm. "Do you have any clue why they picked you for Cedric over Cho?" Ava asks as her and Evenly wrap an arm around me as we walk. "Because we are friends, Cedric says I'm a special friend so it would make sense to him." I tell them still shivering all the way to the common room. They sit me in front of the fireplace then go get me a warmer blanket.
"I was wondering where you were during the second stage. Guess you were there as part of it. I was shocked when you both came up." Draco comes to sit next to me. "I was shocked too when I started to gasp for air." I bring my knees up to my chest. "Why don't you change out of your damp clothes into something dry and warm then come back to the fire." He laughs as some students come in. "Okay, Mr bossy." I get up going to my room. "I walked in when Draco and you were talking... When did you two get closer to the stage of talking and not fighting for a second?" Evelyn asks me. "I don't know really. It just started to happen where we hardly argue anymore." I lie and they both buy it. As the three of us go back to the common room Wendy and Pansy were trying to get Draco to listen to them. "Look it's Cedric's lost item that wasn't his girlfriend. Are you and the Hufflepuff keeping a dirty little secret?" Pansy laughs and so does her friends. "No, we are literally friends and he's three years older than me." I say going to sit in front of the fire still cold and it doesn't help that our common room is always chilly.
"So that just means you started at a young age." One of Pansy's friends speaks up. "Well if that was true, at least that would mean guys like me compared to you ladies." I smile back at them. "Draco, likes me." Pansy says so I look back at Draco to see him give her a excuse me face. "Not like that or the way you think." He says causing students to laugh. "But you took me to the Ball." She gets defensive. "Because the girl I wanted to take, was already asked by a Durmstrang boy. So you and Wendy were my last picks I didn't care about." Both girls get up leaving the common room. "Psst." Draco gets my attention and he sneaks me a beanie. "You're still cold and your ears are bright red along with your nose." I put it on then used my sweater paws to cover my nose.
"What's going on between you and Draco?" Austin comes to sit next to me whispering. "Meaning?" I ask turning my head. "I saw him give you his beanie." He looks at it on my head. "Because I'm still cold and apparently my ears were red." He looks back at Draco. "Do you to like each other? You don't fight anymore." I huff, "Long story short, his mother told him he has to be nice and if not I have to write her. If you didn't know, he's parents are everything to him so he listens to them." I get up going to sit on the couch with the girls. "I was just curious, don't gotta make a big deal about it." He speaks louder so people can hear him. "I didn't make a big deal about it. You asked and I kept the answer short and simple. Plus it's not really your business." He leans in front of my face. "It can be if I want it to be."
"Austin, back off and out of her face." Ava gets up shoving him away from me. "Why do you care so much? It's not like it involves you and making problems for you. It makes trouble for me as you can tell, not just by you but Pansy, Wendy, and everyone in the school." I stand up walking up to him. "I care because I don't like you two being nice to each other. It's weird and not right and the problem it causes me is that you no longer pay attention to me. It's all Draco now!" I sigh, Great here comes everyone listening like last time. "Austin, is it right?" Draco stands up now. "I agree it's weird that me and Madeline get along a little better now. What I don't understand is that you all talk about how during the summer she comes over because of my mother. Yet don't understand she's been doing that for two years now, so we end up spending time together where we have to be nice to each other." He looks around the room. "So yeah, we got used to it and now somewhat get along but we still dislike how the other person is. Like I said last time this happened, she is the opposite of me loving muggles and the Weasley's. As for her not paying attention to you... that's your problem." Draco goes towards his room. "Whatever." Austin goes to his.
Tumblr media
Music is playing and a large crowd is gathered. The champions emerge for the final task. "Earlier today Professor Moody placed the triwizards cup deep within the maze. Only he knows its exact position. Now as Mr Diggory..." The crowd cheers hearing his name. "And Mr Potter tied for first position they will be the first to enter the maze. Followed by Mr Krum..." The bulgarian crowd go nuts. "The first person to touch the cup will be the winner. I've instructed the staff to patrol the perimeter, if at any point should a contestant wish to withdraw from the task he or she need only send up red sparks with their wands. Contestants, gather round." Dumbledore gets with the four contestants. "On the count of three... ONE..." The cannon goes off. Mr Filch shrugs comically. Dumbledore groans as Harry and Cedric enter the maze through different entrances. The entrance closes up behind Harry.
As hours pass Fleur and Viktor are back while Harry and Cedric are still in the maze. Soon Harry appears with Cedric's and the crowd cheers. I notice that Cedric wasn't moving not even a little bit and Harry was crying. "Something isn't right." I slow walk down the stairs before jogging down all the way when Fleur screams. "He's back, he's back! Voldemort's back. Cedric, he asked me to bring his body back. I couldn't leave him, not there." I heard Harry cry to Dumbledore. "It's alright Harry. It's alright, he's home, you both are." He holds Harry's face. "Let me through! That's my son! My boy!" Amos yells running to his son's body breaking down wailing. When I feel a hand on my shoulder I turn around to see Draco and the girls. I couldn't help myself but cry into Draco making him hold my hand where no one can see.
Tumblr media
The next day we all gather in the great hall for an assembly Dumbledore wanted to talk to us. "Today we acknowledge a really terrible loss. Cedric Diggory was as you all know, exceptionally hard working, intricately fair minded. And most importantly a fierce friend. I think therefore you have the right to know exactly how he died." I try to hold back my tears and Draco sees taking my hand again like last night. "You see, Cedric Diggory was murdered by Lord Voldemort. The ministry of magic does not wish me to tell you this. But not to do so I think would be an insult to his memory. Now the pain we all feel at this dreadful loss reminds me, reminds us that while we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one. In light of recent events the bonds of friendship we made this year will be more important than ever. Remember that and Cedric Diggory will not have died in vain, you remember that. And we'll celebrate a boy who was kind and honest and brave and true right to the very end."
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Over the Moon (f.w.)
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Fem!Reader Words: 3k Summary: The Yule Ball was coming close and you had no date. You just broke up with Cedric Diggory and planned on asking your best friend, Fred Weasley instead. But it looks like he had other plans. Slight angst, fluff, a kiss A/N: This is my first fic so please bear with me. The whole concept was in my script for my DR but I really liked it and decided to write more about it so here!  Feel free to send ur thoughts pls ! <33
Tumblr media
»»————-  ————-««
Life in Hogwarts was amazing. The magic, the friends, feasts, and drama gives you so much adrenaline. Though you on the other hand were living a more exciting student life compared to your other schoolmates because you were best friends with the infamous Weasley twins. The lot of you have been friends since your first train ride to Hogwarts. 
You were the brains of the pranks and sometimes the distraction which also made you miss a lot of detention from the teachers. It gets you worried that the twins might think it’s unfair but they always assure you that it doesn’t bother them at all and they wouldn’t want you in trouble either.
As your friendship blossomed over the years and you knew the twins deeply, you looked at the older twin differently. Romantically different. Your heart will always flutter when you make him laugh, or when he leans his head on your shoulder when you read in the common room. Unlike George, Fred would always flirt with you and you’d do it back, but of course, you do it platonically. You would always comb through his red locks when he’s laying on your lap and hear him sigh which made you confused because why does your heart thump to something your best friend does?
You hate to admit it but you react differently to Fred’s actions compared to George. You would find it absolutely weird if George flirted with you, laid on your lap, or hooked his arm through yours.
But even if you had felt something for Fred, you never acted on it. You were too scared to ruin something beautiful and something that makes you happy. You would never risk it just for a silly school-girl crush.
But was it really just that?
George had noticed the sudden shift between you and Fred but he never really said anything about it since he saw it as some sort of source of entertainment; his two best friends head over heels for one another, but neither of them had any idea. 
»»————-  ————-««
You and Cedric have been dating for weeks but you guys weren’t something too serious. Everyone in school knew about it and thought your relationship was very cute. It started as a friendship, both being skilled Quidditch players and popular students, you were bound to be friends and experiment with something more. 
Unbeknownst to you, Fred was feeling down given your new relationship with the Hufflepuff golden boy. He didn’t ignore you but he was just a little distant whenever you guys were together. Maybe it was jealousy, he thought. But he quickly dismissed it because why would he be so bothered about his best friend’s new boyfriend? They’re clearly happy and everyone approves so why would he not?
It has been weeks since Cedric was chosen as a champion for the Triwizard Tournament and him asking you out right after. You supported him throughout his tasks, school works, and even did Quidditch practices together. All in all, both of you were doing really well.
But, it just wasn’t there. The sparks or the excitement when he holds your hand or kisses you. It doesn’t come close to the feeling you get with a certain redhead.
You hate wasting time so you ended things with Cedric telling him the truth about how you felt. 
“Took you long enough.” Cedric huffs.
“What?” You were so confused about his response. You expected him to be angry or at least sad but he was showing the complete opposite. The jerk head was even smirking!
“Y/N, you really think I wouldn’t notice you ogling Weasley all the time? And how you would smile at me awkwardly when I kiss your cheek? It honestly makes me laugh. Seeing you flustered and guilty.” Now you thought that something was wrong with him. Did the golden egg drop on his head? Did the dragon do something to him?
“Seriously Cedric. What the hell are you talking about? And which Weasley because I heard there are about four of them. But even though, I would never ogle at one of them, that's weird! They’re like family!”
Except one of them, you thought.
“I know you know who I’m talking about L/N, no one other than great Fred Weasley. You know, I was even surprised you agreed to go out with me. Even the whole school knows you both have the hots for each other.”
“We do not!”
“Yes, you do.”
“The blush in your cheeks says otherwise.” He said, smirking.
You quickly duck your head and hide your face out of embarrassment. ‘Was I really that obvious?’ You wondered if even Fred himself has picked up on your feelings for him. But your thoughts were interrupted by the golden boy.
“Really though Y/N. No worries at all. Though I was looking forward to going to the ball with you. But at least now you can take someone else” He wiggles his brows suggestively. “Ugh, whatever. But I’m really sorry Ced. I had a great time with you though. Friends?”
»»————-  ————-««
Days passed and no one in Hogwarts knew about the break up so they still assume you guys are together. Plus, no one really asked, not even your best friends.
The Yule Ball was getting nearer. The girls would never shut up about it and the boys are always together planning how to ask the girls. Your conversation with Cedric still occupied your mind. Should you really ask Fred? But what if he has a date already? I mean, he IS attractive. But you thought that Fred would appreciate that you would want to go to the ball with him so you decided on asking him tomorrow morning.
It was the morning after and all of you were sitting in the Great Hall. You, the twins, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Angelina & Katie nearby, and Ginny with her friends by the distance. You sat across the twins giving you a clear and full view of them.
Ever since you sat down your hands have been shaking out of anxiety. What if this goes wrong? You stop rambling in your head and you start to write on a piece of paper
‘Have you got a date to the ball, Freddie? :)”
You decide this is good enough so you fold it up to hide it from Snape who’s lingering around. 
“Psst!” You hiss at Fred and pass the note to him quickly. He collects it and reads it over. He looks back at you and you shoot him a smirk. He starts to glare at you and which gets you stunned. You didn’t know but Fred Weasley thought you were boasting about how you had a date and he had no one yet. He didn’t know that Cedric and you are over. He was offended by your act and decided to retaliate.
Everything was so sudden.
He starts tearing a piece from his notebook and balling it up in his fist and throws it at Angelina Johnson. She looks back to see the culprit and glares at Fred.
‘Do you want to go to the ball? With me?’ He mouths while making a weird dancing gesture. Angelina quickly nods with a little smile and Fred gives her a satisfied look.
He goes on to look at you after his whole act to boast as well. But he is caught off-guard by your teary eyes and hard stare. You were very silent and even Harry and Ron were looking at you in fear. You quickly gathered your things and ran out of the hall, your tears finally falling.
Fred turns to his brother and asks, “What’s her problem? She started it.”
“You are one bloody idiot.” His twin replies. Harry and Ron nod in agreement, and Ginny shaking her head in disappointment from afar.
»»————-  ————-««
You were in your bed, lying down while tears soaked your pillow. How could he do that? Right in front of you and everybody else. You were so embarrassed and you felt so stupid that you even thought of asking him. Of course, he didn’t feel the same way as you did.
Your friends have been trying to cheer you up but they haven’t been successful until they pushed you to still buy a dress for the ball. You hastily agreed, thinking that you did not need anyone to bring you. You can dance and have fun with your friends.
But it would be much more fun with him.
»»————-  ————-««
You’re standing in front of the mirror shocked at yourself. You looked amazing. You were wearing a faded blue dress that had a little trail. It was off-shoulder so it showcased a little skin. It had glitters all over and made you glow. The top of your hair was clipped together and the rest of it flowed down your back. You also had a beautiful necklace draped on your neck and matching earrings as well. Satisfied with how you look, you head down to the hall to attend the ball.
Your friends had gone in with their dates, leaving you behind. But you didn’t really mind. You were walking down the stairs slowly, not wanting to trip now, that’s totally embarrassing. You spot your friends, and even Fred, by the end of the stairs near the entrance. Ginny sees you and shouts, “Merlin! It’s Y/N!”
She screamed it pretty loudly so a lot of people around started to look at you making you quite queasy in your heels.
Fred couldn’t believe what he was seeing. You looked absolutely gorgeous in your blue dress. He thought he had never seen anything more beautiful than you right at this moment. He feels a pain in his chest knowing you won’t be with him tonight but he was wondering where Cedric was. Did he not show up? 
You smile at all of them and compliment how good they looked as well. 
“You guys look cute.” You tell Fred and Angelina. She replies, “Thank you. You look stunning! Where’s Cedric though? Aren’t you going with him?”
You facepalm yourself. You totally forgot to tell them you weren’t a thing now. “Oh! I forgot to tell you all. We kinda ended things about a week ago. On good terms though so no hard feelings or anything.” You glance at Fred and he stands there surprised.
He now felt stupid because he thought you were teasing him about not having a date. He now realizes that he was such an asshole for asking Angelina in front of you when you were actually trying to ask him. He stays silent out of regret and shame.
You head into the hall and gaze around the beautiful decorations. Shortly after, Dumbledore announced that the champions will enter soon and have their dance. You move to the side and wait for their entrance.
Music starts playing and you see Fleur Delacour enter, Krum next, then Cedric. He was hand in hand with Cho Chang. You lock eyes and smile softly at one another. Fred sees your exchange and looks down and thinks of how stupid he has been for the past few days.
»»————-  ————-««
Time has passed and the ball has turned from elegant to chaotic. Chairs and tables were everywhere and everyone was dancing by the front while the band was playing. You were dancing with your friends, having so much fun. You even forgot about your whole thing with Fred.
Moments after, the music died down into something softer and some others went back to their dorms to rest. Couples and those with dates started pairing off with one another and danced to the music. You sit by a corner watching them hopelessly. You spot Fred and Angelina swaying. 
It’s too much to bear so you run out of the hall not even saying goodbye to your friends. You head to the big balcony near the hall that overlooks the lake. The scene is beautiful but you feel like shit.
Fred sees you run out and he goes after you concerned, quickly apologizing to Angelina for the sudden rush. He sees you by the railing, and his heart breaks by the sight of your shoulders shaking,
He comes close and calls out your name.
You respond but still not looking at him, “Just go back Fred, I’m alright.” Your voice is slightly quivering.
He’s not convinced given the state that you’re in. Your hair is ruffled as if hands have been run through it a hundred times. And you’re hugging yourself as if you feel cold — which you are.
He takes his coat off and puts his jacket over your exposed shoulders and asks you softly, “What’s the problem, love?”
You melt at his soft voice. You realize you’ve missed him so much. You look at him in the eyes. He sees the evident redness and fluffiness in them, and instantly feels sad and regretful. 
You ask him directly, “Why did you ask Angelina?”
He’s taken aback by your sudden confidence and starts to explain himself.
“I didn’t know you broke up with Cedric, alright? When you passed me that note, I thought you were bragging or something. You were going with Diggory for Godric’s sake! Golden boy and Triwizard champion, of course, you would brag about it. But then I should have known better. I didn’t know you were actually going to try and ask me. If I knew you weren’t going with Cedric I would have totally asked you! But I got mad at what I thought you were doing so I asked Angelina in front of you to get back at you. But when I saw your face after and you ignored me I instantly regretted it, Y/N. I’m terribly sorry, I really am. I’m such an idiot...
...Please, I miss my best friend.” He finishes.
Though his whole rambling comforted you since he didn’t mean any harm, you were hurt by how he called you his best friend. But why would you? You are his best friend. 
But is that all I’ll ever be?
You decide to ask him. You can’t wait any longer. You didn’t want to put yourself in this situation again.
“Is that all I’ll ever be to you, Freddie? Your best friend?” You say almost a whisper. He looks shocked but he stays silent so you go on. “I like you, and Cedric knew. Though I didn’t really know until he pointed it out. I mean who wouldn’t? With all the stuff we do… 
I’m not sure anymore. Sometimes you act like you feel the same but you go and do things that contradict that like, asking freaking Angelina out, in front of me!” He looks away sheepishly.
“I just realized that recently and I think I’ve liked you for a very long time now. Why do you think I can distinguish who you are between you and your twin? Why do you think we instantly know what to do when we see each other? Why do we cuddle and hold hands but I don’t with George? Why do I constantly look for you and crave your presence as if I’ll die without it?!”
Fred looks stunned.
“I’m sorry… for rambling. Merlin, I feel stupid now.”
You turn your gaze to the view before you. The moon shines brightly and the lake is calm. You start thinking given all this silence. Does he feel the same way? I shouldn’t have said all that. He probably thinks I’m weird. He’s being so quiet it’s scaring me. I think he’s planning to escape. I mean I would do the same if my best friend for six years just told me she likes me.
“I can’t believe it.” He blurts out, catching me off guard.
“I can’t believe it.
I can’t believe you feel the same. It’s like you took the words right out of my mouth.”
I’m stunned.
“I thought I was the only one who got confused about all the things we did. When we’re together I feel like there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. When the day ends and I see you on the couch by the fire, I want to freeze time and just look at you forever because I’ve never seen something more beautiful and peaceful. When I lay on your lap and you touch my hair, Godric I feel like a moron for smiling so much and I never want to leave. I never want to be away from you Y/N. I want you by my side at all times, hooking your arm through mine and smiling up at me. 
All I ever wanted was you. No one else.” He finishes, and I look at him softly.
It’s like you’re locked in this moment. Looking at one other with so much love and all emotions that have been tucked away from years are right here in this time, between your gazes. There’s nothing else to say, but also so much to say. 
After a while you both smile. His hand reaches out for yours that's sitting on the railing. You intertwine your fingers and pull him close, giving him a big warm hug.
You pull back and smile up at him. He does the same. You sigh and look back at the beautiful scene right before you, the moon shining brightly in contrast to the dark starry night, while being in the arms of the boy you loved.
You stay like this for what feels like hours.
“So what’s gonna happen now?”
“I don’t know. What do you think we should do Freddie?”
“I think… we should do this.”
In no time he cups your face and pulls you close. He puts his lips on yours. You don’t respond for a while out of shock. But a few seconds later you start to kiss him back. 
It’s quite funny ‘cause your teeth are clashing because of the big smiles on your faces. You both can’t hold it in so you laugh at your state. His laugh sounds amazing, so warm.
“So, do you want to be officially mine?”
“Never thought you’d ask.”
You kiss again, softly this time.
You both hear cheering by the distance and see George,and everyone else cheering you on.
“Finally!” George shouts.
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shadowy-dumbo-octopus · 6 months ago
A BG1 drabble because I missed my spooky bird daughter
Although Gorion had insisted, they did not go to Friendly Arm. Neira did not trust whomever he had appointed as her new overseers. No, she had spent years aching to break out of the suffocating walls of Candlekeep and, now that she was finally free, she had no plans of associating herself with any friend of Gorion's.
She didn't know what to make of Xzar and Montaron yet - she understood people about as well as penguins understood sandstorms and aerodynamics - and the only guarantee she had that Monty wouldn't stab them in their sleep was that they didn't have anything worth robbing as far as he knew, but so far both of them have made Imoen laugh and Xzar was apparently a necromancer (she always wanted to meet one), so they already appeared ten times better than whoever Kalid and the other one were. Neira wasn't good with names.
They made camp a little off the Lion's Trail, needing to prepare for the road ahead and allow Imoen, who was still recovering from a wolf bite to the leg, to rest. The beast had bitten deep, all the way to the bone. Neira could still see the bits of white peeking through all the meat and blood. If it hadn't been her best friend, she would've liked to take the bone all for herself - she didn't have many human bones just yet...
Which was precisely why she was doing what she was currently doing. Namely, sneaking into Xzar's tent.
The necromancer was asleep, all his intensity muted so that he looked almost peaceful in rest. He was younger than his tattoos made him look at first, too, and Neira realised with some surprise that he was about her age.
She reached out to gently shake him awake but immediately remembered how their first attempt at a handshake had gone. No, no touching.
"Psst, Xzar," she hissed. "Wake up."
He didn't even stir, lying as stiffly as a corpse. He even looked like one, lying on his back with his hands folded over his chest in the same way the monks usually prepared bodies for burial. That, combined with his paleness and the way his chest seemed to barely rise when he breathed, would have unsettled anyone else, but Neira merely nodded with a whispered "fair enough" and resumed her efforts to wake the necromancer.
"Come on."
"Wake up, fleshbag."
"I dont want to leave Imoen alone for long."
"Monty seems like a cool guy, but I don't know how many knives he carries on him."
"Sixteen," came the reply, and Xzar's eyes snapped open, their green so bright and vivid that they seemed to glow in the darkness. Neira found herself unable to look away, transfixed by their colour. They were beautiful, she thought, and she seldom thought things to be beautiful. "Why do you disturb my rest? If you wish to kill me, be a nice shadow and wait until morning."
Because I want to pluck out your eyes and put them in a jar so I could stare at them for hours without making it weird. "Uh, it's me, Blackbird. I need you to do something for me."
He yawned, stretching with a crack of joints, which he had a lot of judging by the sounds. "At this hour? What nefarious deeds haunt your mind, dear Neira?"
"Blackbird," she corrected him reflexively, "and you know how some stranger in spiked armour killed the man I was travelling with?"
"I believe that you've mentioned that, yes."
"His body is still there."
Xzar straightened up, suddenly interested. He was so bloody tall that the top of his head brushed against the tent's ceiling. Neira got a sudden and almost irresistible need to extract and examine his skeleton.
Later, though. She needed him alive enough to cast, for the time being.
"I would assume that it would still be there, yes," he scratched his head, and a piece of tiny animal vertebra fell out. Looked like a mouse's, though in the dark it was difficult to tell. "Unless gibberlings or some other rabbits have already picked it clean and sucked the marrow from the bones. What does that have to do with me, pray tell?"
The gems in Neira's necklace flashed an angry red at the thought of some vermin destroying Gorion's bones. "You know Larloch's Minor Drain, right?"
Xzar huffed indignantly. "Of course I do! Who do you take me for, you tar-soaked chicken?"
She held up her hands in mock surrender, unable to resist a smile at the rather creative insult. It was one of the nicest she has received from her peers over the years. Oh, that rhymed.
"Just making sure," she soothed before he made a fuss and woke everyone up. "Look, Gorion may be dead but most of his bones should still be intact, maybe except for some ribs. I don't think that he received any head injuries, so his skull should definitely be okay. Larloch's Minor Drain rots away the target's body tissue as it drains their life force and I need-"
"You want me to clean your foster father's corpse and gain access to his bones." Those green, green eyes drilled into her very core. "Why would you want that, I wonder? Some twisted memento mori? A burial practice? Do you wish for him to watch over you even in death?"
She shook her head, shuddering at the mere thought of having to put up with more of Gorion's suffocating care.
"Nope, nope and nope," she replied. "And he wasn't my father, but a caretaker. I just want his bones, especially the skull, because I don't have a whole set from a human. Granted," she rubbed the back of her neck, "he was pretty old so they wouldn't be top quality, but beggars can't be choosers, eh?"
Xzar blinked at her rather owlishly. He didn't seem to have expected such an answer.
"You collect bones?" he asked eventually.
She nodded, not reaching for the bag of holding tied to her belt, knowing that it would give it away. "Ever since I was a child."
"May I see?"
He raised his eyebrows, an amused smirk playing on his lips. "Interesting, very interesting indeed. I agree, but only if I get to keep the broken ones."
She frowned. "What the hells do you want them for?" She didn't like damaged bones, preferring perfect specimens and ever wary of cracks and fractures, though the ones that were broken once but healed fascinated her.
"Spell components."
That lit up her curiosity, a mix of gold and orange, like fire or Perdita's eyes before her, ah, accident. Neira still had the left one somewhere, carefully preserved. She was still bitter that the right one didn't survive extraction.
"What spells?"
"Why would I tell you?"
"Can you show me?"
She shrugged. "Fair. Shall we go?"
He grinned. "At once."
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yetanotherpotterpage · 6 months ago
the idea of loving you | 4
Being in love is never easy. Especially with a certain blonde-haired Slytherin around.. /4th year, Voldemort not coming back/
pairing: Draco x Ravenclaw reader
word count: 2300
warnings: bad language, smut (kinda)
a/n: Uni is kicking my butt, but I finally finished chapter 4. Thank you so much for all the positive feedback, I love you all <3
Tumblr media
There was an awkward tension lingering between Cho and you as you were walking back to your dorm from the party. She was walking a bit ahead of you, so you didn't get to see the face she was making. You were scared. This was the worst possible outcome of the night. You wanted to talk it out with her, but you were too nervous to start speaking. You've already been through so much together the last few years, from small arguments because of your untidiness to full-on fights because her first boyfriend called you a bitch, and she did nothing. But still, you've solved everything. You've suddenly stopped walking when you realized that running from this was only making it worse. It was now only her footsteps that echoed on the empty stairs. When she noticed you stopped, she turned around to look at you. She didn't seem angry or mad. She seemed just as confused and scared as you did, and seeing that gave you the strength to talk.
"Cho... How are you feeling?" you asked sheepishly, fingers fidgeting with the rings you were wearing.
She took a long pause before answering. You felt your heart racing more and more with each passing second. "If it's about the kiss, it's all good y/n. You did what you had to do."
It was almost midnight. You figured your other roommate was already asleep, so you sat down on the top of the spiral staircase of the Ravenclaw tower. Cho immediately joined you .
"You know, I've always imagined my first kiss to be with Cedric," you started, eyes fixated on the cracks of the stairs. " I thought it's going to be in our garden on a summer afternoon with the blue sky above us while the sun warmed our skins. That we'd just lay there on the grass, and he'd finally steal a kiss. You have no idea how much I wanted this. I gave him so many opportunities, but he never took them. It hurt so bad, I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't wished to feel nothing at all. I thought that I'm never going to get over him. But when we kissed it wasn't like I imagined it to be. It was disappointing, really. It's not that the kiss itself was bad, I-I guess I'm just changing." you said, finally looking up, to see her reaction. 
She looked at you, her tender eyes full of sympathy. "Telling me all this... I knew you're not a chicken," she chuckled softly, but her face turned serious as she continued. "I always wondered how much it hurts you that Cedric and me... you know, are dating. I was always so scared that you're going to break, even if you said it was okay. I live in constant guilt y/n." she said, trying to blink her tears away.
"I'm full of self-love, you've got to try harder if you want to break a person like me," you laughed, which made her smile. 
You've talked for a little while, before deciding it was better to get going. That night you slept together in your bed. She fell asleep quickly but your thoughts kept you up. It was dark, the only source of illumination was the moonlight from your tall windows. You stared at the ceiling as you listened to her breathing. Life really was unfair, you thought.
The next day was chaotic. No one cared about the classes, since everyone was thrilled about the upcoming ball that day. Even the teachers looked excited, and most of them gave you permission to read quietly or study for other classes. Not Snape though, he seemed like he was over this whole ball thing, so you brew potions. You didn't mind it, it was something you were good at. There was just one little thing that annoyed you, and it was a blue pair of eyes that burned a hole in the back of your head. You turned around in annoyance, not wanting to put up with this anymore. But your angry eyes were met with a playful wink from his end. You rolled your eyes and turned back in your seat, trying to concentrate on your potion when you heard him call your name.
"Psst, y/l/n." 
You let out an audible sigh, then turned to him. "What?" 
"Hope you're looking good for me tonight darling, I wouldn't want to hang out with Pansy all night," he said with a grin. 
Your blood was boiling at that point. Who does he think he is? Leaving you like that in the Three Broomsticks and making you feel like you're easily replaced as he's openly flirting with everyone in front of you, was not it. You're not even going to mention the fact that you were just a tool for him to get under Harry's skin. You seriously needed to do something about his cockiness. You needed to take the lead. And you needed to do it tonight.
Classes were finally over, so you ran to your dorm to meet up with your friends. You all decided that you're all going to get ready together. You were sitting on a chair, trying to put on your necklace as Marietta did your makeup. Or, at least she tried.
"Oh, for Merlin's sake, y/n. Stop moving!" She said in a slightly annoyed tone. It was the fourth time she said that in the last 2 minutes. 
"Sorry," you said. You realized you were very bad at sitting in one place for a longer period of time. You also realized that it hurts a lot when someone pokes your eyeball with a mascara wand. 
After an hour of dolling you up, you were done, and you felt beautiful. Marietta did amazing on your makeup. It wasn't much, but it really enhanced your features, making you look the prettiest you've looked in a while. You did your own hair, and while you weren't the best at it, you've managed to do something presentable. Or so you thought before Cho offered to do it for you because she thought it was only half-done. You took her offer without hesitation.
"Merlin, look at us, we look so good," Cho said in awe after you were all done.
"Yeah, and look at our titties, we are full-grown women now," Marietta said while giving her boobs a squeeze. You agreed, looking at your own pair of boobs. All of you showed a little cleavage, except for Cho. She was a little more conservative in this field.
"Girls! You are intellectual women, and intellectual women don't talk about their tits," Cho laughed.
"Well, I guess we are intellectual women, who also love their tits," you compromised while trying to fix the strap of your dress.
When you went down to find Draco, you saw him already waiting for you. And Merlin, he looked immoral, with his perfectly styled hair and expensive tuxedo. When his eyes met yours you felt your cheeks heat up. No, you can't do this right now, you had to concentrate, you thought. But it was hard with him looking like that. 
When you got closer to him, he let out a low whistle as he looked you up and down, not even trying to hide the fact that he was checking you out. "You clean up well, y/l/n," he said, before taking your hand and kissing the back of it. Merlin, he made you so nervous, but you needed to loosen up for this to work. Tonight, you make him pay. 
Entering the great hall, your jaw dropped. It had never looked better. Everything was white and silver, and it looked so elegant. There were a few circular tables on either side of the room, and each table had its own ice sculpture in the middle. The first two tables from the door served drinks and food, and at the very back of the room stood 3 snow-covered Christmas trees. It was beautiful, you thought. 
The waltz went pretty well. Draco was a surprisingly good dancer, but the real fun started after the formalities. Luna told you, that some people mixed some Firewhiskey into the punch bowl. Some people being Fred and George. After hearing this, you quickly hopped to the table to pour yourself some. You've danced a lot that night, although you weren't sure if what you were doing could've been classified as dancing. You were mostly just jumping up and down and swinging your hip to the rhythm of the music. But the more punch you drank, you better you got at it. You were in the middle of slow dancing with Luna to a slower song when a hand grabbed your waist from behind. As you turned around you were met with none other than Draco himself. You kind of lost him after the waltz, since you went dancing with your friends, and he went off with his. 
"Where were you?" you asked him as he put one of his hands on your lower back and pulled you close to him, while the other reached for your hand. You were dancing with him now.
"With Pansy," he said simply, as he spun you around. " It got boring too quickly though." His voice was low, and you were suddenly aware of the close proximity between you two. 
"So you came back, to me," you drawled. "How noble." His hand on your back was dangerously low now.
He licked his lips "Don't worry, we didn't do anything bad. I'm all yours tonight." His voice hardly rose over a whisper. You wouldn't have survived this conversation if not for the alcohol in you. 
"Oh is that true?" you teased. Your faces were so close, that one small push could easily end in your lips pressed together.
"Want me to show you?" he breathed, eyes never leaving yours.
"Oh, I don't know, I might need a bit more motivation," you said with a smirk. Everything happened quickly. He gave you a grin, then guided your hands to the back of his neck before he raised your chin with his fingers, there was a pause, while he looked you in the eye with a serious expression before he kissed you. Your body reacted instinctively, and you opened your mouth a little, letting him deepen the kiss. It wasn't an innocent, sweet one. No, it was heated, and full of passion. Merlin, you hated how good it felt. He let out a groan as you bit his lower lip and you felt like the world was spinning around you.
"Was this motivating enough?" he whispered into your ear as he ended the kiss.
You bit your lips in hesitation. What you were about to do was very stupid and reckless, but this was your chance. He's made a fool of you several times before, but not today. This time it was you that wanted to leave him wrecked. "Let's get out of here," you purred.
So there you were, in an empty, half-lit corridor that echoed of your panting. This whole situation was so sinful. Red, swollen lips and hungry eyes were the only things you saw. You curled your fingers in the hair at his nape and jerked your hips against his, which resulted in a low groan from him. His eyes greedy as he snaked an arm around your waist, resting it on the curve of your ass, to urge you closer. You didn't waste a second, as you rolled your hips against his, feeling his hardening length as you sucked bruises on his delicate skin. He threw his head back to the wall in pleasure, as he let out a groan before he started fidgeting with the zipper on your dress.
You chuckled lowly as you snapped his hand away, "Eager much?" you cooed.
"You're such a fucking tease," he smirked with heavy eyelids.
"I'm not this easy, you might need to persuade me a little more," you purred. You'd definitely be embarrassed at your behavior, but the combination of alcohol and seeing the Slytherin Prince a desperate mess under your hands made you shameless. When you were with Cedric, you felt like a girl, and you liked that feeling. But with Draco, you felt like a woman. You felt dangerous and desired and it drove you crazy.
Your lips parted as he brushed his thumb against your lower lip before his fingers followed a trail under your jaw, hooking a finger under your necklace to pull you closer to him. "Is this how you want to play, y/l/n?" lips brushing against yours as he spoke before he snapped his hips forward. He was so hot, you wanted nothing more than to finish what you've started. And you were sure, you will at some point, but this wasn't that night. He looked at you, with confusion in his eyes as you took a step back and cleared your throat. 
"What are you doing?" he asked, in disbelief.
"Oh, I forgot I promised Harry a dance, and we certainly wouldn't want to make him wait now, do we?" you breathed, with a sly smile on your lips, before turning around to go back to the great hall.
He stood there in complete shock. He couldn't believe that this really just happened. You played him and left him with blue balls. He let out a laugh in disbelief when you had the audacity to turn around and send him a wink before disappearing into the hallway.
"Two can play at that game y/l/n," he said before he fixed himself, and headed back to the ball to find Pansy.
taglist: @dreaming-about-fanfictions @streetfighterrichie
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fucnhg-slee-p · 6 months ago
C+L4EVR (Part2)
In potions class she sat sandwiched between Cedric and Harry. snape was saying something liza couldn’t be bothered with at the moment. “Psst” Cedric leaned in “what’s your birthday plan?” He whispered. “Huh? Probably nothing as usual, you know how much is hate my birthday” Cedric sighed as the bell rang signaling the class was over. They walked into the hall together “liza will you spend this birthday with me this year? Instead of going back home”
Liza looked up at him, shocked for some reason “you want me to stay?”

“Yes, i know you’ll have a much better time here than with your family. Please stay, ill even hang out with draco for the day too”
Liza stopped in her tracks “wait, did i just hear you properly? You’ll hang out with draco? For me?” The smile on her face couldn’t contain itself. “I can’t believe you’d really do that. Last time you tried you said you’d never do it again”
“Yeah well i wanna make your birthday the best it can be so... ill do it”
He gave her a warm smile that made her knees go weak. Cedric had clearly been talking for a few minutes but time felt as if it had slowed down and all liza could think of was how good he looked right now, holding his books to his chest silently wishing it could be her in his arms instead of those stupid books... “liza?” Cedric waved his hand in front of her face as an attempt to get her out of her trance, “were you even listening? This whole time i was going on and you heard none of it” he pretended to act hurt but couldn’t help the chuckle that forced itself out of him. “Shit I’m sorry Ced, i got lost in m head.”
“It’s alright, darling. It wasn’t important anyway” he was actually glad she hadn’t heard a single thing he’d said because that meant he could surprise her with his plan for her birthday
“god, how am i ever supposed to get over him” she thought as they continued walking to their next class.
Weeks passed and neither Cedric or draco had mentioned her birthday recently, maybe Cedric changed his mind about wanting her to celebrate her birthday in hogwarts. It almost seemed as if both of them were avoiding her.
For the last few days she’d been hanging out with Fred and George, joining in on their pranks to distract her mind from the hurt of her best friends acting so strange and distant. The twins were like her older brothers, they were always so kind to her. She loved spending time with them and it was nice to be seeing more of them recently, something she discovered about the twins which isn’t really something you’d expect from them was that they loved to stargaze. Laying outside hagedis hut staring into the night sky in between them was very quickly also one of her favorite pastimes. The only problem was that she deeply wished that it was Cedric that she lay beside staring straight into the shimmering sky.
Her birthday was in 1 day and she was devastated at the thought that she wouldn’t really be spending it with Cedric or even draco seeing as neither of them were anywhere to be found. “You alright, darling?” Fred asked as he noticed silent tears falling from her eyes. She nodded and said nothing
“Can we let you in on a secret?” George started, she looked at him as if to let him know to continue with whatever he was about to say, “well, the thing is we know something you might be interested in” he said as he wiped a tear from her cheek
Liza looked puzzled, what on earth was he on about “well, we think its about your birthday, love” Fred half whispered, she then turned to his direction assuming he’d continue but he said nothing else, “well? What is it then?” She asked getting impatient
The twins gave each other a look, at this point liza decided to sit up and turn to face the both of them still Laying down with their hands behind their heads because it was getting hard to look back and fourth between them.
“So the other day we saw Cedric” george started “and draco” Fred continued
“Together” they said in unison
“Together? What? Were they arguing or something?”
“That’s the thing, they weren’t!” George said with wide eyes to make it more dramatic
“Well what were they doing?”
“Well we weren’t entirely sure, and of course it got us quite interested so we followed them for a while and it turns out they’re working on some kind of project” once again Fred continued George’s sentence “a..project? The two of them working on it together? Are you two mad?”
The whole idea of that was so insane it wasn’t even funny “what kind of joke is that its so unrealistic” liza huffed irritated with their bad attempt at a joke
“What?” The boys said in sync, it was always a little creepy when they did that. They sat up at the same time, looking puzzled “we aren’t joking, darling” said George “we really did see it, we could hardly believe it ourselves and we saw it happen”
“I haven’t seen them in weeks and all of a sudden now that they’ve been avoiding me they’ve decided to become friends?” Liza was furious now instead of sad, her best friends had been getting along without her? What a horrible feeling she had, “i mean i know Cedric said he would try to get along with draco but why are they avoiding me i just don’t understand” with that she was sad again and confused, so confused
“Well our assumption was that they were planning something for you, it’s what it looked like” Fred said while standing up and holding his hand out to liza as if to help her up, she took his hand and George stood as well. “I think it’s about time for bed now, let’s head back” Fred stated and the group agreed slowly walking back to the castle.
One very long walk later she’d finally made it back to the Slytherin common room being too exhausted to make it up to the sleeping area, she had plopped herself down on the couch and almost fell asleep when she had heard footsteps coming down the boys dorms. Quickly she pretended to be asleep and whoever decided they were going to sneak out almost made it out before seeing her in their peripheral vision and stopped in their tracks turning back to look at her and sight made them sigh sadly. She was still in her school uniform and looked so uncomfortable. He walked up to her and placed the blanket that was draped over the back of the couch over her body, kissed her forehead, whispered “sleep tight, love” then proceeded to sneak out. She knew it was draco, she could tell from the moment he’d made it Down the stairs. After she was sure he was gone she went upstairs and got into her bed but didn’t sleep at all.
Today was her birthday, it was too late to sped it back home now so she begrudgingly got dressed and put makeup on, heading to the great hall for breakfast the second she walked through the door of the Slytherin common room though she was met with draco, Cedric and...16 cakes floating around them? The boys laughed awkwardly then sang happy birthday in unison. “This has to be a dream” she said, her voice laced with shock and disbelief. “First of all thank you, but fuck you guys for completely ignoring me for so long” she was happy about what was in front of her but still hurt “I’m so sorry we’ve been working for hard to plan this whole day” draco and Cedric said at the same time sounding genuinely sorry and worried. She hugged them both as tight as she could “I love you guys so much” she said with tears in her eyes “I love you too” Cedric said, his tone becoming more serious. Draco and Liza gave each other a look. Cedric immediately snapping out of it and laughed mentally kicking himself for being so stupid and awkward. draco awkwardly coughed “Liza follow us we have a surprise” grabbing her hand and pulling her along. Cedric following along right by her side wishing he was holding her hand instead. Wait what? He obviously only thought that because his hands were cold, no other reason.. right?
She was lead into the room of requirement and was met with all of her friends gathered around and talking. Immediately stopping what they were doing to shout “happy birthday” the 16 cakes had followed the trio the whole way and landed safely on a dining table and arranged themselves to spell “happy birthday liz” with each cake having its own letter on it. Balloons of all colors and shapes filled the room. Liza started tearing up “thank you guys so much” she hugged them both. After they pulled away Cedric wiped her tears away “don’t cry, love”
The party itself was quite fun, everyone was drinking and getting along well, and there wasnt a single fight from Cedric and draco, not even bickering, which was odd but liza thought she shouldn’t mention it tonight because everything was so perfect she didn’t want to ruin it by bringing it up.
It was nearing the end of the party, everyone had eaten cake awhile ago by now and liza had already opened all of her gifts which were mostly cute clothes. Neville had gotten her a small ceramic frog with a witch hat on and Ron had gotten her a ceramic kitten, also dressed as a witch, Presumably they’d planned that. draco got her a nice necklace with a moon charm on it. But she didn’t get a gift from Cedric which didn’t matter because of all of the work he and draco had put into making her such a nice party.
As everyone was leaving, heading into the hall Cedric pulled her aside and pulled out a small jewelry box from is pocket. “I wanted to give this to you separately from all the other gifts because its kind of special” his voice laced with nervousness, his cheeks were bright red. Hesitating, he handed it to her. Inside was a bracelet that he’d clearly made himself with lettered beads on it that said “C+L” and stuck to the inside of the lid was a printed photo of them together. Liza smiled up at him “i love it, ced” she put it on and hugged him. When they pulled away he kept his hands on her shoulders. “Liza.. t-there’s something i have to tell you” his hands slowly going down the length of her arms to hold her hands. She gave him a look as if to continue and he did. “I’m- i, uh.. well, I’m in love with you” liza was stunned, she’d been waiting to hear that for so long this had to be a dream. “You’re.. in love with me? Are you sure?” She had worry in her face as if maybe it was some sick joke. He looked down too embarrassed to look at her now, he thought she was rejecting him, “yeah, I’ve been sure since year 3” he said with tears starting to form in his eyes, looking back up at her he started rambling “I understand that you don’t feel the same and its okay, i hope this wont make anth-“ it was as if she wasnt in control of her own body as she leant up to kiss him, holding his face in her hands. In shock Cedric was still for a moment before he leaned into her touch, deepening the kiss. They both felt dizzy with adrenaline and it was the best thing they’d ever felt. Cedric pulled her closer so there was no room between them. They slowly pulled away, still embraced in each other’s arms, he rested his forehead against hers “i love you too” she said smiling so wide her cheeks hurt. “I love you so much”
Draco still in the room coughed loudly as they were leaning in to kiss again “you better not snog in front of me all the time now, i think i might get sick” he said with a false disgust. Walking away towards everyone else he smiled and winked at liza.
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twerkinwithhazza · 6 months ago
Pumpkin Seeds
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: UH OHHH BACK AGAIN. I’m back yall finally off hiatus all because my phone is broken LOL. Anywho tumblr is a totally different place and most of my mutuals are adulting now. I would love new tumblr friends and I’m gonna try to continue this writing stuff but I’m busy with adult things now lol and it really depends on if you guys like what you see. Please excuse my rustiness this my first imagine in years... literally. I’ll get better with time. This was also slightly edited but I know there bound to be some mistakes. Anyways watch the Golden music video for clear skin and I hope you guys enjoy!  I think it's so adorable that whoever requested this thought this request wouldn't speak to me lol ! It definitely did because this went from a blurb to a full blown imagine.
psst you can read my other work here!
Warnings: smut smut smut and more smut and possible shitty writing, dirty talk, light choking, and some cursing.
Glossary: (y/c/n)= your cousins name + (y/m/n)= your mothers name
Request: hi!!!! if you are wrtiting for Harry please can you do one where missus and Harry are at a family party and have a quickie in the bathroom? don’t worry if it’s not speaking to you lol xxx
Normally you and your husband loved spending time with your families. Harry was always playing a balancing act between filming music videos, doing interviews, writing sessions, and an occasional date night in the house that always involved a Postmates order from your favorite restaurants and the two of you binge-watching Netflix on shuffle. As much as the both of you enjoyed stuffing your face with poke bowls from Poke Papa and watching True Crime stories, it wasn’t exactly romantic or fulfilling for the both of you, just enough to hold you over until his schedule clears up. So when Harry finally got a weekend off, you guys were ecstatic! You spent the week cleaning the house and meal prepping so no Postmates would be needed and Harry used his free time in between interviews for shopping for special toys and pretty lingerie he wanted to see you model for him. Flirty text messages were sent back and forth during small work breaks about your plans for the weekend and now all the two of you had to do was make it Saturday.
You’re not gonna like this...
The 5 words that destroyed you and Harry’s weekend plans. Anne called while you were organizing your closet and announced that her and Gemma, along with your parents and favorite cousins were coming to town to spend time with the two of you. You tried to convince her that maybe a small dinner party at that new fancy restaurant downtown would be a perfect spot for a get together but she was adamant about coming over to cook the two of you a homecooked meal. Breaking the news to Harry was the worst part, he was clearly devastated (you swore you saw the man shed a few tears). Now here you were stuffing your mouth with Anne’s famous juicy cooked duck instead of your husband's juicy di...
“(Y/N) can you pass me the mashed potatoes”
Your dad’s strong yet muffled voice interrupted your train of thought and broke you out of your horny trance as he chowed down on his meal. Pushing the dish over in your dad's direction allowed you the chance to look around and take a glance at Harry who was making small talk with one of your favorite cousins. He was wearing a black button-down shirt, of course with a few buttons loose, and his cross necklace bounced on his chest as he laughed at your cousin's crazy work stories. You focused on his fingers, his infamous rings adorned his hands, you noted that they were slightly damp from eating and the condensation on his glass cup. As you were drinking in his appearance a small damp spot was forming in your panties but given that there were too many eyewitnesses including, yours and his parents so you chose to just clamp your thighs shut and stuff your mouth with more mashed potatoes. 
Harry deserved his credit as a husband. Despite his calm demeanor, he was very well aware of your little ordeal yet still managed to give interview advice to (y/c/n) and compliment your mom’s cocktail mix. He was quite amused by how increasingly frustrated you were becoming. He noted your concentrated face as you munched harshly on a string bean, hands clenching onto the fork for dear life. He decided to do a little temperature check to truly see how far gone you were.
“So what are we thinking for dessert pecan pie or crumble cake ?”, Harry questioned as he stuck his fork in his mouth, pulling it out again once all the gravy was licked clean. Your eyes finally met and you can tell that he was tossing the ball in your court, it was your job to show him how you wanted the game to be played.
“Mmm I don’t know I guess I’ll have some pecan pie but I really wish I had some pumpkin seeds”, you flatly said as you finished sipping your wine, maintaining full eye contact with him.
Pumpkin seeds. You and Harry were “outside of the box” thinkers, you had to be with his life as a celebrity not exactly pairing well with your shared sexual fantasies. You had code words to indicate to each other when you were craving the other one's touch, but you knew that using the same words around friends, family, and other public figures for too long would possibly cause some suspicion. So your code words changed with the seasons, literally. When the leaves started turning that classic golden yellow and auburn, your code words changed thus came the use of the word Pumpkin Seeds.
Gemma and your mom shared a glance, raising their eyebrows in collective confusion.
“Pumpkin seeds.. For dessert ?” Gemma finally burst out., both of your mothers soft laughter followed in the background.
“Heyyy” ,Harry pouted as he bopped Gemma on the nose with some gravy ,“ I have you know Pumpkin Seeds are one of our favorite midnight snacks”. 
“Gross“, Gemma stuck out her tongue and wiped her nose. You couldn't tell whether she was referring to the gravy on her nose, your choice of midnight snacks, Harry’s smug statement followed by a wink at you, or a combination of all three.
“Well we can be concerned with dessert once we break out the baby pictures, I’ve been dying to see the infamous skinny dipping picture (y/m/n) has been telling me about”. Anne clapped her hands together and hopped out of her seat heading to the kitchen. Your mother followed behind but not before instructing you to head up to the attic to retrieve the pictures. You glanced at Harry but he seemed occupied cleaning up the dinner plates with your dad. You let out a frustrated huff and made your way up to the attic to grab the photo albums. 
As you shuffled through old boxes holding Harry’s old tour outfits and your little knickknacks from your travels, you heard the attic door open.
“Pumpkin seeds huh?”, Harry lightly chuckled letting the attic door close and leaning against the door frame. 
You refused to make eye contact with him, continuing to shuffle through the bins locating a few photo albums as you went , “It was only a matter of time Harry and you know it. Our weekend got stolen and we haven’t... ya know in like two weeks. So, yes Harry I want some damn pumpkin seeds.”
You let out a huff. You didn’t mean to come off so sassy and aggressive but you were frustrated… sexually. Your cousin was getting more Harry time in the 3 hour family dinner than you had gotten in the past two weeks. You stacked the photo albums gently on top of each other and cradled them in your arms, finally turning to face your husband but you didn't have to look very far. Harry had closed that gap between the two of you, gripping your face and making you look up at him causing you to drop the albums in shock. 
“Well let’s get you your pumpkin seeds then”
That’s all it took and sparks turned into a flame, you and Harry’s bodies connected and a feverish makeout session broke out. You both were so hungry for each other after weeks of neglects and it just felt so damn good to finally connect. Harry’s wet kisses were making their way down your neck, nipping and sucking as he goes. You knew he was getting into it and normally you would be completely here for it if your kitchen wasn’t flooded with family members waiting to laugh at your baby pictures.
“Baby.. we… fuckkkkk”, You moaned out as Harry popped one of your nipples out of his mouth before moving to nip on the next one. “Baby we can’t your mom is downstairs… we have to go”, you finally let out and glanced down at your husband as pinched your nipples between his finger tips. “When has that ever stopped us”, he slyly laughs. In one swift motion, he turned you around pulling your back into his chest pulling down your skirt. You couldn’t even get words of protest out, Harry had his hands wrapped around your neck and was already freeing himself from his pants and boxers. He pulled your panties to the side and let out a hiss as he watched a string of your arousal stretch from your dripping flower to his fingers.
“Baby please just do something”, you huffed out a soft moan as you waited in anticipation. The grip around your throat tightened as he entered you, both of you letting out a sigh of relief. Harry completely bottomed out inside of you, touching that special spot that only he could. Your walls clenched around him, holding him in snug almost as if your pussy was begging him not to leave. Normally the two you were very vocal during sex from dirty talk to his loud moans and your even louder cries of pleasure. However you both knew that wasn’t possible right now and kept your moans down as much as you could. Harry was not making it easy though and the noise coming from the two of your bodies colliding were basty in the best ways possible. With every thrust of Harry’s hip you could hear your wetness coating Harry dick and as Harry picked up the speed his balls roughly tapped on your clit, only adding to your pleasure. You could barely form thoughts let alone sentence, Harry was literally fucking you silly and using your G-Spot as punching bag for his dick, The sounds and the pleasure were clearly getting to Harry as well, the grip he had on your hips grew tighter and his eyes were squeezed shut. 
“Bloody fucking hell you’re so tight around me, can’t even take it”, he groans and throws his head back as he roughly draws your hips into his. It didn’t even feel like it was possible but Harry picked up the speed of his thrust continuing the assault on your poor needy pussy even further. The pleasure was all too much and that oh so familiar feeling hit the pit of your stomach and you were starting to lose your composure. Your moans were getting increasingly louder and your grip on Harry was growing tighter. Harry knew his wife and he knew your dam was getting closer and closer to breaking and he was determined to get you there. He placed a hand over your mouth and moved his other hands down to your clit rubbing it in slow circles. “ Look at you” he cooed cockily, “Taking me so fucking well like a good girl should. Barely let out a scream ‘cus you don’t want your parents to hear how much of a cock whore you are”. He knew you wouldn’t last long with the way he was talking to you and he was absolutely correct because his words were driving you insane. As the pressure was continued building up in your stomach, you felt the telling twitch in Harry’s dick that let you know he was approaching his end too.
“Gonna give me what I want uh? Gonna cum all over my cock and let me cum in that tight little pussy of yours. You gotta hold it in.. don’t want to leave any drops for our guest to find huh? Gonna be a good girl and hold all my cum in you?”, Harry grunted into your ear as you whimpered against his hands. You were seeing stars and feeling butterflies in the pit of your stomach and you knew it was only a matter of time before you both came undone.” Oh baby”, you whined and your head fell down as the pressure from your stomach finally was released as your orgasm spilled out all over Harry’s dick and thighs. The gushing feeling from your orgasm and your weak whimpers and cries drove Harry overboard, burying his face in your neck and his roughly groaning as he released inside of you. The two of you stayed connected for a bit, thighs stuck together thanks to your shared orgasm with Harry’s arm wrapped around your waist supporting both of your weights up as you composed yourselves. When he finally pulled out of you, you kept every drop he gave you tucked inside your tight walls just as promised. 
“So those Pumpkin Seeds huh”
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umikawa · 6 months ago
good morning to the hinata simps, here’s my poor excuse for writing :D i’ll start a taglist, either for general posts or like mainly hinata so shoot an ask or comment/reply on this post with what you wanna be on. 
935 words     Timeskip! Hinata Shoyo x Reader
Warnings: haikyuu manga spoilers! axe body spray and beer.   Category: angst? and fluff.
Tumblr media
it's cold.
the space in your bed where he used to sleep, the handle of the mug he used to drink coffee with in the morning, the sweater he left behind for you losing its scent of orange and the unbearable axe body spray he used to use.
it's colder now that he's gone.
you're happy for him, you really are. his journey to brazil to master beach volleyball hitting you unexpectedly, the breakup you agreed on finally taking its toll on you.
"i think it'd be best if we broke up." he said one night, eyes cast down at the mug of tea in front of him.
you stare at him in shock, mouth agape before turning your head to the side. "oh." you swipe your thumb under your nose, looking at him. "if you think it's best for you, okay."
"i'm sorry, (name)."
you shake your head, a soft smile on your face. "it's okay shoyo, if it's what you want i respect it."
he nods, lowering his head. "i'll move my stuff back to my moms house tomorrow." he watched you, stare down at your lap, holding in his breath. "i'll sleep on the couch tonight."
you nod, "i think that'd be best." you slide the silver promise ring across the table, a sad smile on your face. "thank you for the past three years shoyo."
hinata cried himself to sleep that night, clutching the ring to his heart, shaking at the sound of your own muffled sobs in your room.
you remember seeing him off, standing at yachi's side as she rubbed your back, tsukishima sending you wary glances as he watched hinata walk towards you.
"keep the ring." he told you. "maybe we can try again when i come back."
oh, how you hoped he'd keep true to his words.
"tadashi isn't the osamu miya?" you ask, pointing to the onigiri stall across the exhibition hall.
his eyes widened as he laughed. "holy cow it is! let's go buy some but stay cool, calm, and collective." he said, walking over. "hi."
you laugh at his voice crack, covering your mouth with your hand. "hi? can i get you anything." he tells him the order, a heavy blush on his face as he kicked your shin. "wait aren't you the one who had that nasty floater?" he nods sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. "and you're," he paused, snapping as he pointed at you. "the demon manager."
you scoff, "you hit someone with a wet towel once and you get called a demon." he laughed, handing yamaguchi the bag filled with onigiris, waving goodbye.
"who's the tall lanky guy?" you heard, eyes falling in the familiar tufts of hair.
"oh it's you." he grumbled, grabbing the bag from yamaguchi.
you mimicked his expression. "oh it's you. could you be any more enthusiastic gee." hitoka giggled from beside you, sipping on a beer.
you felt your heart beat faster when they began announcing the players, stifling your laughter when bokuto did a cartwheel when his name was announced. then, everything felt like slow motion from there.
"introducing rookie player, number twenty-one on the black jackals, hinata shoyo!"
time stopped in that moment, his hair was noticeably shorter, he grew a few inches, gained more muscle weight, and-
damn he looks good.
you blush at the thought, blinking out of your trance. he smiled as he raised his fist, bouncing his way next to bokuto. you're glad he hasn't changed his bubbly personality, watching with trained eyes as the game progressed.
it finally ended, the black jackals taking three sets over the adlers. you let out a laugh as you slapped kageyama's back, a chocked groan falling from his mouth.
"why are you always hitting me?"
"what can't take it ya wuss?" he scoffs at you, turning his head.
"psst." you blink. "psst. (name)." you turn around, screeching when hinata threw you over his shoulder. "sorry need to borrow her for a sec." he runs to one of the back rooms, shutting the door quickly before setting you down.
"hinata shoyo! have you no decency!" you yell, face flushed.
he clasped his hands together. "sorry sorry."
you huff, crossing your arms. "now what was it that you wanted? you literally just kidnapped me."
"do you still have the ring?" he asked, wringing his hands together. you reach under your shirt, pulling out the necklace that held it. "do you want to...?"
you hit the back of his head. "ask like a real man and then maybe i'll respond."
"do you want to get back together?" he breathed out, holding your hand.
you tap your chin, humming. "hm, do i? do i wanna get back together, hm. hm. lemme think."
"(name)." he whined, annoyed at your childish behavior.
you laugh, hooking your arms around his neck. "of course i want to." he sighed in relief, holding your waist as he pressed his lips against yours, smiling into it before he laughed, lifting you up in his arms.
"i'm never letting you go."
"please take a shower."
"wha- (name)!"
later that night you curled into him, drool trailing down his chin as he snored, arms splayed out like a sea-star. he felt warm, chest rising and falling steadily, quiet murmuring as he shifted, pulling you against him. 
"i love you (name)-chan." he slurred out, feeling his drool on the top of your head.
you wipe your head with his sleeve, wrapping your arm around his torso. "i love you too shoyo." he hummed, kicking you accidentally.
"i change my mind."
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supernoobslovers · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Left is roxy and right is Wolfie!
Some info:
Roxy: has a scar on her right eye. Has anger issues. Likes to wear a hoodie and jeans. Is part wolf. Has claws a tail and wolf ears. Is very protective over wolfie. And doesn't like cute things. On her hoody is a broken heart drawn. (Psst don't tell anyone but Roxy secretly has the other half of wolfie's bff necklace DON'T TELL ANYONE) has a secret knife by her ankles and loves to carry her swords around. If you cross a line her eyes will turn dark red and you better run then!
Wolfie: innocent. Cute. Fluffy. Goofy. Part wolf. Has wolf ears tail and claws. She can be extremely cute and innocent! Loves to be an idiot ^^ (don't tell but she's a sheep in wolf clothes mess with her friends/family and you're going down) has a bff necklace. Wears skirts and dresses and a T-shirt with a heart on it.
Looks: Roxy: pink hair and at the bottom yellow. Light red eyes. Black hoody. Jeans. Her tail is red and at the end white(In the last pic we see her with a skirt and her original hair colour but that's a very rare occasion)
Wolfie: bleu hair and at the top of her hair she has a few hairlocks (you know a set of hair) 2 pair to left 2 to right and those are lighter blue (also her hair is light blue) and has puppy eyes! Also the tail is blue and at the end white
Also yes Roxy is taller (might of explain some of her character tho)
Backstory: if interest might share
Pic? If needed I'll post a pic of how I see them (partly)
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parliamentrook · 8 months ago
Psst...I love your skulls & your beadwork & your skulls with beadwork. As you've dipped a toe into crochet & are loving seed beads, have you looked up trying a circular crochet bead rope? They're a bit finicky to get the hang of & need a very smol hook & strong thread & patience, & idk how you'd work your skulls into them but maybe you could do jewelry sets, necklace or earrings & matching bracelet? Or just do it for fun. :)
yessss those are on my list! <3
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salmonmakiii · 8 months ago
Could I request a timestamp! 20:53 of husband Yaku with fluff and maybe a lil’ suggestive?
How can I turn down a request when it’s my MAN? ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) Here ya go sweetie!
About : Yaku x reader Note : Fluff, suggestive at the end though! Forgive me if I have any errors in this one!
You pressed your thumb to the little square scanner on top of the door handle, you waited for a second and when it let out a beep you pushed the thick wooden door opened. Yaku didn’t fail to notice the little excited squeak you let out.
“We’re finally home!” You cheered, throwing your hands up as you turned to the corner of the hall. Yaku hummed as he closed the door behind him. Once the door clicked, the man pulled both of your suitcases and set it aside. He then went to your side and snaked his hand around your waist.
“Did you hate our trip that much?” He chuckled, placing a kiss on the side of your head as he reached the light switch with his other hand. You turned to him and shook your head.
“What? Of course not! I love it,” Yaku’s features soften at your cheerful face, “I just miss home. We’ve been there for months!”
“Two in a half weeks are not months,” Yaku watched you giggle and free yourself from his hand.
Around three weeks ago, Yaku informed you about the upcoming game in Russia. It was normal for him to go overseas for weeks and you were okay with that, you were prepared. However this time, your husband had asked you to come with him.
You hadn’t forgotten how his eyes glowed with pure happiness when you accepted. Both of you were busy with your works and these past few months had been hard for the two of you to spend time. Yaku would always leave early and come back home late at night, tired from his practices. You would already be asleep by the time Yaku was home, exhausted from all the meetings and projects you did.
The hard part was to find someone in the office who can take care of your position while you were away. Surprisingly, one of your closest co-workers insisted on helping you and you were more than thankful.
“It’s no problem at all! I’m tired of you having to whine all the time about not spending enough time with your husband every time we have breaks together,”
You thank the world for people like them.
You took off your shoes and socks, stepping on the rather cold tile of the floor.
“Eh? It’s a bit dusty here,” You purposefully dragged your feet on the floor. You lifted your right foot to see the soles of it getting a thin coat of dust. Yaku walked from behind you, peeking from your shoulder.
“How come? I bought that little cleaning robot for every room,” He said, walking towards the corner of the living room.
“Maybe it ran out of battery?” You suggested,
“It shouldn’t. Even if it did, it should automatically go to the charging station.”
Yaku crouched down and picked up the circular object. He checked the circular object, raising an eyebrow when he saw the little red light, a signal that the battery ran out. He inspected the charging and flinched when he saw the power button wasn’t on.
“The charging station isn’t on!” He facepalmed and massaged his temples. Registering what he just said, you let out a loud laugh at your clumsy husband.
“How could you forget to turn on the charging station?” You wheezed receiving a groan from him.
Is that why he didn’t get any notifications on his phone from the robot?
You went to his crouched down figure, patting his head.
“Don’t worry, I’ll just clean it up a little,” You said, rolling up your sleeves. Yaku turned to you and raised an eyebrow as he stood up.
“Aren’t you tired?”
“Not at all,” You shake your head. Yaku sighed and gave you a small smile he then walked back to the suitcases.
“Then I’ll help you.” Yaku took off his coat, his back facing you as he did. Placing it on his coat on his suitcase handle, he turned to you. He loosened his tie, placing it on top of his coat. He proceeded to open the first button of his shirt and his sleeve, rolling it up when his wrists were both free. You bit your lip, the action never fails to make you feel some type of way. At this point, you don’t know if he was doing this on purpose or not.
Shaking the naughty thoughts out of your head, you cleared your throat.
“Aren’t you tired, Mori?”
“Nope. It’s only – “ He paused, bringing up his left wrist to look at the time, “ – 20:53 anyway,” He waved his hand at you, brushing off your question.
“Now, less talking, more cleaning!”
You and Yaku shared tasks. At first, you were supposed to clean the living room and kitchen but Yaku told you to unload your clothes and wash them. You plastered a grin and teased him about not being able to use the washing machine properly. He never did understand those things but he didn’t want to admit it.
You brought the suitcases upstairs and turned down Yaku’s offer to help you, saying that you’re strong and independent. Your husband shook his head and played along. You walked towards your room and unlocked the door. You were a bit surprised when you saw the robot in the room was wandering around.
I guess he didn’t forget to turn this one on.
You checked the other rooms upstairs and indeed the robots were roaming around. You ran to the edge of the stairs and yelled about the new information you had. Yaku sighed in relief, looks like you guys would only be cleaning the living room then.
Running back to your room, you began unloading your suitcases. You hummed a little song that’s been stuck in your head for a while as you placed your items back to their places. You then went to the washroom and began putting the dirty clothes in as well as the new clothes you and Yaku bought. You were lucky that there weren’t many clothes needed to be washed, since the laundry service was great at Yaku’s apartment in Russia. While washing, you look back at the events that happened there.
There were lots of fun memories with your husband. You met his teammates and his friends there, you watched his practice and would go visit his favorite spots right after. But of course, the most exciting was when his official match started. His performance was amazing; how fast and how accurate he dug the ball never fail to amaze you. But there’s always this one routine you caught him doing whenever he’s about to enter the court.
Yaku might love volleyball but he values everything when it comes to you, even the little things. So you could imagine how much he values your wedding rings, the very item that proves your love and strong bonds for each other. He never wanted to take off the ring, except when it’s necessary or emergency.
Volleyball includes a lot of movements, especially in the arms and hands. Even if his position is a Libero – a position that doesn’t include his hands so much – he was still worried that he might ruin the wedding ring. So he bought a chain necklace and every time he’s going to play in a game, he’d slid the ring to the necklace and wore it throughout the game. He thinks of it as his lucky charm.
Now back to the routine.
You sat on the front row, even though you were high-key scared of being smacked by a ball coming at you at 100 mph, you wanted to see your husband better. He was standing at the sides, waiting to be switched again by a player. Every once in a while he would turn to you or even steal glances. The rotation of his team changed and it was time for him to get back in the court. You watched him high five his teammate and just as his feet were one step away from the court, he reached into his jersey and pulled out the wedding ring, giving it a kiss and once he was in, he tucked it back safely inside.
Your heart exploded in pure happiness every time he does that. But you would never tell him that.
After finishing your cleaning duty – and washing up – you went downstairs to see if your husband needed any help. On the way there you overheard your husband singing a very familiar song. (psst, press the link!)
Once you were in the living room, you couldn’t believe your eyes.
He was sweeping the floor with a broom, his earphones in both ears, and his hips swaying as he sang aloud. You plastered a smile, stifling your laughter as you walked slowly towards him from behind.
“Boo!” You slapped both of your hands on his shoulder and he visibly jumped like a cat, the broom dropping on the floor. He turned around and frowned.
“(Y/n)! I thought I told you to stop scaring me like that!” He yelled, his expression made you howl in laughter.
“You were singing so loudly and your voice sucks, Mori! I had to stop you from getting us in trouble for noise complaints from the neighbors.” You joked,
“My voice isn’t that bad!” He pinched your cheeks, pulling it a little to teach you a lesson
You ordered him to go and wash up as you continued his cleaning work and about twenty minutes later, the two of you laid down on the bed, your limbs tangled as you talk about nothing in particular.
“But it was nice wasn’t it?” He asked, his fingers tangled in your hair.
“What was?”
“The trip. We’re able to spend some much needed time with each other,” You hummed in agreement, a moment of silence engulfing you.
“Are you tired?” he suddenly asked. You looked up at him and shook your head.
“Weirdly enough, no.”
Yaku abruptly sat up and pulled you into his lap. Before you could process what was happening, his lips were already pressing tender kisses to your collarbones and the crook of your neck. You let out a small moan and he pulled away.
“I can help you with that,” he whispered before exploring your neck with his lips, possibly leaving marks.
You didn’t want to give in that easily.
“Are you sure?” You asked, massaging the back of his head with your hands. He pulled away once again and stared at you, his eyes had a mischievous glint in them.
“Believe me, by the time I’m done with you, you’re going to be exhausted.” He smirked. His hands pulled you close as he whispers in your ear.
“Maybe even get noise complaints from the neighbors,”
Seeing that you were speechless, your husband chuckled.
“What do you say?”
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kikithefox231 · 9 months ago
💍 + Starco! :D
Thank you for asking!!! Oh boy here we goooo:
Q:  where do they get married? A: Hmmm I feel like they would be sentimental and go back to the first place they met (in front of Stop n’ Slurp) or where they met when Earthni was cleaved (which was near Stop n’ Slurp too because SYMBOLISM) Q: when they get married ( ie what time of day, what month and season etc. )  A: hMMM maybe they might actually stick to when they first met and have it exactly on that day and time? it’d be so sweet :’D otherwise, I think a spring morning wedding would be so pretty!!! And having the flowers symbolize what Star and Marco have gone through and have deeper meanings beyond being beautiful is just *chef’s kiss* Q: what traditions they include ( do they get married under a chuppah and crush a glass, garter toss, ‘something borrowed, something blue,’ etc. ) A: I feel like Star is very free-spirited with this kinda thing so they’d both just kinda do their own thing?? idk much about wedding traditions ahaha QwQ Q: what their wedding cake looks like A: okay so like they would have 20 layers (or more, depends on Marco’s wallet lmaoo) each a different flavor with a beautiful coherent decoration from the bottom to the top, detailing all of their adventures :’D optional: Star explodes out of the cake (idk how man ahjdghsj magic comes back just for it XD) and walks down the aisle with everyone covered in cake bc why not lmao Q: ….who smashes cake into whose face A: No doubt, it’s 100% Star She’ll be nice and slice him his favorite flavor tho!! Q: who proposed to who first A: Marco I think, poor boy’s on a verge of a mental breakdown adghsjg but then surprise! Star has a lil ring too! They somehow match perfectly (complimentary designs or colors idk either/both work)  Q: who walks down the aisle and who waits at the altar ( or neither ) A: Poor Marco waits for Star to walk down the aisle and he’s about to break down any second until she comes ;; he needs a BREAK Q:  what their wedding dresses / suits / other look like A: oHHH DUDE i just got an idea omg I’d love the idea of them wearing their outfits from the Blood Moon Ball but tailored to fit them and more extravagant with pieces of white lace put onto Star’s dress and beautiful veil :’D  Marco’s would be the same with the mask but extra decor and maybe instead of black it’d be white??? idk dude also the idea of them wearing their matching capes for their wedding (based off @starryeyedbfly​‘s fanart) makes me so happy :’D Q: what their wedding colour scheme is and what sort of decor they have A: ashsjfghj I’m attached to the Blood Moon Ball idea now :’D It’d be really cool to see them kinda reenact that scene but if not a really pretty spring wedding with all kinds of colors would fit them nicely!!  I feel like Marco would prefer simple decor and Star would put everything she ever wanted and it’d be a mess so instead all their friends help out with decorating’s very wild and weird but somehow it all fits together like the sweet wholesome family they are :’D Q: what flowers are in the bouquet ( if applicable. bonus: what do the flowers mean? ) A: eheHEHE I’ve actually done some research for a drawing gift I made but i’m too tired to find flower meanings rn (it’s hard dude they differ from site to site so I have no clue anymoreee) Mostly just a very bright and colorful bouquet with stars and hearts and crescents decorating around it Q: what their vows are ( eg poetry, traditional, improvised etc. ) A: agdhfkjhjas it’s all very sappy and heartfelt and genuine and about how even through all their hardships they’re still together and nothing will change that QwQ for style??? idk dude I’ve been to like (2) two weddings so my knowledge is slim :’D Q: if anyone’s late to the wedding A: ...i don’t want to be mean but....i feel like Ponyhead would come late and barge in with a big entrance while Marco’s speaking his vows and she half did it on purpose and half legit forgot (how DARE Ponyhead!!!) Q: who’s in the bridal parties / groomsmen / other A: Star: Janna, Jackie, Kelly (bc you can’t STOP ME-), Starfan13, Ponyhead, Chloe maybe???  best woman is probably Janna (Ponyhead is jealous ofc but she has the decency of letting it slide)
Marco: Tom, Alphonso, Ferguson,  Best man: Tom (Tom helps Marco not have a breakdown while the other two are having a blast eating free food lmao) Bonus: Mariposa, Meteora, and Foolduke and Ruberiot’s children are all the flower girls/boys Meteora tosses out deadly spiders bc she KNOWS Marco will scream at them (Marco almost does but he manages not to) also Ludo and Dennis and his like 12 siblings are there too! They happy :) oh also his old henchmen are there too and they sob HARD also the whole Echo Creek school came too bc why not Q: what their bridal party / groomsmen / other are wearing A: ok so  Janna: something casual but formal with touches of creepy stuff she’s collected from the underworld (skulls, real batwing earrings, fanged necklace; from Tom as an engagement gift bc that’d be cute! it creeps Marco out all the time so she’s happy to wear it all the time haha) Jackie: something casual and chill and tropical and nice to dance in, her hair is done nicely (with Chloe’s help ofc) with shells and stuff attached and strands flowing down like sand :’D ...i wish I could draw people rip Kelly: she’d wear something cute and stylish but carry a sword (or more) just to make sure no one ruins the wedding for them (like*cough*Mina*cough*) Starfan13: I headcanon that Star helps her become more of her own person and not a copy of Star so she discovers her own sorta dorky style’s still eerily similar to Star but she’s learning XD i feel like she’d get nostalgic and wear things that she wore back when Star first arrived but?? better quality??? Ponyhead: Very over-the-top, too much makeup (though she washes most of off from sobbing during the whole thing), a dress that’s way too long for her, jewelry, jewelry everywhere  Chloe: Her hair is matching with Jackie maybe?? Or she wears a complementary outfit?? Not really sure since she didn’t get much screen time but they are wearing something that is matching and that’s that Tom: Wears a fanged necklace similar to Janna’s that matches her’s  A formal tux like one he’d wear for any royal event  Alphonso and Fergurson: both extremely casual, probably just their usual outfits but with ties lol Q: who gives speeches at the reception ( bonus: what do they say? recount a sweet memory or two between them? tell an embarrassing story? ) A: Hmmm Ponyhead 100% bc she loves the spotlight and will take any chance to humiliate Marco (rip) Janna loves this too (rip x2) so does Meteora (rip x3) they’d share all kind of embarrassing pictures Janna was able to get while she had the tracking cam on him (mostly just badly taken photos or Marco blushing terribly bc of Star) 
Meteora and Mariposa get him into some funny pranks and they show some of their best ones (rip x667) Tom would too with a message about how much Marco and Star had helped him become a better person and move on :’D I feel like Moon would give one about how she’s so proud of what Star has become and how even though she seemed very cold and strict with Star, she has always deep down cared a lot for her and she’s glad she’s getting the happiness she deserves :”D Eclipsa would say how she’s so grateful for Star’s help when so many doubted her and her family and how caring and great Marco is and how they complete each other perfectly ; u ; Angie would give a short and sweet one about how thankful she is for Star coming into Marco’s life since he was always very nervous and lacked a lot of confidence and was probably very lonely (since they had a lot of exchange students come live with them so that’s my headcanon) and how she changed his life for the better TwT Q: who catches the bouquet( s ) A: I want to say Janna but then Ponyhead stole it??? Janna is 100% not ready tho haha (inspired by @moringmark​’s comic) Q: what their wedding photos are like ( are they sweet, with the couple holding hands or kissing or ~gazing into each other's eyes~? are they silly, with a snapshot of the ‘cake-smash’ moment? or are they artistic, with one of them facing the sunset or holding their bouquets? ) A: It’s a mix of both extremely cute and heartwarming moments and their friends hogging the camera and photobombing...and humiliating/embarrassing poor Marco  somehow they get into a huge food fight with cake everywhere (and on the camera rip)  they make it into a huge video and it’s sweet and weird and wild haha! Q: what sort of food they have at the reception A: hMM tough one but all types of sweets bc Star loves anything with sugar (in it or on top of it haha) and?? idk?? a HUGE pile of Marco’s Super Awesome Nachos which are finished in the first 30 mins bc it’s THAT good lmao (I read this as during the wedding but can still apply?? idk they have just,,,all kinds of food) Q: who cries first during the ceremony A: Me, I cry first  okay but hajgdhjsgfhdjsk Ponyhead cries before it and after but Moon and Eclipsa and Angie are all proud, teary eyed moms and River is...having a river of tears XD (i’m sorry) psst, secretly Janna cries too, even BEFORE Tom which is saying something deep down Meteora sheds a tear but doesn’t let anyone notice haha Q: how wild their reception gets ( who dances the best, who gets drunk first, etc. ) A: Oh, they have a BLAST Some actually pass out from exhaustion before it ends aklhdfjska  Ponyhead would get drunk first and Star has to make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble oof  Q: what their rings are like A: they use their proposal rings because they already match perfectly and it’s just really sweet ;; or they have these two rings that have the words “Cause with or without magic” on Star’s and “We belong together.” on Marco’s that match perfectly when put together QwQ  Q: what sort of favours they have ( heart-shaped sparklers, mini champagne bottles, personalized candy etc. ) A: Hmmm handwritten notes from both of Star and Marco thanking each of the guests and a few memorable wedding photos idk what else honestly :’D Q: where they go for their honeymoon A: HMMMM Honestly, they might revisit some old places where they had adventures and fond memories of but I can see them just cuddling at Marco’s house watching a sappy rom-com since I feel like that’s where they’ll always feel the most at home :’D btw idk where to mention this but they ride off on Nachos after they get married and just have a nice tour of Earthni and see how much everyone/everything has changed Q: something memorable that happens during the party / ceremony ( do they run out of ice and someone goes to get it in full formal wear on foot, does anyone fall asleep in the middle of the party, etc. ) A: probably the huge food fight agdhsjskhasdj  I don’t even know there’s just,,,so many possibilities dude Maybe like,,,Mina almost crashes the wedding while they do their vows but Jorby and Kelly and Globgor and a dozen other monsters and mewmans (Star allowed almost any creature/mewman to come as long as they wouldn’t harm them in any way bc MONSTER AND MEWMAN EQUALITY!!!) death glared at her and she decided that she still had one functioning brain cell left and RAN Q: who officiates the ceremony A: I had a friend of mine say that the mime should officiate it and honestly yes Plus Ruberiot and Foolduke would be very proud and happy for them aaa :’D Q: what song their first dance is to A: oKAY so it must be the Blood Moon Waltz bc it’s ICONIC okay but they probably would put on their #1 favorite song from Love Sentence (WE STILL DON’T KNOW HHH I NEED TO KNOW DARON) and just goof off and have the time of their lives Q: who gives who away as they walk down the aisle A: me, panicking bc I have no idea how most of this works: oh no ok so it’d go: Janna and Tom, Alphonso and Fergurson, Starfan13 and Ponyhead, Jackie and Chloe, and I guess?? Kelly will just go with Jorby bc there’s no one else left qwq I guess Moon would take Star down the aisle bc it’d be so sweet ;;; Bonus: the laser doggos (no longer puppies :’D ) would lift up Star’s dress from touching the ground (it took a while to train them) hope you liked these! :D
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azenkii · 11 months ago
Sokka Headcanons
because he is CRIMINALLY underappreciated
he taught Katara to swim (which might be weird, seeing as she's the waterbender, but it's how things turned out)
his boomerang is his father's (actually canon)
he made his necklace himself, with whale bone from the first hunt he ever went on. as he grows, he adds more pieces of bone to it from various different hunts
as we all know, his art skills could use a little work. BUT he’s freakishly good at drawing things like schematics and blueprints and plans? he draws perfect circles and straight lines like it’s nothing and everyone is a little bit terrified of him
he's also good at face paint. he's not good at normal paint, but he's a goddamn master with face paint. it's weird
really good at math (also pretty much canon)
his favourite colour is not, surprisingly, blue. it’s white. he is locked in an endless debate with zuko over whether or not white counts as a colour
accidentally invents things on the daily
he's scarily good at rote memorization
can crack his knuckles really loudly
he has opinions on things that shouldn't be opinionated. for instance: he has a favourite cardinal direction (surprisingly, it's not south. it's north) and a favourite kind of cloud (cirrus)
he has really long fingers. they're long and thin and spindly and sokka no stop sokka stop making the spider hands–
Because of the aforementioned long fingers, he's the best at making shadow puppets
he's good at recognising faces, but not names
he dreams a lot but he never remembers it
he can whistle. when he left the south pole, he wasn't very good at it, but by the time he was made southern water tribe ambassador he could whistle like a bird
when the war was over, the first thing he bought was a thick leather journal and a ton of ink. while everyone recovered, he went off into the wilderness surrounding the fire nation capital and documented every animal and plant he thought looked cool
he went back to look for his boomerang and space sword in the forest. he found them!
he visits and trains with master piandao regularly, and is now considered a swordfighting master
he does actually know how to sew. his mother taught him. he just doesn't like doing it because he always pricks himself with the needle, and after his mother died it felt a bit like sacrilege
whenever he goes out on a trip with someone from the original gaang, and they end up on the road, he insists on stopping so he can go hunt something. It's become a tradition by now
when he was eight, he got a fishhook stuck in his hand. it was Not Fun
when he's nervous or stressed, he bites his nails. if he's really nervous or stressed, he taps out rhythms against his necklace
he can keep up a beat pretty well, but dont try giving him an actual instrument to play. It doesn't matter what instrument it is, he will break it somehow
the first time he grew a beard, he grew it all the way out until it looked exactly like his wang fire beard. Zuko threatened to burn it off. Katara threatened to freeze it until it got so heavy his head fell off his neck. Sokka kept it for a grand total of one week before he caved and shaved it
he has a surprisingly high heat tolerance (as opposed to katara, who only ever visits the fire nation in winter)
he can jump really high. actually, in most cases, it's easier for him to jump than to climb
he can cook, but he's not very good. He can make something edible, but not tasty
he holds the record in the southern water tribe for most sea prunes held in mouth at one time
he snuck into ba sing se university for a day and taught nonsense history under the guise of being a guest professor. when he was discovered, he simply bowed and announced, "and that's why you always check your facts for yourselves, kids!"
similarly, he once posed as a philosopher named Wan Fai-Ah. he had almost two hundred people listening rapturously to one of his spiels when katara climbed onto a nearby roof and yelled "SOKKA STOP MANIPULATING THE PUBLIC"
he once went searching for wan shi tong's library again. He didn't find it.
he's bisexual and i'm not saying jet was his sexual awakening but jet was his sexual awakening
(psst his taste in men is just as bad as his sister's)
suki's the only person in their group who likes men and has decent taste, because zuko's got garbage taste in men too and aang likes everyone
he gets really bad morning breath
he shaves his own hair (also canon!)
despite his best efforts, he never develops anything more than an average tolerance for spicy food
he and zuko constantly compare their height. when sokka grows taller, he doesn't stop gloating for three days
he's really good at braiding hair
he can't sing or dance to save his life
he decided to get into poetry after the war. it didn't work out. At all.
he once worked at the jasmine dragon for a month, just to unwind. it was mostly relaxing, except for the entitled upper-class customers who came in every now and again. Sokka may or may not have 'accidentally' dumped a cup of tea over Lady Huamei's dress.
he regularly takes zuko to the theatre for no reason other than to force him to watch horrible, terrible plays. Sometimes toph tags along too. Zuko's suffering is the best entertainment they've got.
He and katara have a running Sibling Thing™ where, instead of greeting each other like normal people, they step on each other's toes. this sometimes results in a five-minute long tussle as they fight to be the first one to step. yes, they once did this in front of a delegation of national officials. yes, sokka ended up on the floor with katara standing over him triumphantly.
after the war, he learned how to use every weapon he could get his hands on. He also learned that he's terrible at scythes and war hammers.
he prefers night to day. Especially when there's a full moon out.
In conclusion, stan sokka
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