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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#one of my favorites of 2021 for sure
li-ttlescorpion · 11 days ago
"There was a menace in the woods and Rose could feel it, and another child would have called it God."
Rumaan Alam, Leave the World Behind
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3monthsineurope · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
February 10 and 11, 2021
Wednesday was my birthday! I turned 29! Ingvar and I woke up around 10. We were going to Friday Harbor for the night! My parents paid for our stay in the Birdrock Hotel, and gave us some money for food too—thanks for the birthday present, Mom and Dad! Ingvar made me coffee, then we got a surprise knock on the door, it was Brendan! He came over to bring me a present, from him and April! It was so sweet! It was a bottle of wine and some bath goodies! It was such a nice surprise. Ingvar’s mom also called and wished me a happy birthday; which was really nice.
After talking to Jane (Ingvar’s mom) and visiting with Brendan, Ingvar and I packed up and got ready for our mini vacation! Our first stop was Stop N’ Go Espresso, in Mount Vernon! My friend, Holly, owns it! She was even working and made me a birthday drink—thank you, Holly! I recommend the Mayan Mocha, iced! Ingvar and I shared a cookie, too—happy birthday to me! We drove from Mount Vernon to the ferry in Anacortes. It actually started snowing on our drive there! Ingvar’s grandma, Ingrid, called and wished me a happy birthday, which was really nice. We parked our car and paid for parking, then went into the ferry terminal. We were just walking on the ferry, with our backpacks full, since we were just staying one night in Friday Harbor. We got our tickets for the 2:10 ferry and waited a few minutes, then walked on! We sat near the front of the boat and also went outside for pictures. It was sure cold out! The ferry went right to Friday Harbor and took around an hour. We spent some time looking at maps and learning about the islands we were passing!
We walked off the ferry and it was a beautiful day! But still, very cold. Our hotel room wasn’t ready until 4, so we had about an hour to hang out. Lindsey works in the San Juan islands and recommended the San Juan Brewery for lunch, so we walked there, right off the ferry. We sat outside (there were still some Covid safety regulations happening), but thankfully we had a heater! Ingvar and I shared a yummy pizza for lunch, and he had two beers, while I had a flight of beers to try. If you know me, you know I love flights of all kinds! (Beer, wine, and of course, plane!) It started snowing while we were eating there!
After our meal we walked to our hotel, the Bird Rock Hotel. Mom and Dad had stayed there for their anniversary in September (but we stayed in a different room, haha). We had contactless check in and had a keypad to get into our room. It was so nice! We had a little living room, bedroom, and huge bathroom with a jacuzzi tub! The hotel had left me a birthday card and a chocolate bar, which was really nice! We hung around the room for a few hours, until we decided to order dinner. Ingvar let me choose what to watch on tv so you know we were watching Food Network! We went to a market in town and got some snacks for the next day and a bottle of wine. Everything is so expensive on the island since they have to import almost everything! We got some cheese, meat, and crackers.
For dinner we ordered Chinese food from Golden Triangle—another recommendation from Lindsey! We ordered pork fried rice, honey walnut prawns (my favorite Chinese dish!), and chicken satay. I have always loved getting Chinese food for my birthday dinner! We didn’t explore too much of Friday Harbor that day, since it was snowing, but we did walk to get our dinner. It was still snowing! We took our food to go and ate it in our room, while watching Jeopardy! We love to watch Jeopardy!—hahah.
After dinner we spent the rest of the night lounging around. We drank some wine (the bottle April and Brendan gave me, and the bottle we bought at the store), got in our swim suits and soaked in the tub, and watched some more Food Network. We ate the chocolate bar for dessert and also had some of our charcuterie later that night. Ingvar gave me a nice sleep/lounge silk set for my birthday, which was so nice!!
We went to sleep around midnight and woke up the next day around 9. We had to check out of the hotel at 10, sadly. We packed up and got ready, and bundled up because it was still really cold, but not snowing anymore. We went into some shops around town. Ingvar bought a game called Slamwich at the bookstore, and we got some fancy chocolates for later. I was feeling a little anxious because we had all our stuff with us and it was so cold outside, but so warm inside the shops with all our things and masks on. We originally planned to take a taxi across the island to walk around Roche Harbor and see the fancier side of the island. I just wasn’t feeling great about that, so I decided to just walk on the next ferry home. Thankfully, Ingvar is so easy going, he was okay with that! We ended up getting breakfast at a place called Cynthia’s Bistro. Cynthia was a very eccentric lady! (Later I found out that she is one of Lindsey’s clients as well!) Ingvar and I ate outside, even though it was cold, because the fresh air helps a lot with my anxiety. Ingvar had a sausage roll that was really good! And I had a croissant with chocolate!
We walked around town a bit while we waited for the 12:10 ferry back to Anacortes. It was really cold! We took the ferry back, stopping this time at Lopez Island, which was fun, because Ingvar lived there for a few years when he was a kid! We didn’t get off the boat, but just continued home. We docked in Anacortes and walked off the ferry, hopped in the car, and drove back to Bellingham. It was a really nice birthday trip! Thank you again to Ingvar for going and celebrating with me, and my parents for the present of the hotel! Cheers to 29! :]
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getalternative · 6 hours ago
The Alt Weekly Roundup (4/19)
Tumblr media
The Alternative Weekly Roundup is a column where our staff plugs a variety of new releases in a concise, streamlined format. Albums, singles, videos, and live sets. Check back each Monday to see what we were jamming the week prior.
Burial Waves—”Light Heads”
Light Heads by Burial Waves
Burial Waves’ proper debut single sounds like a revelation. “Light Heads” feels like a glimpse into what Pianos Become the Teeth might’ve become if they’d kept going in the direction of “Hiding”, or what might’ve happened if vocalist Kyle Durfey had joined Caspian full-time. It’s at once gorgeous, expansive post-rock and punishing post-hardcore as thrilling as any of the members’ main projects.
Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison
Downhaul—”Standing Water”
It’s no secret that Before You Fall Asleep was my favorite album of 2019, and it’s early, but I think Downhaul might’ve topped it. Exhibit one is “Standing Water,” the band’s new single and the one most representative of what to expect from Proof. Songs are longer and more restrained, choruses are subtler, and there’s a bit more emphasis on what’s going on behind Gordon Phillips’ voice. But, as always, his lyrics are a selling point here as the song’s final lines are some of his most evocative: “Candescent light trails drift toward the shipyard / and I still hear you talk / captured in every landmark.” This time, though, the music behind him has a new gravity to match the intensity of his words.
Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison
Waxflower—We Might Be Alright
The coming summer will bring with it a whiff of normalcy, and if you find yourself driving in the car with your friends with the windows down, celebrating being wild and vaxxed and free, Waxflower’s new EP We Might Be Alright is here to provide you with the perfect soundtrack. The Brisbane quartet takes a cue from bands like Kisschasy and Jimmy Eat World, influences you can hear in their bright, poppy brand of alt rock. Bop to “Not Alone” and scream along to “Fake Frown;” you deserve to be happy. 
Michelle Bruton | @MichelleBruton 
Sailor Down—“I Get It”
Skip the Line by Sailor Down
Singer-songwriter and illustrator Chloe Deeley’s debut single “I Get It” off her upcoming EP Skip the Line provides only gentle energy. Deeley is careful with her cadences, like driving at night on a winding road. The verses are packed and stretched in the three-minute song of guitar, timid harmonies, and Deeley’s echoing voice that would fill an empty church. Nothing feels stifled. What’s intentionally sparse proves her songwriting to be as sincere as it can be. And “I Get It” is a humbling prelude for what’s to come.
Jane Lai | @soldtogod3000
Cesca Tores—”Ophelia”
Dandelions by Cesca Tores
“Ophelia,” Cesca Tores’ debut single, was bouncy and fuzzy. By contrast, “Dandelion” seems particularly understated. Built around a meandering bassline, her latest gives us a glimpse into a reigned-in version of Tores. Taken together, both songs suggest she’ll be someone to watch over the rest of 2021.
Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison
My Own Desert Island—”Poor Paradise”
My Own Desert Island is the solo project of Jake Pachasa of Equipment and Waving, and after hearing “Poor Paradise” I am pretty excited about his upcoming EP. I’m a sucker for strummy acoustic guitar and sun-drenched vocals. It’s the perfect song for laying in the grass and feeling wistful.
Jami Fowler | @audiocurio
Murmur by doused
It’s hardly a secret that I’ve been bored with a lot of shoegaze that’s come out recently, but Murmur is not one of those albums. The debut LP by Philadelphia’s Doused feels like a clear descendent of Loveless, a thick quilt of an album you feel like you can get wrapped in for days.
Zac Djamoos | @gr8whitebison
The Alternative’s ‘New Music Friday’ playlist
Each week our editor Lindsy Carrasquillo compiles a playlist of songs our staff has been jamming. We’ll post it on Fridays on Twitter and then include it in each edition of the ‘Weekly Roundup’ to make sure you don’t miss all of the great music we’re recommending.
The Alternative is ad-free and 100% supported by our readers. If you’d like to help us produce more content and promote more great new music, please consider donating to our Patreon page, which also allows you to receive sweet perks like free albums and The Alternative merch.
The Alt Weekly Roundup (4/19) was originally published on The Alternative
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mystartup · 7 hours ago
Businesses Selling Goods Within The UK Using Online Marketplaces - GOV.UK
The Czech Republic has one of many fastest-growing ecommerce markets in Europe. Heureka claims to be the biggest ecommerce platform on Central and Eastern European markets. gigstore on the platform are legally registered firm and all licenses and make contact with individuals are verified. The platform is definitely a price comparability service, which options products from 18,000 on-line shops, however users can shop these merchandise through the use of a digital shopping cart. If you continue to do not comply, HMRC can contact the net marketplaces you trade through to tell them that you're not complying with the VAT rules. Online games are the fastest-growing client sector with 19.3% within the U.S.A, and 24.6% in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Both its online market offer a broad assortment, but Digitec is clearly centered on everything that’s related to client electronics, and Galaxus could be seen as a web-based division store. The short and environment friendly catalog creation process means you possibly can spend more time managing different points of what you are promoting. In fact, this means they will totally scrutinize your item, which won't be a problem if you are promoting merchandise in good working situation. Retailers only need to pay for the products that get offered, and likewise get advertising help from eMAG. This manner, you save quite a lot of effort and time, and you may get rid of your unwanted games shortly. Therefore, if you're looking forward to beginning learning the identical in one of the simplest ways, this course is the best that you'll find. If you’re simply starting out, it may be a good idea to make use of the person plan. About 35 p.c of online retailers make use of extra digital marketplaces to generate sales, a research from the ZHAW and HWZ reveals. For the interval 2017-2021 a compound annual growth rate of 16 p.c was predicted. Does this progress happen due to the rising popularity of marketplaces? You will receive a special payment button code to put on your web site. The catchy vibrant design will give your web site recent and crispy look. At first and finish of your movies, post a link to your website that will direct folks to your online enterprise. Do not forget that if you happen to provide stable content and priceless folks on-line, they think of first when you've to buy a product or a service in their field of activity.Then, using both the online repute administration, you will see businesses and increase buyer loyalty over time. The company began out as an electronics retailer (with the primary retailer being opened in 1996), but remodeled into a web-based marketplace. It was founded in 1999 and shortly turned a huge on-line retailer. Mag is the biggest online retailer of Romania. Now, it’s the most important online department store within the Nordics. The corporate says it’s their mission to make it simple to do business with Portuguese manufacturers and retailers. William O’Neil is the founding father of CANSLIM investing, Investors Business Daily, and has authored quite a few books on investing, along with his most famous being, Easy methods to Become profitable in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad. Certainly one of my private favorites is Learn how to Generate profits in Stocks by William O’Neil (pictured under), founding father of CANSLIM buying and selling. You assume to your self, "Hey, look how simple it is for them to become profitable. Surely I can do it, too." The reality is, though, trading penny stocks requires being able to pinpoint patterns, and also you should be willing to take on quite a lot of dangers. A group-based mostly studying environment although, is always welcomed by college students. The net master’s in marketing analytics from Saint Joseph’s University gives college students with a hands-on advertising expertise. This comprehensive AACSB accredited program includes a inbuilt Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics. This AACSB accredited program is obtainable each on-line and on-campus. More in style online marketplaces in Europe? Romania is a Southeastern nation in Europe with a give attention to Germany, Italy and Hungary. The ecommerce platform, founded in 2018, ships orders to customers’ properties and by means of over 1,500 collection factors across the nation. Ceneo was founded in 2005 and is now the second greatest on-line marketplace in Poland. Allegro was founded in 1999 as an online public sale web site. Poland isn’t your typical, mature ecommerce market, nevertheless it does have one massive ecommerce energy home: Allegro. “The only factor you need is sweet high quality products to the bottom price attainable, and it's a must to be a non-European merchant.” Fyndiq attracts 2 million guests every month and about 1,seven hundred energetic merchants are promoting on Fyndiq. In spite of everything, advert prices are always rising. TD Ameritrade is the most effective site for stock trading if you're a newbie. Thousands of potential sellers go to this site every day. Houzz is a Scandinavian on-line marketplace that features a wide range of sellers in greater than 900 classes of residence merchandise. It gives thousands of merchandise, divided into 17 categories. For EU-based mostly merchants, Galaxus gives a customs clearance resolution, the EU hub. The web site not only offers worth comparability, but in addition the opportunity to buy from Heureka immediately through its own checkout. This may affect the value as the production value might rise and reduce throughout the mining revenue. With patience and perseverance from his on-line enterprise may be as simple and simple as you need. In case you really want to buy low cost perfume, do not go to department retailer. Sellers must have the same costs on the Cdon Marketplace as in their own online store.
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shirt-trends · 12 hours ago
Autism Awareness My Favorite Superhero Calls Me Mom – Happy Mother’s Day 2021 shirt
Add a little flirty style Autism Awareness My Favorite Superhero Calls Me Mom – Happy Mother’s Day 2021 shirt . to your everyday look with. This fashion-forward tee features a crew neckline and smocked shoulders for extra detail, and the flutter sleeves add texture, movement and a feminine finish. The rayon-blend fabric hangs beautifully, and the solid color makes it easy to mix this piece with your existing wardrobe. Wear it half-tucked with jeans for a casual look, or tuck it into a pencil skirt and pair it with heels for a dressier take.Long-sleeve light-aqua graphic T-shirt falls slightly below the waist — cut from cotton-blend fabric in a relaxed fit. Upper-left torso has a small round palm tree graphic, with “Dream Life” text below. Men’s graphic tee has a crew neckline and banded cuffs, and comes complete with reflective silver detailing along the sleeves.
Autism Awareness My Favorite Superhero Calls Me Mom – Happy Mother’s Day 2021 shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt
Classic Men’s
Style Rule #1: You can never have too many perfect tees Autism Awareness My Favorite Superhero Calls Me Mom – Happy Mother’s Day 2021 shirt .is the ultimate version of a collegiate staple, with sporty, varsity vibes and a slight retro feel. The contrast trim at the neck and cuffs add visual interest and give your outfit a more considered look than a plain tee. Cut with a clean modern fit in material that skims the a versatile addition to your wardrobe that will allow you to put together a variety of looks. You’ll keep comfy in this lightweight printed top that has a relaxed silhouette, and the knot front adds the perfect finishing touch. Hitting below the waist, the short-sleeve top showcases neutral florals set against a greenish-blue background, making it perfect to complement your everyday feminine style.You rock at being a mom — why not show it off? With you can make sure everyone recognizes that you’ve mastered motherhood. The message “Best Mom Ever” pops in shiny gold text on the white backdrop of the family shirt, making it easy to read. Whether you’re running errands with the kiddos, attending one of their activities, reading a bedtime story or posing for family pictures, the soft cotton blend of this mom shirt will keep you comfy. You Can See More Product:
Link Buys Product:
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nakachuchu · 14 hours ago
Yoga | Step-brother!Tanaka Ryunosuke (nsfw)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Yoga seems a bit different today.
READER: step-sister!female
INCLUDES: pseudo-incest, step-bro!Tanaka, pervert!Tanaka, yoga sex, yoga ball, oral (female receiving), pussy sniffing, use of onii-chan
WORDS: 1155
WRITTEN: 04/19/2021
NOTES: This is my second entry for @dilfhub everything-cest collab event! Make sure to read the other writers' works <3
Tumblr media
He really wanted to fondle your fat ass. Why did his mother have to marry your father? You were too fucking god damn sexy.
If the two of you weren't step-siblings, he would have eagerly gotten down onto his knees and asked you out.
But now, he was forced to gaze at you from afar and sigh loudly.
"Tanaka-nii, what's wrong?" you questioned as you lifted a stool and dragged it into the kitchen.
"N-Nothing. Hey, what are you doing?"
"Saeko-nee always puts the cups up here," you explained as you stood on the stool and reached up to open the cabinet.
His eyes bulged out at the sight of your wiggling ass through those yoga shorts of yours as you hopped up and down to reach the cups.
"Here, let me—Uh—help." He walked over to you and held you by the ass, right underneath your cheeks. "Put a knee on the counter. I won't let you fall, so don't worry."
"Okay!" you chirped as you put one knee on the counter for easy access.
Tanaka held back a groan as he leaned in to quietly sniff your cunt. He could see the imprint of it through your cotton yoga shorts and it was making him insane.
Fuck, you smelled so good. He was ready to bust right then and there. His cock was painfully hard and pressing against his shorts.
"I got it!" you chirped.
He pulled his face away from your cunt and let go of your ass. You hopped off the stoop and smiled at him while holding your favorite cup.
"Thanks, Tanaka-nii."
"Mhm, no problem. Using the workout room?" he asked.
"Yep! You can use it with me too if you want. I'm just gonna do some yoga.
His parents or Saeko weren't home, so the two of you had the place all to yourselves.
"Mind if I do some yoga with you?" he asked.
"No, it sounds like fun! I've been wanting to do a handstand for a while now, but I can't do it on my own. It's supposed to get the blood flowing. Can you help?" you asked.
"Yeah, of course," he said breathlessly as you nodded in thanks and opened the fridge to take out fruits for your smoothie.
He wanted patiently, his head full of naughty thoughts while you chopped up fruit and blended them together for your smoothie.
"Tanaka-nii, I'm done. Are you ready?" you asked as you looked at him with your arms pushing your tits together.
"Uh-huh. After you."
You smiled and skipped ahead of him to the workout room. The whole time, he was eyeing your ass and thinking of ways to fuck you.
Turned out, you made it fairly easy for him. Because you wanted to do a handstand—you read somewhere that it helped with stretches and blood flow—Tanaka had to hold your legs.
You were balanced on your forearms and head with your legs spread out. His hands were on your inner thigh, making sure you didn't fall.
He didn't expect you to quite literally spread your legs for him. He looked down and faced with your cunt through those pretty cotton shorts of yours.
He could fucking smell you and it was making him feral. He leaned down and sniffed your cunt.
You didn't even notice, but it wasn't like you could exactly see what he was doing. Your eyes were closed, focusing on your breathing like any good person doing yoga because it was all about meditation, right?
Against his better judgement, he pressed his nose against your clit and sniffed it. You twitched and your eyes remained closed, believing that it was just your imagination.
Your imagination certainly didn't help the fact that you were horny now. You had a tiny crush on Tanaka, but you knew you couldn't do anything about it because of your parents being married.
Tanaka, on the other hand, didn't seem to care. He rubbed his nose back and forth, stimulating your clit before licking your cunt through your cotton shorts.
You let out a gasp of surprise, eyes fluttering open at that. Everything was upside and you were getting dizzy.
"Ta-Tanaka-nii," you whimpered.
He hummed. "Just a little more, baby."
He kissed your cunt and licked it, loving the way your cotton shorts dampened and created a wet spot. He could even taste you and he realized you weren't wearing panties underneath.
You moaned, forearms trembling from supporting yourself up. "Ta-Tanaka-nii, 'm getting tired."
He kissed your cunt one last time before gripping your thighs and flipping you over with his strength. You landed on your feet and he supported you by placing his hands on your waist. You were dizzy and dazed.
What was he supposed to do now? He just violated his step-sister. He scratched the back of his head and turned around to leave, but you held onto his wrist.
He turned back to see you with a pout on your face. You pulled him back to you, placing his hand on your hip.
"Finish what you started, Onii-chan," you muttered with a pout.
Fuck, that got him going. He spotted the purple yoga ball in the corner of the room and got an idea.
He led you to the yoga ball and forced you down. You tilted your head in confusion until he got down on his knees and spread your legs, setting his face in front of your cunt.
He groaned at how good you smell, sniffing your cunt before licking a stripe between your wet folds.
You whimpered as he spread your legs apart further, sniffing and licking your cute clit. He blew air on it, making you shudder.
You leaned back on the yoga ball, pressing your back along the curve of the ball and stretching out as Tanaka licked your clit. You were breathing heavily, hands fondling your tits as he smothered his face into your cunt.
"Fuck, you taste so good," he groaned before diving back in, sliding his tongue into your cunt.
You let out a cry at the feeling of his tongue wiggling around while his nose rubbed against your clit.
"O-Onii-chan, it feels good! 'm cumming! Cumming!"
Your toes curled, a cry leaving your lips as the ball rolled slightly. Your hands flew over your head to press against the floor, pushing your cunt further into Tanaka's face.
You creamed all over his face, cunt clenching down on his tongue as his nose rubbed against your puffy clit.
"Nngh—T-Tanaka-nii, s-stop! Too much!"
He hummed and slipped his tongue out, then licked your cunt to scoop up your cum into his mouth and swallow it.
You shuddered, breathing heavily as he pulled you back by the hips to roll the ball back slightly before picking you up. He cradled your head with his hand, then kissed you on the jaw.
"Don't worry, Y/N. Nii-chan will take care of you."
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magicalgardenofhypnosis · 21 hours ago
A Hand In Destiny
Tumblr media
Jack A Colton my favorite high school teacher is the only reason I will ever revisit this hell hole. However, I hardly say the guy is the only reason I planned the visit except for the sole person to claim him for myself.
“Hey Teach, what’s up?” I say entering his classroom.
He all smiles happy to see one of his top students to have grace his class.
“How are you? I am so glad that you came to see me.” He says in excitement.
I smirk opening my suit jacket to retrieve a gift for him, my invention of course, but he need not know that.
“This is for you my latest invention I am all for the grand experience.”
“Hold it to your eye line exactly like that all you have to do is wait.”
“I don’t see anything, are you sure? I can’t “
“I am at your mercy, ready for processing, commence programming.”
His voice now slow, low pitched, and with very little inflection in it.
“Excellent! Jack can you hear me? I use to have the biggest crush on you when I attended this dumb.”
“I love those beautiful black and white spirals that form where your eyes use to be.”
Tumblr media
“That mindless serious stare on that sexy face of yours, all that goes on in that mind of yours is waiting. Shall we begin.”
“Activate Protocol Super Soldier Program” I command.
“I hear and I obey Master Lawrence”
“Pack all of your things, finish putting on your coat and follow me.”
“Say goodbye to your old life forever “
“Yes, I obey Master Lawrence “
I laugh a maniacal laugh the reverberated throughout the building sending chills down everyone spines.
We exit the room passing classroom after classroom till we reach the staircase to his new life.
Every memory, thought, life choices and free will vanish with every step he takes with me.
“The train is a bit away my love, but your car is here.”
“Lead me to my new car, drive me back to your home, and let’s begin our new life.”
Once in his car a brand new Nissan 2021 edition his body automatically comes to life.
He takes a deep breath letting in oxygen representing my control and releasing the carbon dioxide.
“Oh Hey Master! What’s up?” He reacts to me in the passenger seat.
“Wait? What am I doing here at my old high school?”
“Duh! You use to teach here. Don’t you remember?”
“I am your slave, I don’t teach Master, you educate me.”
“Oh your silly Master.”
Tumblr media
The mind set is consuming him as he revs up the engine, and drives off.
He speeds down the block with the tinted windows down, and the music playing.
The radio of course on a station of my choice, he just smiles a absolutely free will is ripping away.
We are midway on the highway as it all hit a head with a brick to the wall as he gets a bit of nerve.
“You did this to me right Master?”
“What did you do to me? I feel so good”
“I feel free, I don’t want to ever be in control again.”
“I claimed you, you are mine, and this is the last of your resistance.”
“Sir Yes Master Lawrence, I am at thy service sir.”
“What are you willing to do for me? What?”
“Everything is yours, everything my king.”
“Please take over my life, use my mind and my body.”
He sighs in content meant at his one self destruction, his cock sprang to life so hard, and I got a idea.
I instruct him to strip for me as he obeys with such certainty, and a lot of sex appeal.
“After you cum Jack A Colton with vanish for life, your will be a mere empty husk for my use.”
“Yes Master Lawrence, utterly want to give in. Aaaaahhhhhhhh uuuuhhhhh eehhh yyyyeeesss. I am your slave.”
The end.
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caffeineandcurses · a day ago
Dutch Brothers Golden Eagle Mocha
Welcome back, to my second drink for the blog! Today we’re getting into some classic caffeine.
I got really curious about trying to enjoy coffee for a bit, back in 2015 or 2014. I started enjoying it, I bought a french press, I learned how salt could cut the bitter taste of coffee if you add it to the grounds, I experimented with creamers, milks, blond roasts, french roasts, flavored roasts, whole beans that you grind yourself so the coffee keeps fresher, cold brew concentrate...
I then, sadly, burnt out on it, half because my fixation passed, and at the time lived in a small kitchen where I was really bad at cleaning up after myself. After I moved up to Washington, I briefly got into getting fancy coffee from the increased number of fun places in my new home, before disaster drove me further away. My French Press broke, and after an intensifying battle with gallbladder disease, coffee was just too hard on my digestive system from about 2017-2021.
My gallbladder has been out now for almost two years, and after experimentally getting myself a coffee from one of the mentioned locales up here - namely Dutch Brothers - I can proudly say I survived with no ill side-effects, and coffee is back on my rotation.
Today’s Drink!
Tumblr media
Dutch Brother's Golden Eagle Mocha
Part of the appeal of Dutch Brothers, to me, is learning all of the fancy flavoring names, and getting to order them. Sure, that may just mean it’s a reskin of proper coffee house jargon, but the forever child brain I have just has more fun saying “can I get a Golden Eagle Iced Mocha with whipped cream, please?” And what that translates to, from Dutch Brothers, means I am getting an iced espresso and chocolate milk drink, flavored with vanilla and caramel. I don’t know what DB’s claims on their beans are, but a shot of espresso has about 64mg of caffeine; if that’s too little, you can order additional shots in your drink.
My Customizations:
Medium, iced (gotta have it cold, and I like a bit extra to last me a while)
Mocha, not Breve (I learned that it's a bit less bitter, to me)
Whipped cream, or “soft top” as it is in Dutch lingo
There is a “proper” definition of a mocha coffee, but all it means here is that instead of a shot of espresso iced with half-and-half (breve), I am getting it in an iced-over glass of chocolate milk, which adds an extra flavor to the drink. Sometimes I also throw in getting an extra drizzle of caramel on top of the whipped cream, for kicks. As mentioned before, I find Breves from Dutch to be bitter, almost tasting a bit rubbery.
Hands-down, as of writing this, it is my favorite coffee. It’s probably WAY too sweet, for some, but for me it has the same pleasant qualities of Kettle Corn - you either like the mix of the little bit of salty and the sweet, or in this case the candy flavors and the coffee, or you find something that’s more one or the other.
But, I mean, to no one’s surprise...I’m 100% That Person.
Tumblr media
Does anyone else feel a sort of “imposter syndrome” when you talk to “Real Coffee Enthusiasts”? You don’t have to out yourself, we can just exchange knowing looks. I get you.
My secret coffee shame is why I love the atmosphere of ordering at Dutch Brothers. It’s been made fun of, but the welcoming, friendly, earnest humanity of the Dutch Bros. workers no matter which location I go to is tremendous. They really just want to make your coffee the way you want to drink it, and most of their beverages are already overly sweet and Garbage Fire Tastebud-Friendly.
The obvious advantage, to buying a giant iced coffee that you can just sip at over an hour, is that you get the caffeine added in steadily, not all at once, which personally, makes me a lot less jittery and anxious. I also definitely understand a difference, in how I feel about Coffee versus Tea. Tea really does feel meditative, cozy, a quiet focuser, like I’m settling in to start writing a novel about hobbits. Even when I don’t feel a little bit of paranoia, there’s something about coffee that makes me sit up more and feel aggressive, like I’m about to take over a rival syndicate via airstrike as soon as I get The Briefcase. I feel ready.
I also have a definitely LOW threshold - Dutch Bros let you add an extra shot of espresso into your drink, which I tried more recently, and the effect was a coffee that made me act hyper, talk fast, be out of what I would label strictly as “my” personality. It's probably the closest thing I, personally, will experience to being on cocaine. I know better than to say "the closest thing I will experience to a hard drug" because no matter how we cutely dress up our societal acceptance of it, caffeine is a drug.
That will have to be a good self-help tip for me on how to handle caffeine; yes, it’s fuel, but if you throw all of it onto the fire at once, you’ll just get a huge explosion that causes a bunch of chaos that you can’t control, and then burn out; also, your fuel tank has a MAX CAPACITY for one (1) shot of espresso. Ration it more carefully, and you can keep burning longer.
Here’s hoping I remember it next time I get an energy drink that’s ACTUALLY fully sweet and way too palatable, instead of dunking it can and all into my stomach at inhuman speeds.
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mumualpaka · a day ago
An opend letter for my future wife, whom I have still not met yet.
Written by Mumu Alpaka, April 2021.
    I’m sorry..
  I’m sorry it took me so long to find you, I’ve searched everywhere and only God alone knows how much efforts I have tried just to find you back. I even went deep into the deepest levels of my own subconscious, just to know that you were there always by my side.
  I’m sorry, for the times that I finished watching a whole anime series, all alone by myself. I should have kept waiting to watch this with you. RahXephon is a good story, I’ve watched it many times and I still watch it again if I could.
  I’m sorry, that I dated with other ladies that I thought have the potential to become my wife. Unfortunately they are not the ones that I look for, as I only wanted to find you and only you. Oh how bitter does that sounds when listening to this song, “adolescent” from the RahXephon song ost while writing this. The bitter parts is where I have to go through the process of knowing someone so deeply and trying my best to forget about them when it all ended.
  I’m sorry, that I have finished writing my first ultimate story book including the extended version that expands to over a thousand pages now and I still love to write and add more short stories within it. You were the first person that I wished to show this book to, well to annoy you because there is so many waifus inside of the book hahaha I hope that maybe one day, that your hand will get to read this book and I wonder if you can even manage to finish reading it. You are obliged to do so, finish reading it because no one else has. I’ll make sure that is no end to that book, because how much I love it also proves how much I loved you.
  I’m sorry, for going to movies all alone some of the movies are ghost movies and romance stories as well those are my favorites. Even the comedy movies, I often find myself watching them alone. I don’t even tell my friends that I went to the movies.
  I’m sorry that I’ve graduated from University twice, once for my diploma and another for my degree. You should have seen me, there studying all alone in the library while imagining that you were around looking back at me. Maybe you were, I’m not sure. We both shared something through the unseen worlds that crosses the boundaries of imaginations and reality.
  I’m sorry for making a lot of mistakes in my life. (laughs) that I will still continue on even making more mistakes.. sorry for not being a perfectionist at everything I do. I wished I could be a much better person for you. I often spend time with God, talking with Him about these sort of things but at last I guess you should know too.
  I’m sorry again, to draw beautiful art and completed some of my Masterpieces without you. I don’t think I can wait anymore for you, the artwork tells me to draw them like now and I just couldn’t stop the urge to complete them on time.
  I’m sorry as well, because after spending so much time listening to beautiful songs and hyping over them all alone… these moments are best to be shared with you. Just that, I’m not sure myself if I ever will meet you here on this Earth. You are by far, the most mysterious person in my life next to God. I felt you are the closest to me yet at the same time you were never there beside me when I needed you the most. In the end, I only depended on God and myself.
  I’m sorry that I was born like an over-thinker, my mind and visions have already gone to the ends of the universe. Just a large portion of those memories were written inside of the storybook. The name of the storybook is just a humble one, “The Book of Calmness” label under Mumu Alpaka as my own author name.
  I still haven’t gone to a musical opera, maybe I can go with you someday. I’ve been staying home a lot and not travelling, I guess I can travel with you when the time comes. We probably need to save a lot of money if we were to travel places around here and there. Just that I wonder, do we really change after changing sceneries all the time? But if we can’t do that, we just travel together in our dreams. Hand in hand, I don’t want to let you be lost all by yourself in the deep subconscious worlds.
  Probably in the distant future, after everything has ended and when we were all reborn in our new bodies later. There will be new friends that will enter our lives, I hope you don’t mind me living and sharing my life with them. I’ll be honest. I want to only stay with you and only you by your side for all eternity. Just that it does feels lonely. The two of us, that’s why I felt it would be a little more fun to have more ladies friends for you to talk and have conversation with. I believe they will love you as how much I love you, my dear. Let them take care of you too, in their own unique ways. Plus we can learn and share new food recipes from them from time to time.
  May these insignificant words of mine reach to you, my most beloved one. Remember that in every single day, I allocated some portion of my time just thinking about you and only you. I hope you will also remember of me too, and together InshaaAllah we will change into a much better person that we imagined.
والله أعلمُ بالـصـواب
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restorerjourney · a day ago
The weekend is finally here!
April 16, 2021: Friday
I had a dream that our outreach was in ontario, texas...but there is no such place. Thank goodness because I do not want to go to America for outreach. We hope to find our outreach country next week!
This morning, I woke up again around 5am? I pray soon I will be able to sleep 8 hours but thankfully last night I had an hour nap. I felt the need to take a walk this morning and do my quiet time with God at one of my favorite spots at the base where you could sit and see the ocean from afar. I feel always behind in my 3 chapters of reading and meditating. It’s like there is never enough time or energy but I still want to do my best. It was nice to sit while there weren’t many people and read the bible and meditate on it. I do struggle with this assignment because it feels more out of duty than wanting to, but I’m sure this is good for me. Today I read Matthew 11-13. Thankfully for brekkie it was lighter and less greasy since it was granola, yogurt, cereal, papaya, and my leftover Kona coffee. I felt pretty groggy this morning so I’m praying for God’s grace to give me the strength to stay alert and not miss anything important. 
This time at 8am, all the DTS students met at Ohana court and we worshipped which was led by a hawaiian praise band. It was wonderful but because I was tired, I was struggling to stay awake at the end. During worship one of the praise band member’s wife who was hawaiian danced while we worshipped which was so beautiful. Then we heard stories from some of the hawaiian people. One of the hawaiian “aunties” encouraged us to remember that we are privileged to be here and to know that we are here for a reason. It doesn’t matter what culture you come from, what matters is that you know who you are. I am a child of God first before a Korean American. This binds us all together and makes us all related. She asks us, “Why are you here? Why did God place you here at YWAM Kona?” She shared her hawaiian values and you can see the importance of family in their culture. Brooke, the hawaiian dancer from earlier, shared her revelations that despite her traveling the world and being the only brown skin person, God not only loves her spiritually but also her physical and cultural background. 
Side note: The korean ahjoomah translator looks like Auntie Joanne who works at our restaurant
“Aloha” means speaking life to someone. “Alo” = speaking in the presence of “Ha”: life (our God). Another way to greet (indigenous hawaiians in New zealand), is to press each other’s forehead together and take a moment to breathe. “Aloha kikayiyaka” means “Good morning”. “Euhee” is yes.
For our midmorning snack, we had spam musubi and fruit bread. I ate two spam musubi lol because I didn’t realize how much I was craving rice. We also met some Samoans and learned how they husk a coconut and how nothing is wasted. It takes 10-12 years for coconut trees to bear fruit. Green coconuts are young but the water is sweet and the meat is tender. Samoans are excited people and it’s proper to laugh often. The more mature coconut is, the harder the meat and when grated can be used as shredded coconut. If you squeeze the hard meat it becomes coconut milk. “Sahsah” is a Hawaiian dance that represents their everyday lives, like shredding coconut. I’ve felt so honored by the Pacific Islanders and seeing such similarities in their value of family, respect, and humility which is also found in Korean culture. 
After lunch, we had free time before work duty. I took a nap and again felt so groggy immediately after but was able to regain energy again. At the farm, we finished planting the monticello romaine and I was able to get to know one of my teammates Yerum and hear about what brought him to DTS. It’s so interesting to see how God would bring each and every individual here to DTS especially at a time like this during the pandemic. Today was also “flipping friday”, meaning we learn how to make compost and every friday we need to aerate it. 
Rules to making compost:
There is no protein or dairy. That way it doesn’t smell! If it does, something is wrong and bad bacteria is introduced to the compost
Think of a mint oreo: you want carbon on the bottom ( like cardboard) and nitrogen matter in the middle and another carbon matter on top. You can layer it like a lasagna. 
The bacteria lives like we do and has it’s basic necessities: air, food, water, and does not like sunlight. 
You want to pack it in a box or crate 1 meter by 1 meter by 1 meter. That way when the bacteria is multiplying and decomposing the matter, heat will radiate which will help speed up the process. 
So when we flip the compost, we are taking the outer layer of the compost which is most exposed to the sun (although it is usually covered by tarp because it helps not only retain the heat but the moisture), and mix the inside of the compost so that the bacteria can decompose more of the unfinished matter
After working at the farm we were free! Chloe, Winnie, and I decided to heat up our packaged dinner of bbq pork (supplemented with our kimchi), peas and carrots, and mashed potatoes to the pier. It was wonderful at the end of the week to enjoy our dinner like this and watch the sunset. We then waited in line for a while to get scandanavian shaved ice. I got lychee, sugar free mango and passionfruit. These girls have a huge sweet tooth and so they wanted their own and Winnie got macadamia nut ice cream with azuki bean. It was pretty good actually! When we got home, After we went home to veg out and I watched “Legally Blonde”. I went to bed around 12:30AM hoping that it would force me to wake up later. We shall see! Mahalo, Alicia
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hitroulette671 · 2 days ago
National League Favorites 2019
Tumblr media
National League Cy Young Favorites 2019
2019 National League Playoff Schedule
2019 National League Standings
We’ve got odds on 7 fixtures in the English National League. Betting on English National League? Bet on the next football fixture in the English National League: Barnet v Wrexham on 9th Mar 2021 19:00, Dag and Red v Maidenhead on 9th Mar 2021 19:00, Solihull Moors v Stockport on 9th Mar 2021 19:00, Sutton Utd v Yeovil on 9th Mar 2021 19:00. When it comes to futures odds on which teams will claim the American League and National League pennants, there’s plenty of value available at sportsbooks. Yankees tabbed as the AL front-runners. On the American League side, the New York Yankees are the +275 favorites to represent the AL in the World Series at BetOnline. The Boston Red Sox. 2020 National Championship Game Odds & College Football National Championship News. 2020 National Championship Odds – Dark Horses Analysis; Early 2020 National Championship Betting Favorites – January 8th Edition; 2019 National Championship ATS Betting Pick; How to Bet the 2019 National Championship Game; 2019 National Championship SU.
Posted: March 15, 2019
. Hot Bonus Alert: Get a $1,000(!) deposit bonus at BetOnline.
The National League MVP race is absolutely wide open. Last season, the best player in the National League by WAR was Jacob deGrom who won the Cy Young. The MVP was Christian Yelich who was the best among the hitters, but in WAR he wasn’t even close to deGrom. This is a good thing. It seems like the shift has happened and we can just throw out all the pitcher odds. This is a hitter’s award now because if you were ever going to give it to a pitcher, last year was the year.
Bryce Harper is now a Philadelphia Phillie (Philly?) and he is the closest thing that we have to a favorite here. I don’t really see that as that is a bit too much of a storybook ending and not really in line with his stats the past couple of seasons. I am looking more towards his teammate Rhys Hoskins who could really benefit from having that bat in the lineup.
It surprises me a bit to see Christian Yelich’s odds so low for the repeat. He made huge leaps forward last season and he’ll still be just 27 this year. Repeating is hard, but I wouldn’t sleep on him.
One of the big stories of the offseason was that the Reds might actually be good now? There is one guy on their team who deserves discussion for this award every season and that guy is Joey Votto. He’s led the league in OBP the last three seasons and with some better teammates, maybe he can knock in a few more runs and get a few more homeruns. He’s better than +3000 to +4000, that’s for sure.
Paul Goldschmidt moves to St. Louis this season and that has boosted his odds a bit here. I don’t see it. For a first baseman, I prefer Freddie Freeman. For a Cardinal, I prefer not to bet any Cardinals.
2019 MLB Futures
Of course, Freeman isn’t even my favorite Brave. My favorite Brave and favorite sleeper is Ronald Acuna. He had a .917 OPS in a 111 games last season as a 20-year old. Think about that. He’s only going to get better and will be playing a full season here.
Another guy who is young and impressive is 20-year old Juan Soto. He had a .923 OPS in 116 games last season. I actually like one of his teammates a bit better.
Anthony Rendon is always solid and he might be my favorite play out of the third baseman. Kris Bryant and Manny Machado are better, but Rendon is going to be a big part of this team that I think will be better than most think and he’s in a contract year. Rendon will be .300/.400/.500 and a jump in homeruns could do a ton for him.
Full odds are below:
(5Dimes odds were not available as of this writing. Will update later when they become available.)
PlayerBovadaSports Interaction888SportBryce Harper+600+4005.0Nolan Arenado+700+7009.0Paul Goldschmidt+1000+100013.0Kris Bryant+1100+120017.0Manny Machado+1600+160015.0Christian Yelich+1800+160021.0Freddie Freeman+2000+160019.0Eugenio Suarez+2000+160029.0Anthony Rizzo+2500+200029.0Rhys Hoskins+2500+200021.0Javier Baez+2000+200034.0Anthony Rendon+2500+200026.0Cody Bellinger+2500+250029.0Ronald Acuna Jr.+2000+250029.0Corey Seager+2500+400023.0Justin Turner+3000+250034.0Joey Votto+3000+400034.0Juan Soto+3000+500034.0Trevor Story+2500+330034.0Marcell Ozuna+4000+2500101.0Yasiel Puig+4000+330067.0Charlie Blackmon+4000+330041.0Eric Hosmer+4000+4000151.0Jesus Aguilar+4000+4000101.0Robinson Cano+4000+4000151.0Josh Donaldson+4000+500051.0J.T. Realmuto+4000+400041.0Wil Myers+5000+5000101.0Starling Marte+5000+5000151.0Max Muncy+5000+500081.0Matt Carpenter+5000+500067.0Max Scherzer+5000101.0Trea Turner+6000+500023.0Ozzie Albies+6000101.0Jacob deGrom+10000101.0Lorenzo Cain+500081.0Andrew McCutchen+660067.0Michael Conforto51.0Daniel Murphy81.0Buster Posey81.0A.J. Pollock101.0Brian Anderson126.0Scooter Gennett126.0Yasmani Grandal126.0Jed Lowrie126.0Mike Moustakas126.0Travis Shaw126.0Brandon Belt151.0Ryan Braun151.0Brandon Crawford151.0Paul DeJong151.0Adam Eaton151.0Jake Lamb151.0Evan Longoria151.0Ketel Marte151.0David Peralta151.0Victor Robles151.0Kyle Schwarber151.0Jean Segura151.0Walker Buehler251.0Starlin Castro251.0Willson Contreras251.0Corey Dickerson251.0Brian Dozier251.0Eduardo Escobar251.0Wilmer Flores251.0Ender Inciarte251.0Clayton Kershaw251.0Nick Markakis251.0Yadier Molina251.0Brandon Nimmo251.0Aaron Nola251.0Nick Senzel251.0Noah Syndergaard251.0
Oct 1, 2018; Chicago, IL, USA; Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Josh Hader (71) celebrates after defeating the Chicago Cubs in the National League Central division tiebreaker game at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports
The favorites definitely reigned strong during the 2018 MLB season. But it was a good year for the underdogs, too, with teams like the Milwaukee Brewers, Oakland Athletics and Atlanta Braves all unexpectedly making the playoffs.
The Brewers and Houston Astros both fell just short of the Fall Classic in 2018. Both teams are poised to take that extra step this year. The Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Dodgers have dominated their divisions in recent years. And while we like both to make the playoffs again, we don’t think either will win the division. But which teams will?
With the 2019 MLB season right around the corner, we have to wonder not only about who’ll make the playoffs, but how every team in the league will finish. These are our predictions.
American League East
Boston Red Sox: 97-65
New York Yankees: 94-68 (No. 1 Wild Card)
Tampa Bay Rays: 84-78
Toronto Blue Jays: 76-86
Baltimore Orioles: 56-106
The Red Sox and Yankees have both qualified for the playoffs in each of the last two seasons. As they’re two of the best three teams in the AL, it would be pretty surprising to see that trend stop this year. It’d also be surprising to see the bottom two be anything other than the Blue Jays and Orioles, in that order. The Rays could compete for a playoff spot. But to get to the playoffs in a top heavy American League, they’ll need to not only dominate Toronto and Baltimore but also tread water against Boston and New York. It’ll be tough sledding.
American League Central
Chicago White Sox: 91-71
Cleveland Indians: 89-73 (No. 2 Wild Card)
Minnesota Twins: 78-84
Kansas City Royals: 64-98
Detroit Tigers: 61-101
If we’re trying to find this year’s version of the Braves or A’s, then we needn’t look beyond the White Sox. Eloy Jimenez is a star in the making. While Michael Kopech will be sidelined, Dylan Cease should make his way to the majors this year. Both Jimenez and Cease are prime Rookie of the Year candidates. We’re not banking on a free fall from the Indians. But in recent years, they’ve been a clear AL favorite along with the Red Sox, Yankees and Astros. We don’t get that feeling anymore. That said, with a chance to beat up on the rebuilding Royals and Tigers, we do like two AL Central teams to make the playoffs.
American League West
Houston Astros: 99-63
Oakland Athletics: 87-75
Texas Rangers: 82-80
Los Angeles Angels: 79-83
Seattle Mariners: 69-93
One would be hard pressed to find a more complete team than the Astros. Where this division gets interesting is after Houston. We can imagine a world where the Rangers and Angels compete for the playoffs. But they both have serious questions about the pitching. The A’s do, too, at least in the starting rotation. They overcame those issues in 2018. But the bullpen and offense will have to be just as good (if not better) to get back to the postseason. That’ll be hard to accomplish. But while we’d expect only AL West one team to make the playoffs, at least three others have potential to be in the mix.
National League East
Philadelphia Phillies: 90-72
Atlanta Braves: 88-74 (No. 1 Wild Card)
Washington Nationals: 85-77
New York Mets: 78-84
Miami Marlins: 52-111
While we’re not expecting the Braves to repeat as division champs, we’re not looking for a nosedive, either. Look for Atlanta to make the playoffs. Washington lost Bryce Harper but with the addition of Patrick Corbin, has a phenomenal pitching staff. We’re concerned with the Mets staying healthy. If they do, though, they’re realistic Wild Card contenders. The additions of Andrew McCutchen, David Robertson, and J.T. Realmuto alone were enough to make the Phillies a playoff team. Then they signed Harper. That makes Philadelphia the team to beat in a division that fields a top-four as strong as any in the game.
National League Central
Milwaukee Brewers: 91-71
St. Louis Cardinals: 86-76
Chicago Cubs: 85-77
Cincinnati Reds: 82-80
Pittsburgh Pirates: 80-82
While Milwaukee’s starting pitching isn’t a strength, it’s good enough to compliment the offense and dominant bullpen. As far as the rest of the division goes — it’s not hard to imagine any team from this division making the playoffs. And really, there in lies the problem. These teams are going to play 76 games within a division that doesn’t offer a single pushover opponent. So, even if these might be better, more complete teams than other postseason contenders, the records might not reflect that. As such, while this is the toughest top-to-bottom division in MLB, we’d expect only one postseason representative.
National League West
Colorado Rockies: 93-69
Los Angeles Dodgers: 87-75 (No. 2 Wild Card)
San Diego Padres: 83-79
San Francisco Giants: 77-85
Arizona Diamondbacks: 68-94
This division has belonged to Los Angeles for six consecutive seasons. We’re not expecting No. 7. Clayton Kershaw is becoming a question mark. Overall, it just feels like the Dodgers are primed to be topped. The Rockies are the team to make that happen. Colorado’s offense is one of baseball’s best. And anyone who saw Kyle Freeland and German Marquez in the second half of last season knows that they can pitch, even at altitude. Manny Machado was a huge splash for the Padres and they’re solidly No. 3 in this division. But without better pitching, San Diego will have an uphill climb for even a Wild Card spot.
Wild Card Games: Indians over Yankees, Dodgers over Braves
Predicting one baseball game is always tough, especially months ahead of time. But the rule of thumb is to go with the team that will pitch better. As good as the Yankees bullpen is, New York doesn’t have the starting pitching to compete with Corey Kluber or really any one of Cleveland’s top-three starters. Even worse for the Yankees is that those Indians starters can miss bats. That will go a long way towards neutralizing the offense.
In the NL, it’s a similar issue. Walker Buehler is going to be awfully hard to match in a one-game setting. Also, unlike New York in the American League, Atlanta doesn’t have a shutdown bullpen to rely on. The Braves shape up well to have another good season. And if they get into a series, the starting rotation depth will be a huge asset. But in a one-game setting, Atlanta’s chances aren’t nearly as good.
NLDS: Rockies over Dodgers, Brewers over Phillies
Los Angeles’ run of consecutive NL pennants will come to an end in this series. The Rockies just have a more reliable offense. And while logic would say that the Dodgers have more reliable pitching, that’s not really the case. This will be especially true if, as we expect, Los Angeles has to win a Wild Card Game to reach this series. Colorado has made the postseason in each of the last two years. Now, the Rockies are ready to take the next step.
Milwaukee and Philadelphia would be a fun series. It would match up two teams that can absolutely pound the ball. The difference maker would be the Brewers bullpen. Milwaukee relievers have the stuff to largely offset the power of the Phillies. The Philadelphia bullpen is very good, as well. But if it comes down to a battle of which relievers blink first, the Brewers hold a good edge over just about anyone in baseball. With that in mind, we’re expecting to see them in the NLCS for the second straight year.
ALCS: Astros over Red Sox
While it only went five games, the 2018 ALCS was a very competitive series. Look for another very close series in 2019, just with a different result. As good as the Red Sox were in 2018, everything broke their way. One of those things was that the Astros were not a completely healthy team in the ALCS. That’s of course a risk again. But Houston has also added depth in the offseason. Meanwhile, the Red Sox have largely remained stagnant. There’s a reason no team has repeated in 19 years. Boston ended Houston’s repeat bid in 2018. Look for the Astros to return the favor in 2019.
National League Cy Young Favorites 2019
NLCS: Brewers over Rockies
The Rockies having home field would help buoy their chances. But in the end, it won’t be enough. With these offenses in these stadiums, we’d expect to see the depth of the pitching staffs (both starters and relievers) really put to the test. Not only is that Milwaukee’s strength, but it’s also Colorado’s weakness. That will be too much for the Rockies to overcome. This series will be a lot of fun to watch. When the dust settles, the Brewers will head to their first World Series since 1982.
World Series: Brewers over Astros
2019 National League Playoff Schedule
Tumblr media
2019 National League Standings
Something that needs to be mentioned, of course, is that the rosters as we see them now may be different than what we see in October. That can help any team. But the Brewers specifically have the pieces to add someone like a top-tier starting pitcher midseason. In the end, though, it still comes down to Milwaukee’s bullpen. This group can shrink games and keep even the best offenses in the league off balance. We’re expecting a good series here. Don’t expect it to go any less than six games. And when it’s over, we like the Brewers to be crowned as baseball’s best for the first time in their history.
Tumblr media
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nanastea · 2 days ago
for the sake of it
Tumblr media
order: HI! I absolutely adore your blog and writing, and was hoping to get a small taro milk tea with mango jelly (add-ons egg pudding, this is my favorite irl too btw!) for my sweet boy megumi? And I'd like to request a fake dating au where it initially started out as a prank but it turned into something more? – @dumrus
pairing: fushiguro megumi x fem!reader
word count: 1,732
tags: fake dating au! idiots in love, little angst for a short while but gets a happy ending!
date: apr. 17, 2021
nana’s note: ahhh thank you so much @dumrus for being my first order!! i was so happy when i received this order and got super excited about writing it that i kind of got carried away and wrote a too long of an imagine (*꒦ິ³꒦ີ) and i'm not sure if i got the prank part correctly ヽ( T–T)ノi’m sorry about that! but i do hope you will enjoy this~ constructive feedback is appreciated!
previous order: notes for you
Tumblr media
you’ve always been with megumi for as long as you can remember. you two met at jujutsu high when gojo had introduced the young megumi to you. the spikey dark haired boy had no interest in you nor did you in him. you both were young and had no idea what curses or cursed energy was so it was mostly training and training.
but due to the low attendance of students enrolled in the academy, there was only you and megumi so ultimately you guys had to rely on each other. but with the news of new first years coming to the academy, you and megumi hadn’t been expecting to build new relationships. nobara kugisaki and itadori yuuji were the new first years and students that you two had to work with.
they were a handful, especially yuuji who became the vessel of the king of curses, ryomen sukuna. the first few weeks of getting to know the new students, it was quite awkward and naturally you and megumi stuck together. that isn’t unnoticed by kugisaki nor yuuji.
“are you and y/n dating?” yuuji had asked one day. the four of you had been training when the two boys had gone to get drinks from the vending machines. megumi glanced at the pink haired boy as he pressed a button on the machine.
“no.” he simply replied. “are you interested in her?”
“no, no.” the former waved his hands. “i just thought so because you guys are always together.”
“we aren’t dating.” you two had said. on the other hand, kugisaki had asked you the same question.
“hah?” she drew out in disbelief. “there is no way. you guys are always together! you don’t even have a speck of feelings for him?” you pick at the edges of your sweater and shrug. did you even think of megumi that way? well, he may appear cold, but he has his ways of concern. like when he catches you before you fell down those stairs one day, or when he brings you your favorite snacks when you’re not well, or taking care of you when you’re ill…
the next thing you knew, your face had flushed and burned red.
“you do!” kugisaki pointed out and laughed out loud. you could die. you hid your head in the palms of your hands and cringed. this can’t be.
“what’s so funny, kugisaki?” yuuji’s voice says. the voice suddenly made you shoot your head up knowing if the pink haired boy was there, then an all too familiar spikey haired boy would be back too. your eyes effortlessly fall onto megumi’s who looks back in concern.
“you’re red. are you alright?” he asked. if your face could feel any hotter, it could.
“she’s fine! she just overdid training!” kugisaki lied through her teeth whilst attempting to hold back her laughter and patting your back.
“well, you can sit this one out until you feel better.” megumi offers and you nod dumbly. you just dug your own grave. with your feelings now surfaced, you can’t do anything except keep your newfound feelings locked tightly in your heart. megumi doesn’t need to know about them. however, that’s beginning to get difficult when you’ve gotten yourself in situations where megumi was always there to catch you before you fell.
“you’ve really been out of it, y/n. are you sure you’re okay?” he had asked. you had just bumped your head against the wall when you found megumi walking down the opposite side of the hall and you had abruptly turned around to avoid him, but ended up hitting your head on the wall.
“i’m fine.” you shake your head, holding the cool ice pack against your head.
“i don’t think so, you’ve been spacing out a lot lately and i’m worried about you.” the words fall so effortlessly from his lips and you clench your eyes closed, feeling how your heart begins to race erratically.
“i’m fine, megumi. really.” you assured, looking up at him and giving him your best grin. megumi does not believe you, but he lets you be and withdraws back in the chair.
“what about you? how are you holding up on training with kugisaki?” you ask this time to settle your nerves. a small groan leaves the other’s lips and you can’t help but chuckle.
“that bad huh?”
“it’s not that.” megumi starts. “she always tries to find a way to ask if you and i are dating. clearly, we’re not but she’s persistent. it’s worse because itadori is also asking.” your heart clenches a little at his words, but you swallow it down to the pit of your stomach. is it really that bad?
“i mean we can just say that we are dating, but we actually aren’t. like you know, fake dating. kind of?” the boy looks at you with a small tilt of his head.
“why?” you begin to get anxious and clear your throat, looking behind him to prepare what to say next.
“w-well it’s going to get awkward between us if they keep asking, right? i mean they’ll probably stop pestering us?” you reason hopefully. megumi is silent and you’re beginning to regret your offer.
“i-i mean it’s only a thought, it’s not that we have to follow–”
“no. i think that’ll be a good idea. they’ll definitely stop asking.” he nods. “let’s do it.”
“y-yeah.” and when you guys told kugisaki and yuuji that you two were ‘dating,’ they had sighed in relief claiming that they ‘knew it’ and you two were ‘just hiding it.’ you chuckled awkwardly and nodded along.
fortunately, the plan did work and kugisaki and yuuji had stopped bothering you guys about your relationship. on the other hand, you can’t help but notice the tense awkwardness between you and megumi whenever you two were alone together. maybe it wasn’t a good idea after all.
you’re in kugisaki’s room for another of your group to get together to down all kinds of junk food and watch corny horror movies. after getting tired of movies, you’re all on the bed and chatting away–more like kugisaki and yuuji are chatting your ears off. and you’re not sure how the conversation was directed at you and megumi’s relationship. if you even want to call it that.
“what do you mean?” you looked at the orange head skeptically.
“kiss! i meant kiss! have you guys even kissed yet?” the question hangs in the air and you can feel the spiked boy behind you tense, shuffling his legs. you avoid the prying eyes and clear your throat. what the hell were you guys going to respond to that? the silent response makes nobara and itadori’s jaws drop.
“no way!” they both exclaim, gasping and covering their mouths ever so dramatically.
“you guys dated this long and you haven’t even kissed once?” itadori inquired, brows raised in shock. you utter something that doesn’t go unnoticed.
“what was that, y/n?”
“we weren’t even dating in the first place.” silence consumes the room before it erupts into sounds of gasps and an uproar of shouts.
“no way! why did you lie?!” kugisaki voiced offensively.
“you guys were so insistent that we were dating, but we really weren’t. so, we just pretended to date so you guys would stop asking.” you say. kugisaki and yuuji don’t say anything and their eyes glance at megumi who seems to find a strange liking in picking at the edges of his sweatpants. the two glance at each other and settle back onto the bed.
“we didn’t mean to have forced anything on you two.” kugisaki said, gentle and a little guilty because it seemed like the two of you were on the brink of something that she did not want to happen. you weren’t able to respond when you feel megumi shuffle behind you and off the bed.
“i’m tired. i’m just. gonna go sleep.” megumi muttered, hand rubbing his neck and eyes refusing to meet anyone’s. he cleared his throat and shuffled out of the room. the room is silent again. two pairs of eyes fall on your slumped frame and when itadori opens his mouth to say something, he’s cut off with yours.
“i’m tired too. i’ll see you guys tomorrow.” and you, too, leave the room without another word. the following days have been the hardest for you. you were foolishly hooked up on your feelings for the spiky haired boy which caused you to fall countless times while training with kugisaki. she knew what got you so up in the clouds and felt guilty for what she put you two through.
“i think you should try confessing just to get it off your chest.” she told you. “trust me, it’ll be awkward at first, but you guys will forget it later. probably even look back and laugh about it.” you take her words into consideration and nod defeatedly.
“yeah, i guess.” was everything going to go back to normal once you do confess? would you guys really look back and laugh about it as part of your silly adolescent life? a heavy sigh leaves your lips.
“speak of the devil.” she grinned and nodded her head to which you followed and looked behind you. it’s megumi. he has a hand in his pocket and the other is rubbing the back of his neck and his eyes are looking to the side.
“may i speak to you, y/n?”
“o-oh. yeah, sure.” you two leave the area and head to the vending machines where you two get your respective drinks for you and your friends. that is until megumi stands to his full height and faces you, making you look at him confused.
“megumi?” you hear him clear his throat and breath out.
“i, uh, i’ve really thought about it over the time we have been apart, and,” he swallows. “i really like you, y/n. i know it’s still awkward between us because of what happened, but i needed to tell you this.” you’re stunned, shocked at what you heard. you couldn’t even process what he said when he started to doubt his words and begin to take them back.
“n-no!” you abruptly say, shaking your head. you swallow whatever was left of you and say those four words of reciprocation, albeit stumbled over them.
“i like you too, megumi.”
Tumblr media
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notyouraveragejulie · 2 days ago
Le prophète (Toulouse, 2017 [second liveblog]): Reactions, Part III
Tumblr media
“Hey, how you doin’? Well, I’m doin’ just fine...”
Tumblr media
“...I lied I’m dyin’ inside” (Vine references ftw)
Tumblr media
oh look it’s a literal cross of gold (flashbacks to AP United States History where we had to read that speech even though aside from the symbol, there is no connection whatsoever)
Tumblr media
Fidès is back! (but not in a great state)
Tumblr media
begging for basic services...Munster 1535, Paris 1849, or USA 2021? you decide
(also, Fidès, surprise! Jean actually isn’t dead. but you don’t know that yet)
Tumblr media
Berthe’s back too!!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Tumblr media
no he’s not but also poor both of you
Tumblr media
a lovely, bleak moment of mourning (that sounds light blue to me)
Tumblr media
oh do I have NEWS FOR YOU
Tumblr media
Kitten Thinks of Nothing But Murder All Day
Tumblr media
this duet HARD SLAPS and they’re both fabulous also MURDER TIME
Tumblr media
Coronation March time!!!
Tumblr media
I just think the aesthetic is neat
Tumblr media
*Rebel Wilson in Jojo Rabbit voice* “IT’S TIME TO GO BURN SOME BOOKS!!!”
Tumblr media
yeah idk either
Tumblr media
I will say it every time: operatic church music SLAPS
Tumblr media
you’re going to regret praying for that
Tumblr media
Kate Aldrich has said in several interviews that once she started studying this role after accepting this offer, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to go through with it, but honey, you are on FIRE here in the best possible way
Tumblr media
y’all Meyerbeer just SLAPS
Tumblr media
someone help her please she deserves better than all this shit
Tumblr media
mmmmmmmmmm no
Tumblr media
the most awkward possible way to find out that your child is not in fact dead
Tumblr media
yeah, this is AWKWARD
Tumblr media
“’who are you?’ EXCUSE YOU???”
Tumblr media
never, EVER piss off the mezzo
Tumblr media
all-capital DRAMA
Tumblr media
this slaps and if you don’t think so you’re wrong
Tumblr media
just for show
Tumblr media
the cello ensemble under this is gorg
Tumblr media
yes because a pseudo-exorcism is a good idea
Tumblr media
Smug Knife Cat (again)
Tumblr media
oh honey
Tumblr media
less ‘miracle’, more ‘emotional blackmail’
Tumblr media
and there’s still that can of worms
Tumblr media
quite likely one of my single favorite opera scenes ever
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Area Mezzo Is Extremely Conflicted
Tumblr media
this is so sad and yet so beautiful
Tumblr media
this BOPS and it still absolutely baffles me how anyone can sing this
Tumblr media
and yet she’s NAILING it
Tumblr media
and the crowd goes WILD
Tumblr media
do you know what it feels like now, Jean?
Tumblr media
Jean, you did have a valid point...
Tumblr media
but *gestures at the past two acts*
Tumblr media
this SLAPS
Tumblr media
chance at redemption :)
(also they’re so great together)
Tumblr media
yes, you’re reading that right: her plan is to suicide-bomb the palace
Tumblr media
reunited!!! <3
Tumblr media
well this is certainly awkward
Tumblr media
if only the three of you could just trio away and be happy forever
Tumblr media
annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd there it is
Tumblr media
she is NOT having it (you stick to those principles and your dignity!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yup, Jean went and decided to carry out Berthe’s plan himself
Tumblr media
night of the living dead
Tumblr media
yeah I don’t know either
Tumblr media
this hard BOPS
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you wish
Tumblr media
and here we go with the suicide bombing...
Tumblr media
oh honey
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
two absolute ICONS
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and literally EVERYONE dies
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nakachuchu · 2 days ago
Mint Ice Cream | Sugawara Koushi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: There's a couple discount at the ice cream parlor you like but you're single.
READER: gender neutral
WORDS: 1222
WRITTEN: 04/16/2021
NOTES: Thank you for requesting from my event! "If anyone asks, you're my date." + There's a couple discount at the ice cream parlor you like but you're single.
Tumblr media
“Koushi, Koushi!” you called out energetically as you ran toward him.
He grabbed you by the arms as you ran into him. You laughed as you placed a hand on his chest while waving around a flyer in your other hand.
“What’s that in your hand?” he asked.
“It’s a flyer for my favorite ice cream shop!” you exclaimed. “They’re having a discount for couples!”
“But you’re single,” he pointed out.
You sighed. “Yes, I know, and that is why I am currently in front of you.”
You smiled at him, teeth showing and all. He looked at you with a disgusted expression on his face.
“That’s your ‘I have a plan’ smile and your plans are never good.”
“You’re being meaner than usual today,” you retorted. “Will you pretend to be my boyfriend so I can get a scoop of mint ice cream for half the price?”
He blinked. “That’s your plan?”
“Say ‘yes,’ “ you whispered.
He sighed. “Yes.”
You grinned and leaned in to kiss his cheek. “Thanks! I’ll meet you at the gates after school.”
Once you were gone, Daichi approached him.
“When are you going to ask Y/N out on a date?” Daichi asked.
Koushi turned to the side and slammed his fist into Daichi’s stomach, causing the muscular man to sputter and hold onto his stomach.
“The timing has to be right,” Koushi answered.
He had been saying that for years now. The two of you were childhood friends and he had a crush on you since you were children.
There was just something about your bubbly and energetic personality that matched well with his kind—deceiving—and humorous personality.
Koushi didn't get nervous at the thought of spending time with you, his crush, because he slept with you since the two of you were in diapers and cribs.
But he did get nervous at the thought of asking you out. Sure, he had asked you to come over to study or play games, and sure, you had your monthly movie nights—monthly because volleyball took up most of his time—but those were different from an actual date.
This ice cream discount event wasn't technically a date, but just the mere idea of tricking other people—strangers—into thinking the two of you were dating made him feel excited.
"Hi!" you greeted.
He had gone the rest of the school day waiting until the moment the two of you would go out to your favorite ice cream parlor.
"Hey," he greeted as the two of you began to walk.
"What flavor do you think you're gonna get? I bet you're gonna get chocolate today," you said.
"Hey, stop predicting my every move," he scolded as he bumped his shoulder against yours.
You laughed and wrapped your arm around his arm before intertwining your hands together.
Holding hands was natural for the two of you. When the two of you Forster entered Karasuno, everyone assumed you were dating. The two of you had to laugh and deny everything.
Koushi and you simply loved each other as family, the two of you would say.
It wasn't exactly a lie, but the truth was, it was more of Koushi wanting you to become his wife and you wanted him to be your husband.
Neither of you knew how the other person felt and it would stay like that until one of you got your heads out of your asses.
"If anyone asks, you're my date," you whispered as the two of you approached the ice cream parlor.
"Got it."
The two of you entered the ice cream parlor, being greeted by the sound of the bell and the old man who owned the shop.
"Y/N, you're back!" he cheered. "And you brought someone with you."
"This is my boyfriend, Koushi," you introduced.
Koushi bowed slightly. "Nice to meet you, sir. Y/N always talks about this shop. It's lovely."
The old man waved him off. "Y/N comes here every week. You're practically family. When'd you two start dating?"
You approached the glass of ice cream flavors, tugging Koushi along with you and pointing at the flavors for him to look at.
"Only recently, around a week ago. Though, we've known each other since we were babies," you explained.
"Ah, a childhood love? My wife and I were childhood friends as well. Now, we have five kids and seven grandchildren," the old man said with a laugh as he began to scoop the mint ice cream without you having to order.
You grinned at that. "Thanks, old man."
"I'm not that old."
Koushi smiled at the interaction between you and the old man as he handed the scoop of mint ice cream in a waffle cone to you.
"What do you want, son?" the old man asked.
"Uh—" Koushi scratched the back of his head, knowing you were going to make fun of him for his reply. "Chocolate rocky road, please."
"You got it."
"I told you you were going to get chocolate," you retorted.
"You said chocolate. You never said anything about chocolate rocky road," he bit back.
You huffed and rolled your eyes. "Why am I even dating you?"
"Because you love me."
You sighed. "Yeah, you're right. I do love you."
He knew you meant it as friends, but his heart couldn't help but race when you said that.
The old man handed him the ice cream school of chocolate rocky road. "You two take care and make sure to stay safe," he said with a wink.
"Gross, old man," you retorted as you reached for your wallet.
"I got it," Koushi said as he took out his wallet to pay for the ice cream.
You smiled. "Thanks."
The old man waved goodbye to the two of you as you left his ice cream parlor.
"Dating you's pretty good," you said as you licked your mint ice cream.
"Because I paid for your ice cream?" he questioned.
You smiled. "That's part of it. Anyone would be lucky to date you. I still don't understand why you won't ask out your crush."
"—complicated," you finished. "I know you say that every time, but it's not like it's me or something."
When he was silent and didn't respond, you looked at him. He looked right back at you with a serious expression on his face.
"Is it me?" you questioned.
He pursed his lips. "Yeah, it's you."
The two of you stared at each other for a while and the ice cream cones in your hands were forgotten.
"Seriously?" you questioned.
Koushi cringed. "I know. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything. I should have lied. I—"
"No, because I—I like you too," you said.
He froze and blinked, trying to comprehend what you just said. "Like as in...?"
"Like, I want you to be my boyfriend," you murmured.
"Y-Yeah—N-No—I mean, yes, I want to be your boyfriend," he stammered.
He nodded. "Yes, I've been waiting for the day I could tell you I liked you. I didn't think it would go like this, but I'm still glad it happened."
You smiled. "Me too."
He held out his hand, allowing you to intertwine your hands together.
"Hey, Y/N?" Koushi questioned.
"Let's keep this to ourselves for now. I don't need the guys making fun of me yet."
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