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#eren headcanons
arumin-arureruto · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
got this in my drafts… y’all want me to post it?
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12thouse · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
🌾 jean is a farmhand. carries bales and feed bags and stuff, tends to and moves the animals. gets sunburnt often and has a lot of wack tan lines (his feet are so white 😦 when he takes off his socks it’s like the scene in spongebob where neptune takes off his crown. dont even get me started on his buttcheeks ⬜️⬜️) sometimes helps armin pull weeds in the garden. hes the weed pulling champ bc he channels any pent up frustration he has to pull every weed out with roots intact. literally has never pulled a rootless weed. king.
🌾 vaquero conny 😌 doesnt do a lot of farm work, more of a horse boy. has one horse thats like his best friend and takes him everywhere. EVERYWHERE. his horse is bombproof bc of it and he’ll literally ride him around in tractor supply. spends most of his time at the creek. uses his horse as a diving board and does back flips off of him into the water. occasionally goes on trail rides with jean, but jean doesnt like to go much faster than a walk so he gets bored sometimes. keeps count of how many horse flies they swat and turns it into a competition.
🌾 u can always find reiner in the fields on his big green tractor 🚜 (with air conditioning on blast and big green tractor by jason aldean on repeat baby) or a harvester. handles most of the machinery even tho its a bit of a tight squeeze in the cab sometimes— theres permanent rub marks where his shoulders touch the windows cuz hes a 100% corn fed born and raised country boy. doesnt care much for the animals. chews alfalfa whenever he can.
🌾 annie is also a farmhand. wont help jean even tho he offers to help her sometimes. mostly works on her own end of the farm. put on cattle duty a lot and gets angry when cows wont go through the gate so she starts calling them names
🌾 bertholdt is the farmer’s daughter son. hes allergic to like absolutely everything (paper skin and glass bones) with one of the exceptions being lemons. so he doesnt work much but instead likes to make the workers lemonade when the days get hot, mostly bc hes got a crush on reiner 😳 but doesnt want to make it obvious so he makes some for everybody. has his own lemon trees, so all his lemonade is made with real lemons.
🌾 sasha grew up country but started disowning that side of herself when her non-country friends made fun of her for it smh 🙄 but she secretly still loves it. she likes to join conny at the creek on weekends. doesnt have her own steed but loves connys, highkey looks on craigslist every night for free horses. gets more scared when conny backflips off of his horse than the horse does 🗿 tries to catch minnows with her hands
🌾 armin is bertholdts friend from the suburbs that started coming over a little more than occasionally when he learned that jean works full time 😳 so when he also found out bertholdt makes them lemonade he just HAD to help. subtly tho. “oh. you make lemonade? for the farmhands? lemonade for the farmhands? like you walk over and hand them the glass? and they drink it?”. puts extra sugar in jeans and WILL kiss the entire rim of his glass so that when he drinks it they kiss indirectly (jean tries to ignore the chapstick stains). dies whenever hes helping pull weeds and jean sneaks up behind him to drop his hat on his head.
🌾 eren is literally the dog that guards the livestock. he sleeps with the goats. he wears one of those huge spiked collars that protects his throat from wolves. he tries to chew reiners tires when hes going out to the fields so he has to stop the tractor every 2 seconds. one time jean bought an inflatable pool for the summer and the second he put it up eren came running at light speed to bite a hole in it 😑👍🏻
🌾 erwin is the neighbor that lives in the country but isnt country. he side eyes the gang over his white picket fence and mumbles abt how theyre “some dirty mfs”
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yandereaffections · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he would take you out as a reward for good behavior, despite his grip on your hand Eren does seem much more trusting than usual, guard down as he looks around for a store name you mentioned wanting to go to before feeling you slip from his fingers
Honestly you probably couldn't even get a few feet away from him before getting the back of your shirt yanked back, choking you a bit in the process. He doesn't care if you were to make a excuse that you were throwing something out or a store caught your attention, now you won't get his full attention off of you anytime soon
Even if you did manage to use the people in the crowd to your advantage you should also be aware this man is very homicidal, if you keep putting people in his way between you and him they're going to start being attacked and yelled at for not moving quick enough. Dare you make enough distance he'll take the risk to transform and destroy the area around him, dig you out of the rumble afterwords cause there's no way in hell he's letting you get away
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arminarlertsslut · 8 hours ago
dark!stepbro!eren yeager x stepsis!reader 
warnings: +18, dark content, stepcest, unprotected sex, oral sex (m), breeding kink, daddy kink, praise kink, dry humping, degradation, very posessive!eren
Tumblr media
please don’t read if anything makes you uncomfortable!
a/n: thank youuuu for 200 followers! Hope you enjoy! + reqs are open feel free to send anything!!!!!
stepbrother eren spies on you while you change, taking out his cock and spitting on his hand then jerking himself off 
as he watches you undress, he can’t help but think of how you would look on your knees, begging for his cock 
“such a good girl, taking her big step brother’s cock in her mouth” 
“your mouth was made for me”
the thought of seeing your bare core causes his body to shake
that sweet pussy, all on display for him and only him
“tell me who this pussy belong to, princess” 
and you would say him
eren can’t watch for long, anyone could catch him so he takes it to his room 
where he has a special box, filled with your possessions 
bras, panties, and pictures of you at the pool 
he has jerked off to every single item
screaming your name with his fist around his cock
wishing he was unloading his cum in your pussy, filling you up with his seed, risking the chance of impregnating you
making you a mommy and him a daddy, how cute creating a family with you would be
he can’t imagine how you feel inside, the only thing he knew was that he was going to breed your tight pussy
making you his. Only his, no one else. 
eren takes a pillow and positions it to his hardened member, he peels his shirt off 
his eyes are on the pillow, imagining its you
he pulls his boxers down and begins to hump his pillow
‘you’re gonna take my cock, like a good little whore, right?’ 
‘fuck yes, you’re so tight and wet. So wet for daddy’
‘gonna cum in you, gonna fill you up with my cum’ 
‘you’re my pretty little slut, all mine, gonna make this pussy mine’ 
eren’s head rolls back and lets out a breathe moan, his thrusts become sloppy 
he’s so close to cumming 
“fuck y/n,” he groans, releasing onto his pillow
eren hopes you heard him
a/n: sorry its so late, hopefully ill have more time to write now
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colossal-fallout · 9 hours ago
Imagine dry humping Eren on a college party 🥺 everyone's too drunk to notice that you both are somewhere in a corner sitting on a sofa and Eren has you on his lap while you're making out 'nd he just moves your hips that you have to cum with your clothes on 🥵
This is hot.
Warnings: 18+ smut
Tumblr media
The calloused finger tips of your boyfriends large hands push into your flesh a little harder than intended. He couldn't help it, as you playfully straddle his lap with that glint of mischief in your eyes; clouded with a small misty haze of intoxication.
God, you get him riled up something awful. Just everything about you screams beauty to him. Your magnetised aura constantly drawing in his gaze, no matter how many times you'd fucked passionately, wildly, even publicly... he'll always want more of you. He's addicted to your scent. How your walls tightly pull him in, a velvet heroine coated tunnel that never relents him mercy.
So he's obviously more than pleased to have you grinding against his clothed errection.
It was late - it early, depending on what state you were in. Some of your friends (like Connie) had passed out hours ago and was sure to wake up in a confused haze at any moment.
Yet others like Jean and Reiner, who were slumped with their heads together, snoring loudly - well it was safe to say they won't be roused any time soon.
Erens breathing quickly becomes erratic, the large lump in his throat bobbing with a hard swallow as his aphrodite girlfriend slowly slides her tongue across his lips, before entering his mouth. His hands don't know where to go next. Your perfect ass? Breasts? Thighs...? He's spoilt for choice.
Deciding to go for your neck, he vibrates with a deep groan while his teeth nips at your flesh, his palms assisting your grinds on his throbbing cock. His cock that is pouring with pre cum, just crying to be nestled within you once more.
It doesn't take too long before his face is reddening, glancing over your shoulder to make sure your friends are still sound asleep.
"Slow down. I'm going to cum." He pants, heavy breath quivering.
You were too far gone to take notice.
Your panties were soaked and your hands desperately gripped his shirt, your release so beautifully close. The friction and heat of his cock radiating through onto your clit was too good to handle. The feel of his arms hysterically flexing you back and forth was to die for.
With pleading eyes, you clamp your teeth onto his shoulder to muffle your cries of intense pleasure, his own hissing a sure sign of his junk unable to handle any more.
You feel it spasm and writhe through the clothing, his hips jerk as you ascend into your climax.
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penny-lane629 · 12 hours ago
※some aot dudes and their reactions to you texting them ‘fuck me’※
uuuuh first time doing this text au thing don’t know how it works(^_^)
cw: swearing, suggestive content
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the armin one hit too close to home bc I said the word seggy to a guy once and he stopped talking to me lmao
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mitsuri-tokito · 13 hours ago
Can I please get some headcanons of Erwin comforting his s/o after they had a nightmare over a traumatic experience they had? (Ik this is very specific but you don't have to do it if you don't want to)
Im not kidding when I say I wrote this and then thought of it for an entire night- :sob: also I have insomnia related to trauma and this particular kind of helped a little, it at least helped my sleep scheduled and the control I have over my sleep so I do recommend
If you need someone with you when you sleep in order to feel safe/have better dreams, he'd sleep with you and make sure he has at least 1 arm on you.
He's always there to vent with, he'd bring you something to drink and sit with you, he'll be there to listen for hours.
He'd (only if you're okay with it) recommend some form of therapy, whether that's an actual therapist, meditation, music, some kind of hobby, I think he'd look through some options and offer them.
If you were just recently affected by something really traumatic, or recently triggered by it he'd take time off work or make sure he's always nearby so he would come to help you.
He'd focus everything he can give you to you, he'd make sure boundaries are set if you have certain triggers and makes sure you're as comfortable as you can be with and around him or in public
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erenslittlestepsister · 16 hours ago
PSA: You're hot
Making a guy flustered because of how good you look is actually the best feeling in the world. I go on a power trip and stay on it for at least a week when it happens. That said, you would definitely fluster your favorite anime character. I just know this, take my word for it, from one pretty thing to another. His eyes would be nervously darting everywhere in the space above your head when you finally approach him. He clings to his cool aura with all his might but it evaporates leaving him with no shield against your enchantment. His anxiousness is visible in the way his shoulders are now slightly raised and his jaw seems to tighten more with every choppy sentence that spills from his mouth without any filter. His eyes widen as he listens to himself morph into the biggest dork, unable to stop his own fate. You just watch it unfold, enjoying every mispronounced word and stutter, not giving him an out as your eyes cooly regard him. With great mercy, you bid him a good day, his goodbye dies in his throat as you flash him a smile. It will take the poor man a few hours to recover from the death of his dignity. Once he's brave enough to replay the encounter in his head he cringes into oblivion. The journey to his ego's recovery begins with him reenacting smooth versions of the encounter fiasco and ends with vivid daydreams of him getting to fuck you over any flat surface he can think of.
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to6kyos · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ what is it like to shop with attack on titan characters !
— mentions : eren , mikasa , armin , levi , Connie , jean , sasha
— word count ; 806w + armins
— warnings; modern au! nothing! fluff
Notes ; i love this, I might do it for jjk and Tokyo revengers, also I forgot about armin 💔 so that’s why he’s at the very bottom please please reblog!!
| masterlist |
Tumblr media
— EREN , he doesn’t like it? I mean he likes going out but I don’t see him as a guy who would say “hey I wanna go shopping” he buys his clothes online 😟. okay okay but shopping with him is kinda fun? Cough* spoils you cough* you drag him everywhere, just be careful not to pass by any shoe store, he stays there for hours just asking for shoes and trying some on. And yes I see eren as a shoe guy <\3.
as a joke you always walk into Victoria secret <\3
he acts cool but he has a lot in mind… 😟
offers to buy you snacks from those food stands
walks around with his hand in your back pocket, or over the shoulder
he tells you he isn’t over protective but you know he’s lying, he’s always glaring at guys looking at you.
you on the other hand, when girls complimented him you just smile and stand next to him, for the rest of the day you have a bitch face and is moody 💔
— JEAN, he’s the one dragging you to go shop with him, you like it too but jean goes every Monday and maybe every Saturday <\3, he goes into Gucci I-I do not make the rules. if there’s a Prada around he’s sure to buy you something from there ( I love Prada 🤞🏻). Spoils you, no doubt
he wears the most fashionable thing to go to the mall
Holds your hand and bags
offers to go into the dressing room with you <\3
after a long day of shopping he takes you to eat, very fancy restaurant.
— CONNIE , I want to go on a date with this man because I know that is going to be the best day of my life, here’s the first thing, If the mall has those kids park, you know that he’s going to drag you there. Do you get kicked out for being too loud? Yeah. you guys go into zumies, hot topic, those small collector stores, always munching on something, like pretzels or popcorn.
buys you ice cream after all that walking
you guys end up buying matching caps
also you guys go to the book store, buy some manga or books of your liking
Connie is kinda lay back, he walked the whole mall with his hand over your shoulder. would put his whole weight into you. You guys fell once bc of him
Would smile at you and stare at you every now and then
Would definitely do those falling pranks, you laugh and walk away acting like you don’t know him
— LEVI , he likes shopping online, in his chair. BUT if you drag him out the house and take him to the mall he doesn’t complain. He probably shops in like Zara’s men section. That where he gets his sense of fashion, I think levi is more or a outlet guy but but he enjoys the mall, takes seats in those random chair around the mall, drinking coffe while you lay your head on his shoulder.
Gets lots of looks bc of how “unhappy” he looks
he’s actually happy that’s he’s out with you
holds your hand, AND PLAYS WITH YOUR PINKY while you stop to look at something
when you try something he gives his very honest opinion </3 you have to remind yourself he still loves you
— MIKASA , get ready because this would be a super cute and chill girls date, favorite store is zara please i just see her loving that store. Wear a loose suit for the date, super cute. If there is a display, you know how they put cars and stuff in the middle of a mall. You both stop to look at them, SHOPPING AT THE ART SHOP.
After the mall you guys go to the park and have a picnic
Canvas and paints scattered
Mikasa is very protective of you so she would shield you a lot in the mall
The two of you try on outfits just for fun, you never buy them.
— SASHA , again the funnest date ever, runs everywhere and when she sees something that reminds her of you she'll go running towards you. “Look this is so you”. Loud laughing everywhere you have to calm her down. Makes you spend 20 dollars at the arcade but don't worry she tries to win a iphone from those claw games, fails but at least she tried. You guys stop to eat donuts and ice cream, stomach problems for the rest of the night.
You guys go to the movie theater after
Shes all over you, hugging you while you two walk
She literally calls out whoever looks at you in a bad way “what are you staring at bitch?”
Still wins you a cute teddy bear
Favorite store is probably pacsun? She loves the clothes from there
Sasha is a vans girl </3
— ARMIN, armin is an adventurous guy and loves going out with you, cute date, offers to buy you coffee for the long walks, buys you things without letting you and surprises you with them. is shy when he asks for your opinion on a shirt he’s trying on, he’s so cute oh my gosh
I don’t know why but I see armin not wanting people watch him look at clothes, he probably gets overwhelmed?? I DUNNO but I see him like that
movie and popcorn at home, you guys watch the movie you bought at the mall
book shopping at the local Barnes and noble 🤞🏻
you guys try and make cloud cake 
Tumblr media
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justafrenchlondoner · 19 hours ago
So I have this chapter 123 eremika AU headcanon I need to get out of my system. After the few drinks they had throughout the evening with the liberio refugees, Eren becomes brave (alcohol effect) and bold. He grabs Mikasa by the hand and invites her to go outside of the tent to pursue their 'what-I-am-to-you' interrupted discussion. He first tries to convey his feelings to a confused Mikasa who is just as inebriated as him. But he can't put his feelings into words properly so he grabs her by the waist and they kiss...and then they elope.
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zeeroweenies · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DESC ✿ you and eren are the worst together.
MATCHUP ✿ eren x f!reader
CW ✿ very toxic relationship ; arguing ; make up sex ; dacryphilia ; verbal abuse ; cheating/gaslighting ; impact play ; mouth spitting ; oral f → m ; rough sex turned soft ; not proofed.
WC ✿ 2K+
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2:45 AM.
And it’s been six hours since Eren stormed out of your apartment off to god knows where, every one of your texts and calls asking his whereabouts being ignored or sent to voicemail.
It’s been nearly three years since you two started dating, and it’s always the same old shit. A five step cycle, really: Eren does something to piss you off and make you cry, he makes you seem like you’re in the wrong for reacting a certain way and makes you feel like shit for it, the two of you fight, fuck, and make up. Simple you could say, but not really.
8:27 PM. where are you?
9:05 PM. baby please text me back.
You don’t even remember what the cause of this fallout was, it was just that stupid. You and Eren are always getting into petty fights. Whether it be about who’s going to take the dog for a walk or something dumb either one of you said to piss each other off, you were constantly at each other’s throats. And it was tiring, repeating the same routine with Eren has seriously gotten old over the years.
But here you were, blowing up his phone afterwards and begging for him to come back like you always do. Pathetic, it really is.
12:13 AM. i’m getting really worried, eren.
12:59 AM. are you out with some bitch? answer my calls you fucking asshole!
The only thing you can remember was the loud exchange between you two, screaming at each other to the top of your lungs until you were hoarse, voices booming through the thin walls of your apartment so loud that your neighbors were bound to hear it, they always do.
You’re right up in Eren’s grill, so close and invading his personal space that he can feel the anger behind your words. “Where the fuck are you going, Eren? Do you even love me anymore?” Please say you do.
He doesn’t even answer you, his hand flying upwards to zip close his hoodie. “I’m not gonna keep putting up with your bullshit, all you do is bitch and whine about meaningless shit. I’m sick of it.”
“Then leave!” Don’t go.
A scoff falls from his lips, making you shrink a little on the inside when he says, “Say less.” Walking out of your shared apartment, the loud bang of the door slamming shut making you jump in place.
2:20 AM. if you’re gonna stay out this late don’t bother coming back.
Eren cheats on you, you know he does. But simply just knowing still doesn’t cushion the blow, especially when you allow it to happen. He flagrantly messes with other girls, behind your back and right in your face. What was wrong with you? Did he not find you sexy anymore? What do other girls have that you don’t? It’s like he doesn’t even respect you anymore, like you’re just some plaything he can throw away the moment he gets bored with you.
But your mind inevitably comes back to one question when fights like these occur: why do you let it happen?
You’re never able to come up with an answer, and just when you think you’re about to, the faint sound of keys jingling and wriggling the doorknob to reveal your boyfriend snaps you from your thoughts. Speak of the devil.
“Where have you been?” You shoot up from your place on the couch, tear stricken eyes on display and puffy from crying so hard. Your little act earning an eye roll from Eren, trudging his way to the comfort of your shared room after kicking off his sneakers.
“Eren, answer me.” You’re trailing right behind him, smaller hand attaching itself to his cotton sweater making him shake you off with a hint of annoyance.
“Don’t touch me.”
The words are so cold that they make you recoil in disbelief, brows furrowed at the fact that Eren practically treated you like a stranger on the street.
He’s already pulling night clothes from the huge dresser sitting near the foot of your bed when more tears begin to build at your eyes, clouding your vision before you gain the courage to speak again as your voice cracks. “Did you fuck someone else?”
Eren sneers at the pain evident in your voice, at the way you look so pathetic when you cry. You’re always fucking crying. Boo fucking hoo.
His shirt is halfway over his head as he pulls it off, muscles bulging as his gaze falls on you. “Since you wanna know so bad, yeah. I fucked someone else. So what? What’re you gonna do, leave? We both know that’s not happening, baby.”
A twisted feeling builds in your tummy, unable to do anything but just stand there like a brainless mummy while he goes on about the entire escapade like you’re not even there. “She was tight too. Got so fuckin’ wet when my dick was hitting her spot, you should’ve heard her screaming my name. Best pussy I’ve ever had, I swear to god.”
More tears well in the pits of your eyes but Eren doesn’t seem to have an ounce of remorse, a dead look taking over his features as he looks down on you. “Go ahead, cry. I don’t give a fuck.”
You sniffle, words almost coming out like gibberish as you cry. “You’re a piece of shit.”
He snorts, brow quirking as his face inches closer to yours. “Did you forget you cheated on me too? That you fucked around with my best friend? Or are you too fucking brain dead to remember?”
Oh yeah, that. Oops? Yes, you did cheat on Eren. But to be fair, he cheated on you first.
You’re quick to defend yourself, hand pointing your chest. “Why are you acting like I’m the one in the wrong? Like I fu—”
“Because you did fuck him, you stupid bitch!” His raucous voice along with the items knocked off of the dresser and clattering loudly onto the floor is enough to make you jump back in alarm. Eren’s always had problems with managing his temper, so naturally you were afraid. “Stop, you’re scaring me!”
Everything goes haywire. And as if you aren’t already distraught from the night’s ordeal, the next words that come out of Eren’s mouth are sure to seal the deal: “I don’t love you anymore.”
Air gets caught in your throat and all of a sudden it feels like you just got punched in the gut, like you can’t breathe. Your voice comes out small, “What?”
Both of your gazes are fixed on each other, a dead look in Eren’s emerald eyes. “I. Don’t. Love. You.” He repeats slowly, word for word to make sure you got the memo. “Do I have to fucking spell it out?”
The lids of your eyes flutter in disbelief. Once, and then twice. “I fucking hate you.”
You hate him, yet you’re on your knees choking on his cock with tears rolling down your cheeks in a stream with your nails digging marks into the backs of Eren’s thighs.
A hiss falls from his mouth when his tip touches the back of your throat, painful stinging searing through your scalp as he drags you up and down his length. “God, You know how much better you look when you shut the fuck up?” Tears wet your thick lashes as he pulls you off, your breathing ragged. “I hate you.”
It earns a rough slap to the side of your face, sending you in the other direction before he grabs your jaw with harsh force and pries it open, saliva falling onto your tongue as he spits into your mouth. “Shut the fuck up when I’m talking to you.”
“I h-hate you… so fucking much, Eren.” The dried tears on your face are replaced with new ones, a weak whine coming from your lips as he jerks you up harshly by the hair before virtually throwing you onto the plush bed like a rag doll, his huge figure towering over your body.
“Keep talking, and I’m really gonna give you something to cry about.” His tip pushes past your slick entrance before you can even say anything, mouth dropping open as he slams himself into you fully.
“You still hate me, huh? Even when I fuck you like this?” His hips angle to hit the soft spot inside you causing your nails to grip tightly at the sheets, muttering a shaky yes. Eren’s not convinced, rough hand connecting with the side of your face, making you involuntarily tighten around him.
“You’re lying. Stop that shit.” His breath is hot against your lips, setting your entire body ablaze paired with the overwhelming feeling of his cock stretching your walls so nicely.
Times like these always make you question whether Eren really loves you or not. You’ve convinced yourself that things are always going to be like this, like you’re stuck in the twilight zone or some crazy shit like that.
As much as you hated to admit it, you liked this. You like the way Eren hurts you, how he rips you apart only to piece you back together all over again.
It’s not surprising to you. He always does this, fucking with your head and your feelings only to make it better with his dick later.
Looking up into his eyes, you can almost see the guy you first fell in love with all those years ago, but he’s replaced with something so much more heinous– he doesn’t even look at you the same way he used to. No, this isn’t your Eren. You know this, and still you allow yourself to get caught up in his web.
“Do you still love me? Please, please, Eren—” You beg as your eyes shut tight, clinging onto his next words like glue. He can see it, gaze softening as his strokes increase in speed, kissing your tearful face as your whimpers fuel his lust even more.
“I love you more than anything baby, you’re all I have,” his words are sweeter than sugar in your ears as his hands hook behind your soft thighs to push them forward hitting even deeper inside of you, pulling a deep groan from him as he feels his tip hit your cervix. “I love you too,” you cry.
The look on your face is almost priceless, so pitiful hanging onto his every word. It makes him feel so powerful, the way he knows you need him and will always stay with him no matter how many times he fucks up as long as he keeps telling you these beautiful lies. “Fuck– You’re too good for me, I’m so lucky to have you.”
“Gonna cum— oh, fuck—” Eren cums at the same exact moment that you do, fucking his cum into your cunt so much that it spills out, loud squelching combined with your sweet moans against each other’s lips only making aftershocks of your orgasms that much better.
I love you, I love you, I love you, you repeat internally with each stroke Eren gives you before his hips still inside you. He collapses heavily on top of you, your hearts beating in sync while coming down from your highs. “Please stay with me, I don’t know what I’ll do if you leave.” his voice cracks, your hands flying to his now loosened bun as you rush to console him.
Often times you’ve questioned how you two were even compatible in the first place; you’re a doormat, and Eren’s attitude is more inconstant like the moon itself. The two of you together are a match made in hell, a fucked up spinoff of Romeo and Juliet.
But inevitably you always come back to one conclusion: you’ll never really leave Eren Jaeger. And as long as he needs you, you’ll need him. Shit, maybe you two really do deserve each other.
You want to cry, but it feels like all the tears you’ve had left to spare are gone, voice barely above a whisper as you hold him closer. “I will.”
Tumblr media
🏷 @sunas-cumdump @icyoni @naoyailoveu @sems-diarie @strawbub @random-734 @briefwinnerpersonaturtle @megumitodoroki @clairedaconvict
(if your user was a dead tag i removed it, i’m sorry!)
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obxnxi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Eren x Reader = One shot ??
[ A/N ] : this is more when he’s in s1 but i couldnt find any icons for s1 so i had to use that — but ITS OKAY ,, I JUST HOPE YALL ENJOY THIS OKAY !! :,)
Tumblr media
“I’m gonna go to the library , wanna come ?” Y/N asked Eren , who was sitting on the floor . Playing with random things , “Sure ? I’m bored anyways .” Eren than sat up , putting on his shoes . Y/N waited for Eren to put on his shoes , when Eren finally finished he walked up to Y/N , grabbing their hand and making an exit to the door .
“Have you ever been to a library ?” Y/N asked while looking at Eren , smiling softly . “Not really , I don’t find em enjoyable ?” He answered , rubbing the back of his head . Y/N got kinda confused . “Oh ? Then why are you coming with me then ?” They looked at Eren then to the streets , seeing children running around and people doing what they usually do .
“Hmm , well .. I guess I’m curious for the type of books you read ? I didn’t know you read books .” He answered , waiting for them to answer back . “I read any type of books , just something that could keep me busying .” Before Eren could answer back they made it to the library .
“Were here !” Y/N got worked up , opening the door . Looking at all the books with joyful eyes . Eren noticed Y/N’s enjoyment and found it cute . Small pink blush dusting on his cheeks .
“Would you like to read a book with me ? I know this one book you might like !” Y/N then went to go look for the book , Eren can’t say no at this point . Y/N came back with a book in their hand , taking Eren’s arm and going to a place in the corner . They both sat down and started to read .
After some reading !! ~
“So this guy is trying to escape being a slave ? AND HE DIES AT THE END ?! THATS -” , Eren somewhat yells , Y/N quickly covered his mouth before he can say another word . “Hun - keep it down -” They removed their hand from Eren’s mouth .
“Sorry .. but also , wanna read more books together ? That was nice .” Eren started to blush heavily , looking away from Y/N . “I thought you didn’t like books ?” They laughed a bit . “I know but actually , I enjoyed it this time . with you ?” Eren started to look red , like he got some type of fever . Y/N found this cute and patted his head . “Ahh okay then hun ! I have this other book in mind too -” They started to list all the books he might like . Eren then wrapped his arms around their waist , giving them a soft smile . Whispering , “I never knew books can be so lovely with you . I love you hun .”
Tumblr media
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blondeboyfriend · a day ago
Getting High with the AOT Boys (18+)
Tumblr media
Hey, stoners! @babieweeb​ got me thinking about what music these fellas would play while smoking you out so of course I made a post.
Includes: Eren, Armin, Jean, Connie, Reiner, Bertholdt, Zeke, Porco, and Levi.
Warnings: Weed, and some dubcon because I mention weed sex.
Tumblr media
Eren: Same Ol' Mistakes - Rihanna
Eren puts this shit on full blast and then forces you to take three hits off of his gravity bong. He waits until you're high off your ass to admit he likes this version of the song better than the Tame Impala one.
Tumblr media
Armin: I Follow You - Melody's Echo Chamber
Armin's just trying to chill, okay? He puts on some psychedelic pop, rolls a fatty, and cuddles up next to you for the evening. You inevitably pass out on the couch together in a cuddle puddle.
Tumblr media
Jean: Pillow Talk - Yung Bae
Jean knows he's gonna be too high to dance but he's gonna fucking try. He wants to get his groove on with his main bitch (aka you).
Tumblr media
Connie: Rapp Snitch Knishes - MF Doom
I know deep in my heart Connie would be a hardcore MF Doom fan. He knows every fucking word to every fucking song. He puts this shit on and shotguns your ass into next year.
Tumblr media
Reiner: Hardest to Love - the Weeknd
Leave it to Reiner to put on some sad shit when you're trying to get high. He makes up for it by dicking you down after a few bowls.
Tumblr media
Bertholdt: Good At - Megan Thee Stallion
Sorry I have a very specific fantasy of Berty Boy playing this and like relaxing in a bean bag chair with him while he feeds me weed gummies.
Tumblr media
Zeke: Noonside - Yaeji
Zeke wake up and starts rolling a joint for y'all before he even puts his glasses on. He tucks that shit behind his ear and jostles you awake, like bitch get up today we wake and bake.
Tumblr media
Porco: Locc 2 Da Brain - Brotha Lynch Hung
Another oddly specific one. Porco reminds me of the guys I'd smoke with in high school that'd drive me to a nice ass view, like just heavenly, and proceed to blast Brotha Lynch Hung for hours.
Tumblr media
Levi: Smalltown Boy - Orville Peck
Levi has a nice ass Volcano vaporizer that he breaks out for special occasions, namely when you roll up to his house with some top shelf shit and a fistful of condoms.
Tagging: @xenihime @kojinnie @kirsteiiins @babieweeb @celestidarling @erwinslut @eru-lloyd @reinersbunny @phenxmena @pompousbiscuit @greenlplant @kuroshitsujjiii @weepinglevi @wattpad-reads @sarashitposts @pastelwaifujazz @glittrkink @intothesunset @peachysimp @recipeforselfdestruction13 @chocomoonx @adalz @lazyezstudy @saccharine-darling
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humanityscoconut · a day ago
okay but bully!eren that likes to break reader down just so he can build them back up again because the only validation they need should come from him and him alone
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amajikisgf · a day ago
Tumblr media
Random Aot HeadCanons That I Have
Tumblr media
characters included:eren,armin,mikasa,connie,sasha,jean,reiner annie,bertholdt,historia,ymir
Tumblr media
➪Reiner,Jean,and Connie all play gta together and go to the strip club to get a lap dance by the strippers
➪Historia’s favorite movie is mean girls and her favorite character is Regina George
➪Ymir watches keeping up with the kardashians to make fun of them for being so dramatic
➪eren,armin,and mikasa go to scary places to film youtube videos at 3 am
➪Bertholdt has many dark humor jokes but doesn’t say them so he won’t make people feel bad
➪mikasa and annie make cults of their favorite characters in the restrooms at school
➪connie and sasha play call of duty and kill everyone in the opposite team
➪ymir and reiner run a tea page for the school and no one knows about it except historia
➪jean makes fanpages of himself and makes edits on funimate
➪armin used to read magic three house books when he was in middle school
➪Sasha pretends to be pregnant due to how bloated she gets after eating food
Tumblr media
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ukiyowrites · a day ago
Tumblr media
summary ~ cockwarming w/ aot guys
characters ~ eren, connie, jean
warnings ~ nsfw, minors dni
Tumblr media
you felt the mattress dip way too early in the morning for anyone to be up and functioning, let alone have already gone to the gym and showered. Feeling Erens arm wrap around you, you kept your eyes closed not ready to be awake to the world yet. Leaning down he pressed a kiss to the side of your head,
“babe? you up?”, he asked, his breath fanning against your ear,
“mm no”, you mumbled out, eyes still closed.
“yes you are”, you just groaned, burying yourself deeper into the pillows.
“What do you want eren?”, opting not to answer, he began pressing kisses down your neck, “mm too tired”, you mumbled out again, trying to scotch away from him. But his strong arms where pulling you back into his embrace with a low whine,
“baby please”, he continued pressing kisses against your your neck, “just wanna feel you”, even if you were exhausted the way he was kissing you, touching up on you, and talking to you was making it hard to just go back to sleep. Letting out a small sigh you glanced at him, his hair was still wet from his shower and his muscles looked annoyingly defined at the moment.
“well that’s all you can do then”, smirking to himself he dragged his finger over your folds,
“hm for someone so tired yo-“
“Shut up”, chuckling he lifted up your thigh, slowly easing his cock inside you, lightly groaning at the feeling. Your body relaxed against his as he filled you up.
“fuck, this is perfect”, he mumbled against your neck, ya’ll spent the majority of the morning like this, his cock buried deep inside your cunt.
Your heavy pants filled the room as jean collapsed on top of you after fucking you stupid. Leaning forward he pressed a soft kiss to your forehead, as both of y’all’s breathing evened.
“Mm love you”, he mumbled against your forehead, just as he was about to pull out you brought your leg up to wrap around his waist.
“Mnm”, you mumbled, haphazardly running your hand down his arm,
“Want me to stay like this?”, you nodded, moving your eyes towards his, “didn’t know you liked this”, he said with a chuckle. Glancing away you rolled your eyes,
“Fine leave then”, he smiled, pressing kisses against your jaw,
“Mm don’t wanna move either”, wrapping both legs around his waist you gave his body a squeeze before running your hand through his hair.
“Jean”, he quirked an eyebrow at you,
“If I fall asleep will you stay here?”, he chuckled, nodding his head, leaving a soft kiss to your nose.
“Mhm I won’t move”, that was all he had to say because seconds later your eyes were closed, sleep quickly consuming you.
He had been on the game for hours at this point, yapping away with his friends and you were lonely. More specifically you were horny. Knocking lightly on his door you let yourself in, leaning against the doorframe you watched him for a second.
“Connie”, lifting one headphone up he leaned his head back, making eye contact with you.
“Yeah?”, walking over you stood next to his chair,
“You almost done?”, glancing at you he shrugged,
“Mm, not sure when everyone’s gonna want to call it quits”, you sighed, leaning your head back, getting ready to make your way towards the door before an idea shot inside your brain.
“Can I sit with you?”, smiling at you he opened his arms,
“Mhm”, as soon as he gave you the okay you climbed into his lap, wrapping your arms around his his neck you softly kissed him.
Quickly the soft kisses turned into neck kisses and before either of you knew it your hand was down his pants slowly pumping his dick.
“Wanna feel you”, a small blush creeped up on his cheeks at your words, glancing at you he nodded his head. Moving his boxers and shorts you pulled out his cock, after moving your underwear to the side you slowly sunk yourself down on him. You both lightly moaned,
“Just don’t move, okay”, he said softly, “no I wasn’t fucking talking to you”, he said into his headset, you giggled, setting down on his lap. Being buried inside your cunt was the motivation he needed to finally tell his friends he had to go and he’d talk to them later.
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saccharine-darling · a day ago
Tumblr media
thinking about mean! doms and how they would punish you after acting out 🥺
psa; when asking for headcanons you can always ask for certain characters.
tags; x fem! reader, mean! doms, sub! reader, edging, punishments, cockwarming, spanking, mirror sex, sex toys, male masturbation, orgasm denial, pet names, overstimulation, brat! reader, unedited work.
ft; Levi, Reiner, Yelena, Eren, Zeke, Erwin.
Tumblr media
Levi; he has the patience I feel like maybe the first time you act out, he'd give you a warning but the second time you do you feel his hand on the small of your back, his lips near your ear, "What did we talk about acting like a brat in public?" he whispered before dragging you to the closest room with a lock to remove anything hindering his palm from coming in direct contact with your ass.
Reiner; loves to edge you by sitting you in front of the mirror with you in his lap and stretched open on his cock, you both could see everything, your pussy dripping around his dick coating his balls, his fingers keep you open as he plays with your clit rubbing until he feels you clench around him that's when he pulls out ruining your orgasm, "This is what you get when you misbehave."
Yelena; really has no patience so the first outburst expect her to take you to somewhere private, doesn't have to be a room so she can pull out a cute little panty vibrator she bought just for instances like this. Her long fingers slide in nestling it right against your clit, you would never know when she would turn it on or up. Sometimes she'd keep it low then turn it up crossing your knees to knock together.
Eren; because he gets something out of this he likes to have you cock warm him on the couch, "Your pussy just feels so good, don't mind me if I fuck you until I cum, right?" he teased holding your hips not letting you move, likes to laugh at your attempts to squeeze him in an effort to cum then he would proceed to fuck you with your face in the cushions and his hands on your ass stopping each time not letting you orgasm.
Zeke; I will always say he has a very sweet soft side but I think this man is a sadist but also might like to be on the receiving end so I feel like he would love to lay you out on the bed with your legs spread open, using your wand watching you arch your back and squirm, he'd shush you stroking your inner thighs, "Calm down sweetheart, you wanted to be a brat today when usually you're so good so now it's time to learn your lesson."
Erwin; has a big speech prepared on how you shouldn't act like that, you'd roll your eyes earning a sharp glare from him before being taken to the bedroom, he'd have you sit on the edge of the bed with your legs open so he could stare between them jerking off, "I much rather fuck you instead angel, cum in your cute cunt but I'm cumming in my hand because you can't learn so think about this next time."
tagging; @moomii-hime @blondeboyfriend if you want to be tagged just send me an ask and I'll just tag you in everything basically lmao unless you want something different.
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