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#called out
judasisgayriot · an hour ago
every day im like what shall i listen to while i work and every day im like ... carly rae
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danswhumpdump · 3 hours ago
i should start actually writing my own stuff instead of reading longingly after everyone else's and daydreaming all day lol
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ddewott · 4 hours ago
tagged by @eksterzang to post my top 4 songs on my spotify on repeat 💜💜
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tagging: @mx-data 👀👀👀
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nothorses · 7 hours ago
Literally one of the first people I came out to called me a tranny. I’ve been called that by so many cis ppl- gay and het lol. I am a trans man. So I always found it weird that when I came on here it was TRANNY NEVER GETS USED ON PPL WHO ARENT TRANS WOMEN WHY WOULD YOU USE THAT WORD ON YOURSELF! And like. I get why people feel so strongly about the word, I really do, but slur discourse just doesn’t make sense to me. Nobody on the other side of the insult cares how I identify when they call me that or a faggot or anything else.
Thanks for being understanding I guess lol. This website feels like it’s full of ppl who care more about optics than reality.
When I think about how the term “tranny voice” was literally coined to mock transmascs specifically, I sort of just want to set the entirety of slur discourse on fire.
I just think people should get a little perspective, is all
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peepo · 7 hours ago
actually recently i watched both the LE & contra vids about being cancelled and while i didn’t get it at all on lindsays vid on the account of her being a white cis woman i did somewhat come to understand contra because trans but at the same time…
i could never imagine myself in the same space as her, and if i do i still do not see myself not taking justified criticism and making fun of my community. there is certainly a shift that is notable with a lot of influencers and their community and i wonder if i would be susceptible to that?
i try to come to everything from an empathetic perspective (not the right way just le trauma brain) so it’s bizzare to me to consider “i’m famous and people hate me” because i’ve never been famous- but i have gotten a lot of hate mail and rape threats and death threats and have been doxxed and harassed (irl and online)? so is that something that just takes another magnitude to become more severe and taxing (understandable) or is it something they (LE&contra) haven’t had much experience with before coming into the social media famous role? it’s genuinely a very hard topic for me to understand so any like discussion or comments would be welcome but ik this is super specific
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