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#call it a night
rotinthedark · 35 minutes ago
so like. the novelty of day hours wore off and I kinda don’t like my new job actually.
#ooc#my boss; bless her; has a habit of misrepresenting jobs to get ppl to take them#it IS slower and that IS better for me but#i'm also keeping track of supplies of three other areas for myself AND the night crew#I have to hike those supplies when they come in and it's A LOT#and i'm on call the whole shift for the ppl we're working for there so. if there's a bodily fluid mess or anything missed by the night crew#I gotta do it#and that stresses me out sm#I hate jobs with phones. so much. and it's a flip phone.#I can't keep track of all that on my own and just. it's easier but also more complicated.#night work is hard and demanding but it's also SIMPLER in the grand scale. at least my old accounts were.#but I was struggling with time so I felt like I had to take the new one when idk I rly shouldn't have#but how do u tell ur boss you're having second thoughts after a week on your own lmao#negative //#vent //#and so few ppl actually know that account. like it just got taken over by someone who doesn't even know it at all.#which. great. same boat as my manager.#u g h#with my luck my old accounts are already filled and i'm basically trapped#or I say smth and risk losing my job for unreliability#idk i'm literally staring at my phone wondering if I should try just to see what happens or just. sit and be miserable.#also I had a bad day with elevator troubles and a call into one of the areas putting me over bc they happened at once in my last hour#so that was fun and I was so flustered and stressed bc i'm useless when things go wrong#my boss thinks I can handle more than I actually can#dfghjh
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infinite-chaoss · 2 hours ago
at one part in ugh i always get this feeling my dad is calling out for me but ofc it's a part of the song and i can't believe i feel for it 2 times 😑😑😑
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clints-lucky-arrow · 6 hours ago
Hello! Thank you for this, sweetheart. :)
We’re going to go with a piece of Sam’s upcoming chapter in ‘Call It A Night.’
‘His finger taps almost nervously against the glass. Whatever conflict stirs within him is all but palpable, rising to lace the air around you. Knowing Sam as you do, you don’t push. Don’t try to make him speak before he is ready. 
Instead, you just sit there and patiently wait until he speaks, gaze lowered to your own glass so as not to pressure him. When the words finally come, they are hesitant.
“Can I ask you something? And you need to promise to answer me honestly.”
Oh. So it’s serious. More so than you expected, judging by the sudden somber note to his voice. Your stomach twists uncomfortably, wondering what he is about to say. All of a sudden, you’re a little too aware of the sudden increase in your heart rate.
“Of course,” you reply, a forced calm to the affirmation. “Go ahead.”
He doesn’t immediately. Silence stretches out as you wait more, palms growing a little damper with each passing second. Eventually - just when you thought that he might change both his mind and the subject - his head lifts. Those dark, endless brown eyes fix keenly upon your face, and the question that falls from his lips is slow, murmured into the quiet room.
“Do you think that I should have given up the shield?”’
- Excerpt from the upcoming ‘Call It A Night’ - Chapter Four.
(Sam Wilson x Reader)
✨Send me a 🌹 and I'll post a line of one of my WIPs✨
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clints-lucky-arrow · 6 hours ago
🌹i love your writing!!!!
Thank you so much! 
Here, have a piece of Bucky’s final ending in ‘Call It A Night.’
‘“Are you planning on lending a hand, or are you just going to sit there and look pretty instead?” Bucky teases.
There’s a gleam in his eyes. Warm. Playful. A little heated, and maybe slightly softer than usual. Less intense overall, seeing as he’s in a good mood. That bright smile is on full display, unencumbered by any other worries. And for the first time since you’ve met him, it fully reaches his deep blue eyes.
Looking at him, another ache runs through your chest. He’s so handsome. Sometimes you’re not even sure that this is real.
Trying not to appear visibly flustered under his pointed attention, you lift your drink towards him, fumbling over the words slightly as you force out what should be a sly quip. “It’s an important job. Someone’s got to do it. Besides, these beers aren’t going to drink themselves.”’
✨Send me a 🌹 and I'll post a line of one of my WIPs✨
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clints-lucky-arrow · 6 hours ago
Hey bby! 😍 Love you.
Here’s a small excerpt from ‘Call It A Secret.’ It’s the continuation of Zemo’s storyline in ‘Call It A Night.’
‘The baron takes a fluid step forward. Those hands - bare and pale without the cover of his usual black leather gloves - grasp hold of the back of the chair nearest, pulling it outward. The legs whisper as they brush along the ruffled carpet underfoot, but there is no other sound. Nothing except for his voice. 
That soft command comes in his usual smooth rasp, a tone that traces shivers down your spine. “Sit.”’
- Excerpt from Chapter One of ‘Call It A Secret.’
(Helmut Zemo x Reader)
✨Send me a 🌹 and I'll post a line of one of my WIPs✨
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deatheaters-mixer · 6 hours ago
Do you also think that it's kinda ridiculous how women are basically always expected to cook for their husbands, but like every chef you hear about is a man? I just... wanted to elaborate on and scream about that and maybe have the feminist side of Tumblr put it into more eloquent words than I did.
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dragonji · 7 hours ago
just woke up from a dream that was very hazy n hard to remember but i Do remember that hua cheng was real and my actual boyfriend in it and i woke up worrying about how to introduce him to my roommate and her boyfriend before being like wait a second. i do not have a real bf and certainly not a hua cheng
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chokethelight · 20 hours ago
Quan Chi stood resolute.
This is it . ..  that’s the ONLY word’s i’ve managed to get out today aside from Scorpion’s stuff.
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squeaky-ducky · 23 hours ago
umm is there a way your anons can calm down on all the asks.. just alotta anons flirting with eachother thu u/wit u...n like k cool get it sis/bro but dont it bother u??
Personally it doesn't bother me at all. I actually really love interaction on my blog! I get excited to see that people want to interact, whether it's for a request or just to stop by and say hi! It makes me extremely happy, you don't understand, I got a little happy dance and everything. "Someone wants to interact with me? What are they saying?" 💙💚
I understand it may be a bit much for some, so I do apologize. 😔 I haven't formally made a post to specify what # to block if you don't want to see certain things.
So as an informal for those who prefer not to see my answered asks/my random mini rants you can block #ducky gets attention & #ducky rambles
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styxdrawings · a day ago
Yellow and rose
I try to look at the positive side most of the time, but I would say it's the people who brings it out, so it's also you who make me positive ^-^
I'm a rose mutual to you? //0^0// Thank you! I would like it as well. I'm just socially awkward and don't manage well with reaching out first. But I would like to know you better, Izzy! We can use introductory cards. But since I see you as fun, sweet, and nerdy in the best way, I think you maybe could manage without them. 🙃 Not me though, I need them to survive.
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clints-lucky-arrow · 2 days ago
Quick note that I'm aware some tags for stories haven't been working.
If you have "allow this blog to appear in search results" turned off on your account, it is likely that your own privacy settings are blocking the tags. ♥️
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stylesbisous · 2 days ago
‘Honestly me at any kind of social event’ HAHAHA SAME! As soon as that buffet opens and I’ve eaten, I’m outta there quicker that Usain Bolt can finish a race
Lmaoooo that’s literally me at all family gatherings, if it’s some other kind of event and there’s alcohol involved I’ll most likely be the last person to leave lmao
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clints-lucky-arrow · 2 days ago
Manipulate, mansplain, malewife. Assign Zemo, Bucky and Sam, go.
Manipulate - Zemo. (I don't think that this one needs an explanation 😂)
Mansplain - Bucky. (If I had to pick one... 😭 Plus, 1940s Bucky and his use of "doll" could strike me as a little condescending...)
Malewife - Sam. (Not in like, a derogatory way, but in the way where he'd want to take care of you 🥰)
I could see Bucky being a malewife too, but I couldn't see Sam mansplaining.
This was fun! Thank you! ♥️
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moodphasess · 2 days ago
You can buy red box movies now and I just bought frozen 2 for $1 I’m so happy rn🖤
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