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#michael afton
spirits-in-the-wind · an hour ago
Bitches be like "this is my comfort character" and it's a guy who killed his brother
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thatferallesbian · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I would like to hold him gently and tell him that he is wonderful, please(arts not mine, but I don't know who the artist is)
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snommers · 3 hours ago
my first time editing something gacha
this is for an animation meme
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beeapocalypse · 3 hours ago
very small vanny notes that will come up on the website
- legally declared dead after the initial malhare possession, woke up in a morgue and everything
- actually Temporarily Dies when she gets possessed after that, comes back 2 her body extremely cold and stiff and Fucked Up feeling (has weird Sort Of dreams during these times where shes floating just below the surface of the red lake where old man consequences fishes at, one time saw michael looking down at her from the dock w vague concern)
- had to drop out of art school, was looking 4 a career in practical movie effects b4 having to settle w the help wanted studio
- knocked out a tooth tripping down her apartment stairs once, kind of a klutz lol
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official-michael-afton · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s not a proper pride month without the trans disaster twins
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incorrect-fnaf · 20 hours ago
Elizabeth: If I cut off my foot and swing it at your head, is that kicking you or hitting you?
Michael: You'll probably mentally scar me more than anything.
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amaruosaka · a day ago
Lizzy is bean
Tumblr media
The designs of Michael and Elizabeth Afton belong to ekizochikkuna charlie on YouTube
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lol89070 · a day ago
Michael: Dad ... William: What ?! Michael: Since we're both purple ... William: No Michael- Michael, William: * Dance * William: *think* Help me
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justsomeghostofme · a day ago
I got way too off track about hc’s of Michael as a parent by going too much into the complete and utter dysfunction he grew up with, but ultimately this one can be summed up in him being determined to be as far from his father as possible, with having a kid being the thing that actually got him to fully cut William out of his life for their and his partner’s safety....Only to be lured back in by William asking him to go and find Lizzie which he didn’t feel able to refuse even if it did feel suspicious that he was being asked then, and ultimately had to let his family assume he’d decided to abandon them or died....
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uncleshrimp · a day ago
Tumblr media
Happy Michael again cause I love him. Also let him just enjoy his life.
Also my au thing will be explained someday, don't worry
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smiledog15578 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Man yesterday was a stress fest huh. I kinda made some FNAF related vent art to fit how I feel.
I’ve always applied my favorite media with things that have happened to me personally and I can say the perception of micheal and Williams relationship as parent and son just hits home hard. Obviously my dad isn’t fully like William because he’s not abusive or a Murderer but I’ve always seen to pressure Michael and be very condescending. William has this “I’m the best!” attitude with himself when he’s clearly not. And to apply things, I’ve seen William being heavily religious to the point it’s just controlling and stressful. Michael is also religious but as things go on he doubts his religion because he’s seen as a sinner from what his dad told him. Michael being mentally ill due to past trauma and being bisexual William just doesn’t like it at all. When they get into arguments William always brings up religion and how being disrespectful to him is against the 10 commandments and he is in control of Michael wether he likes it or not. When Michael was younger (around 14 sometime after the bite) William was just screaming at him as Michael was sobbing his eyes out and after William got mad him for crying and started praying over him which just made Michael even more upset and started to uncontrollably cry more. Not to mention that William is always paranoid over stuff (Armageddon cough cough) and believes the craziest conspiracy theories. William as a whole is a false prophet. He believes he’s doing what god wants him to do and is guaranteed to be saved when he obviously sinned too many times and we all know how it all goes down.
NOW kinda reading FNAF into a religious view after today’s thing, William is probably atheist satan worshipper yada yada and Michael is a devout Christian but to me it’s more of the other way around. With a lot of parents I’ve seen and experienced myself Christianity in families especially in American culture is forced wether you like it or don’t. Personally I myself am a Christian but more as days go on and how people mentally abuse me with it creating an immense amount of paranoia and doubt I feel like I can’t be accepted or more so by the Christian community. Me being lgbt I’ve already been told I’m going to hell or doing anything that’s not “the conservative view” feels hopeless to even interact with these people but you can’t escape them cause people exist irl lol. Sorry this became a vent post lol just today really urged me to draw this. And again scott doesn’t shove his views down our throats which is fine but that religious trauma and politics really seeped through my brain and just brought back bad memories. I hope nobody finds it weird that I’m saying all this hogwash but I’m tired so I might regret it in the morning lol.
I’d also like to say I still will draw FNAF because that game raised me but I want you to know this now that I do NOT support scott cawthon anymore. I might have people get mad at me for this but this whole thing has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I have no ill will towards Scott but I don’t wanna support him after yesterday. This whole situation has left me depressed and I’d simply would like to separate the art from the artist. For the most part without the fandom this game wouldn’t be as successful as today and a lot of the fandom has influenced the future games a LOT. So with that being said I want to associate the game more with the fandom than the creator itself if that means sense.
You can reblog if you want ur not obligated to tho
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cappuccinoteff · a day ago
Dialogue - Candy
For a future fanfiction or something like that... I’m working on a story.
(Jeremy walks in with a serious-seeming expression)
Jeremy: I’m gonna have to take you guys down to the station.
Michael: We get it, with the “you’re gonna look better than us because you applied for the police academy” but it makes you look guilty as hell, and secondly, you still owe Dale back a keycard.
Jeremy: The point is, there is an obvious crime taking place here.
Fritz: That would be?
Jeremy: We’ll talk about it when we get to the station.(Pushes Dale)
Dale: Well, I was just trying to eat a damn Jolly Rancher, but okay then.
(At the station)
Jeremy: I brought in the three potential perpetrators.
Officer: Um, we don’t... of what?
Jeremy: Basically, there was excessive littering taking place--
Jeremy: I’m talking about this. (Jeremy takes out a candy wrapper) The other picnic tables did not have Jolly Rancher wrapper filth on them, so.
Michael: Are you kidding me?
Jeremy: Which one of them is guilty, do you guys think? Because, I think these two (pointing to Fritz and Dale) set a good example by throwing wrappers in the trash, but THIS GUY--
Michael: Dale is ACTIVELY eating a Jolly Rancher right now and you are pointing at me.
Dale: Yep. If I don’t, Mangle tries to thieve it and give it to Jeremy, so...
Jeremy: I don’t care about your peppermint candy wrappers, Dale. I ask Mangle to get things out of the vending machine. Secondly, Michael, I’m mad at you for standing me up to hang out with Dale and Fritz.
Dale: This is another reason I’m going to fire you. We were working.
Jeremy: I’m trying to meet my quota of arrests--
Michael, Fritz, Dale: You’re not a police officer. You just entered an academy. You can’t make arrests. You can report littering, but the guy standing in front of you is actively tossing trash onto the ground... and WE DON’T EVEN MEAN DALE.
Random litterer: ...I’m just gonna pick this up now.
Jeremy: Okay, so this doesn’t look good for anyone’s record, does it?
Officer: Um... No, not really.
Jeremy: Okay... I’m done, now.
Michael: Now that you’ve inconvenienced everyone...
Jeremy: Fine, I’ll turn in the hall monitor belt Chica keeps talking about. Besides, it’s the documentarian’s job to do it anyway.
Dale: ...HOW have I not fired him, though? 
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toothzome · 2 days ago
checkin the michael afton tag on ao3 and all the nasty stuff comes up:
Tumblr media
[ID: A brown plush of Freddy Fabear. His blue eyes are looking to the top right as if he’s looking away from something. White text reads: “I am looking away.”:ED]
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lesserartdump · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Finnished the piece! It's for an Au that doesn't exist yet.
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lesserartdump · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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incorrect-fnaf · 2 days ago
Michael: You played us like a damn fiddle!
William: Oh Michael, fiddles are actually quite difficult to play. I played you like the cheap, dollar store kazoo that you are.
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william-ba · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Michael Afton drawing! Yes I gave him bones.
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