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spacepearl · 12 minutes ago
i'm not going to read the prev tags. ain't nobody got time for that shit. i'm speed scrolling my dash at 300 km/h, you think i care about prev tags???
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heyimboredtalktome · 19 minutes ago
AU where instead of the Patrochilles parallel between Silena and Clarisse it’s between Percy and Annabeth (Annabeth is too prideful to fight and withdraws the Athena cabin from the battle and Percy steals her armor and yk the rest) :’)
WHOA LSKSKKS this is powerful ;-;
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probablyagoth17 · 19 minutes ago
My bitch-ass self listening to trigger songs just to feel something and ended up skipping the biggest baddest one because my heart was racing way too fast hearing even just the first note 
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wholelottapink · 21 minutes ago
fallout 5 is going to flop i fear. if the brotherhood or enclave (or anything thats the enclave with a different name ei. the institute) is a major faction then i know its going to be awful
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rintomoj · 24 minutes ago
Wanna buy a Laptop now that I have enough Money but idk whit Abt Laptops Help ;-;
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jettmarc · 26 minutes ago
well damn they're offering me paid time off and insurance for my nonexistent family and whatnot!! shit dude!!
(also one of my benefits is access to the pottery studio equipment and supplies after work hours so I can practice throwing on the wheel and mayyyybe work my way up to that!!)
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rintomoj · 27 minutes ago
I'm gonna be so honest rn hdndbkd
I never actually Liked Attack on Titan
I Like it only bc of the characters
Sounds Bad and yeah idk Like I only Like it bc they cute and hawt
But that's only one of the reasons-
OK fr
The whole concept isn't something for me I didn't enjoy it at all and still don't
It's cool and stuff but I Just don't Like the Idea itself
What I do Like is the characters
I Love them jdnsbksbs
They all are so unique and amazing how could I Not??
But they all are Just rlly interesting
Literrally only Like it bc of them the Anime itself isn't something I'll ever enjoy lul
Seeing them grow and interact is Just the Thing that is great for me jfnsbmsbs
Only got to know Attack on Titan bc of my big sis! She loves it and stuff
So yeah I feel Like a Fake Fan even If I'm Not rlly?-
Bye jfnsbmsbs
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theuntamedruinedmylife · 28 minutes ago
Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji and their Intense Gay Staring™️
"I thought we were soulmates, bro." 
"We are, bro." 
👁👄👁  💖🌈💖  👁👄👁
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canislupus-13 · 29 minutes ago
Why I headcannon Larcei fire emblem as Ace (and Arospec) and you can't change my mind:
She's literally Ace flag coloured
The power of Projection!
She's my favourite character from fe4 and a comfort character of mine. I do what I want.
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flowerflamestars · 30 minutes ago
Red Queen snippet
Nesta Archeron did not like the Court of Night.   She had lived three hundred years shattered, a ghost, and her greatest untapped rage remained fury on her husband’s behalf.   Cassian, her true loyal heart as dawn, who’d crashed into her life with lost hazel eyes and enough honor renew the world. Kindness he’d never needed to be taught, held onto in secret, used in the shadows to protect his fellows.   She’d died before she could crown him king, but she wouldn’t make that mistake again.   There was war, there was running through the raging fire and ruin of her once green and loving nation- and there was this: that her Cassian had grown up ashamed and afraid of everything from the color of his skin to the song of his power.   He was a fearless man, so brave it broke her heart, but there was a part of him that was always ready and braced for loss.   There would be no more loss.   Nesta had seen it in death. Her youngest sister, handfast to Cassian’s second, Illyrian braids woven in her thick hair. Veren, teaching Elain’s youngest how to fight in a peaceful land.   Her husband’s dearest brother, turning those clever black eyes blind, and never uttering a single word, as Cassian alone moved out of the dark. Stepped straight into the harsh light of mountain sun, for his people.
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bitofajackass · 32 minutes ago
who the fuck is jack and why does he get a fruit named after him ?? i want someone to name a fruit after me . you know what it doesn’t even have to be a fruit please just name something after me !!!
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artemis070 · 34 minutes ago
Pass the happy! 🧡 When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications!
Hi, thanks! :D
Uuuh, okay
1. Definitely my friends, couldn’t imagine having better ones!
2. My pets, I love them so much :,)
3. Probably Doctor Who? Not just the show, but also all the fans and the content they create? Seriously there are so many fanfic writers and artists I absolutely adore, which never fail to make my day a bit better and I love that.
4. Music. Can’t go without it, I’m basically always listening to something. Also, while we’re at it, playing piano makes me happy, but I gotta be honest, I haven’t had the energy and motivation to play a new piece in a long time. Still enjoy going back to old pieces, though.
5. Hmm, life? This is hard to describe, because I don’t always have the most hopeful or positive outlook on life, but it’s just... existing, yk? I love to be creative, I love to write and draw and make up stories in my head, to brainstorm about them with my friends; I love to just look at the sky and see all the clouds and the sunset I see from my window is always fantastic; I love hearing stories from other people, what they did in their life, who they were and all the people they knew. Nothing better than listening to your grandparents tell you about their past. I mean, there’s so much to learn and see and experience and that never fails to give me joy, because it doesn’t even have to be something big, I don’t have to see the world, I’d like to, of course, but being with my friends and spending time in places we’ve discovered makes me so, so happy. This probably sounds so sappy, but it genuinely makes me happy and hopeful.
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peanutbutterottieotters · 34 minutes ago
Oh no someone on anon told me I’m not funny, guess I gotta deactivate my account
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honeymon131415 · 35 minutes ago
Anyone know how to turn off the "Haven't posted in a while" notifications? I messed with the settings and it won't go away.
@staff. I don't care, leave me alone.
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