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#be kind
septiembrre · 33 minutes ago
What is Beth’s drink order at a coffee shop? Is she a whole milk vanilla latte kind of lady, or—
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michichi69 · 52 minutes ago
I had a little bit of self reflection and I truly believe Hetalia seriously shaped the person I am. Like I kind of was better at history and political science related shit before Hetalia but after Hetalia gave me more motivation to like those things that shit propelled me into university to study polsci and history through a weird domino effect lmao.
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turquoise-tulip · 52 minutes ago
okay this post is a little more serious but i REALLY wish tumblr had an option to block posts
like once in a while i'll see a post that's triggering for me go around when there isn't really anything wrong with it so i don't want to block op but also :pensive:
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llampacaeatingguppy · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i heard u were having a rough day, so take some gamgee and shewok (looking like a rat). sending you good vibes and ghost hugs!! 👻👻👻
My notifications say you sent this yesterday but this is such a nice way to start a new (hopefully better) week thank you
Also why does Shewok look like that?
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gotharab · 2 hours ago
i just realized if i make new presets only using those colors. there are going to be a lot of red haired sims in my game lol. ummmm
#ill probably make them all and then like. upload them and [sniff] [sniff] delete some of them [short breath]#or i can just make a ton of brown haired ones in addition to all the others. :-).#last time i made a bunch of presets im pretty sure the game deleted some of them? but we'll see what happens idk#i will admit that the brown colors in that chart are kind of sucks in regards to like shades but#the good thing is: i can use those colors and just make them darker. amazing#ill have to expand the chart lol (bc ill want ppl who may like. idk download my presets to know what theyre getting)#and thats gonna be. something since s3 hair uses rgb values lol ... whatever im insane ill do it. ill do it all.#im gonna have to look at the rgb values for the colors in the chart anyway so its a hassle both ways. whatever lol#im so glad i found that image u dont even know how long i was looking... i thought id have to like compile my own from several different pi#and god help me with deciding where to draw the line in regards to distinctions between colors. but that chart really is so nice#because it has a nice gradient going from light to dark and from neutral to red and all that.#there were some other ones but they werent as nicely layed out and ive found that a lot of them just.. didn't have red hair on them?#and i didnt like that. but this one does. and it has a healthy amount of it. lol. ill stop typing im excited.#v#sims#and honestly how much variation is there really in regards to like actual different like. tones of brown u know. not a big deal#i feel like it covered most of the bases and i am very happy with it
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tea-and-la · 3 hours ago
i *love* that some people’s idea of atla being adding onto Netflix being a ‘mistake’ is bc of people “bashing” (in parenthesis bc some critiques do not equal bashing and most of the time, those critiques are of Bryke) aang.
instead of, you know, the fact that countless people in fandom have made an agenda of invalidating people’s LGBTQ+ identities j bc they don’t ship a certain ship, sending death and r*** threats to real human people, called bipoc “animals and implied that they were mentally ill. not to mention the groupchat of people on Twitter who banded together to make a “hit list” of zks to stalk and subsequently had plans to doxx and reveal their personal information.
and i’m not saying that this situation is unique to zks because I’ve heard that Zukkas also were unfortunately subjected to death threats, and hate etc. no one deserves that. and imo, THAT’S why putting atla on Netflix was a mistake. Bc some weirdos can’t handle that someone else likes a ship that’s different from theirs so they resort to violence. It’s never that serious.
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orionali · 3 hours ago
I know it's been 7 years since the game's release, but damn, Inner Dracul(a) has always been and will remain peak character design to me.
Its appearance, the lore, and Robert chewing the absolute hell out of the scenery, it all makes Inner effing G R E A T.
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002700 · 4 hours ago
why were electronics designs so cool and varied only ten years ago, and now they’re all the same grey, streamlined, super thin rectangles. where are the curves. the bright colours. the transparent plastic
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zexyheart · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
“You promised to come back...Touya”
“What...what did you just say ?”
“This feelings...this no-face presence in my memory. That’s stupid, we’re gonna fight each other but it’s suffocating. You’re just like him”
“Our father has always said you’ve never existed because that’s what mistakes deserved. But I know he wasn’t one.”
“Listen kid you-”
“Don’t lie ! If I have to die against you, I want to by knowing the truth. I won’t be mad, you have your own purpose, you suffered enough and sometimes by my fault and our father’s selfishs’ actions. I despised everything he did to our family and I don’t want to go without some peace in my mind.”
“I...despised everything too. The actions I was forced to do, the ways I had to take, the family I left behind, and the shattered little brother I abandonned”
“Touya...So it’s really you !”
“I hate that name because Touya is dead. I killed every people who used it after his death. No one can anymore. Except for the only candle I accept to see burnt in my life”
“There there little blaze, I’m here. I’ve never expected that one day my little brother would remember me. Sorry for having left you behind.”
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