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#also this book was amazing!
martyrsaiint · 7 days ago
“Eating caviar in your company? I’ve dreamed about that.” said Philippa, fluttering her eyelashes and smelling enticingly of cinnamon and muskroot as she slipped his hand into his. “Let’s not hang around.”
“Now it’s time to make amends. I’ll give you Rience tomorrow. Don’t interrupt, don’t make faces. This is no wager. It’s a promise, and I keep my promises. No questions, please. Wait till tomorrow. Now we shall concentrate on caviar and trivial talk.” “There’s no caviar.” “Give me a moment.” She looked around, moved her hand and whispered a spell. The silver vessel, shaped like a fish in motion, immediately filled with roe of the endangered lake sturgeon. The witcher smiled. “Can you satisfy hunger with an illusion?” “No. But it’s enough for a craving. Try some.” “Hmm… Indeed… Seems more tasty than the real thing…” “And you won’t gain weight,” the sorceress proudly exclaimed, squeezing lemon juice onto the next spoonful of caviar. “Would you mind getting me a glass of white wine?” “Not at all. Philippa?” “I’m listening.” “Etiquette supposedly forbids the use of magic here. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to conjure up an illusion of taste alone? Just a sensory illusion? I’m sure you could…” “Of course I could,” Philippa Eilhart looked at him through the glass. “The construction of such a spell would be easier than the construction of a flail. But sticking to a sensory illusion would rid us of the pleasure provided by the act of eating. The process, the movement, the gestures… The talk accompanying it, the eye contact… allow me to entertain you with a humorous comparison, will you?” “I’m laughing already.” “I could conjure up an orgasm too.”
-Time of Contempt.
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emcads · 8 days ago
okay i know i joke about esmeralda being this icon of femininity that teaches the other characters how to do their makeup or how to achieve the current fashions but something that just. hits different. about esmeralda and her connection with beauty/femininity is that it’s completely manufactured and generated: makeup is painted and removed, clothes are woven and sewn into garments,  it isn’t a natural beauty or a beauty of purity but one that is created out of her own action  (although she shares a lot of these generative, traditionally feminine symbols with Amenirdis like clothing, contrast this with Amenirdis’ natural state being the one of beauty and her illusory state being one of ugliness) in fact Esmeralda is specifically referenced as unnatural and unholy during her fight with Bainbridge: 
“Impossible! No woman could captain a vessel. That would be unnatural, a violation of the laws of God and man. The…the Almighty would never permit it.”
granted he’s fairly drunk but there’s a line he crosses when he learns the captain is a female: it’s no longer an earthly issue of legal property rights or the physical altercation or even sailor superstition, instead his attacks are moral/spiritual and invoking God.  he’s right in that Esmeralda is not a natural woman, existing in a “pure” state of womanhood or trying to portray that state falsely: she crossdresses, she wears makeup, she is indulgent and violent and lascivious. she is beautiful but she is the furthest thing from the eighteenth century ideal of the white, docile, English beauty;  Jack thinks of her only as a lady but we know whatever class Esmeralda has is not due to her by birthright from Spain, with an indigenous mother she does not have the “pure” bloodlines of European class and the benefits that go with that. ( if she had them, it was at Don Rafael’s efforts, and her parents’ murders/the burning of his estate demonstrate colonial society’s resistance to that deviation )  her nobility as perceived by Jack is thus something contrived and manufactured outside of right of blood, law, or society.  ( but more than an equal to theirs, thus exposing their own standards as contrived, but I digress ). she’s placed into a convent but instead of devoting life to god / abstinence / purity, she chooses masculinity: crossdressing, having sex with men, wielding a sword (read: the phallic symbol) and taking life rather than creating it. and yet she maintains sex appeal for men and unquestionable femininity: 
“Jack began kissing her hands, short-nailed and strong from work, but they were well-tended and feminine. He could never have mistaken them for a man’s hands.”
in her hands –– which are the agents of creation and generation –– there’s masculine behavior (wielding a sword, tending ropes at sea) matched with feminine shape and behavior (managing her appearance, softness in care to self ). without going too much into it I think what I’m starting to get at is the Eve/Lilith dichotomy, and while Esmeralda absolutely does top Jack and see herself as more than equal to men I’m more interested in Lilith’s pursuit: 
“The angels left God and pursued Lilith, whom they overtook in the midst of the sea, in the mighty waters wherein the Egyptians were destined to drown. They told her God's word, but she did not wish to return. The angels said, 'We shall drown you in the sea.’“
the sea is something feminine that gives life, to sailors it gives death. to Jack the sea means freedom and rebirth;  to Esmeralda the sea has only ever meant blood, conquest, revenge, and death. 
#// long post#i need to read up more on lilith before i start spouting more bullshit but thoughts are Forming in my brain about shipwreck cove as eden#( literally a city of plenty and based in life-giving water; safe and unseen to the outside world )#and esmeralda as she's shown in shipwreck as eve whereas esmeralda post shipwreck after she's gained her captaincy as lilith#jack drinks his respect women juice so he always sees her as beautiful and amazing no matter what / he's impressed with her captaincy & more#masculine traits ( but taken in the context that jack is antithetical to the values of mainstream society & struggles against them too )#also in terms of lilith topping see bainbridge not letting himself be ''plundered'' by a woman or metaphorically ''topped'' by one#so much there. no much juicy content in a potc prequel novel. in the r rated crispin cut esme probably tops jack.#but we are forced to wonder#✘; IN A WORLD WITHOUT GOLD,WE MIGHT HAVE BEEN HEROES ( headcanon )#how the fuck did i start at ''esme is a beauty influencer lol'' and end up at ''esme is lilith''#goddamn academia brain fuck off#also i want to be clear that i only briefly mentioned race here because especially in context with amenirdis esmeralda's#race plays a far less significant part in the events of the book than it does to the princess so i feel i should distinguish between#esmeralda being judged as less eurocentrically feminine vs. amenirdis literally being enslaved#with this in mind her race does affect those standards and it certainly impacts her social status & rights; Jack's opinion that she could be#a lady of court is simply not true and if she were she would be rejected#crispin is careful about this but the implication that it was the 'marriage' of her father and mother that caused the uprising of local#white europeans  ( NOT the sex or lust but the legal and societal validation )#it changes her sense of self from what it would have been as illegitimate but she has seen the evidence of the violence the world (europe)#will do. she has the deaths of her parents to reckon with as people who transgressed past those boundaries and she is the manifestation of#the ''crimes'' against spain which would see them murdered for it#anyway i wrote a whole other essay in the tags whoops
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li-ttlescorpion · 11 days ago
"There was a menace in the woods and Rose could feel it, and another child would have called it God."
Rumaan Alam, Leave the World Behind
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iimmortalists · 27 days ago
did you ever read Circe?
i actually did, yeah (i probably still have the book somewhere i think i got it as a gift) idk i have conflicted feelings abt it but ill explain under a cut i think (also btw i put a tldr at the bottom of the cut bc i wrote a Lot, apologies <3 )
okay so disclaimer it was a while ago and i doubt im going 2 reread it anytime soon so. if i have misremembered anything im sorry but also i dont actually care that much lol
so yeah i was actually kinda excited for this book when i heard abt it. i was in like a middle ground between liking tsoa and realizing hey some of the stuff in here is like. not great lmao. but like my attitude towards circe in the odessey was mostly just the “good for her” meme
one of my main problems with it tho was that overall it was just kind of boring? like, it felt like miller was just trying to shove as many myths as she could in there (altho i did like that glaucus and scylla were in the beginning) but yeah prometheus was there for some reason. so was hermes. the thing is it felt like she was trying to fit basically every myth relating to circe into one book and a lot of it just felt superfluous and overall made the book feel just really unconnected. like it was a bunch of smaller stories taped together
but another reason why i was excited was just like ! greek myth retellings/reimaginings have the potential to be so good when done right !! like genuinely i find them really interesting to read, even if they vary wildly from the source material (bc again thats where the reimagining part comes in) circe felt like madeline miller sat down to write a feminist retelling of greek mythology and just. made the mc somehow both bland and a #girlboss. i wanted to badly to be invested in her but it was so hard idk
final point bc this is getting too long: the whole odysseus plot felt so gross. trust me im aware like he obviously sleeps with her/has a son (telegonus) in the source material, and all the stuff with telemachus happens too but like. i feel like she definitely could have left this out bc again ITS A REIMAGINING. u dont need to have her fuck a married man and then fuck his son years later. who is coincidentally ur sons half brother. idk man maybe we just leave that out (especially since the telegony didnt even rlly survive, like all we have is a summary and some references in other plays its Not Worth It.) also penelope my beloved!!!! ms miller did u so dirty!!!! she was so bland and for WHAT.
anyways lol sorry this was so long to summarize: there were definitely parts that i enjoyed (even though i didnt rlly talk abt those much) and i do think the premise is interesting; however the actual plot was just not compelling to me and i think the author tried to fit too much plot in there
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fletcher-renn · a month ago
Had a dream last night that I got given a bunch of free used books, and now I’m sad not only that I don’t actually have the books but because they sounded so good and I can’t buy them because they probably don’t exist in this reality
#this is actually a recurring theme in my dreams#either i’m in a library or bookshop and i find a book or book(s) that looks really cool but doesn’t actually exist#or i get given some books that don’t really exist#one time i was reading a book i’d written and seeing the scenes in my dream#it’s one of the more frustrating types of dreams i have because the books always sound amazing#like there was this one book that was a really really long; really huge ‘based on a true story’ horror novel about a spree killing#except the author that fictionalised it had also added supernatural elements and it was supposed to be so scary that people had died#of cardiac arrest while reading it. and in the dream i was scared just being in the presence of this book but when i got home i discovered#i’d actually bought it and also similar books by the same author and i was like ‘oh god’ but i woke up before i could read any of them#last night’s dream wasn’t like that. my uncle bryn (not a real person to my knowledge; apparently my dad’s brother. my dad was an only child#aside from having two stepsisters but anyway) showed up and he had a box of books for me#i think they were a bribe but i don’t really know what for. i think i was supposed to marry someone but i just wanted to read my books#which is honestly a mood#there were a lot of books in the box but the most interesting one to me was this trilogy that seemed to be about gay vampires but was set in#the world of the mortal instruments. or at least a similar world. but i don’t think cassie clare wrote it bc the books were super old#i think i saw the words ‘children of the night’ on the spine. or something like that idk#why do i now want to write a gay vampire trilogy. i have enough on my plate 😭#personal
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merlinsear · a month ago
I’m going to need a lot more people to start talking about the books I like because I can’t keep scrolling through tags of ten posts forever.
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jilyevans · 2 months ago
sam’s all time favorite jily fics
now i read a LOT of jily, but here are the ones that stand out to me the most/are really long/i always go back to.  i am most likely forgetting a bunch, and this tag  has a TON of jily drabbles/oneshots/fics that i absolutely love and approve of, so definitely check those out.  so its not to say these are the only ones i recommend, i just wanted to make a concise list :)
ok less intro more fanfic 
okay i’m going to start off with the fanfic that resurrected my inner jily fic lover as it had been years since i was really into it.  lizard is my ultimate favorite jily writer (if you’re reading this, i miss your writing terribly and i hope you are doing well!) so be prepared for this list to be a large chunk of their work.. and by all means read ALL OF THEM!
i love you (ain't that the worst thing you ever heard?) & Butterbeer Bludger and Other Disasters for All Gryffindors and Ravenclaws Involved by @lizardcookie 30k
now technically these are two parts of the same story.  the second one is meant to be a missing piece from the first story.  i accidentally read it first so i was confused asf, but still loved it nonetheless. i would recommend reading it in the middle of the first one for full effect, but tbh before or after works too
this is a friends with benefits au that is simply amazing. i am not even the biggest fan of the fwb trope but this fulfilled me in ways i cant even explain. just trust me on this.  
i thought about this fanfic everyday after reading it for a good month.  i still think about it/its universe frequently, and how much i want to read more from this story.
clearly i could talk about this all day, but this is already getting long as shit so lets move on.
properly improper by @lizardcookie 49.4k
this is a jily regency au, and oh my god it is perfect! i had never read any regency aus before but this made me want to read a million more. all of you that are currently thirsting over bridgerton and other period pieces will especially love this.. and even if youre not one of those people, you will love it too!
here's how it goes by @lizardcookie 20k
this ruined me... but in the best way possible.  this follows lily and james through  their last years at hogwarts. i just think it is so fitting and very them. to me this is canon.
Questions and Answers by @lizardcookie 5.6k
i read this when i was 14 and i loved it. i read this when i was 19 and i loved it. cute lil fic that follows lily and james going froms friends to lovers, without really realizing it.
let me prove it to you by @lizardcookie 4k
short lil fic where james and lily get in a fight and its lilys fault. i like this because its not often you find something where its lily in the wrong rather than james. this is so perfect and adorable it made my heart explode.
now i know that we as a society have progressed from but bear with me. i promise i wouldn't link them if i didnt think they were great.
The Cure for Insomnia by okieeiffel 3k
lily can’t sleep so she goes to bother james. there’s really nothing more i can say to perfectly describe this fic other than it makes my heart smile. so good. a classic all time favorite.
Diamonds In The Sky by Queen Nightingale 3k
this is a very intense fic that i just absolutely love. the writing style is so different than any jily ive ever read, and it is an interesting interpretation of their dynamic and relationship. its pretty dramatic and intense like i said, but i think you will like it. 
A Collection of Lily and James by Queen Nightingale 8.5k
a three shot where lily wakes up in sirius’s bed, and drama unfolds. angsty but also funny, i absolutely love this fic and all three of their characterizations so much.
And the Wolves All Cry by monroeslittle 31.7k 
this will forever go down as the most angsty, lengthy au ive ever read. and i mean that in the best way possible.  be prepared for your heart to be torn out and put back in place. this is truly amazing, and so so unique. but beware, it is beautifully and intensely angsty!
Just Stay Here Tonight by moneroeslittle 38k
au where lily is a muggle but james is not. absolutely amazing. angsty and lovely in the best way. you will want to end petunia more than you ever thought possible.
The Early Morning Toast Brigade  by @ghost-of-bambi 2.4k
a very fluffy fic where jily cant sleep and finds james to entertain her in the common room. so simple and effortlessly perfect.  i used to read this every night before i went to bed when i was in middle school
now that we're on the topic of GhostofBambi
Shelf Awareness by @ghost-of-bambi 28k
i don’t know how i haven't read any of their new(er) stuff until now, but i am just so thankful that i did.  shelf awareness is a jily muggle/library au that i thought about for days after reading.  when i got to the end, it was wrapped up beautifully, but i found myself wishing for more because i fell in love with its universe. you will all love this.
Two Sides of the Same Coin by @ghost-of-bambi 7.6k
adorable jily two shot that tells a story of them on valentines day in the early stage of their relationship. lily is head over heels for her boyfriend. james is an idiot. its great.
Elevator Love Song by @bcdaily 16k (and coincidentally written for ghostofbambi!)
i’m sure youre all familiar with the amazing bcdaily, writer of famous fanfic commentarius. i read this the other night and i still cant stop thinking about it!!! muggle au where lily and james get stuck in the elevator at sirius’s apartment complex. it is perfect and just lovely. 
Scenes from a Hogsmeade Pub by @bcdaily 13.6k
a five part story that follows james and lily through the years in a hogsmeade pub. i am still thinking about this, especially part four, daily. so so so so good.
The black hole, the light that fills it by @jiilys 3.9k
muggle au. lily is a broke poet. james just got out of an eight year relationship. beautifully done. i fell in love with this universe and wanted more! 
Firelight Waltz by cgner 11.4k
au where lily and james weren’t together at hogwarts, and they get sent on a secret mission together for the order by dumbledore after they graduated. james is tired of lilys shit and lily cant get her shit together.  i rediscovered this fic the other night and am so so glad i did. 
you guys didn't think i would forget about smut, did you?
this is a shorter section but nonetheless imperative. also is mostly @lilymanaged because they are my absolute favorite smut writer, no one does it like them!
no need to show me round baby (I feel like I've been here before) by @lilymanaged 10.5k
i thought about this, FOR DAYYYYYSSS after i read it. jily college au. so fucking good.
got the right stuff (to fix you up) by @lilymanaged 4.9k
james and lily get in a fight and have a moment in the heads office.
such hot blood by @lilymanaged 8.3k
muggle/fwb jily au. takes place at a pool day with all their friends. simply amazing. 
Coercion and Competition by @bcdaily 2.7k
lily finds james after a tough quidditch practice. SO GOOD.
to wrap this up, here are some of my favorite jily writers that you should all be following and can stalk their pages for some work you will definitely love!
@alrightginger @blitheringmcgonagall @gryffindormischief @bcdaily @lilymanged @ghostofbambifanfiction @lizardcookie @nah-she-didnt @thejilyship @jiilys @jilyss @women-inthe-sequel 
additionally, check out the fic rec i made years ago on my old blog! i put a lot of these on this list too, but a lot of them i just haven't read in years so while im sure they're amazing i just couldn't remember enough to add them on here.
if anyone reads anything off of this extremely lengthy post, pls pls let me know how you liked it/discuss them with me!!!!!
okay bye now, and happy reading! 
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thatone-highlighter · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You should read Euphoria Kids by Alison Evans
It’s a book about trans people written by a trans person
The three main characters are a trans boy who is trying to find his name (refered to as ‘the boy’ on the left) a non binary person who is made of plants and has two mums named Iris (middle) and a trans girl named Babs who’s made of fire and who’s mum does magic (on the right)
It has beautiful cover art and a ‘to the reader’ page that never fails to make me cry (pictures below)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And so, so many more brilliant reasons
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unsuccessfulhumor · 3 months ago
So is no one gonna talk about the fact that there’s a historic gay bar in New Orleans called Cafe Lafitte in Exile and that our favorite vampire Benny Lafitte just happens to have been born in Louisiana (near Nola)? And only ended up in Purgatory years after it was founded? And easily got work in a bar after he escaped with Dean?
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ewwgene-fitzherbert · 3 months ago
c///r 10-12
#ok so ep 10 is where they go to the smut shop i think#my memory is so bad but it was the funniest thing#all the book titles matt came up with- absolutely golden#tusk love?? thats the only one i remembered but fuck they were all so funny#and the historical one that turned out to be actually accurate?? right?? was it zemnian knights#anyways thats sick. also the fact taht it was abt some 2 armies fighting and sexing- it was kinda like in tangled with the saporians??#okay THE SEWER THING THO#ok so in poland they said youre not allowed to be outside past 7pm and before 6am on new years eve#and i saw a meme that had a picture of a person in the sewers captioned 'me on my way to my bestie's new year's eve party'#and omg if this isnt the nein sdfghjjhgfds god the sewer fights were so cool!! and sneaking into the rich neighbourhood!!#loved it. that spider was super creepy though. but also when that dickhead guard kicked frumpkin and he poofed asdfghjgfds#'YOU KICKED HIS CAT INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION'#im laughing so much at frumpkin's one (1) hit point#the infirmary mission was hysterical. molly messing his dick up and never getting to show it to anybody. sam rolling ?? a one ??#for deception when he tried to pretened nott was a little baby in caleb's arms asdfghhgfds#fjord walking into a room only to come out 3 seconds later disguised as a nurse person dsfdghjgfds iconic#it was really great. and the way laura outsmarted matt when he told her to describe the high richter's ballgown for that nights gala#she is so !!!!! i know her husband is right there but i wanna kiss her lips#amazing. loved the action at the high richter's house as well. OH! and when they went looking for the seal? of the other guy?#when they fought a carpet................. a CaRpeT#nott sending msgs: WE'RE SO AWESOME only to almost get killed by a CARPET and also paralized by some weird smoke asdfghds#disasters. i cant believe the carpet made 2 of them go unconscious sdfghjhgfds#okay and when fjord went to question the KR dudes by himself and he forgot to ask smth and sam and laura made pigeon noises at him nkjhgfds#that was such a good scene lmfao. i think i might be running out of tags. its fine i just rly love travis and laura#separately. i do not care abt the hets#my post
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