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thedandelionprince · 3 hours ago
Okay so, remember the Trese!MC thing?
I just thought of something new
Trese au where the character are literally the Trese cast
But the thing is, I don't know where to put them all
I mean, MC is Trese (obviously) and santelmo could probably be Grim, since he's kinda been out companion since forever and they both use fire.
And The Kambal, I've been thinking it could be The Leech Twins but they don't really fit the vibe, y'know? But the Heartslaybul duo does fit the vibe but they're not actually twins.
The Emisaryo could probably be Eliza since she's a ghost and kinda part of the dead-
Idia would be Jobert cause both are good at technology and they both like to play games (except Jobert is more social that idia but ssshhh-)
Hank could be Sam but at the same time he could also be Crowley (but Hank is more useful that Crowley-) or maybe the three ghosts from Ramshackle would fit Hank instead-
Hannah and Amie could be Cater and Kalim with how social they both are, but I'm not too sure.
Okay, so, I didn't wanna breach on Maliksi yet cause I'm not sure who'll fit him the most, Malleus fits that mysterious and dark type but I'm not sure if he'll be able to fit the playful side of Maliksi, plus Malleus has a more regal vibe than Maliksi, but maybe Leona fits him more cause like, just look at them! It fits!
Nuno, well, funny thing I was planning on making him Grim but after episode 6 Grim would never be Nuno, so he's still vacant. (Actually Sam could fit him, maybe-)
Anyways, I still haven't thought of it that far yet so here's what I have to offer instead, sorry it's a bit short h a h a -
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twillightteaparty · 4 hours ago
Slumber Party At Scarabia: A Platonic Twst Fic
Tumblr media
Nobody asked for it but we severing Yuu/mc/reader insert, with a side of OC Insert for a soft enjoyable Slumber Party fic involving Kalim and Jamil.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Self Care Day, a Direct Decree from the Sultan!
What may have just been another sunny afternoon for Jamil was about to take an unexpected turn.
"Hey Jamil, I have guests from Octoville, Diasmonia, and Ramshackle coming over!" Kalim Informs Jamil with a smile spread across his face.
"what? why?" Jamil said realizing his peaceful afternoon is practically in shambles already. can't catch a break, can he?
"Their depressed Jamil!" Kalim sounds personally worried and upset. "I read that Pillow forts and snacks may help, even if it's just a little!" he expressed with a little bit of pride. "So I'm holding a slumber party with them to help cheer them up!" Kalim finished explaining.
Jamil pinched the bridge of his nose in annoyance, not because of Kalims nice deed, but because he knew he was going to be forced to do most of the preparation work. "right, that's very nice Kalim" he said before letting out a silent sigh.
"Jamil, I need you to go get Yuu, Ruben, and Punka?" Kalim inquires with a smile plastered across his face. Jamil absolutely knew Kalim was planning something but he had no idea what it was. Jamil didn't really get a chance to say anything before getting pushed out the door "Thanks, Jamil!"
after the door slammed behind him and a moment of silence Jamil muttered to himself "yeah, no problem..."
------------------------------ Over At Ramshackle -------------------------------
"Grim shut up, you're not being helpful! what do you even where to a sultans slumber party!?" you screamed mostly to yourself rather than at Grim. hiding your face into a pillow trying to hide your own anguish from yourself.
"yeesh, calm down. just wear one of your more comfortable sets of pajamas or whatever" Grim was severally unimpressed with the situation at hand.
"you said that already" you roll your eyes and just chuck the pillow at grim before standing up. making your way back over to the closet. "let's see what our options are again" you claim with a sigh before browsing your collection. "this one has holes and paint stains from redecorating the place. . . Is it hot in the Sarabia dorm? would pants be a no-go?"
after much contemplation, you come to a solution "the most confest oversized hoodie I own and a pair of shorts. to top it all off? matching bunny slippers for my bunny-themed hoodie!"
"Glad you could come to a conclusion yuu" he says with a pretty blank expression. rolling over to take a nap.
and with that, there was a knock at the door!
"oh, that must be Kalim to come and pick me up, COMING!" You yell the last part before making a B-line for the front door. only to be a little surprised that Jamil is on the other side of the door. "oh! Hi Jamil"
"Kalim sent me to pick everyone up" Jamil explains simply, his hand in his pockets. "are you ready to go?" he askes.
"oh yeah, just let meee-" you say all while grabbing your dorm keys so you can at least lock the old creeky house before leaving "grab my keys" once all ways said was done you turned to Jamil with a smile, "all good to go! who are we picking up next?"
"We should pick up Ruben, I don't want to spend more time at Octavinelle than I have to. this way we can easily use the excuse of having to get Punka to get the hell out of there" Wow Jamil, you thought this through huh.
"Okie Dokie, sounds like a plan I suppose" You respond linking arms with Jamil to practically drag him over to Octavinelle. rather than him leading the way, much to his surprise it seems.
------------------------------- Once At Octavinelle ---------------------------------
"Welcome to the Mostro Lounge~ How may I be of Service to you Two?" Jade greets the duo once they enter the lounge. smile plastered across his face, you know the one.
"Yeah, have you seen Ruben?" Jamil inquired with a completely deadpan expression, already completely done with Jade's shit before it's even started.
"Oh, Ruben? Last I saw he was talking with Azul in his office" Jade seems a little surprised at this inquiry.
"oooooo, somebodies in trouble~" You snicker at your own joke of implying that Ruben was in trouble with Azul. "nothing serious though, right?" you did want to confirm that nothing bad had happened.
"I don't know, I didn't really hear what was happening, I've been working the whole time," Jade says with a shrug.
"Can you just take us to his office already" Jamil more so demanded than asked. he would drag Ruben out of Azul's office if he had to. he had a job to complete after all and he didn't care how Azul felt about the matter.
"right this way~" Jade mused as he leads them over to Azul's office and knocked on the door loudly enough to be heard through the yelling on the other side before just opening the door. "Here you are~" and with that jade was going to walk away leaving this to be an Azul problem. He'll in fact be watching the chaos from behind the bar counter.
Azul and Rubens's argument had only been momentarily sidetracked by the door opening in which they both stopped to see who was here. after seeing who was there Ruben once more turned to Azul to resume the conversation at a more reasonable volume.
"So. do I get the rest of the day and tomorrow off?" He crossed his arms, quirking a brow. Smirk crawling its way onto Ruben's face.
Azul, painfully so, forces a smile onto his face. looking Ruben dead in the eyes "why, of course. I don't see a problem with that" It doesn't take a rocket scientist to spot the venom in Azul's words.
Jamil has a grin plastered across his face as he watches this interaction, he couldn't help but find joy in seeing Azul's misery of not getting his way.
"Good, Glad we could come to an agreement," Ruben said grabbing his duffle bag out of the chair and walks over to Jamil and you. "Let's be on our way, shall we?"
"I wouldn't have it any other way," Jamil says already turning on his heels and making way to the entrance of the lounge.
"do you think Azul is gonna try to kill you or something?" You ask looking over to Ruben.
"I wouldn't be surprised if he tried" Ruben shrugs before smiling, he says this all in a joking manner.
With that, the trio Makes their way over to Diasmonia to Pick up the last guest on this list.
-----------------------Once they Arrice at Diasmonia---------------------------
"Punka! Punka~ where art thou Punka~?" You muse openly once arriving at the Diasmonia dorms. being the only one willing to enter the dorms as Jamil basically outright refused to enter. whereas Ruben was having too much fun trying to tease Jamil about being scared of a 'liddol o' dragon'.
not moments after your entry you gained the attention of that who you seek, punka, but the person in whomst they were talking to, Lilia. will a chipper as ever mood Lilia waved and beckoned you over.
"Oh hello Yuu, Are the others waiting outside?" Punka inquired softly as they then grabbed their own bag with their only free hand.
"yeah, you all ready to go? didn't make you wait too long did we?" You ask, hope that they hadn't been waiting long.
"could have been quicker," punka says with a shrug before smiling. "Sebek thought I was preparing to run away. it was an ordeal, to say the least." They explained.
with a bit of laughter, you ask "running away? running away to where?"
"to quote Sebek himself 'don't run away and go hide with those icky eels' sob sob," Lilia says before chuckling himself. "it was rather cute in all honesty, I don't think I've seen him so upset like that" Lilia says maybe with too much joy. It would seem no one is safe from Lilia's teasing after all.
"really? that's almost hard to believe" you state with a smile across your face.
"mhm, I don't think Sebek would admit it, but he worries about me," Punka said thoughtfully. "anyway, thanks Lilia for the help. I'll be back around tomorrow afternoon." Punka said addressing their dad basically.
"Alright, don't have too much fun!" Lilia teases Punka and waves them goodbye.
once you and punka regroup up with Ruben and Jamil, the two of you get to hear Jamil telling Ruben to just shut up already. all while Ruben is laughing harder than he has all week. though it was pretty clear that Jamil wasn't really that mad with Ruben.
"Ruben, leave Jamil alone," Punka says with a soft sigh, they were already up to their antics and Punka wasn't even there to join in.
"yeah! we have a slumber party to be going to!" you chime in already wanting nothing more than to be a blanket burrito. the cold spooky atmosphere did nothing for your freezing legs.
"Fine, Fine, The faster we get there, the faster we can see what Kalims been up to," Ruben says simply
Jamil simply rolls his eyes and just starts walking. he doesn't get paid enough to put up with Ruben's antics.
--------------------And Finally, They arrive Back at Scarabia------------------
to all of their surprise, they get back to see the pillow fort that Kalim had constructed while they were away. though it might be better to call it a pillow castle.
"do you guys like it?! it even has a tv and mini-fridge!" Kalim was in fact very proud of himself for what he managed to accomplish by himself.
"you did this all by yourself Kalim? wow," Punka was fairly impressed. though to be fair Punka had never built a pillow fort before so They had no idea to what degree to be impressed.
"That's so awesome Kalim! it's like a whole ass castle to ourselves!" you explain, sparkles in your eyes. you really couldn't wait to find yourself hidden away inside the pillow castle.
"Not too shabby, Not too shabby. now, how do we get in?" Ruben says with a smile. making his way right on over to the pillow fort without a second thought in his mind.
"Right over here!" Kalim explains revealing the not-so-secret Entrance to the fort. "Also Jamil! you are to have the rest of the day off! not to mention you should join us and watch some movies!" Kalim basically chirps.
"wait, what" Jamil is buffering at the moment, please give him a moment to process this request.
"Yeah, Jamil! come and join us! it'll be fun! nothing better than movies and snacks in a pillow fort!" You try to convince Jamil to join the lot of you.
"come on Jaaaaamiiiiilll~ wouldn't want to age so fast from stress. we like seeing you with a full head of hair~" Ruben, being Ruben has resorted to teasing and taunting to try and convince Jamil to join them even if it would be somewhat spitefully.
Punka grabs Jamil's arm gently and pulling "come on, we don't bite. you won't have to do anything. if you'd like one of us can step up to the plate if it would help put you at ease" Punka offers giving Jamil a soft smile as he drags him over to the pillow castle.
"let's rock and roll buckos! It's movie time! get comfortable and get ready to lose all feeling in your legs. no one's allowed out of the fort after this point unless it's an emergency! emergencies include bathroom breaks of course." you explain as you put in the first movie of must-watch movies while at a slumber party out of a whole list.
a choir of cheers and groans left the party as they settled into whatever place they ended up in. it was a long night of movies, snacking, pillow fights, and friendship bracelet making. what more could you have asked for?
after everyone had fallen asleep, Ruben and Punka having doodles across their face as they were the poor unfortunate bastards that fell asleep first. Kalim sprawled across the two and even more pillows, almost losing them all in a sea of pillows. this left Jamil and Yuu being the only ones left awake. though not by much, they were practically falling asleep where they were.
You look over to Jamil and smile softly. "so did you hate it as much as you thought you would?" you ask all while you sink further into the blanket finding the dorm even in the fort oddly cold at night.
Jamil let out a sigh as he looked at the three friendship bracelets he had acquired throughout the night. "okay, maybe I didn't completely hate it" he was reluctant to admit.
"WHOO! that's a win in my book!" You shout in victory only to be quickly shut down by jamil who didn't want the others to wake from all the shouting.
"Ssshhhsthshtsssh, don't wake the others. they were a pain to get to fall asleep in the first place" He complained, he also didn't want anyone else in the dorm to get mad at them for waking them up in the middle of the night.
"Alright alright, good night Jamil"
"shut up and go to bed loser"
Big O' Authors Note time!
a funky little fic was written by both myself Admin Tea and Mod Lunar. Nothing like a joke to cure your depression escalating into a comfort fic am I right. I hope you guys enjoyed it. with all that said I will now take the time to clarify Punka is an OC of mine, I'm sure you can find art of them on my main blog!
Tumblr media
Heyo! I hope y’all enjoyed the fic, it was one of the many scenarios that me and Admin Tea think of. Ruben is my oc who as of now has no art but that could easily change in the future. Have a good day guys !! (≧∀≦)
Tumblr media
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spiderling-space · 8 hours ago
I decided to develop a new MC
Balkan MC is 100% relatable for me and I will continue to expand it whenever I get new ideas
However, I need something more
So I decided to fully develop a Turkish MC. I even picked a name for her. She will be from June 2016 because I want to avoid some political shit. I just want to give some snippets from her now
Her name is Beren
Beren has future anxiety which is a huge part of her
She thinks of inflation and exchange rates a lot when making purchases. “Dollar is 3 liras now, it’s not time to go abroad”
She has🖕energy against politicians
Beren is going to use the holiest letter ğ when she is in that mood. She will ask her friends to try pronouncing the words that has ğ in it
As someone who is between atheist and deist, Beren doesn’t believe supernatural things such as superstitions and fortunes. However, she believes in nazar 🧿 and she checks out her coffee cup after drinking Turkish Coffee time to time for coffee fortune. “Auntie, auntie, which 3 time is that? 3 days? 3 Months? Or 3 years? You said the same thing last year. And no, auntie, I don’t know someone with letter Ç.” She doesn’t believe it but it’s fun to do so
On the other hand, she loves old traditions came from Tengriism
When she finds out Idia is as Greek as he can be, she is overjoyed. She calls him Komşu at first but he doesn’t understand then she says malaka in a friendly way. She wants to have a discussion about cuisine, starting with baklava.
She loves bbq
She is environmentalist and humanist and again 🖕 energy to politicians because of it
Beren is going to say siktir git to a lot of characters because they were mean to her such as Ace when you first met him and also, none but possibly faefolk would understand her. Faefolk gang has been alive for centuries, I’m sure they speak lots of languages
She would ask where did $ 128B and 159 Kg gold went if it was 2021
These are the things I could think of as of now.
Btw I should say this. I’m not someone who would let an asshole anon go. If you say something mean or annoying about my Turkish MC, you will be blocked
Bye ✌🏼 😘
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animealways · 11 hours ago
Obey me x twisted wonderland: part 2 Halloween event
Prologue: yuu is adopted by the demon brothers and lucifer as their father finds out about how at Halloween his child had to deal with people breaking in their dorm.
"I really hate Halloween here" "why my little dove?" "Well last Halloween i had people breaking in my dorm randomly in the night. I swear i never had slept less in my entire life. Its a miracle i didn't kill someone in a fit of ra- papa? Are you there? Hellloooo~" "i'm at campus right now." "Wait what!?" "I'm gonna speak a little with your headmaster. I will call you when i'm done." Hangs up "...he is dead..."
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lynsbin468 · 11 hours ago
Have a super belated Halloween Drawing ( of Yuu)!
Tumblr media
Lilia: Malleus, are you alright?
Malleus: No.
- Probably gonna do another mini-comic, so yeh :)
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fenii-ix · 13 hours ago
Yuu: look down your tank top and spell "attic"
Jack: a-t-t-i-c (a titty i see)
Yuu: *weezes*
Jack: O H
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animealways · 15 hours ago
Obey me x twisted wonderland
Prologue: yuu is adopted by the demon brothers and if you dare disrespect them at best you have a black eye and at worse you end up in the hostpital.
I just inmagine yuu reaction during the Halloween event. Like yuu is calm till someone breaks into the dorm and considering first reaction is to tell someone off while looking like a maniac who is about to muder when someone disrespects them at BEST. It a real surprise no one has been sent to the hostpital.
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puowei · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
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emyluwinter · 18 hours ago
Enjoy my dear ones! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
It turned out so sweet at the end. I'm confused. (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) Earlier in the morning, the sun is already softly illuminating the entire room even though it is under water. Azul bedroom had a large window with a view of the ocean floor. This gentle sound of the waves always magically calmed Aschengrotto's thoughts, no matter how confused and hazy they were.
The alarm clock on the phone had already started playing a tune, and Azul reluctantly buried his nose in the pillow. How I did not want to get out of a comfortable and soft bed in the morning. Especially early in the morning.
- Azul.. Azul.. Telephone - a soft voice gently pulled him out of his sleep. But it was even pleasant. The sound of the gentle sleepy voice was more pleasant than the sound of the alarm clock notification.
- it's a damn alarm clock.. - Azul muttered, not wanting to get up for another minute. Getting up early was always hard. Someone moved on the bed next to him, and gently leaning over him, gently brushing a lock of hair from Azul cheek, barely touching his snow-white skin with the pads of his fingers, gently and lightly kissed his cheekbone. Those light kisses were ticklish, but they were damn good.
Waking up was becoming more pleasant.
- Mmm.. Good..I'll definitely get up now. - Azul chuckled as he moved closer from his seat and wrapped his arms tightly around someone's waist, nuzzling his stomach. Soft and warm.He could break the hands of anyone who dared to touch this sacred place for him.
- it's a good morning now. - Azul purred, rubbing his cheek against his stomach. Feeling light strokes on the head, Azul breathed out blissfully. God, he wanted so much to stop time and be surrounded by affection and love like this. Drag it into your octopus pot and be bound to it forever.
- Well, that's good. So the day will be wonderful.. Did you sleep well?
- Yes...very. Did you wake up at night again?
- No. Today, the sound of the waves wrapped me tightly in sleep.
Azul took his glasses from the nightstand and put them on. For some reason, he could not see the face of this kind and gentle man, without greed, without plans and intricacies.
The fog before his eyes cleared and he could see Yuu's still sleepy face with delight, her hair was disheveled and in complete chaos, just like his. He liked this morning's lack of perfection and carelessness. It had its own charm. Sitting on the bed, Azul turned off the alarm on his phone. There was still a little time left.
- Good morning ~ - Yuu smiled, still a little sleepy, and rubbed her eyes with her fingers. It was still hard for her to get up so early from her unaccustomed time. Azul would have liked to spend more time with her, but it was an impermissible idleness with a loss of profit. In addition, he was ashamed of the fact that she woke up next to him even though she had a different daily routine. But he was grateful for her concern.
- Good morning. - Azul chuckled as he leaned over Yuu and stole a kiss. What could be sweeter than this. The morning was becoming the best.
- And another one for good luck.- Yuu smiled and wrapped her arms around Azul neck, stealing another kiss and then peppering his cheeks with short kisses. She always kissed his cheeks and left an insistent kiss on his birthmark. He was terribly embarrassed that he was so pampered.
- That's not a fair move, miss. - Aschengrotto smiled slyly - you know that now I will not let you go so easily until I get my percentages ~
In retaliation, Azul began showering Yuu's neck and collarbone with kisses. Yuu started laughing and tried to pull the blanket over her.
- Noooooo. Azul stop it! It tickles!!
Her soft, cheerful laughter filled the large room. Her tenderness chilled to the very tips of her fingers and her warmth, so pleasantly spread throughout her body.
Abruptly opening his eyes, Azul sat up in bed. The room was still dark. The sun hadn't even begun to shine yet... It was all just that... Sleep.
Azul tried the empty space next to him where Yuu had just been lying. The fabric was cool. The whole room was in semi-darkness and so cold, empty and completely without life. Was she always like this?
- What a stupid dream... - mumbled Azul, hiding under the blanket and trying to fall asleep. No, it was just a strange dream, nothing more. Don't think about it, don't worry about it. In the morning, there are so many things to do in the restaurant and to deal with the lessons.
Wearily walking into the room, Azul notices Yuu on the couch, surrounded by books, apparently she was doing homework. How much information she had to catch up with.
Taking off his shoes, he silently lay down next to her, putting his head on her lap. They were the softest and so comfortable after a hard day. There was no rest from work and the twins, and right now he just wanted to rest.
- Welcome back, Azul.. - again that gentle tone that envelops you like a warm blanket on a cold day.
- Mhg.. I'm so tired.. - Azul replied, closing his eyes and relaxing. When he was terribly tired and without any strength, his real character would slip out.As much as he'd like to hide it. He was hungry for touch, for love, and for all the things that could fill his empty, tortured heart.
Yuu carefully took off his hat and scarf,and carefully pulled off his coat and jacket. She untied the bow tie and undid the top two buttons. She tried to be careful that nothing was dented
- Rough day?
- It's awful.. I want to lie down like this until we go to bed..
- All right. Aren't you hungry?Can I make you some tea? - Again, this is a selfless concern. It is impossible to miss it, not now, when it is so desirable. After that, you can offer to give something in return for this. Azul don't have the energy to think about it now.
- Eating at night is bad. in addition, I can get better and it will be my nightmare..don't want..
- You won't get well, then, rest my dear. You've worked very hard.
Azul was willing to sell the restaurant if only Yuu wouldn't stop doing what she started. Massage the neck and shoulders while he is lying down, even if it is a little uncomfortable. But damn it, those fingers gave him goosebumps. And when she runs his fingers through his hair to relieve the tension... Azul was already thinking about something very expensive, for the sake of this bliss that he gets with ecstasy now. Her gentle-looking hands were surprisingly strong, pushing and kneading each tense muscle and relaxing it. Azul skin crawled like waves in a storm.
- In the name of the Great Sea Witch......just don't stop.. - Azul whispered softly, almost melting. He turned into a relaxed jelly in a couple of minutes ,enjoying a massage and a caress. Yuu always somehow knows what he wants to hear and it won't be flattery it won't be sycophancy. It will be sincere and pure like nothing else.
Yuu always seemed to know in advance how to relieve all his tension and fatigue. Calm him down and get his thoughts back on track.
- Azul... You'll fall asleep in your suit, Azul.. It would be better to change into your pajamas and go straight to bed.
- Well, let it be..
- Come on, Azul. Let's go to bed. - Awkwardly smiled Yuu trying to disinhibit a little Ashengrotto that was not very successful. Sometimes he was a little moody.
- Will you stay with me tonight? - Azul asked abruptly after he had changed and brushed his teeth. Yuu looked a little confused and confused.
- Mr. Ashengrotto, you're monopolizing me at this rate.
- And I dare say I'm good at it. - Azul smiled proudly, pulling the girl to him and putting his arm around Yuu waist. Showering her neck with sleepy kisses. Damn it, Azul wanted to return all that she gave him in five hundred times the amount. Her light sighs as he brushed her skin with his lips, careful not to leave any marks. Oh, how he wanted everyone to see that she was with him now!!Her slight tremor as he touches the line of her waist and lower back. it made his heart beat dangerously fast.
- Please, Yuu.. stay here..
- Azul.. You know I don't want any bad rumors going around about you because of me.
Yuu closed her eyes, trying to concentrate on her thoughts. But Azul did his best to convince her otherwise. It's hard to say no every time, when Azul makes her blush and catch her breath. It was as if he knew which strings he needed to tap to send the vibration through his entire body to the tips of his fingers.
- I know.. But illogically and selfishly, I want to capture you for today. I want it so bad..every time I'm afraid that you won't come back to me..
- Azul..
Taking Yuu by the hand, Azul squeezed her hand tightly and gently and gently touched her palm with his lips. How he loved those soft, soft hands. Sometimes rough from the calluses of hard work. With a faint smell of paint and charcoal. Such a strange combination.
- I know that this is wrong, I know that it shouldn't be like this... but. Yuu...we...we both know you can't stay.. But there is still time.. I beg.. The twins and I will deal with the rumors and gossip later. I won't ask you to stay when you need to go to your own world... I promise.. I can even sign a contract if you want.
Azul spoke seriously, his eyes were silent and pleading, and he hoped that it would reach her sensitive heart. Yuu just hugged him tightly. Oh, how nice it was to feel her warmth and the way she gently hugged. Not like the twins or anyone else did. It wasn't even a hug.
- No need for Azul... I don't need a contract to trust you..
- I'm too full of villainy for you to trust me that much. It's reckless.
- You're wrong, Azul... You know better than to mess with me. - Yuu smiled slyly and lightly touched her lips to Azul's neck. He seemed to feel a slight electric current pass through his body, but it wasn't painful at all. How does she manage to do this with such unsightly things?
- I daresay it's a complete folly.... then..for such attacks, I will ask for compensation in full. With percentages - Azul gently lifted Yuu's chin and stole a brief kiss. He liked their little game to distraction.
- Oh, I'm afraid I can't pay with percentages - Yuu laughed softly as she returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around Azul's neck and pulling herself closer to him.
Taking a sharp breath and opening his eyes, Azul covered his face with his hands.
Another strange dream.
For almost a week now, he's been dreaming about something like this..
Once again, his bedroom is cold and dark, and once again, it's like he missed something important.
- it's just a stupid dream... It's just a dream. The deception of my mind, which is loaded with work.. - Azul tried to convince himself every time he woke up from such dreams. Somewhere a part of him was thrashing in despair. Sometimes he wished it wasn't a dream..
But he will have to, and the relationship is too economically unprofitable. But is it so?.. Important? Yuu didn't ask for anything expensive or unthinkable in his dreams. And all this love and tenderness was like this... Desirable? For Azul, it was something strange, he did not fall in love, he did not value someone. His whole life was just a quest to become better than those who mocked him. And these dreams showed him a completely unknown side of him, his thirst, his desire.. His desire to be someone needed. To be perfect for someone, even in the morning, when you are disheveled and still very sleepy and rumpled. Not perfect, vulnerable. Defenseless.
For a moment, there were tears in Azul's eyes. He cursed the dreams and would have given anything for them. It was like excruciating torture.
But he had to hold on.. All these feelings and emotions were something strange and unclear. Unknown that could not be explored.
- Maybe she used something on me... There is a love potion.. It will not be difficult to make it..
Azul mused aloud sadly. Oh, damn it, he knows how this potion works, and it was so stupid to think that Yuu would put so much effort into having these dreams haunt him!! It didn't make any sense!!When she released the 225 dummies under his control, she got nothing!! Moreover, Yuu almost suffered from his serious overblot. And she treated him without any malice or envy. And with respect...understanding. Yuu recognized his intelligence and hard work...
- Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!! What nonsense!! - He picked up a pillow and pressed it to his face. It was unbearable to think about the options where he was being so hideously tortured. Worse, they play on his feelings. And he can't do anything about it. It couldn't be stopped at the snap of a finger. It couldn't just be put out of one's heart.
- I want to stay in these dreams... How stupid.. - Azul almost howled before falling back into sleep. For the first time, he didn't want to wake up for as long as possible.
Yuu looked around the VIP room in Monstro Lauge with bewilderment and looked at Azul expectantly. This time the conversation was without the twins, which was very strange.
- Azul-san.. Is something wrong? You suddenly called me out so abruptly.. - Yuu was beginning to worry that something serious might have happened. Headman Octavinel wouldn't just call her that. So he needed something. But what could it be?"
- Yuu-san, I'm grateful that you so kindly agreed to come..I have a serious conversation with you. Which will be strictly confessional.
- O.. okay...
- Not one can find out about our meeting today. You are not stupid, and you understand your position..
Yuu suddenly interrupted him. - Let's get straight to the point.
Azul smiled matter - Of-factly, so much the better.. I'll ask you and hope to hear the truth. I wouldn't want to draw on the unique magic of Jade in this case...Yuu-san...did you use some kind of love potion or whatever on me, or did you ask someone for help with a charm spell?
- Ha? - she could not believe her ears at first thought that this was some kind of stupid joke
- Of course not! Why would I do that? - Hearing Azul, Yuu was completely taken aback.
- Then how do you explain the fact that you've been coming to me in my dreams for almost two weeks? - Azul decided to go all the way until he found out. Maybe a little too direct for his taste.
And it was at these words that Yuu finally fell into a stupor. Her? Did you dream? Azul?!? She would rather believe that Epel had been transferred to Savanaclaw, or that Leona had taken up ballet, but not this.
-h... Hah?!
- Don't make that surprised expression. You should be well aware of this.
Azul didn't lose all his determination and was even a little too sure that Yuu had arranged it. He was even slightly angry about the whole situation.
- But Azul san... I would never even dream of doing something like that. You know that very well without me. M-may I assume that I... how exactly am I torturing you? I don't know what words are appropriate here, what am I doing in your dreams? Maybe it's because of the consequences of the overblot...
- I will only say that you are mercilessly torturing me, and the overblot was a few months ago, enough time has passed for me to recover completely from it.
- Then I don't quite understand..
- What is difficult here? You somehow get into my dreams and do not give me peace.. This is not normal and I have to demand that you stop doing it.
- But.. Azul-san. I don't do anything like can I stop this without even knowing where it all started?. In truth, maybe I'm just too much for you ...hated? I don't know exactly why you don't like me so much.. But... then I could try to loom less in front of your eyes.. Do not appear in Monstro Lauge ever again. If it makes you feel better, I can try. Until you feel better
Azul suddenly couldn't stand seeing that innocent and so familiar faint smile again. Her kindness again.
- In dreams, you always speak very kindly and sincerely about me, my achievements and work... You always seem to see right through me, knowing what I want. You always touch me very gently, not wanting to hurt me, as if you're afraid it will bring back bad memories.. You've always stayed close, like you were trying to make me feel like I wasn't alone in my octopus house anymore..- Azul took out the handle to block the door from the inside and took off his hat leaving it on the table That I am someone desired and loved without self-interest.. Without any intent..
Yuu doesn't know what to say as she watches wordlessly as Azul walks over to her and bends down to take her face in his hands.. Which.. For some reason... They were trembling..
- Azul .. San..?
- Yuu san.. Please...I don't want to wake up with this cold and empty inside anymore.. Stop taking all this stuff with you when I wake up.. Stop this torture..
- Ah... Azul ... san.. Wait.. But.. It's.. The Same.. love... - Yuu was confused and was so red that Azul thought for a second that she was going to run away. No, he couldn't let that happen. Enough dreams where he is left alone with nisch this time everything will be according to his script.
Grabbing Yuu's wrists and forcing her onto the couch, Azul studied her terrified, confused face.
- Azul-san.. Please wait.. This is not...I really didn't mean to interfere with your dreams.. And bring everything to this.. Truth.. Let go.. . please...
- Calm need to be so afraid and panic. I won't hurt you. - Azul's voice suddenly softened. He realized that this was probably too abrupt a move for her..
- Please Yuu, you don't need to be afraid of me. I give you my word as a gentleman that I won't do anything to hurt you. I'll just ask you one question. I didn't mean to scare you.I apologize.
Yuu relaxed a little as Azul looked at her guiltily. Loosening his grip on her arms a little. He waited.
He waited patiently for her breathing to even out a little. Azul really wanted to be with him not out of fear, but out of mutual love. He was willing to do anything to convince Yuu that he wouldn't use her. His tone was not businesslike and strict, nor was it flattering. He was...sincere and guilty.
Calming down, Yuu realized that Azul really didn't want to get so angry at her right now. He really wanted to just sort it out. Dreams are very dangerous, they can both give hope and mercilessly kill it.
- Okay....what was your question? - Yuu stared at Azul, trying to figure out what was going on in his head. Although even he didn't know exactly what he was doing.
- Can i...can..i.kiss you?
Yuu turned into a red mess in a split second. Azul thought she looked insanely cute right now.
- Eh?!Do you really want to?!
- If you don't mind, I wanted this conversation to be just a small misunderstanding and no one knew about it. I'm not forcing you Yuu. It's just your decision right now. I've read that consent is a very important sign of trust.
Yuu was momentarily distracted by the way Azul was trying to be gallant. He even asked for permission and looked like a puppy who sees a delicious food but does not know whether it is possible to take it or not and is waiting for a decision. And he asked for consent!! Like a real gentleman!!
- Oh, and sweetly ..
Azul smiled shyly.
- See what you're doing to me? It's horrible. please stop doing this I don't want anyone to see me like this.
- Well, maybe it's my unsurpassed charm and charisma? - Yuu laughed softly and shyly.
Azul stared at her in surprise. When had he become so spineless and weak in front of her?When did he miss the whole situation? But the girl's cheeks became more rosy and she added softly.
- Azul san...I think...can try.
Swallowing nervously, Azul leaned over Yuu. From this angle, Yuu looked amazing. He wanted to shower kisses on every inch of her body, to drown her in affection, in care. treat her to everything he can think of. A petal bath?Jewelry? It doesn't matter.Carefully taking Yuu by the cheeks, Azul approached a little more. It was quite exciting. There was no such scenario in the dream. He was terribly greedy, but he would have given her everything without a second thought.
It was a light and gentle kiss. A little tickly from breathing, and a little clumsy from inexperience. It seems that Azul felt his head spin from the realization of what he really did.
This time, Azul could enjoy the kiss as much as he wanted. And it wasn't a dream that could end..
Because now he will control everything himself.
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crazyaboutto · 19 hours ago
Malleus gives a necklace like this after he gets into a relationship with MC
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bonus if it’s in the shape of his dragon form
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thedandelionprince · 21 hours ago
lol an idea, how about a nagisa shiota or akabane karma! yuu? like imagine if yuu was like nagisa or karma from assassination classroom?
Ooh, that's a good idea (✯ᴗ✯)
Maybe they were taught by Nagisa in their school before going to Twisted Wonderland!
They used to be part of a failing class, or maybe in a class known for failing students and the like. They had a reputation that made them transfer to that class (in my case, a delinquent of sorts). When Nagisa came to teach in their class, they thought he was gonna be like all the other teachers and bail out the moment he stepped in.
So, imagine their suprise when they saw what Nagisa was actually capable of. Of course, they were a bit skeptical of him, because who knows what he'll do to them? But throughout the months and years they've had with Nagisa, they realize that he isn't at all what they thought of him at first, and they end up thinking of him as a parent figure/big brother figure.
They seem frail and weak due to them being able to hide their bloodlust, making most of the students underestimate them (and end up writing their own will) which also made them an easy target for bullying.
They were chill with it cause they used to be treated like crap back at their old school. But then a few rowdy students decided to underestimate how scary they can actually be..
Grim was their partner in everything they do, and even though he may be troublesome at times, they still love him either way. So, it's not a surprise that when a few students decide to almost murder Grim, those particular students almost got put in a shirt because of their arrogance.
Even Lilia was alarmed and that's when you know stuff was gonna go down.
It was at that day that everyone should never dare try to piss off the prefect, no matter how curious you are unless you wanna see God that early in life.
(crap I hope you don't mind I made it like this-)
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ice-cream-writes-stuff · 21 hours ago
i see so many people saying smol! y/n / mc, but, hear me out. since i, myself, am desperate for some tall y/n / mc content. a tall! y/n who's almost the same height of malleus and when asked how they're so tall, they just respond with " if you think i'm tall, you haven't seen my parent[s] / guardian[s]. " [ sorry if this is too specific i just find this concept hilarious, especially with all the chaos y/n / mc could stop by just carrying the a-deuce duo away lol ]
Tumblr media
(Y/N) had decided to join Yuu and Malleus on the their nightly strolls. Yuu walked in between the two taller students as they talked about random topics that would make interesting conversation. Suddenly, a topic brought up was about height. Yuu's eyes wandered over to (Y/N). Recalling a recent memory of the tall female easily picking up Ace and Deuce and how funny it was to see them above ground.
Malleus tilts his eyes towards (Y/N)'s as his velvety voice spoke up. "Not many humans are as tall as fae." The prince stated with humor, which made (Y/N) smirk. "If you guys think I'm tall, wait till' you see my parents!"
And with that simple sentence, the two students minds barrel out of control at the thought. 'Does she get her height from her Dad? Or Mother? BOTH?!' Such a question was unsaid between the two curious students, while (Y/N) smugly walks with pride.
(Ask box is open! People that write for tall (Y/N)s tag me! Lol!)
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areyuuserious · 22 hours ago
Epel: How are you so calm all the time?
Yuu: The trick is to get so stressed out that it becomes your default state of mind.
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fenii-ix · a day ago
Can I get twst-descendants sibling headcanons for mal-malleus, azul-uma, vil-evie, and ben-yuu?
Headcanons for the TWST-Descendants Siblings
Tags: Sibling Fluff, a bit of comfort because these kids need help, GN! Yuu, takes place in between D2 and D3
Malleus - Mal
Malleus helps Mal find herself while shes in wonderland, he is royalty himself and he knows how hard it is
Maybe he'll help her quit her spray painting habits too, who knows
They're both faes, only Mal is a demigod so maybe Malleus and Lilia would see just how strong Mal is
Though Mal does get a wing leg up with being half demigod, perhaps she can outlive Malleus?
Did I mention both have dragon forms? they fly in the sky together when they have the right time to
Vil - Evie
You just know these two have fun together
They don't just spill the tea they throw the whole damn cup
Evie likes to test out Vil's makeup and Vil tries out the outfits Evie designed for him
He's honestly quite impressed with how much material she has, the feeling is mutual for Evie and his makeup
Azul - Uma
Group Therapy because they need it
They both have trauma from kids bullying them as children so they need to have some moments with eachother to get that through
okay maybe to much angst
(Yeah I know they're the same age but we don't get Uma's exact birthday)
She teaches Azul and the Leeches different types of fencing techniques and somehow manages to get Floyd to bot hurt anyone or anything
Azul and Jade are actually pretty good after a few lessons
Ben - Yuu
he just feels so bad for them
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shuuenmei · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I completely forgot to post this.
I drew what nycthemeron! Yuu (Rei) was wearing until she got isekai’ed to Twisted Wonderland.
Complete with outfit notes since I mixed and matched the apparels you get from the latest games that has trainer customization.
The last pic is taken via phone and is what nycthemeron! Yuu (Rei) wears throughout her Alola journey (With a Sea Star headband and sandals).
Just to note, she initially came from Sinnoh, the Pokemon world equivalent to Hokkaido Japan like the original Yuu (Rei), where the region is generally colder (And I’ve been to Hokkaido once 6 years ago during the Summer and even in Summer, the temperature’s chillier than I expected, so I can affirm that yes, Hokkaido is a cold region).
So when nycthemeron! Yuu (Rei) arrived at Alola, the tropical nature was off-putting to her as someone who is used to the colder weather back home, that she opted clothes that would be far more comfortable for her to wear for as long as she is living in Alola. No long sleeved outfits, no long pants or shoes.
In Sinnoh, nycthemeron! Yuu (Rei) was born and lived in Eterna City, one of the cities that is in close proximity with Mount Coronet.
As for why she had some jagged scars on her upper left arm in the present, I give you this:
Hydreigon bite and small Torracat scratches.
That’s all for now!
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dexpairs-blog · a day ago
Random info about my twst MC/Yuu!
Warning: implied child abuse
They're adopted! They were adopted at the age of 7 by their mothers. they spent 6 years in their previous household which... Wasn't the happiest place on earth if you know what i mean.
Their moms names are Ylenia Sanna and Nova Cintio, they're both around 37 now.
Ylenia works as a lawyer while Nova as an artist from home and makes paintings on commission.
Nova and Ylenia despise Crowley LMAOO.
Crowley is also afraid of them, now he can see where Ciel took that from.
They love Ciel's friends! They're always so happy when they visit!
This is what they look like!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ylenia is the blonde one and Nova is the red haired one.
Lol they're both cat moms so the moment they saw Grim he immediately because their new child. Not that he's complaining lol.
When they visited Ciel they were FURIOUS at Crowley, have you see how Ramshackle was before getting renovated!?
The lesbians are coming for you Crowley, you better hide.
Ciel and his moms are a very chaotic family overall (In the good way dw!).
They like to tease their child in front of his friends lol, once they pulled out a fucking photo album just so they could see Ciel as a kid--
Btw ty@bravefire for helping me picking out a name !
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fenii-ix · a day ago
Yuu already done with life: their trauma aint mine and i dont get paid enough to care
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