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#Tw weapon
gayturtledoves · 5 minutes ago
I hope I don't sound mean but, it seems like you've done pretty much every thing ,so how many activities or whatever have you done lmao
I'm gonna assume you mean like, sports? And dw!! This doesn't sound mean at all! :D
Here's the list lol:
Mixed Martial Arts(4 1/2ish years, quit bc of school stress)
Swim Team (quit bc I got bored after like a month)
Soccer (did one season and hated it)
Fencing (took one class, been dying to do it again)
Archery (Not in like, an actual class, just at summer camps, but I'd like to do it some more)
Rock Climbing (not on ropes, just bouldering, and rlly just casually)
I feel like. I'm missing something here but I can't for the life of me remember??
The Library's Summer Reading Program (idk what anyone says this was competitive and I won because I could read like 10 400-500 page books in a day and there was no force in the world that could possibly stop me)
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always-bi-myself · 9 minutes ago
should I throw a Nuclear bomb somewhere?
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waddup-itsantonia · 36 minutes ago
I've made weapons for the AU! Ahah!
Why? It's fun, plus yeah they can bend but Hermits+personalized weapons is something I need everywhere
So have them
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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And last but not least
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howling-wizard · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
he can't escape from himself
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dragonflam3 · 8 hours ago
About Sam
Weapons, Tools and Items
Weapons: Knife
Tools: Lockpick
Items: Journal, Notebook, Messenger bag
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Tumblr media
tw: violence, burns
Firebreathers Rewrite Snippet - (16/?)
[transcript: It doesn’t take long to come upon the next set of boots. Not even twenty seconds pass, before I find myself in the center of the dark hall, with them rounding the corner ahead, weapon drawn and alert. They see me, of course--I’m not really trying to hide. And when they do, they charge forward, a growl on their lips. I drop the sword, and dance back as their blade comes crashing down with a clear intent to kill. Duck and roll to their side as they swing back, and scurry behind them as they turn, aiming to dizzy and confuse. And then I feel the tug of the heat in the torches on the walls, their flickering light reflecting off of dull armor, and the anger flaring inside me. I jump onto their back and shoulders before I really think about what I’m doing. Searing heat lights the lines of my palms as they connect with the armor and hoist me up. As the guard tries to shake me off, I cover their mouth and eyes from behind, leaving bright, glowing orange prints on their armored shoulders, and muffling a howl of pain. Bubbling flesh sizzles against the flames in my hand, though I feel none of the agony this person is screaming and writhing against beneath me. Their sword clatters to the ground, and they start to claw at my hands, trying to rip them away as they fall to their knees. The noises that escape my grip are animalistic, choking, like the cries of prey in the night. I keep my hands in place long enough to get good footing of my own, before yanking them away and shoving the person to the floor. Steam rolls off of their head, as they writhe, grabbing at their face, screaming into lips that have melted shut. The scent of burnt flesh wafts through the air, and I know I would stop to vomit if I keep dwelling on what I’ve just done. So I grab both swords and walk away, refusing to let myself think of anything but cell bars and golden, pointed symbols on crimson cloaks. /end transcript]
happy belated snippet sunday!! here are some choices ember will regret in a couple years for your dash!!
taglists under the cut!
General Writing Taglist (ask to be +/-):
@sadsentinel ; @writingbyjillian ; @hysteriwah ; @writeblrfantasy ; @kazenokaori
Firebreathers Taglist (ask to be +/-):
@wildswrites ; @phiwrites ; @frvnwrites ; @violetcancerian ; @funky-little-dude ; @writeblrfantasy ; @silas-the-turnip ; @hazard-writes ; @written-jubilation14 ; @ladywithalamp ; @nora-theteawriter ; @all-eternity ; @ashen-crest ; @vylequinne ; @maximised ; @yejidoesthings ; @mel-writes-with-her-dragons ; @47crayons ; @dontcrywrite ; @talesfromaurea ; @wizardfromthesea
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alphacrone · a day ago
mildly concerned this is a real product sold by rei
Tumblr media
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<- Previous part Next part ->
So what you’re about to read is different from everything else I’ve written for the space wizards universe. It’s much shorter, and centered on different characters. I’m calling it an interlude because it’s something in between the rest of the story. It also serves as a window into what is currently happening in the lives of other characters previously only briefly seen in flashbacks.
So, enjoy!
Warnings: Mentions of a weapon, (incorrectly) assumed death, and general hopelessness. It’s not a good time, basically.
Taglist (just lmk if you want to be added or removed): @jolieharkness, @della-vacker-supremacy, @gay-otlc, @raiinyrxse, @pencilwritesshiz47
“Can you try adjusting-”
“Did.” Tonell ran a hand through his dreadlocks. “I can’t make contact with them.”
Zyla frowned. “I didn’t even finish.”
Tonell sighed. “I’ve already tried everything, and you know I don’t say that lightly. Something’s blocking us from getting through to them.” He tapped at the screen, as if hoping he would accidentally find the solution to everything.
He didn’t.
Zyla bit her lip. “What about the weapon? Do they still have that?”
“Yeah.” Tonell opened another tab on the computer. “Its tracking function is down-”
“Of course it is,” Zyla mumbled.
“-but we can still see that it’s active.”
“So we don’t actually know that Arli has it,” Zyla said, rubbing her eyes. She hadn’t slept in three days and it was catching up with her. “Just that someone, somewhere, does.”
Tonell closed the tab. “True. But I say Arli still has it.”
“You don’t know that.”
“But I believe it anyway.”
“How?” Zyla burst out. “How can you believe- in anything anymore?” Her breath caught in her throat, and she blinked back tears.
Tonell smiled, but the sadness in it broke Zyla’s heart all over again. “I have to that believe something did go the way it should.” He looked away from her, stared at his desk. “I don’t think I could keep going if I didn’t believe that.”
Zyla opened her mouth to say something, but closed it after finding nothing to say.
A few moments passed.
“And- what do you believe happened to Arli?” Zyla asked.
“I hope they’re okay.”
“You don’t believe it?”
“I can only lie to myself about so many things, Zy.”
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miscrator · a day ago
               “We are rebels. Fighting for the people. Fighting for you.”
Tumblr media
「   mena massoud  ,   27  ,   cismale +  he/him    」 ˚╰ ❃ ╮  did  you  know    SPECTER SIX’S    real  name  is    EZRA BRIDGER    ?!    around  the  island  they  seem  to  be  quite     charismatic    ,  but  also     impulsive   ,  but  it  makes  sense  given  they  are  a     ANIMAL SHELTER WORKER     and  come  from     STAR WARS    .  you  can  hear   WELCOME HOME, SON by RADICAL FACE  blasting  from  their  house ,  but  be  careful   !   they  can  be  agitated  as  nightmares  bring  back  memories  of DISAPPEARING WITH THRAWN AND THE PURGILLS .  even  so ,  it’s  impossible  to  see  their   COLLECTION OF HELMETS  and  not  think  about  them .   
Full Name: Ezra Bridger Nicknames: Ez, Thief Age: Twenty Seven Birthday/Zodiac: June 5th, Gemini Occupation: Animal Shelter Worker Residence: Aurora Island Hometown: Aurora Island      Actually from Lothal
Ezra was born and raised on Aurora Island, he had a happy childhood with his parents, until he was seven when they passed away in the same accident that gave him his twin scars on his cheek. After that, he was placed in foster care, moving from house to house because of his disruptive behavior and how he just wanted to go home. When he was fourteen going on fifteen he ran away from one of his foster homes, wanting to be on his own rather than just being a burden on them when they were expecting their own child.
Life on his own wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t easy but he managed to find a place to stay that no one was in, and he stayed there till he was almost eighteen until he ended up getting in trouble with the law because he was caught stealing from a store. This in turn led to him working at that store instead of getting into too much trouble, and also brought him back to his final foster home that he was in until his eighteenth birthday, but the couple that took him in also offered him to stay with them until he was able to find his own place.
Ezra stayed with them until he was twenty, as he was saving up for his own apartment, and he was also helping them out by paying rent even though they told him he didn’t have to. He still ends up there on Sundays for a family dinner of sorts to talk about what’s going on with him, and anything new that was happening to them. He also quit his job at the store he was working at because it wasn’t something he could see himself doing in the long run, and he knew college was out of the question because he was never really a fan of school even though he kept his grades up even while living on the streets. Now, he works with animals at the local animal shelter, because he likes helping them find their forever home, and because he gets to just spend his day with the animals in general, even though it makes him sad when he hears about what they’ve gone through.
His first nightmare was more flashes of things, feelings of failure and hopelessness, and unfamiliar voices talking around him. But there was one point in all of it that he remembers clearly from his nightmare, and it was feeling like he failed the older male with the mask over his face, who felt like a mentor or even a father figure to him, because he trusted someone that only wanted to use him for the power he had, someone who kept calling him his apprentice, which didn’t feel right. Then when he woke up, he just felt like someone, or even a bunch of someones were missing, and a flash of red.
Ezra is mostly upset, because he wants the feelings of family that he felt with this group of people back, even though he thinks in the deepest parts of his thoughts that he made them up. And he wants to find the place that felt more like home than his own apartment, or his former foster parents house, but no matter how much he tries he could never really find it which hurts. Yet, he also feels angry because he doesn’t want those red light swords, or whatever they are to be real since they seemed to haunt his nightmare, and brought a sense of pain to him if he thought to hard on them.
Right now, he’s kinda in denial about these powers that he all of a sudden has because they don’t make sense, nor should they really be possible. So, in general he’s trying to block them out and not focus on them too much if he could help it.
He has a siberian husky named Dume, who when he was a puppy kinda found him when he was like 23, and he just never really left? Not that Ezra is complaining because he loves him, and in general didn’t mind the company.
Honestly, probably also has a cat named Ghost, he found her under a car when she was a kitten and nursed her back to heath. Probably thought of bringing her to the shelter to get adopted, before deciding that no he just wanted to keep her instead, and Dume got along with her so it worked out. {If Ezra could, he’ll probably adopt a bunch of animals.}
Also, he’s a coffee lover, is almost always on like his fourth or fifth cup of coffee because he never manages to sleep more then like five hours of sleep a night.
Can and would nap anywhere, like he would nap in the weirdest of places. He once took a nap in a tree and only woke up because someone called up to him asking if he was alright. Very light sleeper unless he’s in his own apartment, then all bets are off.
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cirishere · a day ago
tw// gun
cir this is a threat
have your good day
or else...
(O-o) okie….
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jazabb · a day ago
Skeppy D&D au. TW: weapons.
Tumblr media
This is now the 14th post of the Dre smp dnd au. Whatever time you are seeing this, I have brought Skeppy (Bad will be out soon). Hope you are enjoying this au, if there is anyone in particular you want me to draw next please tell me via asks. Thx.
Just a lil bit for this character.
Skeppy, for the non-dnd peoples, is a very light-footed person. For my dnd peoples he is a rouge about lvl 9. Skeppy is a Jembeing (Made up race). Because he is partially made up of diamond he has a natural ac of 12 and with his armour on he has an ac of 17 without a shield. Skeppy caries a dagger a hand axe.
Backstory time!
Skeppy lived most of his life up until he was 18 in the caves that were 8km underground but not quite in the under dark. He lived with his sister who was also a diamond jembeing. Diamond jembeings were highly valued and rare among the ore villages. 
A few days after Skeppy’s 19th birthday he decided to venture above and see what it was like. Because he lived underground his entire life up until now he was blinded by the sun as soon as he left the cave.
Because of this, Skeppy legit sat on the floor for a good hour until he could see again. He heard crunching in the brownish green stuff that he was sat on. He was pretty sure it was called grass.
A figure that had a cloak, wings and a tail appeared behind him and skeppy was left in this demon? shadow. He turned and saw the figure above him. He was slightly intimidating until he spoke.
Don’t hate, Stay safe & love your mutuals. <3
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from-the-gall0ws · a day ago
guys what if i bought a fucking sword off amazon...
oh my god
poggers look.
Tumblr media
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astrangersarmory · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i know i usually post more vintage looking stuff but sometimes these modern designs do it for me
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tentacion1999 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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feral-lil-lagomorph · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I got a version with his eyes coloured and a version without bc I couldn't decide which I liked more
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