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#self ship
benadir · 42 minutes ago
I just finished some art that I REALLY wanna post but I’m gonna wait til tomorrow so people actually see it dhsjdjfh
I’m surprisingly satisfied with how it came out
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fergalytis · 49 minutes ago
My Thoughts on Infinity Train
I think if the Infinity Train was real, I probably would have ended up dating my own reflection had I the chance to bring her with me into the Prime World the same way Tulip freed Lake.
Oh well. I might just design an Infinity Train OC based off of myself, and live vicariously through said OC. Maybe choose to stay on the train and live there as a denizen, teaming up with my own reflection to take out any Flec agents that try to hurt her.
That sounds like a nice life.
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johnnyloughranshusband · 55 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my fucking gods. the dilfs are married. good for them.
tags & pose ref used under the cut
@iantosboyfriend ; @glitched-ships ; @multyshipping ; @residenttalien ; @penoid ; @nerdy-shy-readytocry ; @coralcoffeeandcream ; @queenrepent ; @riff-ships ; @aricka-and-her-fictional-others ; @sealovinq
ref here
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sacredempressnatlyia · an hour ago
Good (sort of early for me) morning, everyone!!
It's another anxious day, so I'll try to distract myself with a few gush posts, best as I can.
Sending you all positive vibes and wishing you love from your F/Os!!
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ramblyships · an hour ago
I actually admire you to manage to be this open about your love for the bunbun! I'm more of a shy type and don't speak so much about mine outside asks I get and the tags in my reblogs... I have a long way to go before to get on your level, I'm glad you can do it so easily! TEACH ME SENPAI!
What can I say except thank you very much ?
More seriously though, it's actually really heartwarming to hear that. And you know what ? I may not truly teach you how to be more open about loving your f/os, but I can already say this...
You're doing really great, it may be a long road but you've done more than half of it. For me, the hardest step was actually making this blog for some reason, so frankly you're really brave to do it in the first place.
If I had to give some advice, ask games and gushing in the tags are already good to be more open about your love for your f/os. So take hour time, and one day, you'll see the difference.
Hope this helps :)
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puppy-lovee · an hour ago
Ok hear me out cause I am dying of laughing. Victor likes to live tidy right? We've seen that he likes to keep his apartments/places hes staying neat and clean. But I'm over here.... a mentally ill adhd disaster like. 😭😭😭😭
Victor after forcing his way in to my room to see why I won't let him in:
Tumblr media
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Oh look its Cassandra scaring me once again 😒
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(TW Talk of bodies, stomachs, specific body types, internalized fatphobia)
When I'm sitting down my stomach bunches up like everyone else's but I think I'm starting to get a third roll when I do that too instead of just two and I'm feeling kind of insecure about that but the thought of me like sitting in my f/os laps and them thinking they're cute makes me😳
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ramblyships · 2 hours ago
Soooo, tell us of all the FNAF F/Os maybe? owo
Ooooo you're in for a ride. Because I have shipped myself with like half of the cast at sope point (and still do in some way), so I'll put a list below.
Fnaf (All five bots)
Fnaf 2 (All the toys except Puppet, who is more platonic, and Balloon Boy)
Fnaf 3 (Springtrap)
Fnaf 4 (All nightmares except plushtrap and the Jack-Os, Nightmares Mangle and Balloon boy)
Fnaf 5 (Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy)
Pizzeria Simulator (All rockstars animatronic except Lefty)
Help Wanted (Glitchtrap)
Security Breach (Glamrock Freddy and Roxanne)
Fazbear Frights (Itp! Spring Bonnie)
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moonfloweriku · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Doodle of my baby and his dad.
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sweettoothselfships · 3 hours ago
umm ok so first of all i took a day off the wallpapers which is fine cuz i have a few spare days at the end of june anyway but also (vibrates) i have some kind of exciting news 😳😳😅😅❤️❤️ (news of a self ship related variety)
okookok so julia is my wife but i’ve just considered us like preemptively married like that’s just the state of things that’s been true a long time or what have you is how it is in my head. but then willie (poly w/ julia, same source) who is basically the same status is listed on my f/o list as my ‘life partner’ cuz i think of us generally in his source/time period/verse which is like 60s right. so we couldn’t get married is the thing, at least that’s how i thought of it. on account of gay, right. but anyway the epiphany i had a little while ago was hey. in my, this universe right now we could get married. so uh 🥺
Tumblr media
i’m gonna 😅😅🥺🥺😳😳 propose 💕💕😅😅 🙏 🙏
aha. ahahaah so. send help.
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enter-the-phantom · 3 hours ago
Finally watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier and it’s so wild because
Bucky?? Reminds me WAY too much of Cas.
They look like long-lost brothers, sad blue eyes and all. Like the physical resemblance makes me cringe every time Bucky gets hurt, it’s so strong. They’re both just sad grumpy old bois with bad social skills doing their best to atone for their past sins while wreaking havoc with a man named Sam.
The resemblance has me absolutely shooketh and I just feel so protective and (platonically) affectionate toward Bucky. I feel like I’m watching Cas’s little brother or something, it’s the weirdest feeling, he just reminds me so much of my husband and it’s WEIRD
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axellis · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
axel tries everything except directly asking for kisses . even tho ellis is 10000% willing to give them
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beautifulxsinnamoroll · 3 hours ago
I’ve Come To Make An Announcement ✨
Me and Starscream got married back on June 12, and just didn’t announce it til afterward~
no reason why it wasn’t announced other than just to fuck around and be secretive about it -w-  (And it was of course, done at night 🌒)
There he is..
Tumblr media
I love him so much--
Tumblr media
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blasphemousecholalia · 4 hours ago
To any and all cis women self-shippers that may be reading this, this Pride Month, please take a moment to consider not just your trans sisters, but also their trans brothers and non-binary, agender, genderfluid and gender neutral comrades. Self-ship should be for everyone, regardless of gender or lack thereof, y’know?
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