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#tw death
dev-the-dm · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Creature: Dyrm
The ritual was already being performed when Thuras and his friends burst through the door. Unlike the human cultists they had expected, three faceless, masked creatures gazed at them, tentacle-like appendages holding their cloaked shapes up, and blades bubbling with black ichor.
Trigger warning: gore and death.
Graveyard robbers. Dyrm are creatures from beyond the veil that have taken a horrifying interest in corpses. They represent undead, which makes them difficult to discern from a cloaked zombie, but the tentacles that form their feet are a clear distinction. They tend to wander decaying graveyards at night, digging recently deceased up and disappearing with the bodies. It is unclear what they use the bodies for.
Necrotic blade. A dyrm's scream is a horrifying sound, cleaving fear in the hearts of many, but its true strength is the curved, sharp blades that they carry with them. These blades are part of the dyrm, and cannot be handled by anyone not as resistant to necrotism as a dyrm. Being cut, stabbed or even touching such a blade can cause rotting flesh and disease. A dyrm armed with a blade has the ability to instantly steal life force from any living creature.
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peoplelivinginmyhead · 54 minutes ago
My grandfather died on the Saturday before Easter.
I can’t really say I’ll miss him - not because I didn’t love him or anything, but because there is not a lot to miss. He loved us, don’t get me wrong, but he was an unapologetic workaholic his whole life. He was greatly respected, worked for the national pharmatic research, worked for the WHO, taught classes at a university and was the head of their division. Whatever he could know, he did. It was insane.
It didn’t leave much room for anything else, though.
His hobby was his work, his religious obligations (he was Calvinistic) and the collecting of… a lot of things. He had a Bible collection with truly impressive pieces, up to 100. He filled multiple albums with his beer label collection. He had quite a few valuable coins, too - he didn’t study that field, but he liked them. And he loved cats. A lot.
His collections were meticulously organized, but for everything else… creative chaos is a way to describe it. He didn’t pay much attention to anything that wasn’t related to his work or hobbies, leaving that to my grandma. (It will be absolute hell to gather his stuff. Don’t even mention it.) He knew where to look, but nobody else did. He treated his finances similarly, he got paid from multiple sources, to multiple bank accounts, it’s a mess.
He had a very weird sense of humor, we all inherited it.
He wasn’t one to freely express his emotions without it turning awkward. He didn’t like all the attention he got from his work - he wanted to do the work, not to be appreciated for it. He would absolutely hate the attention and memoirs he’s getting now, but then… it’s not like it can bother him anymore.
I’m told I’m similar to him in many ways. I don’t mind it, even if those are really basic ways.
He was a strange man. He didn’t like doctors. He didn’t like to think about death, or bad things that could happen in the future. He took the time for his work, his family and his collections, in this order.
My sister was sad we couldn’t say goodbye. I think it was better this way. He would have hated it, it would have been incredibly stilted and awkward. I would have hated it for sure. It would have felt artificial, just some weird act. We weren’t like that.
It was better this way, the way he went, too. He was paralyzed - not being able to do anything would have destroyed both him and my grandma. I’m not saying this to be positive, I truly think it was better like this. I can’t imagine him not doing what he did his whole life. I don’t think he wants me to.
So this is my weird way of saying goodbye. Goodbye to a strange man who loved his work but loved us, too. Goodbye to the most ridiculously stereotypical absentminded professor I’ve ever known.
The cats are fine, getting spoiled. Your collections… I don’t know what we’ll do with them, but we’ll either donate or sell them I guess, to someone who can appreciate it. All your work will live on, that’s up to people who can actually understand a single word from it because I sure don’t. I might not choose to live a life you would agree with, but I’ll live the life I choose to myself, and that’s really in line with your line of thinking, I feel.
I really wish you were a bit more organized because sorting all this out will be a nightmare, but it’s not like I can say a word, myself.
And I’ll keep on making bad jokes.
We’ll meet again. In the meantime - speak for us on the other side.
Rest in peace.
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katsukisu · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairings: Bakugou x g/n!reader
Summary: Saying goodbyes are always the hardest, especially when you’re forced to do so.
A/N i’m way too excited to not post this way earlier than intended but yeah.... aha ha happy bday baku (even tho i’m 6 days early lmao), this is probably the heaviest angst i’ve ever written and yes, the chalk outlining of the silhouette on the wall is a reference to the butades story, and the idea of having the ww timeline was also inspired by violet evergarden cuz every episode of it makes me wanna cry
Genre: world war timeline, (heavy?) angst, established relationship
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: mentions of war, mentions and implied oncoming death 
Tumblr media
The bedroom window is wide open, letting the sunny rays of the day shine through and invade your home. The flowers that sit in the small vase on your window sill waver slightly in the light breeze that passes through, eventually reaching the spot where you and Katsuki stand.
“Do you have to go?” It’s a pointless question, the both of you know that. You ask anyways, clinging to him regardless, because nothing will ever stop you from fighting to take back the man you love, to take back what the world calls for.
“Y/n,” He brings a hand up to caress the back of your head, bringing your eyes up to look at him. “I still have tomorrow left.” You almost hit him for that—scratch that, you do hit him for that. Is that all he can think of? The time that he has left before his assigned death.
There’s always a chance for soldiers to come out of the war alive, that one chance being one in fifty— so frankly, the odds were most definitely not in your favor. You clench your jaw, angry not at the world but at your world, the one where you’re forced to fight and obey whatever law spews out of the minister’s mouth.
“I’m sorry.” Your breath’s been knocked out of you as your shoulder sag and your forehead comes to rest against his shoulder, eyes only looking up when the hand that once held your head comes to wrap around your waist— promptly letting Katsuki hug you as he pleases. It’s quiet between you, your actions saying everything else as you reach up to caress the aching cheek where you had lightly slapped him.
That doesn’t matter to him, nothing does except for you. Katsuki reaches up to envelope your hand in his, slowly interlocking your fingers as your hands fall from his face.
Just his warmth alone brings tears to your eyes, horrible thoughts of possibly never being able to have this again— to never have his warmth again —plagues your mind no matter how hard you try to block it out by squeezing your eyes shut as if it would do anything.
You squeeze his hand, and he squeezes yours in response. Your world is horrible, to deprive someone of their family, their friend, their lover, it makes you furious to just think about it and it almost overtakes your misery until you’re pulled back by Katsuki’s lips against your hairline. 
“Hey, gotta stay here with me right now, okay?” You open your eyes to meet his again, not noticing the tears that pool in your until they’re trailing the line of your jaw down to your chin. You nod, try to put on a smile for him, the smile that he claims to love— but it’s hard. 
“Don’t force yourself.” He brings his chin to rest on top of your head with a sigh. He hopes you take that to heart, no matter what it is, Katsuki wouldn’t want you to do something unless it was for your own happiness and wellbeing. 
“You’re so beautiful.” It comes out almost like a sigh, as if he was scared to let you hear it. But he’s not, in fact, he wants you to hear it. He wants you to hear every little thought he’s ever had about you, every little thing that he’s found endearing because this might just be the last chance he’ll ever get to tell you.
He wants you to hear how happy he was when you first held hands, how he realized that he was in love with you, how his heart ached just at the thought of you alone.
He wants you to hear the first time that he’s ever held you in his thoughts and how it just felt right for you to be there.
You feel his tears hitting the top of your head first before he can feel yours seeping through his shirt. You hug him tighter just as he continues to whisper his thoughts, past and present. You only shift in his arms when you notice his lack of usual curse words.
He can’t go a minute without cursing— or at least that’s what he said before. Now he was spewing out compliments without a single one tainting the sentence, though, in his mind, his inappropriate use of language is the last thing he wants you to hear from him. 
He doesn’t have time to include the extra commentary, only prioritizing what really matters to him— you. 
You hug him tighter, bring him closer— all to feel every single part of him and commit every curve and crevice to your memory. “I don’t want you to go. Please don’t go.” Katsuki can’t bring himself to say anything to your pleas, only wishing that the world was listening to you with him and would decide to spare him just this once.
“Hey,” He brings your faces to the same level, not even bothering to hide the few tears he had let go of. “I’m always gonna be right here. I’m always gonna be with you,” He brings a hand up to wipe at the tears that never seem satisfied with just falling down the apple of your cheeks once, finally bring both of his hands up to simply cup your face and lean his forehead against yours. 
“Just say my name, and we’ll last forever.”
You’re left in silence to stare into his eyes, only nodding when you see his eyes soften just the slightest. Just as he did for you, you wipe at the few droplets that had escaped his tear ducts, lightly tracing circles on his cheeks before your palm can envelop it.
“Katsuki, I love you, so much.” That’s all he ever wants— needs to hear you say. “I love you, Y/n.”
You have to wake up early to send him off tomorrow, but you stay up late just in favor of admiring Katsuki in his sleep. Your touch is light against his hairline as your fingers trail down to his ear before combing through it from there. 
Your gesture unconsciously prompts him to move closer across the bed towards you, his actions bringing a smile to your face even as he sleeps unaware. 
Before you can fully think through it, your fingers stop combing through his hair and untangle themselves from the mess as you do from Katsuki. Grabbing a piece of chalk from your drawing room, you eye Katsuki’s silhouette that casts against the crackling fire of your fireplace, moving quickly when you see the fire start to dye out fast. 
You only move slowly when you bring the chalk up to the wall facing Katsuki’s side of the bed, slowly trailing it along the hazy outline of his silhouette. You finish just as the fire stops producing light, still satisfied nonetheless with the fact that you can still see the chalk outline in the dark. You put the chalk away and slowly slide under the covers with Katsuki. 
Disregarding his clothes, and his belongings, you feel as if this is the only real thing he can leave behind, the only thing that you can take for yourself. As meaningful as it sounds to be able to have his heart, that isn’t the thing you need. 
Because the only thing you’ll ever really need is him.
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hollenka99 · 2 hours ago
Watch "Back Soon | Tommyinnit | Dream SMP (Animatic)" on YouTube
It's been over a month and I still think about this animatic an irrational amount.
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venusssssssssss · 2 hours ago
today marks a year since my friend from work passed away :( one of my last memories of her was talking about going back to the newsroom after the pandemic (back then we thought it was a matter of weeks...but now it's been more than a year since we started working remotely) and we said that we should both twin and wear our white converse, cause she bought a new pair at the time and she was sending me pics of them.
also i keep thinking about her driving me home when i got sick before my surgery (and i live pretty far away from work, in another town sort of, it was a 80 km drive)...Weird how time passes. Me and her daughter still send pictures of our cats to one another, even after all this time (she's 9yo)
It's raining today as it rained the day she passed.
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tthankstoyou · 3 hours ago
Which glee character would you want to:
Go in a pie eating contest with?
Dye your hair with?
Go travelling with?
Die next to?
thank you for the ask jas 👉👈
• pie eating contest: finn only bc of him being a pig that inhales food in fanon
• dye my hair: miss tina cohen chang! she is the only gleek (other than maybe quinn) that i would ever trust to come near my hair... wait, maybe elliott would do a good job with it. self insert fic where elliott, tina, and i have a sleepover and dye each others hair.
• travel with: i feel like dani would be a fun person to backpack with
• die next to: i thought i told you i’m immortal i would like to die holding quinn’s hand 😳
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diet-boy · 3 hours ago
if i have to deal with a second family death I'm going to join them.
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kyoshi-sei-naka · 5 hours ago
Toph: I didn't mean to kill anybody, I just meant to shoot the son of a bitch in the head. Him dying was between him and the spirits
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fairycosmos · 6 hours ago
the two kids who murdered a 2 year old boy haunts me.. i got sick to my stomach the first time i heard it. like how the fuck could an 11 year old do that like i really can't grasp this
yeah that one was beyond fucked up :/ i mean they all are obviously but god. idk what the fuck they were thinking. they still show documentaries about it like at least once a year in england cause it was just so unfathomable. the cctv footage of them taking him is so chilling. i feel so so bad for that poor baby like i think about it all at the most random times. also cant believe those two got out when they were adults w new identities. i think one of thems back inside now but they clearly hadn’t been rehabilitated at all. it sparked such a debate ab how kids should be tried for serious crimes of this nature, but i never really know what to think honestly
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brain-fog-mlm · 8 hours ago
My darling prince - I’ve got a brutal fantasy I hope you’ll enjoy.
War has raged over your lands. You sent your knights to set things right, and we returned victorious with a band of enemy soldiers as prisoners. However, the warriors would rather be executed than live in prison with the shame of defeat. We might present them with an option - to go out with a bang, as it were.
We suspend one of them facing the ground, restrained with his legs spread at my hip height. We feed him a potent aphrodisiac and you rough him up for a while, beating and cutting him, spitting on his face and biting down his back and legs while the drug hardens his cock. I spread soft cushions so you can lounge comfortably beneath him and touch yourself as I work him over.
I show him a good time, opening him with my mouth and massaging his prostate with my fingers before I thrust my hard cock into him. I rock his body above you and fondle his chest and balls, making him swell and leak. He moans uncontrollably at the sensations and the view of your handsome body beneath him, touching yourself and reaching up occasionally to choke him and twist his nipples.
You tell me when you see him getting close and I fuck into him harder, stroke his cock and position my mouth at the side of his neck. You see, I have a beautiful steel mouthpiece styled like the jaws of a wolf, with long, sharp canines. I press them to his pulse, frantic from the pleasure and the knowledge that he’s about to die. I stroke him faster and fuck deep as you lean up to kiss his gasping mouth and tell him to gaze on his Prince while he still can.
You command him to come and our toy is unable to resist you. As he releases, I clamp my teeth down and tear his fucking throat out, our conquest screaming in pain and pleasure while he spills his lifeblood and come all over you. I pull out of him and mount you while he paints us red, my cock fucking desperately into your hole as we kiss and moan and taste his blood. The last thing he sees before the light fades from his eyes is your face in ecstasy as I fill you with my seed.
Your bloody fingers grip my hair as I lick the come from your hole and feed it to your precious mouth, the high of our feral bloodlust fading. We wander to the place you keep the prisoners and find them aroused and terrified, hearing the sounds from the other room and now seeing you, so gorgeous with your soft naked body, so brutal with blood still dripping from your teeth. You point to one and tell him we’ll be back for him tomorrow, and I see his cock twitch in response. It’s going to be a good week.
Happy 100 followers sweet prince, I hope you enjoy.
I’d look stunning coated in the life of another man. It would drip from my face and chest, covered my body in a breathtaking scarlet. The shine would compliment my features from top to bottom. Statues would be erected in it’s glory. Paintings created in my vision. And I would share it with you. Id pull you right into my arms and spend hours just decorating you in the same blood you so graciously gifted me. And return that beauty to you. I’d drag my blood soaked hands along your body. Lovingly press my fingers past your lips to feed you the blood that had the privilege of touching me. Just as I’m giving you the privilege to worship me. It’s the best way I can show thanks. Allow you to show your loyalty via shows of affection. I’d let you try your hardest to amaze me, and you would never fail. I would be satisfied with the littlest things- with such a devoted worshiper how could I not? And judging by how my body would bend and writhe underneath yours, you can tell I’m loving every moment of it. I’d refuse to clean the dried blood off of my crown for weeks. You’re such a darling- dropping such a lovely dream into my world. I’ll be thinking about this for days.
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ethannku · 8 hours ago
would you rather leo had died (like permanently after BoO) and had jason lived, or have leo come back and jason die like in canon
hmmmm this is actually really hard, and not so much for the reasons you would think. im equally attached to both jason and leo, so my feelings on who should die are equally awful... it’s mostly bc i don’t know which ones would wrap up both of their stories thematically. with jason dying, he didn’t get to finish what he started at the end of hoo, he didn’t get closure with leo after he comes back (in regards to their last words, which this post dives into beautifully), and he and piper also don’t get any closure since they don’t get to bond after they’ve broken up and figure out how to exist as friends.
so because of all of this i think i’m gonna go with leo dying for good and jason staying alive. leo arguably completes his character arc by finally relying on himself and himself alone, and while sacrificing himself to save the world kind of does scream “i will always be alone therefore i shouldn’t be alive” it also says “no one else has given me worth so through my final act i will give myself worth.” it’s morbid, but at least in this case his death would mean something, yk? i think that him dying is really terribly sad, but considering he doesn’t get any character development in trials of apollo (that i remember anyway) i don’t think he as a character suffers too much from it. other than being dead.
and then we don’t get a heartbreaking scene of leo realizing he missed jason by a few days :) because why tf did you think that was a good idea rick :))) why couldn’t they have had one conversation before jason died rick :))))) if leo died for good then the scene of jason and piper on the rooftop remembering all the things they love about him would be enough of a goodbye, since they would remember him fondly. with how its set up now, leo will always feel guilt when he thinks of jason because he missed jason by a few days. i also like the theory that leo coming back is what caused jason to die, since “to storm or fire” and all that. so if leo thinks the same, then he absolutely blames himself for jason’s death. and if leo were dead, then he wouldn’t be guilty. 
anyways that was a lottt longer than you probably thought it was going to be but i have so many thoughts about jason and leo and how rick did them so dirty. i hope you liked this response haha.
send me a would you rather!
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reverseteehee · 8 hours ago
the fact that Charles Manson died in November 2017 hurts my brain. like i’m aware that the big murders were August 9, 1969 but like time is fake

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anchoeritic · 8 hours ago
so were married... as we should as we should
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fairycosmos · 9 hours ago
what kind of cases do you think are interesting? can you give examples i love true crime too
god theres sooo many i could go on for days JFLSKZ i’ll just say the ones that come to mind rn. first is asha degree which i’ll summarize cos it makes me crazy. i just can’t fathom what possible could’ve happened to her. 9 yo girl grabs her coat and schoolbag and leaves the house on her own at 3am in bad weather, is spotted by truckers walking down a highway, gets spooked by them and runs into the forest off the road. some of her belongings are then found in a shed about 600 ft away from where she was last seen. a year and a half later her bag was found wrapped in plastic and half buried somewhere, and that’s it. this was like 20 yrs ago. it just gets to me like what ?????
others are madeline mccann cuz it’s literally been in my mind my whole life and it bugs me that someone out there knows what happened. jaycee lee duggard, james bulger, lee mitank, luis garavito, rebecca coriam, marita verón, caylee anthony, angela hammond, the springfield three, andrew gosden, the sodder children, mary bell, skylar neese, brandon swanson, la pistolera. theres 2 many !! pure deeply unsettles me esp when kids r involved :(
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akotlcblog · 9 hours ago
“I don’t rise from the ashes, I make them”
-Sophie Foster(Someday)
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venomroses · 9 hours ago
The Aftermath is Secondary, but What if We’re Not Here to See it?
similar to “the future’s bulletproof but i’m not” except about val so yea <3
im rly proud of this lmao
tw/cw: death
“Shut that mouth machine off. I don’t trust him.”
Vaya, Vamos, maybe both of them murmured something behind him, but he couldn’t hear them. He didn’t care, anyway. They never talked about anything important. He was acutely aware if their presence- the twins, Vinyl, and worst of all the Girl, but the only thing that mattered now was Volume, dead weight in his arms.
Ha. Dead weight. He shouldn’t find it funny, but laughing’s better than crying. Killjoys don’t cry.
The walk back to the Nest is silent. Heavy, suffocating. He won’t acknowledge the others. Vinyl’s worried, he’s sure, but it doesn’t matter. For all he cares they’re alone, him and Volume. He’s alone. Volume’s dead.
The others look at him when they get back. Their gaze makes him uncomfortable, something in their eyes… pity. They pity him. Anger makes his blood boil but he doesn’t say a word. It’s not important.
“Go on. I can handle it.”
Vaya and Vamos run inside without hesitation, the Girl following after a moment. Vinyl stays, though. He’s concerned.
“Didn’t you hear me? I’ve got it under control.” He sighs and adds, softer, “Just go inside.”
He hesitates for a moment but nods and goes inside with the others. Now they really are alone. He really is alone.
He keeps going. Past the Nest, just a bit farther to a shaded spot near a few rocks. The silence is no longer suffocating, but being alone makes him all too aware of the tears pricking his eyes.
He makes short work of burying them, doing nothing to stop silent tears from dripping into the sand as he goes back to the Nest with a silent promise to visit soon.
The aftermath is secondary but he might not be here to see it.
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angerydj · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Some dudes who don’t like Ozzie very much thought it would be a good idea to kidnap Eddie
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mexican-trans · 9 hours ago
I am fucking shaking. For those of you that aren’t aware, Dante Wright was “accidentally” killed after a police officer pulled him over for having an air freshener obstructing his rear view mirror. Yeah, accidentally my ass. He was killed for being black, PERIOD. If he had been white he would still be alive. Please spread this as much as you can so his murderer can rot in jail like she deserves
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