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#Snipe mha
sempiternalsolacea day ago
Tumblr media
i have once again decided to create problems, you鈥檙e welcome
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queendibzua6 days ago
what if snipe is from Dominican Republic 馃嚛馃嚧
Oh that would be interesting 馃
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risingstardiamond9 days ago
Snipe's face revealed
Tumblr media
There was an old template Manga My Hero before My Hero Academia Manga came out
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
whether its appearance in Mha are the same is still uncertain
Tumblr media
what are your opinion ?
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palettepainter9 days ago
Higari : Would you take a bullet for me? Shizen: ...yes? *Snipe angrily bursting into the room* Higari: *running away* Great, thanks!
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aquastellium15 days ago
Tumblr media
i am not convinced this man has a quirk. i think he just has a gun
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eraserjoke--levihan16 days ago
I drew Snipe uvuvu I rarely draw men soooooo yeahhhh -v-
Tumblr media
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catnaples24 days ago
CHAPTER WARNINGS: Cuts, Blood, Mentions of Bullying (of course)
Tumblr media
鈥淒on鈥檛 travel anywhere before the summer training camp.鈥 Aizawa said, his tone bored as always. 鈥淲e don鈥檛 know if the villains will come after you again. In the time before camp begins, you can work on training and getting better. You all still need a lot of improvement.鈥
聽The class groaned, collectively muttering about all of the things they had been planning on doing. You rolled your eyes at them. Stupid. Safety is more important than your cheap bathing suits and overpriced travel plans.
聽Aizawa cleared his throat, effectively quieting the class. 鈥淎lso, Y/N and Midoriya. You both need to stay after class. Everyone else is dismissed.鈥 Everyone looked at each other in confusion.
聽It was never a surprise when you were asked to stay after. Aizawa liked to lecture you about everything you needed to improve on whenever he could. And you knew it wasn鈥檛 because he wanted to see you excel like his other students, it was a way to embarrass you.
聽Midoriya on the other hand, rarely had to stay after class. When you glanced over at the green-haired boy, he looked alarmed. You felt yourself grinning slightly, sensing his inner panic at possibly getting grouped in the same category as you in his teacher鈥檚 eyes.
聽The rest of your classmates packed their things and shuffled out of the room, resuming their conversations about their now ruined summer plans. You took your time slipping your books into your bag, laughing internally at Midoriya鈥檚 constant fidgeting. Now you know how I felt the first three times.
聽When the classroom door finally shut and it was just the three of you, Aizawa looked between the two of you in disdain. You were used to that look already, and you returned the stare with your own look of irritation.
聽鈥淵ou both failed the pop quiz from yesterday. You were the only ones to fail. It was an important test to judge your written reactions to certain disasters and protocols.鈥 Aizawa sighed, rubbing his brow. 鈥淚t was a simple test too. Even the student in last place managed to ace it.鈥
聽Midoriya was quick to apologize and ask for remedial work, anything to help him improve. You remained silent, not caring enough to beg. Aizawa continued with his lecture, explaining the importance of the quiz that you had taken while you began to zone out, thinking about what you were going to eat for dinner.
聽You were snapped from your thoughts when Midoriya suddenly stood from his seat and bowed enthusiastically, thanking Aizawa for what you assumed was a second chance.
聽Your dark-haired teacher then turned to you expectantly. You assumed that he was waiting for you to also beg for another chance, but you weren鈥檛 feeling particularly cooperative. You shrugged at him. 鈥淵es, Mr. Aizawa?鈥 You asked, your voice dripping with nonchalance.
聽 His eye twitched at your tone, but he didn鈥檛 address it. 鈥淵ou and Midoriya will be participating in a mock rescue mission to make up for your pathetic test scores.鈥 He said. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l be working with Todoroki and Iida, who achieved the top two scores. You鈥檒l eat your dinner here, and then come to the training grounds. Don鈥檛 be late.鈥
聽 Your teacher didn鈥檛 wait for your answer before exiting the room. Midoriya stood awkwardly at his desk still, and from the way his shoulder鈥檚 were inclined you could tell that he was uncomfortable and trying not to speak to you.
聽 You scoffed and stood, grabbing your bag roughly. You could feel his wide eyes on you as you stomped out of the room. 鈥淚 hate it here.鈥 You grumbled to yourself, running your hand through your hair.
聽 You hated working with Midoriya and Iida. The shorter boy always treated you as if you would snap any instant and paralyse him next, while Iida constantly looked down at you in severe disdain. They both ignored you when you offered up plans during your mock missions, and they always swooped in to take out the enemy before you could even activate your quirk.
聽 It gave you slight comfort to know that you鈥檇 also be working with Todoroki. Even though the quiet boy never tried to spark up friendly conversation with you, he never took part in bullying you. He matched your power without hesitation when sparring, and on a couple of occasions when you were still eating in the lunchroom, he would sit at your table. Even though he claimed that it was because he didn鈥檛 want to be around any loud conversations, it still comforted you to know that at least someone wasn鈥檛 out to get you all of the time.
聽 You stopped in the middle of the empty hallway, sighing to yourself. You no longer felt hungry, knowing that your day at your hellish school was now even longer. You considered texting one of your old friends from America, but you didn鈥檛 want to bother her. You knew that she was busy with an important internship, and you didn鈥檛 want to get yelled at.
聽 You felt so alone at UA. You were so desperate for someone to be friends with that you even considered talking to Mineta at one point. And he was the first person that you had blacklisted when you had joined class 1-A.
You trudged over to the window and stared out, enviously watching students form small little groups to walk home with. Even from a distance, you could see their bodies shaking from laughter, their mouths forming large grins.
聽 鈥淵/N?鈥 A quiet voice asked, startling you. You whipped your head around, looking for the source. The hall was still completely empty, however. You shrugged to yourself. 鈥淚 must be going crazy鈥︹ You mumbled to yourself.
聽 鈥淵ou鈥檙e not going crazy, don鈥檛 worry.鈥 The voice said again. You spun around, your mind and body on high alert. Where the hell were they?
聽 鈥淲here are you? Who are you?鈥 You asked, small pink sparks shooting from your fingertips. With a higher number of villain attacks happening lately, you were fearful that maybe one had slipped through UA鈥檚 security.
聽 鈥淚 wanna be your friend.鈥 The voice said sweetly. It seemed to be closer this time. A familiar perfume filled the air. 鈥淲ait鈥︹ You mumbled. I know that voice too. You stared hard at the end of the hallway, finally catching sight of the shoe that was peeking out from the corner.
聽 鈥淲hen are you guys going to grow up!鈥 You spat, waving your arm in front of you. A small burst of energy shot out, bouncing off of an invisible body. Hagakure grunted, even though your attack was barely strong enough to hurt.
聽 Jiro and Kaminari burst from the corner, laughing hysterically. 鈥淪he was so confused!鈥 Kaminari wheezed, practically rolling on the ground. Jiro was doubled over, tears falling from her eyes. 鈥淚 wanna be your friend!鈥 She repeated in a high pitched voice.
聽 Anger began to bubble in your stomach, and you had to fight the surge of energy rushing through your blood. 鈥淚 hate you.鈥 You seethed, storming down the hall towards the duo.
聽 When you were only a few feet away, you felt your quirk鈥檚 effects fade away. You groaned, knowing what the cause was.
聽 鈥淵/N. That鈥檚 enough.鈥 Aizawa called, irritation clear in his voice. 鈥淕o get your dinner, and then head to Ground Beta like I told you to. You too, Midoriya.鈥
聽 You turned to face the short green-haired boy in slight surpirse. You had assumed that he would have snuck by you when your back was turned, probably to go talk to his friends about his unfortunate predicament without having to worry about exchanging any words with you.
聽 Midoriya avoided your eyes, which didn鈥檛 surprise you. He hadn鈥檛 bothered to meet your gaze head-on since the incident with Koda. You huffed and shoved past Jiro and Kaminari, not bothering to apologize when Aizawa called your name.
聽 Instead of heading towards the cafeteria like you were supposed to, you stormed towards the woods next to the school, which were blocked in by large walls.
聽 鈥淪tupid idiots. I hate them!鈥 You seethed, throwing your backpack against a tree when you finally reached your desired location. 鈥淚 already apologized, so why can鈥檛 they just accept it!鈥
聽 No longer under the effects of Aizawa鈥檚 quirk, you formed a small ball of glowing pink energy with your hand. 鈥淩eal hero鈥檚 wouldn鈥檛 bully someone for a mistake!鈥 You chucked the ball at a rock, instantly regretting it.
聽 As soon as the energy made contact with the hard surface, the rock exploded into many small, jagged chunks. A good number of them flew towards your face. You barely had time to throw your arms up to shield your face before they began to pelt your body.
聽 You cried out when a particularly large one sliced your upper arm, shredding the sleeve of your uniform and sending a small spray of blood onto the ground. For a few seconds, all you could do was stare down at the stain, your chest heaving and your arms still raised.
聽 Then, the tears began to fall. Your arms dropped to your sides in defeat, crimson red dripping down to the grassy floor below. 鈥淚t鈥檚 not fair.鈥 You sobbed to yourself. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 mean to do it. How come Bakugo gets to beat the life out of Midoriya and everyone is okay, but when I make one mistake everyone hates me?鈥
聽 You dropped to your knees and curled in on yourself, trying to silence your cries. The last thing that you wanted was for someone to overhear and stumble upon the embarrassing scene. The bullying would probably get ten times worse if they knew that it was getting to you. 聽 聽
聽 A twig cracking from behind you startled you, sending you flying to your feet again. You harshly rubbed the tears from your face, cringing when you realized that you were also smearing on the blood from your arms too.
聽 鈥淲ho鈥檚 there?鈥 You asked, trying to steady your voice. There was silence for a few moments, before a split-haired boy with pieces of shrubbery sticking out of his hair stepped out from the trees. You gasped quietly, before relief coursed through your body. He won鈥檛 mock me like the others.
聽 鈥淭odoroki鈥︹ You mumbled. 鈥淲hat are you doing here? Aren鈥檛 you supposed to be eating dinner before our practice?鈥 You asked.
聽 He stared blankly at your face, and then your arms. 鈥淵es. But I was speaking to Midoriya on his way out.鈥 He began in his calm voice. 鈥淥n my way back to the cafeteria, I heard a bang. I decided to check it out.鈥
聽 You reached over and grabbed your bag, sniffling. 鈥淚t was just me. I attacked a large rock.鈥 You muttered. You slung your bag over your shoulder and approached him, reaching up to pluck a fallen leaf from his hair. He must have taken a more overgrown path to get here.
聽 鈥淲hat happened to your arms?鈥 He asked, brushing his hand over his head to knock any other loose leaves to the ground. You looked down at your fresh cuts, wincing. Some were small, already done bleeding. Other鈥檚 however were quite long and still leaking red. Your uniform jacket was stained with the color.
聽This wouldn鈥檛 be the first time that you had to get a new jacket and shirt. You鈥檝e had non-washable paint thrown at you, superglue spattered across your back, and extra rough 鈥減lay鈥 fighting sessions that left your clothes ripped and irreparable.
聽 鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 able to protect myself in time from the small pieces of rock when it exploded.鈥 You mumbled. 鈥淭hey ended up cutting me.鈥
聽 Todoroki nodded, accepting your answer. 鈥淲ell, you should probably go to Recovery Girl to get patched up before we head to Ground Beta.鈥 He said. 鈥淒inner will be over in an hour and you don鈥檛 want Mr. Aizawa to scold you for being late.鈥
聽 You rolled your eyes at the mention of your grumpy teacher. 鈥淵eah, whatever. I don鈥檛 care if he yells at me. I could be the number one student in our class, always perfectly on time, and have a perfected quirk. He鈥檇 still treat me like scum.鈥 You grumbled.
聽 Todoroki didn鈥檛 have a response, seemingly shocked at your statement. At least he didn鈥檛 say, 鈥淭hat鈥檚 not true鈥. You shuffled past him, being sure to avoid shoving him. The last thing you wanted was to get on his bad side.
聽 While he didn鈥檛 bother to spark up conversations with you, or defend you when he was around your ruthless classmates, he also didn鈥檛 take part in their childish antics. Even if he was one of the only one who didn鈥檛 treat you like trash, he was still someone to sit next to, someone to feel comfortable around, even if you didn鈥檛 talk and laugh together.
聽 To your surprise, Todoroki followed you all the way to the infirmary. When you reached the door, you paused and looked back at him. 鈥淚鈥 appreciate you coming with. But I know that this practice will probably be pretty rigorous. You should eat dinner so that you鈥檒l have the energy to give it your all.鈥 You murmured.
聽 He hesitated for a moment, before nodding. 鈥淎lright.鈥 Was all he said, before he continued down the hall and towards the cafeteria. You felt your heart drop. I hope I didn鈥檛 offend him. You had been secretly hoping that he would insist on staying.
聽 You sighed and knocked on the infirmary door, before sliding it open. 鈥淩ecovery Girl?鈥 You asked quietly, peeking in. The short, older woman spun around in her chair, a small smile on her face.
聽 At the sight of your bloodied arms, she gasped. 鈥淵/N! What happened?鈥 She asked, shooing you towards the bed closest to the door. You plopped down on the soft surface, groaning when you realized that she was going to lecture you again.
聽 鈥淚 got really upset鈥o I threw an energy ball at a rock. It exploded and the small pieces cut me.鈥 You explained. Recovery Girl shook her head at you, 鈥榯sking鈥 while she gathered her supplies.
聽 鈥淚鈥檓 not going to use my quirk on the smaller ones. Just the big, nasty looking ones. Let the small ones remind you that you need to be careful.鈥 She chided. You shrugged your jacket off, thanking her.
聽 Even though most of the faculty ignored your presence when they could, Recovery Girl was always just as kind to you as she was on your first day at UA. She was the only one to understand that what had happened with Koda was truly an accident, that you had been beating yourself up over it nonstop.
聽 You were unsure if she scolded the other teachers and students when they inevitably spoke bad about you. Or if she expressed her true thoughts about their behavior when you would pay your regular visit to her office after being injured, again.
聽 You had a feeling that even if she did regularly scold them, they probably wouldn鈥檛 listen. Hero鈥檚 were egotistical in your opinion, or at least the ones that you were surrounded by these days. They only cared about their image and their income. Why else would they be content with letting you get bullied each and every day?
聽 You hissed in pain when Recovery Girl swiped an alcohol pad across your arm, rigorously cleaning the numerous cuts littering your once unmarked skin. 鈥淚t鈥檒l be over soon.鈥 Recovery Girl said. 鈥淢aybe next time you get angry you鈥檒l squeeze a stress ball instead.鈥
聽 Despite the itching, burning pain you were feeling, you laughed at her small joke. 鈥淭hank you.鈥 You mumbled, watching as she wrapped pristine white bandages around your arms.
聽 鈥淔or healing you? Dear, that鈥檚 my job.鈥 She said, standing to discard the now dirtied supplies. You shook your head. 鈥淣o. Well, yes, that too.鈥 You laughed again. 鈥淭hank you for never taking part in the ill-treatment.鈥
聽 Suddenly, all humorous feelings faded, and you felt yourself tearing up again. Your bottom lip wobbled against your will. 鈥淚-I really appreciate it. Y-y鈥檏now I didn鈥檛 mean t-to hurt Koda. I-I-I-鈥
聽 Recovery Girl cut you off, climbing up on the bed to sit next to you. She handed you a box of tissues, a comforting smile on her wrinkled face. 鈥淵/N, I know that it was an accident. And I鈥檝e told the others that too. I know it鈥檚 hard, but a real hero perseveres. You can make it through this, I know you can.鈥
聽 She gently patted your leg. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e strong and your smart. With more practice, you can be completely in control of your quirk. I have no doubt that when you graduate you will become one of the greatest hero鈥檚 in our society.鈥
聽 You blew into one of the tissues, thanking her with an almost comically shaky voice. She sighed, jumping off of the bed to check her computer. 鈥淵ou just have to be careful with your body. Sometimes you go way too hard. It鈥檚 the same issue that I see with Midoriya. I don鈥檛 want to see you permanently damaging your body.鈥
聽 She pulled up a few files, printing them out. She handed the papers to you, gesturing to your arms. 鈥淭his is your medical history just from being here. They all may seem like small injuries that are easily fixed, but if they continue to be inflicted upon your body then it could have larger effects.鈥
聽 You nodded, trying to stop the tears that were still flowing down your cheeks. 鈥淭hanks. I鈥檒l be more careful.鈥 You sniffled. 鈥淚鈥檒l work extra hard and be more careful. One day, you鈥檒l see me on the news!鈥
聽 You stood and pumped your fist in the air, smiling through your tears. You wanted to make her proud. Recovery Girl clapped in joy. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 my Y/N!鈥 She cheered lightly. 鈥淏ecome the best hero that you can be!鈥
聽 Your small moment was interrupted by the infirmary door sliding open. Standing in the doorway was Todoroki, with two trays balanced in his arms. 鈥淥h?鈥 Recovery Girl raised her eyebrows.
聽 鈥淚 brought you dinner, just in case you wouldn鈥檛 have time after visiting the infirmary.鈥 He said. You simply stared at him, surprised. He鈥rought you鈥inner? He was actually thinking about you?
聽 鈥淎h, come in then! You may eat in here if you wish.鈥 Recovery Girl said, beaming. She gestured to the bed that you had been sitting at. 鈥淥-oh, are you sure? I wouldn鈥檛 w-want to bother y-you.鈥 You stuttered. She waved her hands, shooting you a small wink.
聽 You plopped back down on the bed, leaving space for Todoroki to sit next to you. He joined you, handing you a tray piled high with rice and curry. 鈥淚 wasn鈥檛 sure what to get you.鈥 He mumbled. 鈥淚f you don鈥檛 like it then we can trade.鈥
聽 You shook your head. 鈥淣-no! This is fine. Thank you, Todoroki.鈥 You murmured. He didn鈥檛 respond, focusing on his dinner. It was the same silence that it always was, but it comforted you. You felt your heart grow a little warmer knowing that seemed to care enough that you needed to eat.
聽 I鈥檇 like to be friends. You thought, smiling softly to yourself. You took a bite of your rice. You, Todoroki, are worthy of being a hero.
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maniacalmilk26 days ago
Heres my Boku No Hero Academia OC dressed as her favourite pro hero Snipe!
Tumblr media
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thingsoverheardatuaa month ago
Snipe: I could shoot the pubic hair off of a bumblebee from 100 yards away.
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scifallena month ago
like groceries
snipe x popular streamer male reader
w: nsfw/slight dirty talk
it originally was a request, but i鈥檝e decided to change it a little. hope it鈥檚 okay.
(y/un) 鈥 your username
Tumblr media
you never knew your long tongue could turn your peaceful daily life into this.
鈥渨ho鈥檚 my hero crush?鈥, you read from the chat panel, while continuing playing the game; thousands of people were watching you, 鈥渙h my god, let me think.. definitely snipe. the man is so fine and for what, huh?鈥
the chat starts to fill with 鈥淪AME鈥斺, 鈥渙ur man is WHIIIPPED鈥, 鈥(y/un) is simping~鈥 and all other responses. you couldn鈥檛 help but start reading all the following questions. how could you not speak about the man as hot as snipe was?
鈥渘o homo, but i would suck him off if he鈥檇 tell me鈥, you giggle, the sound of your fingers clicking keyboard getting louder 鈥 your team was winning, 鈥渋鈥檇 let this man eat my ass like groceries.. yeeah, we won, guys!鈥
the chat was blowing with emojis and comments. 鈥(y/un)-chan, you NEED to meet him!鈥, you see on your screen.
鈥渂ruh, i wish, man鈥, you reply after reading it out loud for everyone else, 鈥渋 saw him like two times in real life, and when i tell you my knees were shaking鈥. you laugh again, your cheeks burning a little from the shyness this conversation was giving you; all the memories of you seeing your crush started running through your head again now. you suddenly remember something, 鈥渂y the way, my friends invited me to this cool convention where heroes will be giving all this interviews and all that stuff, you know? aah, i hope snipe will be there鈥.
you never knew the fate was going to take your words literally. because you never knew someone like snipe could hear about some popular streamer talking sweet lewd nothings about him. a very pretty streamer.. just his type.
it was all fun once you and your friends came. the panels were very interesting, everything looked super bright and exciting. even all might was invited! he couldn鈥檛 stay for long, but still 鈥 everyone, including you, was happy to see him.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 know if this day could be better鈥, you confess to your friend after some guy asked you for a photo because they knew you from your streams. he wasn鈥檛 the first one this day already, but you actually loved to talk with your followers 鈥 they all were super nice and you wanted to give them as much joy as they were giving you by asking for a photo or just having a small talk with you.
鈥測ou think?鈥, your friend who was staring at something by your back smirked. you two were drinking bubble tea on the food area now. you didn鈥檛 like his malicious smirk, 鈥渢hen you better look behind you鈥.
you did..
and, god, it was a bad idea.
several heroes were standing together, talking about something, probably work or anything else. but something else caught your eyes 鈥 a person who was looking right at you, the mask hiding his face, but you just knew 鈥 he was staring.
you turn to your friend again. 鈥渋 don鈥檛 like the way he looks at me. is he still watching? do you think someone told him about my words?鈥, anxiety started bubbling somewhere inside of your belly, 鈥渁ah, he probably thinks i鈥檓 a weirdo鈥.
鈥(y/n), i don鈥檛 wanna be a bad news deliverer, but he鈥檚 approaching us鈥, your friend was having hard time trying not to laugh. that probably was the most ridiculous and embarrassing situation he ever participated in, 鈥渋 mean.. you want me to leave you two alone, lovebirds? i don鈥檛 mind!鈥
鈥渄on鈥檛 you dare鈥, you hiss and grip his wrist. but it was too late 鈥 you physically feel some鈥檚 appearance by your back. someone tall, definitely dangerous.
鈥渋 apologize for my manners鈥, a voice that you would never mistake with any other. you turn around and face him.. oh no, no, no, 鈥渢here鈥檚 no one who can introduce me to you, so i only can do it myself. you already know me, but i鈥檓 snipe. nice to meet you, (y/un)鈥.
鈥渘..nice to meet you too, snipe-s..san鈥, you almost whisper. a quiet giggle leaves your friend鈥檚 mouth. he couldn鈥檛 help 鈥 you looked so embarrassed and confused. this day just couldn鈥檛 be better, you said?
鈥渨ould you do me a favor and have a small talk with me?鈥, snipe鈥檚 voice even more attractive because of his mask. god, your knees were shaking as if you were a damn schoolboy on a date with a bad guy, 鈥渢ete-a-tete?鈥
tete-a-tete? you look at your friend in a desperate ask of.. advice? help? the whole rescue team? anything! but he only gives you several excited nods, his eyebrows lifted and his eyes almost sparkling. god, you hated it here..
鈥渋 mean.. sure鈥, you ramble, playing with your fingers and looking at your shoes 鈥 suddenly they turned very interesting to look at. why didn鈥檛 you notice this little spot on them before?
snipe nods, and then turns around and goes somewhere. you don鈥檛 catch it first 鈥 that he was expecting you to follow him 鈥 but when you do realize it, you give your friend a sad, scared whine and then rush to follow a hero. all the way to somewhere you had no idea where was, you were staring at his wide back and shoulders that were hidden with a crimson cloak. his one hand was exposed, and you saw it so close for the first time 鈥 his tanned amazing skin, his muscles, the veins snaking to his fingers.. oh god, you were so mesmerized you didn鈥檛 notice the man stopping and it led to you bumping into his back clumsily.
鈥渃ome in, don鈥檛 be scared鈥.
don鈥檛 be scared? oh, really? now, when he led you to an empty staff room, where his and, probably, some other heroes鈥檚 stuff were? when he followed you, when he closed the door by his back? when he locked it?
鈥渆at like groceries, huh?鈥, his deep chuckle gives you chills. oh, god..
鈥渓isten, i鈥檓 sorry..鈥, you started, but hero made a step, approaching you, and you were cut off because you were too busy trying to press yourself into the table that was standing by your back. oh, that all was bad bad.
鈥渘o, no鈥, not noticing the table standing by your back before was a total mistake 鈥 it let snipe press his hands against it by the both of your sides; no escape.. no way back, 鈥渋 don鈥檛 mind..鈥
what did he just say? he was so close you didn鈥檛 even understand his words first, doing your best literally not to faint.
鈥渋 kinda liked you being so vocal about your desires鈥, hero continued, his mask now face-to-face close to you.. but no touching, even his knee, being very close to yours, didn鈥檛 touch you, 鈥渨anna ask me about it right into my face, sweetheart?鈥
sweetheart.. oh, that was too much for your poor heart 鈥 you couldn鈥檛 help but whimper quietly and grip the fabric of his shirt with your fists.
鈥渋 promise i won鈥檛 touch you before you let me, 鈥榢ay? and if you want me to let you g..鈥
鈥渘, please!鈥, you pull him closer by his shirt that you were squeezing so hard and it was amusing almost 鈥 how you were in lead right now as if he wasn鈥檛 the trained hero here, as if he wasn鈥檛 the one who could immobilize you literally in a second, 鈥減l..please.. i w..wanna make you feel good, sir..鈥
鈥測ou do?鈥, snipe chuckles and 鈥 god, yes, yes! finally! 鈥 touches your thighs. he squeezes your asscheeks and lifts you like it鈥檚 nothing for him (it probably is nothing for him), so you were sitting on that damn table now, 鈥済ood news for me, kitty..鈥
you didn鈥檛 even notice how he got rid of your pants and underwear. where was it now? on the floor, probably? on the floor of the staff room; tens of heroes, hundreds of people being right by this door, and here you are 鈥 whining into hero鈥檚 palm that was shutting your mouth for you to be quiet. and you were thankful, you really were, because you couldn鈥檛 muffle your voice yourself; not when snipe himself was touching you between your legs, not when his mask was right next to your ear, whispering things you didn鈥檛 even dream of.
鈥渟uch a good boy you are.. just my type鈥, he says, the metal of his mask cooling your probably burning neck. hero pulls back, but only to take a little foil square-shaped wrapper from his pocket. oh, he knew you was going to open your legs for him, he knew it.. he knew he will find you here today, and he was waiting to meet you.. so he could fuck such a long-tongued pretty-faced streamer properly. as you wished it yourself. and who snipe was to refuse to make such a sweetheart happy? when you asked him so nicely, 鈥渄oes it feel good to spread your legs for your favorite hero, my dear? oh, i鈥檒l make sure you鈥檙e satisfied and treated as you wished it so.. i鈥檓 gonna be nice because it鈥檚 our first time, yeah? but don鈥檛 you think you鈥檙e going that easy the next one鈥.
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All Might and Present Mic are both Westaboos and spend all their time together gushing about Western culture like the dorks they are.
Snipe sometimes joins them
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bnha-looking-glass-rpa month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shindo Yo (Grand) [MIRROR - CIVILIAN]
Kurusu Ryoshi (Silencer) [MIRROR - VILLAIN]
Sero Hanta (Cellophane) [CANON - HERO]
Aoyama Yuuga (Glimmer) [MIRROR - VILLAIN]
Todoroki Rei (--) [MIRROR - CIVILIAN[
Yaoyorozu Momo (Creati) [CANON - HERO]
Kyoka Jirou (NyQuist) [MIRROR - VILLAIN]
Usagiyama Rumi (Miruko) [CANON - HERO]
Kamakiri Togaru (Mortis) [MIRROR - VILLAIN]
David Shield (Atlas) [MIRROR - VILLAIN]
Izumi Kota (--) [CANON - CIVILIAN]
Haha! I know it looks a lot but it鈥檚 mostly because the admin forgot to update here for a while now! Don鈥檛 look at meeeee! But look at this GREAT party of characters. Although we do have an extensive cast, we don鈥檛 even have that many members! Our members just happened to pick more than one muse, so if you鈥檙e thinking about joining, don鈥檛 hesitate!聽 As of now, the server is ON FIRE with the ongoing event!!!
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randommhaa month ago
Could you do your headcanon sexualities for the UA teachers?
Oo okay let鈥檚 get into it 馃彸锔忊嶐煂
Present Mic! He really gives me pan vibes,, a chaotic pan man
This one鈥檚 not gonna go down well with the horny Aizawa stans but I鈥檓 gonna go with ace,, bi/panromantic asexual
All Might I鈥檇 headcanon as bi with a preference for women, he seems like he could love a man :) *whispers* Dave
Right. I鈥檇 like to say Midnight is a lesbian, but she flirts with any gender so that鈥檚 a contradiction... unless, lesbian who flirts with other genders because she doesn鈥檛 give a fuck in which case,, valid
Nezu... straight I鈥檇 say. I do not know the inner workings of the mouse man.
Ectoplasm is the maths teacher. This hinders his chances at being an elgeebeetee+. He could honestly be anything,, he manages to give off every vibe there is so I鈥檓 not sure.
Thirteen. Hmmm. We don鈥檛 see much of her so there鈥檚 not much to go off of so this one鈥檚 up in the air
Snipe - bisexual; cowboy. 鈥榥uff said.
Of course these are all just personal headcanons and vibes I get, and what I think in fanon, when I鈥檓 reading/watching canon content I go off of what鈥檚 canon n such (麓锝锝)銆
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Tumblr media
because I wanted a change in style from all the other villain Izuku AUs
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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babieeamajiki2 months ago
okay , let's state something really quickly, are we not gonna address how sexy snipe is , like omggg
Tumblr media
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elaineiswithyou-blog2 months ago
Who the MHA Teachers Main in Overwatch
A/N: Check out my friend鈥檚 post @theyakuzaswife which I will also be reblogging. They did the shie hassaikai organization and their mains so please go and support them. Characters: All Might, Present Mic, Aizawa, Midnight and Snipe
All Might: Reinhardt (Credit to tastyrice on Threadless)
Tumblr media
Yagi really sympathizes with the fallen hero who just wants to keep going even though he is old. He relates a lot to Reinhardt and enjoys playing the tank hero a lot, especially the shield to protect his teammates. Yagi has died multiple times trying to charge into battle or charging and falling off the edge of the map. Yagi was introduced the game by Izuku and he instantly fell in love with Reinhardt鈥檚 character. He also has a soft spot for Soldier 76. Hizashi: Lucio (Credit to rosinantes on Twitter)
Tumblr media
Hizashi loves Lucio and his whole design with music and being a support character. He does enjoy the general music aesthetic Lucio has going but also his cool mechanics of being able to speed up and heal people through his sound waves. Hizashi also just loves to boop people off the map and wall ride. Hizashi loves Lucio and plays him every single time, he has no time on any other characters.
Aizawa: Widowmaker (Credit to wlop on DeviantArt)
Tumblr media
Aizawa enjoys playing widowmaker a lot and boy is he good at it. Having super strong hand eye coordination and steady hands is Aizawa鈥檚 specialty and he shines whenever he plays widow. He enjoys the unique backstory given to Widowmaker and that she isn鈥檛 all sunshine and rainbows. Almost got banned multiple times for cheating because he just has such good aim that people assume he is using an aimbot.聽
Midnight: Ana (Credit to darwh00 on Twitter)
Tumblr media
While Midnight is not as good at aiming scoped in, she enjoys Ana. She finds her backstory interesting and also the mechanics of putting people temporarily to sleep. Midnight also thinks Ana is super pretty and she loves to team up with Hizashi and the two of them play support for their fellow teaches. She was introduced to the game through Aizawa who was talking about it with Hizashi in the teacher鈥檚 lounge one day after school. She also sometimes plays Zen but it鈥檚 rare not to see her playing Ana.
Snipe: McCree(But I assumed you guys already knew that) [Why is there not more fanart of these two?] {Credit to limach-an on Deviantart}
Tumblr media
You all saw this coming. Snipe was actually a huge fan of overwatch even before the UA teachers got a hold of the game and had based his look on McCree a bit. Now whenever he walks into the teacher鈥檚 lounge it鈥檚 no longer cowboy jokes, it鈥檚 McCree jokes and as much as he hates those jokes, he isn鈥檛 gonna change mains. He also secretly ships McCree and Hanzo
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croissantsandnutella2 months ago
Tumblr media
Shota Aizawa
Tumblr media
Vlad King
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Toshinori Yagi
Tumblr media
Hizashi Yamada
Tumblr media
Nemuri Kayama
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gran Torino
Tumblr media
Hope you like these mood boards, part 2 should be coming soon and request if you want anything personal.
See you in next post :)
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jaded-ghoster3 months ago
[The teacher鈥檚 lounge after Vlad is shown having an addiction to playing fetch with his dog and rushes out refusing help]
Midnight, pointing at everyone: Intervention? Intervention? Intervention?
Aizawa: Count me out.
Thirteen: We can't count you out, he listens to you.
Aizawa: Well, he also listens to the Wild Wild Pussycats kids show soundtrack, go get their dumb asses to help you.
Hizashi, gasping: Okay Shochan, you are clearly in a bad space today, but Vlad is our friend, and the Wild Wild Pussycats are triple platinum, are you?
Aizawa: Why does everyone leap to defend that trio so aggressively and how much stuff do we have to go through this year before my friendship stops being questioned?
Midnight: Well, maybe friendship is about going through a lot of stuff Shota, and maybe WWP has two awards to your zero!
Aizawa: Oh, okay, they're WWP now? We need a shorthand for the Wild Wild Pussycats. That's how fundamental they are.
Cementoss: Fundamental.
Aizawa, getting up: You know what Vlad probably needs more than anything? Some space. Maybe I do too.
Snipe, yelling: You know what? Maybe we all need some space, to pull the knife out of the back of the most celebrated hero band of the mid 90s, you selfish, jaded ass!
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