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fatgumsupremacy · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Do I pick favourites? Maybe but that’s not the point.
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wait wait. thoughts on icebunny (fuyurumi?? idk what they’re called but fuyumi/miruko 😭)
Listen here, Miruko is crazy powerful and she deserves more respect because she know her worth, she knows what she wants to do in life, she heads to her fights not fearing anyone, she was ready to fist fight AFO to heaven?!?!? I mean?!?!?
How can Miruko be so powerful and at the same time be so dumby, in the most affectionate way ever? She's my favorite female pro-hero, that's why I'm rambling. Miruko please step on me.
And FUYUMI DON'T GET ME STARTED ON FUYUMI. RESPECT MY TODOROKI WOMAN OR EXPECT ME TO JUDGE YOU. Not kidding, people think Fuyumi is not as strong as her siblings because she decided to forgive Endeavor and it's trying to pull her family together??? Like????
Think for a minute about how strong she has always been. She was a little girl, totally scare in a house where woman were powerless and living under a roof where her opinions didn't matter. Still, she has always tried to pick up the pieces and instead of anger or sorrow, she turns everything into kindness. A single flower in the middle of a forest fire and a snow storm, and she refuses to die, she refuses to give up, she stands tall and proud.
Miruko loves her for that. She sees her, the way everyone else fails to see her. She sees a woman who is invisible to the rest of the world and she doesn't care. Fuyumi does what she wants to do and pours all her heart in it. And Miruko sees her.
This ship is the female equivalent of KiriBaku. One kind human being how is solid as a mountain when times get rough and one loud and proud human being who underneath all the fierce and rage exterior, has a golden heart to protect the world.
Pro-hero Miruko coming home every night to her lovely wife, who's been working hard on teaching the next generations how to do better.
They are the two sides of a real hero. They protect and they teach. And they have my whole heart.
This ship is 10/10 and you can say I adore it.
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beaconfantasies · 8 hours ago
Ok here’s a challenge for you
A sexcannon of a ship
Izuku x Miruko
- Midoriya actually has more libido than Miruko does. He’s probably the only man who can keep up with her, sexually speaking.
- Their relationship started off very practical. Midoriya would fuck her during her heat, and that was fine for a while.
- but eventually it got to a point where neither of them could really go without the other. They became sort of addicted to the other’s body.
- No other pussy could milk Deku’s cock like Miruko’s
- And no other guy had stamina like Deku
- So they started dating for real
- Most of their dates ended in sexy escapades. Sexcapades, if you will
- Scratch that, all of their dates ended in sexcapades
- Miruko has a huuuuge breeding kink, which eventually rubbed off on Midoriya
- “You want my bunnies that bad, huh?”
- “Yes! Fucking knock up my womb! Fill me with your babies! I wanna take a fucking 9 month vacation as my tummy swells with your children~”
- Natrually, she did get pregnant. And it was then Deku discovered his pregnancy kink
- “I-is this safe for the baby?”
- “Like I could resist your sexy body, bun-bun~”
- “You still think I’m sexy? I’m in the third trimester…”
- “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world, Miruko. And with this belly? Even more so~”
- “I love you!”
- “Then let’s have another kid! I’m gonna get you pregnant again so you’ll have another 9 months away from hero work!”
- The two basically invented the phrase “fucking like rabbits”
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kure-san · 14 hours ago
𝐫𝐮𝐦𝐢 𝐮𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐲𝐚𝐦𝐚 | 𝐦𝐢𝐫𝐮𝐤𝐨
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mypimpademia · 16 hours ago
— Miruko's Assistant.
Rumi (Miruko) x black!fem!reader, Taishiro (Fatgum) x black!fem!reader, Tamaki x black!fem!reader
TW: Swearing.
Note: Yall ate the og hcs up, so I decided to come back in w the same prompt to give yall more, hope you enjoy it just as much as the other one💖 if this does well too I might do just one more w this (don't wanna milk it too much lmfao) find og fic here! Prompt creds to the anon that originally requested this ofc!! Your mind>>>
Just like for the last one, in Tamaki and Kirishimas parts, you're a student, but you're her assistant and help out any students that come through‼
⇶ Rumi was fully aware that her agency was basically god tier, especially in the looks department
⇶ She was known to hire black women, and take aspiring heros under her wing often
⇶ Everyone at her agency was also pretty strong, even if their quirks seemed minute. And the whole agency was a giant power house, and almost entirely ran off of strong black women
⇶ But despite doing all this, and having loads of work, Rumi had never had never had an assistant.
⇶ She'd never paid it any mind, not until Hawks pointed it out, and actually recommended you to her himself.
⇶ You were actually already working as one of his many assistants, and despite being one of his favorites as well, he figured Rumi needed you much more than he did
"Hey, you don't have an assistant, do you? I could give you one of mine. I have a specific one in mind. She's smart, helpful, and can definitely help you out around here. She's a really cutie too. Her name is Y/n."
⇶ Rumi was hesitant at first, she'd grown accustomed to being independent, so just the idea of having an assistant was foreign to her
⇶ But she took a quick liking to you. A very quick liking.
⇶ The first thing she noticed was that Hawks did not like when he said you were cute
⇶ He didn't lie about anything really, which caught Rumi off guard
⇶ And it's not that she doubted you, she didn't in the slightest. You were just way more than she expected
⇶ You molded into your position and the agency quickly, and were very hands on with everything
⇶ You often advised Rumi on things she had never even thought of, helped her with things she had know clue she actually needed help with, and more
⇶ You lifted some kind of weight off of her and the agency honestly
⇶ Which only had her more drawn to you
⇶ And everyone knew it too... Rumi is a giant cocky flirt, almost as much of one as Hawks
⇶ She made a point to always compliment you. From your appearance, to miniscule things like your laugh, and even to your work ethic
"'Morning Y/n... you look like good as hell today, you should wear that outfit more."
"Aw, you've got such a cute laugh. Matches your face, huh?"
"Geez, you're givin' me a run for my money with the way you work, and it's my agency."
⇶ Now Rumi had never really been into the whole "boss and assistant fall in love" type thing... but for you? She just might love it if you're in it
⇶ She wasted no time in trying to take your relationship outside of work once she was sure she liked you
⇶ Started off a bit basic and lowkey, just because she couldn't do much without being paraded by paparazzi
⇶ You both would go for coffee/tea together every morning, and you'd often spend your lunch together
⇶ Soon enough there were whispers in the media about Miruko possibly dating you, and in her true fashion, she let the rumors hang because soon enough they'd be true
⇶ You were often teased by your coworkers about how Miruko was clearly crushing on you, and you always brushed them off (even though you knew full and well that she did)
⇶ When you eventually did start dating, the way you came out about it was also in true Rumi fashion
⇶ Hawks was flirting with you just to spite Rumi, and she ended up kissing you
"Hm, you're getting cuter by the day aren't ya' Y/n? Rumi, you better be careful or I might steal her back from you." Hawks teased.
Rumi scoffed in annoyance, then tugged you closer to her by your waist, pulling you so close that your mouths were hovering each other.
She stayed like that and gave you a piercing yet soft stare, asking for permission to kiss you.
You dipped in yourself, connecting your lips together and pulling back with a 'smack'.
"So... I can't steal her?" Hawks asked laughing as he knew what reaction he'd get.
Just like he expected.
⇶ The pictures of you two sucking faces hit the media quick and spread like wildfire, by the time you gotten back to the agency later that evening, the whole office had heard about it and you were met with rounds of applause as you came in
⇶ Taishiro loves black women more than anything, no arguments
⇶ So Miruko's agency was pure heaven for him
⇶ Just looking around, his face was a rosy pink
⇶ All these beautiful women everywhere he looked, all shapes, sizes, and skin tones
⇶ And they were all drop dead gorgeous, every last one of them
⇶ But when Miruko called for her assistant and you came out? He thought his heart was gonna burst
⇶ You were just so beautiful
⇶ And he's quick to give you a small compliment you too
"This is my assistant Y/n, I've got some work to do so she'll be showing you some ropes while I'm busy." Mikruko explained.
Taishiro gave a wide smile.
"Nice to meet ya, Y/n! Say, Miruko, she as sweet as she looks?"
⇶ He was paying attention the whole while you were talking
⇶ But eventually, his mind did wander, to thoughts of you specifically
⇶ He couldn't help it, he was in the presence of the mosy beautiful person he'd ever seen
⇶ He complimented you almost the whole time
"You look so pretty all focused."
"Your hair really suits you y'know."
"You look so good in all this sunshine."
⇶ You tried to keep professional because you were merely an assistant, and you'd just met Taishiro
⇶ But lord knows your face was on fire the whole time
⇶ Taishiro was a bit sad when it was time to go, but thanked God he'd be coming back soon
⇶ And of course he charmed his way into snagging your number, and you hopefully be seeing each other more outside of work
⇶ Walking into the agency alone had him in shambles
⇶ He was a pure stuttering mess everytime one of the women even said hi to him
⇶ But when he saw you? Amajiki.exe has stopped
"Tamaki, this is my student assisstant, Y/n. She goes to Shiketsu and she's a 3rd year as well. She'll be showing you the ropes of the agency a bit while i take care of some things." Miruko explained.
You waved and smiled at Amajiki.
"It's nice to meet you Tamaki, I'm excited to work with you." You greeted him.
Amajiki's face was buring up, and he was reddened to the tips of his pointed ears. It took him about 5 seconds of silently breaking down before he gulped and greeted you back.
⇶ You started with showing him around the agency and just some parts he might be working in often
⇶ The whole time, he was cursing and thanking every window you guys passed by (aka, literally the whole tour, the entire building is mostly glass)
⇶ Amajiki had to have his hood pulled down the whole time to keep you from seeing his bright pink face
⇶ Normally, he wouldn't be this nervous, even with his extreme anxiety
⇶ But you were just so damn pretty, and there was just something about you that made his heart and mind race simultaneously that he couldn't quite place
⇶ You eventually sat down to explain some extra things to him, but ended up shifting into a casual conversation when you finished and were waiting on Miruko
⇶ Amajiki kept quiet at first, but the relaxed as he saw you subtlety trying to calm him down and egg him on to be more comfortable
⇶ Leading the conversation, asking questions, being genuinely interested in what he had to say
⇶ Loosened up a bit towards the end, and was actually a bit sad when Miruko said it was time to go
⇶ You gave him your number just in case he wanted to talk some more before heading out, and he honestly stopped breaking for a hot sec
"Hey, you want my number in case you wanna like talk normally outside of here?" You asked Amajiki.
His breath caught in his throat, but he tried to not let his nervous nervous show.
"Um, y-yeah sure." He sputtered.
He gave you his phone to put in your number, and then you both went your separate ways.
"I'll see you next time! Text me, aight?"
⇶ He was already looking forward to that next time
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mangospams · 17 hours ago
mirko’s quintuplets as teenagers pleaseeeee 🥺 -🍱
I’m very much loving the domestic yandere that’s going on today 🥰💖
Rini is still a big mama’s girl. She just loves you!! And she’s also still protective over her younger siblings!! Definitely smart and athletic girl, she’s always working out with Rumi. She might go to U.A as a teen,, I haven’t decided yet if I want her to grow up to be a hero.
Mimi is a rowdy boy!! He’s not the smartest out of the bunch,, so his grades aren’t the best but he’s optimistic about it!! And despite that, he still plays school sports with his brother!!
Fuwa’s personality actually calms down slightly as he grows up,, he’s a little less chaotic now (unlike mimi) he’s still pretty energetic and chaotic,, but still not as much as he was as a kid. I actually think he’d be into cooking or something as a teen.
Rumiko is an exact copy of Rumi as a teen!! She’s athletic, extremely loud and optimistic all the time!!! You bet that she’s gonna wanna go to U.A to become a hero along with her mom!! That way she can protect you,, along with Rumi!!
Ninji is still the shy baby we know and love 🥺🥺 Still very anxious and antisocial!!! But her love of coloring as a child definitely translated as a teen she’s very good at painting and drawing
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uncharted-darkness · a day ago
Edgeshot Sick Fic Part 3
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
At some point Shinya passed out from the fever (freaking the others out severly) and woke up to someone leaning towards his face. His vision was kinda blurry from just waking up and he’s kinda confused since his brain hasn’t caught up to everything yet and his instincts were on overdrive. And yes, that’s his alibi for what happens next.
He punches them.
Crunch. There was a yelp of pain and laughter from somewhere around him. Shinya didn’t exactly know where he was or what he was doing, but that laugh seemed familiar, Miruko. Wait, did he just punch another hero?
He ignored the pounding in his head as he listened into the cursing and loud noises.
“Hawks! Please keep it down.” Ryukyu’s growl made his head hurt while he sorted out the room. He was in his office and he had just punched… Hawks.
“Sorry.” He muttered as he sat up, groaning as everything seemed to tilt on its axis he felt awful.
“Lay back down.” A warm hand tried pushing him down, but Shinya was stubborn and wanted to get up, his muscles were too stiff and he felt too jumpy, like he had been sitting around too long. His leg bounced as he put his elbows at his knees to steady himself. From what he could tell by his senses, there were multiple heroes there and it felt so overcrowded. Not that he probably didn’t trust the people in the room, just people weren’t his style, too many factors and things that could happen (yeah, Shinya’s trust issues shine through).
He felt his breathing start to get faster as everything just grew so hot and he needed to move, or something was going to happen (hc that after the village was killed, he and his sister were on the run for various reasons including the rest of the villains who attacked the village decided to get revenge on the twins for killing their members and stuff so Shinya and Zinya grew accustom being on the run and always moving. Hero work didn’t really help at all). Then he felt familiar nimble hands on his back and rubbing it as he calmed down.
“Calm down Shinya, Hawks isn’t hurt, he’s just being a baby.” Hm, Shinya didn’t really notice Hawk’s rather loud complaints about being punched (not that Shinya really cared, he probably deserved it). He curled into Tsuganu’s arms and sniffled a bit, reaching for a tissue.
“Here’s some medicine. We’ll leave you two be for a bit while I tend to Hawks and you calm down from whatever got you worked up.
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Mirko plays the tough game about bunny nicknames but I bet that at least once she has told Deku 'Call me Judy Hopps because Imma be hopping on that dick'.
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Hey mirko, just for curiosity, in your childhood did you have a friend who called you like "bugs bunny" or "roger rabbit"? Because I got that feeling somehow.
“Last asshole who called me that got their teeth knocked out,” Miruko said with a frown and glare, “Like REAL funny, hadn’t heard those western names my entire life.” She finished with a roll of her eyes. 
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