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wait wait. thoughts on icebunny (fuyurumi?? idk what they鈥檙e called but fuyumi/miruko 馃槶)
Listen here, Miruko is crazy powerful and she deserves more respect because she know her worth, she knows what she wants to do in life, she heads to her fights not fearing anyone, she was ready to fist fight AFO to heaven?!?!? I mean?!?!?
How can Miruko be so powerful and at the same time be so dumby, in the most affectionate way ever? She's my favorite female pro-hero, that's why I'm rambling. Miruko please step on me.
And FUYUMI DON'T GET ME STARTED ON FUYUMI. RESPECT MY TODOROKI WOMAN OR EXPECT ME TO JUDGE YOU. Not kidding, people think Fuyumi is not as strong as her siblings because she decided to forgive Endeavor and it's trying to pull her family together??? Like????
Think for a minute about how strong she has always been. She was a little girl, totally scare in a house where woman were powerless and living under a roof where her opinions didn't matter. Still, she has always tried to pick up the pieces and instead of anger or sorrow, she turns everything into kindness. A single flower in the middle of a forest fire and a snow storm, and she refuses to die, she refuses to give up, she stands tall and proud.
Miruko loves her for that. She sees her, the way everyone else fails to see her. She sees a woman who is invisible to the rest of the world and she doesn't care. Fuyumi does what she wants to do and pours all her heart in it. And Miruko sees her.
This ship is the female equivalent of KiriBaku. One kind human being how is solid as a mountain when times get rough and one loud and proud human being who underneath all the fierce and rage exterior, has a golden heart to protect the world.
Pro-hero Miruko coming home every night to her lovely wife, who's been working hard on teaching the next generations how to do better.
They are the two sides of a real hero. They protect and they teach. And they have my whole heart.
This ship is 10/10 and you can say I adore it.
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2dart7 hours ago
Tumblr media
no title
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tteokdoroki13 hours ago
hi hi! can I be mirko anon???
please and thank you!!!!! :)
oh!! sure bubb <33
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raspberrysflavour22 hours ago
Are there even good female characters in bnha at all? Every fandoms "best girl" is undeveloped and wasted potential. My girl toga just gets yeeted from the plot when smth good for her can happen. Uraraka is a background girl now. Class A girls are irrelevant to the main plot. Other villain girls die. Mirko u "the best the strongest girl" is irrelevant as well and it pisses me off when people call her a stong fem just because shes buff. The only girl that I enjoy is Fuyumi because I really can relate to her wish of fixing a broken family.
Very much like I said here, and even if it may be somehow harsh to reduce all the female characters in BNHA to this, no I don't think there are female characters that are written in a good and deep way (and definitely not at the level of HK's male characters, that frankly are some of the best shounen characters I ever came across).
All the female characters have inherent problems, and while that also might be a potential for growth, HK has not used it once to advance to plot of a single female character. There is so much wasted potential among characters like Uraraka and Lady Nagant, and for the rest (excluding Toga) there has been so much hype and just a lot of interest in Mirko, but as I said here, I don't really see the reason. Once I read that 'feminists went crazy over her because she is a strong independent hero' and from that moment on, I asked myself whether I was the different one by thinking that it really did not make sense to get hyped for a buff character who said very much enjoys beating up villains? But no, I think it's just the fandom trying to pick up at every loose thread to salvage of the disaster that has been made by the over sexualized, or rather character-wise flat, female characters. The characters I'd like to exclude from this are Rei and Inko. Unsurprisingly, Rei is rather diverse in her characterization from all the other characters (she is both seen as weak AND strong, and that alone just makes her different), while Inko is depicted in a 'mother's perspective' which makes her emotional and a good character, but only in relation to Izuku (indeed, if not for him, her character would not be relevant).
As for Fuyumi, well, I don't honestly know. I think Fuyumi has potential, but I also think that we see so little of her and her perspective, that maybe that's exactly why we tend to enjoy her (HK does not have space to ruin her). Which is not a compliment for the narrative, but it's still something. I'd like to delve into a further deeper into the topic of BNHA female characters, but this is not the case. I hope however, that more or less my objective opinion has been made clear. Please enjoy your day/night, wherever you are!
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depraved-empressa day ago
I came back from the dead hi there c: anyways heres a thirst imagine being rumis best friend for years so she got too comfy in the dorm and sat on ur face as a threat joke n shit so u just ate her pussy like it was ur last day on earth.
-馃惏 anon
Ouch thank god I have never had a cat agausgsys
Oh is Mirko fucking moaning as you eat her out. She's trembling so much that the only thing keeping her up is your hands supporting her
When she came, she's gonna collapse but it's up to you if you let her
Do you let her collapse and give her a break? Or will you continue and overstimulate her until she's slurring her words and babbling incoherently?
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animeobsessedwritera day ago
Headcanons: Pro Heroes Going to Pride With You
Aizawa x Reader, All Might x Reader, Mirko x Reader, Midnight x Reader, Hawks x Reader, Present Mic x Reader
Summary: In honor of pride month I wanted to contribute with my works, so here is what the Pro Heroes would be like when going to a pride event with you! Dekusquad Bakusquad
A/N: I really liked this idea! I wanted to do something cute and unique for pride! Happy Pride Month Everyone!
Warnings: Gender neutral reader, relationships are made where they can be viewed as platonic, reader is meant to see these guys and gals as friends more than teachers or any similar relationship, if I missed anything let me know!
Shota Aizawa
鉂わ笍 He鈥檇 be pretty chill about it. Would probably be really honored but wouldn鈥檛 be over the top about it.
馃А Dads. The. Whole. Time. You鈥檙e gonna drink your water. You鈥檙e gonna eat. You鈥檙e gonna take breaks. There is no argument.
馃挍 Buys something in your flag or that represents you to support you through the day.
馃挌 Very supportive of you the whole time. Like just wants to shower you in the support you need.
馃挋 He is going to enjoy whatever you want to do. It鈥檚 your day he鈥檚 just there to support you... but he really likes the drag shows.
馃挏 When you guys leave he鈥檚 asking if you want him to join you for the next event, but he鈥檚 already planning the next one before you answer.
All Might
鉂わ笍 He鈥檚 so excited even though he鈥檚 not sure what to expect. He鈥檚 probably going to ask you about it before just so he knows what鈥檚 going on.
馃А Probably asks a million more questions while you鈥檙e there. He just wants to understand what鈥檚 happening.
馃挍 Once he gets into things he鈥檚 the best. He鈥檚 a hype man for anyone and everyone. He just has a blast.
馃挌 I could see him going and asking a vendor about things that pertain to you and buys you something they recommend.
馃挋 If you leave him alone he will either end up giving dad hugs out to those who need it or participating in a drag show depending on the crowd he finds.
馃挏 When you leave he鈥檇 probably be pretty upset. He had a lot of fun and tells you he wants to go again... if you want him there of course
鉂わ笍 She鈥檇 be really hype. She鈥檇 be super excited.
馃А Hype. HYpe. HYPe. HYPE! Is the most hype for you.
馃挍 She would totally let you put on some makeup or face paint or glitter for her.
馃挌 Would buy lots from small business vendors to wear on her patrols to show her support.
馃挋 Hypes up everyone she comes in contact with.
馃挏 When you guys leave she鈥檚 already planning the next event.
鉂わ笍 She鈥檚 so honored you鈥檝e asked. Is probably super extra about it in a cute way.
馃А Asks you all kinds of questions so she can prepare for the occasion properly.
馃挍 Is decked out. She鈥檚 very extra. Like she鈥檚 just covered in rainbow everything.
馃挌 Moms you some. She tries to be chill and low key about it but fails. It鈥檚 alright she does it because she cares.
馃挋 Another one that will end up giving mom hugs if you leave her for too long. She just wants everyone to feel loved and supported.
馃挏 When you guys leave she鈥檚 already planning the next event you鈥檙e both attending.
鉂わ笍 Mans is a little flustered at first. He鈥檚 not opposed just a little shocked you asked him.
馃А Would probably be very extra. He鈥檚 gonna be pretty decked out. Gonna ask you to do his makeup all colorful.
馃挍 Hype man all the way. He鈥檚 hype for you especially but also hypes up everyone else too. He also wants to be hyped up too.
馃挌 Would totally participate in a runway and own it.
馃挋 Gets distracted very easily. He鈥檚 all over the place if you don鈥檛 rope him in.
馃挏 When you guys leave he鈥檚 pretty pouty that it鈥檚 over and he鈥檚 asking if you guys can find something else to go to. Mans doesn鈥檛 want to wait a whole year for that.
Present Mic
鉂わ笍 H Y P E M A N !
馃А So excited. Hypes up everyone he comes in contact with. Is so supportive of everyone too. He鈥檚 just a beam of sunshine.
馃挍 Participates in everything he can. Drag shows, runways, contests, you name it he鈥檚 in.
馃挌 He will remember to take care of himself and makes sure you鈥檙e taking care of yourself too.
馃挋 Comes decked out and leaves with more than he can carry. Wants to show the world his love and support.
馃挏 When you guys leave he鈥檚 already planning the next event. He鈥檚 so happy you鈥檙e comfortable to share this side of you with him and he lives for it.
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d1l-ca day ago
饾摕饾摦饾摲饾摲饾攤 饾摨饾摳饾摶 饾攤饾摳饾摼饾摶 饾摻饾摫饾摳饾摼饾摪饾摫饾摻饾摷
Characters:- Usagiyami Rumi, Toyomitsu Tashiro
A/N: I think that this would be so funny idk why
Usagiyami Rumi
She knows you have a mind quirk of some kind but she never let you finish your explanation and you never bothered to stop her
So when she started to recognize her attraction to you it all went down hill from there
Y'all are put on cases together fairly often, she captures the villain, you prod their mind then you two go on a date for lunch very simple routine
Rumi thinks alot and very loudly in your humble opinion and alot of the time when you two are together they center you or the latest capture you did together
Her thoughts almost always turned to you and were they always sweet
Now when you spoke up and told her that you liked her back she was shocked
Cue her asking for days even after your date how you knew she liked you
Toyomitsu Tashiro
Imma be real here, he knew about your mind reading quirk but he didn鈥檛 exactly know that you couldn鈥檛 turn it off
Everytime y鈥檃ll got together for lunch his thoughts would always got to you and he鈥檇 never bother to stop them
Cue you asking if he has something to tell you
鈥淣o, I don鈥檛 think so,鈥 he pauses chopsticks halfway to his mouth 鈥淲e鈥檝e already gone through everything for today鈥
He鈥檚 confused to say the least when you erupt in giggles
Just fill him in on your quirk please baby鈥檚 so confused 馃槙
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hlebkamendrawsa day ago
Tumblr media
[oc x canon]
me: but what if bunny girl x wolf girl but bunny girl tops
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i hate spinel but i relate to her hating steven's whole "always be positive always help people" thing馃槶馃槶 like love you steven but come on
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vagueing my irl friend who i love but still: why do people act like disliking stuff is a crime???? ill say some dumb shit like "this song sucks" and they'll be like "wow why are you so negative why do you see stuff like that" like GIRL???? SORRY IF IM NOT A DISNEY PRINCESS LMAO IM ALLOWED TO HAVE NEGATIVE OPINIONS
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brandofabio2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Non si pu貌 scrivere su un muro che un ragazzo 猫 omosessuale, non si pu貌 andare in giro a dire che una ragazza si prostituisce. Che sia vero o non vero, non importa, perch茅 cos矛 una persona la distruggi! Pensa a come ti sentiresti se fosse colpa tua.
s2e4 // baby (netflix)
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