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#i think
iruludavare · 3 minutes ago
Send me “Date?” and i'll answer... || Accepting
Who asks for it:
[X] Your muse asks mine
[X] My muse asks yours
Type of date:
[X] Platonic Date
[X] Romantic Date
[X] First Date
[ ] Double date with: ____ & ____
Location for the date:
[ ] Movies   • [ ] Romantic Comedy   • [ ] Adventure Movie   • [ ] Animation (Pixar/Disney)   • [ ] Horror   • [ ] Drama   • [ ] Buddy Movie   • [ ] ___ (other options)
[X] Restaurant   • [X] Expensive/High Class   • [X] Small and familiar   • [ ] Fast Food
[X] Nature  • [/] Beach (would depend on her comfort)  • [X] Park  • [X] Forest     • [X] …and having a picnic
[X] Visiting a Museum
[X] Visiting an amusement park
[ ] Visiting a haunted location
[X] Staying at home  • [ ] Watching movies  • [ ] Playing Video Games  • [X] Reading
[X] ___ (other options) -> Pokemon Village, ballet performance, historical places/landmarks (except Geosenge Town and the Menhir Trail).
The date might hopefully end with…
[X] …holding hands
[ ] …a kiss
[ ] …in bed
[X] …knowing each other better
[ ] …sleepover between friends
[ ] …a marriage proposal
[ ] ___ (other options)
Should you reblog this?:
[ ] Yes. I want to send you one.
[ ] Yes.
[X] No. (Already reblogged)
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visuallyspectacular · 3 minutes ago
Women and men(both little and small) cared for anyone not at all they sowed their isn't they reaped their same sun moon stars rain
stars rain sun moon (and only the snow can begin to explain how children are apt to forget to remember with up so floating many bells down)
Women and men(both dong and ding) summer autumn winter spring reaped their sowing and went their came sun moon stars rain
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anderperryenthusiast · 4 minutes ago
my mom just asked me if i wasn't straight and of course i assure her i was straight, but like
i'm obsessed with dead poet's society and shakespeare and coffee and i fucking cuff my jeans
do i look straight-
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yukitsunoda · 4 minutes ago
Sorry if it's weird that I'm telling you this like this but I saw you on my dash and yeah idk. Anyway, just wanted to kind of tell the world like this that Richard Verschoor said the n word (Dutch translation) in a stream last year, when talking about Naomi Schiff. Just thought his fans would want to know what kind of person they're supporting.
eww what the actual FUCK?!!
FIA: we race as one
also FIA when drivers are racist:
Tumblr media
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garliclesbian · 6 minutes ago
every morning, like a knight on a quest, a mythical woodland creature presents me with the choice between getting up early and being tired the entire day or sleeping in and feeling like i’ve wasted the day
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uwillneverknowwho · 8 minutes ago
Girls pretty,,,,,,
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corvidable · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
this little friend helped for a bit. i think maybe the Absurd and/or embarrassing is what happens when you're suddenly snapped back into the big picture after getting so fully immersed in the small things that you forgot the big picture existed. the important things that were your whole world now seem completely inconsequential, and you're ashamed. but i think it's only in the details that you can feel content and okay with your life.
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berryyshortcake · 10 minutes ago
you rest your head on her shoulder, turning to lightly place a kiss on her neck as you innocently reply "keep watching your show, i'm not stopping you." you pinch her clit at the same time your sentence ends and you notice her body tense at the feeling. a wave of boldness comes over you and you rip her panties off before spreading her legs wide open and moving to kneel on the floor, gaze never leaving her leaking core.
my hands find her thighs. i grip them, squeezing the soft flesh before looking up at her. seeing her focused on the screen, i grin. i lean in to kiss her inner thighs, slowly as i near her glistening core. she inhales sharply, glancing down at me before shimmying herself down a bit on the couch. i smile against her skin at her sly attempt.
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But have you seen this? Our Laopo has groove. He can actually dance! The livestream didn’t do this performance justice.
video credit:,video
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kaminohana · 10 minutes ago
i must say, the attention to detail in tian guan ci fu is incredible. particularly, the stories of how the gods received their nicknames due to some historical mishap are just. hilarious yet realistic. i love them
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tinkonka · 11 minutes ago
oh oh i forgot ab rhyme n lizzie’s demon oc’s... there’s 6 OF THEM 
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voceanic · 11 minutes ago
Damn it sure is crazy that I have similar mental illnesses to people who have been severely abused and that I just discovered that I have amnesia / am an unreliable narrator. I wonder what happened to me lmao
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lesbiulmo · 13 minutes ago
u know what.. i AM going to flesh out this sefardi gondor au and then some of you ARE going to see it and learn about it and make content for me. i am using a palantir. you are weak. you bend to my will. you create the content i wish to see.
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bonknanab · 15 minutes ago
Ask is open ~
Tumblr media
head empty. Inbox more empty TT_TT
Anyone want some ship fics? I accept Verivery, Onlyoneof and P1harmony. I can be flexible with Oneus as well ;)
What to ask:
PICK A UNIVERSE! Power au? School au? Non-idol work au? Horror (my fave) 
PICK YOUR POISON! Fluff? Angst? s m u t? (you can mix)
PICK A PAIR! HoHeon (vrvr Hoyoung x Dongheon), WookSung (ooo Nine x Love), TaeHo (p1h Theo x Keeho) or tell me the member names ~
TELL ME YOUR PLOT! What is the scenario? Established couple? Confession time? A love quarrel perhaps? Proposal? 
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