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A Stark and her Soldier ~ Part 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Tension rising between you and Bucky as you spend time together in Madripoor.
Warnings: TFATWS E03 SPOILERS! Things start to get a little heated! 
Series tags: @supernaturalcat7 @sapphiredreamer26 @babygirlwilly @misssilencewritewell @wavyjassy @stydia-4-ever @freeflyingphoenix​ @xkonpinkx​ 
Read Part 1
The flight to Germany would have been a great chance for you to try, as you kept telling yourself, but you decided to sleep through most of it – you didn’t even know where to start.
You knew what was coming before it happened, you knew it the moment your brother grabbed for the gauntlet, you knew him well enough to know that he wouldn’t attempt something like that without a reason.
He raised his hand to reveal the stones. The weight that fell over you was nearly enough to crush you.
“Tony,” Your voice was barely a whisper.
“And I am Iron Man,” You could have sworn you felt every ounce of pain coursing though his body.
He snapped.
You gasped awake, tearing your head off of Bucky’s shoulder – you hadn’t even realized you placed it there.
“Hey, it’s okay, you’re okay,” His eyes were laced with concern, and his voice was like a soothing balm.
You looked away from him, focusing on nothing in particular and trying to calm your breathing. You grounded yourself and realized how iron tight your grip was on Bucky’s arm, you quickly released, realizing that your nails had broken through his scarred skin, “I-I’m sorry.”
He tilted your head up, forcing you to meet his eyes, and brushed your hair way from your clammy skin, “Don’t be, doll.”
You felt the nickname deep in your bones, it had been so long since he had called you that. You let out a shaky breath and turned away from him. Say something, now’s your chance, say something. You placed your head back on his shoulder and shut your eyes, before whispering, “He wasn’t wrong.”
“Steve,” Your voice was barely audible as you said it, you doubted a regular person could hear it, you’d have to remember to ask him if his hearing was enhanced – on second thought, maybe you didn’t want to know…
Tumblr media
“Stop pacing, you’re making me nervous!” You obeyed, turning to your friend.
“He should be back by now, Sam! Zemo knows far too much, if he –” You couldn’t let yourself think about what could be going on in the cell, so you turned your attention back towards pacing.
“I wasn’t gone that long,” You let out a sigh of relief at the sound of Bucky’s voice.
“Long enough to get her pacing.” You ignored Sam and gave Bucky a once over before searching his eyes, and thankfully, found nothing out of the ordinary.
“Come with me.”
The two of you let Bucky lead you through the hallways of the prison and down a set of stairs. He eventually pulled out a flashlight and began to explain what he was planning.
“What are you talking about, you want to break Zemo out of jail? Where are we, Buck? Have you lost your mind?”
Your mind was spinning at the idea that Bucky presented, everything in you was screaming no, “Y/N, say something.”
“Bucky please,” You begged, taking a step towards him, “Meeting with Zemo was one thing, but freeing him? We can’t do this.”
“We don’t know how they’re getting the serum. We don’t even know how many of them there are,” He paused, “Look, let me just walk you through a hypothetical. Can I walk you through a hypothetical?”
The tone in his voice told you that this ‘hypothetical’ wasn’t going to be as hypothetical as it should’ve, “What did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything.”
You exchanged a look with Sam, “Bucky, seriously.”
He slowly explained his ‘hypothetical’, every word that left his mouth was more suspicious than the last.
You clenched your fists to keep your hands from shaking, you hated where this was going, you hated that look in his eyes, “Whoa. Whoa, Whoa –”
You followed Sam’s gaze and froze in your spot. Zemo, the cause of most of your nightmares and the man who tore apart your family. You couldn’t help but blame him for what happened five years ago – maybe, just maybe, if Tony and Steve had never fought, if all the Avengers had been together, you could have won that initial war against Thanos and his army. Maybe you would still have a family. You knew it was a stretch, but you couldn’t help it.
Sam and Bucky’s resounding “No!” snapped you out of your thoughts.
“When Steve refused to sign the Sokovia Accords, you backed him. You broke the law and you stuck your necks out for me, I’m asking you to do it again.”
“I really think I’m invaluable…”
“Shut up,” Sam turned back to Bucky and sighed, “Okay. If we do this, you don’t make a move without out permission.”
Bucky turned his attention towards you, still glued in your place a few feet away from them. He walked over and took your hand again – he had to be able to sense what that did to you, “What do you say Y/N, you trust me?”
You let out a shaky breath and met his eyes, “Always.”
“Okay Zemo. Where do we start?”
Tumblr media
You gave Bucky one last look of concern, silently begging him to change his mind before climbing aboard Zemo’s private jet.
“Why don’t you tell us about where we’re going.”
“Sorry, I was just fascinated by this,” Zemo said gently, examining a page in the book he was reading, “I don’t know what to call it, but this part seems to be important. Who is Nakajima?”
Before you knew what was happening, Bucky was standing above Zemo, a gloved hand wrapped around the baron’s throat. You couldn’t help but squirm at the sight of it, your whole body burning up.
“You touch that again, and I’ll kill you,” You released a breath alongside Zemo, you hadn’t even realized you were holding it – and it definitely wasn’t a breath of relief.
You couldn’t take your eyes off of Bucky, there was a darkness to him that you hadn’t seen in a long time. You barely registered Zemo’s comment about the list of names.
“I’ve seen that book, it was Steve’s, when he came out of the ice.” You looked over and recognized it too, he put a bunch of your suggestions in that book as well. He had watched, read, and listened to every one of them, a sad smiled crept on to your face at the fond memories of your discussions with him about them.
You turned your attention back to the conversation, “You remember that, right? As a young soldier sent to Germany to stop a mad icon.”
Pain flashed though Bucky’s eyes, sometimes you forgot how old he really was, and didn’t even want to think about the horrors he had faced in his lifetime. You had the sudden urge to pull him into your arms and never let go, to remind him that he was safe now and to remember it yourself. But you remained seated.
Tumblr media
You pulled at the too short dress that clung to your body, showing off every curve and swell. Arm candy, that was the role you were to play, and you despised every second of it.
Every time you saw Bucky in his uniform, it took your breath away, but the hard mask he currently wore made you feel like you were suffocating. You were struggling to keep from staring at him anyways, so you decided to make it a part of your role, watching him with lust-filled, dazed eyes – easier than giving Zemo that look, you doubted that anyone would blame you.
The atmosphere shifted the moment Zemo ordered Bucky to attack. You had seen him fight before, but not like this – not since his escape from the compound, you shuddered at the memory. Your breath hitched as he sent a man flying with his kick, you felt a mixture of awe, worry, and lust coursing through you. Pull it together, Y/N.
The more he continued though, the more the worry took over, you could tell Sam felt the same way when he reached for Bucky’s arm. Zemo spoke to him in Russian and he released the man, though his movements and expression remained the same, you noticed him blinking something away from his eyes, as though the Winter Soldier had truly been trying to resurface in those brief moments. You subtly gripped his hand, in hopes to pull him back to reality.
You had already been struggling to stay in character, and this exchange made it even harder – it required physical effort to keep the worry from etching your features.
It didn’t make things any easier when Zemo guided you to sit on the arm of his chair, looping his own arm around your waist and resting his hand far too high on your thigh. You couldn’t even focus on Selby’s words because of how uncomfortable you felt. Natasha had always taken on this role during previous missions, she never trusted Tony and Steve to not lose their cool in such a situation, so she always took one for the team. You tried your best to channel your inner Nat, but it only made the ever-present tightness in your chest more unbearable.
Bucky stood with his jaw clenched and you could have sworn that the anger in his eyes was from more than just his Winter Soldier act.
“Tell us what you know about the super-soldier serum,” Zemo got up from beside you, giving your thigh a tight squeeze, before walking up to Bucky, “and I give you him. Along with the code words to control him of course. He will do anything you want.”
It felt like a punch to the gut to see Bucky being treated like a machine to be used and traded, especially knowing that that was exactly what was done to him. Watching Zemo caress his face like you would a prize animal made you even angrier – you had to clench your fists to keep from shaking, trying to keep that aloof expression on your face was a tremendous feat at this point.
You noticed sadness flash through Bucky’s eyes. It was subtle enough that no one but you, and maybe Sam, would recognize it, but it was there, and it killed you to witness.
You turned back towards Selby as Zemo dropped down next to you again. The conversation was halted when Sam’s phone began to ring. Fuck.
You heard Sarah’s voice on the other end, please pick up on what’s going on, please… plea- “Sam I’m sorry, I’ll call you back.”
“Sam? Who’s Sam?” Before she could finish giving the order to kill you, she was dead.
You instantly fell into you action, lunging for the man nearest to you and knocking him out cold – if there was one thing that Natasha taught you, it was to win a fight, and not just that, but to do so in heels.
You quickly followed Zemo out, sticking close to Bucky. When the firing began, you were the first thing he reached for, ensuring that you were by his side as you ran. You only stopped when the men following you were shot dead, you whipped your head around looking for who could have done it, “Well, this is perfect.”
Sharon… You watched quietly as she walked up to Zemo, gun in hand, and Sam tried to explain the situation to her. If you had it your way, you would have let her shoot him, but you knew that wouldn’t do anyone any good. Your heart broke as she talked about how she didn’t speak to her family anymore. You couldn’t help but blame yourself, I should have done more, I should have convinced Steve or Tony to get her pardoned… I didn’t even think about it… fuck.
As if sensing the direction of your thoughts, Sam gently put his hand on your back, one look at his face told you that he was feeling the same way.
You let out a sigh of relief when Sharon decided to let you stay with her, you hoped this would give you a chance to make amends – although, that seemed impossible considering what she had gone through.
You paused before walking into Sharon’s place, gesturing at Bucky to stay with you, “You guys go ahead, we’ll catch up in a few.”
She threw a questioning glance your way before leading Sam and Zemo away.
“What is it?”
You didn’t answer the question, you just wrapped your arms around Bucky’s torso and buried your head into his chest. You weren’t sure what had gotten into you, you only knew that after the events of the night you wanted to get the feeling of Zemo’s hands off of you, and more importantly you wanted Bucky to feel a sense of safety and love. He was hesitant at first, but he pulled you tight against him, gently caressing the back of your head, “Are you alright?”
You let out a shaky breath and nodded against him, “I just need a few more seconds.”
Soon enough you pulled away and headed towards the door the others had walked through.
Sharon led you to a room separate from the boys, allowing you to choose from a wide array of sexy yet tactical outfits – anything was better than what you were currently wearing. Once you were ready, the two of you joined the others, Sam was still changing when you walked in and you let out a low whistle, as Sharon said, “Much better.”
Though Sam didn’t acknowledge the remarks, you noticed a hint of a smile creeping on to his face.
Your breath hitched when you saw Bucky on the couch. You had never seen him dressed like this, that tight black suit made you feel things that you didn’t care to admit. As you took a seat next to him you prayed more than ever for his hearing not to have been enhanced, “You okay?”
“Yeah.” Your voice came out a bit higher than you would have intended. You took the drink sitting on the table, assuming it belonged to the man that had you squirming, and threw it back, you were certain you’d need a couple more to get through this night.
Tumblr media
Sam and Zemo had drifted off into different direction, leaving you by the bar with Bucky. You swirled the brown liquid in your glass before drinking the last bit of it. You didn’t drink more than you could handle, but you also never drank like this before or during a mission. You needed the liquid courage to be standing next to the super soldier, especially considering what he was wearing.
There were two wolves inside you of, one that wanted to tear that suit off of him and devour him whole, and the other that wanted to avoid looking at him until the suit was gone – either way, that suit had to come off.
Sharon hadn’t been kidding when she described the party, the atmosphere made it even harder to for you to focus on anything but him.
“How do people dance to this music?” Bucky asked, snapping you out of your thoughts before they went too far south.
You knew it was a rhetorical question, but the alcohol running through your veins decided it would be a good idea to answer it, via demonstration of course. You walked towards the edge of the dance floor and threw an innocent smile over your shoulder before starting. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him as you sensually swayed your hips to the music, fingers gently outlining your curves before brushing against your face and into your hair.
Bucky was absolutely stunned, he knew that he should do the gentlemen-like thing and turn away, but watching you move like that definitely didn’t make him feel like a gentleman.
When you finally turned to him, the darkened look on his face was enough to make you stride up to him, every step was swift and determined. You took his hand and led him to dancefloor with you. You continued where you had left off, swaying against his body this time. He didn’t move, but he didn’t stop you either, he simply watched – well, felt.
The music changed and you finally realized where you were, and what you were supposed to be doing. Your face felt like a furnace and you stepped away, turning to him.
“We uh… we should find the others,” You managed to choke out.
The look on his face mirrored none of the embarrassment you felt, his expression was still as dark as before. He simply stared at you – or, into you – for a moment before nodding, and walking off. You hurried to follow him, trying to calm your thoughts and cool the burning in your core.
Sam gave you strange look as you joined them, you prayed that he hadn’t seen you, knowing he would never let you live it down.    
“Hey, guys. I found him.”
“Here we go.”
Just before you walked out, Bucky handed you a glass of something, you raised a brow at him and he shrugged, the faintest smirk on his face, “Water. Cold water.”
Tumblr media
The tension between you and Bucky on the way to the shipping yard could be cut with a knife. It was enough that you decided to stay outside with Sharon to keep watch, “What’s going on between you two?”
You looked over at her and shrugged, “Nothing.”
“Please, last time I saw you, you made it pretty obvious how attracted you were to him,” You tried to keep yourself from blushing, “You were so young then, it just seemed like a little school girl crush, but this,” she gestured to nothing in particular and chuckled, “Jesus Y/N, you’ve got it bad.”
Before you could answer, you heard the footsteps, you quickly turned on your earpieces, “Guys, we have company.”
You gave each other a quick nod and sprung forward. You activated the gauntlet your brother had created for you and shot two of them, as Sharon attacked with a metal rod.
Even with Sharon’s impeccable fighting ability and your equipment, you were struggling to hold them off. The two of you made your way into the lab, “Guys, we’re seriously out of time here.”
The moment the words left her mouth, Zemo shot Nagel, “Shit!”
“What did you do?”
Bucky must have sensed what was coming – maybe heard it with that potential enhanced hearing – because he pulled you against him just as the blast tore through the side of the lab, and threw you to the ground, shielding you with his own body. You winced as he pushed himself off of you, groaning in pain himself.
He reached down and pulled you up, making sure you were steady on your feet before moving to help Sharon and Sam.
You could barely see your targets through the smoke, but you kept shooting, both with your gun and the gauntlet.  You rolled your eyes, as Sam and Bucky began arguing.
“Guys, not the time!” Sharon called out, just as you said, “Really? Now?!”
You managed to fight your way past them as Zemo pulled up with a car, you scooted in behind him, Sam squeezing in next to you, “You’re not gonna move your seat up, are you?”
“No.” You let out a genuine laugh, not just at the pettiness of Bucky’s revenge – you still remembered every second of that first car ride you had been on with the two of them, you and Steve thought you were going to lose your minds and eventually decided to move you to the front seat with him and turn the music up – but also because you couldn’t believe that you had just survived that. You had been in bigger fights before, but you had always been covered head to toe in Tony’s gear, this felt like your own fight, and you had made it out alive.
Tumblr media
With the adrenaline gone, the tenseness in your body returned. You picked at your cuticles to keep yourself from staring at Bucky as he wiped down his metal hand on the plane. That metal arm had been the star of many of your fantasies, you couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel between – “You okay?”
You shot your head up, fearing you had been caught staring, but thankfully Bucky’s attention was on Sam, not you. You were desperately trying to ease away from him after your little fiasco at the party, but he wasn’t making it easy for you. The worst part was that he wasn’t even doing anything.
You knew Sam’s comment about the shield struck a chord with Bucky because he made eye contact with you for the first time since your show, and it managed to shut you down enough to meet his glance. You got up from your seat and moved next to him, gently squeezing his hand as he began arguing with Sam about what the shield represented.
Without knowing it, that hand squeezing gesture had become a source of safety for both of you, it was enough to ground each other and let you know that you were safe.
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If you didn’t see the post from yesterday, I am officially back! So much has happened in the past year and a half, and I’ve FINALLY have inspiration to write again! 
I originally left because I felt super drained and writing had become a chore for me, so I’m going to be a lot easier on myself this time around, meaning: 
I’m only going to be writing for the fandoms/characters I’m inspired to write for (this currently includes Marvel, The Last Kingdom, The Witcher, ACOTAR, and a few others)  
Requests will stay open, but I’m only going to respond to the ones I feel like writing - feel free to send yours in, but please don’t be upset if I don’t reply, I mean no offence! 
I will be writing a lot of unrequested stuff so don’t mind me! 
I will not be posting as often, maybe a couple of times per week
The to-do list is GONE and never coming back because holy shit that thing was stressful lol
I think that’s pretty much it! 
A couple of life updates for anyone who is interested: I graduated from university a couple of months ago and I got a full time job with a wonderful company, which is great because I actually have time to do things I love now without that stress of impending deadlines!! 
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A Stark and her Soldier ~ Part 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Reuniting with Bucky when you end up helping Sam with the Flag Smashers.
Warnings: TFATWS SPOILERS! This takes place during the first two episodes of the show.
A/N: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’M BACK (with a new header lol)!!! AHHHHHHHH! It’s been nearly two years but here I am… posting this makes me SO nervous, so feedback would be highly appreciated! More parts and some information about what I’m planning with this blog to follow soon! 
“You held us together – do it for them,” he paused before adding, “Promise me you’ll do it for them.”
You blinked away the tears, knowing what was coming, “I can’t promise that...”
“Y/N please,” the way he begged you with that shaking voice was nearly enough to push you over the edge.
“I-I promise.” He squeezed your hand before letting you leave.
Tumblr media
“You’ve reached James Barnes, sorry I couldn’t take your call, please –” you hung up before the recorded message could continue, face burning with frustration. This was the 9th time you had tried calling him this week, not to mention the countless text messages.
You scoffed thinking of Steve’s last words to you, how were you supposed to hold them together when you barely held yourself together on a good day? It doesn’t make it any easier when the person you’re supposed to be holding together is so keen on letting himself fall apart.  
Every time you tried calling him, you ended up feeling furious, miserable, or like an absolute failure – usually all three. You promised Steve, you promised, and you failed. You groaned and chucked your phone across your bed.
The last time you had seen him, Steve had still been around, and you hadn’t even spoken to him since Tony’s funeral.
Tumblr media
 You and Pepper had walked to the lake, each holding one of Morgan’s hands, and you had sat at the dock watching the arc reactor – his heart – float away, the people behind you forgotten in your grief. The weight on your heart was unbelievable, you had already lost your best friend, Natasha, and now your brother was gone.
You promised him that you wouldn’t cry at his funeral – he always knew it was inevitable – and so you sat there, sending him away with a pained smile.
You had no idea how long you had just sat there, staring at the horizon across the lake, trying to make this last moment with your brother last forever.
“Y/N?” You felt a hand squeezing your shoulder, “You should come back inside.”
“What happens now, Steve?” Your voice was softer than he had ever heard before.
“I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out together,” he paused for a moment before gesturing to Bucky, waiting outside the house behind him, “He wants to talk to you.”
You gave Bucky a small smile, “Hey.”
He walked over and dropped down next to you, Steve leaving the two of you to chat, “I’m sorry.”
“Thank you,” You nodded solemnly.
He added, “For everything, Y/N… he probably wouldn’t even have wanted me here, but –”
You shook your head and took his hand, heart fluttering at the contact. You had always been attracted to him, and it had only grown with every interaction. “That wasn’t you.”
You knew your brother never blamed Bucky, you all knew how it felt to have people mess with your heads and Bucky had had the worst of it. He was furious at Steve for years, but never at Bucky – you could never bring yourself to be angry with either of them, not after the stories you grew up with. Your father had adored the soldiers and you had been one of their biggest fans, and later one of Steve’s closest friends.
There had come a point after the battle between Tony and Steve when you had become sick of all the back and forth. You were lucky enough to find an escape when T’Challa got in touch with you, offering you a chance to come to Wakanda and learn about their technology – you weren’t ashamed to admit that you were the one who contacted him to beg for it. You hadn’t known that Bucky was already there. Slowly but surely, the two of you found comfort in one another and became good friends.  
He gave you a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, “You should head inside, it’s getting late – I’ll see you again soon.”
He stayed true to that statement, the two of you stood with Sam and Bruce, waiting for Steve to come back after returning the stones – only to have him shatter your hearts.
You only saw Bucky in passing after that, occasionally visiting Steve at the same time – you never said a word to him, beyond a smile or a wave, and then you stopped seeing him all together. You tried, for the sake of your promise to Steve, but he never answered your calls or texts.
Tumblr media
“We’ll figure it out together, right, thanks a lot Steve,” You muttered.
You jumped at the sound of your phone ringing, and your shoulders sank a bit when you saw Sam’s name flashing across the screen, “Hey.”
“He’s doing an interview,” You knew exactly who Sam was talking about, “Good Morning America.”
Your stomach turned, “That’s the last thing I want to see.”
“I know, I just thought I’d share my joy with someone,” Sam chuckled, “Any luck with Bucky?”
“I’m just wasting my time at this point,” You could feel the tears returning to your eyes as you said it.
“Hey, come on now, he’ll come around, he just needs some time.”
“Listen, I called because we have a lead, wanna join?”
Tumblr media
“I hate it, his stupid face plastered on every wall, it feels like he’s mocking us.”
“Don’t you start, Y/N.”
“Seriously Sam, I get that he’s the new Cap – the fake Cap, but don’t you think that this,” You gestured to the posters around you, “is excessive?”
“Shouldn’t have given up the shield.” Your heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice and your face heated up with anger, you hadn’t realized it was possible to feel such contrasting emotions at the same time, but here you were. You noted that his voice was a bit hoarse and wondered if he had been sick.
“Good to see you too, Buck.”
“This is wrong.”
“So is pushing away everyone who cares about you.” He finally looked at you and you saw shame glistening in those steel blue eyes.
He said nothing before turning back to Sam, “You didn’t know that was gonna happen?”
Wow, ignoring your calls was one thing, but outright ignoring you while you stood in front of him, that caused a different kind of hurt.
You stood in silence as Sam explained where the two of you were headed, trying to push away the pounding in your head, and suddenly, you found yourself in a jet sitting next to Bucky.
“You could have answered, even once. Could’ve at least let me know that you were still alive.”
“I know,” Was all he said.
“We were friends once,” Nothing, “and I still care for you.”
“I know.”
“Four months, a full four months and I didn’t hear a single word from you, I’m going to need more than ‘I know’.”
He sighed, “I’m sorry.”
You could tell that he meant it and didn’t know what more to say, so you got up and headed towards the open door of the plane, “I’ll catch you boys on the ground.”
You watched Sam follow, and considered helping Bucky as he fell through the trees, but you decided against it. He hurt your feelings and now you could call it even.
Tumblr media
Super soldiers? How on earth were there more super soldiers?! You didn’t have much time to ponder on the thought as you got kicked in the face by one of them and fell off the semi – definitely should have let Tony make you a helmet like he insisted.
You flew back up only to see him dropping out of a helicopter, Fake Cap, fuck.
“Looks like you guys could use some help,” Your blood boiled at the sight of his cocky grin.
You weren’t winning, and you weren’t stupid enough to continue trying, let Steve’s knock-off take care of it.
You flew off just in time to see Bucky lying on top of Sam, the latter groaned in displeasure.
“Hey, can you gentlemen save the PDA for later?” You joked, earning a glare from both of them.
With the adrenaline slowly draining from your system, the pain from the blows you took started to set in, making you dread the trek in front of you. As if on cue, you heard a horn honking and Fake Cap pulled up next to you, “It’s 20 miles to the airport, you guys need a ride.”
“I think we’re good,” You simply stated.
“You won’t make it with that limp.”
You gave him a crude smile, “I’d rather crawl.”  
They stopped and opened the door, you exchanged a look with Sam and Bucky, silently deciding to join them.
You sat between Bucky and Sam, and felt the anger and disgust radiating off of both of them with every word that was exchanged.
“Y/N Stark,” You despised the way he said your last name, like he wanted to devour you, “You are one of the original seven, I trust you know the importance of having a strong team. I’d suggest giving a word or two of advice to your friends here.”
“Did you really just compare being on a team with you two, to being on a team with the Avengers?” You glowered at him, “A word of advice Walker, you’re not Steve, you might be holding that shield, but you will never be half the Captain America that he was. So quit fucking pretending.”  
“I didn’t realize Stark’s sister had such a mouth on her,” He smirked, he knew exactly what he was doing and as much as you hated to admit it, it was working, “Vicious.”
“Go to hell.”
The ride didn’t last very long after that, and you had no complaints when Bucky demanded them to stop the car.
Tumblr media
You opened your eyes and rolled over to see Sam still asleep on the seats across from you, and Bucky was sitting on the large crate in the middle of the jet, “Not tired?”
“Nah,” He shook his head.
You pushed yourself to your feet and hopped up next to him, “You’d think they’d make those seats a bit more comfortable considering the amount of time we spend on these things.”
He chuckled and the two of you fell into a comfortable silence. After a considerable pause he turned to you, “Y/N, I meant what I said earlier, I’m sorry.”
The dark bags under his eyes were a stark contrast from the beautiful blue that you were looking into, which you noted which had lost its luster. You noticed that his voice still had a bit of that hoarseness from earlier in the day, and the dots connected. You remembered how hoarse your voice used to get when you’d wake up screaming from the nightmares after particularly rough missions. You understood why he was awake, he didn’t want you and Sam to see him like that.
You nodded, “I know, I just wish – I was worried sick about you. I know it hasn’t been easy for you Buck, but we were good friends once and I miss you.”
“I wanted to call, it’s just been tough,” He admitted, and you reached over to take his hand, only to quickly pull away as Sam woke up.
“You two okay?”
“Yeah,” You both said. You wondered if Bucky’s super soldier ability allowed him to hear the way your heartbeat picked up from that brief touch.
Tumblr media
Your mind was racing a million miles a minute, you had barely kept the tears in listening to Isaiah’s story, both out of anger and sadness. How? How did this happen? How was this man tortured, then brushed under the rug? How did no one know about it? Why the hell did Bucky keep this from you?
Sam mirrored your pained expression, but something darker lurked beneath his eyes, you couldn’t even imagine the rage he felt. The sound of a police siren pulled you out of your thoughts.
Your anger only grew at the argument that ensued, “I am calm, what do you want? We’re just standing here talking.”
“Just give him your ID,” You glared at Bucky as the words left his mouth.
“Why the hell should he? He didn’t do anything wrong!” You growled, at the same time Sam said, “I’m not giving him shit, we were just talking.”
“Hey, hey, look, is this guy bothering you?” The officer asked you and Bucky. Your eyes widened, he can’t be serious right now.
“No, he’s not bothering us, do you know who this is?!”
You couldn’t even stand to look at the guy as his jaw dropped in shock upon realizing who Sam was, you felt your body shake with anger, and you didn’t even want to think what would have happened if Sam hadn’t been an Avenger.
The officer returned from his vehicle and turned the tables, announcing that there was a warrant out for Bucky’s arrest.
Watching him being handcuffed and put into the car shattered your heart, if the events of the day hadn’t already left you feeling nauseous, you knew this would be the nail in the coffin. All you could see was Bucky on his knees with a gun to his head nearly seven year ago when Steve barely prevented T’Challa from killing him and the four of you had been arrested – Tony had been furious with you, but it was the shame in Bucky’s eyes that had hurt you the most, and here you were, witnessing it again.
You reached over a grabbed Sam’s hand and squeezed as hard as you could, desperate for a lifeline to keep you from sinking into those painful memories.
You maintained that same grip on the poor man’s hand as you sat at the police station waiting for Bucky to be bailed out, “Sam, Y/N, I’ve heard a lot about you two, I’m Dr. Raynor, I’m James’ therapist.”
The two of you shook her hand and Sam thanked her for getting Bucky out.
“That was not me –”
“Christina!” You’d recognize that voice anywhere from the way it made your skin crawl, fuck, “Good to see you again.”
You clenched your jaw to keep yourself from punching the stupid grin off of his face as he pointed to himself when Dr. Raynor asked him who authorized Bucky’s release. You knew you had a problem with constantly wanting to punch people in the face, it was a trait that ran in the family, but Walker’s face was definitely one of the most punchable ones you had seen – a good ol’ pop in the jaw wouldn’t hurt, right? Just one?
“He’s too valuable of an asset to have him tied up –”
That was it, that was all you were willing to hear, you couldn’t stop yourself from getting in his face and hissing, “Call him that again, and I swear to god Walker, I –”
Sam put his arm around you, hand pressed to your stomach and pulled you back, “Y/N.”
Walker simply smirked and turned back to Raynor, “Do what you have to do and send him off to me. Got some unfinished business, him and I, you too Wilson, and bring your guard dog with you.”
It took everything in your power to keep from snarling at him.  
“James, condition of your release, session now,” The doctor ordered, “You two as well.”
“I’m good, I’ve been to enough therapy,” You shook your head, at the same time Sam said, “That’s okay, I’ll be out here with –”
“That wasn’t a request,” You couldn’t help but chuckle, and decided that you liked this woman.
You and Sam sat on either side of Bucky, facing Dr. Raynor as she got started. You couldn’t help but notice the way Bucky’s eyes shifted and jaw clenched as Sam tried to weasel his way out of the session, and your chest tightened. He looked so tired, and not just the ‘hasn’t slept in a few days’ tired, but more like he was tired of trying – he looked broken.
You decided in that moment that you would try, and not just for Steve, but for the man next to you who had held a piece of your heart before he even knew you, and managed steal that piece away when you had met him years later.
You realized how hard you’d have try when Bucky answered Dr. Raynor’s question with, “In my miracle, he would talk less.”
“Exactly what I was gonna say, isn’t that ironic?” You sighed, so hard.
She turned to you, mimicking the expression on your face, “Y/N, can I trust you to give me a proper answer?”
Try, Y/N, try. You saw a glimmer of hope in Raynor’s eyes as they met yours, but you simply shrugged and looked away, unable to bring yourself to open up, and she let her shoulders fall slightly.
“You guys are leaving me with no choice. It’s time for the soul-gazing exercise. Y/N, you can sit this one out, you get along with both of them well enough.”
You rolled your eyes at the reactions from the boys, this’ll be good. You couldn’t help but chuckle as they got closer to one another, maybe I should have taken part in this exercise. They made eye contact and continued to hold it, you realized what they were doing moments before the doctor did and let out a genuine laugh – earning a glare from Raynor, don’t encourage them she seemed to say.
“James, why does Sam aggravate you? And don’t say something childish.” Your head filled with a hundred different ideas about what stupid things Bucky would come up with, only to have them fizzle away at his cheeky grin towards the doctor, followed by the lick of his lip. It left your throat dry. Snap out of it, Y/N, what’s gotten into you?
He paused for a moment, his expression changing, and turned back to Sam, “Why’d you give of that shield?”
You held your breath, you knew this was going to come up, but weren’t expecting it here. You couldn’t take your eyes off of Bucky, noticing every change in his face, it becoming more pained with every word that left his mouth, and your chest tightening alongside it, until finally, “So maybe he was wrong about you. And if he was wrong about you, then he was wrong about me.”
The break in his voice cracked your heart into a million pieces. You looked up, trying to keep the tears swimming in your eyes from falling. You turned your attention towards Sam and noticed the emotion behind his glassy eyes – it was different than anything you had seen in him before, it was almost as though you could see the burden he was carrying on his shoulders, the pressure that was pushing him in every direction.
I have to fix this, you told yourself, you couldn’t stand to see them like this, I have to try.  
Your mind was roaring with thoughts, you hadn’t even noticed that Sam and Bucky had left until Raynor asked, “What would be in your miracle, Y/N?”
You snapped your head towards her, then to the door, you weighed your options and headed towards the latter. You grabbed the handle and stopped, without turning towards her you whispered, “I’d find a home again, and they’d find some happiness.”
You pulled the door open, “Y/N, I don’t think those two things have to be separate.”
Her words swam in your head until you found Bucky and Sam walking outside, Walker and Hoskins storming off in the other direction.
“What’s that all about?”
“Walker being Walker,” Sam shrugged.
“So, what now?”
“Bucky wants to talk to Zemo,” Every memory that you spent years trying to forget came flooding back: Zemo using those words to turn Bucky into the Winter Soldier, who then proceeded to trash the compound and nearly kill you and your friends; watching your family fight each other at the airport and being forced to pick a side; watching the footage of your parents dying; desperately begging your brother and the man who had become your brother not to kill one another.
“You what?!” You gasped.
“Y/N –”
You stepped between the two of them, close enough to Bucky that you had to tilt your head up to look into his eyes, and whispered, “Bucky, no.”
“This might be our only lead, Y/N,” You stared up at him, silently pleading him, he reflected the same in his own, “Please Y/N.”
He took your hand and you instantly melted, “I – fine, but promise me you will be careful.”
“I promise.”
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Okay, I know I don’t post much on here anymore, but SPN has left my heart feeling so heavy. This show has been my home for the past 5 years and the characters have become my family, I don’t even know what to say other than fuck.
Also, am I the only one who didn’t hate the ending? Like sure, it wasn’t the best but idk they found their peace, and I couldn’t really picture them spending the rest of their lives hunting anyways. I also appreciated that it wasn’t super over the top, they kind of took it back to the beginning, and I just felt like I was watching the first season again. And considering the circumstances that it was filmed in, it wasn’t bad. 
Idk... ugh fuck dude
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The one person you have the best relationship with?
@book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure !! Ish is literally the greatest friend I’ve ever had! My life would suck without her in it. I can’t wait for the day I finally get to see her in person
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Enjoying your Sirius fics & see you also do Caspian! What a great combo 😁💕
Awww thank you (Ben Barnes is and always will be the love of my life 😅)! I’m glad you like them! 💚💚
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Hey! Good to see you again! How are you? 🤩
Omg hi!! I’m doing pretty well, trying to finish school and stay sane 😅 how are you?
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I’ve missed seeing you on my dash even though we still talk practically everyday 😂💙 -Nicole
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omg I didn't even see your post before where you said you'd stop writing (probably because I was gone for a while as well, hah) buut I'm really glad to see you back on my dashboard again. How's it going? I hope you're alright and life's not treating you too bad.💜
HI! It’s great to hear from you! 💚 I’m good and life is treating me pretty well, just struggling through online school, but it’s my last semester so I’m excited! How are you?    
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I DIDDDD (not to write, but I missed these interactions!) HOW ARE YOU? 
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cheese. that is all.
that’s grate, hope you have a gouda day 
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I’m done.
I’ve been dreading making this post, because I didn’t want to let anyone down, but I think it’s time. 
I started this blog three years ago, and it has given me more than I could ever imagine; an escape, friends, and love. But it’s officially time for me to end it and move on. I’m sorry for anyone I’ve let down and I’m sorry if your requests never got published. I’ve grown up and I have moved on, and maybe one day I will come back but maybe I won’t. Nonetheless, I will love book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure for ever. 
I won’t be logging on to Tumblr very often anymore so if anyone wants to continue talking to me, shoot me a message and we can find another platform to talk on. 
I love you guys, thank you for everything.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Being an actress and Connor comes to watch one of your shows.
Request: “Hey! Would it bother you to possibly write a Detroit Become Human imagine with Connor who has an actress lover and he attends one of her performances? Sorry, I just love the dynamic of one who had no emotions in love with one whos emotions are their profession” For Anon.
      You were on the stage, delivering a passion-filled monologue, mourning the loss of your on-stage lover.
      You sat next to him, sobs wracking your body as the lights faded out.  
      The curtains close and you make your way off the stage, retouching your makeup before the curtain call.
      As you walk back up on the stage, hearing the applause around you, you try searching the crowd for the people you had invited to the show, particularly, Connor, but you can barely see past the lights.
Tumblr media
      You had changed out of your costume and made your way outside, where you found Connor, waiting for you with a bouquet of flowers.
      “That was a wonderful performance Y/N,” He smiled.
      You take a little bow, “Thank you, thank you.”
      “When you were crying it seemed so real,” He pauses, “How do you do it? Make those emotions seem so real.”
      You shrug, “Sometimes I just channel past emotions or memories, most times I just become the character, so it’s easy to feel their emotions.”
      He watches you intently, “You’re amazing.”
      He leans in and gives you a sweet kiss.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Realizing your feelings for Sirius in the middle of a battle.
Request: “Hey, can I have an imagine with Sirius black x Slytherin reader, where it’s the start of 6th year and after the Snape werewolf incident all of them have allegedly changed. And for some reason since first year the girl had caught S.B eye and now he want to prove to her that he’s different. She in return doesn’t care, but then kinda just realises in the middle of s battle that she loves him. Idk, it’s kinda shitty, hope you’re alright though love xxx” For @killthe-illusionarydreams
      “These ones or these ones?” Sirius had asked the boys, with two different flowers in his hands.
      “Mate, just give her whichever ones you want.”
      “Come on James, you know I’m not used to these sorts of romantic gestures,” Sirius whined.
      Remus shrugged, feeling pity for the poor boy, “Roses are a sign of love, and most girls like them, so I’d choose the roses.”
      “Thanks Moony.”
      For the past two months, Sirius had been on a mission to convince you that he had changed and was looking for a real relationship with you.
      After the werewolf incident with Snape, the boys didn’t only change their pranking ways and their behaviour towards other students, they also had a change of heart when it came to girls. Rather than simply flirting with her, James was making a real effort to win Lily over, and Sirius was trying the same with you. It was more difficult for him though, he had his reputation causing trouble after all.
      You had caught his eye in first year, and slowly, as girls began throwing themselves at him, his interest in you increased, as you were one of the few who didn’t do so.
      You in return, didn’t care what he did. You didn’t want to have anything to do with Sirius Black, and you sure as hell didn’t believe that he had changed.
      When he tried giving you the flowers, you simply walked away, telling him to give them to some other girl.
      This went on throughout the rest of your time at Hogwarts, and afterwards as well.
      Today, you were standing in an open field, lit by nothing other than the moonlight and the sparks coming from the many wands around you.
      The Order was fighting yet another battle with the Death Eaters, and thankfully, fate seemed to be on your side for the most part.
      Suddenly, you heard Sirius’ voice, “Y/N!”
      You felt him pull you out of the way, just as the sparks of the cruciatus flew past you.
      You stared at the spot you stood in seconds ago in shock, “I-I...”
      “Are you alright?!” The look on his face was of genuine worry.
      You nodded, “Thank you.”
      The two of you continued to fight side by side for the rest night, helping and protecting each other in any way you could.
      You couldn’t help but feel your heart flutter every time you looked over at him. This had been happening for a while now, but you usually ignored it. This time around, you couldn’t. It was like a switch went off in your heart and despite being in the middle of the battle, you couldn’t help but feel a bit giddy.
      “Sirius! We could die tonight!” You called over the sounds of the fighting.
      “Don’t worry, I won’t let them hurt you Y/N!”
      “That’s not what I meant! I don’t want to die without doing this,” and then you did the unthinkable, in the middle of the battle, you pulled him in for a kiss.
      When you pulled away, he looked at you with a cheeky grin, “Now I’ll definitely have to make sure we both live.”
      You shook your head at him with a smile, before hexing a Death Eater behind him, “Watch your back idiot!”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Going to the beach with your boyfriend, Bucky, and the other Avengers, and feeling insecure about getting in the water.
Request: “Hey do you think you could write a Bucky or Two-Bit x Demiboy!Reader where the reader is really self-concious about their body since they haven’t had top surgery and the gang decides to go on a vacation and the reader refuses to get into the water and starts having a panic attack? I love your work, and would love to be friends!” For @wretched-queer-person
A/N: I wasn’t 100% sure how to write this, I hope it’s alright and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone in any way!
      You look up from your book, and smile at your friends around you.
      Tony thought it would be a good idea to take a vacation after a particularly tough mission, so he had reserved a secluded area at a beautiful beach for all of you. You were reclining on a beach chair; soaking in the sun, a few others were also sun bathing around you, Natasha and Clint were busy setting up the volleyball net, and Steve, Sam, and Bucky were in the water.
      “Y/N, come swim with us!” Sam calls.
      You shift uncomfortably, your face going red, “I’m at a really good part in my book, maybe later.”
      “Come on Y/N, the water’s nice and warm too!”
      “I’m not in the mood Sam,” You argue, feeling your throat tighten and your heart hammering in your chest.
      Steve chuckles, “Sam’s righ-”
      “Let Y/N read in peace,” Bucky cuts him off before splashing him in the face with water, and with that, they begin splashing each other like children.  
      With their attention away from you, you quietly sneak away.
      You ball your hands into fists to keep them from shaking, your nails digging into your palms, and keep your attention on that feeling until you find a secluded area.
      You can’t breathe and you let out a choked sob. You feel your chest tighten as your tears continued to flow, but you can’t seem to make them stop.
      You were having a panic attack, and this wasn’t the first time, you had always been insecure about your body, but when the others had called you into the water, you couldn’t help but panic. You hadn’t had your top surgery yet, and you weren’t willing to take your shirt off or have it cling to your body after getting wet.
      You were just thankful to have your boyfriend, Bucky, who knew about these insecurities, for being there to draw attention away from you.
      “Y/N?” You hear Bucky’s voice as he rounds the corner, he simply approaches you and takes you into his arms, “It’s okay.”
      You cry in his arms for a while, eventually pulling away when you feel calmer, “Thank you Bucky.”
      “Of course,” He smiles at you, before leaning in for a chaste kiss. He hands you your book, which he picked up on his way over, “How about we head inside and read together, alone and in peace?”
      You smile, “I’d love that.”
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Hey, hey, hey!! Guess what?! I love you!! 💙💙 thank you for always being there for me even though I’m a pain in the ass. I don’t know what I’d do without you
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH NICOLE!! (also, you’re NOT a pain!)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Discovering Diego’s fear of needles when you have to help him with his injuries.
Request: “Hey! I love your writing! Could I request a diego x reader where he shows up at your door all bloody and injured and you end up having to patch him up, and he needs stitches but since he's afraid of needles he's like trying really hard not to pass out?” For Anon.
      You were sitting on the sofa reading when your doorbell rang. You groaned, having finally found a relaxing position, “This better be important.”
      You opened the door to find a bloody, injured Diego on your doorstep, “Hey baby.”
      Your jaw dropped, “Diego, what the hell happened?!”
      He shrugged, “I got into a fight.”
      “Jesus...” You muttered, ushering him inside.
      You worked as a nurse and you first met Diego at the hospital, eventually he started showing up to your house after your shift was over because he didn’t want another nurse helping him. So, it was safe to say that you had seen Diego injured many times, but never this bad.
      “Sit down,” You sighed, exasperated, “You’re lucky I love you.”
      He gave you a cheeky grin, “I love you too.”
      You examined him and found a large gash on his forearm, “Shit Diego, you’re going to need stitches.”
      His face fell, “Stitches...?”
      You nodded, pulling out a needle from your box of supplies.
      “You’re going t-to stitch me up... with that?”
      You raised your eyebrows, “What else?”
      “Can’t you just clean the wound and wrap it up like usual?”
      You shook your head, “It’s too deep.”
      He looked at you in worry, “Alright, j-just hurry.”      
      “Wait... are you scared?”
      He quickly shook his head, “No! Of course not!”
      You tried to hold back a laugh -not that you were judging him, you just found it cute; he always acted so tough, you would have never expected him to be afraid of needles.
      “Whatever you say,” You singsonged, he rolled his eyes and you added, “Alright, just sit tight, it’ll be over before you know it.”
       You began stitching him up and he gripped the arm of the chair, taking deep breaths. The colour flooded out of his face and it took every ounce of energy left in him to keep himself from passing out.
      “You’re good to go.”
      He let out a breath of relief, before leaning in to give you a kiss, “What would I do without you?”
      You shrugged with a smirk on your face, “Probably die.”
      “Probably,” He chuckled, pulling you in for a deeper kiss.
      “Easy there... you need to get some rest,” He pouted but you held your ground, “Go, sleep.”    
      “Fine,” He gave you one last peck before heading towards your bedroom.
To be added or taken off a tag list, feel free to send me a message/ask.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Being a noble lady and falling for Merlin while you’re staying in Camelot.
Request: “Hello! Could I request a Merlin oneshot, where reader is a noble Lady, old friend of Arthur and she arrives to Camelot injured because of some bandits and she meets Merlin. Merlin helped tend to her wounds maybe used magic and she saw? And they grow close and start liking eachother and secretly dating? And Arthur or/and Gwaine tease him about it because they think it could never happen thatbshr likes him back. Just something cute and funny 🙂” For @a-ghost-in-the-tardis
      You rode into Camelot, nearly falling off your horse as you got into the courtyard, but luckily a knight caught you, “Get Arthur...”
      You were laying down on a bed as Gaius looked over you when Arthur rushed in, “Lady Y/N, what happened?”
      “I was attack by bandits, the rest of my company was killed... I barely made it out,” You explained with tears streaming down your face, your injuries didn’t hurt as bad as the loss of your people. 
      You were a noble lady of a kingdom near Camelot and you were an old friend of Arthur, so when you were attacked, your first thought was to flee to Camelot.
      Gaius got up and approached the servant who had come in with Arthur and whispered something before turning back to Arthur, “Sire, I’m going to make her a sleep draught, Merlin will finish tending to her wounds.”
      Arthur nodded and followed Gaius out of the room to ask about your condition.
      You looked up to the servant and gave him a small smile, “I’ve been here before but I’ve never met you.”
      “I’m Merlin, I came to Camelot a few years ago,” He smiled back, before gently cleaning your wounds.
      Gaius eventually sent the sleeping draught, and soon after taking it, you felt your eyes get heavy.
      Just before falling asleep, you saw what you couldn’t believe; Merlin used magic to heal you.
Tumblr media
      When you awoke, you assumed that what you saw was a dream, but upon noticing your healed wounds, you knew it was true.
      Merlin came back in with Arthur a while later and the two of you exchanged a look, “How are you feeling Lady Y/N?”
      You smiled at Arthur, “Much better! Gaius’ medicine works miracles!”
      “That’s wonderful!”
      Merlin let out a relieved sigh, believing that you were asleep when he healed you. He began setting the table for you to have breakfast, and Arthur left to deal with some matters of the court.
      “Gaius really is good at what he does,” You finally said to Merlin, and he hummed in agreement, “Whatever he gave me really healed my wounds quickly, almost as if by... magic.”
      This caught his attention, and he let out a nervous chuckle, “Well, that’s Gaius for you, he’s basically a miracle worker.”  
      “Or maybe you’re the miracle worker, you were the one who took over after Gaius left.”
      “I just used to medicine Gaius made, I don’t deserve any credit.”
      “What was it that you said right before I fell asleep, ‘something fornimest something something guman’, what does that mean?”
      Merlin started at you wide-eyed, “I-er-well... alright, I used magic to heal you.”
      “You’re a sorcerer?”  The look in his eyes was pure fear, and you gently touched his hand, “I’m not going to tell.”
      “Y-you’re not?”
      You shook your head, “My family had plenty of friends who were sorcerers before Uther outlawed magic, I may be a friend of Camelot, but I’m on your side Merlin. Besides, you saved my life, I owe you.”
Tumblr media
      You stayed in Camelot for the next few weeks, Merlin had showed you around, and you had become friends with many of the familiar faces around the castle. More importantly, you had grown incredibly close to Merlin -you had fallen for each other.
      Merlin was currently standing with Gwaine and Arthur, who were talking about a recent quest.
      Gwaine tried to snatch food off the tray of a passing maid, and she quickly pulled away, used to his tactics, “Sorry Sir Gwaine, this for Lady Y/N.”
      “I’ll take it to her!” Merlin said without thinking.
      Arthur and Gwaine burst into laughter, “This really is pathetic Merlin. She’s a lady and Merlin and you’re just a servant.”
      “I hate to say this but you’re our friend, and it’s just not going to happen. I wouldn’t want you to get your hopes up,” Gwaine added, he wore an amused look on his face, “But I praise you for trying.”
      Merlin simply shook his head, taking the tray from the maid and carrying it up to your room, “Mi’lady.”
      “Why thank you kind sir,” You smirked, “You seem more joyful than usual.”
      “I’m always joyful when I get to see you,” He said with a cheeky grin, before adding, “And I find Gwaine and Arthur’s constant teasing about my ‘hopeless crush’ on you highly amusing.”
      “So I’ve heard,” You laughed, “We can tell them you know?”
      “Yes, but where’s the fun in that?”
      You shook your head at him with a smile on your face before leaning in to give him a quick kiss, “Come sit, eat with me.”
      “As you wish.”
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