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#tfaws imagine
A Stark and her Soldier ~ Part 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Tension rising between you and Bucky as you spend time together in Madripoor.
Warnings: TFATWS E03 SPOILERS! Things start to get a little heated! 
Series tags: @supernaturalcat7 @sapphiredreamer26 @babygirlwilly @misssilencewritewell @wavyjassy @stydia-4-ever @freeflyingphoenix​ @xkonpinkx​ 
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The flight to Germany would have been a great chance for you to try, as you kept telling yourself, but you decided to sleep through most of it – you didn’t even know where to start.
You knew what was coming before it happened, you knew it the moment your brother grabbed for the gauntlet, you knew him well enough to know that he wouldn’t attempt something like that without a reason.
He raised his hand to reveal the stones. The weight that fell over you was nearly enough to crush you.
“Tony,” Your voice was barely a whisper.
“And I am Iron Man,” You could have sworn you felt every ounce of pain coursing though his body.
He snapped.
You gasped awake, tearing your head off of Bucky’s shoulder – you hadn’t even realized you placed it there.
“Hey, it’s okay, you’re okay,” His eyes were laced with concern, and his voice was like a soothing balm.
You looked away from him, focusing on nothing in particular and trying to calm your breathing. You grounded yourself and realized how iron tight your grip was on Bucky’s arm, you quickly released, realizing that your nails had broken through his scarred skin, “I-I’m sorry.”
He tilted your head up, forcing you to meet his eyes, and brushed your hair way from your clammy skin, “Don’t be, doll.”
You felt the nickname deep in your bones, it had been so long since he had called you that. You let out a shaky breath and turned away from him. Say something, now’s your chance, say something. You placed your head back on his shoulder and shut your eyes, before whispering, “He wasn’t wrong.”
“Steve,” Your voice was barely audible as you said it, you doubted a regular person could hear it, you’d have to remember to ask him if his hearing was enhanced – on second thought, maybe you didn’t want to know…
Tumblr media
“Stop pacing, you’re making me nervous!” You obeyed, turning to your friend.
“He should be back by now, Sam! Zemo knows far too much, if he –” You couldn’t let yourself think about what could be going on in the cell, so you turned your attention back towards pacing.
“I wasn’t gone that long,” You let out a sigh of relief at the sound of Bucky’s voice.
“Long enough to get her pacing.” You ignored Sam and gave Bucky a once over before searching his eyes, and thankfully, found nothing out of the ordinary.
“Come with me.”
The two of you let Bucky lead you through the hallways of the prison and down a set of stairs. He eventually pulled out a flashlight and began to explain what he was planning.
“What are you talking about, you want to break Zemo out of jail? Where are we, Buck? Have you lost your mind?”
Your mind was spinning at the idea that Bucky presented, everything in you was screaming no, “Y/N, say something.”
“Bucky please,” You begged, taking a step towards him, “Meeting with Zemo was one thing, but freeing him? We can’t do this.”
“We don’t know how they’re getting the serum. We don’t even know how many of them there are,” He paused, “Look, let me just walk you through a hypothetical. Can I walk you through a hypothetical?”
The tone in his voice told you that this ‘hypothetical’ wasn’t going to be as hypothetical as it should’ve, “What did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything.”
You exchanged a look with Sam, “Bucky, seriously.”
He slowly explained his ‘hypothetical’, every word that left his mouth was more suspicious than the last.
You clenched your fists to keep your hands from shaking, you hated where this was going, you hated that look in his eyes, “Whoa. Whoa, Whoa –”
You followed Sam’s gaze and froze in your spot. Zemo, the cause of most of your nightmares and the man who tore apart your family. You couldn’t help but blame him for what happened five years ago – maybe, just maybe, if Tony and Steve had never fought, if all the Avengers had been together, you could have won that initial war against Thanos and his army. Maybe you would still have a family. You knew it was a stretch, but you couldn’t help it.
Sam and Bucky’s resounding “No!” snapped you out of your thoughts.
“When Steve refused to sign the Sokovia Accords, you backed him. You broke the law and you stuck your necks out for me, I’m asking you to do it again.”
“I really think I’m invaluable…”
“Shut up,” Sam turned back to Bucky and sighed, “Okay. If we do this, you don’t make a move without out permission.”
Bucky turned his attention towards you, still glued in your place a few feet away from them. He walked over and took your hand again – he had to be able to sense what that did to you, “What do you say Y/N, you trust me?”
You let out a shaky breath and met his eyes, “Always.”
“Okay Zemo. Where do we start?”
Tumblr media
You gave Bucky one last look of concern, silently begging him to change his mind before climbing aboard Zemo’s private jet.
“Why don’t you tell us about where we’re going.”
“Sorry, I was just fascinated by this,” Zemo said gently, examining a page in the book he was reading, “I don’t know what to call it, but this part seems to be important. Who is Nakajima?”
Before you knew what was happening, Bucky was standing above Zemo, a gloved hand wrapped around the baron’s throat. You couldn’t help but squirm at the sight of it, your whole body burning up.
“You touch that again, and I’ll kill you,” You released a breath alongside Zemo, you hadn’t even realized you were holding it – and it definitely wasn’t a breath of relief.
You couldn’t take your eyes off of Bucky, there was a darkness to him that you hadn’t seen in a long time. You barely registered Zemo’s comment about the list of names.
“I’ve seen that book, it was Steve’s, when he came out of the ice.” You looked over and recognized it too, he put a bunch of your suggestions in that book as well. He had watched, read, and listened to every one of them, a sad smiled crept on to your face at the fond memories of your discussions with him about them.
You turned your attention back to the conversation, “You remember that, right? As a young soldier sent to Germany to stop a mad icon.”
Pain flashed though Bucky’s eyes, sometimes you forgot how old he really was, and didn’t even want to think about the horrors he had faced in his lifetime. You had the sudden urge to pull him into your arms and never let go, to remind him that he was safe now and to remember it yourself. But you remained seated.
Tumblr media
You pulled at the too short dress that clung to your body, showing off every curve and swell. Arm candy, that was the role you were to play, and you despised every second of it.
Every time you saw Bucky in his uniform, it took your breath away, but the hard mask he currently wore made you feel like you were suffocating. You were struggling to keep from staring at him anyways, so you decided to make it a part of your role, watching him with lust-filled, dazed eyes – easier than giving Zemo that look, you doubted that anyone would blame you.
The atmosphere shifted the moment Zemo ordered Bucky to attack. You had seen him fight before, but not like this – not since his escape from the compound, you shuddered at the memory. Your breath hitched as he sent a man flying with his kick, you felt a mixture of awe, worry, and lust coursing through you. Pull it together, Y/N.
The more he continued though, the more the worry took over, you could tell Sam felt the same way when he reached for Bucky’s arm. Zemo spoke to him in Russian and he released the man, though his movements and expression remained the same, you noticed him blinking something away from his eyes, as though the Winter Soldier had truly been trying to resurface in those brief moments. You subtly gripped his hand, in hopes to pull him back to reality.
You had already been struggling to stay in character, and this exchange made it even harder – it required physical effort to keep the worry from etching your features.
It didn’t make things any easier when Zemo guided you to sit on the arm of his chair, looping his own arm around your waist and resting his hand far too high on your thigh. You couldn’t even focus on Selby’s words because of how uncomfortable you felt. Natasha had always taken on this role during previous missions, she never trusted Tony and Steve to not lose their cool in such a situation, so she always took one for the team. You tried your best to channel your inner Nat, but it only made the ever-present tightness in your chest more unbearable.
Bucky stood with his jaw clenched and you could have sworn that the anger in his eyes was from more than just his Winter Soldier act.
“Tell us what you know about the super-soldier serum,” Zemo got up from beside you, giving your thigh a tight squeeze, before walking up to Bucky, “and I give you him. Along with the code words to control him of course. He will do anything you want.”
It felt like a punch to the gut to see Bucky being treated like a machine to be used and traded, especially knowing that that was exactly what was done to him. Watching Zemo caress his face like you would a prize animal made you even angrier – you had to clench your fists to keep from shaking, trying to keep that aloof expression on your face was a tremendous feat at this point.
You noticed sadness flash through Bucky’s eyes. It was subtle enough that no one but you, and maybe Sam, would recognize it, but it was there, and it killed you to witness.
You turned back towards Selby as Zemo dropped down next to you again. The conversation was halted when Sam’s phone began to ring. Fuck.
You heard Sarah’s voice on the other end, please pick up on what’s going on, please… plea- “Sam I’m sorry, I’ll call you back.”
“Sam? Who’s Sam?” Before she could finish giving the order to kill you, she was dead.
You instantly fell into you action, lunging for the man nearest to you and knocking him out cold – if there was one thing that Natasha taught you, it was to win a fight, and not just that, but to do so in heels.
You quickly followed Zemo out, sticking close to Bucky. When the firing began, you were the first thing he reached for, ensuring that you were by his side as you ran. You only stopped when the men following you were shot dead, you whipped your head around looking for who could have done it, “Well, this is perfect.”
Sharon… You watched quietly as she walked up to Zemo, gun in hand, and Sam tried to explain the situation to her. If you had it your way, you would have let her shoot him, but you knew that wouldn’t do anyone any good. Your heart broke as she talked about how she didn’t speak to her family anymore. You couldn’t help but blame yourself, I should have done more, I should have convinced Steve or Tony to get her pardoned… I didn’t even think about it… fuck.
As if sensing the direction of your thoughts, Sam gently put his hand on your back, one look at his face told you that he was feeling the same way.
You let out a sigh of relief when Sharon decided to let you stay with her, you hoped this would give you a chance to make amends – although, that seemed impossible considering what she had gone through.
You paused before walking into Sharon’s place, gesturing at Bucky to stay with you, “You guys go ahead, we’ll catch up in a few.”
She threw a questioning glance your way before leading Sam and Zemo away.
“What is it?”
You didn’t answer the question, you just wrapped your arms around Bucky’s torso and buried your head into his chest. You weren’t sure what had gotten into you, you only knew that after the events of the night you wanted to get the feeling of Zemo’s hands off of you, and more importantly you wanted Bucky to feel a sense of safety and love. He was hesitant at first, but he pulled you tight against him, gently caressing the back of your head, “Are you alright?”
You let out a shaky breath and nodded against him, “I just need a few more seconds.”
Soon enough you pulled away and headed towards the door the others had walked through.
Sharon led you to a room separate from the boys, allowing you to choose from a wide array of sexy yet tactical outfits – anything was better than what you were currently wearing. Once you were ready, the two of you joined the others, Sam was still changing when you walked in and you let out a low whistle, as Sharon said, “Much better.”
Though Sam didn’t acknowledge the remarks, you noticed a hint of a smile creeping on to his face.
Your breath hitched when you saw Bucky on the couch. You had never seen him dressed like this, that tight black suit made you feel things that you didn’t care to admit. As you took a seat next to him you prayed more than ever for his hearing not to have been enhanced, “You okay?”
“Yeah.” Your voice came out a bit higher than you would have intended. You took the drink sitting on the table, assuming it belonged to the man that had you squirming, and threw it back, you were certain you’d need a couple more to get through this night.
Tumblr media
Sam and Zemo had drifted off into different direction, leaving you by the bar with Bucky. You swirled the brown liquid in your glass before drinking the last bit of it. You didn’t drink more than you could handle, but you also never drank like this before or during a mission. You needed the liquid courage to be standing next to the super soldier, especially considering what he was wearing.
There were two wolves inside you of, one that wanted to tear that suit off of him and devour him whole, and the other that wanted to avoid looking at him until the suit was gone – either way, that suit had to come off.
Sharon hadn’t been kidding when she described the party, the atmosphere made it even harder to for you to focus on anything but him.
“How do people dance to this music?” Bucky asked, snapping you out of your thoughts before they went too far south.
You knew it was a rhetorical question, but the alcohol running through your veins decided it would be a good idea to answer it, via demonstration of course. You walked towards the edge of the dance floor and threw an innocent smile over your shoulder before starting. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him as you sensually swayed your hips to the music, fingers gently outlining your curves before brushing against your face and into your hair.
Bucky was absolutely stunned, he knew that he should do the gentlemen-like thing and turn away, but watching you move like that definitely didn’t make him feel like a gentleman.
When you finally turned to him, the darkened look on his face was enough to make you stride up to him, every step was swift and determined. You took his hand and led him to dancefloor with you. You continued where you had left off, swaying against his body this time. He didn’t move, but he didn’t stop you either, he simply watched – well, felt.
The music changed and you finally realized where you were, and what you were supposed to be doing. Your face felt like a furnace and you stepped away, turning to him.
“We uh… we should find the others,” You managed to choke out.
The look on his face mirrored none of the embarrassment you felt, his expression was still as dark as before. He simply stared at you – or, into you – for a moment before nodding, and walking off. You hurried to follow him, trying to calm your thoughts and cool the burning in your core.
Sam gave you strange look as you joined them, you prayed that he hadn’t seen you, knowing he would never let you live it down.    
“Hey, guys. I found him.”
“Here we go.”
Just before you walked out, Bucky handed you a glass of something, you raised a brow at him and he shrugged, the faintest smirk on his face, “Water. Cold water.”
Tumblr media
The tension between you and Bucky on the way to the shipping yard could be cut with a knife. It was enough that you decided to stay outside with Sharon to keep watch, “What’s going on between you two?”
You looked over at her and shrugged, “Nothing.”
“Please, last time I saw you, you made it pretty obvious how attracted you were to him,” You tried to keep yourself from blushing, “You were so young then, it just seemed like a little school girl crush, but this,” she gestured to nothing in particular and chuckled, “Jesus Y/N, you’ve got it bad.”
Before you could answer, you heard the footsteps, you quickly turned on your earpieces, “Guys, we have company.”
You gave each other a quick nod and sprung forward. You activated the gauntlet your brother had created for you and shot two of them, as Sharon attacked with a metal rod.
Even with Sharon’s impeccable fighting ability and your equipment, you were struggling to hold them off. The two of you made your way into the lab, “Guys, we’re seriously out of time here.”
The moment the words left her mouth, Zemo shot Nagel, “Shit!”
“What did you do?”
Bucky must have sensed what was coming – maybe heard it with that potential enhanced hearing – because he pulled you against him just as the blast tore through the side of the lab, and threw you to the ground, shielding you with his own body. You winced as he pushed himself off of you, groaning in pain himself.
He reached down and pulled you up, making sure you were steady on your feet before moving to help Sharon and Sam.
You could barely see your targets through the smoke, but you kept shooting, both with your gun and the gauntlet.  You rolled your eyes, as Sam and Bucky began arguing.
“Guys, not the time!” Sharon called out, just as you said, “Really? Now?!”
You managed to fight your way past them as Zemo pulled up with a car, you scooted in behind him, Sam squeezing in next to you, “You’re not gonna move your seat up, are you?”
“No.” You let out a genuine laugh, not just at the pettiness of Bucky’s revenge – you still remembered every second of that first car ride you had been on with the two of them, you and Steve thought you were going to lose your minds and eventually decided to move you to the front seat with him and turn the music up – but also because you couldn’t believe that you had just survived that. You had been in bigger fights before, but you had always been covered head to toe in Tony’s gear, this felt like your own fight, and you had made it out alive.
Tumblr media
With the adrenaline gone, the tenseness in your body returned. You picked at your cuticles to keep yourself from staring at Bucky as he wiped down his metal hand on the plane. That metal arm had been the star of many of your fantasies, you couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel between – “You okay?”
You shot your head up, fearing you had been caught staring, but thankfully Bucky’s attention was on Sam, not you. You were desperately trying to ease away from him after your little fiasco at the party, but he wasn’t making it easy for you. The worst part was that he wasn’t even doing anything.
You knew Sam’s comment about the shield struck a chord with Bucky because he made eye contact with you for the first time since your show, and it managed to shut you down enough to meet his glance. You got up from your seat and moved next to him, gently squeezing his hand as he began arguing with Sam about what the shield represented.
Without knowing it, that hand squeezing gesture had become a source of safety for both of you, it was enough to ground each other and let you know that you were safe.
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Hi!!! I saw that your requests are open and was wondering if you could do a little something where Sam has had a bad couple of days via nightmares, PTSD, etc. And the reader comforts him? I really just wanna give this guy a hug sometimes because I know he's been through some shit, but is always focused on taking care of others, and I wanna see him be comforted for once. Thank you regardless, and I hope you have a great day!!
A/N: I love this so much! Sam deserves all the hugs!! Thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy!! 
Warnings: mentions of death, angst/fluff, TFAWS spoilers
Tumblr media
You wake up randomly and look at the clock on the nightstand. 2:45 AM. You sigh. You are so tired, but know you’re not going to get back to sleep with it being as hot as it is. New Orleans has had crazy high temperatures lately and even the AC hasn’t helped stop the sweat from drowning you in your sleep. As you get up, you look to your left and notice Sam isn’t in bed with you. 
“Sam?” you call out. You get no response. 
Worried, you jump out of bed and hurry down the stairs. 
“Sam?” you call out again as you reach the bottom of the stairs. With no response for the second time, you look out the kitchen window and see a figure standing down at the dock, facing the water. 
Knowing it must be Sam, you slip on some shoes and head out the back door. 
You walk up to Sam and stand beside him, taking a few seconds to look at the calmness of the water, before turning to look at him.
“Why aren’t you in bed?” Sam asks, his voice hoarse. 
You look at him confused. “I could ask you the same thing. Is everything okay?”
Sam turns his head to look at you and it’s then you notice the tears in his eyes. Your heart softens. 
You place your hand on his cheek. “Is it the nightmares again? You’ve been having them for a few days now.” 
Sam grabs the hand you placed on his cheek and gives it a squeeze, before pulling it off his face and dropping it back to your side. 
He turns to stare back at the water. “I… I just keep thinking about how everything went down and can’t help but wonder if there was something more I could have done” he says. 
His admission brings tears to your eyes. “Sam, you did everything you could. But, you didn’t kill Karli. You didn’t pull the trigger. Sharon did. You can’t blame yourself for something you didn’t do.” 
Sam shakes his head. “It’s not even just Karli. I know I didn’t pull the trigger. I know she didn’t deserve to die though either. A lot of people I’ve seen die, didn’t deserve to.” 
You think for a second before answering. “Are you talking about Riley? Your wingman from when you were in the Air Force? Because that wasn’t your fault either. He was killed by an RPG. You didn’t fire that RPG.” 
He looks back at you again. “No, I didn’t, but maybe there was something I could have done differently to save him. To save Karli. To save the thousands of people I’ve seen die while fighting as an Avenger.”  
“Oh, Sam,” you whisper. You place your hand back onto his cheek. “You are thinking of all the people you’ve witnessed die, but are forgetting the thousands of other people that you’ve saved. There’s a reason Steve gave you that shield. You, Sam Wilson, are a good man and a worthy one at that. Yes, things can always go differently in situations, but the important thing is that you always do what you think is right. You’re selfless when helping others and it shows. Sometimes, I think a little too selfless. I wish you’d focus on taking care of yourself because you matter too. You matter to so many people. You matter to me.”
By the end of your speech, you’re both crying. You pull Sam into a hug and lay your head on his chest. 
He places his head on top of yours. “Thank you, darling. You always know what to say.”
“That’s what I’m here for,” you say. 
You pull away to look at him. “Next time you have a nightmare, please wake me up. We can figure it out together.” 
Sam grabs your hand and interlocks your fingers. “I will, I promise.” 
You smile at him. “Good. Now, why don’t we head inside, so I can cuddle you back to sleep? After we turn up the AC, of course. It’s hot as hell in our house.”
He laughs. “Okay, okay, we will turn up the AC. I need at least a few more hours of sleep anyway. Starting my new duties as Captain American tomorrow.” 
You pull him towards you. “My Captain America. And, a damn good one at that.” 
He leans in to kiss you. “Always yours. I love you.”
“I love you too.” You close the gap between you and kiss him.
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angrythingstarlight · 2 days ago
Pierced Through and Through
Summary: Bucky has planned the perfect vacation. All he has to do is get through the metal detectors without revealing his secret. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: TFAWS Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 3.5K 
Warnings: Smut, exhibitionism, praise kink, piercing kink (Bucky has brand new c*ck piercing), mile high club public sex, airplane bathroom sex, oral (m receiving), p*ssy slapping, dirty talk,, dom/sub dynamics, begging kink, choking kink, Minors DNI
A/N: Beta’d by the wonderful @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog and @whisperlullaby and an entry for her challenge! All mistakes are my own. 
Do not copy, translate, reproduce, rewrite or repost any of my works. Comments, likes and reblogs are welcome and cherished. By hitting read more, you agree that you are 18 and older. 
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes is a romantic, you blame it on his 1940s upbringing. It’s not unusual for you to come home to flowers, chocolates, and oh his home-cooked meals. Nothing like seeing him, all six feet of thick ripped muscles, standing in front of the stove wearing nothing but an apron, holding up a spoon dripping with fragrant marinara sauce, telling you to open wide and swallow like the good girl you are. 
For the past week, he’s been acting strange, hiding his laptop whenever you wander into the room. 
He keeps staring at you to the point where you’re looking down at yourself, wondering if you spilled something. Each time he follows up with his signature smirk, pure lust in his deep blue eyes. He’s always insatiable but something is different, he’s holding back something from you, often distracting you with mind blowing sex, in fact, the only warning you get before he’s on you, in you, is his bottom lip catching between a flash of pearly white teeth. 
When he announced the vacation it all made sense, his odd behavior, his increased libido. He’s been thinking about all the filthy things he’s going to do to you in another country. 
And you are ready for it.
Tumblr media
The ride to the airport is peaceful, the sky shades of dark azure and teals, the crescent moon visible to your left. The early morning traffic is light, so you arrive earlier than expected. While it pained you to get up before the sunrise, you have to admit it’s worth it to not deal with crowds of people. His hand, heavy and warm,  rests on your thigh as he pulls into the lot. 
“You can hold my hand or nothing at all.” He says, giving you a pointed look when you try to take your bag from the backseat. With a giggle, you lace your fingers between his as he shoulders all of the suitcases and bags in one arm. The airport buzzes with activity, people milling about, shops preparing for the rush in an hour or two. You squeeze his hand with excitement the closer you get to the check-in point. 
Soon you’ll be on a tropical island with nothing but him, drinks, and the sand. Nothing between you but the salt tinged breeze and the sun.  
Bucky’s steps falter when you near the terminal, ahead of you the airport security waving people through, checking belongings.
 “You okay?” you ask when he hesitates, his Adam’s apple bobbing twice, his eyes flitting across the space. Bucky smiles briefly before setting the bags down in the grey bins.
 You go through the metal detector first and turn to wait for your bags to travel down the conveyer belt.
He follows, setting off the alarm.
 He’s never done that before, not since he has had the upgraded arm.
“Sorry, Sergeant Barnes, protocol.” The TSA agent apologizes before he picks up the thin black wand, waving it over his body.
You watch him, fiddling with the strap of your bag. Bucky sighs, his eyes closing. He seems oddly resigned. Your brows furrow when you see sweat bead along the crown of his forehead. 
Bucky feels the back of his neck becoming hot, a flush creeping up his chest. He averts his eyes, aware that you’re looking at him, his breathing becoming heavier, more noticeable. The agent pauses at his abdomen, “Are you alright, sir?”
Bucky attempts a smile, the grimace putting you and the agent on edge. The wand dips lower.
The loud piercing sound reaches your ears, at first you assume it’s because of his belt. But then you remember Bucky isn’t wearing a belt.
He’s wearing loose gray sweatpants because you told him he should be comfortable for the trip.
The wand shifts back up. Beep. Right over his dick. The agent brings it back up and down. Beep. 
You take a step forward as the agent steps backward.
You speak in unison. Bucky’s face turns a deep maroon, nearly matching the red lacy bra you’re wearing under your blush pink sundress.
“It’s supposed to be a surprise.” He spits out through gritted teeth. His chiseled jaw clenched tight, a muscle twitching in his scruff-covered cheek.
You exchange glances with the befuddled agent. Licking your suddenly dry lips, you glance around the semi-crowded airport. Thankful that few people recognize the super-soldier with his oversized hoodie concealing his arm.
“Sir, whatever you have tucked in your pants-“ The agent begins, clearing his throat nervously when Bucky’s eyes land on him. You admire the man’s bravery, not many can face down your man when he’s giving them to his signature death stare. “- you’ll need to put it on the conveyor belt.” His voice cracks when Bucky stands up straight, cracking his neck. 
Bucky crooks his index finger and motions for the agent to come closer. He looks back at you and you shrug, giving him a helpless I have no fucking idea what’s happening look.
You rock onto your tiptoes to try to take a peak, failing to seeing much. You can only make out Bucky’s arm moving forward, a shocked gasp, and the sound of elastic snapping against skin.
“Oh wow. Wow, I’ve never seen anything that big, I mean-” he looks over his shoulder at you. “-how are you not waddling right now?” His flustered tone makes you blink slowly. 
Tilting your head, you place your hands on your hips. “What?”
The agent drops his eyes, “M just saying, should be walking side to side.” He sings the last bit. Your lips pull down into a confused frown, opening your mouth to ask him what the hell is going on, Bucky cuts you off with a loud groan.  
“I assume we can go.” He snarls, the sound making your belly twist, you don’t know what’s happening but you like it when he gets riled up. Bucky grabs his belongings out of the bin resting on the conveyor belt. 
“Sergeant, you can do whatever you want.”
“Excuse me?” you exclaim incredulously, eyes widening. “What is that supposed to mean?” 
Bucky grabs your arm, spinning you around. ”Let’s go.“
Tumblr media
He ignores your questions, his hand hovering over the small of your back, guiding you through the airport. You struggle to match his long strides, his blank, angry stare alone parting the crowds until you reach the gate. 
 Once you’re on the plane, you’re led into the private cabin, only three other people besides the flight attendant are in your section. You sink into your buttery smooth leather seat and wait for him to put up your bags. Suspiciously studying him as he reaches into the overhead cabinet, cursing yourself for talking him into wearing that large sweatshirt. You can’t make out a thing through the thick fabric.
Bucky plops into the seat beside you. His gaze fixated on the serving tray. He’s concerned, almost nervous. No, he can’t be. Nothing makes your man nervous. You touch the side of his face with the pads of your fingers, massaging his jaw. 
The word hangs in the tension thick air. 
He sighs, eliciting a deep groan from his chest as he tilts his head back. Running your fingers through his soft locks, you turn in your seat. “So you wanna tell me- “
“It was going to be a surprise.”
Scratching his scalp until he relaxes, you wait for him to continue, his blush returning. After a minute, you tug his hair. “You said that already. What is it exactly?” You retort, emphasizing “it”.
Bucky lolls his head to the side, his piercing slate blue eyes gazing into your curious ones. 
You stare at his plump pink lips, trying to process the jumbled words. “You what?”
Another groan. You stare at him gesturing for him to repeat himself.  
Bucky reaches down and pulls his hoodie up, the grey fabric bunching up over his chest, his darkening blues never leaving yours. Out of the corner of your eye, you see his black and gold hand reach under the band of his sweatpants. 
“What are you doing?” You hiss, looking around grateful that no one is paying attention to you. 
The flight attendant is talking to the wealthy-looking older couple a few rows ahead and the person behind you is sleeping.
When you drop your eyes back down, you gasp. Your hand flying to your mouth to stifle it. Your gaze sweeps across the cabin, thankful that no one heard you. 
His cock is out. 
Buck has his hardening cock in his fist.
The thick veiny shaft visible between his fingers, but it’s the head. The swollen tip with precum leaking out that has your attention. Holy fuck. The silver piercing going through it, making it look even larger. Your hand twitches, wanting to touch it. 
“Oh, fuck.” You breathe out, letting your hand fall from your face. “Fuck me.” You mean it, please fuck me Bucky. 
Bucky takes a deep breath, his eyes holding a hint of concern. “You know how I’ve been on the internet more.”
His hand shifts up his shaft and the rigid piercing moves slightly. “I saw a video. ”
You’re not even listening right now, too distracted by the silver gleaming under the fluorescent lights, it’s curved, two small balls attached to the ends. Your mouth watering at the thought of running your tongue over it. “Mm-hmm.”
Bucky can’t tell if you’re happy or not, holding himself tighter. He wonders if he should have asked you first. “Supposed to make you feel good. Enhance your pleasure.” He explains defensively, a cautious edge to his voice. 
“Uh. Huh.”
“I can take it out, doll.”
That snaps you out of your daze. “The hell you will.”
Without thinking, you drop your head to his lap, your tongue flicking over the leaking tip. His unique salty taste bursting on your tongue, you trace the smooth piercing, marveling at the contrast between his soft flesh and hard metal. 
“Damn, I love you.” His voice low and needy, the way you like it. 
He cradles the back of your head with his large palm, not pushing but waiting for you to guide him into your mouth, breathing through your nose, you ease down his thick cock.
 He tastes so good. His warm heavy weight on your tongue, the piercing a strange feeling in your mouth, bobbing your head, you hollow your cheeks sucking him until you feel his thigh tense under your hand. You know exactly how he likes it, loudly, sloppy with tears streaming down your face, you really wish you could give him what he deserves right now but you’re not even hiding the fact that you’re sucking his cock. 
You pull back, licking up the side of his shaft, the veins throbbing with each twist of your hand. Bucky murmurs soft praises that have you craving more, you swirl your tongue around it and he moans quietly, painfully aware that anyone can see his girl taking his cock. “Fuck, you’re good doll.”
You take him back in your warm mouth, gagging softly when he hits the back of your throat. Bucky whispers under his breath. “My sweet dirty little girl-” 
You hear a loud exaggerated cough coming from behind you. You pull off of him with a laugh, wiping away the string of spit, Bucky clenches his fists taking in a deep breath trying to control the urge to face fuck in front of these nice people. 
Sneaking a glance over the top of your seat, the man behind you has his eyes shut, his lips pinched together. You slump back in your seat, face burning. You really gave Buck head in the middle of the plane. Looking down at his cock, you’re seconds away from finishing the job. 
“In five minutes, meet me in the bathroom.” His deep voice delivering the demand right in your ear. 
Oh fuck.
Bucky tucks himself back in his pants and saunters down the aisle. You grin at your clasped hands, containing your eager squeal. It’s about to go down. Your pussy throbs with every second that passes. You’re almost afraid to get up because of how wet you are right now. You keep your chin tucked to your chest, ignoring the chuckling from the person behind you, and dart down the aisle, mumbling sorry when you almost knock over someone. 
You open the door and peek inside. “Buck-”
He grabs you, shutting the door behind you. He shoves you up on the sink and for the second time in ten minutes; you struggle for air. 
Bucky is completely naked, pants pooled around his feet, shirt over the small toilet, the harsh white light reflecting off the piercing as his cock sways. His large muscular body crowding the small space, pushing you back into the mirror. He’s everywhere. His hands part your thighs,  cool smooth metal and warm rough hands, languidly rubbing your skin. 
Bucky grins at you. “I was going to have the first time be on the beach but I can’t wait doll.”
“Good.” You moan, his fingers pressing into your thighs.
His breath hitches when you reach out, telling you to don’t act shy now, it’s your cock doll. Even without his dirty praises in your ear, his hand guiding yours down to his throbbing erection between your bodies, you’re so turned on, ready for him. Your panties clinging to your sopping wet cunt, your dress bunched around your waist. 
“Take it.” He orders, every bit the Sergeant he is, daring you to defy him. 
You want him too bad to even think about teasing him today. 
You stroke his cock, in awe of the way the metal curves around his tip, gently caressing the end of the metal with your thumb, pulling the side of it. Bucky feels it through his entire cock, a vulgar grunt in his chest, his hands digging into your thighs. You’re going to be bruised tomorrow. 
You glimpse up at him through your lashes, he’s seconds from losing it. Your clit aches at the thought of him going feral. 
You stroke it again, harder this time, comparing the warm metal to his heated flesh and you twist your hand firmly. He groans your name, his hand grabbing your wrist, pulling you away.  “Keep it up and I’ll cum.”  
“I thought you said you could only cum in my pussy or mouth, Sergeant.” You say sweetly, biting your bottom lip. 
 The veins in his neck pop out his control splinters, his growl sending jolts straight to your pussy. Bucky leans down, crashing his lips down over yours, his hands lifting your hips off the counter, dragging your panties down until you can kick them off. 
You need him inside you, stretching you right now.
“So pretty,” he whispers, pulling you to the edge of the sink, his cock bobbing over your stomach as you grip the walls for support. Bucky is a fucking tease when he knows you’re the needy one. He knows how badly you want him, but he’s going to make you beg.
Holding his shaft, he eases his swollen head through your heated folds; you flinch when the metal taps your clit, its firm and cool on your pulsating bundle. A breathy wanton moan pouring out when he does it again. 
“Bucky.” You whine, wrapping your legs around him, trying to bring him closer. 
Bucky shakes his head, “Not until I’m ready.”  He smirks when you glare at him. “Wanna challenge me, doll?” 
His metal hand latches around your throat and you almost cry when he squeezes. You’re no match for him, he knows your body too well, how much pressure to apply to make you break, how to put you back together and rip you apart again without breaking a sweat. 
 He circles your clit, tracing intricates patterns over you, light touches that have you rocking forward desperate for friction until you whimper out please Bucky, please baby. Fuck I’ll do anything, just, please.  
“Not good enough, I don't know if you really want  it doll, doesn’t sound like you do?” He taunts, his hand tightening over your throat as you beg for him. 
 Bucky slaps your pussy with his cock once, twice and you jolt, sparks of pleasure shooting through you but it’s not enough, your throbbing cunt clenching down hard over nothing.
“Sergeant, please.” You plead, your heels digging into his back. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get him to move. “Bucky, please.”
You gaze into his eyes, the thin rim of blue barely visible around his lust blown pupils. God, he likes you like this begging and desperate, dripping for him. He slaps you again. Another whimper falling out of your mouth. You let go of the wall and grab his hair and yank hard. 
His head jerks back and he slams into you, the sudden burning stretch overwhelming you. Suddenly so full of his thick cock you can’t breathe. His name strangled on your tongue. 
“Fuck, you don’t know how good you feel Doll”.  His appreciative groan makes you even wetter and fuck he can tell. He doesn’t give you time to adjust before he’s slamming back into your velvety heat. “M gonna stay buried in this sweet little cunt all week.” Your head flies back, his hand reaching around in the nick of time to keep it from bouncing off the mirror. He pins your hand above your head as his hips grind into yours. “Gonna fuck you everywhere on the island” 
“You’re making a mess of my cock” He says looking down between your bodies, watching his cock disappear into your tight pussy, coated with your slick with each thrust.  
He whispers more filthy things in your ear, the mirror fogging as he tells you all the ways he’s going to take on the beach, the surrounding forest. You’re not going anywhere until he’s satisfied. The fast, merciless thrusts have you keening louder and louder until he covers your mouth in a hot, sloppy kiss.
 You feel every inch enhanced by the smooth ends of his piercing gliding over your fluttering walls, his lips on yours are the only things keeping the entire plane from hearing your sobs. Bucky bites your lower lip gently before soothing it with his tongue. Your own dives into his wet mouth, deepening the kiss as he fucks you. 
 A knock on the door goes unanswered. 
You don’t give a fuck who’s out there, not when you feel this good; you don’t think it can get any better; he changes his angle, pulling you up and metal strikes your soft spongy spot. Pure electricity shoots you through. It’s fast and brutal in its intensity, your toes curl, back painfully arched off the sink.
 He swallows your scream, barely muffling the sound. You know they have to hear you, but then he does it again and your eyes roll back. All worries about being quiet are gone when he keeps hitting your sweet spot.
 It’s more than you can take.
His metal fingers drop to your clit. “So much, too much, so good fuck I can’t, I can’t.” You mumble into his mouth. 
He makes out your frantic pleas, his lips still on yours, and he grins deviously. Oh, you will, doll. He grazes your clit lightly with small circles, waiting until his next thrust, and he pushes his thumb hard over your sensitive bud at the same time his piercing drags over your spot. His muffled good girl pushing you over the edge.
You shatter. An incoherent, shrill moan erupting from you, breaking away from his hold as the orgasm surges through your body. With a dull roar in your ears, you see stars. Purples and reds blooming behind your eyelids, sobs, and moans wracking through as the coil unravels. His large hands hold you steady, letting him fuck you harder. 
Sweat clings to your body, the front of your dress drenched in it, your thighs burning and trembling around his waist. Tears burn your eyes, mascara dripping down your face, the small space impossibly hot.
Bucky groans, “One more doll.” He laughs when you shake your head. “You’re going to be good for me, aren’t you?” 
Bucky plants his hands on the mirror for leveraging,  grinding deeper in you, fucking you relentlessly until you cum again and again. Pleasure overwhelming you, your nails scratching red trails down his chest. 
You clench down again, riding through another orgasm, his pace falters as he feels his own climax building. His hips snapping erratically in you until he drops his head with a grunt. “So fucking tight, pussy was made for me.” 
 “C’mon Bucky, fill me up, god I want it” you moan, biting down on his shoulder, letting him use your body he spills inside of you. “Yes, fuck.” 
He rests his forehead on yours, his softening cock falling out of your spasming cunt. “Love you,” you giggle. 
Bucky smiles at you, reaching over to grab a handful of paper towels. “Love you too.”
You point at his cock, “I think I love him more though.” 
His face drops, making you laugh, reminding you how much you love these moments after he wrecks your body. He playfully grumbles as he wets up the towels with warm water and cleans up the mess between your thighs. You fan yourself off with your hand, wiping off his forehead with the bottom of your dress. You rest your back on the cool mirror, the sweat drying, you bring your knees up to give him enough space to get dressed. 
Another knock on the door. Persistent banging while you adjust the straps on your dress. 
You look at him and he shrugs, his brow raised defiantly, pocketing your panties. 
He opens the latch, smiling smugly at the flight attendant. She looks past him and stares at you in wonder. You gaze back, eyes dazed, looking thoroughly loved and fucked. The smell of sex drifting out of the small bathroom.
“Ma’am” He asserts over her indignant spluttering for the both of you to return to your seats. He takes your hand and pushes past her, you stumble behind him on shaky legs when you lose your balance, he sweeps you into his arms. Bucky places you into your seat, reclining it for you.
 Snagging a bottle off a passing tray, he helps you take a drink of water, the cool liquid soothing your parched throat. 
He looks out your window, then at his watch. You yawn, lids drifting shut. “I’m not tired, doll.” His tone has your eyes snapping open. 
Placing a kiss on your lips, he rubs his nose along your throat, humming quietly. “We land in five hours”. He tosses the thin airplane blanket over you. His warm hand slipping between your legs. “Let’s play a little game doll.”
He grabs your chin with his metal fingers gazing into your eyes. “Make a sound and I stop.” Oh fuck. He pulls your bottom lip down, leaning closer, his warm breath brushing over your skin. “Be quiet and you get to cum.”  
“But if you make a sound, you have to do whatever I want all week long.” 
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teafrompari · 2 days ago
Sam: if your name is Bucky *taps Bucky's shoulder to get his attention*
Bucky: shh
Sam: and you really handsome, come on raise your hand!
Bucky: *bashfully raises his hand*
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purebarnes · 3 days ago
courage to change—
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲— when one man gets a chance to go out and date but something is stoping him, wether it’s his guilt taunting him or the girl he was meant to be with.
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭— 1.8k
𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐬— angst, mention of death, therapy sessions.
𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐧𝐚 𝐬𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐬!— just enjoy.
Tumblr media
all on his mind was his nightmares, he would constantly have them and when he had them, he wouldn’t tell anyone about them. especially his therapist, dr. raynor even though she needs to know so that she could help him. after he was brainwashed and turned into a assassin that all he thought himself as. she was on his mind constantly and nothing could change that—she was the girl for him.
probably the most bizarre combination of people to ever get together but if it was meant to be then that’s all that mattered. bucky always wanted to be with y/n but after her dad passing then he couldn’t bare to see her again. no calls, no notes, nothing which was common for someone like james. he would go to his court-appointed therapy sessions to get help so that he could be free. it was the usual, he wouldn’t talk to her and she would have to take down notes.
most people would cooperate but when you’re in his situation then it would be extremely difficult for you as well. he would sit across of dr. raynor just staring, “did you call her?” she asked and he tensed up staring at the ground intensity spreading throughout the whole room. she shook her head as she new the answer but she need something. he would constantly bring up sam and y/n but mostly her and it was like he couldn’t forget all the passion they had. “james. have you called her?” dr asked once more getting no answer from the man, this time he shook his head at her meeting her eyes. he wanted to call or do something to make sure she knew that he still cared about her. “i can’t call her—why not?” she interrupted him and honestly he didn’t have a answer on why he could talk to her.
she moved passed the topic of y/n and went to go to tell her about the nightmare that he indeed had last night as she knew that he had one. he would do the same, not say anything but this one was easier to dodge. “are you still having nightmares?—no.” he told her while he knew that he was and it would taunt him ever night. “well, you seem a little off today. i don’t want to mention her but—it’s not about y/n.” he tried to tell her, “did something happen recently?” she asked bucky getting another no from his lips trailing off like it was smooth.
bucky hated constantly saying no and lying about everything that was bothering him, “you’re a civilian now. with your history, the government needs to know that you’re not gonna...” the dr said putting up her first to show that he wouldn’t hurt anyone. he stifled a smile while she continued, “so, tell me about your most recent nightmare—i didn’t have a nightmare.” dr. raynor sighed deeply before clicking her pen to write into her notebook, bucky groaned. “oh, come on. really? you’re gonna do the notebook thing? why? it’s passive aggressive.” he mumbled.
“you don’t talk. i write—okay. okay, i thought about her but every time i see anything there she is. everywhere i go she doesn’t disappear.” he told the therapist slightly telling the truth and he never told her about the nightmare he had. “but like i said, i didn’t have a nightmare—look.... one day, you’re gonna have to open up and understand that some people really do want to help you and that they can be trusted.” she told him.
she wanted bucky to open and finally figure out that he needed to be able to trust. “i trust people—yeah? give me your phone.” bucky groaned reaching his back pocket to reach for his phone to pass it across. she went to check the contacts he had, “you don’t have ten numbers on this thing. oh, and you’ve been ignoring the texts from sam and still nothing to y/n. look, you’ve gotta nurture friendships. i am the only person you have called all week. that is so sad.” she passed the phone back to him as he caught it waiting for her to continue. “you’re alone. you’re a hundred years old. you have no history, no family, no girl—are you lashing out at me, doc? because that’s really unprofessional, you know? i mean, when did that start? yelling at your clients? the notebook. that’s great.” he sighed when he saw her pull out the notebook into her lap to write a few things.
“all right, give me a break. i’m trying, okay? this isn’t... this is new for me. i didn’t have a moment to deal with anything, you know? i had a little... calm in wakanda. i had her and i just lost her.” he explained to the doctor sighing at the thought of bringing her up again, he wanted to be able to just forget her but nothing could do that for him. he lied, he wanted her back and he wanted to feel her but he couldn’t do anything. he thought it was too late, “and other than that, i just went down one fight to another for 90 years.” she knew he had gone through a lot, it was a lot and she wanted to help and asked him what he wanted. “peace—that is utter bullshit.” she spat out honestly, “you’re a terrible shrink—i was an excellent soldier, so i saw a lot of dead bodies, and i know how that can shut you down. and if you are alone, that is the quietest, most personal hell. and, james, it is very hard to escape.”
if he knew what he wanted, he could of done something to make it all happen. bucky was a man of trauma and he wasn’t going to get better by not helping himself. “you have your mind back, you are being pardoned. i mean these are good things. you’re free.”
wednesday’s were the days that bucky and mr. nakajima would go out and eat lunch at izzy, a little bar that they would love to go and eat at. it was a couple times that he loved to go out and eat with the older, younger than him man. as they talked, yori suggested to ask out the lady in front of him. “you should ask her out—i can’t.” he knew he wasn’t ready to go back and date some girl that wasn’t y/n, sure he thought she was pretty but he wanted an excuse to not date her. it wasn’t that he didn’t like her, “He would like to take you out on a date.” he told the young lady as she looked up and bucky shook his head, not understanding why he would do that. “I’m really sorry about him—why are you sorry? i’m game.” he was taken back and he clicked his tongue while being intrigued, “tomorrow night then?”mr. nakajima said as she agreed on going he sighed, knowing that it might be time to move on.
maybe not move on entirely but to see what would happen in the date that he would go on. he turned back to mr. nakajima, “i can’t believe you did that. it’s a dance to these things. you gotta warm up and i haven’t danced since...” he said then automatically thinking about y/n and all the times she would laugh with him or giggle at him. he froze then looked back at him. it didn’t hurt if he would just go on one date and for her to never find out even though they would probably never be together again.
it was around ten o’clock and the gentle men brought flowers for his date tonight thinking it would be a nice gesture thing to do. they met back into the bar where they were talking and laughing like they would have known each other for a long time. it was almost like he has been there before—she brought up dating and asked if he had dated before and he couldn’t just not tell her anything. when he didn’t say anything, she kept staring until he spoke up drink his drink. “what’re you doing—what’s her name?” he looked started on what she meant, “was she special?” she asked another question. this time he understood what he was talking about, “y/n.” he just said not trying to make anything awkward by talking about his ex lover to the girl he was on a date with.
he was unsure on how she knew that he was thinking about her on their date, “she must be special if you’re thinking about her right now.” she joked chuckling but bucky stayed quiet finally understanding how he felt. he wasn’t ready to be with someone else and it don’t make it easy when she would be in his head everywhere. bucky looked at the wall zoning out to anything at that moment, the girl tried to snap him out of it but nothing worked. she told him that he would bring games so that they could play to pass the time. he went back in that zone.
she was dressed in a black t-shirt and a pair of shorts that showed of her curves easily to distract bucky. she didn’t mean for him to feel this way between her but he could help it. she would go over to her bathroom and starting putting away her essentials until she felt a vibranium metal arm. the coldness hit her shown skin as she shuddered as he went to wrap his arms around her waist. y/n looked up from her position and met his eyes through the mirror and smiled widely, he went to place small kisses on her shoulder—she groaned at him.
she turned around with his arms still placed on her waist, he moved his arm up to meet her back. she pulled up her arms and wrapped them gently around his neck, “stop staring like that.” she said looking into his blue eyes falling in love even more. he chuckled slightly caressing her check with his hand running it back and forth with his thumb. he couldn’t help but pull her in for a kiss which she accepted kissing him back. he let go of her then placing his head on top of hers telling her to go to bed. “let’s go to bed doll.”
he grabbed her hand leading them to the bed and getting ready to sleep with each other, in their arms. y/n unfolded her sheets jumping on the bed with bucky on the other side, she turned off her table light and turned to get closer to bucky while she moved to lay her head on his chest. she chuckle making bucky look down on her, “i love you.” bucky told her then falling asleep together.
the man looked to see the girl from the bar and he stuttered looking at her, “i, uh, i... i gotta go.” bucky got up from his stool and went to go straight the door before heading towards his own apartment. he went to open up his phone and he thought he would go and text her asking her how she was or that he even missed her. he wrote down a message but nothing came out, he would just fail to express how he felt.
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A Stark and her Soldier ~ Part 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Reuniting with Bucky when you end up helping Sam with the Flag Smashers.
Warnings: TFATWS SPOILERS! This takes place during the first two episodes of the show.
A/N: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’M BACK (with a new header lol)!!! AHHHHHHHH! It’s been nearly two years but here I am… posting this makes me SO nervous, so feedback would be highly appreciated! More parts and some information about what I’m planning with this blog to follow soon! 
“You held us together – do it for them,” he paused before adding, “Promise me you’ll do it for them.”
You blinked away the tears, knowing what was coming, “I can’t promise that...”
“Y/N please,” the way he begged you with that shaking voice was nearly enough to push you over the edge.
“I-I promise.” He squeezed your hand before letting you leave.
Tumblr media
“You’ve reached James Barnes, sorry I couldn’t take your call, please –” you hung up before the recorded message could continue, face burning with frustration. This was the 9th time you had tried calling him this week, not to mention the countless text messages.
You scoffed thinking of Steve’s last words to you, how were you supposed to hold them together when you barely held yourself together on a good day? It doesn’t make it any easier when the person you’re supposed to be holding together is so keen on letting himself fall apart.  
Every time you tried calling him, you ended up feeling furious, miserable, or like an absolute failure – usually all three. You promised Steve, you promised, and you failed. You groaned and chucked your phone across your bed.
The last time you had seen him, Steve had still been around, and you hadn’t even spoken to him since Tony’s funeral.
Tumblr media
 You and Pepper had walked to the lake, each holding one of Morgan’s hands, and you had sat at the dock watching the arc reactor – his heart – float away, the people behind you forgotten in your grief. The weight on your heart was unbelievable, you had already lost your best friend, Natasha, and now your brother was gone.
You promised him that you wouldn’t cry at his funeral – he always knew it was inevitable – and so you sat there, sending him away with a pained smile.
You had no idea how long you had just sat there, staring at the horizon across the lake, trying to make this last moment with your brother last forever.
“Y/N?” You felt a hand squeezing your shoulder, “You should come back inside.”
“What happens now, Steve?” Your voice was softer than he had ever heard before.
“I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out together,” he paused for a moment before gesturing to Bucky, waiting outside the house behind him, “He wants to talk to you.”
You gave Bucky a small smile, “Hey.”
He walked over and dropped down next to you, Steve leaving the two of you to chat, “I’m sorry.”
“Thank you,” You nodded solemnly.
He added, “For everything, Y/N… he probably wouldn’t even have wanted me here, but –”
You shook your head and took his hand, heart fluttering at the contact. You had always been attracted to him, and it had only grown with every interaction. “That wasn’t you.”
You knew your brother never blamed Bucky, you all knew how it felt to have people mess with your heads and Bucky had had the worst of it. He was furious at Steve for years, but never at Bucky – you could never bring yourself to be angry with either of them, not after the stories you grew up with. Your father had adored the soldiers and you had been one of their biggest fans, and later one of Steve’s closest friends.
There had come a point after the battle between Tony and Steve when you had become sick of all the back and forth. You were lucky enough to find an escape when T’Challa got in touch with you, offering you a chance to come to Wakanda and learn about their technology – you weren’t ashamed to admit that you were the one who contacted him to beg for it. You hadn’t known that Bucky was already there. Slowly but surely, the two of you found comfort in one another and became good friends.  
He gave you a smile that didn’t reach his eyes, “You should head inside, it’s getting late – I’ll see you again soon.”
He stayed true to that statement, the two of you stood with Sam and Bruce, waiting for Steve to come back after returning the stones – only to have him shatter your hearts.
You only saw Bucky in passing after that, occasionally visiting Steve at the same time – you never said a word to him, beyond a smile or a wave, and then you stopped seeing him all together. You tried, for the sake of your promise to Steve, but he never answered your calls or texts.
Tumblr media
“We’ll figure it out together, right, thanks a lot Steve,” You muttered.
You jumped at the sound of your phone ringing, and your shoulders sank a bit when you saw Sam’s name flashing across the screen, “Hey.”
“He’s doing an interview,” You knew exactly who Sam was talking about, “Good Morning America.”
Your stomach turned, “That’s the last thing I want to see.”
“I know, I just thought I’d share my joy with someone,” Sam chuckled, “Any luck with Bucky?”
“I’m just wasting my time at this point,” You could feel the tears returning to your eyes as you said it.
“Hey, come on now, he’ll come around, he just needs some time.”
“Listen, I called because we have a lead, wanna join?”
Tumblr media
“I hate it, his stupid face plastered on every wall, it feels like he’s mocking us.”
“Don’t you start, Y/N.”
“Seriously Sam, I get that he’s the new Cap – the fake Cap, but don’t you think that this,” You gestured to the posters around you, “is excessive?”
“Shouldn’t have given up the shield.” Your heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice and your face heated up with anger, you hadn’t realized it was possible to feel such contrasting emotions at the same time, but here you were. You noted that his voice was a bit hoarse and wondered if he had been sick.
“Good to see you too, Buck.”
“This is wrong.”
“So is pushing away everyone who cares about you.” He finally looked at you and you saw shame glistening in those steel blue eyes.
He said nothing before turning back to Sam, “You didn’t know that was gonna happen?”
Wow, ignoring your calls was one thing, but outright ignoring you while you stood in front of him, that caused a different kind of hurt.
You stood in silence as Sam explained where the two of you were headed, trying to push away the pounding in your head, and suddenly, you found yourself in a jet sitting next to Bucky.
“You could have answered, even once. Could’ve at least let me know that you were still alive.”
“I know,” Was all he said.
“We were friends once,” Nothing, “and I still care for you.”
“I know.”
“Four months, a full four months and I didn’t hear a single word from you, I’m going to need more than ‘I know’.”
He sighed, “I’m sorry.”
You could tell that he meant it and didn’t know what more to say, so you got up and headed towards the open door of the plane, “I’ll catch you boys on the ground.”
You watched Sam follow, and considered helping Bucky as he fell through the trees, but you decided against it. He hurt your feelings and now you could call it even.
Tumblr media
Super soldiers? How on earth were there more super soldiers?! You didn’t have much time to ponder on the thought as you got kicked in the face by one of them and fell off the semi – definitely should have let Tony make you a helmet like he insisted.
You flew back up only to see him dropping out of a helicopter, Fake Cap, fuck.
“Looks like you guys could use some help,” Your blood boiled at the sight of his cocky grin.
You weren’t winning, and you weren’t stupid enough to continue trying, let Steve’s knock-off take care of it.
You flew off just in time to see Bucky lying on top of Sam, the latter groaned in displeasure.
“Hey, can you gentlemen save the PDA for later?” You joked, earning a glare from both of them.
With the adrenaline slowly draining from your system, the pain from the blows you took started to set in, making you dread the trek in front of you. As if on cue, you heard a horn honking and Fake Cap pulled up next to you, “It’s 20 miles to the airport, you guys need a ride.”
“I think we’re good,” You simply stated.
“You won’t make it with that limp.”
You gave him a crude smile, “I’d rather crawl.”  
They stopped and opened the door, you exchanged a look with Sam and Bucky, silently deciding to join them.
You sat between Bucky and Sam, and felt the anger and disgust radiating off of both of them with every word that was exchanged.
“Y/N Stark,” You despised the way he said your last name, like he wanted to devour you, “You are one of the original seven, I trust you know the importance of having a strong team. I’d suggest giving a word or two of advice to your friends here.”
“Did you really just compare being on a team with you two, to being on a team with the Avengers?” You glowered at him, “A word of advice Walker, you’re not Steve, you might be holding that shield, but you will never be half the Captain America that he was. So quit fucking pretending.”  
“I didn’t realize Stark’s sister had such a mouth on her,” He smirked, he knew exactly what he was doing and as much as you hated to admit it, it was working, “Vicious.”
“Go to hell.”
The ride didn’t last very long after that, and you had no complaints when Bucky demanded them to stop the car.
Tumblr media
You opened your eyes and rolled over to see Sam still asleep on the seats across from you, and Bucky was sitting on the large crate in the middle of the jet, “Not tired?”
“Nah,” He shook his head.
You pushed yourself to your feet and hopped up next to him, “You’d think they’d make those seats a bit more comfortable considering the amount of time we spend on these things.”
He chuckled and the two of you fell into a comfortable silence. After a considerable pause he turned to you, “Y/N, I meant what I said earlier, I’m sorry.”
The dark bags under his eyes were a stark contrast from the beautiful blue that you were looking into, which you noted which had lost its luster. You noticed that his voice still had a bit of that hoarseness from earlier in the day, and the dots connected. You remembered how hoarse your voice used to get when you’d wake up screaming from the nightmares after particularly rough missions. You understood why he was awake, he didn’t want you and Sam to see him like that.
You nodded, “I know, I just wish – I was worried sick about you. I know it hasn’t been easy for you Buck, but we were good friends once and I miss you.”
“I wanted to call, it’s just been tough,” He admitted, and you reached over to take his hand, only to quickly pull away as Sam woke up.
“You two okay?”
“Yeah,” You both said. You wondered if Bucky’s super soldier ability allowed him to hear the way your heartbeat picked up from that brief touch.
Tumblr media
Your mind was racing a million miles a minute, you had barely kept the tears in listening to Isaiah’s story, both out of anger and sadness. How? How did this happen? How was this man tortured, then brushed under the rug? How did no one know about it? Why the hell did Bucky keep this from you?
Sam mirrored your pained expression, but something darker lurked beneath his eyes, you couldn’t even imagine the rage he felt. The sound of a police siren pulled you out of your thoughts.
Your anger only grew at the argument that ensued, “I am calm, what do you want? We’re just standing here talking.”
“Just give him your ID,” You glared at Bucky as the words left his mouth.
“Why the hell should he? He didn’t do anything wrong!” You growled, at the same time Sam said, “I’m not giving him shit, we were just talking.”
“Hey, hey, look, is this guy bothering you?” The officer asked you and Bucky. Your eyes widened, he can’t be serious right now.
“No, he’s not bothering us, do you know who this is?!”
You couldn’t even stand to look at the guy as his jaw dropped in shock upon realizing who Sam was, you felt your body shake with anger, and you didn’t even want to think what would have happened if Sam hadn’t been an Avenger.
The officer returned from his vehicle and turned the tables, announcing that there was a warrant out for Bucky’s arrest.
Watching him being handcuffed and put into the car shattered your heart, if the events of the day hadn’t already left you feeling nauseous, you knew this would be the nail in the coffin. All you could see was Bucky on his knees with a gun to his head nearly seven year ago when Steve barely prevented T’Challa from killing him and the four of you had been arrested – Tony had been furious with you, but it was the shame in Bucky’s eyes that had hurt you the most, and here you were, witnessing it again.
You reached over a grabbed Sam’s hand and squeezed as hard as you could, desperate for a lifeline to keep you from sinking into those painful memories.
You maintained that same grip on the poor man’s hand as you sat at the police station waiting for Bucky to be bailed out, “Sam, Y/N, I’ve heard a lot about you two, I’m Dr. Raynor, I’m James’ therapist.”
The two of you shook her hand and Sam thanked her for getting Bucky out.
“That was not me –”
“Christina!” You’d recognize that voice anywhere from the way it made your skin crawl, fuck, “Good to see you again.”
You clenched your jaw to keep yourself from punching the stupid grin off of his face as he pointed to himself when Dr. Raynor asked him who authorized Bucky’s release. You knew you had a problem with constantly wanting to punch people in the face, it was a trait that ran in the family, but Walker’s face was definitely one of the most punchable ones you had seen – a good ol’ pop in the jaw wouldn’t hurt, right? Just one?
“He’s too valuable of an asset to have him tied up –”
That was it, that was all you were willing to hear, you couldn’t stop yourself from getting in his face and hissing, “Call him that again, and I swear to god Walker, I –”
Sam put his arm around you, hand pressed to your stomach and pulled you back, “Y/N.”
Walker simply smirked and turned back to Raynor, “Do what you have to do and send him off to me. Got some unfinished business, him and I, you too Wilson, and bring your guard dog with you.”
It took everything in your power to keep from snarling at him.  
“James, condition of your release, session now,” The doctor ordered, “You two as well.”
“I’m good, I’ve been to enough therapy,” You shook your head, at the same time Sam said, “That’s okay, I’ll be out here with –”
“That wasn’t a request,” You couldn’t help but chuckle, and decided that you liked this woman.
You and Sam sat on either side of Bucky, facing Dr. Raynor as she got started. You couldn’t help but notice the way Bucky’s eyes shifted and jaw clenched as Sam tried to weasel his way out of the session, and your chest tightened. He looked so tired, and not just the ‘hasn’t slept in a few days’ tired, but more like he was tired of trying – he looked broken.
You decided in that moment that you would try, and not just for Steve, but for the man next to you who had held a piece of your heart before he even knew you, and managed steal that piece away when you had met him years later.
You realized how hard you’d have try when Bucky answered Dr. Raynor’s question with, “In my miracle, he would talk less.”
“Exactly what I was gonna say, isn’t that ironic?” You sighed, so hard.
She turned to you, mimicking the expression on your face, “Y/N, can I trust you to give me a proper answer?”
Try, Y/N, try. You saw a glimmer of hope in Raynor’s eyes as they met yours, but you simply shrugged and looked away, unable to bring yourself to open up, and she let her shoulders fall slightly.
“You guys are leaving me with no choice. It’s time for the soul-gazing exercise. Y/N, you can sit this one out, you get along with both of them well enough.”
You rolled your eyes at the reactions from the boys, this’ll be good. You couldn’t help but chuckle as they got closer to one another, maybe I should have taken part in this exercise. They made eye contact and continued to hold it, you realized what they were doing moments before the doctor did and let out a genuine laugh – earning a glare from Raynor, don’t encourage them she seemed to say.
“James, why does Sam aggravate you? And don’t say something childish.” Your head filled with a hundred different ideas about what stupid things Bucky would come up with, only to have them fizzle away at his cheeky grin towards the doctor, followed by the lick of his lip. It left your throat dry. Snap out of it, Y/N, what’s gotten into you?
He paused for a moment, his expression changing, and turned back to Sam, “Why’d you give of that shield?”
You held your breath, you knew this was going to come up, but weren’t expecting it here. You couldn’t take your eyes off of Bucky, noticing every change in his face, it becoming more pained with every word that left his mouth, and your chest tightening alongside it, until finally, “So maybe he was wrong about you. And if he was wrong about you, then he was wrong about me.”
The break in his voice cracked your heart into a million pieces. You looked up, trying to keep the tears swimming in your eyes from falling. You turned your attention towards Sam and noticed the emotion behind his glassy eyes – it was different than anything you had seen in him before, it was almost as though you could see the burden he was carrying on his shoulders, the pressure that was pushing him in every direction.
I have to fix this, you told yourself, you couldn’t stand to see them like this, I have to try.  
Your mind was roaring with thoughts, you hadn’t even noticed that Sam and Bucky had left until Raynor asked, “What would be in your miracle, Y/N?”
You snapped your head towards her, then to the door, you weighed your options and headed towards the latter. You grabbed the handle and stopped, without turning towards her you whispered, “I’d find a home again, and they’d find some happiness.”
You pulled the door open, “Y/N, I don’t think those two things have to be separate.”
Her words swam in your head until you found Bucky and Sam walking outside, Walker and Hoskins storming off in the other direction.
“What’s that all about?”
“Walker being Walker,” Sam shrugged.
“So, what now?”
“Bucky wants to talk to Zemo,” Every memory that you spent years trying to forget came flooding back: Zemo using those words to turn Bucky into the Winter Soldier, who then proceeded to trash the compound and nearly kill you and your friends; watching your family fight each other at the airport and being forced to pick a side; watching the footage of your parents dying; desperately begging your brother and the man who had become your brother not to kill one another.
“You what?!” You gasped.
“Y/N –”
You stepped between the two of them, close enough to Bucky that you had to tilt your head up to look into his eyes, and whispered, “Bucky, no.”
“This might be our only lead, Y/N,” You stared up at him, silently pleading him, he reflected the same in his own, “Please Y/N.”
He took your hand and you instantly melted, “I – fine, but promise me you will be careful.”
“I promise.”
Read Part 2
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huntwiththemoon · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
An: little blurb inspired by Clint's dear Laura's life. Oh and takes place(sorta) before the Wakandaians take Zemo away. Also this is my first one shot, feedback appreciated and GIF not mine. key: (y/h)= height, (y/n)= name, (e/c)= eye color (s/c) = skin color, (h/l) hair length, (y/c/h)= hair color Bucky x fem!reader   "We need to lie low" Sam informed. Bucky thought things through, most of the time. He knew the risks. But right now all he wanted was to go home. He was tired with Sam and Zemo. "There is no where" Zemo informed. "Actually I might know a place" Bucky stated. "Really?" Sam asked. "Yeah" Bucky swallowed before giving the coordinates.  They arrived in a small clearing, like a farmhouse of some sort. Two stories painted a pale blue. Sam and Zemo lagged behind as Bucky was close to sprinting. "Is this a safe house?" Sam questioned. "I hope" Bucky muttered, putting the key in the lock and turning it with shaky hands. He shoved it open. "Honey? I'm home!" Bucky called out. To Zemo and Sam's surprise, a (y/h) women with (y/h/c) and beautiful (e/c) came around the corner holding a baby "(Y/n)" Bucky breathed. "Bucky?" His friend asked. Her eyes widen. "James!" She exclaimed running to meet Bucky, he pulled her into a tight embrace before kissing her hard on the lips. Zemo gave an awkward cough as Bucky and (Y/n) broke for air. "Guys meet my wife, (Y/n) and my baby girl, Natalia" Bucky grinned proudly. "I already know who you all are" (Y/n) as she sunk further into Bucky's side. Cradling the Natalia with the arm that wasn't wrapped around Bucky's waist.  A little while later after Sam got over his initial shock, and Zemo gave up trying to figure out how he didn't know about them, (Y/n) went to make cherry blossom tea. "I didn't know you had a wife!" "Neither did I" Zemo added. Bucky glared at them while rocking his baby to sleep. "Tea's ready" (Y/n)'s voice called from the kitchen. She settled the tea down and sat across from Sam and Zemo. "So when were you gonna tell us?" "About what?" Bucky asked innocently. Sam gestures vaguely. (Y/n) gave a small laugh. "He wanted to keep it a secret, I believe you know he has a lot of enemies?" They nodded. "It's to keep us safe."  "How long?" "What do you-" "How long were you married?" Sam shouted. "I married her back in Wakanda, when I got out of cyro." "And the baby?" "Right before the snap, (Y/n) was close to her due date. They both got dusted. Then I came home and she went into labor. The next day I had a beautiful baby girl." "Godparents?" Sam questioned. "My sister and we are still debating on the godfather." (Y/n) spoke. "What's Natalia's full name?" Zemo asked. "Natalia Stephanie Antonia Barnes" Bucky told him "after Nat, Steve and Mr. Stark" he added. "What I didn't make the cut?" Sam sasses. "Well actually-" (Y/n) starts. "We'd like you to be her godfather." Bucky finishes. "Oh man, yes!" Sam yelped excitedly. Zemo shrugged. "Where will we be sleeping?" Zemo asked. (Y/n) showed him and laid Natalia in her nursery. Bucky showed Sam where he was sleeping.  In the morning Jon and his sidekick showed up along with the Dora Milaje. Not together of course. (Y/n) held Natalia softly in her arms, like the fighting doesn't exist.  You know what happens, in episode 4, and 5 "(Y/n) I'm home!" Bucky yelled. "Shh Talia is sleeping. But welcome home." She smiled and pressed her lips to his in a slow, sweet kiss. "By" kiss "the" kiss "way" another kiss "Sam" and another "invited" another "us" another "to" another "his" another "place" and one last kiss before (Y/n) pulled away, Bucky chasing her lips like a puppy. "Tell him we'll be there."  ~~~~~ End
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littlemessyjessi · 4 days ago
Just finished a zemo commission with a goblincore theme! Coming soon!
Tumblr media
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purebarnes · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
ᴅɪꜱᴄʟᴀɪᴍᴇʀ ┄  𝗺𝘆 𝘄𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘄𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝗼𝗿 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗮𝗶𝗻 𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗽𝗵𝗶𝗰 𝘀𝘂𝗯𝗷𝗲𝗰𝘁𝘀, 𝗺𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗺𝗲𝘀 𝗮𝘀 𝘀𝗲𝘅𝘂𝗮𝗹 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘁, 𝗽𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲 𝗯𝗲 𝗮𝗱𝘃𝗶𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 𝗶𝗳 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗳𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗶𝘁. 𝗮𝗹𝘀𝗼 𝗶𝗳 𝗶𝘁 𝗱𝗼𝗲𝘀 𝗯𝗼𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲 𝗮 𝗽𝗿𝗼𝗯𝗹𝗲𝗺-- 𝗽𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲 𝗷𝘂𝘀𝘁 𝗱𝗼𝗻𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 𝗶𝘁. 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗸 𝘆𝗼𝘂 <𝟯
シ 𝖒𝖈𝖚 𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖘: シ
𝐛𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐲 𝐛𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐬  ⬎
𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞 ──(tfatws)
⇄ y/n stark, after losing her father when battling thanos in endgame— she thought everything was gone for her until a familiar face asks for help. she would do anything for sam, but when bucky sees her after six months, he’s not sure how to feel around her anymore.
𝐨𝐧𝐞— 𝐭𝐰𝐨— 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞— 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐫— 𝐟𝐢𝐯𝐞—
𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐚𝐬 𝐰𝐞 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐢𝐭 ──(fem!bucky)
⇄ when a first date doesn’t go expected, all bucky and y/n wish it never see each other ever again. all they love is their goddaughter when they are chosen to godparents—but what happens when they have to be caregivers when a death occurs.
𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬:
𝐦𝐢𝐝𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 ──(fem!avenger)
𝐩𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐫  ⬎
𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬:
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littlemessyjessi · 5 days ago
Baron Helmut Zemo Headcanons:  Plus Size Goth GF: PS Reader
Tumblr media
Helmut Zemo Imagine/Headcanons Commissioned: Commission preferred to have her tag remain anon but did say I could put her name.  So thank you Chelsea and I hope you enjoy these! Commissioned notes:  "Hey, Kenny. I'd like headcanons for Zemo with a ps goth gf. Some details you can choose from if you need inspiration: I like horror novels, movies, anything really.  I'm addicted to tea and candy.  I love my makeup and doing fun colors every day.  I also love visiting graveyards. The rest is up to you and you totally don't have to use any of those if you don't want! Love your work and I'm so glad you're writing for Marvel again! Thanks!" ------
Headcanons for Baron Helmut Zemo with a plus size goth gf:
Firstly, he thinks you are the most stunning creature in existence
He simps.  
Extremely so.
Also, on a sweeter note he loves that you go to cemataries and decorate for people even though you don't know them
That pureness of heart makes him fall for you over and over again
So when the two of you do visit the Sokovian memorial and you bring nice things to lay there for his late father, wife and child- it's a huge deal to him
He loves you so much for that kindness and for being so understanding
He obviously thinks you're beautiful but it's that heart of gold that really locked it in for Helmut
Speaking of beauty
He thinks you are gorgeous with or without your makeup
You're his own personal goddess
However, he does find it very interesting to watch you do your makeup everyday
It's like a little dance you do with your products and he enjoys watching the transformation and seeing what colors you'll choose that day
He likes watching the little ritual
Like, for example, if you liked to watch him shave.
It's the fascination of the meticulous ritual.
Often times, he'll make tea and watch as you get ready in the morning before you'll go and watch him shave and the both of you have your second cup of the day
Speaking of tea
You share this obsession
Helmut loves tea
He does favor his cherry blossom tea, of course, but he's not opposed to other kinds
he often really enjoyed trying out different flavors with you
It is no uncommon at all for him to spoil you with such things as a new tea or gourmet creams, sugars and honeys.
You are his love and he will be damned if he doesn't pamper you a little
In the same realm, if he ever find out of a new makeup product that you are interested in or in a line you like...just expect it in the mail soon because it's coming
Or you'll just walk up to your vanity one day and there's a brand spankin new eyeshadow pallette that technically hasn't even been released yet
He has the money and the connections and he's not above using them
Has 100% let you put makeup on him before
He doesn't particularly care for it
But he adores the way you giggle and fawn over him when you're applying highlighter to his GODLIKE cheekbones.
He loves to read with you
The two of you spend a lot of evenings reading together
Sometimes you'll read to each other, with him sometimes accidentally switching into his native tongue
But you never say shit because it's magnificent
He'll eventually realize and he's like... 'Apologies, my love.  Let me read that again.'  
But you're just like, "no, no, just keep reading it the way you were."
Needless to say he catches on to this fairly quickly and will 1000% use his native language against you when he wants something
cause you weak for it bitch but it's ok.  we all are.
The same as for the makeup, he'll spoil you with books and collector's editions.  
"Helmut, I already have Dracula.  You didn't need to get me this."
"Yes, but you don't have this edition.  It's very different.  Let me show you."
The only difference is one page that has some artwork in it.
Doesn't matter.
Helmut gets his baby whatever she likes
He'll find out about horror centric events and off the two of you go to whatever it is
Horrorcon? "I've had the tickets for months, my love."
New movie? Somehow you're watching it with the actual cast
He definitely delights in your shared love of candy
Turkish delight parties for the win
There's a well stocked selection of candies at any given moment
He never fails to bring home candies if you're ever apart
Though truthfully that's not often
Although he worries about the way his world can sometimes be, he won't be away from you for too long
He deals with a lot of anxiety given the way everything happened with his family and he loves you with all his heart
So he's never far and if he has to travel out of the country, you're just going with him or he's not going
Simple as that
On the topic of travelling, you two do a fair bit of that actually
He has a private jet which lends itself to comfort and privacy in many ways
Oeznik loves you, of course, because he hasn't seen Helmut this happy in quite some time
You also bring such a fresh new energy to the situation and he enjoys watching as you excited press against the glass when you near the location
And finds it endearing how Helmut watches you with utter adoration
He's good at su surprising you as well
He's woken you up in the middle of the night so that you watch a sunrise over the pyramids in Egypt
He'd collected you in the middle of the day to dash off to tour the catacombs in Paris
You can be sitting there watching tv and he sees a special costume party and reading of classic at the Jekyll & Hyde resteraunt in New York.  
Next thing you know, he's made two phone calls and packed the suitcases and there's a car on the way as you literally sit there in your pjs trying to process what he's doing
Careful with your words though, lol.
Because as mentioned, if he sees that something has sparked your interest, the next thing you know it's either in front of you or you're about to visit
Case in point: The time you mentioned that you'd never visited Salem, Massechusetts. The next thing you know, he's informing you that the two of you are going to stay for a couple of weeks and he's taking you on a shopping spree
Helmut just loves making you happy.
You don't require much and you never ask for it but he just loves it.
Whether it's giving you a piece of candy or taking you shopping
He just loves watching the childlike excitement in your eyes
Also, if you dye your hair either jet black or fun colors, he will immediately try a few avenues.
He will either A, try to insist that he get you a hairstylist. B, try and help you himself if you refuse.  or C, just happily watch you while you meticulously do it yourself.
If it is the last of the two options, you will never run out of your favorite shade of black or he will get you a whole rainbow of choices from good brands.
He loves the way you look and how you express yourself
So whether it's hair dye and makeup or wigs and accessories all the way to clothes and big platform boots
He loves it all.
He finds it very creative and incredibly attractive and has told you so on many occasions
Definitely loves taking you shopping at your favorite stores
whether they be labeled 'Alt Shops' or just anywhere
He loves sitting there and watching as you come out and 'model' it for him
It's one of his favorite things
Be warned though, he'll go with you and follow you around like a lost puppy.
So if you pick something up and then put it back because you don't think it's worth the money... he will put it back in the cart when you're not looking and buy it anyway
That's exactly the reason why you own six pairs of black strappy platform boots that essentially all look the same
He also loves luxury and thinks you should have it to
So he will buy you designer items but he just makes sure that they are in your style
And when you insist they cost too much he pouts because he knows you can't resist it
and if that doesn't work, he just throws some of that native Sokovian language in there and you're done for
But it's not all monetary ways that he spoils you although he does love to do that
the trips are special because he pays attention and as mentioned he likes to make you happy
but it's more than that
It's that he can spend time with you
It's that you feel comfortable enough to share your passions with him
It's those moments when you're absolutely giddy over something and look like a complete dork
the fact that he can illicit that behavior is just magical to him
And Helmut loves to feel needed.
He needs it actually. Craves it.
this allows him to do this
But things are just as special when you are home, lounging around sipping tea and eating treats
Reading in silence and just enjoying one another's company
It's when your hands are shaking and he helps you do the winged liner
It's when he's having a bad day himself and you help him shave
It's when the memories of his past torture him and he feels safe within your arms
You may feel like he's the strong one and the one who has all the power and strength
But it's not like that for Helmut
He has experience in the military and status and wealth
But you give him something that no one else can
you give him love and peace.
He feels safe and adored by you
You give him acceptance
And in Helmut's eyes there is no amount of things that he could ever buy you that would equate to the feelings you give him
------ Hello my loves! I hope you enjoyed these Zemo headcanons! I got a little carried away but that seems to be the thing with me for commissions, lol.   Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts! Chelsea, thank you again and I hope you enjoyed it! I look forward to discussing it with you in our messages!
Love, Kenny
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littlemessyjessi · 5 days ago
“Mother Nature”: Baron Helmut Zemo Imagine: Plus Size
Tumblr media
A Helmut Zemo Imagine Commissioned by: She chose to remain anon so I won't tag her but thank you love for your commission! Much love! Notes from cx:  "Can you use your oc Jessi for this please? Can we have cottagecore vibes? Can we have an animal mama? Can we have a cool power and some backstory?" Note from myself: Yes, bebe, of course you can have anything you want! -----------  
The tension in the jet could be cut with a knife as the three males resided there.
Sam was caught between irritation at Bucky... in general and due to the fact that he would do nothing but glower at Zemo.
And also by the subject of his glowering himself.
He didn't like the situation in any way, shape or form.
But after coming to the resolution that he was more help to them out of prison that he was in... the both of them had agreed to 'let' him stay.
Even when all of them knew that if and when Zemo was ready to flee... he'd just do it.
"So this woman?" Zemo spoke up.  "Why is it that we must collect her?"
"Collect her?" Sam laughed. "What the fuck, man? She's a woman.  Not a pokemon card."
"We need her." Bucky said shortly.  
"Yeah, we need her." Sam laughed. "What I'm not looking forward to is the ass whoopin that she's undoubtedly gonna dish out when she sees us.  What was it she told you the last time she saw us?"
"Shut up, Sam."
"Oh, yeah.  Something about, 'If I ever see your wish brand Terminator looking ass -"
"Shut. up. Sam."  Bucky snapped.
"Then I'll rip that Transformer's reject arm off and shove it up your ass."  Sam continued through his laughter.
"I think I may like this woman." Zemo said sipping his champagne with a smirk.
Bucky just glowered out the window and Sam looked thoroughly pleased with himself with the torment he'd managed to provide Bucky in only a few short sentences.
"If I may.." Zemo started only to recieve a menacing glare from Bucky.  "If she dislikes you so much what makes you think she'll be willing to help us?"
"Because Jess is easy to bribe." Sam said. "And you're going front the bill for it."
Zemo lifted his eyebrows, "Ah, I thought it would be more interesting.   What's her price?"
"Probably some exotic plant that no one has ever fucking heard of and is impossible to get." Bucky sighed, running a hand down his face.  "She'll let you know."
"If she doesn't shoot us before we get off the jet." Sam pointed out.
Sam wasn't scared of a lot but Jess McCarty was definitely on that list.
Even if he did find her highly entertaining.
"Oh and she hates Sharon." Bucky said staring our the window again. "So don't bring her up."
"I'm not ignorant enough to bring up another woman." Zemo said. "I was married, you know."
He had been teasing but none of them said anything else.
They weren't exactly on the best terms but even still they wouldn't bring up conversation relating to his late family.
Eventually, they landed in large field with a beautiful mountain landscape decorating the distance.
Helmut could distinctly see a large white truck in the distance.
"So much for easing into the situation." Sam said.  "I see she still has Leroy."
"Leroy?" Zemo asked.
"Her truck." Bucky clarified. "Don't ask and don't bring up the bullet holes."
Sam snorted, "Yeah, I think she still owes you a few shots over that."
"Fuck off."
Zemo rolled his eyes at the two of them.
Even after all this time and how much he had become accustomed to their bickering ... it still both amused and annoyed him.
As the three of them descended the stairs of the jet, the slam of a door was heard in the distance.
A woman stepped out and leaned against the grill of the truck, blankly staring them all down.
She was tall, that much Zemo could tell even from a distance, with neck length dark hair that sprung from her head in a wild dark halo.
They'd managed to get about half way to her when she whistled and several dogs bounded from the bed of her truck.
"Fuck." Bucky whispered. "She brought the fucking dogs."
"You better run,"white wolf"." Sam said with a chuckle.
Half amused and half concerned.
"We." he responded. "I'm not the only one here."
"You state your fucking business, Barnes. Before I let them tear you part."
A smirk worked it's way onto Zemo's face as her venomous southern drawl that seemed to contrast so much to her appearance.
She was the picture of lovely.
She looked more like a fairy belonging to a magical woodland than someone associated with the Avengers.
Like a tall, curvaceous Elven queen.
"We need your help and we brought an ATM who has connections." Sam said trying to ease the tension.
She didn't seem impressed.
"I'm not asking again, Barnes.  You got three seconds before I sick the hounds on you.  And they're hungry. We've been into town passed the diner where they're having a fish fry.  My babies are just dying for a snack.  And if you even think about laying one hand on them, I'm turning that fucking arm of yours into a coat rack." she spat.
"God dammit, Jess.  I told you we need your help.  It's a mission and you're the only one who can-" Bucky started before she snapped her fingers and the dogs charged at him. "Shit!"
Realistically, Bucky could've ended those dogs in seconds but if he did, A.) she'd never help them, and B.)  she'd make him suffer for it.
Buck let out some kind of strangled cry as he took off away from the dogs chasing after him.
Zemo, no stranger to the military and the dogs associated with it, noted that none of them actually looked as if they were going to harm him but rather just enjoying the chase.
Bucky didn't need to know that though.
"How long are you gonna let them chase him?" Sam chuckled as he and Zemo finally made their way closer to where she stood leaning against the truck.
Jess shrugged, "So what is it exactly that you need?"
"We just need your help with a mission." Sam said.  "We can talk about the details later if you decide not to kill us."
She scoffed, "I'm not going to kill you, Sam.  But I might maim Barnes a little.  Enough to make me feel better."
She finally turned her eyes on Zemo who gave her a small smile.
"So you're the ATM?" she asked with lifted brows. "Do you have a name? Bank of..."
"This is Zemo." Sam said.  "He's a Baron and he's loaded."
"Zemo." she nodded, dark brows drawing together.
"Please call me Helmut." he said producing a hand.
She took it firmly as she stared at him.
"Zemo..." she said almost tasting the word in her mouth.  "That is so familiar."
Sam sighed, "Yes, it's that Zemo, Jess.  And I know what you're thinking-"
"You have no idea what I'm thinking." she snapped, her eyes wretching themselves away from Helmut's soft dark eyes to meet Sam's endless pools.
"No, you were not there and you do not know." she said as her skin and hair began to change color as her temper rose.
It was then that Helmut recognized just exactly who she was.
"You were there." he said. "In Sokovia."
Her eyes connected with his.
"Yes, I was." she said.  "I was with the Avengers when we faced Ultron."
"You're the one that stayed." he said.
"Yes." she whispered.
"You are a hero among my people." he said. "Those of us that are left."
"I am no hero." she said turning away from him and whistling for the dogs who had chased Bucky up an old flagpole and were barking at him.
"There would be many more Sokovians dead if you had not stayed. We were not a large people to begin with and there are even fewer now.  I know several who owe you their lives." Helmut said.
"They owe me nothing." she said. "And for the record, of course, I do not support the bombing but I also understand what it is like to be ridden with grief and confusion and anger when you have lost loved ones.  Especially as someone who had lost their own children."
Helmut's eyes softened as he thought of his late wife and child and it was then that he recognized the same tendrils of heartbreak in the woman's eyes.
"For what it's worth, I destroyed my fair share of places in my grief." she said. "People will remind us of our faults as long as we live but what they say can never compare to the torture we inflict on ourselves."
Helmut said nothing, only nodded in understanding.
She turned to Sam with a sigh, "I will help you.  But I am going to kick Barnes' ass for good measure."
"You sure you wanna go toe to toe with the Winter Soldier?" he teased her.
She lifted a brow, "He is just a man.  A soldier.  Like the both of you and I can assure that I am not scared of any of you."
"Well, he's not exactly..." Helmut said.
"Yes he is.  He lives, he breathes, he bleeds." she cut him off.  "And he shot my truck and kicked me off a building.  So I atleast owe him a kick in the nuts."
Sam and Helmut dissolved into a fit of laughter as she whistled again and the pack of dogs came running before bounding into the bed of that beat up white truck.
She opened the door and slid into the driver's seat.
"Do you have a way to follow me? Other than by jet?" she asked through the open window. "Or do I need to drop the hounds off and come back?"
"It's already taken care of." Helmut said gesturing behind to the jet where Oeznik was pulling driving the car off the jet.
"Nice car." Jess said.  "I still prefer Leroy though."
"Definitely a beauty." Helmut said. "A little rough around the edges but all wild things are."
Helmut gave her a soft smile to which she returned before speeding off.
"What the fuck was that?" Sam asked.
"What was what?" Helmut asked.
"You flirtin with her?" Sam said.  "She will eat you for breakfast, man.  And then shit you out and use you to fertilize her little poison garden.  Don't go down that road."
"What road?"
Bucky had rejoined the conversation.
"Man, you run like a bitch." Sam laughed.
Bucky just stared at Sam in irritation.  
"You couldn't even fight off a pack of dogs?" Sam teased. "One of them was a Yorkie, Buck."
"First of all, I told you that you can't call me that." Bucky said.  "Second of all, if I so much as look at one of those dogs the wrong way you know she'll launch a missile at us."
Sam just snickered.
"Apparently, you have a 'kick to the nuts' coming your way." Helmut said and Bucky groaned.
"She is never going to forgive me." he said.  
"Why exactly did you shoot her property and kick her off a building?" Helmut asked as they piled into the car.
There was a brief argument about the seat being moved up before Bucky answered.
"Look, the truck was an accident." he said.  "It was just caught in the crossfire.   And I only kicked her off the building because she was nearly insane."
"Weak logic, man." Sam laughed.
"You were there, asshole!"
"You could've tackled her to the ground."
"While she was trying to choke me to death with vines?"
Sam just laughed at Bucky's predicament while Helmut continued to ponder this woman.
He remembered what little footage there was of her.
After the battle with Ultron, Sokovia had been decemated and the Avengers had left them in the rubble.
In reality, they had tried to evacuate as many as possible.
With the help of Sokovia's own, The Maximoff Twins.
But when it was all said and done, Sokovia was left in the rubble and Earth's defenders just deserted them.
All but the one.
He'd seen the footage.
Shaky cellphone videos of the woman who transformed into animals to move the debris crushing people to death.
Or of how she was in the tents with the small group of survivors using her powers with plants to heal as many as she could.
She'd even tried to plant things and bring the country back to life before the government had basically laid waste to her work.
She'd been most popularly dubbed as Mother Nature by people across the globe but she never spoke in public or confirmed her name.
Helmut got the feeling that she didn't exactly like being apart of the Avengers and certainly did not enjoy the attention that went along with it.
He knew then that it had to have been her that cleared the bodies of his father, wife and son for when he found them among the dead that had been intricately encased in vines with flowers decorating them in the most beautiful way.
When he'd asked about it, he only been told that Mother Nature had stayed to help them.
He hadn't understood that at the time.
After the loss, all he could think of was revenged as grief consumed him.
By that time, she had long since left the Avengers and wasn't on his radar.
He'd never put two and two together.
Helmut drove for the longest time, the lamborghini speeding along the road as they followed the beat up white truck.
The pack of dogs all happily placed in the back, tongues flopping in the wind and tails wagging.
The further they trekked the wilder the country became and soon the hot rays of sunshine only beamed through the thick cover of vegetation above them.
The light through the leaves creating a green glow.
"I feel like Welcome to the Jungle should be playing right about now." Sam commented.
The finally broke through the tunnel of vegetation into a large property of rolling green field smattered with wildflowers and towering trees.
Garden beds and greenhouses were in the distances and horses could be seen grazing freely as chickens clucked around them.
Helmut noted that there were no fences, no pins, no coops for the chickens but instead all he wild life seemed to roam freely.
"Just forewarning you, there's probably a bear or moose around here somewhere." Bucky said. "But don't shoot it or we're dead."
"A bear?" Helmut asked. "She keeps bears as pets?"
"Don't call the animals her pets." Sam said with a smirk, "It pisses her off and as much as I would just love to see you get shot, it's not very practical at the moment."
Eventually they came to a stop behind the truck.
The pack of dogs all bounded out and took off in the direction of several little goats who seemed more than happy to play with them.
Helmut took in the home in front of him.
It was a beautiful home.
Simple in design but stunning in the sense that it seemed to be built around a tree.
"Come inside and have some tea." Jess said. "I'm going to need some if I'm going to listen to whatever utter bullshit you've gotten yourself into this time."
"Uh uh." Sam said with a shake of his head. "That is a lion. I am not going up there."
Jess narrowed her eyes at Sam as Helmut and Bucky looked around for what he was talking about.
Sure enough on the level there was a small balcony where the railing was absolutely littered with cats and a rather large mountain lion was sitting there watching them all with it's great luminous eyes.
"She's pregnant.  Relax." Jess said ascending the steps, gently smiling at Helmut when he followed her without reservation.
"Like that's supposed to instill confidence." Sam said. "You ever been around a pregnant female? Hell no."
"I have been a pregnant female, Wilson.  And I also very clearly remember the labor pain of having twins.  So watch your mouth and come on. If she wanted to eat you she would've already done it. Though if you're so scared, just feed her Barnes.  That should tide her over for a while." she said disappearing into the house with a chuckling Helmut behind her.
"This is your fault." Sam said shoving Bucky who only shoved him back.
"Shut up, Sam." he said before they continued up the stairs with Sam moving a little quicker as the cluster of felines watched him.  
"I hate cats, man." he sad.  "Fucking creepy."
Bucky snorted.
"Just fitting that the bird is scared of a little kitty." Bucky teased.
Sam lifted his brows, "First of all, that was not a kitten.  That was full on Lion King back there.  And second of all, have you never seen Looney Toons.  I'm not trying to be Tweety bird."
"Stop being a pussy and come on." Jess' voice rang out. "And shut the damn door. You're letting all the cool air out."
Sam and Bucky grumbled at each other before making their way into the kitchen to see Helmut sitting at the table already happily sipping a cup of tea.
"This is exquisite." Helmut complimented her. "What is it?"
"It's peach and apricot." she said pouring both Sam and Bucky a cup and leveling them both with a look that told them if they didn't drink it she'd strangle them.
"It's wonderful. Thank you." Helmut said.
"It was my daughters' favorites.   Flora loved peaches and Fauna loved apricots. So to please them both my husband used to blend them together for their little tea parties. Along with little pieces of toast and jam."
She smiled into her own cup of tea but there was a sadness there that he recognized.
He chose not to remark on it and instead studied her features as Sam relayed the information as to why they were actually there in the first place.
"I've seen the Walker guy." she said. "It's unsettling to say the least.  But you know I do the limelight, boys.  I walked away from all of that when it became obvious that-"
"Jess." Bucky said. "Please. You don't have to talk to anyone. You don't have to-"
"People died.  And not just in Sokovia.  Yes, that was the final straw for me but it was happening long before that. I understand that 'earth's greatest heroes' or whatever are there to defend everyone.  But no one ever stays around to see the carnage.   No one talks about everyone who dies in the crossfire.  I joined the avengers out of revenge.  I was fueled by my anger and pain and I went on missions.   How many have I ended up inadvertantly killing under this ruse of 'for the greater good'.  I loved Steve to death but he took that shit to his heart and forgot to use his eyes." she said. "While everyone else is busy looking at the 'bigger picture' all of these other people who perhaps you don't know the names of are dying horrible deaths, boys.   I pulled people from wreckage who had moment to live.  People who's organs were crushed into nothing and they were rushing to give me messages to pass along to their families.  Those people are the heroes and no one ever knows it."
The subject of Steve was a sensitive one for everyone but she had a point and they knew it.
She sighed as she looked down into her teacup again, "I will help you regarding John Walker.  But I'm not blindly following orders anymore.   I make my own decisions and when I'm done, I'm done and I don't want to hear anything about it when I go."
The three of them nodded even though she wasn't asking for permission.
"You want some more tea, love?" she asked Helmut who's heart fluttered a bit at the soft term of endearment.
"Please." he said watching as she methodically poured him another cup.
"I can not leave immediately." she said. "I have to take care of a few things first. But you are welcome to stay here if you wish."
"And if you're not afraid of the cat." she said, aiming it at Sam. "Tweety bird."
"I hate you." he said flatly and she only laughed.
"Her name is Cleopatra by the way. Or Cleo for short. And if you give her a can of tuna from that cabinet there then she'll be putty in your hands.  If you rub her belly then she'll love you forever." she said.  "She also seems to enjoy listening to Elvis Presley and laying in the sunlight.  If that should interest any of you."
"Thanks, Jess." Bucky said sincerely.
"You're welcome." she said. "But I still owe you a beating."
He sighed, "Fair enough."
She left the table and meandered out onto the lower porch to stay at the horizon.
Sam and Bucky said nothing as Helmut followed her out there.
"Thank you." he said as he stared off in the distance as well.
"For what?" she asked. "The tea? You're welcome, dear.  It was nothing."
"No." he said turning to look at her. "For what you did for the bodies.  My father, wife and son were among the ones you uncovered.   They told me it was Mother Nature.  I never put it together but now I see."
She said nothing.
"I did it because it was what I would've liked for my own family." she said.  "I'm just sorry I couldn't do it for everyone.  I tried but there were so many that needed healing.  I didn't have ti-"
"The people of Sokovia know that." he cut her off.  "But as a son, a husband and a father, I'm thanking you for myself and also for everyone else."
She said nothing as they stared out at the trees.
"What happened to your family?" he asked her.
He knew, from first experience, how painful it was to talk about something like but he wanted to know.
"There was a bombing." she said. "My husband and I had taken my daughters to the museum to see the dinosaur exhibit.   It was so wrapped up that day that it was nearly impossible to get food there.  So we called in some food a couple of miles away at one of the girls' favorite resteraunts.  He'd told me to go and get it and that they'd meet me by the water fountains and we'd have lunch.   I was stuck in traffic for a good hour coming back  when it hit.  They'd called in an air strike because it was confirmed that an extremely dangerous  terrorist was there.  He'd been on the run for nearly a year from a foreign government and when it was confirmed what he had on him, I guess they decided it would be better to blow everyone there off the place of the planet that risk him setting it off and possibly destroying the world.  I saw it hit, saw everything go up in flames before it the whole of everything just crashed into the ground.  Like the whole word swallowed it whole." she said, voice shaking.
Helmut watched with rapt attention as she struggled to continue.
"I just jumped out of the car immediately and took off.  Police were swarming and I got thrown this way and that but I got loose.  My family was in there.  My husband.  My children.  I dove head first into the crater not even thinking about self preservation or logic at all.  There were no survivors of course but I didn't care.   A mother can't just walk away like that.  Or atleast I couldn't.  I should've died on impact based on the fall but I didn't.  About half way down gas released and I can just remember the burning.  My skin felt like it was melting off.  I was still falling through the air and my skin was searing hot, burning every nerve ending I had.  And then I hit.   When I woke up, I wasn't there anymore but I panicked because I was covered in vines.  Wrapped up like a mummy in vegetation." she said, a dark chuckle coloring her tone.
Helmut shivered as a chill ran down his spine.
"The local authorities pulled me out when everything had been cleared and they began to sort through the wreckage.  I'd been turned over to American government when they discovered my ID in my back pocket.  They told me that it took forever for the police to get in because vines kept growing from everything I touched.  Several of them were strangled to death as I lay down there unconscious.  I was deemed dangerous and therefore put it a high security area.   I was told a version of what happened that day and propositioned to join the Avengers.  I was angry and grieving and I wanted to find out who murdered my children, my husband... so I accepted without hesistation. So when I tell you that I understand how you got to the point that you did... trust me.  I get it."
Helmut said nothing as he reached out to take her hand.
"Perhaps, you and I are not so different." he said.
"Probably a lot more similiar than you think." she chuckled.
"Though I am not a goddess." he said with a small smirk.
"I'm no goddess." she said.
"Ah no?" he asked. "Not Mother Nature then?"
"Sure you can call me mother nature...of the current year where I've been poisoned by the human race and am genuinely fed up with life in general.  Maybe Mother Nature's trailer trash cousin, Global Warming." she said and Helmut laughed at her in disbelief. "I can say trailer trash cause I am trailer trash."
Helmut shook his head in amusement.
He wasn't sure of anything in that moment but he was thankful for it and he hoped that perhaps his family was somewhere looking down on him.
He silently thanked them for allowing him to meet the one person who had stayed.
Mother Nature always found a way.
----- Hello my loves! I hope you enjoy this! This piece was commissioned by a lovely lady who chose to remain anon!  If you have a commission that you'd like done just reach out and I'll answer any questions you have!  Thank you so much for reading and I would love to hear your thoughts!
All my love, Kenny -----
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I love you all!
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squishneedsahero · 6 days ago
Oh Yeah, I Remember Now
It’s Who I Am Part 4
Word Count: 2555
Warning: I didn’t go into much detail but there is mentions of abuse and other things which the reader went through during their time with HYDRA
How would The Falcon and The Winter Soldier have played out if you, the younger daughter of Howard Stark got involved? You had been kidnapped by HYDRA at a young age, your mind taken from you as they forced you to work towards creating new weapons for them and when HYDRA had fallen you had gotten free with your scattered memories for you to slowly piece together.
You'd had a relatively good childhood, sure your father was a dirtbag to both you and Tony but your mom was good. She tried to protect the both of you, Tony had done his best to protect you as well. But you'd always lived in their shadow. It was always, "oh you're Howard's daughter? I didn't know he had a daughter," or "aww what a cutie, you must help your mom take such god care of your father and brother." All of this made you sick. None of it was Tony's fault it was all misogyny and your father's sexism.
The next thing you remember is a science fair. It's third grade and you've made a tiny drone, which you can fly around and take pictures with. You were so excited to show everyone, to show your dad that you could be an engineer as well, but only your mother and Tony came. They tried to encourage you but you didn't say anything, it isn't until you get home and you're lying in bed that you cry. You're good at keeping your crying quiet, quiet enough that no one would know you had spent the night crying and when you got up in the morning the tears were gone.
Then you're at boarding school, somewhere they could teach you to be a proper 13 year old girl. One night sticks out above the rest, the dorms caught fire everyone was getting out. You tripped as you tried to get out of bed and then when you tried to get up a cold metal hand covered your mouth and someone picked you up, throwing you over their shoulder, you feel something prick your arm as you begin to kick and scream, and then things go dark.
You're in a small cell with grey walls and grey floors. You're 15 as you're sitting there, refusing to cooperate with HYDRA's current plan, the door slams open and in walks one of the nameless agents. They show you a newspaper, the headline announcing that your parents had died in a car crash, they then show you other photos, and tell you how they had had them killed by the Winter Soldier. From there they go into great detail on the fact that if you didn't begin cooperating they would bring your brother to be the next one they make you torture.
From there things get especially messy in your mind. Some days remembering your past and other days not. Some days you're the one doing the torturing and other days the one being tortured. HYDRA had forced you to commit many atrocities in their name, so many you couldn't begin to count. There were the times where you were the one who was in charge of resetting Bucky's mind, wiping it and preparing him for a mission. There were other times when you were difficult and they had the winter soldier beat you into submission.
There was one day, one day during which nearly all of HYDRA's agents disappeared and never came back. You were locked in your tiny cell, you don't know how long you were there on your own, hunger clawing at your stomach and dehydration quickly becoming an issue. You don't remember how but you got out and escaped.
It's who knows how many months later that you become aware of anything again. You're lying in some alleyway somewhere and have none of your memories. You find your way to a library, feeling safe there, from there you begin to figure out how exactly the world works and how you can survive.
It's another few years after that, having short term memory loss and being slow to pick up on anything. It is at this point where you've some how ended up in NYC and as you're walking down the street that you bump into Tony. You don't recognize him but he recognizes you. It happens quickly, he gets a DNA test to be sure but soon you're living with him and have some of your life together but still no memories. It's during this time that you meet a few other people, but thanks to Tony they keep the fact that you're still alive quiet, not wanting to overwhelm you with his life when you barely have yours together.
After that you're sitting in the Avenger's compound with Rhodey when something happens and people you haven't meet before show up. First it's just one guy named Bruce, then a group of people Steve, Natasha, Wanda, Vision and Sam. That was the first time you had met Sam, though you hadn't spoken to him. From there you all go to Wakanda, try to save Vision, apparently cross paths with Bucky, fail to save Vision, fight some aliens in one of Tony's suits, punch a giant purple dude in the face a few times then ultimately get turned to dust with a few billion other people on the planet.
Then you find yourself lying on the ground in the jungle of Wakanda with half of the people you'd been fighting Thanos with. Some sort of portals open up in front of all of you and you fight even more aliens. You pass by Tony at some point and give him a quick hug in the middle of all of it, despite not having memories you still knew you cared deeply for him and was one of the few people you felt safe when you were with. Then as soon as your world had come together, it falls apart again, Tony had sacrificed himself to save the rest of you.It is when you're at his funeral that things begin to set in for you, your brother is gone, you're once again alone in the world... except you weren't. Tony had a wife and a daughter, Pepper and Morgan, it didn't take much for them to take you in and act as though you had always been part of their family.
It's in the six months following that when you create your own suit, and somewhat get yourself together. At least you have it together enough that your memory of that time is pretty solid even if your mind felt scattered. It is after those six months of relative peace and calm that brings you to the present. Where you had met up with Sam and Bucky on accident and teamed up with them to figure out this problem.
There is a knock on the door you have your back too, and it shakes out of the state you are in. "Hey, y/n," it's Sam, "are you alright in there?"
"Uh- yeah- yeah- I'm fine." You stand up and quickly wipe the tears which had formed in your eyes before opening the door. "Hey," you can see the concern in Sam's eyes, "I'm fine, just needed a minute," you pause before changing the subject, "so what's the plan?"
"Sharon is going to be hosting some people here and will ask around to see if anyone knows where we can find Naegele," Sam explains, "so we can join the party and just have to blend in with the crowd."
"Sounds good," you look down at your dress that has some blood splattered on it then look back at Sam, "you think she has a different dress I can wear?"
"Probably, we can go ask her."
You let Sam lead the way back to the other room, where you give Zemo a death glare before asking Sharon, "hey, you have a dress I could borrow? I don't think blood will blend well."
"Sure," she goes over to a closet and gets out a dress which she hands to you, "here, put this on, I'm going to get headed down to begin letting the guests in."
You nod and take the dress, going to change quickly before coming back out, where you're greeted by Sam and Bucky telling you Zemo had gone with Sharon. "Can I help you?" you ask with more than a hint of sarcasm in your voice.
Bucky doesn't hesitate, "what happened?"
You raise an eyebrow at him and pause for a moment before say, "shit. Shit happened, and I... remembered." You shake your head a bit, "before you ask, no I don't want to talk about it. It's a lot, it's fucked up and it's a lot but like, I can get drunk so I'm going to go do that downstairs right now then drunk cry it out so I'm good to go tomorrow."
You admitting that you remembered has Bucky feeling uncomfortable because you were right it was fucked up and he had been involved in it.
"Y/n, getting drunk it's going to help," Sam says.
You sigh and look at Sam, "I know that but I'm going to do it anyways because at the moment I don't want to deal with it. Plus I don't think I've ever gotten drunk before so it won't take much to do so I'll be good to go in the morning."
"It's still a bad idea," Sam says but isn't going to argue further since you're obviously set on this plan.
You go through with your plan, and you were right about it not taking much for you to get drunk, but its enough that you don't have to think about life for a few hours. Then in the morning you wake up hungover, but with enough time to mostly recover by the time it's time to go find Naegele. You get dressed in in your 'suit' of leggings and a shirt before heading out with the other four to find Naegele.
You go with them down to the docks, where they keep all the shipping containers. Sharon leads all of you right up to the one he is supposed to be in. You let the boys go in and you stay out with Sharon, mostly to make sure Naegele doesn't make a run for it but it ends up being pretty convenient for fighting some of the guys the power broker sent to stop all of you from getting to Naegele.
It is with ease that you take them down, discovering that the reason you hadn't been great at fighting before was because of HYDRA wiping your mind. They took the methods you picked up over time from your mind, making it nearly impossible to improve even if you instinctively knew what to do. There is a lull in the fighting, during which you and Sharon slip into the shipping container and go to the back and into the secret are to find the others.
The two of you barely make it into the room when a gunshot goes off, Zemo killing Naegele right there. You only have a chance to shout, "what the hell?!" Before the box around you explodes.
You tuck and roll, escaping the flames and second rocket fired at the shipping crates. You don't know if anyone else made it out but for now you just need to make sure all of you will survive past this point. Your suit had protected you well, and you were thankful since you'd learned the evening before that you weren't at all enhanced but just had an unusually high pain tolerance. It doesn't take you long to spot one of the people who were after you and you focus in on them, one thing you could control. You could control that they were kept busy fighting you and you could control where they were so the others could get out.
As you throw yourself at the man in front of you, you hear gunshots and you're thankful. That means the others made it out of that explosion. You don't want to kill anyone, you had come close when Zemo had activated whatever it was HYDRA had put in your head, but you'd done enough killing in your life. You just needed to incapacitate them, and you do. It's just a matter of hitting a few pressure points and he should stay down for a few hours at least.
From there you move onto the one other person you can see but you are beat to them by Sam. You jog up to him now that things had calmed down a little and see Sharon and Bucky, leaving Zemo as the only one unaccounted for. "Hey, did we get them all?"
"Seems like it," Sharon responds.
Sam looks at her, "come with us."
Sharon shakes her head, "just get me that pardon you promised."
Sam nods once then looks at Bucky, about to say something only to be interrupted by Zemo pulling up in a car. "Shall we?"
You get in the car without hesitating, taking the seat behind Zemo so you can keep an eye on him. Bucky claims the front seat and Sam gets in behind him, saying something about him not moving the seat up. Then you're off, leaving to get back on Zemo's plane and head to the location they had gotten from Naegele.
When all of you are on the plane there is a short conversation as you go over the plan. Then silence falls over all of you, not a nice silence but an awkward silence and you can feel their eyes on you. You finally decide to break the silence and look at Bucky, "hey, I should apologize for all the shit HYDRA made me do to you, so... sorry," you frown and shrug a bit in an attempt to play it off like no big deal as it's always awkward to experience emotions with other people around.
Bucky just shrugs a bit, "it's alright, not exactly your fault. Sorry for kidnapping you."
You don't know why but you laugh. Maybe because it's so ridiculous but you shut up as quickly as you can and shake your head, "it's alright, not exactly your fault either."
"Having less of a memory problem I see," Zemo cuts in on the slight moment the two of you are having.
Your head snaps around to look at him, "you're on thin ice, so tread lightly, or I'll make you wish you'd died in that explosion back there."
Zemo laughs, "ah, there is the Stark attitude that HYDRA had so much trouble controlling." He presses his fingertips together and relaxes in his seat before continuing, "HYDRA was only able to get Lemonade to stick in your mind. It was in case you needed to protect one of the agents from a monster you had created. They had to manually mess with your memory thanks to you being so stubborn, as they couldn't seem to break you."
You can't help but feel a little nauseous as he speaks but you know he's telling the truth. "Yeah, and you better not use it again though I'm pretty sure I broke it last night." Then you look at Sam, "in the case that I didn't break the programming I have weak knees if you hit them from behind and a peanut allergy, knock me out if needed I shouldn't die."
You don't get a response to that but you felt better knowing they could easily stop you if Zemo pulled anything. But that was it and with that you were able relax for the rest of the flight.
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Sour Lemonade
It’s Who I Am Part 3
Word Count: 2320
How would The Falcon and The Winter Soldier have played out if you, the younger daughter of Howard Stark got involved? You had been kidnapped by HYDRA at a young age, your mind taken from you as they forced you to work towards creating new weapons for them and when HYDRA had fallen you had gotten free with your scattered memories for you to slowly piece together.
After you all had left the prison where Zemo was being held, you and Sam unintentionally follow Bucky into this garage with a ton of old fancy cars in it. It is at this time that Sam turns to him and asks, "wait- where are we?"
Bucky avoids the question by bringing up Zemo once again, "we need to get Zemo out, he's our best chance to figure-"
"We aren't breaking Zemo out of prison." Sam responds bluntly.
There is a split second pause and then Bucky begins, "can I give you a hypothetical? Let me run you through a hypothetical." From there he runs the both of you through this scenario of how easy it would be to break Zemo out, with the ease he goes through this scenario you're pretty sure he has already done this without asking you or Sam.
Your theory was proven correct mere moments later when Zemo walks in and removes his hat. Sam and Bucky begin to argue from there and Zemo asks, "if I could-"
"NO!" Sam and Bucky shout simultaneously.
Zemo quietly nods his head and says, "apologize" under his breath.
From there Bucky talks Sam into it and Sam decides to go along with it as Zemo is already out and he might as well keep an eye on things.
Once they finish talking you look at Bucky and just say, "this is stupid." Then you turn and look at Zemo for a moment before going back to looking at Bucky, "so, how are going to do this?"
"We will go to Madripoor." From there Bucky and Zemo run you and Sam through what the plan is going to be as far as it is that they know what to do.
Before either you or Sam has the chance to ask how you'd get there, the four of you are already on your way to the airport. From there you all board a private jet, learn that Zemo is a Barron and has a butler.
It is once you all are in your seats that Zemo actually turns to you. "Y/n Stark? How unexpected... you still struggling with your memory?"
You look at him, then look at Sam and Bucky, before deciding to ignore him and the fact that he is trying to provoke you. From there he moves on to instead harass Bucky about the names he has in his journal, which Bucky chokes him over before taking his notebook back. This starts an entire conversation on Marvin Gaye and how he is one of the greatest musical artists of all time.
It takes a good few hours of flying to get to Madripoor, during this time Zemo tries another couple times to get you to talk to him... but he's careful since both Sam and Bucky are there and will do who knows what to him if he messes with you. He finally stops when you tell him to, "either stop being a coward and get out whatever is on his mind or to fuck off." He knew quite a lot about you, that much was obvious, but that was why you had gone to him, because he knows about HYDRA. Despite knowing a lot about you, your attitude towards him seemed to surprise him quite a bit. You took note of this, knowing he was prodding and probing to see how it is you would react, knowing that it couldn't mean anything good for you if he was interested in you.
You all leave the plane, Sam getting a nice suit to wear and they somehow talk you into the fact that to pull this off you'll need to wear a dress. You weren't necessarily happy about the idea, dresses, especially more revealing dresses were not your thing, as you preferred to keep to yourself and stay covered nearly from head to toe, to the point that the idea of a morph suit had crossed your mind more than once. When you stepped off the plane in your heels and dress you're thankful that at least it's dark and that it will make the many scars that covered your body less obvious. Sure, your scars from your time with HYDRA might not be as noticeable as a prosthetic arm but they were deep and hadn't healed well, leaving them obvious against the rest of your skin.
"I look like a pimp," Sam comments as the four of you walk.
"Only an American would think a well dressed black man looks like a pimp," Zemo says then once again explains who it is that Sam is supposed to be pretending to be. Then Zemo was himself, and Bucky pretending to once again be the Winter Soldier. Then you. You had been given what seemed to be the only obvious role for a woman, at least when it came to men and sleazy places like Madripoor, you got to be the stupid girl hanging on the Smiling Tiger's arm. At least it's just Sam you tell yourself, not Zemo and definitely not Bucky, not that you had anything against Bucky but due to him and you having some shared time with HYDRA you weren't really comfortable with him. Probably because he would have been the one they sent to take you and fake your death, the reason you'd had such a panic attack at the feeling of his cold metal hand over your mouth back in that warehouse.
The four of you get out of the car, and your act begins. Your arm naturally links with Sam's as you walk into the bar together, your grip is a bit tight and Sam notices but he knows you've been through a lot even if you haven't a clue what exactly it is that happened to you. He gives your hand a slight, reassuring, squeeze, you look at him and offer a slight smile, squeezing his hand in return before loosening the death grip you had on him.
Zemo knows exactly where it is he is heading, going right up to the bartender and asks to see Selby. The man behind the bar somewhat ignores Zemo to instead as Sam if he wanted his usual. Sam only nods, not wanting to use his voice and risk revealing that he had an American accent. You watch in disgust as the man dissects a snake right there on the counter and adds something from its innards into the shot glass before handing it to Sam.  
"Ah, Smiling Tiger, your favorite."
"Yep," Sam says, barely getting the word out, but he pushes through and takes the shot.
All you can do to help him is offer another gentle squeeze to his hand. You hadn't let go of his hand since you had entered the place and something about it seemed to be helping you stay calm despite the crowd and the volume of the place.
Zemo asks once again about Selby, then as some guy is about to jump him he says, "Soldier, attack," of course it is said in Russian but you understand it.
It is with ease that Bucky flips that invisible switch, turning on the Winter Soldier and quickly downing the man before being told to stop. In those few seconds you heart reaches your throat and you feel your knees begin to buckle under your weight. Sam feels you begin to shake next to him and puts an arm around your waist to steady you. Surprisingly this helps pull you back into the moment. Your legs still feel weak but you lean your head on Sam's shoulder and try to ground yourself, you don't even think about it as your arm finds its way to go around his shoulders. By the time the fight is over with you truly are hanging on Sam's arm like the eye candy part you're supposed to be playing.
You don't think too much about it, focusing more on the current threats than the one thing making you feel safe. You're still holding onto him when you reach the room Selby is in and Zemo begins speaking to her. The both of you let Zemo do the talking, he offers Bucky and the code words to control the winter soldier in exchange for information on who is manufacturing the super soldier serum.
"Where can we find him?" Zemo asks, Selby about the scientist who is making the serum.
"Oh, Zemo, the bread crumbs you can have for free-" The woman gets interrupted by the ringing of Sam's phone. "Answer it. On speaker," she says, leaving no option for Sam but to answer his phone.
He tries to answer it and play it cool, you can hear the woman on the other end and she isn't making it easy on Sam to stay in disguise, obviously trying to talk about something important to the both of them. Next thing you know the conversation comes to an end as the woman yells at what is most likely some kids before saying, "sorry Sam I got to go."
The phone clicks as it hangs up, and Selby just asks, "Sam? Who is Sam?" The next moment there is a ton of shouting, a gunshot, and then for you things go dark.
When you come too you're lying on a couch in an extremely nice house. You can hear voices off in an adjacent room but you don't make any move to get up. Instead you lie there, trying to gather your thoughts in your scrambled mind. Something had happened. There was a familiar feeling of a cold sweat over your body and you feel nauseous. You try and focus on the conversation with Selby, where it had gone south and what had happened.
The memory was on the tip of your tongue but you couldn't get a solid grasp on it, you grab at it and keep digging. There had been yelling then the gunshot. Selby fell to the floor, dead. You take a deep breath as you remember letting go of Sam. You had let go of him and Zemo had shouted something in Russian. That was when things went dark. Zemo knew a key word. The words that HYDRA had used to control you.
You slowly sit up and look at your hands, they were covered in blood, you didn't know who but Zemo had activated something inside of you, causing you to kill someone. Anger swelled within you, Zemo had used you. He had broken into your mind with a single word and caused you to attack. Your heart feels as though it will explode as you stand up and without warning enter then next room.
You notice Sam and Bucky, but not Sharon. Your eyes lock onto Zemo and in less than a second you're across the room, your hand on his throat as you push him against the wall. "What do you know?" The anger in your voice is clear, an anger you couldn't remember seeing in yourself before.
"So now you'll speak to me?" Zemo taunts you and you slightly lessen the pressure on his neck only to be able to slam his head back into the wall behind him with more force.
"I said tell me what you know and what the hell you did to me back there." You can feel the eyes of Sam and Bucky on you, Sam is standing behind you now but you just hold out your other hand in warning. If he wants you to stand down it will mean knocking you out. You aren't taking no for an answer Zemo will give you answers.
As you stare Zemo down its as though he's staring down the barrel of a gun. He knows that he'd hit a spot with you by doing what he had, he wasn't scared of death, but your look did make him feel some fear. You weren't a killer. "You were the one HYDRA used to torture people. A brilliant mind they got completely under their control by only giving you parts of your memories as you needed them. You were their top scientist from the time they took you, you did terrible things, gave many people long and drawn out deaths when they wouldn't do what HYDRA wanted. You used innocent people as test subjects for your weapons, you killed just as many people as he did," he nods towards Bucky, "but at least he made their deaths quick and relatively painless."
You continue to stare him down, slowly you released your grip on his neck and stepped back. Turning to Sam you ask, "where's the bathroom," Sam looks at Sharon, causing you to notice her for the first time, and Sharon gives you directions to the bathroom.
You go on your own to the bathroom, taking your time with washing your hands and then slowly sliding to the floor and sitting with your back to the door. Zemo was right. He knew exactly who you were and could probably name every single terrible thing which you had done and who your victims were. You grip your forehead as you make yourself remember what Zemo had said in Russian, what word he had used to activate your kill switch.
"Лимонад." That was what he said. It was a simple word, a word that meant Lemonade. You begin to say the word out loud to yourself, starting in a whisper as you repeat again and again, "Лимонад. Лимонад. Лимонад."
You can feel your anxiety rise as you do this to yourself, but you can't make yourself stop once you've started. As you sit there, as you repeat that code word, glimpses of your past, your time at HYDRA and even some memories before that, when you were young and would try to play with Tony.  You lost track of time as you sat there, bringing your own memories back, with the taste of sour sour lemonade on your lips.
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Trouble (Karli Morgenthau x reader)
(A/N: How the hell is there barely ANY fics on Karli Morgenthau?? I had to make a fic for this beauty. My goal is to make it into a 3 chapter fic but who knows how the story will evolve. As always sorry in advance for spelling and gramatical errors.)
Tumblr media
Chapter 1: Incoming
Warning: Fluff, violence, language
It was 5 years since the blip and had been 2 years since I left Chicago, flew to Europe, moving around. I was a broke college drop out, going from share house to share house, traveling from volunteering to support the dozen of sick in these camps. That was until the camp I was apart of got raided, on the brink of starvation, that was until a woman took me and the rest of us in. 
Less than a year I found myself nursing Donya Madoni, the same woman who nursed me to health. She gave me a weak smile as I gently dabbed a wet cloth onto her forehead. 
“Don’t look at me like that.” She told me. 
I give her a confused look. “Like what?” 
“Like you’re mourning me.” She held my hand and gave it a squeeze. “I am still strong. As the wave draws back to the ocean it only comes back on the shore stronger then before.” She finished giving a hard cough. I give her a smile and kiss her forehead. 
“Momma Donya, you are the strongest woman I know.” I assure her. 
I go to stand up but her hand stills me in my seat beside her. She gives me a grave look. “Where is she?” She asks in a serious tone. 
I knew she meant Karli. I pursed my lips into a line. If Donya was the strongest woman, Karli was definitely runner up. She was stubborn, refused to give up, following the shadow Donya had established. Karli refused to stay put, watch the world-our world crumble. She was smuggling supplies of vaccines and food rations across the borders. 
We all agreed to let Donya know as little as possible. Not wanting to bring added stress onto her, only wanting her to focus on healing. Yet Donya knew I couldn’t lie to her. 
“She’s bringing us the supplies, she should be back soon.” I told her in a whisper. 
Donya looked at me and sighed. “She reminds me too much of myself.” She said softly worry in her eyes.
“I don’t see how that’s a problem.” I retort, she looks away for a moment.
“That doesn’t stop it from being a problem. She’s like a fire, she burns brightly drawing in people for warmth, yet she is stubborn, and she is passionate, too headstrong. I worry for her.” She looked at me again. “You on the other hand...y/n, you are water, you adapt, break through stone, nourish and create life where there is none. I feel more at ease when you are with her. She is less likely to rush into things.” She finished. 
I took a sharp breathe. Not knowing what to really say to her. She lets go of my hand, giving it a love tap. 
“When she comes back, I want you to delegate Joshua to take care of me. I want you with her. That is non negotiable.” Before I could even object.
Momma Donya was right, she was just as stubborn as Karli. Arguing with her was out of the picture. I groaned a little, and gave her a smile. 
“You are one stubborn old lady.” I joke. 
She raised her eyebrow at old lady. “You are lucky I am not at my best or I would smack you for that.” 
I chuckle and stick out my tongue playfully at her. I hear chatter and loud footsteps. Karli unmasked stomping in carrying a box, her eyes searching the room. Once they land on me and Momma Donya, they soften. I stand a little, waving at her. She makes her way to us. 
“I brought some of the antibiotics you asked me to bring.” She told me handing me the box. She then fixed her attention to Momma Donya. I nodded and began sifting through the glass bottles and administering the liquids into her arm and IV drip. I then left the two women to themselves. 
I stood outside the door leaning against the wall. Thinking about what Donya said to me. I was worried about Karli too. She was becoming more radical. Fighting harder, pushing the boundaries further, the GRC pushing harder. I worried for her safety. Yet leaving Donya here felt like leaving my mother to die alone. Giving up on nursing her to health. 
Karli walked out, looking up at me, her eyes slightly glassy. I sighed and opened my arms, she walked straight in and buried her head into my neck. Tears lightly tickling my neck. “She looks worse.” Karli muffled out. 
“She is getting worse.” I reply, rubbing her back softly. 
Karli held me a little tighter, as if I was going to slip through her fingers. After a moment she pulled away and bit her lip, her eyes still teary but now hardened.
“She wants you with the fight.” Karli admitted. 
“I know.” I tucked a coiled strand behind her ear. “Question is are we okay with that. Me not watching her.” 
Karli gave me a conflicted look, bitting her lip. “You would need the serum. We still have a few.” She started. “You are already capable of fighting-you taught me everything I know. I just don’t want to lose-” She stopped herself. Taking a step back creating distance between us. 
I frowned at the action. Ignoring the slight hurt that sprung in my chest at her step back. 
“I know. We can’t afford to lose me. I am the resident make-shift nurse.” I teased rolling my eyes. 
“Maybe that’s why we need you on the road.” She offered, not meeting my eyes. 
Thats when I realized she wanted me on the road too. I look at my feet not expecting this to be her response. I assumed she would make me stay. Yet here she was finding reasons for me to go. 
“We get banged up much more than I’d like to admit. It’d be nice having you watching our backs.” She added. 
I looked back up at her to see her eyes studying me. 
“Well Momma Donya would kick my ass if I stayed. I’m in.” I caved lightly nudging Karli. 
Karli gave me a smile and wrapped her arm around me and pulled me into the other room where the others were waiting. 
“Well Boys and Girls, our resident Drop out Med student is joining us the revolution!” Karli announced. 
Everyone brighten up and started cheering. I grinned as Nico approached me engulfing me in a hug. 
“I knew you couldn’t resist all this.” He teased pulling away. 
I rolled my eyes pushing him off and moving to hug everyone ending with Dovich. He squeezed a little harder. “You sure about this.” He whispered in my ear. 
I frowned a little. I gave a little nod pulling away to look at him. “Yeah.” 
He frowned and cupped my face studying it before walking away. I could feel the uncertainty bubble up. Dovich always was protective of me. I introduced him to Donya a little after she nursed me to health. Dovich was the glue, constantly checking in on everyone. His gaze me made unsure I pushed down the uncertainty when I turned to see Karli studying me a little. Her face unreadable. 
I walked up to her placing my hand on her shoulder. “Where to next leader?” I asked, bringing her gaze back on the group. 
She sighed and nodded “We need more medicine for other refuges in need, there is a shipment in Munich. Let’s ready up and head out.” She announced grabbing a hold of my hand on her shoulder. 
Karli and Donvich lead me to where the serum was. Donvich look at me unsure, “Are you sure y/n/n...this is a big commitment.” He asked again. 
“She needs to protect herself out there.” Karli answered looking a little annoyed. 
I grab his arm and give him a smile “Donny it’s okay-if I’m honest I prefer to be a healer...but sometimes strength is necessary to protect. Besides I’m gonna need all the help I can get if I’m watching both your asses-your fighting posture still sucks.” I ended teasing both of them a little. 
Donvich chuckled and Karli gave a small smile. Donvich injected me with the blue liquid. I gave a shaky exhale. They looked at my with concern watching my reaction closely. 
“I feel more patriotic by the second.” I joked puffing my chest a little. 
They rolled their eyes. I stood up and motioned to them I was good. Donvich left leaving me alone with Karli. 
“Have you always been close to Donvich?” She asked giving me a sneaky look. 
I chuckle “Uh-I think? I mean he’s always been pretty protective of us all.” I say with a shrug. 
She hummed and watched my face closely. I studied my arm, I have the same shit in my blood as Captain America. My dad and I used to love him. When he died alongside my mom in New York I was 13. Captain America carried my body off the crumbling building. That was the day I decided I wanted to be a healer-where there was destruction someone had to rebuild. 
“Does it feel weird?” Karli asked sitting beside me. 
I shook my head no “I don’t really feel anything. I think I’m more nervous about being out there again.” I admit with a shaky exhale. 
She grabs my knee and gives me a look of assurance. “I promise nothing will happen to you-not while I’m out there. We look out for our own.” 
Something about the look in her eyes made me believe her. I relaxed and grabbed her hand. She looked at my hand on top of hers, as if she was taking a snapshot. I removed my hand and stood up, Offering my hand to pull her up. 
“Let’s go help our own.” I say with a smile. 
We found ourselves in Munich, it was going smoothly. Carrying boxes of vaccines and medicine onto the trucks. The serum was pulsating in my bloodstream. Allowing me to carry more than I would be able to normally. I heard rustling in the back of the warehouse. I froze looking over my shoulder. 
Nico nudged me along, “Come on, I’m getting hungry.” He rushed. 
I nodded still feeling like we were being watched. I helped Anna and Nico load up the last of the boxes of medicine and vaccines into transport trucks. Anna froze at the sound of rustling and steel falling she grabbed my arm motioning to the spot I eyed earlier. We all looked at the spot. I narrowed my eyes, turning to look at Donvich mouthing to him “Someones here.” His eyebrows furrowed.
He gave me a look as if asking if we should engage. I looked around and they were all looking at me for what we do. I shook my head no and waved them all off. 
“Come on guys, let’s move.” I urged.
We were being watched but I didn’t want to engage a threat we don’t know. Everyone nodded and closed everything up. I moved to slip inside and Donvich pulled me aside. 
“When Karli isn’t here, we all look to you to lead us. I need to know you’re ready for that.” He said quietly. 
I was taken aback a little and watched him closely. Trying to discern where this was coming from. 
“Yes. But you knew that Donny...I made that call because we don’t know who that was and how many are there. We are mighty but still small in numbers. What would happen if we engage and loss more than 4 of us here? We need to act smarter not harder.” I justified quietly not wanting to make scene.
He gave me one more look and let me go, a smile on his face. 
“...I’m glad you came.” He said and walked away. I hopped into the truck where Karli was sitting. Once she saw me she gave me a smile. I frowned at her and her eyes furrowed in confusion. 
“We were being watched.” I told her. 
“Did you get a good look at who?” She asked. 
I sat beside her “No, didn’t want to tip them off that we know they were there.” I explained. 
She smiled at me. “Ah, element of surprise.” She said like she was impressed. 
I gave her a cocky smirk. “You know I have my moments of impeccable strategy.” I bragged teasingly. 
The truck started to move. I sat next to her and sighed. “It won’t be long before they engage, or at least track us. What’s your plan.” I asked her.
“We kick their ass.” She said like it was obvious. 
“If it’s the power broker?” I asked. 
Karli stiffened and pursed her lips into a thin line.
“The plan wouldn’t change.” She said her voice a little sterner. 
“Uh guys someone with a metal arm is breaking into the truck.” Diego warned.
I froze at the sound of the door being ripped open. I looked at Karli and she held up a hand to stop me from reacting. 
“They are stealing medicine and vaccines.” The man announced. 
Karli looked at me motioning her head that she was going to take a peak. She slowly looked over the box covering us. I grabbed her arm to stop her, but it was too late. She looked at me again nodding. Signaling to me that he saw her. 
“Hi.” He greeted with a light surprised tone lacing his voice. 
She stepped out giving me a warning look not to move from my spot. I gave her a pissed look in return. 
“I found the hostage.” He said. 
I bit my lip trying not to laugh. Hostage? Karli stepped out towards him, I could hear him shuffle closer to her 
“You okay?” He asked.
Karli broke out into a smile. I heard a grunt and smash. She looked back at me. “Mask.” She asked hurriedly holding out her hands. I tossed her my mask. 
And she jumped out. I looked out from the opened truck we were being spied upon by fucking Sam Wilson the bird avenger. I grabbed Karli’s mask, since I gave her mine, and put it on. 
I hopped onto the top of the truck. The sensation of my new abilities bubbling excitement. Lennox also hopped up alongside of me which was the truck adjacent to the truck Karli and the other were on. 
“Good of you to join the fight Sam!” The one with the metal arm yelled. 
Nico punched him, shutting him up. Karli threw Sam to me and Lennox, we caught and held him down. I gave him cross jab to the face causing him to groan. He started to struggle against us. I heard a helicopter above and Karli grunt. I looked up to see...Captain America? He made eye contact with me and swung his shield at me. It hitting me point blank on my chest. l flung back on impact the wind getting knocked out of me. 
I got up trying to catch my breath and shake off my shock. This wasn’t the same Captain America that saved me when I was a kid. I looked to see Captain America and his buddy were yelling introductions to Bird boy. I lunged for him and evaded almost slipping off the truck. He tried to fly away but me, Lennox and Nico held him down by his shoes. 
The shield came back around knocking Lennox off balance, he almost fell off the truck, I let go of the Bird and grabbed onto Lennox, keeping him balanced. With nothing holding him down Birdy started to run. 
I started running full speed to catch bird boy. He flew over the overhead road sign, and I braced myself and tore right through it. I body slammed him off the truck and he flew off on impact. I smiled under my mask. Maybe this stuff was kinda fun. I looked back to see Donvich struggling with Captain America’s buddy. I jumped to the truck where he was and I held onto the friend while Donvich went to punch him. 
“John a little help.” He groaned out. 
I heard a shot and felt pressure on my arm, the pain started to stab my arm and I let go of the guy. I grunted in annoyance realizing I’ve been shot. Donvich flew to my side. “Are you okay?” He asked. 
I pushed him off out of the way of Captain americas shield.  
“Donny focus! It’s just a graze.” I yelled at him, holding onto my arm wincing in pain. Karli kicked Captain America off the truck he held on to the sides. Karli turned her attention to the friend. And Donvich headed towards Captain America, it was as if they had a silent agreement. 
Karli threw Captain America’s friend to his knees and then kicked him off the truck. My eyes widened a little, not expecting her to look so hot doing that. She rushed to my side Donvich meeting her. They elevated my head.
“Y/n-” Karli started in worry.
“I’m okay-I’m okay!” I winced out holding my arm. 
Karli looked at me and then turned around to face Captain America. I could feel the anger rise off her.
“That was a bad idea.” He said to her. 
He threw a jab and she blocked it kicking him off the truck with a loud grunt.
“No, shooting my girl was a bad idea.” 
I felt my face flush hearing Karli say my girl, I was thankful for the mask in that moment. I was losing blood. I also could tell it wasn’t a clean shot. So I needed to get the bullet out. Donvich started to help me up to my feet. She rushed back to my side. 
They got me inside the truck and everyone started worrying over me. Donvich silently wrapped my arm, Karli at my side watching me nervously. After telling everyone to fuck off and that I was fine, was just the three of us. Donny, Karli, and I. 
“It’s a flesh wound, so I will live...but we need to take the bullet out and disinfect it or it may becoming something deadly.” I say honestly assessing the damage. 
“I can’t believe we let this happen.” Karli muttered. 
“It’s not that big of a deal.” I say trying to soften the anxiety in the room. 
It was my first big run, and my first real fight. I understand the worry, but shit I didn’t think they’d worry this much. 
“We have a contact who is wiling to give us refuge to lay low for the night. We’ll get you patched up properly. We will be there soon.” Donvich said to us. He gave me light pat on my head and turned to leave us. 
“This is my fault.” Karli said giving me an apologizing look. 
I groaned getting annoyed with her apologies. I motioned for her to sit across from me. Which she did.
“Karli-this was bound to happen at least once. I am alive. I will live. And we will fight another day. We won, they were freaked out. You were a badass. We didn’t lose the shipment. And you kicked not only two avenger’s asses but fucking Captain America...well off brand Captain America.” She chuckled at off brand. And I smiled at the sound. “Don’t beat yourself up on something this small.” I finish trying to be as sincere as I could. 
She looked unconvinced and sighed “I just worry about you.” She admitted. 
I smiled, my stomach doing a little flip. “Hey I worry about you probably 24/ the feeling is mutual.” 
She gave me a small smile and she moved to sit next to me. I rested my head on her shoulder and closed my eyes a little feeling drowsy. 
“You probably shouldn’t fall asleep.” She warned softly.
I nodded “I shouldn’t but I’m tired.” I whispered back, my eyes focused on her hands on her lap. 
“Let’s play Rock, paper, scissor... or thumb war till we get to the safe house.” She suggested grabbing my hand.
I intertwined our fingers instead. “Hmm, wake me up when we get there.” With my head on her shoulder and feeling safe, I closed my eyes.
Karli woke me up when we got to the safehouse. It must’ve been a long drive because it was nightfall. Donvich insisted on walking with me into the safe house. The man greeted us and was overwhelmingly welcoming. 
“You must be famished.” He said walking to the stacks of plastic bowls filled with food.
“Very hungry.” I admitted.  
“Okay. My wife and I cooked. It's an old family recipe made with the finest chicken livers. Please serve yourselves. Anything you want. Anything. You ask me.” He insisted looking at Karli. 
She gave him a grateful look, I could see she didn’t know what to say. 
“Um... There is some coffee here and some crackers.”
“We're okay. Thank you.” Karli said with a smile, grabbing the food.
“Uh, anything we can do for the cause. Please follow me.” He said motioning to follow him. 
“You're becoming a bit of a legend. I hear more and more people talk about the freedom fighters who are pushing back. They call you Robin Hood. Every day more people love you. You'll find refuge wherever you go. My wife and I made this just for you. Everything is completely clean.” He said looking back at us. 
I couldn’t help but look at the red head in front of me. I was in awe of her power. How humble she she couldn’t even see how much of a leader she was. We all got settled in. Karli looked at her phone like she was going to throw up. 
“Hey, you good?” I asked her.
She clicked her phone off and nodded wordlessly. Before I could question her further Nico grunted. I walked over to him watching him type over his shoulder. 
 “Shit. They're already looking for us. I'm wiping our aliases off any public traffic sites now.” He groaned typing onto the computer quickly. 
Karli shook her head looking at all of us. “We're not playing no more. We can't let the same assholes who were put back in power after The Blip win. The GRC care more about the people who came back than the ones who never left. We got a glimpse of how things could be.” She paused looking at me then to the rest of the room. ‘I need to know that you're all committed, because after tomorrow, there's no going back.” She finished a certain intensity in the air. 
“Yeah. One world.” Matias started. 
I smiled and chanted back “One people.” 
I coached Gigi into taking the bullet out of me. Trusting her more than anyone else to have steady hands. After bandaging up, I laid on my bed, Karli sitting next to me. 
“You know I got your back right?” I asked not looking at her. 
She turned to face me. “Of course I do...” She answered. 
I looked at her and nodded “Good. You can’t get rid of me ace.” I said with a small smile. 
She gave me a smile back and I could see the gratitude in her eyes. We knew we had each other’s back. We spent the night at the safe house. The next night we loaded the boxes onto a charter plane to fly out of the country. My arm healed over night, thanks to the serum. I handed a box to Gigi.  
Nico’s cell phone starts vibrating and he groans. “Damn it! We gotta move out now. They found us.” He announced. 
“How much time do we have?” I asked walking over to him.  
He showed me his cell “None. It's The Power Broker's men.” Nico said rushing to Karli’s side.  
Karli looked at me and and then at road. “Everybody, grab what you can.” She urged.  
“I can give you time. I'll hold them off.” Matias volunteers. 
I almost wanted to stop him immediately. I took a step toward him but Karli engulfed him in a hug. “Thank you.” She told him. 
“One world. One people.” He said giving us all one more look, before taking off and running. 
“I should go with him.” I told Karli now standing at her side. 
“He will be fine.” She said not even entertaining the idea. 
“It’s the power brokers men.” I argued. 
“Let's go!” Nico yelled at me and Karli. 
Karli looked at me and grabbed my hand. “He has the serum, if we don’t leave what he’s doing will mean nothing.” She pulled me into the plane.  
I knew the second I stepped foot on the plane he’d be a dead man. And we had no intention of waiting for him. I sat beside Karli as the plane began it’s lift off. That’s when we watched him get shot down as we flew away. I couldn’t see Karli’s face but I saw her back stiffen. I swallowed my own sadness and grabbed her hand. A small gesture but one that meant I was here with her. 
She didn’t look back at me, she only tightened her grip as if I was going to runaway. I watched silent tears fall on her face. The somber chill in the air. We all knew this was the beginning...and there was no going back. 
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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐚𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘮𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵 | 𝘮𝘰𝘰𝘥𝘣𝘰𝘢𝘳𝘥
previous part here!
pairing: bucky barnes x black o/c
summary: peyton meets bucky for the first time and bucky meets peyton for the tenth.
word count: 2,241
notes: this is a series called 'The Archer," click above for the previous part.
Peyton noticed him; hell, how could she not. The cafe wasn't big at all. It was the exact opposite. With its 20 person capacity limit and six tables, including the bench outside, there was no hiding in the Davis Family Cafe. And the man who sat in the corner every day was no exception. Often Bucky would watch Peyton or her mother, Adrianna, with his intense blue eyes, sending shutters down their spine. It had been the beginning of week three since he had started visiting them, and today Peyton had had enough. She would talk to him, confront him if she had to.
Peyton burst through the kitchen doors, wiping her wet hands off on her worn-down strawberry print apron."Charlie, I'm gonna do it," Peyton blurted.
"Do what exactly?" Charlie muttered. Her striking green eyes never leaving the fresh cinnamon roll she was icing.
"Confront him.' Peyton told, taking a sip of her hours-old coffee. "Confront Blue Eyes, I mean."
Charli snickered, brushing a loose piece of her blonde hair behind her ear. "Is that what we're calling him now?" She said, pushing her iced cinnamon rolls into the warmer.
Peyton rested on the flour-dusted counter. "I've always called him that—besides, have you got any better names?"
"Hm. Touche," said Charlie, glancing over her shoulder.
"Great, now give me a cinnamon roll." Peyton grinned, her palm covered by a plate that she held out in front of Charlie.
"I think you can ask a bit nicer," Charlie smirked, dancing around Peyton with the cinnamon roll clasped between a pair of tongs.
Peyton took in a deep breath, inhaling the scent of the baked goods that surrounded her. "Charlie, may I please have the cinnamon roll you are holding hostage from my clutches so that I can give it to the strange man who sits in my cafe every day." She asked in a robotic tone.
Charlie dropped the cinnamon roll onto her plate, tilting her head to the side. "Fine—but we're working on your manners, young lady!" She shouted, pointing at Peyton with the pair of tongs she held.
"Pff. I have manners! So many that I think that could be my superhero name." Peyton boasted as she walked backward.
"We aren't the avengers, Pey," Charlie said.
Peyton shrugged, her lips pulling tightly together. "I know—because if we were, we would have never blipped for five years, and my business wouldn't have gone to shit." Peyton pushed open the kitchen's swinging door using her manicured nails, walking the peace offering over to table number ten.
Finishing her strut to the table, Peyton smiled down awkwardly at Bucky, who sat sipping his freshly roasted black coffee. No sugar, no cream—just coffee. She cleared her throat in an attempt to get his attention. She wanted him to look at her the way he did so many times when he believed she hadn't noticed.
Eventually, he did. Slowly, Bucky lifted his eyes to see Peyton holding a fresh cinnamon roll in front of him. Bucky shot her a stiff grin, one that looked almost painful. He hadn't ordered the cinnamon roll, he never ordered anything but coffee from the cafe, and he assumed Peyton knew that.
She was aware Bucky's only order was coffee. And in Peyton's opinion, Bucky had the easiest, and if she was honest, the most basic order out of all of her regulars. So, of course, she knew he didn't order the cinnamon roll.
Bucky coughed, placing his mug down with his flesh hand. "I didn't order that." He muttered.
"I know.' Peyton placed the plate down, scooting it in front of Bucky. "I wanted to give it to you." She smiled.
Bucky's eyes nervously looked at the roll, then back at Peyton, who had found herself resting comfortably in the chair across from him. He stiffened as she watched him with her intense brown eyes. Her stare wasn't inconspicuous at all. It was as if she wanted you to know she was staring at you.
"What are you doing?" Bucky said dryly.
Peyton leaned back into the chair, squinting her eyes at the man in front of her. "What are you doing?" She asked back.
Bucky's eyebrows drew together as he took another slow sip of his coffee. He didn't know what she was implying, and he was nervous about finding out.
"I mean here.' Peyton's brown eyes grew wide as she slapped her hand over her mouth. "I'm sorry—not that you aren't welcome. What I mean is, I've never had a customer come in so often and never speak to anyone."
Bucky tried to respond, but the words were logged in his throat. All he could do was give Peyton his intense stare as it usually got people to leave him alone—but Peyton kept going.
"You see Mr. Jefferies?' Peyton shifted her gaze toward the older gentleman. "He comes in every day around the same time as you, maybe five minutes earlier. But he always speaks to us."
Peyton placed her hands onto the table, lifting out of her seat and leaning close to Bucky, causing him to shift back into his chair, uncomfortable with how close her nose was to his own.
"So I need to ask you two questions.' She glared. "Do you work for the Feds?"
"What? No." Bucky said, shocked slightly.
"Okay then.' Peyton sunk back into her seat. "So, are you stalking me?"
Bucky nearly choked on his coffee. He was coughing loudly while Peyton stared at him in distress. Bucky knew he looked peculiar sitting in the coffee shop each morning, not saying a word. And his approach to making amends was obscure, but Bucky was scared to reveal the truth—he'd be cruel to come in and ruin their happy lives. Initially, Bucky had planned on slipping them a note and never return. But when he saw how full of life they were, he couldn't. It felt wrong. So, he would settle for the stalker narrative—it felt better than the truth.
"No,' Bucky coughed once more. "I'm not—I should leave." He rapidly stood out of his chair as Peyton did the same, almost blocking him from leaving.
"No, I should leave you alone." Peyton ran her fingers through her hair, the tips getting stuck between her coils. "Please, sit.' She reassured, pointing to his seat. "The cinnamon roll is on the house. Tell me if you like it. It's our first batch of vegan rolls we're selling." She smiled, walking away backward, bumping into a table with her hip.
Bucky nodded. His attention now focused on the warm roll in front of him, hesitantly he picked it up, turning it from side to side. It smelt marvelous, and before the cinnamon roll was placed in front of him, his stomach hadn't growled. But now, he was ravenous. Bucky took one more sniff before taking a bite. His steel-blue eyes grew wide as the silky dough melted in his mouth like a marshmallow. He let out a low moan of satisfaction, it had been years since he had something so sweet, and he intended on savoring every bite.
From behind the display case, Peyton watched as Bucky devoured the cinnamon roll. She had a huge grin plastered on her face, mentally checking off talking to the man in the corner from her to-do list—not that she honestly had one. She watched as Bucky stacked his plate and coffee mug neatly, pushing it to the edge of the table. Bucky would leave his coffee cup on the table on a typical day, with a generous tip tucked underneath it. It was thoughtful, and Peyton felt he was kind—or at least kind enough for her to bombard his space the way she just had. Peyton walked through the kitchen and into dry storage, where her mother stood. Pen and paper in hand, collecting inventory for the cafe.
"Momma, I did it." Peyton squealed, gripping her mother's shoulders, shaking them a bit.
Adrianna took Peyton's hands in hers, removing them from her shoulders. "Did what baby," She asked while counting the number of flour they had in stock.
"There's fifteen, by the way.' Peyton pointed to the flour."But I talked to blue-eyes."
"Thank you, darling." Adrianna jotted the number down and moved on, her eyes narrowing. "Who?" She said.
Peyton groaned, dramatically tossing herself onto the baking utensils behind her. "The man that always sits in the corner, remember him?" Peyton flayed her arms. "Oh, of course, you do because he only sits there every day." She exclaimed.
Adrianna glared at Peyton over her shoulder, not impressed with her daughter's tone. "Don't get smart. I might be pushing fifty, but I'll still give you a beat down." Adrianna threatened.
"Momma, you know I don't mean it like that. It's just, how am I the only one to notice him."
"Because you're a weirdo." Adrianna laughed. "But you're my weirdo, so it's okay." Giggling, she kissed her daughter's hairline, moving around her to finish inventory.
"Whatever," Peyton chuckled lightly. "I should be getting Mr. Jefferies third round of matcha anyways." Peyton stalled, looking around her."Where is my coffee?"
"I threw it out!" Charlie shouted as she washed a pile of dishes.
"You did not!' Peyton marched over to Charlie. "Why I outta feed you to Alpine!" Peyton shouted, shaking a finger in Charlie's face.
Charlie smirked, biting Peyton's finger playfully. "That cat loves me." She said, releasing Peyton's finger.
Peyton moved a coil out of her face raising her eyebrow cheekily at Charlie. "Seeing as he's my cat, I'm pretty sure he loves me."
"I think he loves him," Adrianna said, her head peeking out from the kitchen's swinging door.
"What?" Peyton frowned, walking over to her mother, standing on her tiptoes. "What the hell." She whispered.
There, she saw Alpine, her cat. He was rubbing against Bucky, resting comfortably on his lap. But Bucky wasn't repulsed. Instead, he stroked Alpines white fur, only making the cat nuzzle into him more. From the kitchen, Peyton could see him whispering to Alpine—of course, she couldn't hear what was said, but she was still curious.
"Oh man, what should I do?" Peyton paced, pinching the bridge of her nose.
Charlie, being the tallest, did not need to stand on her tiptoes. She simply looked above their heads. She was squinting her eyes to see the action.
"Maybe go get your cat, just a thought." Said Charlie.
"Right," Peyton groaned, fluffing her hair a bit in the reflection of the window.
"What the hell are you doing?" Charlie laughed.
"Nothing," Peyton said all too quickly.
Peyton walked out of the kitchen doors, slowly making her way to the man's table. Where Alpine rested on his shoulders, she thought of the ways she'd ask for her cat back. Maybe she could try "Hey, mister, can I have my cat back," or "May you please return my cat." It all sounded stupid, and before she knew it, Peyton found herself standing before Bucky once more.
"Hi," Peyton grinned.
"Hi," Bucky said, allowing Alpine to climb on his covered metal arm.
She watched as Alpine rolled over, swatting at his gloved hands. "He likes you." She chuckled.
"Hm," Bucky hummed, petting Alpine once more.
Peyton was taken back by his lack of words, not knowing what to say to him or if she'll get more than a three-word response.
"Do you have any pets?" She blurted.
Peyton sighed, slipping into the same chair as she had done before. "Well, do you have a name?" Her voice had a nervous tremor as she played with her fingers.
"Bucky," He said, gently handing her Alpine while walking past.
Following him, she stuck out her hand for him to shake. "Well, I'm Peyton." but by then, Bucky was already halfway out the door.
Bucky nodded, shooting her a faint smile before shutting the door behind himself. Bucky knew her name—Bucky knew all their names. He had to because painfully, he remembered all of them. All of the victims who had suffered at the hands of the Winter Soldier. Especially the innocent ones.
Walking down the crowded street, Bucky's phone began to buzz in his pocket. Taking it out, he flipped open the screen. He groaned aloud when he saw it was Sam trying to get in contact with him. Composing himself, he answered.
"Yeah," He said bleakly.
Back at the cafe, Peyton had Alpine cradled in her arms as she rocked him back and forth. Walking around to where Bucky sat, she cleared his mug and plate from the table, placing them into the tub she had rested beside her. Picking up the daily five-dollar tip Bucky left, she put it in her pocket. In the corner of her eye, Peyton watched as a tiny napkin fell to the floor. Placing Alpine down and letting him roam, she bent over and picked up the small napkin. Unfolding it, she read the one word written on it.
How fitting, Peyton thought.
Smiling to herself and releasing a small laugh, she shoved the note into her pocket, feeling as if she had accomplished something for the day. All Peyton wanted to do was make those around her feel good—and most times, she achieved that with her baking. So knowing Bucky enjoyed her first batch of vegan cinnamon rolls warmed her heart. After today she could officially put speaking to Bucky behind her.
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