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#tfatws spoilers
jojo-reference44 · 8 minutes ago
sharon: why are you gay?
sam: who says i'm gay?
sharon watching him and bucky holding hands: you are gay.
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100hearteyes · an hour ago
So let me get this straight 🤔 the character who was done dirty in WS and CW because Disney didn't want Cap and Bucky to be gay for each other has now been done even dirtier by becoming a villain? Will it ever stop?
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abhorsenbranwen · an hour ago
why I don't want bucky to have "his own" show
we don't know whether bucky will be in captain america 4, but if you're going to give one of them a movie or show that doesn't involve the other, it should be sam without bucky, not the other way around. sam is the new captain america. can we please not with giving the (white) sidekick a dedicated movie before the (black) captain america?
and even if he’s not in ca:4, it’s not like bucky hasn’t had a lot of time in the spotlight - along with f&tws (which he was, you know, a lead in), the steve movies were all pretty bucky-centric. do we really need to see more of bucky being a conflicted loner? i’d rather see them developing relationships that they’ve established, not giving him new ones.
and it’s also worth noting that most/all of the non-f&tws relationships we’ve seen of his that are genuinely meaningful are based in wakanda - and, uh, miss me on setting a story in wakanda and making it all about the white guy.
and all of that aside, like, i fundamentally don’t get how one could watch that show and walk away thinking, “that was great, what i’d like now is to see bucky alone.” like, everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, but for me, that dynamic just made the show.
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ableakmidwinter · 3 hours ago
Oh my god, Sebastian Stan.
Man, you're looking good.
Man oh man, lemme tell you something.
You ever seen a guy this handsome walking down the street? He's gonna get arrested, cause he's killing all the ladies.
Look at that, look at that.
Pow, pow, pow, pow 🔫🔫
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delicateflower · 4 hours ago
i feel like bucky 100% knows sharon is the power broker and when it comes out he’s gonna be like “oh shit, y’all rlly didn’t know?? i thought we just weren’t mentioning it”
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idontwannagox3 · 6 hours ago
I’ve seen a lot of people saying that Steve didn’t abandon Bucky because Steve talked to him before leaving. This is not correct tho. I mean sure he asked Bucky if it was okay, but Bucky has spent a lifetime hurting people against his will, he is not gonna sit there and ruin Steve’s happiness by saying “I don’t want you to go, I need you.” Of course he’s gonna put on a fake smile like he always does and say “that’s okay with me.”
It’s honestly just infuriating because after everything Steve does to save Bucky in literally all the movies, he finally gets Bucky back and leaves days after to go be with a woman he kissed once. Like seriously why did Marvel think this was a good ending?!?! Who wrote this?!?! They should’ve just killed Steve if they had to get rid of him. Like he knew Bucky had an insane amount of guilt and trauma, and was out of his time just like he was, but instead of staying to help and be there for Bucky, he wants to go live a happy life with Peggy?!?! Literally Steve’s ending was sooooo stupid!
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abhorsenbranwen · 8 hours ago
Sam’s family
one of the things I love about falcon & the winter soldier is the way it broadens the depiction of “family” from what we’ve generally seen in the mcu.
Sam’s home is with his sister and his nephews, in the community they grew up in, and as someone who has a big and pretty close-knit extended family, that was something that I found really validating. sam clearly has a good relationship with his nephews, and while he and sarah have some friction early on, it’s also clear that they’re comfortable being vulnerable and honest with each other - which in some ways is nice to see with the friction? it can be really easy to see friction as indicating something deeper than two people not being on quite the same page, but that’s clearly not what was going on here, and I think it’s important to see media that reflects that sometimes something can be a little messy without being broken.
at any rate, it’s just a really positive family dynamic, which is something we don’t necessarily see that often in the mcu, and i loved it so much.
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darke-15 · 8 hours ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Three hours and counting - Chapter 44 releasing Sunday, May 9 12:00am MDT
You're caught up, right?
Tumblr media
“Your loyalty knows no bounds.”
“Don’t patronize me,” Boone spat with a glare, “Aftermath is simply my employer. A means to an end. But, when the game's over, all my cards are on the table and the chips are down, my loyalties lie with you.”
| Battle Scarred: Aftermath | »Darke15
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buckyshbic · 8 hours ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Reader Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sarah Wilson (Marvel), Sam Wilson (Marvel), Sam Wilson nephews, General Delacroix population, Original Male Character Daniel, Wanda Maximoff Additional Tags: Bucky Barnes Recovering, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV) Trailers, Eventual Smut, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Reader-Insert, Alternate Universe - Magic, Alpha Bucky Barnes, Beta Sam Wilson, Omega Reader, Magic Reader, Enhanced Reader, Past Abuse Summary:
Following the end of the Flag Smashers, Bucky settles in Delacroix as a local handyman, helping Sam with his new mantle when needed. While living in Delacroix, Bucky meets our Reader, a mysterious and magical omega who lives out in the swampland. What secrets does she hold and will she let Bucky discover them?
Hey kids, I’m writing a new piece finally. If you like A/B/O, southern gothic aesthetics, and reader characters with abilities, give it a read.
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mshunnybunch · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This two scenes and the growth it shows it just ugh! If you'll excuse me, I'd like to scream for a few seconds about this!
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s0ur0tter · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Add on to my post here eheh
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pegbucky · 12 hours ago
Bucky Barnes: It means I remember. It means a part of me is still there. Which means a part of the Winter Soldier is still in me.
Sam Wilson: You up for a little tough love?
Bucky Barnes: Sam, I really don't think you can bang the Winter Soldier out of me but thanks for the offer.
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teaposing · 13 hours ago
what if instead of killing karli they made her nomad, just, like, as a treat
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teafrompari · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Billy Hargrove [ Stranger Things ]
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You can find here my other edits, what i didn't post on tumblr
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