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#they’re so cute and I love the people and and
filibusterphil · 6 days ago
Okay I’m not a Nace shipper but like damn these Nancy Drew writers are being so disrespectful to Amanda. She deserves better. She’s wonderful and really likes Ace and they have framed so much Ace and Nancy especially with that little “I feel like I left something behind.” Like, come on writers either do Nace or don’t but don’t drag Amanda around like this, having her decide to put Ace first while framing him and Nancy romantically.
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danisdreaming · 19 days ago
Imagine brittany's little face the first time santana calls her britt britt with that huge smile of hers...bro...the tenderness im feeling over a goddamn nickname i cant
ahhhh wait i never thought about that, that’s so cute.. bro why am i picturing her having the same reaction as santana’s initial reaction to britt holding her hand at breadstix in 3x04...... they’re both so stupid and in Love. my heart fucking !!! melts !!! for them
i bet brittany didn’t even Try to play it off cool. she just sat there with the dopiest smile on her face and santana’s like “what??” and britt’s just like “:’) nothin”
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ohsweetflips · 20 days ago
do u ever see a photo of urself and ur just like “that’s me but that is the most not-me picture i have ever seen”
#i took my grad pics last week and this is how i feel abt them aksjdjhs#like they’re nice pictures!! and i’m happy with how they came out!!!!!#but they feel so performed and not me lmao#partially bc like.#u know how people talk abt how influencers don’t really have a style#it’s just the same clothes and same makeup and everything?#like it’s very obvious that i ‘learned’ how to take grad pics from the girls on my ig feed#but like. it’s so not my style i just don’t know how to function on camera.#so like the literal style itself while cute is not like......... my thing#i just needed a model for what to do#but also like?? idk any time i dress conventionally feminine#like dresses / skirts#it just feels like a performance like. idk if masking is the right word??? but like#they’re nice outfits!! but like#for ex last month i went out with some school friends and a professor for lunch#and i wanted to dress nice#but the only way i know how to ‘dress nice’ is to dress conventionally feminine#and while i objectively loved the outfit i put together. the entire time i just felt like i was. performing.#but of course that is added to by the fact that i do kinda follow my school friends when it comes to social stuff#so for the most part i’m bouncing off of them#but for my grad pics i was with my best friends and like. they came out nice!! and i like the outfit#but i’ve been looking at those pics for so long and trying to figure out what’s getting me abt them and it just. idk. doesn’t feel like me?#like they’re nice pictures but they just feel generic and performed and like.#idk if this is a gender thing or a social thing but it just feels like.#like i’m trying to be ‘just one of the girls’ except im a very obvious imposter#[and by ‘girls’ i mean trying to mimic what i see in the girls i’m friends with]#but yeah again idk if that’s a gender thing or a social thing or both ajsjdjsjjs#it’s just!!! weird idk#like i like the pics but they. don’t quite feel like me but i also don’t know what i’m looking for in myself so!!!!#also it probably doesn’t help that i have been having some. ah. issues with myself as of late!!!!!
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lady-latte · a month ago
🍃🌺🌙If you receive this you make somebody happy. Go and send this to ten of your followers who make you happy or somebody you think needs cheering up. If you get it back even better 🌙🌺🍃👉👈
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jiminrings · a month ago
bestie idk how to say this but your vibes radiate that u wear black face masks
BESTIE PLS,,,,,,, this is a compliment in one of the highest forms and it’s actually funny because i literally just ordered a pack of black KF94s awhile ago i’M NOT EVEN KIDDING
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ipictureitsoftandiache · a month ago
i think the purest section of the internet i’ve ever stumbled across was the comments section of a lyric video for “i’d lie” by taylor swift sometime in the aughts the song’s chorus goes “i could tell you his favorite color’s green / he loves to argue / born on the 17th / his sister’s beautiful / he has his mother’s eyes / and if you asked me if i love him / i’d lie” and all the comments were lovesick young girls rewriting the song to fit their own crushes like “i could tell you his favorite color’s blue / he loves NASCAR / born on february 29th / his brother’s kinda cool / he has his mother’s old toyota camry / and if you asked me if i love him / i’d lie <3”
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danisdreaming · 2 months ago
idk if i’m just not looking for it enough but i rarely ever see good canon mlm rep and so, of course, the only solution is for me to write it myself
#i mean. there’s blaine and kurt. yes. but personally i stopped shipping them after a while#a part of it is because i don’t think that everyone ends up with their high school sweetheart; that just isn’t realistic#but a bigger part of it is that i just don’t like the direction they took them in#i like them both as characters but together they just stopped working after a while - idk#no hate though. they’re still cute and i’ll still gladly rb posts about them but i would’ve liked to see a different ending for them#there’s also harry’s thing in shadow hunters (??) i think (??) idk i’ve never seen it but i remember it being super popular a few years back#i would check it out but the show doesn’t generally seem like smth i’d be all that into#generally i think that i just look more for wlw rep than i do for mlm; idk why that is..#there’s just something so soft about women loving other women.. it fills my heart with joy#and mlm fill my heart with joy too.. i mean i’d love to see a love like mine in media.. it’s just. idk i haven’t That mlm ship yet#**haven’t found#except my own OCs. they are Very Much That mlm ship for me. i adore them completely (which is to be expected lmao i mean i wrote them)#also. i think that. regardless of what’s canon. it’s easier to find compatible wlw ships#people are prone to writing women as being very comfortable and affectionate with each other#while they typically won’t write guys that way... even if they’re. like. best friends#obviously this is getting better. i mean. just look jatp... all the guys act like they’re In Love with each other it’s fucking Adorable#but still. the stigma is still there. people don’t want their straight male characters to seem gay so they avoid affection. it’s ridiculous#anyway if you’ve read all this for some reason. tell me a cute canon mlm ship i should get into#rambles
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leverage-ot3 · 2 months ago
in light of my college roommate deciding to not room with me anymore, I hope my mutuals know I would 1000% be roomies with them
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redvelevet · 2 months ago
btw if u ever tag me in something and i don’t do it it’s not bc i don’t wanna it’s because i just forgot!!
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