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#the outsiders
woops-a-daisyy · 7 minutes ago
I feel like Johnny and Ponyboy definitely kissed at least ONCE in the church, but nothing came from it
They were both going through a lonely, anxious time and needed comfort, which lead to them kissing as a way to find solace in one another
but yeah, nothing came from it though and they never REALLY talked about it again, remaining best friends
(Because Purly and Jally make my heart happy)
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therealsehinton · 14 minutes ago
Not sure if you're the right person to ask, but since you make a lot of headcanons about characters of color, do you think it would be realistic to hc any of Hintons's characters as Asian?
1. Race headcanons don't need to be realistic(this mostly applies to when the race hcs are of color). If you want to see yourself in a character then you have every right to.
2. However, I understand why you're asking this question considering that I dedicate a good part of my blog to racial history in Tulsa. Again, if you just wanna hc your characters as Asian go ahead! But I'll give you a link of asian history in Oklahoma just cuz I like history lol
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naturallesbain · 26 minutes ago
Spain without the a
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littlest-duckie · 36 minutes ago
I was discussing with my friend about the amount of people who wanna be stepped on by Lady D, and he was like well what does she look like. I sent a picture and he freaking agreed
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branwyns · an hour ago
anyway this one is for the gay kids who read the outsiders in middle/high school sometime between 2012 and 2015 and KNEW dally and johnny were in love
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getoughlikeme · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(I am in love with all of these women its not okay)
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getoughlikeme · 2 hours ago
i want to make the girls how i imagine them in picrew....
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thegaygreaser · 2 hours ago
Darry texts like an old person.
“Hey, Pony..... suppers ready..... 😉”
Then Pony’s like “Darry wtf is this??” And Darry’s like “A text-?”
Pony has to go into detail that this looks creepy and Darry’s just not getting it.
“I added an emoji!!” “What are all the dots for??”
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stovehandle · 3 hours ago
I tried writing a story, sorry if it's bad
“Darry.. can you please look under the bed for monsters..?” Pony whispered to his oldest brother, curling up next to Soda..
Darrel chuckled softly. “ah.. if it'll make you feel better, I will” He whispered back and got down on all fours, peeking under the bed. His icy blue eyes widened at the sight..
There was Pony and sodapop. Shivering, tears running down their faces.. Pony leaned forward a bit, gently rubbing his eyes.. “D-Darry.. there's someone on our bed..”
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naturallesbain · 3 hours ago
Look A-Like
I'm going to lose every bit of myself except for my body, which looks too much like dads to bear.
A part two to Momma's Boy. Thank you @chaotically-cas and @getoughlikeme for supporting and encouraging me to post and @thegaygreaser for proofreading and adding more ideas!
Tagging: @donttakemyknives @lilnasxistheonlygodiprayto @your-honorary-eldest-sibling @transdaniellarusso @xmilky-tea @newtaholic-staygold @tulsaokgreasers
I didn't cry at your funeral. The only drops and wetness that collected on my jacket were from the boys. They sobbed into my chest, hands tugging at my coat, wishing that it was dad holding them instead of me. They wanted his strong arms around them instead, and I wanted someone who would embrace me as dad did, too.
Not many people came to your funeral, only a few family members we hadn't seen in a while and the boys. The room was sorrowful and silent, apart from a few stray cries rising from others' throats. Ponyboy and Sodapop stayed strong throughout the entire thing, barely letting sobs out, and I can't tell whether I should be upset or proud. They're growing up too fast without either of you around to reign them back in. Even I'm growing up too fast. It's that, or they get sent away, and it feels like I've lost every part of myself apart from my body.
My mind feels like it's changing faster than ever. I've never had to deal with the weight of the world on my shoulders before. The fate of my brothers, your sons, sits on my choices and words and how hard I can fight. Every day is like a war waging in my mind, and I don't know how to stop it.
Soda and Pony aren't taking your deaths well. Pony is kept awake at night because of nightmares that he can't remember, and Soda's talking about dropping out of high school to help pay bills. I don't want him to, and I've taken Pony to the doctor to get the nightmares under control, but nothing seems to be working. I stay up with him sometimes. I help him through choked sobs and heaving breaths as he comes back to reality. It's terrifying seeing him like this and knowing that I can't do anything to help him or make them go away. He's still my little brother, but I feel like I have to be more protective of him, and he hates that. There's a gap growing between us, and I can't stop it.
Soda has nightmares, too. They're silent but leave him shaking and feeling vulnerable. He'll crawl into my bed if I'm not up at that point, curling into my arms. I've lost count of how many times he's ended up in my bed because he thought I was dead or that we hated him.
One night when both Pony and Soda ended up in my bed, Soda whispered in my ear that he found more comfort in me than with Pony because I felt like dad. That's when it hit me that I had already grown up. I wasn't their brother that would sneak them extra dessert or candy. I was a parent.
I miss my childhood, but I miss both of you even more.
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thegaygreaser · 3 hours ago
Soda: Pony, do you like Steve?
Pony: I don’t know, I feel like he would throw me under the bus all the time if he had the chance.
Steve: I’d throw you under a steam roller if I had the chance.
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outsidersdoll · 4 hours ago
pony: so i sort of did something and want advice but not a lot of judgement and criticism
steve: and you came to me? that’s some hardcore soda business
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ratcraft84 · 4 hours ago
The outsiders cottagecore au. Where nobody dies and it always smells like fresh baked bread 😌
Also when they're older, Pony and Curly definitely buy and old abandoned cottage and rebuild it together ❤
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outsidersdoll · 4 hours ago
What is your favorite fan fic on Tumblr?
my favourite fan fic/imagine i’ve read on tumblr is “girly” by @staygoldtrash (a y/n curtis sister fanfic)
the first time i read it, it gave me so many butterflies and every word felt like liquid gold. it’s so well written and made me feel like i was truly apart of the story. all her writing is so good but this one stood out to me
her account is some sort of blocked by tumblr right now so you might now be able to see it, but when it gets unblocked or she makes a new account, definitely check out her writing!
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Do you have a favorite fan fic on Tumblr if so which one? Also sorry for asking so many questions.
No don’t be sorry! I enjoy getting asks!
Ooh that’s a hard one. Ok I have two:
One I just read by @naturallesbain called mommas boy. It was so good!
And this fic by @chaotically-cas. It made me cry, but I absolutely loved it!
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naturallesbain · 4 hours ago
Who do you hc as taller, Tim or Darry? (everyone else should put there opinions in the comments too)
Tim! I hc at around 6'3" or maybe 6'4" while Darry is at 6'2"
(The 6'6" hc was a joke though you're welcome to use it as an actual hc with credit)
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"Huh, why are people saying Johnny and Ponyboy are gay, I feel like they are straight." - One of my friends
So you tell me these two didn't kiss atleast ONCE while they were in the church? I refuse to believe that
Tumblr media
Stan these two ❣️
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ratcraft84 · 4 hours ago
Soda and Steve as cottagecore gays. Living in a rural cottage. Having a vegetable garden. Sometimes they have picnics and Steve will play the ukulele and sing songs he wrote for Soda
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