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#spoiler warning
bestiesenpai6 hours ago
Will gege ever let maki, megumi, and mai know peace?? 馃ゲ
Gege hates lesbians馃槶
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giacomofblack13 hours ago
Tumblr media
follow the train tracks into the next town / look for a bookstore, somewhere to sit down / i know you've got places that you run away to / leave little traces so i can find you
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bothsidesofaquestiona day ago
::ooc:: Way of X #2 preview, featuring: my headcanons.聽
Please, did some one really believe Kurt had a really peaceful mind? Yes, many... Me, in the other hand? Nooo-ppeee
He has an undiagnosed mental illness, I鈥檝e been saying this for decades. Maybe depression, maybe PTSD, maybe both, he hides it well and fights hard to stay in the good聽鈥渮one鈥, the poor man needs help.聽
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kaleidoscoprwritinga day ago
me rereading 1984, knowing damn well how its going to end: aw yeah kick their ass!! do the sex!! revolution!!
me when i get to that part: oh no! not again! D:
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lxdy-starfury2 days ago
I hate that I have to watch the entire Castlevania season in one day because everyone is talking about important events and discussing the show and NO ONE is putting any kind of spoiler warning and I can鈥檛 go online without seeing a post or three and getting accidentally spoiled it sucks so much
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bestiesenpai3 days ago
thoughts? and prayers
**spoilers for the jjk vol. 16 cover!!!
I saw the cover on twt and I am not afraid or ashamed to admit I would smash
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cat53133 days ago
Okay but Alucard talking to a horse is my new favorite thing
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songjoongkiss3 days ago
for the ship thing : chayenzo
what made you ship it? (well the poster gave it away... pretty much every kdrama poster does this tho sdklfjlwfkwefsfoiweur) I thought it was really cute how Chayoung followed Vincenzo to a cafe and made him pay for聽鈥渢he iced sewage鈥 lol... like yes she found herself a man that pays for her drinks lol... growing up I was taught that as a lady, I should wait for a guy to approach me, and that it would be聽鈥渦nclassy鈥 for me to make the first move toward a guy but Chayoung clearly showed that she was interested in him and he reciprocated
fave things about ship? they accept everything about each other... at first Chayoung was really against killing people so Vincenzo lied to her about never killing anyone cuz he was聽鈥渏ust a lawyer in Italy鈥 and then when she found out the brutal deeds he did and when he said that he was gonna break his promise about never killing anyone, she was still willing to work together with him to fight against Babel... if this was any other drama, we would have at least three episodes of Chayoung refusing to work with Vincenzo cuz oh no! he鈥檚 not an 鈥渋nnocent man/nice guy鈥 (lol get that reference?)
unpopular opinion about ship? I don鈥檛 think I have an actual聽鈥渦npopular鈥 opinion about this ship... so I鈥檒l just talk about the parallel that I haven鈥檛 seen anyone talk about yet... the reaction to the death of their parents... at the funeral of Fabio Cassano in Italy and... Vincenzo said to Paolo...聽鈥淔abio never respected your decisions/strategies cuz they were ineffective...鈥 and Paolo鈥檚 response is聽鈥淰incenzo, my friend... my brother... don鈥檛 you think you should respect me?鈥澛 and then at Hong Yuchan鈥檚 grave, Vincenzo said something pretty rude to Chayoung as well that Chayoung responded聽鈥渄o you think you should say that to a person with grief?鈥 and Vincenzo response is just聽鈥渋t鈥檚 something I鈥檝e always wanted to say鈥... so yeah, in both situations he was pretty blunt... meanwhile, when Chayoung was with Vincenzo at his mother鈥檚 grave while he was crying about his regret of not spending more time with her, Chayoung comforted him by saying 鈥渁t least she became very happy while she was with you鈥... if Chayoung was a petty person... she could鈥檝e said something like聽鈥淚 told you so... you should鈥檝e listened to me and spent more time with your mom鈥 but no, Chayoung was mature, tactful, and very well spoken... so yeah, don鈥檛 really have an聽鈥渦npopular鈥 opinion... but this parallel is something I鈥檝e never seen discussed before so that was my opinion about it... thanks for attending my tedtalk lol
click here to send me a ship in my askbox
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zackcrazyvalentine4 days ago
Beans day spoilers: So, most people thought Azul was a weak nerd, both as a human and as a octomer. According to Floyd, Octomer Azul is bigger than the tweels, and while slow, his grip is extremely strong. Also, his strength may or may not have carried over to his human form. That's right, Azul could potentially be physically stronger than the tweels and could break us in half. Theres plenty of funny fanarts about it too.
This gives us insight on why the twins respect Azul/see him as a worthy leader!
Not only physically stronger than the tweels, but, due to his Unique Magic, Azul most definitely has tremendous magical powers as well
While they could potentially overpower him on land, back home they can鈥檛 Why try to fight him on land when staying in the surface may not be their wish? To then have their asses kicked in revenge underwater, in front of everyone they know?
....but also..... Pls hug me with all your tentacles, Azul 馃ズ馃挄 I would like a nice, strong hug from my comfort character to complete my happiness 馃槉馃挅
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