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universalcarnival · 16 minutes ago
fire emblem muses.... pssppspspspsps..... here fire emblem muses pspsppsspsppspspss
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whereisxbutton · 40 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Drawing secret waltz while listening to ibadi’s secret waltz
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fireflyfalcon2309 · 44 minutes ago
Ferdibert academy quarrels be like:
Ferdinand: Everybody gets tired~ But specifically today I’m just tired of you! FUU-!
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fireflyfalcon2309 · an hour ago
Quick question...
Ferdinand: Edelgard, Is Hubert always overly adorable and cute when he’s sick?
Edelgard: Not by my account, no. Why?
Ferdinand: Because he refused to get chocolate milk himself. I had to carry him piggyback style to the kitchen.
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fireflyfalcon2309 · an hour ago
Hubert: Ferdie... I’m thirsty...
Ferdinand: Do you mean you are thirsty for a drink or the... other kind?
Hubert: I want choccy milk!
Ferdinand: Can you not just walk there?
Hubert: No!
Ferdinand: I am not going to bring one for you.
Hubert: Carry me to the kitchen then!
Ferdinand: No. And besides, you only got a cold!
Hubert: Hmph! Fine! I’ll just lay back down and cry till I get that milk. *makes cute sobbing noises and puppy whimpers*🥺🥺🥺
Ferdinand, who can’t resist Hubert’s cute charm: 😒Fine... Let’s go...
Hubert: Yay!
Hubert: Piggyback ride pwease!
Ferdinand: Alright, hold on tight!
*to the kitchen*
They reached the ye olde fridge and found the chocolate milk, which made Hubert’s eyes sparkle with joy.
Bernadetta, who was nearby, watching Hubert on Ferdie’s back: Uh...
Ferdinand: Don’t ask...
*Back to Room*
Hubert: *slurp* thank you!
Ferdinand: Phew! You’re welcome.
Hubert: cuddle please?
Ferdinand: Who am I to say no to? Fine...
*Then they share choccy milk and fell asleep beside eachother, with Ferdie being the big spoon and Hubie being the little spoon.
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weebthirst · an hour ago
It is the S/O’s first time and she has to deal with, as you call it, Seteth’s “foot long Dragon cock”? That one text post where you wrote that still has me rolling
/cracks knuckles/ FAIR WARNING folks, we're going full Size Queen today and I am not about to apologize for it.
And like idk if this is even good I just went into a fugue state and got carried away and here we are xD
Seteth (FE3H) x Reader's first time
Seteth had been absolutely meticulous about your pleasure. If your sense of time weren't so thoroughly scattered by now, you'd guess he'd easily spent an hour worshiping your every curve, seeking out your every precious sweet spot. You'd felt stray locks of emerald hair tickling the flesh of your chest and stomach, the harsher graze of his beard along your inner thigh, the long, luxurious warmth of his tongue pulsing at your cunt. All the while, large, strong hands explored and worshiped you with barely restrained hunger. And Goddess, you longed to see that restraint crack. To see what lied beneath the trappings of Seteth's day-to-day existence of paperwork and reports, stern looks and perfect posture.
Yet as of now, he hasn't even removed his breeches, though you'd been bared and thoroughly pleasured already. He wraps one arm under you as he lies by your side, and his free hand brushes tentative fingers along your soaked lower lips. Your breath hitches in your chest, and you barely manage to focus your eyes enough to meet his.
"Seteth," you say, closer to a moan as a fingertip presses to your entrance, "You... don't have to- to do all of this for me," the words rush out of your lips so you can finish your thought before he pushes into you. Your head tilts to the side, nuzzling against his shoulder, and you force just a few more words out, "What about you...?"
"I am quite content attending to you, Y/N" he says, his voice low and even, even as his finger curls at some wonderful spot, and your body arcs into him. Once he's satisfied with the first, he pushes a second digit into you, thrusting at a deep and steady pace. He varies his movements and angle, slowly opening you up, relaxing your body beneath him and coating his fingers in your juices.
"Please..." you whisper, clinging to his sturdy frame, "I... I want- mmmh-!" You're already close again. His fingers spread apart, stimulating you in a completely new way. When your pleasure-blurred eyes meet his, you can just barely glimpse the restless need behind them. "I want to help you... fell good too... Please, Seteth?"
He exhales heavily, and his fingers ease out from you. You catch your breath as he pauses in silence for a moment, seemingly grappling with some last hesitation. You're still collecting yourself when he gets to his feet to finally discard the last of his clothing, but when your eyes refocus and you glance over at him, your heart skips and your body warms through.
"Oh... I, uh... wow." Your pupils are blown wide as you size him up. Sure, you had never been with a man before- not really, anyway -but you knew enough to quickly realize that the pious man before you is near impossibly endowed. His massive cock stands almost entirely erect, yet pulled down just slightly by its own sheer size and weight. Seteth clears his throat, a hand sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.
"You understand now why I have been so insistent upon preparing you," he says as he moves to join you on the bed once more.
"I suppose so..." you mutter, unable to keep your eyes from wandering his body in a way that any devout believer would consider sinful.
"Men of my kind possess certain... reproductive advantages over humans." he goes on as he positions himself over you. A hand beneath your chin urges you to look him in the eye, "Promise me you will tell me if I hurt you."
You nod. And then, you feel the tip of his manhood, hot as it pushes between your lower lips and against your opening. Seteth's brow is furrowed in focus, his expression so intense he's practically glaring at you, and it's all you can do to keep your eyes on his as he begins to spread you open. In a moment, the bulging head of his cock is nestled inside of you, pushing out against your inner walls as he stays himself for a moment to check on your comfort.
You're already panting softly despite yourself. Your cheeks are flushed a dark crimson, burning almost as hot as the rest of your body. With nothing but unabashed lust in your eyes, you look up at him and whisper,
"Seteth... muh- more, please..."
The holy man utters a low groan and grits his teeth. His head dips down to rest on the pillow beside yours as he sinks deeper and deeper into you.
"Don't... I can't bear it when you plead with me like that."
And for a moment, you think to test that bit of new information; but then he's pushed several inches into you and he's stretching you like nothing you've ever felt before, and it's all you can do to spread your legs just a little wider for him. Wordlessly, he reaches down and hooks an arm under your knee, drawing your leg further up and opening you just a little more for him. Before he's even thrust all the way into you, his hips begin to sway just a little, and you're grateful now that he made sure you were wet enough to take him. Every stroke of his cock sends a jolt of electrifying, stimulating pleasure up your spine.
You wrap your arms around his broad shoulders. His breath is hot, panting softly against the crook of your neck, and now he's bucking into you just a little harder. The muscles of his back are wound so tight, and his moans are shaky, unsteady. He's doing everything in his power to hold himself back for you, and you can tell, but you know it's for the best. Every time he drives just a little deeper into you, you're more full than you ever thought possible. Soon enough, his thrusts do bring a tinge of pain amidst pleasure- yet you don't think for even a moment to ask him to stop.
And it dawns on you that, in some way, you find it intensely thrilling that the Church's Right Hand is fucking you so deep you can't think with a cock that would seem like an exaggeration to speak of. Even the pain is arousing, and you wonder if Seteth would believe you if you told him. For now, you simply cling to him until with one final push, he pauses. His arms have both traveled under the arch of your back to hold you flush against his body, and your legs are wrapped around his hips, and he growls against your chest,
"That's... that's all of it..." he huffs out a deep breath, then raises his head to kiss you so sweetly that you wouldn't think his manhood was stretching you to your limit at that moment. Your eyes are watering just a bit, and he murmurs your name softly.
"Goddess..." is all you manage.
"Language." he replies with surprising levity, and it barely even registers in your mind that Seteth just made a joke- on purpose, at that. But then he's shifting his hips against you once more and your mind is dashed of all but your heart and body's worship of Saint Cichol. He pushes himself up from you just a bit. Just enough to watch your expressions, either out of caution or fascination or both. He begins slow, easing in and out of you until you adjust fully to his size- at least, as well as you possibly could.
Then, his hands are at your hips, holding you firmly in place, and he's bucking into you harder and just a little faster and you can feel his abdomen flex with each tightly controlled motion. He checks in with you at least two or three more times as he edges closer and closer to fucking you in earnest. You're impressed at how coherent you manage to be when you tell him not to stop, that he feels incredible, that you adore him. His head tilts back for a moment, and at long, long last he lets out a true and unabashed moan of pleasure. The sound alone floods your body with new heat, and you feel yourself clench around him, your thighs shaking. You're not certain how long you manage to last after that, but by the time one more electrifying climax has swept through your body, Seteth has lowered himself to hold you close to him once more.
And once he does, his hands grip you more tightly, his fingers digging down your back. You gasp aloud as his entire body shifts forward over you and his hips meet flush with your inner thighs. Every thrust sends a jolt of pain and pleasure up through your core, radiating through your nerves. His voice is low and husky when he frantically says,
"Inside- please, Seteth-!" you don't need to consider this for a moment- it's how you'd always imagined it. Hissing your name through his teeth, his entire length throbs powerfully inside of you, and suddenly the intense heat of his orgasm begins to fill you. You feel the first shot or two, but before long you're so over-full and over-stimulated that you merely allow him to pour out his load into you while you lay beneath him, boneless and panting and utterly giddy.
You're both entirely spent. Seteth exhales as he carefully pulls himself from you, even this one last moment of friction causing you to squirm beneath him. He collapses at your side and rests his head on your chest, a hand lazily tracing loving paths along the curve of your waist. You can feel his cum trailing down your backside, but you're too sore to move and too content to care.
"I... I apologize if I-"
"Hush." you kiss his hair, and he softly laughs, his breath feather light across your skin. "I won't have you apologizing for making me feel that good." you add, your arms cradling him in turn. He smiles and blindly kisses whatever inch of your skin is closest- anything will do if he can show even an ounce of his adoration.
"Then I apologize for underestimating you. You are far too good to me, my love."
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edelpologist · an hour ago
I spend so much time curating my feed that sometimes I forget there's people out there who hate Edelgard and am genuinely surprised when I accidentally stumble upon one
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sergeanthopeless · 2 hours ago
Chapter 10: Coronation
The finale to “A Funeral of Flowers” is finally here!
Rated: T
Length: 7539 words
Summary:  Despite the events of last night, Byleth is crowned queen of the United Kingdom of Fódlan, and festivities ensue. At the end of the night, she escapes to the Goddess Tower.
Spoiler alert: There’s fluff...lots of it!
She feels silly, like a kid caught playing dress-up.
It feels like a game of dress-up, too. She pledges an oath to serve the people of the United Kingdom of Fódlan as its first monarch. Internally, she prays that she won’t screw up. A crown is placed on her head. Then a cry: “Long live the queen!” And just like that, Byleth Eisner the mercenary is suddenly a queen. It’s real. She has become the most powerful person on the continent.
Shouldn’t she feel…different?
[read it on AO3]
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floopsboopdedoops · 2 hours ago
Okay dumb idea but hear me out
So those fics about some characters knowing when another person time travels and retaining their memories before it??
So. How badly do yall think it'd fuck up Sylvain if he were to remember all the Divine Pulses, whether the short ones during battle or the long ones that bring everything back to the beginning?
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emblemxeno · 2 hours ago
I knew a fake feminist on twitter who accused everyone of being misogynist that ironically stanned Sylvain, LOL
God, Fakewoke feminists like that make me roll my eyes in cringe. You need to really be about it in order for me to jive with you, since I take that kind of stuff really seriously. Randomly accusing everyone of being misogynists isn't the way, lol.
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dmbakura · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday edelgard
My piece for the @edelgardfanzine on twitter
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sweetjamislander · 3 hours ago
I keep trying to play crimson flower route but I can’t get through the white clouds portion knowing that Dimitri is going to die
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recurringwriter · 4 hours ago
Manuela saving Rodrigue's life instead. That's a hella first impression. And Hanneman saving Judith's life in parallel to that ask. Honestly, AM/VW joint route, but with these four double dating. I'm imagining it as an alternate SS, as Byleth taught the BE, but when Edel do the bad thing, they nope out and worked with Dimitri and Claude to defend the monastery and liberate Fodlan (and becomes a third wheel to their colleagues' romances).
ooh rodriguela lifesaving first-impression...that's very nice stuff right there...he wakes up to an angel that's also the opera singer he was a huge fan of...can hardly believe it's real...
and skjdghfhg do you know how much i like parallels? i want to do a double-double though. Judith is injured saving Hanneman, but he's been grudgingly practising Faith with Manuela in exchange for Reason lessons, and so he manages to keep her alive until the real help arrives...this could be the Deirdriu battle? or on the Bridge, or as they hightail it away from Gronder? who knows. but it's also Good Stuff
Manuela calls her and Judith 'in-laws'. the four of them go drinking and modern au Hanneman's the designated driver. I feel like Byleth/Seteth would work here? i can see them reaching out and getting him on board with everything. the two of them being the fifth and sixth wheel. it turning into more. or not.
but also. Byleth has no idea how to be in a relationship and all four of the others keeping going to them for advice. and they keep trying their best and offering completely different tips for each person and in the end they all realize that they can solve their own problems.
i want to call this the Silver Singles AU skjdhgfkjhg
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grimalkenkid · 4 hours ago
If any character in Three Houses is a “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”, it’s Raphael Kirsten.
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